Monday, December 31, 2012

It's New Year's Eve this Monday

It's New Year's Eve this Monday....and earlier today I met up with my friend John ( of the duo John n Jayne) and his daughter Naomi..and we had a nice peaceful lunch..with a few wobbles but we made it through..hahaha

Was a nothing much kind of day as I wanted to take it easy...leg still biting at me but slowly getting better...and I did get in that nap...:)

It was also my Trash Day and that's a mad dash to get thing out and not forget anything..but I managed to forget a few things.  Hey in the morning I'm a blurr with all that has to get done.....and Ms Shug was on this morning cause she wanted to play...yeah she was full of herself and it was cute but Why Now????

Evening for me was not bad chatted with hubby on Face Talk and I enjoyed a glass of wine with my cheese and crackers and hubby joked it only took me 3 hours to drink it..yeah but it was sure good to the last drop !

Now it's time for me. To head in and attempt to watch the ball drop from Time Square and pray that we all have a better year..Lord knows we sure do need it...

So now I'll say, "goodnight and catch you next year". :). God bless us all !

HAPPY NEW YEAR.    2013 will be here shortly.........

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Brisk Sunday brrrrrrrrrrrr !

A Brisk Sunday brrrrrrrrrr !  when I woke up I didn't wanna get out of sure was chilly..almost like being back in I even felt sluggish...but I had to get my butt in was the sorting of the Pills of Life morning plus also Critters pills as well..and yeah, I know I didn't pick up my scripts so that I have to do this morning too...

Called John, as he always saves me his Sunday paper without the adds LOL and also my plastic bags which I use lots I arranged with him to pick up my goodies as I swung in from CVS and Winn Dixie..

Now that's a story...cause when I went I was hungry and that's always a big mistake cause you buy stuff you'd never buy before and so I did..oh my stars, "Am I feeding an Army"..????? hahaha

I swung by stopped and visited with John and met his daughter Naomi and I have to say, "She's her father's daughter...."  a female version of John ..and boy she smiles..such a sweet gal..She's retarded but my oh my her smile is Angelic..and so I told her because she is going back to California on Tuesday and I hadn't been feeling well to cook them a dinner, that I'd take them to lunch tomorrow..

So we will be going to Bob Evans and that should be pretty good food..and hopefully not too crowed...and I'll get a chance to visit with her..and I know John will be on good behavior too..hahaha..

Came back and my leg was aching..well, I hadn't taken a water pill and my oh my what do I I hadn't put my legs up at all..and I still have to go to the rice that I'll do a little later on..

Played with Ms Shugs for a bit and she was in a wacky stage so I put her up early..when she doesn't behave away she goes..and did she sulk hahaha..was even ticked at me..wouldn't even talk..but when I took her out later she you might say.."She's learning, I'm the boss"..yeah for now hahaha

Anyway some of you have asked me about my "Rice Fields" that I always refer too..well it's like this.. I wash the rice to get all the starch off it then put it in a rice cooker with chicken broth and then have chopped veggies I put in the steamer tray above the rice while it's cooking so it's double tasking here's a picture of how it comes out...check this out :)

 My favorite rice cooker......does a fantastic job

 The rice mixture of white rice, peas, carrots, chopped broccoli, mustard,turnip and collard greens, green beans, asparagus and celery....
Finished product ready to be put in the freezer..this last me 11 days..yeppers it goes by fast as they get 2 containers a day..breakfast and dinner...and it's gone
So now my day is over with and I'm ready for Mister Sandman to bring me a dream and hope it's a good one..hahaha...but my day wasn't to bad ......for me.
Listening to the news then gonna say.."Toodles"..hope you all traveling stay safe and as always...God's Blessings Shine Down on All........................

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday is just about done for me

Saturday is just about done for me...although my morning was a little bit off kilter..I did manage to get some vacuum time in...and then as I was suppose to go pick up my script I realized I had taken my water pills..OH NO !!!...

So I'll plan my pickup for biggy..but at least I'll get out and stop and pick up some goodies and maybe even buy my lunch...well a cooked one..hahaha..a treat :)

I manage to just make sure I kept my legs up and that really helped but not all day..I can't manage that part as I have too much going on..and my Critters keep me busy..hahaha..well Ms Reba does...and so does Ms Shug..the Big Bears well they hanker down and are ready willin an able to share anything that may fall from grace ..hahaha

I've got to start catching up on the house as with my leg problem I've had to let a few things go..and that is never a good thing but no big deal cause my lists come out and it's get er done..:)

I also have to go to the Rice Fields again tomorrow so that will be also first thing in the morning during my"QUIET" time..yeah I lose out but it needs to be done and I can lean back while the rice cooker is doing her job with the veggies included..

Watched some old movies tonight as nothing great for me was on TV so the recorded ones come in handy. Also have to start putting some groceries up in the freezer so that means this week I have to do some cookin..and a crockin..

Other than that I hear Ms Reba calling my name..she gets nosy for me to come to bed hahaha..Yes, Ms Reba I'm on my way..

Hope all traveling are staying it's a bit chilly tonight and can't wait to get under that electric blanket ...And as Always..God Bless

Friday, December 28, 2012

Here it is Friday Already :)

Here it is Friday, Already :) and for me it's feet up and take it easy to clear my problem with my's not an easy task for me..although I'm gonna give it my best shot..!

Morning is the busy time and I'm glad even though I do get in my quiet time..the time before everything comes awake like even the day..and then it's off to the races then it's the down swing..and believe it or not Ms Shug is fitting into it gracefully..and I'm just so pleased..

I did most of my day watching a few movies with my leg up and in between the washing and getting critters in and out..even watched my outside critters enjoy their breakfast that I brought to fact Mister Cardinal waits for me now and chirps rather loud when he knows I've deposited their goodies..hahahaha

The day kind of dragged and sort of became tough for me as being in one position is not easy for me..and I was determined to get this bugger cleared up once and for all..and then try to figure out why I keep getting this problem..???

One part I know is because of my heart disease but other than that..I keep busy and try to maintain my existence..struggling the downward swings as best I can..and yep, keep busy..lots of it..but I might have to give in to wearing those dreadful support stockings..gawd they feel awful ..but if it will keep these ulcers from coming up..I'll surrender !!!

Tomorrow I have to go into town to pick up my scripts and stop at the store to pick up a few things but I also have to do that chop chop..LOL yeah I was to lazy to do it I'm up early and my quiet time will be a little intense of chopping...LOL

Now I'm ready to hit that bed and hope I can sleep..I mean I did catch a nap and boy that always feels good do I count sheep or what?????dunno but I'm praying Mister Sandman comes quickly..

Hope you all traveling stay safe as I hear the rain on my that sound as long as it's not to too heavy...cause tomorrow when critters go out..uh you know WET DAWG..eeek..have towels ready ..yep, more laundry hahaha

And as always..God Bless....

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tip Toed on Thursday

Tip Toed on Thursday...trying to clean up this bugger of a leg problem and seems it's really being stubborn..unfortunately I had to go out today to clear up a mess ..seems someone attempted to hack into my account so that had to be taken care of then stopped by the office here and paid my O&M for the quarter..and then stopped and visited my neighbor which I really haven't had much chance to see..

Was good seeing Betsy and Dick..and as always we have an interesting chat and a few good laughs as well..I thank you Betsy and Dick for letting me in the door LOL..

Most of my day was really just trying to clear up some messes haven't really dug in too much but will have to next week for I need to get this leg cleaned up and on the road to recovery..

I only had Ms Shug out once today and she was pretty good about it too..She really is turning out to be a very livable Cockatoo..from everything you read about them being Loud and far so good..but I'm not saying too much cause you all know how things can go with me.. :)

Tonight I chatted with Ms Dawn on FaceTalk and watched her assemble with a little OOPS..(with a meat hammer) and get that clothes stand together..unfortunately her plans of having it in the shower..well...I'd say, "it was just a tad big"..but she and I enjoyed the venture..oh and watched her "New" washing machine...I call Ms Dawn "Pioneer Woman"..she cranked and cranked for 2min..not bad then drained the soapy water then filled to rinse and cranked and cranked another 2min..then rinsed then another rinse..yeah it was going well..till the time came when she had to wring the wet clothes out..mmm that's when our call ended...

Now she has ordered an electric clothes spinner so I'm sure that will help her hands...and the rest will continue..will tell ya the results..but I have seen these washers..they are small and portable for RV or places where you can't have a machine and can do a decent job on small amounts..

Wishing you Luck Ms Dawn..and can't wait to see pictures...perhaps we can do a video  Hahaha...Hey, I know when ya gotta do something..You is like me..You Go For IT !!!!!

Now I'm ready to go for it and go to bed..and pray this dang leg will get healed up and I can get on with my chores and critters..

For all you traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

They Called it Stormy Wednesday

They Called it Stormy Wednesday...and that it was..the storm that came across from Texas into Louisiana,Mississippi and Alabama..finally got to us came in fast and left too thank I watched how dark our sky got then the down pour..thunder and gone..Thank YOU..

I was uptight just listening to the news as it told when and how soon it was coming at us...Definitely gives you food for thought...You pray that where it hits that no one is injured or loses their life..but again you have no control..and so you have to wait it out..

I've never been one to handle storms of any kind since a child and at my age now I still ain't a happy camper..but dealing with it is what we all have we (the Critters and even Ms Shug) sat on the couch watched it come in and watched it leave..then there after from stress of worry..we all took a nap..YEP even Ms Shug..guess she felt how nervous we all were..

My day was pretty much a take care of ME day as my leg is still act me and today it seems to just throb..was really praying I'd not have to go out anywhere and just tried to keep my leg up as much as possible..

This comes on me from time to time due to my Heart's kind of one of those lucky things that some a fine wine..however this ain't fine and it's no wine..but it's with me along with a few other goodies...but lean to live with it and pray it doesn't advance..

A Struggle but don't we all have some kind of struggle in our I have to take those days I have and figure another way of preventing it from happening..keep it clean and keep it elevated..Ok, so I walk around with my leg up in the air :)  LOL...never happen..but I have to joke about it.

Tonight again was a take it easy and keep my mind of happier things and do some reading on what I can do to better my situation..Yeah, sounds good but some of the reading..well..they don't have a clue either...hahaha

Now it's a long day of doing nothing but resting and saying, "Tomorrow will be a better day"..yep it will cause it's TRASH DAY .....whoopee..hahaha..tug all that stuff out and keep people in their jobs...

Ok, my brain is tired..from not doing much so it's best I rest it and get comfy for tomorrow is gonna be busy...

Stay Safe all of you traveling and as always..God Bless

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas on Tuesday !

Merry Christmas on Tuesday...!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from All of Us to All of YOU !


Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve ...Monday :)

Christmas Eve....Monday :)

Morning for me was a busy one as I opened the frig and discovered a Half Gallon of Milk all over the top shelf of the being that today was also a Trash Day too...I was prepared to clean sweep and toss out all that was dripping...wasn't a pretty site for a Christmas Eve Day...and no sleigh for me to jump on and wish it away....

After I got all my chores done next thing was for me to hop in my car and taxi on up the road...Winn Dixie here I come again !!!  So I also treated myself again to some I really didn't need them..but this was to easy my suffering .hahahaha..

Came back and even bought a Roasted Chicken and that's what I had for lunch and it will be what's gonna turn into several meals..and that means NO COOKING FOR ME.....:)

Got a few nice calls from friends I hadn't heard from in a while and that was a nice  cheer me up..and spoke with hubby and tomorrow being Christmas we'll chat via Ipad and have dinner Holidays are always bad for me..I'm just one of those people that get those BLUES...hate it..but it happens..and I try to deal with it the best I can...

Tonight I watched a classic..Shop Around the Corner and boy I do so enjoy those classics and am taping a few that are on later...something about those..I guess it reminds me when I was a young girl and we'd watch with the family and we'd be sitting in the living room all snuggled in PJ's and Momma would be in her big chair and Poppa would be in the other one and our dawg Snowie would be on the floor eating his Carrot..that was like his treat..he'd bite off the top part and put it to one side..and gnaw on the rest..and every once in awhile I would tug on his tail..he'd growl and Momma would give me a tap  on the head..LOL..yes, I guess that's why I love watching brings back lots of wonderful childhood memories..

Now I'm ready to go to bed and dream of sugar plums dancing in my head..LOL yeah I even put a plate of cookies out..just in case Santa might drop by..:)  ah I sure wish he doesn't miss a house..

To all of you that follow me I wish you all the best and pray that your life's journey will be a good one..and for those that are traveling..stay safe ...

God Bless Us..Everyone !

Merry Christmas...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Day of Peace and Tranquility on Sunday :)

A Day of Peace and Tranquility on Sunday:)...boy was it ever..and such a nice day..we all had our quiet time..first off I started my morning with the Pills of Life sorting and then onto  getting things ready for my Critters and Shug...yeah, she's in the full routine..and I best have it ready..hahaha

Lately because of how cold it's been the Critters aren't to eager to go out till about 7:30am and that's fine with me.. I mean they are up at 6am for their pill and then flop back and I lean back on the couch and listen to the news..Ms Shug around 7:30am comes down to the bottom of her cage and peeks through the bottom of the sheet and if she sees me looking she says, "Hello" is a cute little voice..and I chuckle at her...

Once I let the crew out I then will open up her sheet..guess I'm kind of afraid of a draft with the door opening and just be on the safe side when all are in..she's up and at em'...and is she ever..

I best get her cage done and food in cause she's ready for some eating and is all full of herself.. she's laughing and attempting to say strange words as I'm working and then when I don't pay attention she comes over to me..lands right on my shoulder and starts laughing and making strange sounds..then she'll walk down my arm and right into her cage..She's set and I can get on with the rest of my chores...Thank You Ms Shug...LOL

Most of the day we all just laid around and watched TV chatted with hubby on Ipad..and then took a nap..yes, it was a wonderful quiet day then later on in the evening my next door neighbor called and brought me a delicious piece of cake..and let me tell ya.. I sure hope she gives me the was EXCELLENT..not overly sweet at all and the icing topped it...Delish !

Then I got into watching The Preacher's Wife the original one with Cary Grant and Loretta Young and David Niven...great actors and always enjoyable no matter how many times I've seen it..

Here I am sitting typing away my day which was a "Nothing" day but oh so nice..and I even watched the Cardinals come down and I notice I have a lot of finches coming in to feed...I so enjoy fact before super time I went out and filled the feeder..

Now tomorrow is Monday and Christmas Eve and soon it will be Christmas time..I've going to unwrap the plant I have covered and also take the Christmas Cactus out of the garage so they can be in full view..they are so pretty with all their flowers..

Oh, and yesterday I forgot to post Ms Shug became 5 months..well I have her now 1 month too..and I took a picture of a full frontal shot and she actually looked like she was posing and after I took it she laughed..wished I did a video cause she was so neat ..really acting silly and posing big here I close with a picture of Ms Shug and again all traveling be safe and as always God Bless....Stay Warm too !

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday I went a Fishing :) LOL

Saturday I went a Fishing :) LOL..well actually I bought some fish..but not on Saturday....hahaha..but I cooked that counts :)...

It sure was bitter cold this morning as I checked the temp and I felt the chill ..I mean to tell you these Heat Pumps don't work great when it's 37 degrees..and I made sure I was bundled and heavily socked..LOL  Long Socks that is..and even went out and fed me birds too cause they were hungry...

By the time I got through the morning we all made sure we didn't rush and stayed warm..everything was put on a later on schedule..and that was find with all my Critters including Ms Shug..

However I did have an agenda ..I was doing a Catfish I've never done one as always Hubby is the "man" that takes that one on.. I mean he's the Southerner..and I'm the Yankee..LOL  but my Sistah Ms Dawn gave me a few tips and even told me what to use..and so I did...

It was Louisiana Fish Fry New Orleans Style and I followed her I sure have to tell you it came out really good and only thing I wished I had was some Hush Puppies...golly gee hahaha...I even took a picture..let me see if I can bring them up..

They came out great and I really enjoyed it and I'll be making them again down the road...always like to try something new...keeps from getting that bored, "What's for Dinner" syndrome..

So that's my story for today other than I haven't made my Soda yet..Yes, I got a Soda'd think after working so many years for PepsiCo I'd not be interested but I am and was..cause I do like Seltzer and a few flavors I don't see much and hate all those soda cans and bottles I have to drag out to the curb...Hence when I want something to drink I don't have to buy cases of the stuff...hahaha ..Am I selling you all a bill of goods to justify why ????? all should know me by now..I love GADGETS...

Ok, I'm dragging ..brain is giving me a little back talk and my spelling is beginning to Those Traveling BE Safe..and as Always..God Bless...

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Happy Friday in more ways than one !

A Happy Friday in more ways that one !.....First off..I woke that counts...and then the real happiness was I was able to go fetch my Walking Stick (cane to you ) and then to celebrate 1 month of having Ms Shug..Yep, one month to the day I brought that snowy white bundle home..and I'm sure the other Critters are wondering WHY??????...LOL

Morning I was busy cause I had to do the Chop, Chop..yep, I didn't do it last night so I had to get up a little early and do my duty for Ms Shug..hahaha and mumble not a happy tune..more like grumble..

My morning went fast as now I take Ms Shug out of her cage and proceed to clean it and I don't have her laughing in my it's behind my back on her stand that I bought her..which now she is liking more and more..(thank goodness) then on to getting the other Critters done too..and for me grab some toast and coffee ..get dressed and rush out the door...

Down the highway I went to Petsmart and so happy to get me ole walkin stick back it has lots of memories for me..crazy but true..I've had it a long time and it's know you've had something that was perfect and hated to lose it...if you're like me..well I was all smiles..then went to Bed Bath and Beyond and I must say the way that store is setup it is Beyond..couldn't find what I wanted but did buy a few things I thought I needed..(you all know how that goes)...

Walked out the store with the cart and then put my packages in the car and brought that cart back to where they store them and proceed to walk away when a light lit in my brain."Psst..Dumbo, you is doing it AGAIN"..HUH????? Yeppers I left my cane in the cart and before I could say, "Jack Rabbit" some man was grabbing my cart and walking away with it..when I shouted "STOP"..the guy turned around and gave me the strange look "Like are you nuts">? (he must know me well ) so I walked up to him ..cause I can't walk fast..and said.."Sir, my cane is in that cart"..notice nicely..hahaha..and he then said.."Sorry".. and he reached in and gave it too me...

See I almost did it again..can you believe me..What is with me ?????DUH.. I'm telling ya the Lord's Angels are gonna go on strike on me..cause I make them work overtime...but I was so happy to get her back..and I best start paying attention...hahaha

Drove back home was gonna stop for lunch but decided as the wind was starting to get a little bit more than my liking to head home as I knew I had to take care of my plants.. I have several Christmas Cactus which are in bloom and I put them in the garage which will be a lot warmer than in the carport and then I went and took a sheet and wrapped my Purple Hibiscus plant as she's growing in the ground in front of the trellis and is really a beauty.. one of the birds must have picked the berry and dropped it's a gift from the birds..or maybe the squirrels..can I say that ???? hahaha

So that was most my day and just kind of took it easy ...My ulcer is starting to mend..and I don't want anything to go's been a struggle to get it to start closing..on the couch I went legs up and leaned in my nap and so did everyone else..

Just took the Critters out..Ms Reba not as she's wearing a diaper and she will use the pan in the crate to potty..good thing with having that..saves her from bad weather as she's not able to handle it...She's got her Pj's on and she's now snuggled in for the are the big ones and of course Ms Shug is under sheet..and I hear her mumbling..but she's settle in..she's been really good about her times..and does keep herself busy..

Now it's my time to snuggle under cover and set my timer on the TV cause I know once I get warm I'm gone...I don't think I even get to hear the news till morning...but I give it a try..

Well, Safe travels to those that are and again..remember God's Blessings are for ALL...Be Kind to ONE ANOTHER not cause it's CHRISTMAS TIME but ALL YEAR ROUND...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Busy Dizzy Thursday :)

A busy dizzy Thursday :) Oh yep....started with TRASH DAY...and the hurry get it to the curb deal and then on with the rest of the chores..LOL  it can get hectic in the mornings but I don't mind it cause when I'm done..I'm done !!! 

My big deal for me was to head out to Petsmart and also Publix..which I did...I got out early and headed down that highway..even got a great spot parking and used my cane as my legs were bothering me...that ulcer throbs a bit but is slowly healing..very I best not chance it..and I used my cane once in side I had to use the I put my cane in the basket and proceed to check all the goodies out for Ms Shug ..bought her a few more toys and some viddles..yeah that's a big thing making sure she gets the right nutrition..and believe me I know nothing about Parrots.. I mean I owned one a long time but never really got into the debth of all like I've been doing now with Ms Shug..

Now that sounds terrible but when we got Medusa she was almost 2 years old and a terror..but a really bugger on eating and would only eat certain things so that's what we gave her plus vitamins...and she did live 35 plus we weren't too bad ...

However with Ms Shug being she's a baby now 5mos and growing and very tentative..lots of things to learn about teaching her..and I am really studying so that she becomes a good bird to live with and I can tell you right now she's a hoot and a joy...but boy when she's bad...LOOK OUT..hahaha..

So when I left Petsmart I headed back towards home and stopped in Publix bought some things for me and yes, I got veggies for Shug..cause she was out of things... I've learned now I don't buy lots I only buy enough for 4 days other wise it goes I picked up what Publix had in little bags..lots of interesting things to choose from and these will work out great..

When I left Publix I realize my walking cane was not with I drove home as I felt it was longer with me and out of my life...and I got back to the house and just continued on with my day..

Played with Shug for a bit then the Critters was feeding everyone dinner and I thought..perhaps I left it in the cart..(which I did) so I called on a whim Petsmart and some kind person turned it in.. so guess where I'm heading Petsmart again..guess I might buy something as a nice gesture ..

Watched the X factor and Tate the country singer won.. I'm glad even though Carly Rose was fantastic..she's 13 and she'll have a fantastic career ahead of her...Tate a married man and father surely deserves this break and he will be a great addition to the country music...beautiful voice to listen too..

Now I'm ready to hit the sack and can't wait for this cold weather to pass us ..cause I don't mind it in the 50s or 60s but when it's like back home...that sucks...I could stay home for second thought..not...LOL..cause along with the cold weather comes the SNOW...brrrrrrrrrrr

So it's good night sleep tight and all you traveling stay safe and God Bless

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

With it on Wednesday

With it on Wednesday...oh yeah, I had to be...cause I had lots to catch up on.. My morning was the driving force as I had to visit them Rice Fields again and I had to also clean up the critter room ...been awhile since I tackled it.. and tackled it I did.. LOL

Took my break and then planned my next move..To the couch LOL...ah I just couldn't resist..any way I managed to put in some time for Shug and she's getting really comfy now..and enjoying her Stand to play on a little more..of course she likes to be near me and play big time ruffle your feathers, turn your head upside down and laugh..she's one laughing gal...and I laugh along side of her too..

Later on I did manage to do a little catching up on getting rid of some more boxes..gawd do I ever have boxes..but I went through some and yep, tomorrow is TRASH day and I'll lug out a whole bunch..

Have to make my list for tomorrow's I have to go to Petsmart and also Publix..need some things for Shug and a few things for me to stock up on..and then I'm homeward bound..thank goodness.

Tomorrow I'm suppose to have company ..but I've decided I don't need the visit..Jane's not feeling well and of course she didn't tell me this..John did..and I nicely told him to tell her "Stay Away"... I never understand why when someone isn't feeling well they decide to come visit you...

I've got a bug about that..because it's really not thinking about the other person..and for me I'm not overly anxious to get sick..I've got enough problems with my legs...and a need for something more..Give Me A Break..So, the person I am just comes out and tells ya... Visit me when you are WELL...Thank YOU..:)

I know I'm such a sweetheart..but at least I'm truthful..and think about others..maybe I'll earn my wings..Ya Think ???? if not I know I definitely have a horn..hahaha..

Most my day was really getting caught works out that way for me..and especially when I have those down times...catch up fall behind..goodness I'm sounding like the time thingy...Fall back Spring Forward..tick tock :)

Ok, I'm getting a little goofy cause I'm with that I'll say...Good Night and those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday was a rest day for ME !

Tuesday was a rest day for Me!...I apparently pulled a muscle the day before dragging my huge bag of trash out..yes, I was attempting to be frugal..and lazy both at the same time..and wound up..Father time done kicked my butt..

I woke up at 3:30am with a heavy pressure in my upper chest and as I tried to turn I felt the I slowly sat up and because I'm a heart patient I had nitro by my wasn't something that had me worried as it felt more in the muscle..but I've had my heart attacks with a burning in the middle of my one doesn't play games here..

As I got up I was not having major discomfort nor sweats but did chew a few baby aspirins just to be on the safe I came out to the kitchen area I decided to just take it easy ...

So that's what I did this morning although as the morning progressed I felt much better (perhaps those aspirins helped) so I was getting antsy and decided to make a batch of pancakes which wasn't no big deal.. and I froze them for later on...and had a couple for breakfast/brunch thingy..

My day was quiet and I needed it..I tend to push too much and try to get things done when I should just pace it out a little each day.. I mean what's the big hurry..????

Later in the day I even felt well rested but I still wasn't planning on doing much only take care of the Critters and Shug..which was pretty easy..all my critters seem to sense when I'm not having a good day and they are just wonderful.

Watched the Voice tonight and still am..just announced the Winner..I won't post just incase some of you are waiting to see who won...but well deserved..

So with that I'll say, "Good Night and Safe Travels and God Bless

Here's to a better tomorrow...:)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh what a Monday !

Oh what a Monday !  I had my morning rush and once I got it together I got my thoughts in gear..had to go to the Post Office..OMG..Now this is something I was dreading..however, it was what it was...a Mad Mad World out there... It was the Christmas Rush in OVER DRIVE...the lines were long and the people didn't look like they were ready to break out and sing "Joy to the World" way !

I did manage to get there by 8:45am however it would have been better had I been there at 7am..LOL  but we moved rather quickly thank goodness and the people in the Post Office are always friendly..another plus..and with my offerings they were even more pleasant..LOL

Then back to the house I went..decided I'd go to Publix (yes, it's their turn LOL ) as I get certain things there I can't find in Winn Dixie and then I also go to Walmart cause there are things there I only buy on STOCK UP DAYS...LOL

Plus today was another one of my TRASH DAYS and I always try to get all the junk I've been stashing out..if I remember to check those certain places know we all have those hidden places...well at least I admit it..:)

This afternoon I did catch my came over me like a Sledge Hammer..and I had no choice..that is one of the strange things with Heart Disease ..I know mine anyway...I have them fall out catch ya breath and give in moments..

Tonight I watched the Voice and Face Chatted with my RV Sistah Dawn (by the way is as bad as I am and we laugh about it)..and glad that she and her brother Paul and her Mom are gonna be heading to their brother's house in Ms..

Christmas is gonna be difficult for her just losing her hubby Chuck..those first years are really hard..I remember them oh so well..and I'm happy that she'll have family around her to ease some of the pain that's in her heart..

I've been reflecting on my Sister Alice, the times we had and how I wished I could have helped her before it was too late..but sometimes things play out and you have no control and you feel helpless..but I know she's now resting at peace with our family and with our more suffering..and that eases the pain in my heart as well...

Holidays are always rough for some people..I'm one of them..I get those blues and I try to get myself through them..and think of good things and listen to Christmas Music and this Christmas will be long but with our Ipads hubby and I will be able to chat..that will help me..and I'm sure him as well..

Now I feel that urge to fall out..yeah...the bed is close by thank goodness..and on to tomorrow and boy do I have a list of things to get done...Rice Fields are in full force and shred chicken coming around the bend too..hahaha..yeah it's that time again...but thank goodness no chop chop for Ms Shug I've done up 3 days worth..that's the pain one cause of the fresh veggies..might pull a fast one and try cooked veggies again..hahaha..well, gotta see what she'll eat and toss..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always and from my heart..God Bless All..

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Nice Sunday...but busy

A nice Sunday ...but busy....I stayed up a little too late watching Saturday Night Live which I really enjoyed and then come morning I was racing to get caught up.. Instead of getting up at 4:30am I got up almost at 5:30am and that meant a big difference for me...LOL

Yep, I had batched cookie dough the night before which had to be chilled and makes life so much easier when I get up turn on the oven to preheat and roll the dough and wham bam it's on the cookie sheet and ready to hit the oven..

I got it all finished before 7am and then on to my Shugs getting her cage cleaned and Critters out and it's get breakfast for the gang..then I'm last..but I got it all done and I figured I'd take my nap in the afternoon..which is now my fall out time.. between 2pm and 4pm..I lean back maybe watch a little tv and it's so peaceful and my gang now is in tune with my time...

So yes, I missed my quiet time cause I was busy but made it afterward with my nap..yeah er tomorrow I have to head into town and mail my Christmas Stuff out then head out to pick up some veggies for Shug..cause I forgot..DUH??????

Tried something new for me.. bought one of those packaged meats by Hormel was Beef Tips and I had Bob Evan's Mashed Potatoes so that was my dinner tonight with a veggie...was pretty good but next time I'll do wide noodles instead..had to call hubby to tell him to pick this up as this will be a quick dinner for him with his working and coming home to a meal...

I like trying different ideas to make life easy and still keep quality of food..some I've tried I've trashed..and some boy they are good and then the dang company goes and changes it or stops producing it..that stinks..LOL

Tonight watched Survivor and still am..felt bad for Malcolm...but ya know Survivor is what it is..don't trust anyone and when in doubt get rid of that person...can ya tell I love Survivor...

Now I'm tired and tomorrow is Monday and Trash day again plus post office run and store run...oh my is my day over yet...LOL...

Hope you all have a good night and safe travels and as always..God Bless....

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not to bad of a Saturday

Not to bad of a Saturday if I don't say so myself...Morning for me is without fail one of the busy times..and it's one that I can't skip matter what..I call that my clean up detail...with Ms Shugs and the Critters 3 then on to their breakfast and then finally mine..However the up side to it getting up before the crack of dawn I have my Quiet Time and that to me is precious..cause the rest of the day gets hectic...LOL

Today I had to make a run up to Winn Dixie as I was out of Ms Reba's Liverwurst..and that is one of the key ingredients that lets her eat her understand she doesn't get big chunks in fact it's a 1/4 of a half of a slice..hahaha..and in little tiny pieces too it's mixed in with her shredded (heated) chicken and rice and veggies and shhhhh don't tell her but I've been sneaking in a little of her dry food coated with the liverwurst..and so far it's working ..but I ain't a gonna brag cause at any time things can change...within a flash..:)

So I bee bopped up to Winn Dixie saw of few of my favorite people..Meat Man, Produce Man and the Bread Man..yeah they all missed me..and we laughed..but I picked up just a few things...and got away without the cha ching banging to hard in my pocket..

Then came back and had to get busy making cookies..I made only two kinds as I'm really not in the spirit of Christmas..sad to say..Hubby won't be down and our family is going through some rough goes...Angie's murder trial is fixin to start and my cousin Gina just being diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer...not a good time for everything..

Then my leg broke out in Ulcers and that's a bummer in itself..having to make sure I don't get an infection and hoping it will close soon..but life goes on in the big I don't dwell on it..and just pray things will get better..

I think to myself..this SUCKS until I hear the news and the tragedy that's happened to those little children and teachers just going to school...does this ever end...don't people realize how things are getting so bad..Evil just lurking in the hearts of many...God Help US..

I've been in such a downward spin lately..friends I thought were mine turn on a dime out of nothing and then sadness happening in my family...I just have to keep my spirits up...gets tough...and I feel the loss of my Sister..shame I couldn't turn it around for her..I would have loved for her to come join me here so she could have some happiness in her life..instead I had to ask her to let go and that was one of the worst days for me..

Yes, I'm feeling very down..but I'll go to bed and pray that the Lord helps me make it through and gives me that surge of joy in my heart..I'll hug my Ms Reba as she sleeps right up next to my pillow and Zeke as he crawls up along side and snores...and Ms Abby as she plays guard dawg on retreat LOL..yeah, I'll snicker a bit..and then there is Ms Shug the latest addition in to my life ..who as I covered her tonight says, "Hello"...and I say, "Good Night, I love you"...

As for all of you... I pray that you are all Safe and tucked in and help you all through your days...God's Blessings Shine Down On All..!

Friday, December 14, 2012

It is and was Flippin Friday :)

It is and was Flippin Friday:) I say, "Flippin"..I sure did..flipped flopped through the house and boy was it a little brisk this morning...My darling Abby was in her donut bed and she was cozy..and I mean that gal never budged as I came into the living room....and didn't get up until 7am..You Rock Ms Abby...LOL

My mornings are still early ..I mean my eyes open up at 4ish and I struggle to stay in bed but it ain't a gonna up I get come walking down the hall way and get out the Critters Water Dishes from the trusty Dishwasher and then get their Lemon Water (yes, my critters have lemon juice in their water) and fill those bowls up...then I pop my morning pills and check my email then do a quick post on FB then put my coffee pot on and put the dishes away that were washed in the is done then I go over to the couch turn on the news and see what took place while I was sleeping..

My Crew now is tending to sleep in..especially when it's chilly ..which I can't blame them cause if I could I would..:) they get up at 7am and we all go out and they get right to the action and beat me back in the house...dang them sweethearts...

I go feed my outside birds..and those bugger squirrels then if it's not too bad out I'll water my plants..but if not I'll wait till almost noon time..but back in the house I get and start cleaning Ms Shug's cage..boy what a dirty bird..LOL

When I open that sheet from her cage that sweetheart says, "Hello"...and boy the action starts.. I clean her cage and she can't wait to get her fiddles..and she tosses what she don't want and HELLO arrangement of weird bits hit the floor...yes, my trusty vacuum is ready, willin and able...hahaha

My mornings are hectic..and when I can sit down and have my coffee it's AMEN..but I do get my quiet time..when all is sleeping in the wee hours..that's a great time for me...cause I don't get much after that till 2pm...that's my down and out time and the rest of the day is kind of over for me till it's fix dinner for the crew...and the out times with Ms Shug in between..and she's getting more and more into things..and funnier...Lordy she is a hoot and I'm gonna have to get another video going...soon..

Tonight I didn't do much as I just played with Shug and she's trying to say another word...right now it's like WHAT>>>>?????  LOL  but still a little crazy when she does say things..

Now I'm beat and ready to say...."Good Night" as tomorrow I have to run up to Winn Dixie..and pick up a few little things...cause the next big shopping is at Walmart..and look out for are getting low..

Hope all of you Traveling are being Safe and as always...God Bless

PS..Please let's say a prayer tonight for those families that lost their loves ones in that sick action at the school in Connecticut ..all those children and goodness this evil that is happening...God Please Grant Us Peace and Save Us from this abomination...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The big T day on Thursday :)

The Big T day on Thursday:) and so it begins on this morning I gather up all the "stuff" that needs to go out to the curb..and of course the frig ..check in there to see what has grown in the last few days...beings that I'm buying different veggies for Ms Shug...and let me tell ya..they can grow...LOL

I'm always up before the light of day and lately my crew stays sleeping longs..wish I could catch on..but I get what little I need to get done and gather my thoughts ..say "hello" on Face Book.and then sit back listen to the news as my coffee pot is perking...

Always amazed what has happen in just a night or perhaps a day all over..some days it shocks me and other days..OH MY..why and how can this happen..but it does.. I try to keep my brain on positive notes cause depression can set in rather quickly being I'm alone for the Holidays..have just lost my Sister last March and our family having a Murder Trial to begin shortly...all this sucks big time.

So on I get with my day getting my clan/critters cleaned and ready for their breakfast and that is always a challenge with Ms Reba..but she has been good and eating without me making meat balls for stuffing..thank you Lord...:)

Then I'm finally getting my intake and some days it's hard for me to even want to but I've got to get back into the's important..cause I've been fighting ulcers that have opened up on my leg..and boy they are really sore..

Then I get on with the rest of my chores and when I get my break I'm beat and need to rest..I'll hop back on Face Book see who's where and what's up..then I'm on to the next level..

I'm now trying to get in a Nap, as I really feel better ...some days it works other long as I can get my legs fluid is not seeping out..did I ever tell ya some days I feel like a water faucet..hahaha

Tonight I watched the result of Xfactor..hated to see those boys Emblem 3 get dumped as their Harmony was spot on but I'm sure they'll have a great career ahead of them...then after that haven't a clue cause I lost to the warmth of my's a little chilly in Florida..our cold front is coming across..

Yeah, Ms Reba joined me on the couch and next thing I knew she was snuggled under my blankie..she's such a sweetie..and also the BOSS...but we did, both she and I made it cozy...

Hubby called and I was just coming too..hahaha..I heard Ms Shug say, "Hello" as the phone rang...and that's another hoot...and boy taking her out is getting to be a Surprise on what she's gonna do..she's testing her wings and ME...

Now I'm getting ready to say.."Good Night"..oh I got a surprise to day..the Mailman delivered me a package..didn't know who it was from and couldn't imagine ..nothing I ordered was due to come in till next week..hmmm what could it be..

Well, I found out when I opened it with was all kinds of neat scents and had even two cookers (is what I call them) electric ones that heat the wax and the aroma ..oh my it smells heavenly and I only use one little cube...

Hubby when he called and I asked him "If he sent this" told me it was Ms Dawn aaaaaah now I got it as she was saying something about becoming an Agent for this I Face Talked her and thanked her..:)

Also found out I wasn't suppose to open this till note how did I know..but any way I thanked her cause I'm telling ya this scent I used is really house is filled with it...Good thing I only used 1 square..LOL

Ok, now I'm ready to call it a night and pray that all of you Traveling are Safe and here comes another blessing...God be with you all..!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wham Bam It's Wednesday

Wham Bam It's Wednesday..actually 12,12,12....Unreal..and the last time you'll ever see that if there is an after life..I wonder will we have to repeat it...LOL

My morning is now such a wild and crazy event.. I mean I'm up before it's even knowing it's gonna be a good day...get my "stuff" together and then listen to the SURPRISE..but I like to know what's happening in the world even if it is at 5:30am a lot can happen even after..but I also hear the weather..and that's something since I'm in Florida I keep a close check on..

Got my outside birds fed and boy they were hungry..filled the big feeder and the little one and a few of those brassy squirrels came out and yeah I fed them too..cause they've been eating my flowers again...come back in let the critters out then OPEN the Curtain for Ms Shugs..and she gives me that sweet.."Hello"..and of course I tell her what a Dirty Bird she is..and boy she sure does make a mess...

Clean her cage then feed her and Critters 3 are running in to get their breakfast and of course I'm the LAST..well, I sit a spell enjoy my hot coffee..but lately I'm been doing hot cocoa..stomach has been bothering me...a little toast and take a breather..then on to the next level...dang it..before I know it it's noon time..

I have to say this.."It keeps me active and I don't have much time to belly ache"...but given the chance..heck why not...I mean I'm only talking to myself...and of course the crew here..

Out time for Ms Shugs lately is getting intense..she's becoming brazen..and really challenging me..but when she gets too much I just pick her up and put her in her cage..and she settles back down... I read that they do try and see how much they can get away..Amazing...but I guess it's true..she was completely wild today ..and laugh..omg..she just loves to me..???? not sure but she does get in my face...then she gets really cute and wants to cuddle after she's done run around and puff up like she's scaring someone...

So tonight I got things ready to go out in the's trash day tomorrow gawd and I have a load too..but I didn't chop veggies will do that in the morning and of course I've got to get back to eating properly lately my desire has not been on food...that's not good..

Ok, I'm dragging as I'm getting tired...and I sure need some sleep as I'm gonna be busy tomorrow...Praying for a Sistah that is now in Houston to a Cancer center I pray that her outcome will be a good one...Also praying for my cousin who's been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer..gawd I sure pray someday we can be rid of all this crap..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...Unconditionally..God Bless..

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toot your Horn Tuesday :)

Toot your Horn Tuesday:)  well that's if ya wanna..personally I can't toot I ain't got no HORN..only my car and I have no plans of going any where...LOL

Boy this morning as I was up before the day knew what is was going to be I watched the news..and telling me of the Tornado that hit down..WOW.. I know it rained fast and hard and I heard the Thunder which I'm not a fan of...and I always pray that no one gets hurt and that it moves out fast...since I was a kid I always felt not right during storms..

Got all my critters done early and had Ms Shug out for her routine ..FUN< ROOSTER DANCE...then attack my barrette...she just loves snapping them and I'm on my third and last one till I go to Walmart...guess you might say, "Ms Shug is helping the Economy"...LOL

Kept tabs on Ms Dawn as she traveled to her next destination..hahaha..we have both our Iphones to do sure comes in handy and really a great when hubby gets his new phone hopefully it will be an Iphone..that we can hook up..:)

Wasn't much on making any food today..tummy wasn't well and I was a bit off kilter..but tomorrow will be better..and I have a few chores to get need to cook up that head of cabbage in frig..yes, I'm gonna do a ham and cabbage but fried instead of New England I can freeze up for later..

Watched the Voice tonight and politely fell asleep after seeing who is in the final 3..and now I'm ready to go back to bed..hahaha..catching up on lost sleep you might say..

So that's about it...let me to a flash think..yeah, that's about it...Hoping all you traveling are safe and sound and of course without fail I wish you all God's Blessings...cause we really do need it...:)

Monday, December 10, 2012

What a Monday !

What a Monday !...I'll say that again...What a Monday !...seems sometimes when you think you try and make some happiness someone comes along with a sheer jealousy and attempts to destroy...What can I say...NOTHING..

My usual saying has been and always is.."Go with the Flow"...however, on this I'm gonna say this, "I am responsible to no one but me..."..I enjoy people and if they care to enjoy my company so be it..and if not..well, what ever makes them happy..LOL

Morning was a rush and as always I had a few things going all at one time..Is there ever anyway else...????? but I got it done and managed to head into town for a quick hop, skip and a jump..or is that Skip Hop and Jump...dunno LOL..

Then this afternoon I had a great time playing with Ms Shugs..boy she's getting smarter and wanting my attention..she does her show off and show and tell pretty dang good..:)

Later in the evening as I went to let the Critters out.. I got in the Down POUR..omg...soaked and so were the critters...nothing finer then a wet dawg..LOL..but I got them all bad I didn't have a bar of soap I could have saved myself a shower...or two..hahaha

Now I'm wiped out and ready for bed..hubby called and asked me to wake him up..OK, so that means I need to remember...and boy I best not oversleep tomorrow...WOW..

That means...Good Night All...Safe Travels and God Bless

Over and Out..yes a quickie..but tomorrow I'm sure I'll have a few good ones...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Nothing kind of day on Sunday :)

A Nothing Kind Of Day on Sunday :) boy is this ever my kind of day ...LOL  Did what I had to in the morning with Ms Shugs and then Critters 3..then had coffee going and started a morning with a Chat for all that joined our "new" chat room..Early Morning Risers...Ms Dawn and I decided it would be really neat to chat with our Sistahs and others as we all know that we love that gift of Gab...

Then for me the rest of the day was a NOTHING kind of day..and I had those blahs that seem to happen but it wasn't bad ...I mean I just lobbed around and I did empty a bag of Critter food and it put it in bins...

Making my list as I have to make a jaunt to Winn Dixie in the Morning..need to pick up some veggies for Ms Shugs and also a little bit of fiddles for me ..and possible look at a little snacky stuff...

Oh, and I most definitely need those little servings of Lambrusco..yes, I'm liking my Wine ...but just that glass as it sure does taste good and a little bit of the fruit of the vine is good for your soul....and heart....:)

Later tonight watched an old movie with Humphrey Bogart and Peter Ustinov...We're No Angels..yep, it was pretty good..I just love those old movies..cause when I watch the new ones..they ruin it with all that language..not that I'm a prude..but give me a break.. I mean don't destroy such a good movie with we all take that stuff out to the curb...

Speaking of which tomorrow is...TRASH DAY again..and I need to empty some stuff in the's time again hahaha.. I just haven't had the desire to do a lot of cooking and therefore I'm like looking at food lately like.."I know I have to eat...but what looks good"...those hopefully I'll get back into the mode of getting a good meal down..

Now I'm just brain tired and I need to get a good night here's lookin at cha....Those traveling stay safe and as before and always..God Bless

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Sheer Day of Labor on Saturday

A Sheer Day of Labor on Saturday...and not with LOVE..cause it was "a need to get done"...I am really bad about this..I hate to Fold Clothes...I mean I'll do anything to not have too..but I had fact I should hide my head in the was a long time before I got my Laundry done... Critters beds and towels done on time..MINE..when I run out of clothes..(undies)..bad, bad I is..but I admit it...but I always have clean undies on hahaha...that was one thing Momma use to always say to us, "When you go out make sure Clean Undies and you could have an accident and be taken to the hospital..and you want to have Clean undies on "  hahaha..I'd laugh about it all the time..and you know it always stuck with me..

This morning I was kind of dragging as I knew what my chores were for today..however I did get them all done...and even got to play with Ms Shugs off and on..but I had a few detours...

It was really foggy this morning..couldn't believe it..felt like I was in London..hahaha...soon later on it cleared and that made me feel much better..I'm a light kind of person..don't like the darkness..the light feeds me energy and it makes me feel in a better mood..

Ms Reba was even doing well today..she ate her breakfast and then had some lunch with me and then dinner tonight..WOW...but, I know how she can be..but she was dancing around today so she felt great..Got her clean PJ's on as with out them I notice she shivers she needs them to keep her body temp up..

Working more with Ms Shug getting her use to her new stand..she now goes on it and comes back down but we are getting better and of course today I took her out later in the afternoon and she was not so that's our down time and she decided she was gonna sleep next to me.. and she did..How neat...but later tonight she was up tempo...oh yeah she was in high gear and funny..

I'm still looking for a play station for that will help her as I can't always put the long hours in..and this will keep her amused and she seems to be eating better the veggies...still a mess out side her cage as I clean up I let her know she's a Dirty Bird....LOL

Tonight I mainly did some Face Talk with Hubby and then with Ms Dawn..and we did up a Early Riser Morning Chat room on Face Book..that ought to be most the Sistahs would love to chat..

So now I'm ready to hit the bed and get ready for tomorrow's work load...Crock Pot gonna be going and I'm gonna watch the Kitchen with Bob...see what's new...:)

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless..

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ti's Friday, Ti's Friday..Whoopee !

Ti's Friday, Ti's Friday...Whoopee !...Haven't a clue why I'm so thrilled it's Friday...perhaps it's a mental know from my younger days when Friday came around it was time to PARTY..hahaha...long, long old thoughts :)

Morning for me is really hop to it..with this morning getting  my Chop, Chop done and then the Critters 3..holy banana anna..I mean I don't have time to think ...and Ms Shugs in her routine as I clean her cage she's happy cause come those good fiddles..hahaha..she's getting to more and more explore the interesting shapes of the veggies..and I'm learning which ones she like best..

Then just call me the Nutcracker too..cause these huge walnuts and Brazilian nuts are mean and hard to here I come with my HAMMER..WHACK..and she's getting her goodies...

In I go to the Critters 3 Den..and yep I have my place to sit..right next to where Ms REBA has her special mat for her breakfast/dinner..and she watches to make sure I don't get up and leave and..I can't watch her eat or she'll as she looks up at me I turn my head..Am I trained..You BETCHA!!!

That's just my morning before I get any thing done never mind my coffee or hot cocoa and toast which I also have to share..HUH..but you know it really helps me.. I mean, these wonderful critters "make my day"..I've gotten so I know I can count on them...even when I'm down they cheer me up ...

Most of the day I did prep work for up and coming things I need to get put away and tomorrow morning the joys of all LAUNDRY..boy that job I dislike cause I hate folding..don't mind washing cause the machine does the work...then drying same's the dang folding...match socks and all..eeeeeeeeeek..

Had Ms Shugs out a few times and she's such a she was just interested in my Barrett in my hair..she just wouldn't quit...then once she got down look out she was boogie woogie all around the couch and then ruffled feathers and she looked so funny..STRANGE BIRD..hahaha

She's getting closer to saying, "I love you"'s coming clearer..and of couse she loves "HELLO"  when the phone that is so strange...but she must have been listening really carefully as I pick up the phone..

When I sit in the chair by the window she watches me intensely..shakes her head to get my attention...and I talk with her then she'll sit on her perch and eat..even want to share it with me...yeah, she flings pretty good hahaha..

Watched a little TV but really wasn't interested that much..and soon as I could loaded up that dish washer took my pills gave out their pills and here I sit..typing away my day...

That's about it in a nutshell..hahaha...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always
God Bless....and Good Night !

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Race is on this Thursday :)

The Race is on this Thursday :)  can ya tell it's my trash day and the race is always on to get things done...Clean the frig and I also had to change the air filter for my Heat /AC Pump...something I do the first of the month...and also it's clean frig..Glory to be what ever lurks in that big beige box...LOL

I'm always surprised when I am on a mission..and it sure does make life easy of course I'm in a mad dash cause this Thursday it's the pick up the sticks or branches and debris and the inevitable I've said before, "I know how Santa feels draggin his big bag..."

Morning I had my list and guess what?  Couldn't find the dang thing so I had to WING it..hahaha..Got Shug's cage cleaned and vacuumed underneath..boy she sure does put out so trash wonder Abby and Zeke and even Reba like to check around..and I hear them crunching..NUTS..

Got everyone fed and Ms Reba is improving on her eating as long as I don't put dry food it's rice, veggies, chicken and a 1/4 of a slice of warm liverwurst..guess I just have to resign myself she's gonna eat that and she's I'll deal with it..and when she feels like some dry food she'll eat it..So BE IT !

Rest of the day I was busy with putting up some do aheads.. I like doing setups for my Critters..makes life easy and I'm not having to get up and down all day long...and in fact I went to the Rice Fields again..and put that all in the freezer...

Tomorrow I'm gonna have 2 crock pots going so I can do some meals up and freeze I'm having some problems again with my legs..due to the fluids I'm getting ulcers again so I've got to keep on top of them and keep them clean and that's a I'm going to have to keep my feet up...

This will help me get a little break I'll bust my keester for tomorrow and then I can rest the weekend..and that will help..being I can't stand in front of the stove ...I can pop in the microwave what I've already cooked up..that's when I tell hubby, "See, my seal a meal comes in handy and my Crock Pots as when I cook in them I use those not much to clean up ..just wipe"...:)

Tonight I watched the results on Xfactor and always don't like to see those young ones leave..but it's coming down to either (my opinion) the Cow boy or the Young Girl Carly Rose..

Now I'm ready for bed and boy the best looks really great..!

Hope you all traveling have a Safe Trip and as always...God Bless

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's in a day on Wednesday

What's in a day on Wednesday...well I'll tell ya it was sales day at Winn Dixie and guess what I stocked up..LOL the buy one get ones do me...and that's what I did...I did me on to put them all away..or better yet find a place for them all to go...!!!

Morning for me was kind of hectic..I had Clancy come over and do the yard..boy he does such a great job and even when I got back from the grocery store he helped me tote my goods in..(hubby's expression "tote")...I had also stopped by my vet in town to pick up some meds for Ms Abby's hip and also drop off my medical files for the Critters...

Then I circled back and getting ready to clean frig out cause tomorrow is " TRASH DAY"..and that always is great to clean sweep the frig for things that don't look like they belong or possible in a stage you wouldn't want to even know or think what it could have or should have been..hahaha

I also had Shug out for her exercise and I'm telling ya that bird has Soul..hahaha..she did her Chicken Neck Dance (that's what I call it) made some strange sounds and then walked with her wings spread out saying.."hello, ok, laughed and then I love you" in one sentence it was wild and funny oh and yep, did her favorite slide.. I think she really enjoys that part...

She's getting better at going on to her "New" perch and then laughing and then jumping to me..I'm impressed..but I'm telling ya this babe has Soul..hahaha.. she is just an enjoyable part now of my life and my Critters well I can't let Zeke or Abby out as it's all too new and it would only take one flight and I wouldn't want that to ever I hate to put them up..but it's a must..

Later on I got me a glass of Lambrusco...with some cheese and crackers..yeah it went down smooth..hahaha..but it sure does relax me and that's what I need some times...

Hubby took the day off to do a lot of his errands plus get his blood work and we talked about the Ribs he did..hahaha..he tried I'll give him that but I am sure glad I wasn't on the in take side..cause the rub he put on them was for 20lbs of ribs and he only had 21/2lbs OMG..he said, "I think something is wrong with these ribs..."  I'll say..and after he found out..he and I both laughed but he suffered for a few days..OUCH..again I'm glad I wasn't home for that one ....LOL

Tonight I had a Face Talk with Ms Dawn my RV Sister and more and more like me..OMG another me..hahaha..we laughed and carried on and some how we can come up with the same conclusions.....yes, Ms Dawn if you are reading this we are going straight to HELL ...

I have to watch the Survivor as I recorded it and while we chatted and carried on we missed it so I promised I'd tell her the results hahaha... I will..

Ok, that's my day and tomorrow I'm gonna be busy as I've got lots of clean up to do and vacuuming..and TRASH DAY..hahaha

Dawn safe travels to you and Paul and Momma..and all the others Safe Travels and as always..God Bless 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday was here and now almost gone

Tuesday was here and now almost gone...goodness gracious it seems like it was just a zip and almost over..maybe because I was busy, busy, sure does help..

Morning was like a flash as I know have a group of chores that have to be done whether I like it or not...and the one good thing is my Critters are really good about getting up and letting me get my work done before they even think of pestering..well except Ms Reba..she announces pill time and when she's wanting out...LOL..

They all sit and watch me clean Ms Shuga's cage and get her feed ready and then they are ready to go out and then be fed..pretty good..oh but of course I have the outside birds too and my plants..yes, it all falls into place rather nicely and that's a good thing (thank you Martha)...LOL

Of course I finally get my time for my Coffee and Toast..but lately I've been doing Hot Chocolate milk..I know it's something lately my stomach just isn't setting right but for breakfast it works for me right now..

Then I went on to putting a Pot of Chicken Breast on to cook and also did a pot of Rice and Veggies..can ya tell I was ambitious..and then even put my Crock Pot on...Holly Hannah..I was zooming..but I knew my peak time was coming so I best make good while I can..

Even had Shug out for a bit and oh my stars she was just a hoot..had to let me know she was so full of herself.. I did manage to get her up on her new post although she kept jumping back to me and then laughing..kind of hard to hold a straight face but I kept putting her back then she jumped on the couch and it was wooooo as she proceeded to slide ..she just loves that and she'd laugh even harder and louder..boy she can crack the sound barrier..

Of course Mr Zeke wasn't a happy camper..but I can't take the chance with him and Ms Abby..cause they not meaning too would hurt Ms Shug...Ms Reba doesn't mind in fact she sits and watches then curls up behind a pillow for protection..hahaha

Ms Shug even flys down to the floor and walks around all puffed up and turning her head in weird directions then once she is done she zooms over to me and gets in my arms and curls up and just wants to be cuddles and she'll stay there till she's almost going to sleep..that's when I put her  back in her cage..

She's been really good about playing with her toys and also starting to eat a little better not too much of a mess outside the I'm not talking inside cause that's still a lot of the food she's trying to eat..but we continue working on it..

Oh one funny thing she's starting doing is every time the phone rings she says, "hello"..LOL it's the wildest thing perhaps I'll have her answer the phone LOL...but tonight I heard her say pretty good, "love you"  the  "I" is slowly coming...we're getting there....slowly...she's just awesome and she does get so excited that I have to keep telling her "No" as she nips..not too bad but it's there...she just gets so overwhelmed...but I do know Parrots will and do bite..have to keep paying attention to their signals...

So after dinner tonight I settled everyone down and then relaxed and watched the Voice..hate to see eliminations as they are are pretty good..but I'm sure they all will do well in music field..

Ok, now I'm ready to call it a night and see what brings tomorrow...

Safe Travels to those that are trucking and as always...God Bless

Monday, December 3, 2012

Breaking out on Monday !

Breaking out on Monday !  I sure did but not before I got all my chores done..and you all know it was TRASH I hussled to get all my trash out and then got me Dirty Birdie done and on to the Critter Crew and then I had my coffee and toast..all in one breath hahaha..

Got ready to do the ..To The Store..had to go to Sam's club and what amazed me is that most of the things I normally buy well..boy have they changed a lot of their products ..with some unknow stuff and I was really surprised not too many great deals for Surprises..but I did manage to get a few of the things I needed ..which means in a couple of months I'll stop back again..

Ah but I did buy another phone system as mine went Kaput from the surge ..I was still able to use it till I bought a new one..So now I have my new one and hope to set it up this week..

Then on to PetSmart..I have to tell ya I don't think they are that I went to buy Ms Shuga her play station and what they wanted to sell me was for a small bird..hahaha..I had to laugh.. I mean seriously..she might be able to use something for a few months but she'd eat the thing..and as she grew it would be a waste..

ON I went to another Petland in they had a few and even had some parrots ..but I did manage to buy a stand..not exactly what I wanted but will be ok ..and it's not a huge bulky thing..but a post with a tray and perch and 2 cups..and I hung her toy over it.. so that's what I got..

Was anxious to get it home and see how she liked it..hahaha..Surprise, she was frightened..OMG..but as I put her up on it she looked and me and made the big leap right for me...I guess it will take a few days of practice and then look out Moma..but boy was she wound up from not being out...and she just went around laughing and saying.."Hello"..and almost "I love you"...then she flew down on the floor and Ms Reba came thing I saw was Shugs chasing Reba hahaha..till Reba stopped and turned around then Shugs flew up to me..

By the way her wings are clipped but she can still fly a bit ..not great height but a little enough to get to me.. so that means I'm her comfort zone...and that's ok cause she's just a sweetie..and I'm so anxious to start training her..Even bought her a few treats as she's a bugger on her eating..

Although tonight I did the chop chop..LOL..yep did enough for 3 days as tomorrow I'm gonna be busy cooking rice..To the Rice Fields Again and also I bought more chicken...and I'll cook it up and freeze it.. I want a big jump so I can take it easy...

After I got finished I took me a nap..and so did all the critters...Shug included..then it was feed time in the house..and everyone was through most the night just leaning back and playing with Shug...she's now getting more and more curious..which is ok..but man oh man ya got to keep up with her..

Hubby called on Face Talk and we watched the Voice together then he said.."Night Night" I'm watching Blake Sheltons' Christmas..I like him..

So that's my story for today and tomorrow it's gonna be movin on and getting things done..hahaha..It's a challenge for sure.

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as Always..God Bless..