Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Rainy Saturday

A rainy Saturday ...all day...and boy it felt gloomy..the brats didn't want to go out I had to almost shove them out the door till finally just before bed time the rain stopped..and out they went..

Morning again is hustle time..I have my system and I go for the burn...LOL.. but I get done and then I can lean back and take time out for me.. I notice as I'm getting older I need more ME TIME...

I did get busy and do a few things up so later on I wouldn't have to overload myself... Me and my setups.. My hubby laughs says, "I think you have OCD .."  I might cause I know one things.. all my setups interlock with each other...I have a lot of work doing them but once they are done.. my week goes through rather smoothly..and that's all that counts.

Today I had to open two bags of dog food and dump them in their containers..again, another setup..LOL..then I also did up Shug's ..all her nuts are in containers..hahaha.. I'm the big one !!!

I cooked up Sausage for the macaroni and will make the sauce tomorrow..also did up a Roasted Chicken and Potatoes...will make up some chicken salad and the rest go into soup... make it once and have many meals out of it.. OMG.. I do have OCD...LOL

Need to head into Publix to get chicken for the brats and have them cut it up for me... then put that up in the I'm ahead of the game here...

Talked with hubby.. he's not doing to great with his neck still bothering him.. so Doc ordered a cat scan to see what's happening.. it might be a pinched nerve..sure hope not but that can happen in your sleep .. he's such a restless sleeper too...

Not much on TV..but that rain.. off and on .. yucko..but rather that then snow !
Ok so those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dang It....It's Friday

Dang it !...It's Friday already..where did this week go again...been up since 5am and did a few domestic chores...and then just tried to get Miss Annie to slow that in itself is almost she ran and jumped on Rudy and he of course was so was bombs away again..and of course Miss Annie yelped and in their crates they went..enough is enough.. I want her to get better not have to deal with this constant it will become that is she don't quit..

On the other hand Ms Shug is getting more and more active again..since I'm paying more attention to her in fact she's becoming more demanding..WOW..this is the crazy house right now.. I'm being controlled by Animals LOL...HELP!

Met up this afternoon with my RV friends/and Sistahs for a quick late munch as I had bought her a birthday gift.. a cast iron skillet and one of my favorite gadgets the Veggetti..something like's a little tool you use to turn your veggie like zucchini or yellow squash into strings that look like pasta.. and the skillet I got was what I use to make my corn's an 8" one..perfect for a nice little pan..serving for two or stretching 3 LOL..

We had a few laughs and then I came from where we met they had a better shot at driving to their place without coming across town to where I live..and it was a nice break for me as well..

Annie is still having issues with her tummy.. I still think it's because she's stressing..with her leg..but I'll cut her back a little on her chicken to see if that helps to get her more under I'm not liking these meds for diarrhea.

Watched the Amazing Race tonight like that show..and of course some of the couples are a hoot...but now I'm ready for bed.. it's a little early for us ..but we were up a little will feel good to get a little more sleep..

Tomorrow I've got several things to cook up and put in the freezer and my frig is needing cleaning.. didn't get it done this it's on my list to do for this weekend...goodness weekend again is here..and soon we will be in March..

Ok, my eyes are tired and I'm dragging my fingers ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thrifty Thursday..

Thrifty Thursday..perhaps...LOL...well, so far my night again have now been set on a new trend..but I'm getting in some of my sleep in intervals...and of course an occasional nap....yeah I sure do look forward to when I can grab one.

Got Brats out and done and Ms Shug done we now have a "New" morning system...I feed the Brats and open Ms Shug's cage she comes out I put her food in and then she comes with me into the kitchen as I prepare mine..LOL..well she likes watching and getting something a little different..

Then as my breakfast which is usually toasted corn muffin and coffee..gets done we (she and I) walk into the living room and I sit down in the chair next to Ms Shug's cage..she then walks onto the hassock..and I begin to have my coffee..she watches then goes into her cage and eats her breakfast and we chat..yes!..we chat..she comes back out and sits on my lap..and she gets her scratching..She loves this part..this takes a total of about an hour..

We are getting bonded again..and if I miss not doing this..well holy hell breaks I get to sit back enjoy my coffee and listen to Ms Shug give me a few little words..also listen to the news..hubby then calls on his way to work..

I take my break when I can...the brats are gobbling their breakfast and they get to rest for an hour too... I don't like them jumping around with them just eating..they get a large amount and I always worry with Large breed dogs..

Of course it was trash day too..and I had to make a run into Ace Hardware..another repair job..but this time it wasn't the brats it was the BIRD..yeah Ms Shug chewed up a wire..I'm so darn lucky ... I either have to have lost my sanity..or perhaps I never had it !

While I did get out I also stopped at the Vets to pick up some Diarrhea meds and then onto Winn Dixie..then home..and put everything up and start  my routine all over again LOL... but at least I'm a few jumps ahead with my setups..

Miss Annie is showing improvement but a slight will take another week..she really did a number on herself..well I should say, "Rudy and She with their fighting, did a number"..but at least I see the improvement as she is using it more ..

Tonight I watched American was the girls singing.. I only like one !  and already I can't wait for the Voice to be back on's just the way they are doing this program that is so boring..

So that's my boring day LOL... Oh I did make a bakers dozen of corn muffins this morning ..woo hoo..I so do like my NuWave Oven.. no waiting for it to warm up..although when it's cold that's not a bad thing cause the heat from the regular oven feels good..however, no mess and zap things are done..

I have lots more to explore but just being me.. I can only cook so much..but hubby will be here in a few more weeks so I'll make up some other stuff..I know he's also liking the one we have back home it's really thumbs up !

Now those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What A Whammy On Wednesday :)

What a whammy on Wednesday :) Again another up early and then lay back I've been letting Miss Annie stay in her crate..she's been tossing and turning too much and with her leg starting to mend felt it was better..and besides she does better when she finally jumps in bed..she actually stays really does happen LOL.

Got up a little later than normal but managed to get my tasks done of preparing my setups for the next 8 days..these are a bugger to get done but it sure does give me a break in those wee hours of the morning getting everyone fed..

Later on I had to deal with CVS..and NO!  I never heard from the corporate head pharmacist..guess he was too busy..hahaha.. right!  I think they just tell you a story in hopes that you'll believe it..but you know all these chain pharmacies are just like that...

However, after my insurance advocate checked on things and the sales rep who sold this policy (after my husband called and reminded them of what their agreement was) finally all meds got taken care of..and I again made sure those who enter my orders understood ...A.. I'm not rude nor will I take rudeness from anyone...B... I will take other meds, if I haven't had a problem with..but I only take Brand on Meds I've had major issues with.. I mean total amount I had to pay out for my meds was a little over 800 buckeroos..and that's for 90 days supply..If I could take all generic and only pay 200 or less wouldn't I ???? DUH!

So that was most of my daily crappola..and Miss Annie is doing better still a little limp but wanting now to get into the action I know she's feeling better..however, I feel it will take another week till she's stronger on her leg..

Ms Shug now is getting more into responding better with me.. as I've been giving her more out time as I have the BRATS up.. Shug and I have our breakfast together...and she's liking sometimes lunch if not dinner..she loves to sit on the hassock next to me and as I give her a few treats..then she'll climb up her cage door go in and eat her meal with me.. and watches me too..

Tonight watched American Idol and taped Survivor and also The Amazing Race..I'll watch them later on all the programs coming on now..and soon it will be Big Brother..LOOK OUT.... I love those do or be done..LOL..

Tomorrow I have to make a quick run out early and then I'm back in...have my list and then it's gonna be ..MY TIME..woo hoo...have to make some corn muffins early as I'm out of those...put my NuWave to work..did up burgers today and they were juicy..

So now it's those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Doctor's Visit On Tuesday

Doctor's visit on Tuesday...woo hoo.. slept better last night with Miss Annie in her crate and then she woke me up at 2am and crawled in bed and didn't get back up till 4:30am..ok, that's fine as I had to be out the door by 7am..

So up we got and then the race was on..not for Miss Annie as she still has her slight limp and still tummy I'm gonna feed her a little lighter..but got Ms Shug done because she's scream and nothing like a Cockatoo's's mind blowing not only ear piercing..but one you really don't want to hear..

I did feed the brats and then left as normally after they eat they stay in their crates for at least an 1 1/2 hours..I like that because I don't worry about them up chucking ...their stomachs need that break..

So out the door I went and got their in time for the door to open and didn't have that long of a wait as there were just 3 of us in at 7:30am..Got my blood pressure taken and it wasn't bad..132/80..which I was surprised as the night before it was 180/90..with CVS mess.

My blood work wasn't bad..Sugar was great and my LDL was 80..hey for me that's fantastic..but my thyroid again was off.. so I'm gonna take my normal dosage of 0.175 and on Sunday take  1 1/2 pill..and see how that goes till my next appointment in May on the sister's birthday..

After leaving I headed to McD's for breakfast and bought another one for tomorrow's treat..LOL  then stopped and filled my car up with gas and home I went..boy did my Brats let me know they were ticked..LOL  but let them out and gave Annie another dose of meds for her tummy.. I'm not crazy with how this med is working..but until I call the Vet I'll work with it..

Then I sat down and my fun began...again with CVS..they didn't get the rest of my meds cleared up so I had to call my Insurance company... talked with the rep that is our go between and gave them all my data to handle we were promised there would be no changes and that anyone taking meds wouldn't have to have any pre requisite for a script..that took most the day but by the end of the meds were again put back into the system..

I called CVS and the pharmacist that was so annoyed with me and sharp with me became very calm and I explained for the last time and also told her to please once and for all get this message to the others... I'm not a demanding person, try not to make things difficult and if I could I'd take generic meds.. I mean who wants to pay $700 ever 3 months when I could get it for $150...make sense to you ????? it sure does to me... so again as I explained to her..Stop having an attitude ..

I'm still do for CVS Corporate to call me tomorrow.. and see how this all settles out..but I sure hope it prevents someone else going through this nonsense..and not to speak of the fact ..could cause major health issues..

The rest of my night went rather well..guess the feeling of things starting to settle again helps.. so I have to make a trip again into town tomorrow as all my meds are suppose to be in after 3pm...PLEASE !!!

Watched the Voice and boy some good singers..liked that young girl singing blues music..The Thrill is Gone...yep, I have two but maybe 3 that I really like..

Now we are ready for bed...Miss Annie is in her crate and Rudy is upside down and getting ready to head right on in to REM mode LOL   So with that...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, February 23, 2015

Well Hello There It's Monday !!!!!

Well, Hello There it's Monday !!!!!  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise....I made it through again..however, felt like the whole world dropped in on me...was one of those nights where Miss Annie (who else) and Miss Zeeeeeeeeee just didn't get it together and we tossed, pulled, moaned, griped and just wanted to chew the pillows up...OH IT WAS A SMOKIN NIGHT....thank goodness 4am came around.

When I and the brats got up...we all looked like we were miserable..well not really Rudy as his sleep habits went untarnished..his snores were in the ozones of ecstasy.....that boy has a set of pipes ...but Miss Annie..I don't think there are words that can even touch her right now .

Today was gonna be a special day as I was meeting the RV Sistahs for lunch and I was really excited about it.. these are ladies I've chatted with for years and finally they are in my area..and it turned out really fun and we laughed and also enjoyed the lunch..but oh too short..wished it could have been all day..but again like I told them...there will be a NEXT TIME..then we'll eat at my house ITALIAN STYLE which means...all day LOL

Got back and had to pick up my here comes the SUCKY part... I had this strange feeling again there was gonna be a problem...(wonder why) so I called up and then I hear...WE only have 7 of your scripts as the others have to be refilled...

WHAT?????? How can that be... I mean I came down with a scripts of 90 day supply plus 3 refills and I've only filled them once..?????? Well, long story short according to their computer and it counts the amounts I don't have any left...Now I got a little annoyed and talked with the she proceeded to tell me .. she was too busy and it is what it is..and if I had a complaint to call 1-800-shopcvs...

So I did just that called and registered my complaint and was told the they would contact me on Wed as the head pharmacist was going to look into my last words were..this wasn't the first time and because my meds are not just candy or happy pills ..they were life dependent...this better be resolved and hope I don't have any medical issues over this...I'm sure they've heard this I do feel we are all just a drifting thought the crappola of another decision "do we really matter "...:(

My day started off crappy..turned happy then turned oh my I do go through those tender it !!...and tomorrow I go to my Doctor here ..should be my blood pressure is a tad bit high..

Watched the Voice tonight and already I've lovin it... a young boy of 15 from Upstate New York...with long hair and wearing a hat...Sawyer I believe was his first name... he's one to watch..Mark my words..

With that... those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oh! Two Days In A Row .... And It's Sunday

Oh! Two days in a row ...and it's Sunday.....Another early morning as something woke Miss Annie and she jumped off the bed (oh that foot) and barked down the hall way...and Rudy bellowed out..I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard us..and my back lights flashed on... I presume it was a wild critter walking by and made a sound and of course my sensor spotted it...HELLO THERE!

Got up and started my list as I had to go to Publix and have Pork cut up like stew beef ...I buy a Boston Butt and have the butcher cut it up and save me the bones...that's what I use for Rudy and Annie at add to their kibble..well it's mainly for Rudy but I can't just give to one without the other..

Did get my half and half..Lord coffee without it is like swimming with out a bathing cap  hahaha..betcha thought I was gonna say, "Top"...anyway .. I did manage to pick up a few more things...and then had to go to Sparr's for dog I made the round about..

Felt good to get out even if it was just a short trip...and tomorrow I have another interesting event happening..gonna meet up with more of my RV Sistahs at Perkins for lunch then after that I have to stop at CVS for my that makes me nervous as I sure hope no major screw ups!

Got back home and dragged everything in..Brother that wears me out.. especially the two bags of Dog Food..did put up the pork in containers and that's in the freezer.. I do them up 3 days in a package..makes it easy ..still have to load the dog food in the bin..that I'll do tomorrow..arms felt like Gorilla arms..I think I could have swung on a limb after toting those 2 40lbs in the house.

Afternoon I kind of leaned back as I have Annie on the leash..massage her shoulder and as she climbs up in my lap..we take a nap..kinda sorta...a little difficult to breath.. LOL and of course Rudy wants to join... LOVELY...

Played with Shug today and she was really on...funny too...but she's paying more attention too me...and even doing some tricks for me...and she likes eating when I I have my coffee with her and then my dinner..that's a good thing..I'm glad...perhaps I can get her to talk alittle more..if not no biggy.

Watching the Oscars..boy had tears in my eyes over the tribute to Glen Campbell so sad..such a wonderful talent..just so sad ..I sure hope and pray someday their find something to help or maybe prevent Alzheimer's Disease it sure is becoming more and more prevalent ...

Now I'm gonna let Miss Annie get in her spot and then get comfy and watch the Oscars as we fall off to slumberville...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thank Goodness Saturday Was Warmer !

Thank goodness Saturday was warmer ! Although we got up a might early as Miss Annie was ready to dash out at 4am..sure hope she sleeps better tonight..still giving her meds for her tummy she done ate her bedding..mmmm she's a piece of work for sure..a true blue cotton picker !!!

Today was more of the same.. being Annie has that sore leg..think it might be more in the shoulder area..but her limp isn't as heavy as the day before.. it will most likely take her a couple of weeks..that means she and I are ONE!!...LOL

She also has her permanent spot on my bed..or should I say, "Our Bed"..and I really don't mind as long as she sleeps and doesn't chew..she also likes that feel of the warmth beneath her...I'm sure it's helping her soreness..

Poor Rudy has been trying to get her attention and acts so silly ..I mean this boy has been putting on some shows..twisting, turning and racing through and stopping and looking back to see if Miss Annie is following..hahaha

So my day is kind of humdrum as I'm not able to do much with Annie tied to me.. I do crate her but I only give her a few hours which lets me get a few things taken care of..but bare minimal..

Tomorrow though I have to make a run in to the store..was gonna go this morning but didn' I don't have a half and half for my coffee..that's a mortal sin !!! big treat too..Can't have that !!

Not much on TV but I did hear from my niece and she and I gabbed for a few hours..always feels so good chatting with her..can't tell you how much she sounds like my sister..and enjoy hearing her talk about her children and grandchildren which I missed out on seeing them all grow up...all because of my sister's nasty husband..cruel man he was and still is..

When I think of the hard life my sister had.. such a shame and her so horrible..I miss her as of what I remember as we were kids..and her having her children..but then the separation of our family was so sad..I think of the last time I saw my niece she was just 15..and now she's 61..Lord sure does move in mysterious ways...but our connection happened inspite of the cruelness..and losing my sister...

I will finally get to see my niece this summer as I will camp not to far from where she lives and we are arranging for some of the other sisters to come as well..I'm praying all things will work out..I can only leave it in God's hands..

Now I'm looking over at Miss Annie...Rudy is in his crate content to drift off to slumber land and Miss Annie is waiting on push her over and she'll crawl up close to me.. sometimes she even puts her head on the pillow..too much that gal..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cold ? Heck No! Freezing On Friday

Cold ? Heck No ! Freezing on Friday....sure was down to 24 at 5am..and to me...that just ain't cold.. it's fact the water in my bird bath was frozen..guess they could ice skate..brrrrrrrrrr

Last night again Miss Annie slept in with me.. and we slept better than the night before..she's showing some improvement in her limping..hopefully by Monday she'll be much, much I've only just started to restrict her since Wednesday...

Keeping her calm is not an easy task..and I'm not even sure how she hurt her leg..but I'm surprised it wasn't a lot sooner.. I mean the way they wrestle, run and jump..but how ever she did it..she did a number ..

Most of my day has been really tied to when I put her in her crate and put a crate pad in..she destroyed it...what can I say.."she's a demolishes " I crate her for a few hours then she's out with me..for a few hours as I take her in and out..and my darling GEM..well he's such a DORK..LOL  he so wants to play..he's getting silly..gonna be calling him "Goofy" before long.

Was bitter cold most the morning..and towards afternoon it did start to feel a little better and seeing the sun sure helped... I know Ms Shug enjoyed the sun.. as I've had her crate 3/4 covered with the cold..have to becareful with her..

Tonight nothing much on TV either so I kind of did some searching on the internet...looking for different products and also reading up on new info on health issues..

Now it's bed time and I'm gonna let Annie sleep in bed again.. this really helps her rest more..she leans up against me...and enjoys that electric blanket..she's a gal after me own heart...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, February 19, 2015

WOW It's Chilly This Thursday .....

Wow it's chilly this Thursday....brrrr...last night me and Miss Annie didn't sleep to great...she couldn't find her perfect spot..guess her leg was bothering her..and I of course everytime she moved I was awake..poor baby...

This morning again ..brrrrrrrrr another cold night tonight and tomorrow..Lordy it's gonna get down really low..Heavy Frost Warnings all over Central Florida..Think our coming frozen to your homes from now on..

Got up and made sure I kept Annie on a leash when out and put her up in her crate..Hate that it has to be this way..but she jumps around ..leaps and bounds and races through the wonder she was lame..

Today though towards afternoon she wasn't as bad and I think she'll be ok..but will have to keep her this way for at least a swelling..and no pain when I touch I think she more or less sprained it.. Her and Rudy go at it so of them had to come up limping sooner or later..just hate to have it happen..but like kids some things you just can't prevent.

Nothing to out of the ordinary..other than me and Annie have been bound together...and Rudy always wanting to bump in..he sure misses his partner in crime..

Watched American Idol glad this part is over next week they should start singing and at least we'll get to see the whole package..and of course The Voice starts..HELLO...I really like that show..really good talent..

That's about it other than I made sure I covered a few more plants and turned on my electric blanket sooner..cause sure is nice jumping in to a warm bed LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Well It's Ash Wednesday

Well, it's Ash Wednesday, first day of LENT....oh my and that goes for 40 days ..but it also means Easter and Spring and woo hoo..come on Chocolate Easter Bunny..and don't forget Cadebury Egg..LOL...OK, Ok, I'm in Chocolate Overload..hahaha

Again another full night of sleep with Miss Annie in bed..she does well..cept she's limping..and of course she's an idiot..doesn't slow down runs the Daytona 500...and goes in for the slide on Home Base..

Today she was limping too much so I crated her..WOW..her vocals reached High C and I think I need to get my hearing checked...but she then began banging her crate door with her foot..NOT A GOOD I took her out and had her on leash...not another great moment either because the big boy..well, he went bonkers..he wanted his partner in crime...

I did not have a great day.. I could have shipped them both fact I told Miss Annie..being today was the burning of the Palm.. I could have offered her up to the Gods!!!!

I did manage to make Sausage and Peppers and did up a batch for Clancy as he called early this morning and brought another load of MULCH...then after he finished he went off to church..

I never got out.. I was stuck on leash with Miss Annie.. I don't think it would have went over to great bringing Annie in for fact I'm sure she would have slid me into them...she was a tad bit off the deep end..

Sure wish I could get her to settle down.. she's so's a constant UP...full steam ahead..OMG!...she is definitely keeping my heart fact I think I've had such surges no wonder I wind up taking naps..hahaha..

Watched American Idol ..again.. I still think they drag this out way too long..get with the action, Jackson!... as the Voice will be starting next week..and it's gonna be switch..

Took the brats out and had Annie on the leash.. and don't cha know Rudy was acting like a nerd..he was charging us...he wanted to play..mmmm he's lucky I almost connected LOL...did I say he was a GEM...forget it ..not now..he's a TWIT!!!....DORK!!!!...

With that I'm gonna say..."Bundle up cause Florida is under FREEZE"... goodness gracious..but my electric blanket is cookin..turned it on earlier.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well It's Fat Tuesday...:)

Well it's Fat Tuesday :).....that means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent..(40 days in total)...and soon to be Easter..WOW!

Last night again Miss Annie slept in bed with me and she slept all night long..we got up at 5am.. works for me...I was sitting at my desk reading my email and she was fussing and I let her out and she got "in her spot" and the rest was history.!!

Today I really didn't do much as it was raining off and on.. gloomy and tonight as I went to let the brats out...HELLO MOMMS rained that was that for those two brats!

Watched the live feed from Westminster Dog to see Annie's daddy Graf show and also got to see Terry show Aji the Mastiff..he took the breed today and was in the group tonight ...didn't make the cut..but that can and will happen with all the politics out there..

Hired a gal to take care of my house when I head back north and to come in once a month or when I call her to help me.. some days I just don't have it .. I'm wiped and these meds do take hold of me... but at least I can not let things fall through the cracks..

So that was pretty much my day and evening..still watching the dog show to watch BIS (that's Best in show )...then off to slumberville..not much planned for tomorrow other than it's gonna make a nose dive to get cold again.. so I'll do some vacuuming and also I need to dust desperately  LOL

Just call me Tumble weed LOL... ok....those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh It's Monday !

Oh it's Monday !....I'm up at 5:30am and ready to go...had a full night sleep without any interruptions..Why?  because Miss Annie was fussing last night and at 11:30pm I got up and she jumped in my bed and never moved..she slept in one spot..right up against my back.. my electric blanket was on and she was thoroughly enjoying it.. Rudy was snoring the whole time...did I tell you he's a GEM !!!!

Well, got up and had to make a batch of corn muffins and put my laundry on as I let the Brats out then came back in and started unloading the dishwasher ...Ms Shug was calling..she was up early too...OK! Ok!...the gangs all here ..LOL

Also today was trash day..even though it's President's Day..we still had pick up..looked at the clock and didn't hear from hubby so I called him.. I woke him up ..he jumped out of bed and then I started cleaning out my frig.. dragged trash out and fed the birds ..cleaned the bird bath and put fresh water in.... came back in the house and sat down for my coffee..

Then I got another call from Hubby..he was driving into work and I hear...Nobody is here yet ????? What ????? Nobody is in the parking lot...OMG!...then I said, (don't ask me why either)  today is President's day..I then hear his say..."Oh SHIT!!!...We don't have work"...hahaha...

He then starts laughing and then next I hear him say, "OH NO!"....I ask, "What happened".. seems like the new CFO's car was left in the parking lot as he flew home and we had snow and the plow came in to clean the parking lot and took his rear off the car ....HOLY SHIT is right ....

That's how my hubby's day started..see I do believe in sharing :)...then he had to do some errands and called me when he got back home...YES!!  we both laughed at that one..

Most of the day I just did pick up and clean up...then gathered a few recipes for me to try in my Nuwave.. (I did tell you all I really like this unit) and waited to hear from Rose, who I bought a crate from for Rudy...

We finally connected as she was leaving Lakewood and heading to Ocala.. met her up at the campground she was staying at till tomorrow.. and I found another place where when I'm coming in and we need to stop at and dump our tanks if we don't do it in Georgia...that will let us in with Rotties..

So I headed home fed the brats and Ms Shug..she's really getting more involved with me.. if I'm not in the room with her she comes looking for me..LOL  I like that she's becoming more active with me...

Watched Celebrity Apprentice..and then as Miss Annie was quite I checked to see what she was in too..well knitting needles.. I'm making a pair of fingerless gloves and she chewed on the one needle..thank goodness I had another pair...always something with that she's limping..

Rudy and Annie were having their normal race and fight..well guess she got it or banged it...but she has a slight limp...I'll watch her and see how she does...

Now I'm ready for bed and the rain that's coming in tomorrow and the cold that will follow...CRAP!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always ..God Bless Us All..

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Really Nice Sunday Happening :)

A really nice Sunday happening :)... today at lunch time I met some of my RV Sistah's for lunch at was both fun and enjoyable..!!  and I even got to head over to Walmart (although that place looks like it's going to the pits) I forgot my list but got most of the items I needed..

Morning for  me was a drag..OMG!  I didn't get to sleep well at all night before as it was close to 1:30am before I finally fell asleep and woke up like I hadn't slept at all.. dragged out and brain fried....

Went to brush my teeth ..grabbed the tube and as I brought it to my mouth I smelled this ungawdly wasn't tooth paste it was BENGAY ...Glad my nose was working cause that's about the only function that was..

I just was falling between the cracks... I was rushing but going no where...I need my coffee...that's all that was too it... the brats were looking at where's my breakfast...and Ms Shug...was just floating around the room..she was like a dive bomber..hahaha..

After I finally got it together I then had to make my way out without the brats knowing..hahaha... well, that never works cause as soon as they seem me getting dressed they are in high gear ready to hit the door and jump in the car..

So my plan was to just let them go out for their potty break bring them in and let them know it was "Lunch Cookie Time" worked perfectly as I was meeting the Sistah's at noon time.. so I  did this all at 11:30am...

When I got to Perkins..the place was mobbed..OMG!  I've never seen it that packed but then I realized it was Sunday and day after Valentine's Day...hahaha..we had a wait but not too bad..

After leaving Perkins I shot to Walmart.. I was right in that same parking lot and zoomed in and out too.. got home and the look on my brats was enough to let me know they were not happy... took about an hour for them to settle down.. Ms Annie gave me a few nips..and Rudy ..well that boy is a GEM..he just stepped on my feet hahaha..

Tonight watching SNL 40 year anniversary.. brings back a lot of memories..for sure..Classic ..definitely !!

Got a text from  Rose (she shows Rotties) and I'm gonna meet up with her when she gets to the campground in Ocala.. I bought a crate for Rudy from her..that's really sweet of her to carry it along for me.. she'll be heading to the shows this weekend in Tallahassee..

That's my eventful day and tomorrow will be a another quick jump in and out.. So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Saturday "Happy Valentine's Day "


            Happy Valentine's Day

And Friday Swings On In !

And Friday swings on in ! sure did and a tad bit chilly..woke up this morning and it was 38 ..I know, I know, it's not as cold as it is up North...well, this is the South.. the deep South... it's Floriduh!!!!!!

Don't mind a little bit of chill but dang it..this is getting like the NORTH...and I do mean pretty soon it won't surprise me if I see white stuff ..eeeek !!!!...but I did cover my plants tonight as it's dropping down to 34 in the wee I am definitely increasing my electric blanket..might even have to invest in electric socks !!!

My day was pretty much as before..just a lot of things to get done and be prepared for again making setups...for me it's about getting done and able to enjoy the rest of the day...even if it's just watching my out side birds come to the feeder..

I have my list for Walmart and Winn Dixie going...and pretty soon I've got to make that run to Walmart..ugh!.. I only go there like once a month now..only if I have too.. sometimes my list starts about a month in advance...LOL.

When Robert comes down he loves to go to those places.. and I usually have my list for Sam's club..he laughs as me..but I do buy a lot..cause I don't go back for a long time... a long time..

Did a lot of interaction with Shug as she's been really quiet and I felt she might be really getting some what lonely.....she hasn't been playing with her toys like she normally does..and I certainly don't want her to start I've been letting her cage door open at breakfast time while the brats are up... I have those two rest after they Shug gets that extra hour then and then at dinner time too...and tonight she seem to be a little more active..will watch and see what's happening with her..

Nothing much on's Friday and crap is usually on.. and I didn't record it was just play with that brats and we are ready for bed..a kind of dull day..but did get a few things done..

So it's.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Thursday Was Sorta Mundane !

My Thursday was sorta mundane !  with one exception...the tray and liner pan finally came in from NuWave...ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Night time was in bed and out of this world within a few minutes..back up at 2am ..that seems to be the witching hour for Annie..and then back to bed and up again at 6am.. now I like that I really am able to go back to sleep..that's got to be my age..cause I could never, once I was awake, go back to bed...but I can now..wooo hoo..something to this ole age thing..well just something and I'll leave it at that.

UPS came early today and so did the trash guys.. I mean both came within 15 minutes of each other and all before noon...OMG!!!!...but it was and is and did happen..and I was just so excited like getting a Christmas present..took me months but got it and now I'm happy :)

The brats have been on a whirlwind and so I've decided every time they get wild and crazy they go to their crates...and tonight ...low and behold both Annie and Rudy didn't get into it and they actually laid on the floor quietly...

Been playing a lot with Ms Shug..she's been acting too quiet and I think it's because she misses Robert..she's very attached to him.. Too's will do that ..they pick like a mate.. I know he loves to hear that..but they do...and it's like the devote themselves to that one...although she will let me play with her but she's not as loving as she is with him...

So I figure I'll give her a little more out time and see if that helps her..she really was jumping around more and acted like she was wanting me to play with maybe she just needs a little more attention from me..

Watched American Idol...again..this episode was a little bit better..but they are really lacking's just too dragged out..

That was my day and now tomorrow hopefully I'll hear from that gal I bought a crate off and meet her at the rest I can pick it up and pay her..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Donation Morning On Wednesday !

A donation morning on Wednesday!... Yep!  I had to fast the night before as it was my quarterly draw done two weeks before I see my Doctor here in sunny warm(wishing) Florida !

I had scheduled my appointment on line through Quest...and that really is more waiting for someone to call me back !!..and Quest really has some good people that can hit that target !! hahaha...well this morning was a really neat lady ..she was good thank you !!!

I got the brats done and had to sneak out as Miss Annie is such a pistol if she knows I'm going somewhere..sure hope she out grows this one too ....any way I left the house at 7:45am and that sun just beating right in my eyes as I drove down highway 44..heading into Leesburg..

Got in and only sat a few minutes and my turn..and then left and headed straight down 27 to McD's for was so peaceful as I sat in my car listening to the news and enjoying my coffee and egg mcmuffin..

After that I headed up to Publix and picked up a few things..and then headed back home..the brats were sure ready to blast out of that was Zooooooooom past me..hahaha.. the breeze almost knocked me over..

Got most my planning for what I'm making during the week and weekend and also did my setups for Ms Shug..her breakfast one that is... these setups I do really help me.. I don't feel so tired trying to get everything cut up and done..

I did manage to take a little nap around 2pm..that does help me..some people say not...but for me.. it sure does..and as I get ready for the evening..I also make sure I'm loading up that dishwasher I go along all day..

Watched American know they drag this out too much.. I'm bored with the way they do things and also they have too many people that they know are gonna hit the road... it's just boring..I'm so glad the Voice is going to be starting soon...

Had Ms Shug out for awhile but she's been acting really quiet not destroying her toys..wonder if it's a change she's going through hope not..just hope it's because the weather hasn't been that great..she's getting sun light..just have to keep an eye on her too..

Ok, I'm done and so is my brain..LOL...those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Was Tuesday A Step Above ?

Was Tuesday a step above ?   anything from what happened on Monday was and could be a step above..however, never count those brats out..they sure as hell can come up with something to top it !

I for one always feel like I'm in a bowling alley and I'm one of the "Pins" they tare up the house and make those mad turns..I have to make sure my legs are up..cause sure as shooting they hit me..sometimes dead center..

I mean I can't even have my feet in front of me without either one of them stepping on my toes constantly..and let me tell HURTS !!!  I have the bruises to prove it..LOL...but when I get ticked ..they hi tale it!!

My night wasn't too bad although I did have a few dreams of that crashing lamp.. I really liked it too..guess it pays not to get too attached to anything. I'm glad I don't have a leather couch or chair..just imagine all the holes not alone teeth marks...God Forbid!!!!

The day was gloomy but the sun did decided to take a look..and that felt good but again we are going on another cold morning and evening...this sure has been the coldest time for Florida...

Got a call from NuWave today and they (Brenda) told me that they are shipping out my tray and liner pan and I should have it by the 12th..which will be Thursday..:)  I did ask her did she check into why I never got mine shipped...Now whether you all want to believe this..(like me) or maybe..just maybe there is some facts to it... I'll let you all decide..

According to Brenda....the calling center didn't properly complete the order form.. something maybe with my address ???? I had to ask, "you mean all 3 times I called>>>?????? doesn't that seem strange 3 out of 3 " ?...... silence on the other end then a ...Yes!..

Alls I know I'm hoping I see it and I sure hope it doesn't happen again LOL..but you all know by  now..if it can happens to me !!!!

Hearing all the nonsense of Brian Williams and his my thing is...Why doesn't that happen with politicians ???? any way I do think Mr Williams career is kind of shot.. but look as he told those lies..what about the crew that was with him and knew it wasn't so ????? just a little thought to put out there..

Now I'm ready for bed..had to fast tonight as tomorrow I have to get blood work done...then I need to get back to that dentist and let her know I'm not going to go for implants..take em all... let me get this over with and get my choppers ..tired of all this work and then having to have it redone again..and my teeth now are all loose...lucky me :(

With that..those traveling STay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, February 9, 2015

I Should Have Known It Was A Monday !!!!!

I should have known it was a Monday !!!!....well maybe I was just in a long awaited "Not Believe My Eyes Stage"...but better yet not believe what I heard...
Night before was ok..I mean I always have my short sleep to a deep sleep kind of night..being I just go off and I hear a bark and then I'm up and let the brats out then it's back to bed and fall into the second hand deep sleep..waking up to a RACE...into a mode of.."Get Out Of The Way"..LOL

Once I get everyone's breakfast done I then have that time to enjoy my coffee and my toasted corn day doesn't really start till then..but of course being today was Monday it's a little more intense..

It's as I go out to let the Brats out I drop off a load of laundry come back in the house and open the frig and start emptying things that I might have been at one time able to recognize but unfortunately they turn into an Enigma...oh yeah!

After that gets done I go back out into the carport gather up all the trash and tie it up in that humungous bag..(like Santa's Sack but not of something I would want to share ) then head into the garage and put the wet clothes into the dryer..head back to that dolly holding my trash...stop by and pick up a BIG cup of wild bird seed..then open the door..roll out and over to the bird feeder and dump that cup of seed..head back and I see one of the birds flying down for a check out the situation...I again pick up that dolly and head to the curb...

I leave my deposit and return to the house ..then  sit a spell and sip my coffee...catching my breath... well that's what did happen..all the brats were done and I let them out of their crates..I watch them be so nice now..they come over and lay at my feet...always before the start of another action..

This time as I'm sitting there I hear this loud tapping sound..the brats jump up like wild boar and race to the windows..Rudy goes behind the big chair and is now jumping at the window ..the vertical blinds are swaying it the breeze..Annie is jumping on the couch and I see her leaning over like the Tower Of Pizza...then TIMBER...I see the big Ginger Jar Lamp fall off the end table and crash to the floor in a lot of pieces.. I would say, "Million" but then again it didn't but big chunks and I hear a voice...

It's Clancy letting me know he's out front with a load of mulch to put down around the house...OMG!.. I attempt to gather the brats and they are so wild jumping and snapping.. I started to scream at them..they really lost it.. and I was so afraid they'd go through the I finally get them to listen they head into their crates...

I go to the front door and I'm sure Clancy had to hear me yelling..and I told him they knocked over the lamp ..he said he was sorry...I didn't tell him they broke it.. I mean I just felt bad for him as I know he didn't mean anything by it...but OMG.. now I've got this big arse lamp busted and I've got to replace it.. don't even want to go there on how much this SOB costs..but I'm sure glad Rudy and Annie didn't go through the window..

I will have to have a talk with Clancy..and tell him to just call me on the phone to be on the safe side so I can put them up..without anyone or thing getting about getting an electric shock... if that didn't kick my heart into a spasm nothing will...of course I could barely catch my breath..

So as for my Monday.. hmmmm I'll let you all brain can't handle too much of anything right now...DUH Moments.. I'm looking forward too..

Rest of the day was shot as I had to look at that empty spot..oh I did manage to dolly that big lamp out to the curb and watched the trash truck take it away... I know I felt a tear drop from my eye..

Now I'm ready for bed...I want to wake up and see my lamp there and start my morning over..but I will. I mean my morning will start over with a few exceptions...NO LAMP...:(

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Good Gravy I Did Real Good On Sunday :)

Good gravy I did real good on Sunday :)... sure did... didn't do bad the night before either..My wake up is not really bad as we all go back to sleep in a few minutes as we fly on by the kitchen...who's gonna get in bed first..guess who..Miss Annie..and she won't let Rudy near the he walks on by tip toeing past her as he crawls into his crate..the boy is just a GEM...Oh! I think I said that before :)

Morning comes and they are charged and ready to dash into the living room ..rearrange the furniture...they know Momma needs exercise.. I mean, what's a little furniture rearranging..?????

Then I'm ready to collapse after I watch them two brats move the big couch across the floor as the race around like doing laps and Daytona 500 ...I can't wait till that checker flag swings..I'm exhausted watching them !!!

Breakfast time comes and Ms Shug is ready to fly her coop....oh yeah we get the glider going as she joins me in the kitchen as I get my "stuff " together..then I walk her back in and she'll go in and check what I've given her..if it's ok..she'll head in and eat..if not..well, she's coming after what I have...sometimes I win :)

Today I made the Chicken Parm with Zucchini and pasta combo..and boy was it good.. I mean that zucchini gives it that extra twist..just enough gravy and cheese..smokin'

Then is was set back and relax and get ready for the Brats again ...yeah it become a vicious circle of events and they are moving at such fast pace..I gotta hang on... and when I took out the vacuum..well their new game is to chase reading right.. they chase me and tug on me... so I go after them with the wand..LOL  it's sucking up and grabbing their skin..they are showing now you is on candid camera...hahaha..

My day is always wonder I'm so dang beat..can't wait till my hour arrives when all are in for the can't come fast enough..

Rudy did really great tonight at dinner... I didn't have to grind up anything in his kibble ..just put his chicken thigh on top and his cookie..(that's always got to be there) and he gobbled it all up... Good Boy... now we'll see what happens tomorrow night if we got that taken care of..

Watching the Grammy love this entertainment..some are really great..reading my emails and then gonna make my nose dive under cover and get ready for Monday.. and TRASH DAY...clean out frig :)

So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Spark Of Energy Hits On Saturday :)

A spark of energy hits on Saturday.:)...yeah it does happen LOL..well more like I was now getting the itch to jump out of my skin...and feeling better but of course also seeing the sun sure did help !

My night was ok, I mean I'm just trying to get comfy and can't seem to find my place..and sleep hits and before I know eyes are open and I'm heading out the door with Annie and be brought back into the "charge" back to the I'm glad at least I pick up them hours I lose..

After breakfast I took another run out to Publix and picked up a few more things for the brats.. and Ms Shug..then I came back and did all my setups for next week and that made me feel sure gives me one heck of a break..

Seeing that eyes were drawing it in.. sure did feel good ..need to get my plants in shape and decided I'm going to hire that girl that works with Clancy to come clean once a month.. I can sure use her to help me clear out that bottom Hutch.. and change all my shelf paper ..that's a job and I can't climb..

Rudy seems to be now getting more on track with his eating and of course still trying to get Miss Annie to calm down.. she has so much energy..this is gonna take a lot..she's actually like a blast out of a canon .

Robert got his schedule for coming down ..looks like all is set for March 17th..St Patty's Day..and I'll be so glad.. that's right around the corner too..time is sure moving fast

I've got Blood work to be done next week and also meet this gal I bought a crate from.. she'll be heading to Tallahassee dogs shows and I'll meet her just at the first rest stop past Wildwood exit...not sure what day..hopefully she'll text me ..

So that's about my day..but feeling much better and starting to get my list of things that need to be done and fixed going... Need to call the Golf cart place and have them replace my batteries and a new charger and talked about putting a new engine in my one as mine moves like molasses..

Now on to tomorrow...Get Up And Go.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, February 6, 2015

I Dragged My Bones Out On Friday

I dragged my bones out on Friday... I sure did and was at the store by 7am.. I had called the night before and ordered the pork and chicken thighs cut up so all I had to do was head in and grab my veggies and bread, milk and head back to my friendly butcher..who always asks me about my pooches..

Last night I just wasn't comfy sleeping although I tucked in..and Miss Annie was up at 2:30am..ok, well like I said before, "she has her own system and we keep trying but as long as I get in those hours afterwards I'm ok..and Miss Annie once she gets in her spot..she don't move !

Had to do some setups this morning as I just didn't do them before I went to bed...but no biggy..I got everyone fed when I came back from the store which was not that long... I mean I was on a mission to get in and out ..had my list and also only a few people were in the store like me...that was fantastic..

I'm not a shopper and I really don't like going...because I just don't like when I go I try to go even with Walmart I go on a Sunday and early...get a good space and got my list and zoom..once in awhile I'll stop to check something out...but in and out I wanna go..

I'll order on line a lot of times to avoid all that nonsense..I've been this way all my life..guess it was from when my sister Alice use to take me with her..and OMG!  we went to every store in and out and back again and try this ..try that..go back again..PULEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ... so from those early days I swore I'd never ever do that again...and I haven't .

Called up NuWave..what a joke I'm so confused.. again I haven't received that bottom tray so when I called I got the same lady I talked to last time and she claims she has no way of checking to see if my order was shipped out..don't make the Supervisor and she was absolutely no help swung me over to QVC which surprised me again..she claims the number I call isn't Customer Service yet it's the number on the Web Site.?????

So I called back again and got another lady who was really nice and tried to help and just said.. " it should take 2 weeks..(oh my I've heard that one before) so she re ordered again and said.. "If I don't get it call back and they will contact the hitch is..No one knows where that is.. I mean the people I talked with ?????? 

Went into the NuWave chat room and posted what happened ..there is a few people that work for NuWave that come in and I texted her...she contacted me and said, "she would talk with the Managers and try her best to help me..".. Now I can still send this back to QVC and they will replace it..but it's just the tray everything else works...don't make sense...well we shall see...

Made an Expresso Chocolate cake and some cookies too.. and whipped up Algio E Olio..Pasta in Olive Oil and Garlic with (I added) broccoli....was GOOD!
My evening was complete..well sorta...but nothing great on TV and I didn't feel like watching anything to long...

Had Ms Shug out and she now just likes to cuddle..she's in that mood..but I did trip her claws..LOL..she wasn't happy but got over it as long as I would snuggle with her...

Bed time my brats are ready as they charge back to the bedroom and they get their treats...I hear Miss Annie grumbling...of course..Rudy he's ready for bed he is just a GEM..

Now on for tomorrow...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not Too Bad Of A Thursday

Not too bad of a Thursday... I mean my night before..with the "Storm"...I have to honestly say, "I did sleep through it"..once I was reassured that there was no immediate danger ..LOL  I know I'm bad..but l listened to the weather man and as he proclaimed "no serious issues" I relaxed and let that electric blanket go to work and I went to sleep..that is till 2am when Miss Annie wanted out..

Oh yeah, she's back to this ungodly hour..but the good thing is she comes right back in and jumps in bed and sleeps till I get up...but this was pouring..and all of us went out.. I stood of course in the carport.. I ain't no fool.. Rudy and Annie charged out and put their brakes on hahaha...oh yeah!  they didn't like the wet feeling..however..Rudy went and Annie went and charged back in.. I like the good Momma I is...had the towels waiting to dry them and of course had the towel on the steps going into the house for their tootsies..

Once we got back up again ...being again my trash day I had to get everything ready to go out.. didn't do it earlier as I wasn't sure what kind of a storm we were in for..but I managed to get it all out and even feed the poor wild birds and they were happy.. I heard Big Red Chirping...even the Wood Pecker (Woody) flew down to get his portion...oh yeah!  they was some happy birds..

I stayed put most the day as it was still damp out and I decided I didn't need things right away I'm gonna make a quick run in tomorrow.. I hate Saturday shopping but if I get in early it shouldn't be so bad and I only need a few things..

So my day was another rest at home but boy it did feel good and I am glad I did..Rudy is doing great on eating now.. and I'm happy about that.. a little more work but as long as he's doing good and no major issues I deal with it..

Watched American Idol..boy there are those few I really like will be interesting to see if they make it into the final cut... so that's about the size of it...I'm getting better and getting the bug to get out and see the world LOL..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Waiting It Out On Wednesday

Waiting it out on Wednesday.... I decided to sit back down and just take another day to let my body catch up... my cold was mainly a head cold with the wonderful running nose and sneezing that never seemed to stop...but it did..and for today I was just gonna play it on the safe side.. I mean their wasn't anything urgent I had to go get..

Sleep again is kind of iffy for me..but it's getting better and with Annie its a quick in and out and she crawls in bed and doesn't move till I get up... Rudy however, takes them deep breaths and snores loudly.. he's such a great boy !

Nothing to out of the ordinary other than I felt much better and although tempted I wasn't gonna make that leap...instead I did get in a nice nap..and felt great afterwards...even had my Italian Chicken Zuppa..and that was delish !

Night I watched American Idol and played with Ms Shug.. and now waiting for the STORM.. (you all know how I get very nervous with storms) to arrive..let the brats out and hopefully they will hang tight through the night..cause I know if it's coming like the weatherman says...well, they are not gonna want to get their toes wet LOL

So this is short and sweet and over and done.. and I'm just leaning back watching TV and call it a night...pray no one gets hurt and no surprises please..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Treaded Lightly On Tuesday

Treaded lightly on Tuesday...didn't sleep again that great but wasn't sneezing or blowing my nose all through the night...that vicks and Tylenol did the trick pretty good..cause my electric blanket kept my ice cold feet warm..and that always helps .

The brats weren't awfully bad..only partly..but they are just so excited and have to let that energy loose..but it's in the house and it's a mad dash as I sit back on the couch try to keep my legs and feet out of their way cause they have been known to trample and it doesn't tickle !

Rudy is eating much better of course I'm grinding the pork up in the morning and mixing it into his food..but he's getting now 3 full cups in the morning and at night time I take a hunk of the chicken and grind that up as well and mix that with 1 1/2 cups and place his chicken thigh on top with that biscuit... he chomps down hopefully he'll now start to put on some pounds and muscle too..

Most the day I really just kept covered on the couch..did make my batch of corn muffins up and put them up.. and then I got that hunger so I dug in my freezer and low and behold I struck gold LOL.. yeah really good too.. I found the lasagna and it was soooooooo good ..toooooo goooooooooood rich and too soon..hahaha.. I'm paying for it.....:(

Watched mainly old movies I have recorded and did get in a nap.. took a few Tylenol and before bed I'll take two more ..but my cold is almost completely gone..thank there is truth in Feed a COLD...Starve a FEVER..:)

We all are ready for bed and if I feel good tomorrow I'll head out to Publix as I need a few things for Shug and I get that there plus I need some milk..not much of anything I'll see how I am when I get up..

I noticed it looks like a Full Moon.. so bright.. when I let the brats out they were looking up at the sky... saw my first star Yes!  I did make a wish :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Is It Really Monday Again ?

Is it really Monday, again ?????   well for me it could have been any day.. I was just not really feeling that great but a lot better than the day before.. I did sleep a little more as I decided I wasn't coming off the couch but to only do what needed to be done..

Miss Annie had now decided her two times wake up it was it's going to be.. it's ok as long as we have that long down time.. and it seems that's how it goes.. she comes in bed and stays there till 6am..OK< OK > I'll deal with it..

Got up this morning for the second time and managed to get the trash out..I wasn't sneezing as bad but still not great..the nose wasn't running like a faucet..however, was sore and red as can be..

Rudy is doing better on his eating as long as I chop up that pork and mix it into his moisten dry food.. but he's eating all (almost) 3 cups..and of course Miss Annie always eats...anything I put in her bowl..LOL

Shug was being a cutie pie..and she now loves to come out while I'm putting her feed in her cage then follow me to the dog room and fly back...then comes with me into the kitchen as I get my breakfast of coffee and corn muffins together then she gives me the woo hoo sign and back she's amusing for sure..

I got on the couch and covered myself and I heard some noise was Clancy my yard man and neighbor...he brought in a load of mulch and was working away.. he's such a great human being.. a real "GEM"  I so miss his wife Elsie..she was really neat too and a good friend..

Most of the day for me was just taking Tylenol and letting the brats in and out..but today they were getting into most of the time .. I had to put them up.. I'm not gonna let that as soon as I say, "That's enough"...they walk into their rooms... sure hope this stops.

Watched the Apprentice..boy those women get nasty..LOL  I'd hate to have to work with those ...amazing how Mr Trump just sits there..but ah he does have the final word..YOUR FIRED!...

Just turned on my electric blanket and brats are in bed and I'm following.. it's gonna be another cold nose dive again..what is happening to Florida..brrrrr..but sure a lot better than Philly...

Took my meds and my Tylenol and gonna have one more day of just taking it slow and I'm slowly getting rid of they say.."3 days coming, 3 days staying and 3 days leaving"...soooooooooo it will be soon leaving me..woo hoo !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sneezing Into Sunday Too !

Sneezing into Sunday Too !.... through the night my sleep was interrupted with a few wild and heavy sneezing...but no coughing thank goodness (so far)..and as we all woke up for our two timing event...we all looked like we were dragging..

Morning finally and it was setup for my pills of once a week chore..and make my pot of coffee..thank goodness I had made a double batch of corn muffins..Yes! I picked those silicone muffin thingies at Bed Bath & Beyond..and it is Beyond too !..also picked up Robert a set I have to mail those..

I didn't have the umph to really get things going but I knew I had to do that pork up in my Ninja to mix with Rudy's kibble..he's eating and that's the main thing.. so I am bound to do it.. like it or not.. he needs not to go off his food.
Plus today being the 1st of the month.. it was Heart Worm Day.. so I make sure I go in and sit and watch them eat their breakfast with their meds ..they did !  I'm now free from my perch..woo hoo..

After I got the Brats fed and Ms Shug her dosage .. I sat back and enjoyed my hot coffee and of course my toasted (these are small) corn muffins (2)..and they were so good..and the peace and quiet was even better.. and being Sunday morning I get to watch CBS Morning with Charles Osgood!..

Now that's a show I have watched for years.. it's interesting because it hits on many interesting topics..from all over..and I even learn..:)  now that's a good thing !

Today is also a special day.. the Super Bowl..although neither is my favorite team I am routing for the SeaHawks as for what the NE Patriots did.. I still feel they should have never been allowed to play in the super bowl.. my feelings definitely ...

I also get to enjoy the commericals..they are always interesting and Budweiser..well what can any one say..but "Awesome". 

Now it's post time hahaha.. well bed time game still going but I'm not feeling that great.. nose still running and sneezing.. and taking my they say.. "it's 3 days coming, 3 days with you and 3 days leaving"... sure hope it's true..

With that... those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..