Friday, September 30, 2011

Fading my way into Friday

Fading my way into it seems. My week has been filled with surprises... some great, some fantastic and some that shouldn't even have happened..but isn't that always the way..We run smoothly for awhile then we hit them bumps..Mine seem to be creators but this too shall gas !

Last night when hubby got home we sat down had dinner and then later as we leaned back in the recliners I told him the "News".. He took it better than there is really nothing that can be done..his reply was, "When we get it back we'll just get through it"..Now that's wonderful but from past experiences the mad rush happens and we are like walking on a few will crack this time for sure...and this has nothing to do with being an's a fact from past experiences ...!

When I called the RV dealer it was like, "Sorry but we've had so much work and we're doing the best we can to get yours done".. that's fine if I just brought it in but they've had it since July... Do I need to go into the.. "What the hell have you been doing".. Nah, that's only gonna make me go bonkers and get really ticked off and it is what it is...

Watched X factor and boy this is gonna get really interesting.. a lot of good talent and that is so great to see...lots of golden opportunities for these youngsters too.. My stars they've got so much ahead of them... I really enjoy these talent shows..

Here it is morning and my coffee is perking ..I've got plans for Saturday to head out to Lowes to buy a Freezer...(trying again) and then start getting all of my things packed up and in line to be loaded into the Rig once we get her home and cleaned up... Don't know if I'll even be able to think past the..UH.. sounds..but ya gotta do what ya gotta do....and the rest is another Adventurer.

Today is Friday so it's "Fish" day..Yeppers gonna pick up some Flounder and that's   gonna be on our plate..(better than the crappola news)..Will pop some baking potatoes in the Crock pot so I have some for tomorrow's brunch..yeah multi tasking is a big issue with me..and lots of broccoli with lemon mmm good:) ...You ask?  Dessert is Bread Puddin'..via micro wave help ..gots to love modern technology !!!!

Here's to another weekend...!!!

God Bless

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tilting it Thursday

Tilting it I now again start to scroll through Lowe's  on line looking for a freezer...Oh yeah, my yesterday was another Whopper and it wasn't with pickles and lettuce either ...

Yesterday morning as I was having my coffee getting things ready for my Doc visit the phone rang .. Ok, it's very early (7ish) wonder who's calling ??  So picked up the phone it was Diane, who takes care of my house in Florida.. How nice she's wishing me good luck for this last Doc appointment...NOPE!  not this time.. She is giggling and I'm kind of having a hard time understanding her..She then says, " Did Sears call you " ?  HUH?????  I reply, "Why did they change the delivery date ".. as today was the day they were delivering my freezer... 

Well with that Diane says, " Oh, you ain't a gonna believe this".. I get this funny feeling and I say, "Why, did the dam thing fall off the truck" ?   and I really just said that because 2 years ago I bought a freezer from Sears and that's exactly what happen the day it was to be delivered... Diane starts to laugh again and says, " I wouldn't believe it if I didn't hear it myself and when the guy said, "I have some bad news, the freezer got damaged"....

Now I ask ya, how many times does this have to happen to me ???? I mean I don't believe it myself but it I then told Diane, "I'll call the store".. well I had to wait till 10am before the store opened up... So the time came and I called.. now you'd think that being they did that screw up AGAIN, that they would be humble...NOT in your life, oh they were sorry but they would get me another one and deliver it on Oct 5th..and I'd still have to pay the delivery charge...No bonus up for me.. I mean only inconvenience everyone and have an attitude .. WRONG thing to do with ME !  

I told them to stick it where the sun don't shine I wasn't gonna buy another thing from Sears. So I now have to get a freezer and my fingers will have to do the walking again on line... it's just one of those things that happen.. but for me it's a common denominator :) 

After I got finished with that mess I went on to the Doc's and got cleared to travel and got my flu shot and then later on broke the "news" to hubby..which by the way laughed so hard.. See we tend to just laugh it off cause this was a joke 2 years ago when I attempted to buy a Freezer..pretty soon I'll be going into the Guinness Book of World Records !

We watched X factor and Survivor as I had to record one and every time a commercial would come on hubby and I would just smile..I knew what he was thinking.. What a day, what another crazy story to tell .. Some of the kids on the X factor were really very good so this will be a great show when it starts getting into the competition.. and the Survivors are starting to make the plot thicken as they form their alliances..

Here it is morning and I've got to call again for the RV. Nope I didn't get my return call so I now have to step it up a notch ..and nothing is gonna surprise me .. I mean I'm prepared for the next Winner.. Oh and I did make the appointment for the Critters to get their vaccines.. which will be we now are getting down to the nitty gritty and my lists are going...what stays and what goes....

Coffee is going now and I'm in need of it cause I need more fuel for this fire I've got going...HA !  at least it's a rewarding feeling..and we'll watch another episode of X factor .. Dinner will be just a simple Fried Ham and Cabbage with taters.. and then it's on to another Adventure.... I told ya so :)

God Bless

ShaZaaaaam it's Wednesday

ShaZaaaaam it's Wednesday.. and my last Doctor Appointment till I get to Florida...of course I have a check in with the Doc's down there..but that's ok...It's just a need to have in case and I don't wanna go there..not just yet anyway..

Last night was another great night and in fact I got a call from a young lady that use to work for my Uncle was such a wonderful call and it brought back such fond memories too.. it will be 1 year since his passing on Oct 3rd and I guess it was one of those calls I really needed to hear.. 

We spoke of Bing like he was still here and in fact I really do believe their spirit never leaves us and I could hear as Earlene spoke, like my Uncle was giving her instructions... it was such a good feeling and I left it for her to keep in touch with me and we exchanged emails addresses as well.. Such a pleasure to talk with her..How she now has 3 grown children in college and two in High being in the 12th grade and the youngest being in the 9th grade and to think.. I remember when she was at my Uncle's office just a mere 19...The time sure has gone by..

Hubby and I sat back and watched TV and while I was watching I kept drifting thinking of my Uncle..which by the way was more like my brother as we were raised together..and to hear Earlene tell how Bing would talk about me with such a smile on his face and tell her how much he loved me.. Yes, I was filling up not only in my eyes but in my heart.. God thank you for his time on earth he was such a good man.. he certainly earned his wings and they were "Golden".

Now here it is morning and boy I'm just feeling good dreams were pleasant and soon we'll be getting ready to start packing... One more thing on the agenda.. Getting the Critters there vaccines... and of course making that call to the RV dealer... Ok, where is my coffee I can feel my teeth grinding..and I ain't grinding coffee beans...

So it will be on with the next Adventures and with out a doubt it's a fact... Oh and what's on for tonight's dinner...Chili, quick simple and delish.. 

God Bless 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a wonderful Tuesday

It's a wonderful Tuesday morning here at our house..I can't explain the pressure I had as I sat and waited for an answer yesterday...I never prayed so hard ..I was by myself as hubby couldn't be with me.. and it was just me, Zeke and I wasn't really alone..and now I have to just get myself back together..

Last night when hubby came home I watched him sit down on the couch with Zeke and yes, he hugged Zeke so tight I heard Zeke give me a grumble.. I knew that this humbles you matter how tough you think you can handle things.. 

Our night was quiet..we watched Dancing with the Stars and that's about it.. exhausted we just about made it to Pill popping time and to bed all of us went..and I'm telling ya my head hit that pillow and I never moved neither did any of the Critters..

Here it is now morning and the house is quiet..we'll have another quiet day and I'll make the attempt to call on the rig to see how close we are to being ready... I'll have my cup of coffee as I didn't have one yesterday.. I don't think I could have choked it down..! 

It's gonna take me a few days to get it together and I know that sounds weird but what happens to me it just wears me down to a frizzle. Like the life of me is not I slowly have to build myself back up....

So it will be another reheat up meal.. I have lots of chili I made that's what's gonna be tonight and then I have a Doc last one up here and then it's Get er' done ! 

God Bless...Keeping it going and passing it forward always !  

Psst  Here's what's for dinner tonight Balsamic Chicken Crock Pot Style

4-6 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts ( I put in frozen)
2 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes
1 onion thinly sliced
Zucchini and Yellow Squash cut in chunks or in strips.
Sliced fresh mushrooms (or canned if you have too)
4 garlic cloves
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
2 Tblsp olive oil
1 tsp each: dried oregano,basil, and rosemary
1/2 tsp thyme
ground black pepper and salt to taste

Pour the olive oil on bottom of crock pot
place in chicken breasts, salt and pepper each breast
put sliced onion on top of chicken
then put in all the dried herbs and garlic cloves
pour in vinegar and top with tomatoes and veggies.

Cook on high 4 hours, serve over rice or angel hair pasta

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Nervous Monday

A Nervous Monday.. a long awaited Monday. It's the results day for what is happening with Zeke.. I've not had a good night sleep..I've just tried to keep my thoughts else where..It's a hard thing to do especially when I keep looking at Zeke and he looks good.. Although when I listen to his heart I hear the A Fib..that is under control with all the meds he has to take..but the other part of the Unknown is what's got me.. 

When the Cardio Doc said, "There was an underlying situation which could be causing Zeke's A Fib.. "  she felt as she looked at the results and the fluid behind Zeke's heart that this could be the on set of a "mass".. but we had to wait as it was in such an early there was this "iffy" thing ..

Now this morning will be the "tell tale" it or isn't it...I've got to bring Zeke in at 9am and they will do the testing..sure wish I could go back in reverse to when this all started and if I could have caught what was happening before..yeah lots of "If's"  but we all know that's more a "Would a, Could a, Should a".. and it's not real...

Yesterday was a good day, hubby went and did his thing and I know he prayed for Zeke, and Me.. When he got home from church we pretty much did very little had dinner talked just about small stuff.. Honestly it was just to try and get through the evening without any thoughts of Today !

Here I sit going through my thoughts of "What am I gonna do, How will I handle it and just thanking the good Lord for the time I have had Zeke.. No, I'm not going to go into the..negative, but keep my thoughts on lots of great science out there and I'm one proven fact of good science. After all I've escaped the surgeon for almost 18years.. and that's pretty darn good for all I have wrong with my heart.. Now I've got a lot of metal holding things together but still I've gone a long time for the "Cracking open the SAFE"... yeah, I've been very fortunate with the help of the good Lord and Fantastic Doctors... I'm amongst the living..

I often tell people ..."I take it day by day and thank God for every day I open my eyes"... So I'll swallow those 27 pills a day and just drink plenty of water..:)

As for my Zeke I just want what's best and not have him's gonna be a little hard for me to get in that car this morning.. but I have to make it for Zeke.. I'm not to good this morning in putting my thoughts down.. have a hard time getting past each sentence.. so with that I'm gonna go lean back on the couch and Zeke will jump up.. Joe's already my "boys" will be by my side..Two tough troopers that's for sure..

I'll post a little later if I'm able..Please keep us in your prayers..God does listen even if we always don't get what we want...pray for others as well..and pass it all forward..

God Bless and Thank YOU !

Updated 2:00pm...............>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

This morning was one of the longest days of my life..Got there a little before our appointment time..and 9 am sharp they came for Zeke.. 
The nurse (cardiac nurse, each specialist has their own team so it seems) came out and sat with me a little and just asked me questions on how Zeke has been since I was there last..and she was really very good with fact I was a little hesitant as I wasn't sure Zeke would go with her..He was glued to my leg..but watching her intensely...but to my surprise she got up and said, "Come on Zeke".. and off he went with her..

I sat in the lobby and watched others come in with their emergencies..Some very sad, I even cried along with their owners..I'm not good in a waiting room ! Most of us shared our "stories" of why we were there and a few I recognized from the time before.. One of the girls in the lobby came over and asked all of us if we wanted coffee, tea or water..and then showed us all the setups  that were there for our convenience. 

This Hospital is really state of the art.. I keep telling them I'm waiting for the Helicopter pad and the Ambulance..then I know I'll feel right at home.. Don't laugh cause ya know the way this place filled up while I was there and "All referred cases"  I'm sure that will be in the planning. 

What seemed like forever came to a quick halt when I saw Zeke coming through the door with the Nurse..She had a big smile on her face..and yes, I had to look at Zeke, boy he had one look..."Let me out of here".. I think if she would have had skis on she would have been sailing across the floor for sure. 
She came and sat down with me and put her arm around my shoulder and said very softly, "Your boy is gonna be alright,  Doc will see you shortly"... Those have to be the BEST I've heard in a long, long time.. I felt my heart thump hard in my chest.. I could barely talk..

Zeke was again next to me and I just hugged him and I looked up and everyone was smiling..guess they all know that feeling too.. Soon I heard our names called and we walked back to the room where the Doc was coming in.. She smiled at me and looked at Zeke and then said,  "He was such a good boy and all the Docs just are so happy he is doing good".. then she said with a heavy sigh..."I searched his chest and did not find a mass lesion or re-occurrence of the pericardial effusion on the echogram..."  

Again those words echoed in my brain and I heard myself saying over and over again.."Thank You, Thank You, Thank You God !.. I couldn't see I was over come by just being so thankful.. my eyes were filling up faster than I could say anything.. The Doc new and then leaned over to me and said, "Barbz, he's gonna be with you..and you and Zeke are gonna be alright"..

I'm having a hard time even rehashing it as I feel myself getting choked up again.. I have to bring him back for another check up..which won't be until we come back in July but I will have to get his digoxin levels checked periodically.. He will still be on Digoxin, Diltiazem and Enalapril which is keeping his A fib controlled along with his heart rate..

When we got out in the parking lot and I put Zeke in the car I sat inside and just let it go...had to couldn't drive the way I was.. So for all of you that kept us in your heart and prays I am forever grateful.. Zeke has been an extra special part of my life..(not that all of mine aren't ) he has become a Service Dog for me..and amazing as this is gonna sound.. He's done this on his own..I would just ask him something and like as strange as this is gonna sound (unless you're a dog person that will understand this) he has done it and continues to surprise me daily.. 

When he was very ill I knew I might lose him and I told him it was ok to go..if that's what he had to...ya know what, he decided to stay..God gave him that boost and the day he started to feel better he would go and bring me my my socks..yes, out of the clothes basket that I have set up and then brought me all the dawg dishes after each meal..I knew my big guy was wanting to be with us still..

Again, and I know I've said this before..."Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and Zeke..God Bless You All..


Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've made it through Sunday

I've made it through Sunday without any major issues..and for me that's just wonderful, amazing, astonishing and Lord am I ever thankful. This morning my hubby will come down the stairs in a grand entrance as we all (Critters 4 and me) sit on the couch and watch his performance..Yes, it is a performance. I ask myself many times, "how in the world has he made it through all these years without breaking any bones" ?  I say that with a smile too..  He is truly Dagwood Bumpstead..No kidding !

Last night was calming after the many storms (shhhh it's not over yet). Hubby did his errands and mine too.. for that alone I will miss this man of mine.. but he really enjoys all that mad rush.. You know I've come to understand it. Some people love that action.. I'm not one of them...Strange ??? Maybe, but I never proclaimed to be "Norm".

So I let the hubby enjoy the errands..(thank you Lord) and when he came back he had a few surprises..(smiling here) even got me..(oh you'll all love this one) a 12 lb bag of "Rice".. and with a smile on his face said, "Hey Zeee, look what I found you "... amazing isn't he.. hahahaha.. all for ME !!!!!.. Yes, I smiled and even chuckled a bit... 12 lbs of RICE !!!

Also he picked up pretzel dogs for our lunch.. such a nice treat !  They were pretty tasty which meant I didn't have to make lunch..and we sat back and gnawed on those goodies.. Hubby was pleased he got all what was on the "List".. now there is a thing about the "List"... hahahahaha.. Hubby usually can't find items and I hear the phone ring.. Yes, it's hubby checking in to tell me "What in the world is that" or .."I can't find it".. in sort of a higher pitch than normal..Guess he feels when he's in the store I can't hear ??????  Yes, I love that man of mine !

Towards evening I got some energy..(crappy weather gets me down) and I made Chicken Parm with pasta and quick throw together of greens and Caesar dressing.. Then popped in the oven.. those Monkey Bread Muffins...for our Movie experience...(I had posted them some time ago here)

Now here we are morning and I'm just going through my email and having my quiet time to get things together... This is like my time ..Critters are still in the sleep mode although I've let Zeke and Abby out..Reba and Joe are the late sleepers and will get up around 6am...My coffee pot is going and it's always good to the last drop .

Hubby will be going to teach his Sunday school and then Church as I put a Pot Roast on for our Dinner...Yes, in my Crock Pot I'll let that baby do the work..QVC will be on for the "In the Kitchen with David" I can get my "rush" on gadgets...and have a few things I need to get ready for Zeke's appointment tomorrow morning at 9am with the Cardio Doc...

Yes, I am praying that all will be ok,  I know Zeke will still have the A Fib but I'm praying that there is no more issues..and praying that God will give me the strength for what ever comes our way ..

Now I need to get it together please keep us in your prayers..

God Bless

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's on for Saturday

It's on for Saturday...and I can't believe it ..the weekends right at my door..Where did the week go..Heck I know, I can count the days and the drama or shall I say "Saga" that followed me day by day.. See I told you my life could be counted as a "Soap"..yeah I could be making money just selling my stories and some think I make em' up..Hell, I ain't that good..but pretty close..Yes, I will admit to a little hyperbole here and there.. Heck I wouldn't be (can't say Normal) human if I didn't and what's wrong with "Stretching it" if it makes whom ever reads my stories smile at times.....

Now as for my Friday event unfolding.. Yeah went to the GYN and (really like this Doc..young but caring) and we both agreed if I have another "spotting" that I will then be sent to Oncologist, Urologist,and  Gastroenterologist..Golly there's sure a lot of "Gist's"... Heaven help fact it will have to cause I know my bad knees will be knocking and not on any one's door either...

So got through with that part and drove home in the joyful stop and pick up a few little things for the weekend...while hubby does his hit on Sam's club for things we'll need here and to take with us...Double Jeopardy there and then was greeted by Zeke's pinch attack..

Sat back to have a cold one (bottle of water that is) and my neighbor called and asked.."Have you seen your pool cover " ?   (We didn't open the pool this year) of course my reply.."Why"... Now it's not like I ain't seen this cover before in fact I looked at it yesterday as I was letting the Critters out and Friday morning I had too much on my mind to look there...Ok, ok let's find out why I should look...Well Larry, my neighbor then says, "Someone walked across your pool cover and went in ..">>>> I had to get up and go to the back sliding door and open still in my hand.. "Oh MY STARS"  now that's not exactly what I said or how I said it..but close enough I mean there are times I could say..."I've been a truck driver"... 

This cover is a mess trampoline type that has these rods that go into the concrete (they call them plugs with jet propelled action) that either lift the cover or tighten it to the top of the pool.. Well, this  so and so mesh is form fitted and yes, has to be made to order per size...need I say much more... I'm getting green like my cover.... 

There are several holes in various places, like punctured but then my other neighbor says, "Wow Zeee, there was a 6 point Buck in our yard"... and it ran over the other side and busted the other neighbors fence down... HOLY Crappola...Why am I so lucky... I mean can it get any better..If I was to tell this story..(which I'm often accused of cause no one can believe this all happens to me..) No one would believe it.. well believe it and the week really isn't over... perhaps if it keeps going I'll hear the GONG or I'll reach the Million dollar debt...Gawd..!!! 

Then to top it off as I was going to make dinner..I opened the can of chopped clams cause I didn't feel like buying "clams" was taking the lazy way out and ta daaaaa I heard the sound... they were coal black...Thanks another winner and still my day isn't over...

Needless to say, "We had meat loaf sandwiches and I'm gonna go straight to hell.. cause it was Friday and I was raised that Fridays was a "NO MEAT " day... Where's the plastic bag ????????

So here it is Saturday morning and what kind of a day am I in store for.. Oh, I just can't wait...Stay tuned it can get better...HA !

Where's my coffee I am in need of the whole pot ! Who knows what's gonna be for dinner cause if I'm lucky hubby might decide to cook one of his specialties Bologna and Tomato sandwich...yeah the man has talent..and very creative..sometimes he puts together  a Potted Meat sandwich too.. Yes, he's a Southern Gentleman....and I'm a New Yorker.."Italian"...Are ya Smilin'...

God Bless    

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Oy Vey" it's Friday !!!!!!!

"Oy Vey" it's Friday !!!!!  Pinch me I made it and I can not believe how I got through YESTERDAY's  Grand Slam ...

I mean to tell you yesterday afternoon I couldn't catch my breath..another Wham Bam ThankYa M'am...holy cow..I was doing just great did the thingy in the morning with the hubby to the races..dropped the car off ..buckled up and hung on for the ride home of a life time.....then kissed the sidewalk before getting into the house...I made it home in one piece and not deaf either..(hubby likes his music too) and had my coffee and all was set for the evening..

Whipped the Crock pot out and I was just a singing and doing my thang...leaned back after I put everything on and got a few more things accomplished for the trip south..when the phone rang...One dingy ding...and it was the hubby with the news..."That made the beat of my heart STOP "...oh yeah my brain waves were smokin and my legs were froze to my chair..(thank the good Lord I wasn't standin)... I heard this sound ..."you're not gonna believe this (he was right or should I say, I didn't want to believe) your car's brakes and roter and shoes are shot "... and for 1900 bucks it can be like brand new....Jumpin Jeeeeeeez...

Now that was one of those times that there was silence on the other end of the phone..might be because I was "lost for words"..and I could hear "Cha Ching" ....and I still haven't gotten my rig back and that whopper of a bill...Golly is it raining on my parade or what...wait in fact I heard the weather report it's gonna flood.. well I got news it's flooding here cause my eyes have been watering..

You know it never fails when you think all is going fine something jumps up and bites ya right in the "GaZoorch" (my wording) but then I look at it this way...I could have been on the road and had a major accident because of it..

I want you to know that's how I'm justifying all this chit..cause if not..I'd be banging my head against the wall..wondering where in the friggin world did I go wrong and how come this happened...DUH ...seems the Mechanic said, "He was shocked to see how bad it was".. No more shocked than I was to hear it !

So all the scrimping you do to save a few bucks goes out the window...Wonder if that's passing it forward.. I know one sure thing.. "I'm helping the economy" and keeping people employed... So be least no one was hurt just my pocket book maybe I'll play the lotto with my luck I might win another ticket..:)

Did watch the X factor last night and boy there was one young girl that was absolutely terrific in fact when she sang I got goose bumps and when they asked her before she sang.."did she think she was good"..her reply was.."I'll let you be the judge of that "... and dang it she was AWESOME..!

So here it is Friday morning and rain is on the way. Crappy outside and I have to go to the Docs for my "Pap" test and then head my now safe automobile...and I ain't singing "See the USA in your Chevrolet"...(it's a Saturn still chevy chasey)..

Coffee is on and you can tell, "So am I"...gonna have to pull a sneak out again this ought to be good by now Zeke is on to me..and beats me to the door...I'll figure somethin... I won't be long as I'm the first appointment..Got that cause I made it at last years check up..Told the Nurse.."Well, I'll make my appointment now if I don't show up...say kind words about me cause I'm most likely to have gone to the hereafter.."...She looked at me like I was a nut job... I probably was or might still be ..Who Knows ????

Tonight being Friday is usually take out..but not with my spending habits lately.. so I'll make Linguini with Clam Sauce...and it is a Fish night according to my Catholic up bringing..can't change old habits...

So it's on to the next level..get through the weekend and then I bring Zeke to the Cardio Doc...ack I need my coffee...

God Bless

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Timing just right for Thursday

Timing just right for Thursday... again another morning rolls in with the warning of more Rain on the way..YIKES.. Like we haven't had enough already .

Last night went well, got my list going for what's coming along with me to Florida and what needs to get done ..Some how my list coming is longer than my list of what needs to get done..Uh oh that means we're packin the rig again..

Watched the X factor and lots of good talent but WOW that pervert got on and flashed..I was surprised they let him continue.. I would have swept his asp off the stage..some strange suckers will do anything..but that was more like perverted sickness..and I wonder why we all can't get along..MY STARS!!!

I did record Survivor and I'll catch that later on with hubby..I'm getting really good at that multi tasking with ease before we use to turn channels and try to get it right till all of a sudden the commercials were on at the same time...that really gets your goat !

Here it is morning and yes, house is quiet time you know..and soon it will come alive and jumping as the hubby does his rush down and out.. that never ceases to amaze me...HA!

I did some shopping on the my Bird Feeder and also bought my Freezer all to be delivered..and then that action will happen.. as you all know I love my birds and I'm sure they'll remember me !!!  well some might even return.....cause they sure did let me know how unhappy they were that I had to take them feeders down..Even as far as looking in my window..OH YEAH.. the guilt trip was on heavy too..

Tomorrow is my GYN visit..routine and then onto the next week Zeke's Cardio Doc and last but not least my last visit with my Internist..then it's "get er done and ready to roll.."
Today as hubby gets ready to leave I have to take my car up for inspection..our yearly thing so this ought to be good.. Now I'm telling ya.. the hubby will be muttering how I'm not driving fast enough and then when I leave my car it's jump in his and buckle up ...cause he's like the Indy 500 in life and in driving..and can turn corners on a dime...Holy Smokes !!! 

Time to grab my coffee and say my prayers cause it's gonna be a blast from the past in the passenger seat...:)
What's on for dinner...Salisbury Steak in the Crock Pot ..taters and green beans with a salad.. that's easy fixin's and another simple do up...I hear sounds coming from the living room so it's time I meander on and get my coffee before the production starts :)

The Race is on...God Bless...psst X Factor continues tonight !

Psst..did ya think I forgot ????  Here's the recipe 

Crock Pot Salisbury Steak

1 pound ground beef
1/2 large onion, finely diced
1/2 large onion, sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 egg
1/2 cup italian bread crumbs
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce -- or to taste
2 teaspoons beef base  (this comes in a jar)
2 cups water
1/4 pound mushrooms

Place ground beef in mixing bowl. Add diced onion, garlic, egg, bread crumbs, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well but gently. Form meat into 4 oblong patties. Place in hot skillet to brown.

While browning, boil 2 cups water, add the beef base, pour into the crockpot. When meat has browned on both sides, place into crockpot. Add sliced onion, and mushrooms to skillet drippings and heat through. Add to crockpot. Cover and cook all on HIGH for about 3 hours.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wiping up and Whipping through to Wednesday !

Wiping up and Whipping through to Wednesday !  My oh my I can't believe we are in the middle of the week and I've gotten half my Doc visits over only (2) two more to go .. plus Zeke's Cardio Doc this coming Monday.. then on to the Critters vaccines for their annual visit..

The time is flying by and I do mean flying.. I looked at my calendar and hubby wants us to shove off on or around Oct 9th.. as he says, "we don't want to go through traffic in DC".. yeah that sounds wonderful...but I'm the one driving..he gives directions...LOL... like Watch out, turn NOW...yeah them kind of joyful things next he'll be saying.."Recalculating" like my Garmin...oh that will be just "Ducky".

Yesterday I got through my Cardio Doc visit ..yes, with a little bit of a Lecture.. but I knew that was coming as I didn't get that stress test done but when I ran it down.. and I do mean I put it on extra "thick".. he laughed..but he also knows me well enough I wouldn't take chances ..if something isn't right I'm gonna make sure I get it taken care of...and when I come back from Florida I'm scheduled already for that Stress test...I mean right when I come excuses...

Have to say dinner was very good.."thanks Ali," for giving me that suggestion ...I just tweaked it ! Have left overs and I'll freeze them also.. So my freezer has a good selection cause when we get ready to leave I'll bring them along for Zapping and easy does it .. No fuss No Muss it already..:)

With so many new programs coming on trying to jiggle schedule for us to zone in on.. The Biggest Loser is another one of my favorites to watch cause the results are always Fantastic...Survivor that always a winner too..and then watching talent shows has been another biggy for me.. love watching them ..reminds me of the Ted Mack Armature hour..oh Lordy am I dating myself now. Then the Big Race...ok see what I mean the line up is coming and I know hubby and I will be zoned in and when I'm in Florida, we'll still be zoned in and talking back and forth on the phone comparing notes ...that's neat but I sure will miss him .I mean he and I become the judges and you all should hear us.. LOL .

Coffee is going and boy I really need a brain is quivering and speaking of's a bit chilly in the mornings ...but soon I'll get to see my plants and have a little warmer twist in the air...ah yes, I'll sit out in my car port and watch those daring critters and I've got a new bird feeder I'm gonna have Bob put up so me and ( are you reading this Betsy )?  my neighbor Betsy can watch all those beautiful birds fly in ..of course they'll be a visitor in fact that will be something to watch as they attempt to "STEAL"  You guess who?  Those little charming gnawing beasts..the SQUIRRELS.. Sure hope this feeder works..:)

What's on for dinner tonight will be Italian Pork Chops with Rice, Peas and Cheese  a Mixed Greens Salad with Caesar Dressing again another simple tasty meal .. I'm gonna put a couple of apples in my smaller Crock Pot so I'll have some baked Apples... I had picked up a few from yesterday when I stopped at the store ...

Ok, the brain is calling out and the Critters are waking up..well they've been up but now stirring around so it's fix them and me..I'm in need ....

Have a great day all and God Bless.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day of Reckoning, Tuesday !

Day of Reckoning, Tuesday !  It's here..the day I see my Cardiologist...Wow is me.. I'm sure he's gonna read the riot act for me.. but I'm coming prepared..I'm gonna bring him Zeke's EKG...that will make him spin a few minutes then I'm just gonna tell him, "I've had my stress test, done my way".. and when he hears all that I've just gone through...well he may be calmer..However, it's not an excuse it's just plain simple.. Day I was to have my Stress test we had a visitor along with everything else.. Irene.. You do remember Irene..along with that NO POWER...HELLO ...:)

I have to have an Echo done which I have every year. I have some leakage in my valves..Gawd I sound like a car ..well maybe I am part car.. I mean I'm always wanting to go places..blow my horn a few times a day and need fill up occasionally..and as for my tires (hahahaha) well, I just got me a new pair of see I am a CAR....LOL  He'll love that one.. in fact I'm still laughing... I done lost me keys !!!!

Last night went well, dinner was late as hubby half way home called to let me know he forgot his wallet so he had to turn around and that meant another hour ..Oh boy, I'm not gonna say a word..(that's surprising) by the time he got in it was Critter snack time and that had to come first..Yeah dinner at 8pm tonight..we watched TV and ate...

Yes, we watched Dancin' with the Stars..and as usual ..they all didn't do so bad..some have not danced before, and the big hype of Chas Bono..I just couldn't follow..I mean what ever twists your "Skirt" or "Shirt"..but all and all it was entertaining..we'll see how it progresses..:)

Oh, you'll love this.. called the RV dealer (mind you my Rig has been there since I got back from Florida..July) and asked if my Rig was ready..long story but the short version is..."Will be completed ...When are you leaving ???? HUH ?????  I then say, I'd like it back the last week in September I have to clean and pack ".. His version.. "yeah, it should be ready..see you then".. HUH???? 

Now here it is morning and the race is on.. have to get Critters done and then attempt to get dressed and sneak out...Lordy it's gonna be loud in my house.. Zeke is gonna have a fit.. he feels lately that where ever I am ..he should be.. could you see me bringing that Bad Boy to the Docs..." Hey, can I get 2 for one done here "...LOL

Coffee is going and I am so anxious I want this over with .. cause I just don't want to hear the lecture.. Doc is good about please say a quick pray that it will slide by... smoothly..)

Gonna make a pit stop at the feed store to pick up some Critter food and then stop at the Grocery store..Shop Rite and pick up some Escarole and a few extras and then I'll be home for the Critters..most likely Zeke will pinch me...always does...

What's on for dinner tonight...Ali, because you made me think so hard I'm making Scalloped Potatoes with Spinach and Ham in between those layers..but I'll make a White Sauce with a pinch of nutmeg in it..(because the Italian in me comes through ) and yes, Cheese will top it..:)  I'm hungry now just thinking about it.. So I'll pull out my mandolin and begin my slices :) hahaha !

On with the show.. God Bless

Monday, September 19, 2011

Here we go again...Monday

Here we go beginning of a busy week..Today I'll get the laundry done and then attempt to hear from the RV dealer on the "Mabeline"..I need time to get her cleaned up and ready for the trip to my enjoyment of peace and wonderful critters around me.. Yeah, it's my haven and the Critters love it too !

Last night was just one of those..Shocker Joe had a bad seems he gets himself so excited and tries to move around too much and loses his balance.. I was preparing their dinner and he and Zeke always get very vocal and Joe just twisted around and fell over my walker (the chair I use to get around in the kitchen when I can't stand to long) down he went and yelled so loud and got so stiff..Zeke come charging in the room and so did Abby.. I tried to get him off the floor..He was as stiff as a board ..his eyes glazed and his heart pounding rapidly.. I was talking to him and trying to get him to come out of his trance had me so upset ..I thought I was losing him right in my arms.. I could hear myself pleading with him ..telling him "He's alright.."  the problem is he hits the floor so hard with his's like dead weight when he goes over and I think he also scares himself..

After what seemed like forever, I saw his eyes start to focus.. Thank God !  I knew then he'd be alright..but I still held him and he started to calm down.. He yelled so loudly that I felt my heart thump in my chest.. I'm telling ya, I know I stressed out and I felt my stomach twist and turn.. Then I also had to calm down Zeke as he went off.. He barked and barked and started to charge at me.. like I guess he thought I was hurting Joe.. Yeah, it's like wild..when animals sense something wrong they get on the defense.. 

Then I thought, "Oh my Lord, Zeke don't need to be going off, What if he drops on me with his heart.. "  ??????  Yeah, all this crap all at the same time.. and when my Cardio Doc asks about my Stress Test... Like I said before, "I have daily stress and if I can survive this, I can survive anything"...

After all calmed down I put Joe down and started to dish out their food..and what do you think...???? Joe was like starving and so was nothing had for me...  I couldn't, even if I tried to eat a thing... I was sick ...but you know what.. I calmed down a little later on and I held Joe in my  arms in my recliner and he and I took a nap...I woke and Zeke was on the couch head on the pillow and I guess all is well that ends well..

Here it is again Monday morning going and soon the house will come alive and the mad race starts again.. Holy Chit !!!  that's what I have to say !!!

Dinner tonight will be something out of the freezer..Make it simple cause I is simple LOL... I have some Manicotti so that's what's for tonight with a big salad of mixed greens and red onion.. yeah I like that .. now let me get my coffee and see what will be my next adventure.... Tomorrow the Cardio Doc visit...Wooo hoooo ! 

God Bless All

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amazing Sunday

Amazing it is already..whether you count it as the beginning of the week or the ending it's still amazing.. A day of Rest !  I'll lift my coffee cup to that...and then the mad rush comes around the corner..but let's pray to get through this day..

I like waking up to cooler weather... it's wonderful and I make sure my Joe and Reba have their PJ's on..cause it's getting nippy for them..(the hairless brigade) and being they are gonna be that's truly amazing..and I'm so thankful for every moment of it too.

Last night was very enjoyable we watched PBS station which had a special on with Jackie Evancho and David Foster ..that young girl is so talented..her voice is without a doubt one of the clearest and perfect pitch and tone for such a young child.. It's truly like listening to the sound of an Angel..(not like I've heard one before) but it's so soothing..and I'm not one that likes Sopranos..I mean I enjoy Opera, grew up listening to it..but I always liked the Tenors (male) me when the female opera singers sang it would like feel like someone taking their nails on a black board..omg.. but this girl ..absolutely enjoyable..and she's only gonna get better. So I ordered the DVD I couldn't resist it.. and it will be kept with my other ones.. The 3 Tenors..which by the way  I think is a classic..and the wedding of Figaro..(yes, it's harmony with female opera singers).

Both hubby and I leaned back and had really a peaceful night ..not much really of anything ...Have enough stew for several meals which I'll freeze up and vacuum seal for we talked about when I would be getting ready to leave for Florida.. still have to wait for results with Zeke that's important and Joe is holding his own as well.. 

Called the RV dealer and I guess they'll call me on Monday as I had to leave a message..and we all know how that if I don't hear anything by mid morning I'll be ..One ringie dingie.. yeah we know how that goes..

Here it is morning and all is pot of coffee is on the stove and I'm just waiting for that "perfume"..yeah the aroma of freshly perked coffee..nothing finer ...then hubby will be doing his thing today.. Sunday School and all that goes with he always tells me when he's on the way out.."I'll pray for your soul".. see I have that man in my pocket he takes care of my soul... :)... Bless his pea pickin' heart...

Today is gonna be simple.. Chicken in a skillet in the oven with potatoes, onions, and carrots. All in one meal  and a big salad.. it does it's thing as I give my crock pot a rest.. sometimes I gotta have the oven roasted chicken .. I like that crisp crunch and with Italian seasonings it will be tasty...and it's easy pan fuss  I cut my chicken so it lays flat in the skillet and boy what a difference that makes . All you do is remove the back bone and then flatted the chicken.. I give it a good pop..(almost like Rice Crispy..Snap,Crackle and Pop)..ok...I'm hungry and it's wee hours of the where's my coffee :)

Have a good one and God Bless..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Tempting Saturday

A Tempting stay in bed, but it ain't a gonna happen.. I'm only dreaming but every once in a while it's good to dream ! 

My yesterday wasn't too great but seeing Zeke eating just a little was at least a good thing.. I had to add extra goodies to at least get him started..and again I did small frequent meals.. so if it's back to 4 times a day so be it.. I just don't want him to fall back into that loop.. Gawd I don't know if he has the stamina to survive another go ..For me, I'm falling apart at the seams..and not much thread left..

He's got a bad case of the "D"s.. and I'm just adding more rice and I have to be careful what I do give him.. However, I am mixing his dry food with some of what I give Reba and Joe.. they get Wetlands Roast Duck and's for their skin and also has no grains in it...more like if you dog has any allergies this would be a food to feed.. (say that several times quickly that's a tongue twister)..Zeke seems to really like it and took it right out of my hands.. 

So I mix half and half and he's eating..a little at a time.. so Abby is gonna love the new blend..she's my "Cherry Mahogany Special"  so she'll have the extra goodie too..and that's fine with me.. what ever it takes to make them all happy and healthy.. 

Hubby was up in Boston so for dinner I just reheated the Onion Soup which by the was was excellent..through some garlic croutons in and then added Mozzarella and Parm cheese to it and Wa La I had me a big bowl of goodness..

Hubby got in late which I new he would and by the time he got back it was bed time for all.. My netflix arrived so this will be a good time as nothing great will be on TV on the weekend...

OMG.. it's right the weekend is here  ...and the go around again is ready.. I'm not but it's getting very close to figure what I'm gonna be doing..Have to call the RV dealer this morning.. yep, I didn't get to do it with Zeke going off kilter..

Coffee pot is going and so is my list of what we need as hubby loves to shop..omg.. what's wrong with him..(ha, he loves it cause it's a money thing to show me how he can save...NOT )...what ever if he loves it so be it.. I'm one that's not crazy about shopping.. I go in and grab what I need and let me get the heck out...

Today I'm loading the crock pot with a Beef Stew..everything in the pot and when it's done ..have some crusty bread and butter and a good salad and that will be fine...  Yes, I'll post the recipe.. it's one I've done for years but always did it in the oven.. and turned it into the Crock Pot version.. either way it's delish and again.. SIMPLE....

PS..did I tell ya I'm loving the cooler weather.. Fall/ Autumn is my favorite time of the year and also when I was born.. humm maybe that's why I sometimes turn color :)  hahahaha...

God Bless 

Psst..this was an Oven Stew from the 1960's..You can do in the Crock Pot 

Barbzeee's Oven Stew.

Cut up  Arm Steak or Chuck Steak into Cubes....removing excess
fat. I slightly freeze the meat making it easy to trip and cut
in cubes....
1 1/2 lbs of Beef cubed....
1 Lrg Green Pepper cut in strips...
2 Lrg Carrots cut up in pieces
1 Lrg Yellow Onion...cut in half then in slices
4 Lrg Russett Potatoes cut in  quarters

1 can Tomato Soup
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup

1/2 can water or Sherry
1 1/2 cup green peas added last half hour
Salt and Pepper
Lawry's Garlic Seasoning

Arrange meat in bottom of pan then put veggies in  ..Sprinkle seasoning
over veggies and meat.....Mix Soup with water and pour over evenly..
Cover Pan with foil tightly....Put in 300 degree oven for 6  - 61/2 hours
Last half hour I add 1 1/2 cup green peas..
Make garlic bread to serve with it..and a good salad.. I make Escarole, Red Onion and Parm Curls and some
Toasted Walnuts.. make Vinaigrette  with Walnut oil (easy to make) and red wine vinegar, salt and pepper mix and toss over salad...delish..

This makes a delicious stew with fantastic gravy....

 Follow directions but put in Crock Pot.. I cut the potatoes so they're in smaller chunks and cook this on high for 4 to 5 hours till done.. if on low 6 to 8 hours depending on your Crock Pot..

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tip Toed into Friday

Tip toed into Friday and that's a fact..  Yesterday was not a good day.. Had to leave the house early to get a blood test and when I got there I had to hear the "news" that because of my insurance I had to give them my Credit Card as they wouldn't take a check.. Yes, it was another joyful day.. I mean can you just imagine this.. all these years I've been getting my blood work, if I had to give any money because of Co pay they always took a check.. Not Quest.. no sirree bob !

As the lady explained, they want to make sure they get their payment.. Like the insurance company bargains on rates..well Quest ain't a gonna go for that.. Sure, like I really have something to do with their bargain rates..lady give me a break !

Ok, so now why won't you take a check ????( because you're gonna love this one)... "We won't know how much Aetna is gonna pay and what ever the difference is.. which won't be any more than 60 bucks "...oh and.. "You won't be charged till we know".. HUH ?  oh and they took my email address cause they will email me to tell me how much they'll put on my for not taking a check.. they just don't take checks any more !.. How's that grab ya ?

Now at the condition I was in this morning, in a rush and no coffee... I had to deal with this  there was no other place I knew of that I could go to at that very I had to suck it up and go for the routine...

Came back to the house and my Zeke was not well.. he was upset with me leaving but I thought ok, you'll eat now that I'm back.. No Way.. he was really very down and just lay flat on the floor.. I had to give him meds and I put them in those pill pockets a chewy substance with beef flavor.. which he likes..not today... So I had to pop them down his throat.. and later on he got sick.. just what is going on..????

I'm a wreck.. I hate that he's not feeling well and I don't know if this is because of something going on in his system or "What next".. So I gave him tonight the chicken soup I make for Reba and Joe.. he ate a little but he did eat I just hope this will pass .

So that was my day and evening and now here we are morning.. and I just hope and pray Zeke will be ok.. If he acts the same way I'm gonna have to call and take him up to get checked... Hubby had to leave this morning to go to Boston..just what I needed again...but didn't I tell you my life is never's a happening in the a roller coaster..lots of ups and downs...

Have to make a little light of things cause your brain will crash and I don't have a big enough hard drive to handle too much more...We'll see how the day the meantime I need coffee... where is that pot.. gotta get it going and see how my Zeke is gonna be ... 

Good thing I have "stuff " in the freezer and I'll make it very simple..Remember that "Onion Soup"..gots lots of cheese and make some croutons and that's dinner for me.. Hubby will not get home till late tonight.. and on with the rest of the day..

Keep us in your prayers please...God Bless

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Running on Half Empty on Thursday :)

Running on Half Empty on Thursday :)..Would you like to know why ?   Sure you do !  Well truth be known (and by all that's had to do this) I had to fast last night as I am going to get my blood work done so that me Doc's (two of them) will have the results when I go next Tuesday to the Cardio Doc ..who by the way is gonna have a conniption fit cause I didn't get that "Stress Test done..

Well I can tell him that if he followed my blog he'd know I didn't need one cause I'm going through STRESS everyday since Zeke took ill and then the rest of the saga of my life story..Good Golly Ms Molly....

Here it is wee hours and I've got to be at Quest (blood donation drop off ) to get my blood work done and then stop at the store to pick up a few my list ready too and boy morning without coffee ..OMG..I'm getting a little bit edgy..but soon after I get that done.. I've got my carry mug ready, willing and able.. I'll sit in my car in the parking lot and sip away..:) 

Yesterday I watched the continuation of Anthony's on Dr Phil.. I still feel that anguish in my stomach .. my heart felt pity for Caylee ..however, she is now with God..but so young and for some Whacked out Asp Wipe of a Mother.. that's just how I feel...

Later hubby and I watched Survivor, Big Brother and recorded America's Got was a full night of attention grabbers..and it was the best part of the day ... I mean hubby and I were glued to our chairs.. the Critters were lying down and didn't make a sound..guess they know when it's best not too.. in fact took the phone and put it on message only.. You know we wanted nothing to break our devoted attention...:) So as Big Brother ended with Rachel winning and America's Got Talent and Landau winning it was a good evening and now we're gearing into the "new" Survivor...see it doesn't take much for us to get into the grove :) 

Now here I sit waiting to leave the house and get my chores done and without that coffee..only that  perfume aroma is floating through the house..but soon I'll fill my mug and I'll be on the road..Have to feed Critters and get them done and then..Onward March out the door .. I'll hear the darlings do their 4 part harmony...gawd they are good ....come back and get my Crock Pot on..don't want that sweetie to think I've forgotten her LOL...Nah, my Crock Pot knows her place..she's got her special spot..and filled she'll be today...Chicken Chow Mein..simple and tasty...

God Bless..

Psst.. here's the recipe..

Crock Pot Chicken Chow Mein

1 Tbs oil
1.5 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut in 1" pieces
4 carrots, thinly sliced
4 green onions, sliced (include green portion)
3 stalks celery, sliced
1 cup low sodium chicken broth
1 Tbs sugar
1/3 cup light soy sauce
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1 clove garlic, crushed
8 ounces bean sprouts
8 ounces water chestnuts, sliced
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup water

Heat oil in skillet and brown chicken (if you don't have time to do this, you
can skip it). Put chicken pieces in crock pot. Add all ingredients except
cornstarch and water. Stir and cover; cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.

Turn to high. Combine cornstarch and cold water in a small bowl; stir until
dissolved. Stir into the crock pot liquids. Keeping cover slightly ajar to
allow steam to escape, cook until thickened, about 15 to 30 minutes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Will it be a Winning Wednesday >?

Will it be a winning Wednesday ?  You bet !!!!.. it's the finals for Big Brother and the Finals for America's Got Talent and the beginning of Survivor..HOLY know those VCR's are gonna be recording what we can't see..other wise it's back and forth from room to room cause now all the TV's are Flat Screen so you know I ain't movin' any neither is hubby... so it's record, record and record....

Yesterday was a little solemn for me.. after I tuned into Dr Phil watching that program with the Anthony's..I just had to watch although I kept saying.."Nope, I ain't going there" but there I went and I was glued to it... I felt a lump in my throat as Dr Phil did his question and answer and I tried to look into the eyes of the parents...but you know, it has to be one of the most difficult things to relive..and speaking of reliving.. Our family is gonna have to go through the Horror of Angie's murder.. 

For me watching the show was kind of a reminder.. I mean I lived this saga since I had bought my other house in Florida and I would be working around and listening to TV and following each news report on the Missing Caylee.. it was what we went through with Angie.. as she went missing and the search was on for her...

Now today I'll watch again the continuation of the Anthony's story...and pray that they will find inner peace ..cause with their case their is no ending.. With our trial coming hopefully to an end there will be closure..In both these cases they/we will never forget...but the memory lingers on... and that part Sucks big time.

Well it's morning here and my coffee pot is on and I think I'm gonna have to purchase another one.. the stem to the basket is just about hanging on..I got to bite the big one and buy another...maybe I'll use the old coffee pot for a planter.

Tonight's dinner will be Nachos bel grande..make it simple and besides we haven't had that in ages and I have lots of lettuce I need to use up and tomatoes..coming out the GaZooo..(yes a strange word) Made up some Italian water ice so that will be our dessert and it's on to the next adventure...and who is gonna be the winner on both shows...:)  

That perfume is's a blend of three (3) different coffees I got on sale.. yeah I'm one of those..mix and blend my it's on to the chores of the day... VACUUM...( only a strong wind would be nice..:) 

God Bless and Good Thoughts to all !

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Falling into Tuesday

Falling into Tuesday... I have survived Monday.. had tests done at the hospital but it could just never go smoothly.. NOPE.. Got out the door without too much hassle and made it up and in the hospital by 7:10am.. Yes, through the foggy morning...

The gals in the Women's center have been on their jobs for it's like ..Hey, it's me again for my annual flatten and stretch (Mammo) and then the scan on me bones.. and we all laugh..but the laugh this time was on me..No Script was there in the bin.. WHAT ?  Ya got to be kidding..and the gals looked at me and shook their one is in the office at this hour..chit.. I have to sit and wait for office to open up..

Now I have to say, "I think computers are amazing I do lots of things and also enjoy the computer ..made loads of "friends" and get lots of "learning tools" on the computer.. so why and how come there is a problem" ?.... 

Simple it's called "Humane Error or Imput"..Now I was just at the Doc's office in July when I came back from Florida with a problem.. and when I talked with the young lady at the reservation (yeah that's what the name handle was) desk I reminded her that I had not gotten a script in the mail and to please make sure that my script would be sent to the Women's Center... "Sure, no problem"..Uh oh !  there's that same ole bull crap you get.. like they really give a hoot. Then the young lady says, "We no longer give scripts, we are more advanced and have it on auto..(like she's driving your life away)  it will be there when you arrive "... HA !  

Well sister it didn't and wasn't there.. WHERE IS MY so there I sit looking at the clock.. I and the gals were the only ones in the office.. and then I ask.."Can I use your phone" ?   reason cause I had to leave my cell phone in the car.. it's not allowed where I was... Why didn't I just bring it and keep it shut, I followed instructions...DUMMY !!!  Who follows instructions any more..??????

The gals were really sweet and joked.. and off I went into the side room using their phone calling the Doctor.. and Yep, got the Automatic calll system.. 1 for English... At the Doctors ??????.. Holy Crappola.. and then the rest of the numbers kept coming..but if you missed any you could press # and they would repeat again.. yeah, yeah..let's get to the "leave a message "... finally I press Zero.."0"... and a voice.. a real voice comes on... it's the Answering Service... 

Praise the Lord finally someone I can talk with and plead my case.. Which I did and the nice young man says, " I'll do  my best to help you.. there is someone in the office I'll ring over and tell them where you are and what you need"  Oh my I was gasping.. I couldn't believe I was gonna get help...

So you think I got help  NOT !. no one called back, no one faxed the script and I sat and sat and sat till 8:30am when the office opened and one of the gals in the Center came over to me and said,  "Try again, they have got to be in now"... I guess she could tell by my face as I sat and watched all the other women coming in and leaving... 

Up I goes to the phone and call..again the same scenario happens.. you know the number routine.. and finally I just press "0"  and a voice comes on .. "How can I help you".. well I must have talked so fast or maybe sounded so desperate that she transferred me to the nurse...Again I repeated myself and included..."wait till my appointment next week and I see the Doctor.."

Talk about "Stress" I was so overwhelmed with it I could barely make it through the testing..I was like in a cold sweat.. I was worried about Zeke and his meds as I knew I was just gonna be in and out within an hour...HA...What a big mistake that was..

I called hubby on his cell and for some reason when he answered he said, "I'm home I figured I'd wait till you called me to let me know you were on your way home and I've fed and given Zeke and Joe their meds "... I just love that man..that made my day.. Soon a calming came over me and the weight of the world was off my chest...Home sweet home I'm heading...

So that was my Monday episode..and I hope not to repeat that for a long time..the rest of the day I was really exhausted.. I know to those reading wonder why I got so wiped out.. Well, as a heart patient things tend to some times take me down.. although I'll struggle, they can wipe me out.. I have to take .."Take 5"  to do a catch up... it's a pain in the asp.. and some days I get so frustrated with it..but then I think.. I could be a lot just deal with the chit and carry on.. You'll survive this and you have survived a lot worse..

Now here it is Tuesday morning and I fell through to it.. So let's look on the brighter side..cause ya know there will be.. I mean I woke up and that's a plus.. Gonna go to the rice fields today..(Ha, you thought I forgot that number) and my crock pot will be going again.. this time I'm putting in a meat loaf ..make it simple and recoup from what ever else is gonna capture my attention..

Like my coffee pot that baby is going strong..getting a little worried about the insert. Looks like it's ready to fall apart and you remember I can't get an insert I have to buy another coffee pot.. isn't that a chit deal..but I'll do it cause I have to have my 14 cupper !.LOL.. 

Doing some laundry as yesterday for me I'll do catch up and then pay bills and balance check book.. Talk with Diane on how the house is and what's new happening... So here are my critters stirring and it's time..I hear the thunder of hubby's feet coming down the stairs..oh my he must have an early meeting.. YIKES..  and I thought I'd have more quiet time..????

Have a good one and God Bless



Monday, September 12, 2011

On the go Monday

On the go Monday.. having to run up to St Mary's to have some of my tests done and trying to sneak out of the house is not easy... Got all the dishes ready for hubby to feed the Critters and yes, I have my coffee mug on the go ready too.. 

Amazing how these fur babies are do in tune to what's happening..and not going with me..OMG that's a big NO NO..but I can't take them..not this time. I'll make sure when I come back they'll get a little treat..gotta bribe em' or they get even LOL..

Zeke's visit with Saul yesterday went well..(not me) his EKG showed that his meds are stabilizing his heart.. phew that was good to he's picked up almost all his weight he'd lost..Saul said, "Zeke looks strong" !  OK, now that made me feel better..however we still have that hump to climb over.. 

That Echo will be done on the 26th at the Hospital..and at that point the Cardio doc will let us know if the "Mass" is still there  (behind the heart) .. that's the last go round.  

I look at Zeke and he really is looking better..he's alert..although right now he's on the couch sleeping..just waiting on his breakfast..doesn't want to lay on the hard (tiled) floor..not my boy Zeke...He's a shear comfort sorta DAWG !

So as I'm trying to get things ready and disappear with out commotion..which never happens..but I'll do my best. Then my list of my tests will almost be through cepting back to my Cardio Doc..wonder if he'd also read Zeke's test too...hey, he's pretty cool Doc and always ask me about my critters.. Ya just never know.. LOL

Ok.. I've got to hit the open road .. I'll be back..!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflections on my Sunday

 Reflection on my Sundays.. it truly is a day of remembrance.."Where we were" and coming down to "Who we are".. On this day, Sept 11th, will cast such sadness in our hearts.. I was watching the Today show while having my fact making a list of things I was going to be packing up for my trip to Florida.. Matt and Katie were talking and joking when an announcement came across that a plane struck the World Trade Tower and as the camera panned over to see ..I was amazed at the black smoke and the indentation that was made ..while watching, as Matt was explaining what he thought might have taken in a distance we all saw another plane coming towards and within a matter of a minute it flew straight into the other tower...Oh my God!  You could hear the voices starting to tremble.. My heart sunk, my eyes filled with water I could barely talk.. I picked up the phone and was calling the hubby... I heard his voice and just couldn't get the words to form .. I remember hearing myself say.. "Robert, my God, the planes  went straight into both towers.."  I don't even remember what he  was saying to me... I was glued to the TV.. hearing the news broadcast .."New York City was under attack" also somewhere amongst all the scuffle another announcer was saying, "A Plane just hit the Pentagon".. Everything was going wrong, no matter what was being said in my brain I was thinking, "God save us, we're under attack...who was going to be next " ?... 

All day I watched, glued to the TV and watching everything that was happening.. then you could see people running .. papers were flying and next I heard the reporter say,  "The Tower Was Coming Down"..I just couldn't believe my eyes. I started to cry, all those people, there was no way for any of them to get out..God help those poor people ... as we all across America watch . Will I ever forget ?  NEVER !  For days and days we all watched everything unfold...All those lives, in New York City, in DC and in the fields of Pa.. how awful, how sad, and for why ?  Some sick S O B wanted to strike back at our Country for "What we stand for "..
Our lives have changed, we may try to get it back, but how can we..People we loved, liked, laughed with and even were ticked off with at times are now gone. Only thing we can do is live on in their memory and make sure "We never do Forget "  Each year, celebrate that we survived and give thanks for the lives that were given up trying to "Save Others"..

Not a day of rest for me more like another event in our lives..taking Zeke up this afternoon for his EKG and then I'll be getting ready from tomorrow to have my check ups done at the hospital... so I'm just a little edgy...

Last night was good..hubby and I watched the last of the Netflix movies and we kind of just chilled out...I had been wiped out from getting all those chores done.. Critter food is in freezer which will last a whole 30 days..wooo hooo.. and of course I'm visiting the rice fields again..but that's not that bad..just a little more mixing and fixin..

This morning my brain is on the run of the "What if's"  but I guess that really is to be expected..and I'll get through this ..just the unknown is hard dealing with ..but at least at some point we will know.. Sometimes the inner me really doesn't want to know..but then I don't want any more surprises.. I'm just not able to cope with that...between the sadness of today watching the commencement ceremony of 9/11, and then getting on with our daily's gonna be a rough go. 

Coffee pot if perking.. no Big Brother that will be a withdrawal..can we handle that..sure we can ..:)  need to get going and get the critters out and fed..then it's on to the next level of.. "What's Next " !

May God Bless Us All !

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A mad dash on Saturday

A mad dash on Saturday... having lots of things to get done.. I'm some what running a bit in circles..a few of the places I needed to go are a little under water so have to put that off till next week.. Hubby will head over to Sam's club and get a few things we're out of ..Never seen such a massive flood in ages..and still more rain will be coming today...!

Last night we watched the strangest movie.. "Dinner for Schmucks omg !. it was a Satire type comedy of errors but some parts were just hysterical...but the rest made you know, it's them not you ..!  Don't even know why I picked this film..guess I might have saw a commercial with it and only got the funny parts..LOL  too weird and very, very strange ..

This morning as I am making my list I've got my big pot on the stove..Yes, it's time to make Critter food..thank goodness it's only once a month I do this one..for Joe and Reba..we won't talk about my Rice field..:)  cause that's the next thing I have to get going.. Rice Cooker for Zeke and Abby..ugh ...but I will have my Crock Pot..trusty darling...going and I'm doing hubby's favorite..

Yes, that southern man of mine requests a few things...he says, "he has to have these fiddles cause it's a part of his heritage "  ok with me..LOL  So I will put on a pot of Pinto beans and do another pot of Greens and make a pan of cornbread  and have some onion and tomatoes sliced..just before dinner will be served...LOL  what can I say..

I best get moving .. my coffee is perking and Critters will be wanting theirs..some routines are like clock work while others are a drag... I smell that coffee and it's calling my name...:)

Have a good one and God Bless

Pintos Crock Pot Way.....

1 bag pintos..( sorted and washed)
1 White Onion.. (or what ever you have )  Chopped
1 tsp Garlic Powder (I've been known to do a little more :) )
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1 1/2 tsp Salt
*7 1/2 cups Water  (sometimes you have to add more just watch)
Turkey Kielbasa or Smoked Sausage (cut in chunks)

Put pintos in Crock Pot (6quart is what I'm using) add seasoning and onion .Add water and cover ...cook on high for 6 hours... last 30 minutes I add either Turkey Kielbasa or Smoked Sausage cut in chunks....for me I like to add it in the last part as other wise it tastes like boiled meat that lost it's flavor..

Friday, September 9, 2011

Finally Friday

Finally Friday...alright another weekend shows up at my door and I didn't have to go very far either... thank goodness for small favors..and speaking of which  I have a few I need to take care of..Weather has been awful..neighborhoods around me have been flooding..New Hope, Yardley have been hit along with Lower Makefield...and we're still gonna have some rain today and tomorrow..and the creeks can't hold any more.. I just pray that this soon will be over to let us all dry out.. 

Last night's dinner was another gooder !  That pork was delish and I could have devoured the whole thing..LOL but I used my vacuum sealer to save the rest for another time.. Seeing how this will freeze and reheat..but I have a feeling it will be good even the next time.:)..

Watched Big Brother and hated to see Jordan go, but like Porsche said, "She's won it before".. now if it were me I would have kept her in the game..cause remember she did win before and that's a plus at the end ..not to speak of that Jordan wasn't that much of a threat in competition...However the final 3 is Adam, Porsche and Rachel...Hold on to your hats.. it's gonna be good come Wed night..  Watching the endurance part.. don't think Adam will make it that's my penny's worth ! 

This morning I'm hoping for better weather at least some dry air but the weather man isn't agreeing with me... I mean my back yard is one big mud pool and my swimming pool is has over flowed so many times..I wonder if soon it will be popping out of the ground from water level below the surface ???

Couldn't sleep worth a darn.. I just tossed and turned. Had the weirdest dreams and can't remember any of them.. Every time I woke I'd lay back down and have another.. Wish I could have continued with the same one.. hate them intermissions !

My Coffee pot is perking and Critters are still quiet..but as soon as I turn my chair they'll be ready for their "breakfast"..and the mad dash will be on ... Gonna have an easy supper.. Pizza..not home made.. more like order in ...yeah I am taking a break but have no fear..Crock Pot will be going this weekend.. cause I'll do my prep work ahead.. LOL..

Also my Netflix movies are in.. and that means "Show time together".. Hubby will make a trip to Sam's club as my supplies are running a bit low. I've got a lot to do this weekend and then on Sunday Zeke will go for the EKG..and Monday I go to the hospital for all my testing.. yeah that race will surely be on.

I smell my coffee so it's time to meander into the kitchen and get it on :)  Have a good one today.....God Bless..

Psst.. late posting this.. lost Internet..wonder if it's blowing bubbles ?