Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Uh Oh Tuesday...

 It's Uh Oh    Tuesday... and all is some what well.. Hotter than Hot..wow, I can't believe I feel like I'm cookin' and I ain't sittin' at a stove ....but it was a whopper of a hot day.. I did my watering early in the AM and again in the PM..and even had a visitor....Yes  Ma'am, I had me a visit with a really awesome looking Cardinal..came right up to the Trellis and sat there watching me and as I noticed him I started talking with him.

He cocked his had, fanned his crest and then starting talking back..HOLY MOLE LY ...I'm the Bird Whisper...and I think  they're giving me the "Guilty Trip" cause I had to tell him ...I'm gonna have the bird feeder up soon and food will be coming....HA !

It was just awesome watching him follow me as I watered and he never flew away from me...I'm just in awe of the whole dang thing...for sure..:)

Potted two plants tonight and I thought I was gonna fall out.. The heat over took me and so did the weight of that bag of dirt...Holy Smackers that sucker was heavy...but those plants are looking good and I can't wait to see them all bloom...be pretty colorful...I hope :)

Now I've just got done watching the Biggest Losers...Way to go Hannah and Olivia....two sisters that looked fantastic  God Bless..and the Dancing with the Stars is going on while I'm watching...(oh my goodness) the VOICE...it definitely is a busy TV night...Love them crooners !

So, I'm gonna hit the hay and can't wait for tomorrow to begin another project...You guess what ???? Well, the pictures I've got them now in a folder and reduced the size and tomorrow I'll be posting..

Hum, maybe I should run for political office.. I do sound like a good politician that keeps promising and that's about it..hahaha

Good night and sweet dreams...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday is almost gone but Sunday wasn't forgotten !

Monday is almost gone but Sunday wasn't forgotten !  I got caught up with trying to get my computer to run right and then got caught in Trump's Show of Shows...yes, by the time the winner was picked I was picked out !!!

My computer is running a "muck" and I'm gonna have to call McAfee tomorrow as something isn't right...Why when something is working do people have to change things...DUH ?????

Not much of a day other than my AC unit was cleaned today and same as usual things were OK and remember to put money away for when it goes Kaput !...Pleasant thoughts but the AC unit is older and just like "us" who are getting old ..parts start to go...How True :)

Watched Dancing with the Stars and of course tomorrow will be the WINNER..but so is Biggest Loser...Gawd I'm gonna be busy !  Ha hahaha

Anyway I'm gonna have to see if I can find two more big pots for the other two plants I bought and by the way I still haven't gotten the pictures loaded ...I think perhaps my computer is maybe needing a vacation ??. I do have them in the folder and still have to reduce the size..but if I keep procrastinating I'll be picking flowers for next year ...HEY GET IT TOGETHER ...

Speaking of which I'm beat and I need to fall out...gots to be my thyroid...I need them booster packs...Will see that Doc on Thursday ...wonder if he'll tell me to find another Doc ???? 

So good night and sleep tight and I hope and pray those poor people in Joplin, Mo get help..Lord this is sure some happenings out there.. I pray for them all .

God Bless

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday, Saturday...and it's still HOT !

Saturday, Saturday ...and it's still HOT !...Did I go to Wally world ????? NOT >>nope Diane had to go to urgent care very early this morning..seems she got bit by a "deer fly" and it got infected..OUCH...So instead I went to one of my favorite little stops..Winn Dixie 

I like to support my local place as long as they don't get ridiculous in pricing things..and I enjoy chatting with "Mike" the meat man ..tells me what's good to buy and also cuts my steaks just like I like them..TRIMMED..Little Fat ...:)

Also picked up a few boxes (yes, boxes) of diapers for "Joe".. I got Winn Dixie brand and they work great for him and oh, in purple too :)  HA !  Joe is now in this stage that he needs that protection...No sense me getting ticked off cause he can't help it..and it makes me feel so bad cause I get angry...I have to keep telling myself " Girlfriend someday you might have to where a diaper, get over it "... At least these are not as costly as Reba's are..

Yes, I now have two in Diapers but that's ok..They doing good and I'm just happy now as I don't have to keep cleaning up a mess and then complaining about it for hours...I'm bad I admit it...So, yes I have to "get over it" and enjoy them while they are still with me.. "Happy Camper "...and guess what ? Joe and Reba enjoy the attention..and stand while I put them on..

Meat ball sandwich was good !  and I have enough for a few more. They hit the spot..I called hubby to thank him...He's a good guy ! Soon he'll be flying down and then it will be the pack up and long ride home.

Still haven't been able to place the pictures up but I think I'll have to reduce the size and then load up..I'll do that tomorrow and use my program to change from Jpeg to PNG..so that should do the trick ..(I HOPE)

Tomorrow I'll be out again early..Diane called and yes, Wally World here I come . Want to get those last two pots so I can finish planting and then I think I'll ask her about the watering them...I know it can be a pain in the butt cause I water twice a day..7am and then 7pm.. I just can't believe how the sun is just sucking up that water..My poor plants may or may not make it.
I get complete full sun, morning and afternoon...

I save two of my Gardenia plants...from last year when I left someone in charge and when I came back, gawd I couldn't believe my eyes..I think they forgot to come over and the last minute they drowned them and then thought best to cut them back...OMG..

Now I've got the one finally starting to bush out again and even had bloomed for me...I talk to her daily and spray and water ..and the other one I put in the ground and kept hoping for the best..looks like I'm getting more green on the branches so hopefully she'll make it too !

It's that time again and I'm ready to fall out. Been up since 4am for some reason...although I do have my cat naps..HA...and yes, my cardinal came to visit...I told him..."The new feeder will be here soon"..

Oh, had a visitor tonight as I was watering my plants...My neighbor Betsy..and she smiled and told me "She reads my blog often and even though she doesn't get to talk with me much, she knows what's happening"... Betsy, I'm honored that you are keeping up with my madness..As you read on you'll get to really know how my brain takes over...HA !

God Bless and Good night all...Pictures are here, somewhere ....:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Heck Friday is here and it's party time

Heck Friday is here and it's party time..ok, who's giving one ?????...It was a warm day and my plants took another beating...Gawd I'm watering and watering and they are sucking it up as fast as it comes out...I'm gonna worry when I head home..Don't know if Diane is gonna wanna keep this up...but I'll have some time yet to work on her...Rewards are well worth it..HA !

Yes, I took pictures and I have to upload them and my computer or should I say, "cable is in slow mode"  I'm so anxious to get them on...It might appear or it might not...but I'll get them up one way or another :0

My foot is getting a little better ..amazing that it only took months and I am using an ointment that seems to relieve some of the joint ache...we'll see, we'll see.

Tomorrow I have to head back out to Wally World and get two more pots...big ones and plant the rest of the plants and I've got to order that "Baffle" for the bird feeder..guess I'll hop on Amazon.com (Bethie, I know you'll love that) and get that sent here..I'd like to have that up and going and watching them birds..

I have a male Cardinal each morning I am out watering the plants that hops on one of the places where I have my impatience hanging from and he talks to me..Yep, he's going strong too..and I talk back at him and he even cocks his head..guess he's really making me feel guilty... "IT'S WORKING"...!!!

Gonna make a pot of Meatballs and Sauce as my hubby sent me down some Italian Rolls...Yes, the man thinks of me cause I can't find any good Italian bread here..it's all so soft like a sponge...So my darling hubby goes to the Post Office and uses the biggest box they have and sends it down Priority and down it comes and I put a package in the freezer and use up the other...So it's meatball subs for the next few days and some garlic bread too..Whoopie !!!

Starting to put up some of my plastic goodies in boxes to be put away till I come back and I know Diane is gonna love that :)..Will make another batch of dawg food up and put that in the freezer for going home...Oh my, it's getting close and I can feel my "I don't wanna leave my little hide away" but it will be good to be home with hubby and my family too..

Gonna have a man come out and give me estimate on painting this house and possible give me price on doing my drive way too...Things are slowly shaping up ..Will have Bob and Diane paint my two bedrooms so that will be great when I come back..Getting there slowly....

Got a recipe sent to me today for  Chocolate Kahlua Cake in the Crock Pot...sounds yummy too...so maybe...just maybe I'll get my crock pot going ..and you all know how I love my crock pot...

Ah, now I can't get Photo bucket to work...okie dokie I'm beat gonna head to bed...I'll get these pictures loaded...and I got some good shots too...

God Bless and Sweet Dreams...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Have I Been ?...It's Now Thursday

Where Have I Been ?   It's Now Thursday....Hello there, would you believe ???? Yes, I know you will !  I've been here but unable to log in and had to work on my computer. Seems my McAfee was corrupted...It went astray ???? I dunno, but it wouldn't work and I couldn't get on the Internet without it...cause ya know, if I had I would have gotten whacked with somethin'.

However I did go "Shopping" and I bought more plants and DIRT...that stuff weighs tons and man oh man as soon as I put them plants in them rotten, no good, two timing chit heads (squirrels) done ate my plants..They picked off the flower tops !!!!!!!

The faster I worked the behinder I gots !..This by the way is a Pa. Dutch saying that seems to fit me to a "T".  However, I have another plan in the making...Did a search on the Internet and found this thingy called "Animal Away"...it makes a high pitch sound that chases critters away...So I'm sending for it and if it works I'm to the good....but if it don't it's a going back by George....:)

Watched American Idol tonight and it's down to the final two..Lauren and Scotty...and I got to watch James this afternoon on Ellen show..if only he sang that song (what he did on Ellen) he'd still be on..oh well, I think he'll do ok...

My new vacuum is still going strong..Zeke hasn't destroyed it although he threatens too..kind of difficult pushing him and the vac together...and they are both Black...gawd help me..

I've kind of wiped and have to get up early as Diane is coming over to help me put the other plants in the pots and ground and yes, I'm taking pictures...They will be up tomorrow for sure...even though the flowers maybe chewed...them rotten #&*#$...

Good Night and God Bless....over and out..kaput !

PS...McAfee techs worked on my computer...and seems I have a few things missing...joy to the world...I'll search for them later....

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Whoopie Do Monday

A Whoopie Do Monday... it certainly has been.. Got lots done today along with call my GYN in Philly and got my appointment for when I return. Even called my local family Doc and made sure they upgraded my synthroid ..Seems that I'm running on the low side...more like snail side :)

My new Vacuum Cleaner (el Cheapo) is doing it's thang...Yes, I zipped through and was really awesome not dragging but sliding through and with that extra attachment meant that I didn't have to drag out another cleaner or broom to sweep down the edges...AMEN !

Tomorrow I'm gonna make an attempt to head to Lowe's to get a "Squirrel Proof" pole with what they call a bell...Wish me luck cause I sure do miss my birdies...they stop by every now and then to see if I'm gonna put food out...Makes me feel guilty too...

I've got my list ready for tomorrow and hope to get a few more things done and marking my calendar as June 18th will be coming around the corner before long. Amazing how time does fly ..

Speaking of which  I finally got my batteries charged so pictures are coming..Yes, they are !!  I'm so anxious to take them too cause I've been working my butt off watering those impatience ..boy they suck up lots and lots of water especially here in Florida..

I'm out there every morning and afternoon and evening...cause them babies are starting to look good and my knock out roses are hanging in along with my climbing rose..lost the rose but the rest is green and them dang squirrels know I'm watchin'.  OH and my humming birds are busy..a new group seems to have shown up ..more females this time actually had 4 at the feeder at one time...but when them males are in..look out fight time..they do not share !!!!

Foot is feeling better...but sssshhh...I ain't a staying much cause you all know how things go for me...and tomorrow I've got to make another batch of "Brownies"..I'm really, really liking them :)

Hubby just called to let me know he's going to bed..HA...Yes, he even calls me to tell me he's on his way home...and I keep thinking, "better get dinner on "...well soon it will be the real thing.

Watched Dancing with the Stars tonight and I'm always amazed at how well those people do..as ball room dancing is not easy and watching Kim almost break her neck gave me chills...God Bless them !

Okie Dokie I'm ready to hit the mattress...Here we go :)

Good night and God Bless

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Blessed Event and on a Sunday :)

Another Blessed Event and on a Sunday :)...See I now call these happenings Blessed Events...I'm still waiting for a vacation.  Today started off interesting. My phone rang and it was Diane and Bob they were heading over to Wally World and I had asked Diane if she would pick me up a vacuum cleaner as the one I use (Oreck) although great is very difficult for me to push ... it sucks so hard on the carpet and I have to just about drag it.. It sure does a great job but a work out for me especially with my foot.

So yep, she got me a cheapie "Bissell" which by the way has that extra attachment (hose) that I don't have to grab my shop vac now to do along the edges and behind tables and couches...What a nice job for a cheapie..

Diane and Bob also helped me put in another plant..they picked up a big bag of soil for me and boy that really helped..I'd be lost without the two of them.. They do such a great job and Diane is a wizard on cleaning...that woman can match any tornado in whirling through and cleaning up...

So my thanks was to take them to lunch and a nice break away for me too..and we went to Hardy's ..and leave it to Diane to have coupons  HA HA  ! We sure did enjoy our burgers but the best was yet to come..remember my blessed event...:)

Yes, I had taken lasix and forgot about it..(how could I forget) and I was so happy to get out for a little bit and get things done...So after we finished our lunch I got the message (UH OH) and I just laughed and said, "boy I'm glad there's a bathroom in here cause other wise we'd have to get a bucket "  LOL...we laughed and I went in and low and behold..The toilet wasn't working...OH NO !!!!  I prayed I'd make it home cause anyone who has ever taken lasix knows..when ya gotta go...there ain't no way you can hold it  !

I didn't think I could move my feet as fast as I did...Pain or not my feet didn't fail me...I made it home and in that door and zipped through the house without saying "Jack Rabbit"...Holy Hannah... I laughed all the way in the door and I had this vision of me telling Bob..."Pull over and let me out "...hahahaha

See, I tell you things that happen to me are just a normal way of life and ever day is an event...I can't even go out and find a bathroom that's working ...Now what's that tell ya...????

All and all my day was good and no other problems showing up but tomorrow I will be calling my Doc to set up an earlier appointment..my list is going strong again...

Watched the finish of Survivor and Boston Rob won and he well deserved it.. He played the best game of all...He had his people working and boy when it comes to the end and you have to sit and be torn apart after living like they had too...goodness yes, he deserved it and even one an extra 100K...was hoping on that one that Matt would have taken it...

Getting ready for bed and again in my prayers it's "Lord, thank you for another interesting day and challenge.."  I pray my friends and family will be healthy and happy and maybe even hit the lottery...That would be nice..

Paulette, You bet I'm gonna do my utmost best to have our GTG..I'm so looking forward to it... We do need a good laugh "

PS...Zeke hasn't gone near the Dish Washer :)

God Bless

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A special Saturday..May 14th

A Special Saturday, May 14th... My Uncle Bing's birthday and my Great.Great Nephew's First Holy Communion.  This day was a very special day for sure...My Uncle Bing whom I was raised with, was like a big brother to me..He just recently passed away ..in fact 2 weeks after I spoke with him...and I was so wanting him to come visit and stay with me for the winter months. ...I miss him very much .

My Great, Great Nephew Anthony Michael who is 8 years old . I was so happy that I was invited to this special occasion and I'm so sorry I couldn't attend .I can't wait to see the pictures..He was so excited on receiving my card...

Today was one heck of a blessing and then it turned to go south on me...of course for me it's usual but sometimes it does get the best of me.. I'm dealing with my foot as it's slowly starting to ease up (after a few months worth) and then later on today I had another shocker..Yes, I say "Shocker"..

It's been 4 years since my hysterectomy and low and behold I'm now starting to spot again...What is it with me..did I just step into the "Bogie's Chit" ..I was caught off guard and totally lost it... as I know what is next on my agenda when I go home..of course I'll be calling the GYN on Monday to let him know...and if that wasn't enough I had another special event later on..

Loading the dish washer my Zeke (Big Bad Asp) comes walking into the kitchen..he just finished his apples and cookies and wanted to check on what was going in the dish washer and so he did..but when he did he got caught in it..well the lower level basket and as he brought his head up along came the basket...now not just the basket but the full basket with all the dishes and silver ware..and WOW...he backed up, jumped up and shook his head ..and along with that the dishes flew and so did the silver ware...like arrows flying through the air coming at me... first a fork then a knife ..holy chit..I'm ducking and trying to catch up with Zeke as he is making a mad dash through the house and all you can hear is dishes..(doggie ones) flying and hitting the wall....Oh I'm so friggin lucky...

There is nothing more exciting then to see a freaked out Rottie jumping up and snapping a wire basket with wheels on it and then the silver ware basket comes flying by me...duck Zeee or it's curtains...

I was so dumb founded...(that's putting it mildly) as I attempted to catch what I could and then I finally saw the basket lying in front of the TV...HOLY CHIT is RIGHT>..Thank goodness it didn't hit the Big Screen !

I didn't know whether to cry or laugh but I did know I had all that mess to clean up and get that Big Dawg under control...HA !   I yelled..."Zeke, get to your room" and he did...I mean quickly too...now you ask, "Where were the other dawgs" ?  Well, to be honest with you... I think they were in hiding as seeing this in action would have scared the BeJesus out of you !

After I picked up the basket I looked and the back wheel was twisted flat..OH NO !   I had to sit back and think what I could  do..I need that dish washer as I can't wash all these dishes I can barely stand and I feel like Crappola !!!

So I sat on my chair and grabbed my trust meat cleaver. The one that has a flat side to it and then the meat tenderizer on the other..You know it looks like a hammer ...:)  I prayed and asked the Lord to help me ...and I calmly sat and hammered away trying to get the prong that held the wheel bent back to the side instead of flat forward....Oh this is a pleasant event...

I got it together and collected scattered debris and then loaded back the dish washer...omg...am I gonna make it through the night..So I calls my hubby and as I start to tell him I start to cry... I'm so exhausted and just dealing with all that's been on going is starting to get the best of me...and can you believe I hear him start to muffle the voice and then he keeps saying, "I'm so sorry, I wish I could be there to just hold on to you "...

We talk for awhile and I start to calm down and then start to tell him how things went and then I begin to laugh and so does he...He then bravely tells me..."I am so sorry but when you started telling me about Zeke I could visualize it and started laughing..."....

Can you believe it ????? He was laughing and trying so hard not to let me know what he was doing....hum.. I don't know, but I have to admit I did laugh after...Now as for the other thingy...I'm just so disgusted...and I went on the Internet to look up about what is now happening to me...and seems that several others (so I'm not alone) have had this problem and had to go back and have the cervix removed...

After my hysterectomy the Doc did tell me he left it so that I wouldn't have a prolapsed problem...and he had so many problems with my surgery that he had to have another surgeon come in and clear up other problems I was having...So I know he did his best...I'm sure when I call him Monday I'm gonna be his nightmare...cause that's what he called me after my surgery...I'm the type that you have to expect the unexpected..No one ever believes me till they have the experience...

When you read this ...just remember this is real life drama and I do my best to handle it with humor and get on with it...No matter how much I go through I look at it this way...It could always be worse and it's what life deals us..not what we plan..

Tonight when I say my prayers I have to ask the good Lord to show me another door cause my doors I've been opening have been pretty hectic...I'd appreciate it if I could just have a little vacation...but I do thank him for all the education .

Again, I'm back to myself and looking at Zeke making sure he doesn't have any hidden silver ware...perhaps I've taught him too much of bringing things to me..Now I need to start teaching him..."Don't Touch"..

May you all have many blessing and some laughs to keep you going...

God Bless

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Friday the 13th and I didn't break anything :)

Sorry I wasn't able to post Thursday...Blogger was down when I logged in...so here I am...Friday the 13th...I made it .......!!!!

It's Friday the 13th and I didn't break anything :) Well, that's what the MRI said anyway...However that "Foot Doc" never did call me I had to call and put that bad foot to the medal...Like I stepped on his toes...I got so annoyed by their not caring...Guess I wasn't an important issue..I mean he wasn't gonna have to operate on me so I could go sit in the sand box !

I do have arthritis and that will be an on going event from time to time so it's more like learning how to live and deal with it..Gosh I could have saved my insurance company some money if I would have just let it go..

I mean it's only been hurting me since last week in Feb..so what's a few more months down the road...a little inconvenient...and perhaps I was getting a little Whiny...(gawd I hated myself some days). So I'm back to square one..yep, still limping but at least I know some day it will leave...:)

Today I did absolutely nuttin'...(love that word) and just started making plans for putting house in order as June 18th, hubby will be flying down for our escaped in heading back home to Pa. 

So me gots another list going and hopefully I'll be able to get lots of it done next week...like starting MONDAY :)

Just got news from my girlfriend back in PA.  Her sister in law just passed away with pancreatic cancer... Hated to hear that as it seems there's a run on this dreadful disease... Lord I do hope and pray that someone will get a hold on this and find a cure or even a cause for it...or perhaps a test for it..

When listening to the news this morning I did hear that I believe it was in the UK someone developed a cocktail for treatment for Pancreatic cancer and in the testing someone actually survived 8 years with treatment... I sure hope I wasn't dreaming it..

Was disappointed in American Idol..hated to see James be dumped..He is a very talented boy..I think mainly all that Heavy Metal he wanted us to like didn't go over...but I sure hope someone picks him up and heads him on his way to a good career...

So it's now bed time and I'm wiped from doing nothing but dealing with the heat and watering my flowers...Yes, I will have pictures...

Good Night and God Bless

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Wasted Wishless Wednesday

A Wasted Wish less Wednesday...and all in one breath !   I took another stab at that blinkin' "Foot Doc" ....called his office as I had not heard word one from him by 1:30pm... and I got that dreaded, pain in the butt, Nurse from HELL....she must hate my name or voice.

First I called Express Care as I had not heard from Amy..and I found out why .  Her supervisor got on the phone with me and explained that they have been waiting for that "Foot Doc" to get back to them !....

This sure sounds like a ring a round the roses and I'm the poesy ????? dunno but I'm getting mighty ticked off....sooooooo I calls that Doc..and I got this number this time.. " Who are you and why are you calling " ?  HUH>>>>?????

Again I go into the...who I am, where I've been and what the heck is going on ?...does it really matter to them...I don't think so but a way of maybe "pay back" ????? I'll never know ..but the long and short of this is...the nurse said, "I will let the Doc know as he is seeing an Emergency Patient and as soon as he's through he'll call you "....

Well, I haven't heard so he must have been either zapped into oblivion or snatched off the face of this earth...but my next surprise is gonna be.. call my insurance company and complain..perhaps they can give me my results...

For now I have to go to bed early as I have blood work being done tomorrow...now maybe that "Foot Doc" can say he called and I wasn't home..ah but I'm putting my phone on forwarding..so we shall see...

Brain tired and ticked off I need sleep....

God Bless

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I ain't a tootin' Tuesday !

I ain't a tootin' Tuesday !...You got the message ?  Well, here it is ...No call again from the "Foot Doc"....(I could have guessed) and I called again at 1:30pm and here's the message I got...."Nope, Doc is in surgery and we haven't heard anything from where you chose to get your MRI"...Now does that give you a hint ????

So I said to myself, "Now I have to get assertive"...  Hello dear Nurse, I need to know why Doc hasn't gotten any word on my MRI ....a silent sigh on the other end and the nice nurse says, "Doc, is still waiting for the response he requested"....Okie Dokie......So now I am ticked and say, "Well, I'll call and find out why"

So I did..yep, I called Express Care and spoke with Amy and she explained to me that nothing has come in from this Doc that she has seen and she will refer it to her Supervisor and they will call the Doc and call me..

It's now evening and I can't wait for tomorrow..but maybe tomorrow might not come...so that song says...any way I'm so lucky to have found such a caring Doc...I mean I've only been limping around and pain up the Ying Yang but what does that matter..I'm still functioning...You bet your sweet asp !

It's called survival or maybe I should go on Survivor...I might win !  I sure don't think I'm winning with this situation..but my last whopper is...I'm gonna call the Insurance Company and talk with them about holding up this fine nice Doc's money like he did my results...Wouldn't that be a kick in the Keester ????  (new word for butt )

My day went not too bad other than waiting for a phone call that was not in the making...and again I got to water my plants and yell at those darling squirrels...even sprayed a few...bet they loved it cause it was HOT

I'm watching "The Voice" now and then I'm falling out..Gonna attempt to be more productive HA !  A good thought any way.

Stay tuned I may get cured  :)

God Bless

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday ....And ??????

Monday....And ?????  I don't know "nuttin'"... You got it..No call from the "Foot Doc" so by 1pm I called. I didn't get the "nurse from hell" but a very nice soft spoken (in fact I almost had to say, "speak up") She was rather pleasant. I did ask "What is the results of my MRI " ?   I got the usual, "hold on" and a few minutes she came back on the phone and her reply was..."Doc has called where you had the MRI as he wants more detail on the 4th metatartsal "...

Now I have to tell you, I haven't had problems with the 4th metatartsal, in fact I tried to explain to the Doc. Yes, my pain started up in the top of my foot but not long after it was in the bottom, center of my foot and ankle..So like I kept thinking ..my foot will be (maybe) better by the time I get the result !

Maybe tomorrow, gawd it's sounding like the song from "Annie"..should I look for Daddy Warbucks or maybe Sandy..I might get lucky ya just never know.

Speaking of lucky, yesterday was a quiet day till after 7pm when I watered my plants..I had the Critters out for their outing before their cookies and apples ..so they were just hanging out in the carport as I did my "Thang" and I was really enjoying my new plants (yes, I'm gonna take pictures)..

I got finished and walked in the carport and always lock the screen door...it's kind of a habit with me because of my critters...when along comes one of my neighbors up the driveway...as I was just going to walk up the steps into the house and get the Critters in .. I hear my name being called and I turn to look and low and behold my next door neighbor with her little doggie...OMG ! 

Zeke spots it and the war of the roses begins..I'm trying to get him up the steps and I have the spray bottle (with water) and Zeke is barking and so is Abby...Zeke's Hackles rise and he's ready to go into .."let me get em' mode"  I'm trying to get up the steps and push him and I'm spraying him with water to get him to stop and calm down...My neighbor is there at the door and her little doggie is barking back... Now the floor and steps are wet and I slip (just what I needed).. I yell at Zeke and give one good push..I go down on my knee and Zeke backs up .... I don't even know what my neighbor is doing as I'm trying to prevent Zeke from getting passed me..Cause it ain't nothing for him to hit that screen and go through it ...

I'm now hanging on to Zeke's collar and he drops to the floor...What seemed like forever might have only been a couple of minutes ..but it was like my last breath to even get myself up... meanwhile my neighbor is now looking in and her little doggie is on my golf cart...I'm sure that little guy, when he heard Zeke had second thoughts... Finally I get Zeke to get back into the house ..

I then rudely said, "What do you want"... now I must tell you..this neighbor isn't a mean person...but she has a problem and it's with alcohol.  Unfortunately she was a bit tipsy...and I'm sure didn't even realize what could have happened... Only thing she did say was, "She wanted to know how I was feeling"... I wish I could have told her...but it would have not made any sense.. 

She finally left and I was one sore lady, maybe I should say, "Lady" cause I was speaking in my foreign tongue and I wasn't praising the Lord... Shame on me...but I almost lost it...So later on I kept thinking should I go over and say something... wait for tomorrow and then say something... I tossed this one over many times..Even talked with my trusted friend Betsy as I value her opinion...talked with hubby and all night I kept thinking of what could have happened..

This morning I decided not to even say anything.. Sometimes it's best not..I don't even think she would remember and if I went and said something to her partner it might cause another problem and then the nonsense of being a nasty neighbor starts...Yes, over little things..

I just have to wait my time and I'm sure something will come up where I can just casually say, " I really have to tell anyone who's coming over to visit me not to bring any dogs or cats as my Zeke is a dominant, territorial male. He goes into protect mode with me "  

I try to be a good neighbor and this particular neighbor has said many times  how she and her partner are afraid of my dogs... Shame they have fear..but they should have sense to realize...but when like I said there's a alcohol problem it's like talking to the wall...

So that was my ending of my Mother's day...and tonight when I went out to water my plants I checked the scene out ...No one around...So maybe my prayers were answered..and maybe things will turn out better when I'm given the opportunity...Do I hear it knocking ??????

Watched Dancing with the Stars tonight and now I'm ready for beddie byes..

So Good night all and pleasant dreams till my next "Nightmare"...

God Bless

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday, Oh Saturday

Saturday, Oh Saturday.. was a busy morning.. Got critters done and was ready to hit the open road at 9:30am.. I'd have liked to have left earlier but with my Joe that's the best time without any problems. I get them their breakfast and they get their big drinks and the big ones will settle down...now the little bits, well they have their things to get done and then get comfy... Like I have to pretend I'm staying in...Does this remind you of when you had little ones..well ain't no difference. Just cause these have fur/sorta kinda...they don't want you to leave them...LUCKY ME...but I got out and then picked up Diane and went to Lowes..oh my they had lots and lots of goodies on sale..Flower wise and plants of all strange looking things.

I bought to hanging pots of Impatience, and 2 Knock Out Roses (Yellow) a Climbing type rose (Orange) and some sort a purple flowering vine ..have to look it up on that card again and see what it is..Oh and 2 Butterfly plants.

I had to give them a good drink tonight as they seem to dry out quickly here..I noticed that with my plants..I water in the morning and then again around 7ish and they seem to do really well...Of course my Squirrels had to check out what I got...I gave them the warning...a loud tap on the window and they  took off ...for only a few minutes but returned to the scene...HA...buggers.

Then later today before the Kentucky Derby..Which is always my favorite thing to watch..should have put on my hat too..and maybe a mint Julep...oh yeah...  I ordered a Pizza...from Pizza Hut..we finally got one right in town..and why not keep my stock going strong..(Pepsico)..it was good and a big glass of milk with ice in it...smokin'....I was stuffed after 2 pieces and put the rest up on the freezer for another time..

I vegged out and tried to watch a program and in fact my NetFlix came in..so I'll be watching them tomorrow...but boy did I get the "Fall Outs". Guess it was the walking around or should I say "Limping "  tires me out.

So I'm ready for bed and Diane will be over tomorrow to help me pot and plant those goodies...I'll post pictures.........cause I'm so anxious to see them..Love seeing life in the garden...but I'm still gonna get me another bird feeder...maybe soon...cause I miss them feathered friends..

Today was my sister's birthday and my niece called me and I got a chance to talk with my sister and tell her I loved her and am praying for her...I really do miss her...if only she would remember my call...

God Bless !

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Quiet Friday

My Quiet Friday. It really was. Not a call from the "Foot Doc" and only a few calls from family and friends. It was a day of "getting my head together". Something we all need every now and then.

I did manage a few chores. Changed the Humming bird feeder, cleaned the bird bath (gawd I miss watching those critters) and watering my plants. My Gardenia plant is coming back and she's got several blooms opening. This was one I bought last year in the store and I had just before I left for home changed pots as she was getting huge and the leaves were so healthy...Needless to say, when I came back for the winter months it was almost gone..The couple I had taken care of my plants didn't do a good job..Guess they forgot and when they came over they soaked it and it was just about gone...

Diane and Bob had went back up north and boy I was happy to hear they came back a lot sooner...I'll miss them both when they finally make their move and then have to find someone who will take care of my plants too...Gawd don't even want to go there...perhaps maybe by that time Clancy will want to take that job on...I know I'd be in good hands for sure...Gots to keep that thought in my prayers..

Speaking of Diane she calls me early in the morning checking in on me too..and this morning she was going over to buy Roses...and Yep, I had her pick me up a climbing rose that I'll put on my trellis...can't wait to see what she bought and then she said, "Barb, ya know those roses you were telling me about..the Knock out Roses...Well they are on sale"...Uh oh...guess where I'm going tomorrow morning with Diane...Yeppers... to buy them roses and put them in these big pots I have...can't wait.. and YES, I'll take pictures..

So that's making my rest of the day Happy Thoughts..finally something nice to put in and more stuff to take care of...Oh ! and by the way...I found a bird feeder that has a device to it that when the squirrels jump on it..it closes the ports to the feed..gots to check it out..cause maybe, just maybe I'll have another feeder up to watch a little before I go home...but this time I'll put it a little more out in the yard..so even Betsy as she sits on her porch can watch along with me...:)

Alrighty I'm tired and I need to get to bed...and think positive thoughts...and hope my foot feels better...Who knows, the pain came on by itself...why not leave on it's own...HA !

God Bless and Night All !

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Thursday has a "HITCH"

My Thursday has a "HITCH"...yes, I couldn't go a day without a "surprise"...well it was to me, anyway. How did that come about..simple. I left the house in my "grape mobile" to drop off a "check in the mail" . I had to pay the Golf Cart repair as my cart has been running ok...and I did promise after Jason said, "now run it for a few weeks and if everything is ok, then drop a check in the mail"...so I did !

I manage to do a sneak out of the house and take a little ride around the block and in doing so I came upon my surprise....Yep, it was surely my surprise. 

I was riding along in my grape mobile when I came upon a little Daschund running along the road and kind of a little wobbly.. it was hot and I thought ...UH OH, this looks like trouble..perhaps a lost dog or a dropped off one... So how could I not stop and check this pooch out...but first I called one of the young lads that was mowing the grass to come and help me...Thank goodness, cause my other surprise was..."I was not in proper attire.."  you got it ...just me long asp T shirt and undies...but "no bra"...Gawd forgive me..Momma use to always say when you went out..."make sure you have clean undies and bra on just in case you have an accident"... Did I listen...???

So this young lad goes over and picks up this little pooch and plops it on my seat and this poor thing hugs into me...and she's loaded (oh yes, I looked) with fleas...and she's an old old gal at that...No teeth and very very skeleton like...my heart sunk as all I could think of is perhaps someone lost her before they headed home...as here where I am has a lot of Snow Birds (people that go back to the north for the summer) .  So I had this sad look on my face and I asked that young lad if he wouldn't mind helping and seeing if we could find out where this sweetie belongs...

Across the street there was a car in the drive way and we went over and asked for help and if they knew who might own this pooch..The lady said, "She has seen it before walking with some big man"...so that helps ..big man, little doggie..figures...ok, now who and where is this big man...The sharp lady had her senses as she figured the homes around were empty ..the people had left so it had to be on the street behind the house where I found this pooch...So again I ask that nice young man (wish I had money on me cause I would have given him something for all the help he gave me and the pooch) if he wouldn't mind and check those houses out..and away he went...

I'm cutting to the chase cause my brain is dragging...but long story short we found the big man..and that he was...get this.. He just let his doggie out for a bit.. I asked  "how long ago"  ..he replied, "Oh, about an hour"...I don't even want to go there...

This pooch sure deserves a better place...but my oh my I knew I couldn't take her home ...so I just had to back out the drive way and head on back...moral to my story....KEEP MY ASP HOME... don't stray away  ....and make sure I have on clothes ..just in case...

See my day always has something happening even if I never leave my domain...

Thank goodness that sweetie is at least home...and I hope he gave her a bath...

Good night and Dear Lord all's I ask " PLease help that big man, give him some common sense to take care of his pooch"..

God Bless

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whoopie it's Wednesday :)

Whoopie it's Wednesday :)  A day I have been waiting for...Can I really believe it got here and NO phone calls this morning ...SO FAR...Ah, I got up just singing a song...Yeah, it's almost over and I'll find out what's wrong with my foot (baby)  hahaha..yes, it was a country tune.

I got my Critters done and I had to do my sneak away..My darling Joe really gets upset with me leaving him. So I do the hide and seek routine. Sometimes it works and sometimes, well it just don't.

I was out of the house by 9:30am with no major issue other than limping away and so glad to finally get this thing done. I even had a list to get some things I needed at the infamous Wally World . It's only across the street from the Express Care..so I'd be doing a "not out of the way" routine.

I get in and the place is almost empty..only me and some lady. Thank goodness but I did have an appointment so I wouldn't have to feel like cattle at an auction....Ok, I'm here and the young gal at the front desk just said "hang on and I'll have some one come and take you back"  sure enough withing a few minutes it was "Amy" with a wheel chair for me to help me make the long, long journey down this long asp hallway...goodness it seemed to have grown in length as we traveled down it...I seem not to remember this long hallway but it had been since Jan of 2007 when I had an MRI there.

Amy was bright and chipper and I was grin'n ear to ear...my jaws were hurting cause I was just so glad everything was gonna get done and I was gonna find out what's wrong with my FOOT....

Now I betcha all are thinking ok, this is now over with...WRONG... Amy was setting up the table for me for the MRI and she said, "Ok Barb, I have it set for your "left foot" and we'll be done in 30 minutes..."   WHAT????????
I almost jumped out of my chair...I then said, "Amy, why are you taking an MRI of my Left foot, there's nothing wrong with it" ...She turned around and looked at me..(expression was priceless) "HUH" she replies..."What do you mean, the Doctor's orders are for your left foot "....

I can only tell you I felt like busting out laughing and crying at the same time....Goodness what in the world am I gonna do...So I then said, "Amy, it's my Right Foot and we need to call that friggin' Doc office and get this right.."  oh and the best was the orders were for only the top of my foot and not the ankle...HOLY CHIT...

Amy gets on the phone and I hear her say, "Well, the lady should know what foot hurts her, now get that Doc's order changed or have the Doctor call me"...I'm proud of Amy she took no chit from that Wacky nurse (I'm sure it's the one who can't stand me) and before long the fax came through with the change but still no part of my ankle...

Gawd there must be something wrong with this dream cause it keeps continuing...So I got on the table and Amy told me she'd do her best to take part of the ankle as she couldn't do the whole foot without the order...Wonderful ...so I lay down and hear the clicking sounds and feel like my foot is throbbing to the sound ..then it sounds like a jack hammer...gawd this is surely going slow...next I hear, "only 9 more minutes if you keep still"   you bet I'm keeping still...but boy I couldn't wait to get up..

My foot throbbed all the way back to the front of the building..even though I was in the wheel chair I could feel every crack in the tile..YUCKO... but we got it done and hopefully something will show up...What I still can't understand is why didn't they have the order to take the whole foot...DUH ?????

I get in my car and head across the street to Wally World and even find a parking space a row over from the door..(lucky me) and I hang on to the cart and go inside...I ask the young lad for a electric cart and he goes to get me the last one (I told ya I'm so lucky) and it doesn't work...Gawd will it ever end ?

So I grab a cart and slowly drag myself to get my bread and milk which by the way the milk is at the back of the store...HA !  It made the rest of my day as I made a move like a snail across the whole dang store (that's what it felt like) and some nice elderly gent came over to me by the milk and asked if I was in pain...I'm sure I looked it as I was...I then told him I was a hurting pup..he looked and me and said, "Dear would you like me to pray for you "?... Stunned and thinking if this man drops to his knees  I'll fall on the floor..."Please Lord, help me make it through all this "...

I can only tell you when I got out of that store my cart was full as I said to myself.."If I've got to suffer, let me indulge"...and I got what I needed and then some >>(of course things I shouldn't have but remember I'm indulging) and home I came...To unload using my dolly.  I so love that thing !

Watched American Idol and chatted with hubby as we discussed who we thought was good, bad and ought to go home...that's something he and I do on certain shows...like when we were dating we'd be on the phone talking back and forth ...yeah guess you might say, "We're still in dating stage being away from each other"..

It's bed time and I want to go to sleep quickly so I can wake up and say, "It was only make believe"....are ya humming yet ??????

God Bless...the Saga continues..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Me glad, Tuesday is almost over !

Me glad, Tuesday is almost over !  It was a long, long, long day..My phone rang with Express Care reminding me of tomorrow's appointment...I did tell Amy, I'm knocking on wood and lighting a few "Roman Candles" just to make sure that all goes well.

I kept myself busy today. Making Zeke and Abby's food up for another 12 days and then put up some veggie packs. That also gives me a good jump start and I marked my calendar for my up and coming visits.

I hobbled around pretty much of the day and then leaned back to record some movies. I'm into classics  and my collection is growing. Especially since I can't do very much more. My butt is getting wider in fact I think I'm leaving indentations in the chair...HA !

Diane called and told me she had a desert for dinner for me. So I got in my grape mobile and rode over. I had to laugh cause you all know I've been on a brownie kick since I can't do much of anything ...So what do you think she made for me...YEP...Brownies...OMG... I woofed them down with a big glass of milk watching (you'll all love this) the Biggest Loser...Lord help me...I'm gonna need to go on the program...but I don't think I'd survive..:)

Watched that other program, The Voice...I kind of like talent shows and I had to sneak a peak to see who got bounced off of Dancing with the Stars...Yes, I'm now officially a TV addict...Gawd help me...I think last year I crocheted myself almost to death..this year it's TV..Lordy, Lordy !

Now I'm ready to embark on another day...Perhaps a more positive day...Like maybe my MRI will be completed...I'm saying an extra prayer for tonight. My reward will be when I leave that building and go across the street to Wally World and pick up a few goodies to ease my pain and suffering....Brownie Mix :)

Vickie, thanks for giving me that  chuckle I sure needed it..There is hope for people like me. I do believe it..we just have to keep trying and trying to finally get it right !

Good night all and Yes, you are all in my prayers too .

Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh boy it's MONDAY !!!

Oh boy it's Monday !!!  Started my morning off in a great mood..The night before I watched the Apprentice and in the crust of the "Gonna get evil" came a break in the show and it was a News break..a FANTASTIC one at that...now mind you, no one really likes to hear of killings..but this particular one was more a "Blessing"   a well deserved one.. Osama Bin Laden was shot...now I know you read the word "Blessing" and think, that's awful...but to be honest with you all..it truly was a Blessing !

This man was the Devil himself..Such horror and sadness he brought to all of us...not to mention friends that I lost in those TWIN TOWERS...lives have changed but still those memories live on...Well at last that S.O. B. is off this earth...dumped in the sea...Maybe some nasty ole shark will enjoy him !!  Enough of that...but God Bless All those People and Soldiers who died for our cause..

Now getting back to...I never found out what happened on the 'Apprentice" so I'll have to look it up..I'm sure it was "Down Right Nitty Gritty"  ah I gotts ta find out :)

So now we are back to my morning...yes, I was humming a happy tune and got lots of things going on...Jane (another issue) called me first thing and then John (the boyfriend of Jane's) called too...but it was about their spat..(again another issue which I'll tell about another time) when I have the energy....Also to wish me luck...?????

Diane and Bob called to let me know they thought about it and decided they were taking me to get my MRI...just in case I might not feel well afterward...OK, ok..no sense in keep saying NO...I'll do it..what ever as long as I can get on with my stuff I need to get done before I head out....

Guess some people don't realize I have lots of things to do first thing in the morning...like change my dawgs beds ..put them in the washer...let them critters out and clean up ..and then make them breakfast...clean dishes up (throw them in the dishwasher) and then make my coffee...as I really can't talk right till I have my first cup...!!!

I had my list of things I had to do and also make that phone call to the Dr's office about that Script and about my pre meds ..as I cannot have contrast dye unless I have it... So I gets on the phone and of course I get the answering machine..guess they ain't a gonna pick up till after 9am..okie dokie...

9:30am on the dot I pick up the phone and call Foot Dr's office and I get the Nurse (who must hate the sound of my voice) I tell her who I am and then it's the.."Race is On"... She asks, "Why are you calling "  I try and explain about the Script and the Meds....but she gives me a simple reply..."Why didn't the place you are going to explain and didn't you tell them " ?   Tell them what ?  duh..????? ..I try not to bite her head off and I simply said,  "Why was it my place to tell them anything when YOU ordered the MRI ...Why didn't you tell them , Didn't you read my medical chart telling you that I am allergic to Contrast Dye and I need to be "pre medicated"...She then says, "Well have them call the Doc " and hangs up on me... OH BOY...!!!

Again I call Express Care and speak with Amy and she was so nice and told me "Stop Worrying, we'll get it taken care of"...and off she goes....Half hour later she calls back and says..."Doc stopped the contrast dye and just said take the MRI without"...and faxed the script over....Hooray....finally ..now I can sit back and wait for Diane and Bob to come pick me up.. I have a little time left to relax...Let me go start the Washer....ta daaaaaaaa!!!

Well at 10:45am the phone rings...it's Amy from Express Care..."Barb," she says...."Yes", I answer..."We've got a problem", Amy replies with a solum tone...Gawd, what can it be, what now my brain starts going in overdrive...I can feel my heart beating...right up in my throat.... "Oh, Amy !  What's wrong" ?.... Amy then says, "Barb, I can't believe this but the MRI machine is down "....Holy Chit... It can only happen to me....AGAIN....

You know I almost fell out laughing but the thought of going all through this again made my knees buckle...I bet I could write a TV Sitcom and this would beat out a lot of the crap that's on TV right now...and to think I've still after the MRI (if I ever get one ) gets done I have to go back to that Foot Doc for the results....Now you know my mind is gonna be tossing this around for a few days...might even be a few years after too...but heaven only knows I was born with a "Murphy"....

Now I'm rescheduled for Wednesday at 10:15am with no contrast...and Lord only knows what else....but do stay tuned cause I'm sure I'll have a few more goodies to speak of...in fact I do have the Saga of John and Jane and "The Run Away Cat"...that's a gooder if I say so myself...it never gets easy with those two...they are truly made for each. "To feed the Fire " !

Later all...If I make it through the day

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A borning Sunday

A boring Sunday...only cause I can't do much with my foot...I'd love to get out and romp around and check out the neighborhood...sucks big time but soon this may all be over with...I mean my foot is starting to hurt less..What did I tell ya..Tomorrow is the big day for the MRI and my foot is not aching as bad...hmmm maybe if I  waited another week it might have gone away like it came on...Nah!  I need to know what's causing it..just need to cheer up.

My critters are laying around and so am I...no fun not watching the birds..So I've been on a mission and I have found several things I could get to "Stop them Squirrels". So they all say...HA !  I'm willin' to give it a go ...so by next time I'm down here..which by the way (Lord Willin') will be Oct of 2011 and I hope to kiss the Blarney Stone that nothing else goes wrong..I mean no more aches on any of my body parts ..Please !!!!!

I watched that movie "Burlesque" and I enjoyed it..Gotta love that Cher and of course Christina Aguilera...she's a very talented young lady. Even if she did mess up the Star Spangled Banner..

Most of the day today I'm in the Nothing Mode..such wasted energy. However tomorrow I'm lookin forward to getting out in the world and climbing in that TUBE...OH NO !!!  It's an open MRI..I'm not good on those things .

Then I'll hobble over to WallyWorld ..which by the way it's right across the street and pick up a few goodies...I also looked on my calendar and in about 6 weeks or so I'll be heading back to Pa. So I've got to start cleaning out the pantry and frig...Lord here comes that big ride back with Hubby and Critters .

I'm getting tired now just thinkin'...LOL  You can tell I have lots and lots of energy..mmmm maybe it's time to make..." A Upside Down Cake"..now that's a mouthful...where's my skillet :)

I'll certainly get an energy rush that's for sure..might even get a few things done before the days over...Yes, I'll watch the Apprentice...sure looks like a Cat fight is in order with those "Ladies"..come on Star what's your problem ?

Catch ya later on ...