Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tuesday And Wenesday Kaput But I'm here Thursday :)

Tuesday and Wednesday Kaput! But I'm here Thursday be a wing and a prayer...for sure!!!!

On Tueday I was not well between my side and my cold I was not good for anything or anybody so I barely functioned...mostly rested for the next morning I was going for my stress test and Eco cardiograph.   Soooooo I was just a malfunction in my world...

However I still took care of my brats and had my blankie on hand to cover up. Took Tylenol most the day and used my inhaler often oh yeah I was the true picture of HEALTH ...NOT.

Went to bed early as hubby played with Ms Shug and the brats.....and under cover with electric blanket on "cook".  I needed to get these tests done...

Wednesday morning rolled in and I dragged out of bed took my temp and it was ok...fed the brats and got into the shower and ready to head out. Hubby was staying home and I was out the door...the dotor's office had several folks waiting to get their procedure done as well...

Finally I got my Echo done first and then back into the ( I call the holding pattern) waiting room till my name was called. And just leaned back and waited. Yep the long wait. Then I heard my name called.  Up I popped and walked into another room. Lucky me...the, I'll be right back was spoken. Not to bad of a wait. LoL..

Finally the nuse comes in with the metal box and the needles. Now this always gets me..I'm a bad stick as they say in the medical profession. So you have to be really good or else we are gonna have a problem.. So I show the nurse the vein that will work.  Yeah I know what your thinking but for real I know. Being a heart patient and have had so much done and major screw ups. Trust me!!!

The nurse nods and goes for it...however she blew it. As she went in she missed. Yep it happens as it's a deep vein..sooooooooo immediately she tried to regain entry while in there and at that moment it went downhill...ok..we'll try another area. Now I only have one more left...sooo hopefully we will get it.....good luck ain't a gonna happen...her aim and my vein are not connecting.......

Of course she says, " she's sorry" and I'm sure she is. However my veins are not then she starts to look for more areas. That's when I politely say" only one more try".  I'll go over to the hospital and get a pic line put in..which by the way I usually have too...

Finally the other nurse comes in and she does it..went in right on the corner edge of my wrist. Now that's an area that can be a bugger to enter along with being really sore...but in it went and sore it was.....

So the put in the med for me to get the before picture before the stress test began. Had to go back out in the lobby and drink water and in about 20 minutes they took the pictures...then into another room for the chemical stress test..sat in another chair and got the monitor on then another injection to cause my heart to rapidly beat at this point I was gasping short of breath. Felt flushed and got sick to my stomach...their eyes grew large as my face got cherry red. Oh yeah I was having a major reaction to this "new" chemical. My lucky day...they called in the doctor in which they gave me another injection. This took 4 minutes till I finally started to calm down and the whole time they kept telling me I was ok...

Now I've had loads of stress tests with chemicals but this was the first time I've ever had this reaction...sick to my stomach and a headache that was pounding..weak in my legs I could hardly walk..then the Doctor said, " never ever give me this chemical again". You got that right. But I
figured if I can survive this number I must be doing ok.

I sat in this room for about half hour and then I went back to the lobby and I had a cup of coffee and brought  a peanut butter jelly sandwich.  As with this test I had to fast...they also kept telling me that once I had something to eat I would feel better.  I'm sure but even fresh air would have felt good...

One thing about this procedure. It's freezing cold so make sure you have comfortable clothes and wear a sweat shirt cause I had to get a blanket. Also pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Protein and a little sugar gets you out of that shock to combat the headache.

After an hour I got called in again to take more pictures and then I was done. I'll say I was..although I was able to make it out to my car and drive home. On the way home I called hubby to let him know I survived and I was gonna come in and lay down. So he put the brats up and that's exactly what I did..

I slept several hours woke up with the sweats and felt like I was run over by a Mack truck..I had a cup of tea with honey and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Back to bed I went..hubby turned the TV on but I can't tell you what it was...didn't care..

Woke up early in the morning and felt much better thank goodness. Got the brats their breakfast and put on a pot of coffee..I was gonna take it easy but did make a huge batch of meatballs up to use later on..cooked them in the oven.. I ALS used my NuWave Oven to do ( get this ) hard boiled eggs and made up egg salad for hubby to make his sandwich ...

Did watch what I missed yesterday. Love recording. And tonight I'll watch Big Brother and who gets the heave Ho!  Now getting dinner ready and gonna take it easy..I will get a cat scan tomorrow to make sure no major issues with my bout of diverticulitis ...gotta play it safe don't need any more surprises.

So now I'm almost caught up to date..other than the rest of the night and I praying will be peaceful. Hooray. LoL

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

Monday, July 28, 2014

Did Monday Sneak In?

Did Monday sneak in? Not in my life time. I was up most the night with the storm that finally ended close to 4am and the Miss Annie blew her bugle....I dragged myself out of bed took care of the brats and Ms Shug...finally by 9am I got on the couch with my blankie. My side and now my cold were Kickin arse!

I did manage to get some laundry done but that was about it..had to make a couple of calls first one to get my scripts again straightened out. Always this is an on going issue...then called the Vet's office in Florida to get all the records faxed up...then it was let me rest.

Rudy and Annie were good with that. Rudy snored while Annie nestled under my blankie...and we all had a few ours of sleep...thank goodness cause I needed it..but I took Tylenol most the day and will take it tonight before bed time.

I'm trying to get half way better so Wednesday I can get that stress test done. I don't want to reschedule anything...still have to get my rig down and get a few things done plus I have to renew my drivers license too!

Tonight I made dinner. And then climbed into my recliner with my blankie. Ye! Felt like crap!  Rudy also was a chit head he decided to Tare up the vinyl hubby just put in his crate last night..Rudy is lucky I'm not feeling well..I'd a whacked him with it! I heard hubby yell. But that don't do it....Rudy is going thru the try me stage. Wait till I feel better. I'll show him how he don't wanna try ME !!

I'm ready to call it a night. Watching the HalMark channel and I can barely hold my head up. So with that. It's. Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I'm Surviving On Sunday

I'm surviving on Sunday...woke up still with that ache on my left side. Dragged through the day. Had plans of taking the brats up to Saul, our vet..for pre exam for Miss Annie before her being spayed.

However by the time the appointment grew near I wasn't feeling that well so hubby took Annie and Rudy up..Rudy needed to get weighed 100lbs. Right on and Miss Annie came in at 55.7 lbs. they is growing nicely...

I took it easy and made sure I ate bland and light. Lord knows I don't want to have any major problems    Dealing with diverticulitis is a pain in itself.....and when it flairs it knocks you down a few pegs..

By evening time I'm also getting whack with a cold. What is happening ?  I'm trying to keep on top of it as this Wednesday I have a stress test scheduled. Joy to the world!!!!

Watched Big brother and took some Tylenol and I'm ready for bed...yeah another short deal but when you feel like crap. There's nothing you even care to write about..

So those traveling stay safe and God bless us all...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Here We Are Sitting On Saturday

Here we are sitting on Saturday. I woke up not feeling great....and because I pushed the limit. Yes indeed my one to blame but ME!

Got up way before 4am because Miss Annie wanted it her way and while I was up I was having my bout with diverticulitis ..oh yeah that bugger slapped me up side my head...most of the day I didn't have a choice but to take it easy. Well as much as I could..

First it looked like we were gonna have rain then just a little but the rest of the day worked out ok..thank goodness ..however I'm still not up to par..ouch and tomorrow evening we will take Annie up to be checked over before scheduling her spaying...

So now as it's evening I'm still a little behind the weather....and yep, I sure will go easy for awhile and stop on the healthy nuts that are doing my arse in!!!

Now I need to call it a night and those traveling stay safe and God bless us all.

Uh Oh! my Missing Friday.

Uh oh! My missing Friday. Where did it go?   Seems like I forgot to click on publish.  I mean my Friday was a simple kind of day....mornings are always a quest with the brats to check out the damage control.   Then attempt to get a mission that in itself is even a bigger challenge .

My hand mixer went kaput! So now that was another object that had to be replaced along with picking up a few skeins of yarn to make an afghan..( which I may not start till back I. Florida). To also check out what Walmart has interesting and do I really need it ?????

The day dragged on and so did the Shug was going to play. "Grab everything I Can". And she did too !  Plus her stream level met the danger zone...I think I might have to start reading lips.

Finally by 9pm. An old movie came on. And it was wallow in the recliner and nudge me when the day is done...yes! The body and brain met at the same level...out in the Ozones.  Cause it all needed to bee put to rest..

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!  Those traveling stay safe and God bless us all!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What A Pleasant Thursday :)

What a pleasant Thursday...although morning was not a great start. I mean Miss Annie had other ideas.  She was getting up like it or not. And up we all got!!

From there on in the day turned out pretty good. I had company ..a few of my friends pop in for late lunch and I made a Jewish Apple Cake which was excellent.  Thanks so much Paulette for sharing that recipe :)

Later in the afternoon I got in an hour nap..woo hoo.  I meant was needed too...then it was time to feed the brats...they certainly let me know.  Miss Annie is getting very vocal. While Rudy is such a gem...he puts up with Miss Annie gnawing on him. He's such a sweetheart..

Right now Ms Shug is in a screening mode...Almost breaking the sound barrier. What gives?   I think I must have given her too much meat. Hahaha.   Sure hope she settles down....cause it's bed time .

Watched Big Brother tonight and it's now starting to get going. I mean most of the players are not sharp enough to play the game..maybe this young group just are more followers...this coming week should start to make some clever moves..

My clever move is to head to with that I'm gonna say, those traveling stay safe and God Bless us all...

Again another short and sweet....I'm enjoying no major issues. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ok A Wash Out Wednesday

Ok, a wash out Wednesday.... My morning was just ok, I really wasn't much of anything..seems like every time I turned around things just went South. Is it Oct yet?

Called to vet in Florida to get Annie and Rudy's vaccine records as this Sunday we take Miss Annie up to Saul's to get check pre spaying.. She's a sweet gal and because she is not being shown I want to make sure no accidents happen and her getting spayed is the right thing to do..

Rudy when I go back to Florida will start being shown. He is really coming into his own..every day as I look at him I'm seeing him maturing..his body alone shows his muscle tone and his head as it broadens is looking really impressive...

My phone alarm kept going off warning of a severe storm and yep! Just as I started watching Big Brother the picture started going in and out. Always. LoL

So now as the rain is coming I'm gonna shut things down and try to get a good nights sleep. Yes this is short and sweet....

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all...

Boy Am I Late For Tuesday

Boy am I late for Tueday.  Ok, so I fell asleep...I was just so dang tired. I mean the brats had this thing going. They were full of the devil and as I crated them they even yelled louder than a coyote .

Morn was wild with Rudy catching his foot in the cage door. He'll there was a brutal scream that I woke up out of a dead sleep. My heart was pounding hard ( hey Doc, I just had my stress test)...when I finally got the crate door open he was calmed down and his foot was loose and no major injury. Thank goodness!

Appearently Rudy had stuck his foot through the bars while sleeping on his back and must have turned and it got stuck. Now he was a lucky I'm gonna have to use a longer crate..which I have but need to get a replacement pan..

So the whole house woke up at 4ish and I made sure his leg was ok I think Rudy even liked the extra he was really playing up to it big time. :). He's quite the Momma's boy now. LoL

I surely Know that sometime that day a nap was coming into place...for us all....cause most of the day as I tried to do things I dragged through it.   More like slow motion without the poetry.

Got a call from Bonnie ( my housekeeper) as she told me that John ( of the fighting duo) signed himself out of rehab with his feeding tube still in place and also picked up his two dogs and was going to stay in his house...Lonnie was driving him around using John's car.  John also request his things back of which I had ...keeping them for him...

John has been not wanting to follow anyone's help and now that he and Jane made up again now really doesn't want anyone's help and he thinks she's's how these two feed off each now I wash my hands of them both and even blocked their calls..more like good riddance!

Could it really be that simple?  Not sure but I do hope and pray that he gets medical help as he still has to have surgery and is not well.  You know that saying, " you can lead a horse to water".  So be it!!!

Most of the day then just dragged on. I made another dinner using my NuWave Oven. And I'm enjoying the  no fuss no muss and no I continue to learn the neat technique.

Later hubby and I watched America's got talent as I fell asleep. Then come too wee morning hours. And here I am. Finishing up my blog. Shame on me. :)

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Special Day On Monday :)

A special day on it is Ms Shug's birthday. She is now 2 years old. Can't believe how the time flew ( no pun intended).  You can see how she is starting to look more mature however, still breaking her tail feathers with all her antics...

My two brats were wild and crazy and Ms Annie goes bonkers. I have to hold her to calm her down. Today was a worry day for me some what as Miss Annie kept up chucking.  She'd drink too much water after she ate that it just flowed out.  She did that several times today. That I had to put her up..

I always after they eat make them lay down for an hour so they can digest their food..they run and jump around so much you'd think they were part frog!  So tonight I made sure after dinner they stayed in their crates. So far so good no sign of anything.

Ms Shug had her out time and was a character. She played with my soda bottle ( empty) and I tried to get a picture of her holding it. As it looks so neat.  But she did sit up and watch me do her set ups of her feed for the next 3 weeks. She didn't miss a bag. LoL

We all did get some what of a nap in and then it was. On with the everyone has gone out and Ms Shug back in her cage and it's time for bed. Thank goodness..always feels good to climb in bed and get in some down time but it sure seems to go by too quick.

So with that it's. Safe travel to all and always God bless us all.

Uh oh I have to download an app to put up pictures from my Ipad. So that's my next adventure. Wish me luck. LoL

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Typical Italian Sunday :)

A typical Italian Sunday...morning for me was busy. Got up took care of the brats and put on a pot of Gravy which in it had beef and pork...homemade pasta ..yes, it was the gathering .  An all day feast that begins after church then sit down to some pasta followed by some beef and pork and veggies then on to salad to help you digest your meal. On to the bowl of assorted fruit..take a breather and have some coffee with dessert. Such as a huge brownie with homemade vanilla ice cream. Burp!

While you are in the sitting position you need to loosen your belt and dangle you legs as not to have them fall asleep. Hahaha.  You also get to hear all the gossip and what's the latest...and by the end of the day when all is silent get pointed in the right direction to fall forward and pray you make it to the next day. Burp!!!!!

The brats were on such good behavior ...I'm still not sure they were mine. :).  I did give a call to Saul ( our friend and vet) to arrange to have Miss Annie spayed.  I'll bring her up next Sunday for a pre check and then for surgery day..

The day in itself was a nice day and for sure a enjoyable one as well. Tonight hubby and I sat back brought out Ms Shug and watched a movie as she jumped back and forth between us playing with everything that was in her reach and getting a lot of scratching...she lets me know when it's her time and don't think of ignoring or she will break the sound barrier.

After she goes back in her cage the brats come back out and they get their turn again then given a treat and in for the night. It's the routine and you have to follow or big trouble in paradise . lol

Now it's time for my paradise.  To that big comfy bed.  Thank goodness. Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What A Good Day, Saturday

What a good day, Saturday....woke up at 5am..wished I could have slept longer. Headache was still with me but very light..I do believe it was because of my jaw surgery..

Brats were in rare form and have decided that when they are in the run they are digging there way to beneath the earth..Both Miss Annie and Rudy come in with their noses covered in dirt!  Bet I could put them out for hire digging ditches !

Today was the day the faucet was gonna be replaced..I mean it has been leaking since before I left to go to Florida in Oct 2013!  Hubby attempted to fix it ever since and being he's not a plumber...well let's just say, "it hadn't work right and just got worse". And we'll leave the rest of the story to your imagination.....LoL

I now have a new faucet and it works beautifully...end of story, now on to other goodies in the house. Is it Oct yet?  Replaced the filter in the freezer and have great ice :). I'm on a mission can you tell?  Drives me bonkers when things are not working right...I've got to get them fixed...

My legs are now improving as well..I've had to keep them up for a bit as the trip back home does a little number on me. And I try my darness to not let them get to where they start to weep...sometimes it's out of my control....however I pay a lot of attention and do what ever I can.

Thanks Todd, Robert gave me the Goody's headache powder..I remember that when I was in of the Professors I had use to take it..he always swore by it next time I'll give it a try..:)

Brought in my NuWave oven from the motor home. I'll be using that a lot as here in this house with no central air it gets hot in the kitchen. I've learned a few great cooking ideas with it and sure does make life easy..

Ok, time to hit the sack and on for tomorrow. Those traveling stay safe and always. God bless us all!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Oops Thursday and Friday Grouped

Oops Thursday and Friday grouped together.  I was so tired from going to the doctors. I sat from 9:30am till almost 2pm.  I saw my Cardio doc first got an EKG and then got scheduled for Stress Test and Echo on the 30th of July. Had a good visit with him and good thing was there wasn't any changes in my EKG from last years.

Then I slid over to my Internist...and waited to see him. It felt like I moved in..but I did get two done and so was I...I also got paper work for blood work to be done and also to log into the Portal of both Doctors...

I stopped on my way home to pick up a faucet but no deal.. They didn't have the one I wanted so that means Saturday I'm on a get my sink fixed...I had to ask my hubby..." Why he didn't get it done".  I don't even want to write his reply other than he attempted to fix it.....he's a mathematic whiz but not good in home repairs...where's  my wrench?

When I got home I had a whopper of a headache and went to bed up at 5am and the brats were full steam fact every time I look in the run Annie and Rudy have dug another trench!

Most of today (Friday) I took it easy and just put a few more things headache is still with me and my jaw has been aching. Actually it's the first time since my surgery.

Haven't spoken with John much as his girlfriend has been doing a lot of screaming at all that we're helping me help him...I've blocked her calls as no sense in even dealing with a raving get no where but upset and it's not worth it.

Noam so ready for bed and gonna take some Tylenol and pray for a good night's sleep.  Safe travels to all and as always. God Bless us all

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Not Lost, Just Found On Wednesday

Not lost, just found on Wednesday....yes, I made it home safely but have been too wiped out to even think..was happy to pull I our driveway but when I walked into the house...Ouch!  My kitchen faucet was broke.....hello does one manage to work without a kitchen faucet...not easy that's for sure.

Our trip home was an adventure from the get go..everything went wrong and by the time we got everything loaded and pushed off it was close to 6pm which meant I was gonna have to drive at night..not a good thing for me as I have trouble seeing at night and you all know hubby won't drive the rig...

We got into Brunswick, Ga at 11pm yes, in the dark and I white knuckled it the last 2 hours..I won't do that again!!!!  Plus the rain came down and training pups to potty on a leash was another winner!
However, hubby had to walk them as I wasn't able too.

Left Ga, around 9ish and drove close to 6 hours and got into Lotta, South Carolina...that wasn't bad at all and a straight fact I got a good rest that day...once we get there we fill up with gas get parked and we are good for the night..put the one slide open and lay on the couch..the brats started to get in the swing and liking it...

I parked way in the back and as we drove back we saw a bunch of truckers sitting out on a couch and a few arm chairs and as I looked at the truck it was a movin van. Hahaha wonder whose furniture it was. But they did later on pack it back up I'm sure nicely. Hahaha. Makes ya wonder though..

It poured later that night and way into the morning...pushed off close to 10Am and drove 6 1/2 hours into Carmel Church, of my favorite places..again set up and took a nice nap then had dinner...the brats now got the routine down and are really doing great..

The last part of the trip was very long in fact too long as we had gads of traffic in the Washington, Baltimore area..too much traffic...stopped finally and had dinner with my long time on line friend Paulette at Cracker Barrell and enjoyed dinner and laughs. Then pushed off and visited with my friend Mary. And in the morning had breakfast with Mary, Dee, and Alan...

Then it was the long ride home in traffic again through Philly...but we did detour and go up the Jersey home and unloaded most of the stuff but still had a few more to go..

The next few days I sorted and vegged  out. The brats are getting use to the house and I. Just functioning slowly.  So here I am ready for bed fave a quick recap and I'm sure I'll remember a few things I forgot to mention...but for now it's. Good night and sweet dream

Safe travels and as always. God Bless us all !!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yikes! We Were Busy On Tuesday

Yikes !  We were busy on Tuesday... early up and my list was in my hand...let hubby sleep a few extra hours.. and then the race was on... The Brats played some but I had to put them up and out of our way as we unloaded the freezer..

In and out..boy my legs were talking back.. then it was grab all the food storage bins.. then cookies..hahaha.. oh yeah then Ms Shug's group of goodies and toys.. can't leave with out them.. NEVER ...

Then it was break time as we plopped down on the couch.. let the brats out to play and have their lunch cookie.. then potty and back in their crates and on to the next stage.. it seemed like it was endless..

Frig was next as I filled up all the water bottles.. OMG... I was like Niagara Falls.. it kept coming.. more I filled the more there was.. then the plain water.. we have 5, 6 gallon jugs.. washed them out and filled them with plain water..for the sink.. as I decided not to fill the holding tank.. this way when we need to have water we have it... as we do take our showers at the Flying J's ..

One less major job to do.. and because we are use to doing it this way being from the North and being winterized it's no biggy.. if we pull in a campground we direct hook up.. but we only plan on going from Flying J to Flying J..

My list is almost done but for a few things.. and I have Bonnie coming over tomorrow to help.. as I'll have her to vacuum and that's a big the beds will be stripped and turn the mattress.. was the dog beds too..

I'll also give her a list of things I'll need her to take care of for me while I'm gone.. and she's wonderful.. and a great caterer... and she'll also help with John to in getting others to help out.. which is a big help and load off my mind as well.

Now I have to call the Rehab where John is at as his crazy girlfriend is really causing him a lot of pain.. I'll speak with the Social Worker and see if she can intervene.. I had several calls from John today with that mess...can't imagine anyone could be so nasty.. but I learn something everyday..

Need to get to bed.. and have an early start tomorrow.. hopefully we'll be able to push off by 2pm... Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All 

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Siege Is On And On Monday

The Siege is on and on Monday.... just what I needed too !... Got up at 5am as Miss Annie is now settled in for this time... and as we all marched up to the kitchen ..then out to the patio... then back inside.

Today was a day I wasn't looking forward too... I mean I wasn't sure how this all was gonna turn out... I and Doris was going over to this Groomer's place and pick up John's two dogs..and hopefully without any major issue..

I had decided not to have her know we were coming.. as I didn't want her to alert the girlfriend (the fighting duo partner) to create a major problem..although the problem would have turned out to be hers and the groomers.. being I was following John's decision.. plus, this groomer didn't even have the right to board them in her shop.. she didn't have a license but was merely doing Jane a favor and needed money herself.

Sometimes these things can bite ya in the butt !.. Doris, a good friend and a very caring woman...been in poodles almost all her life and has rescued Jane's dogs from years ago .. when Jane neglected and abandoned them in someone else's care..seems these things come back to haunt people..and Jane's nasty attitude with the boyfriend (the other fighting partner) telling him she'd have them put down.. Lord help us !

So as Doris and I showed up at the groomer's I had John call her to tell her we were coming to pick them up and pay her off.. she (the groomer) was in total shock and wanted to know "Why".. just as we walked in the shop we were hearing her challenge John and Doris butted in.. LOL.. (good for Doris) and just simple said, " Miss, it's because John can't afford it".. and then I chimed in... "The man has no money and can barely make ends meet much less pay $20  a day"  WE are here to bring them to a place where their care is going to be "Free" through the kindness of this person's heart.. Let me know how much John owes you and I'll pay you off and we'll be on our way"..

The groomer was totally at a loss and then said,  "Well, I'm not prepared, and the dogs are in rough shape and need a bath and to be groomed, can I please do that .. I won't charge anything for it ".. I looked at Doris and we both asked, "How long will this take" ..and she replied , "I can have them ready by 3:30pm".. well that was very nice of her and Doris and I both shook our heads YES!   I then asked how much did John owe and she told me.. I was going to pay her and asked her for a receipt.. with that she asked, "Does Jane know".. which Doris replied .."It's none of Jane's business, these are John's dogs"... Hello there Momma !!!  I almost bust out laughing.. cause Doris did come on very strong... Good for you Doris !!!

Now mind you this groomer really didn't do anything wrong as she got stuck in the middle by Jane and she certainly didn't want any trouble.. and I could understand that too...but I was prepared for the unexpected.. thank goodness things went well.. however our day was a long one.. and we had to come back and pick the dogs up then deliver them and then head home..

I had Doris come stay at my home as this woman had to drive an hour and a half to my home and to go back and come back again was gonna be too much for her.. Doris is battling Pancreatic Cancer and going through Chemo.. she has the heart of a caring and understanding and she has helped Jane out so many many times.. but this was the last straw... Doris had rescued dogs from Jane years ago when Jane again had a "herd" and was putting them with others to watch while she was doing her business and not coming back to even check on them... so this is something that seems to have been an on going issue from years ago..  which I never knew..

The outcome went through well..haven't heard from Jane but I do expect her to get nasty and then I will finally end this well as what Doris will do also.. as for John.. I did tell him he needs to get a "Nice Pill" and appreciate what people have done for him and his dogs.. and stop being such a nasty person.. Don't know if that will change..but he should thank God for all what took place and pray that he'll have a few good years to love his dogs..

For me, I thank God for the people I've met and have helped me get through all this as well.. and give me strength to get my arse in gear for tomorrow we still have to get things done in the house and pack up.. so we can be on the road by Wednesday..

Now I'm so ready for bed.. and I am gonna thank God there was no major problems and all of us made it through this day.. I also ask for prayers for Doris as she continues on with her battle with Pancreatic Cancer..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All ..

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Gathering Of The Goods On Sunday

A gathering of the goods on Sunday... as it was we brought the motor home over and when I walked inside and looked at the crates I had the heaviest heart.. I knew this day was gonna be a difficult one.. as my Big Boy, Zeke was not with me..nor my little ole gal, Ms Reba..

I couldn't hold back the tears.. I guess it was the first full day I could actually let it go..and I sure did.. I mean my heart hurt.. I was going to be leaving without him for the first time in 10 years and for Ms Reba 18 years.. One never does realize how much your life revolves around these wonderful loving creatures given to you to grow into your heart .

My hubby came in the rig and just sat down...he knew this was going to be my hardest day...he just came up beside me and held me.. I don't know how long I sat there...but I do know my kids were are still are so much apart of me..

After parking the rig in the driveway, it actually felt good .. I mean I loved my rig and enjoyed those many many trips I took in her.. and how at home it is and will always be.. I just wished I had my health to be able to travel those roads again.. just parking where ever you find peace.. and those gorgeous sunsets.. those wonderful parks.. I sure do miss them.

Then into the house to start loading her up.. as my list is together and filling all those spaces.. goodness I'm getting the edge again.. and before I know it.. we'll all be packed and ready.. LOL

Bonnie came over this afternoon .. she made a cake for us and brought some BBQ Pork.. Wow it was delish!..She's a great cook and does catering, plus cleaning houses.. She's raising her grandson .. and God Bless her she has a heart of gold.. She'll be taking care of my home and I feel good again..just like Diane and Bob..

The brats were a little upset with a lot of the time they had to be put up .. not to get in our way of carrying things out.. and later on they had their out time and fun time.. cause ya know.. keeping these brats up can be dangerous when let loose.. like cannons  LOL  BOOM>.!!

Tomorrow I have another full day but in the morning I have to meet Doris to go over and pick up John's dogs..this is going to be a scene..  Another fight happened and according to him.. Jane had threatened to put his dogs down.. and when he called me crying.. I called Doris to find his pooches a place to stay that wouldn't cost him a fortune of money he doesn't have ..and out of Jane's control..

Jane has been calling me for days and I haven't answered.. I just don't want anything more to do with this kind of nonsense.. and after I get John all settled I'm done with the pair.. this has been a horrible experience. Some things I could let them get away with.. but this went beyond me..!

Now it's time to get to bed.. and on with the show.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Nothing Day On Saturday :)

A nothing day on Saturday :)... Yes, that's what it was.. Hubby decided being that he was "spent" he needed a NOTHING kind of Day.. and I agreed..with my ice pack to my jaw..:)

Morning was "Gotta get up".. although I was dragging from taking a pain pill the night before..well half one .. as I'm not good with pain meds.. so when I got up I was in slow motion...the brats were full steam ahead...but they did slow down for me...

Also they were really very good.. I mean when they came in from outside they were l like "Angels".. not a race, or a wrestle match was put into motion.. HUH?>  I thought I must be still dreaming.. but hubby was still sleeping and I guess they decided.. we'll be good for now..Works for me :)

Most of the day hubby was just leaning back and we did some chatting..well he did .. I listened as I wasn't much for talking..only to say, "I'm hungry".. hahaha.. and my milk shakes weren't too bad and my pasta zupa wasn't bad either..but boy I could sure like something to chomp down on.. but that will come soon..

Had a heavy rain fall and hubby and I watched it also got into watching the humming birds do their thang at the feeder.. and even watched the Woodpecker come to the feeder.. neat.. and we just grabbed every moment we could cause tomorrow we have to start loading up..

So that's really what my day was.. but as for the fighting duo.. it's a nightmare..she still is fighting and being a nasty person..he's too weak and calls me and cries.. hard call ..there is not a win on this ..only two people that have made everyone around them work will soon be done for John and I pray that he will get his strength back to go through the next surgery..

I've made some arrangements for his dogs to be taken care of without costing him a fortune.. so Monday I and Doris will go to where they are and bring them to their new place till John is able to take care of them.. and that will be another fight to the finish with his "true love"..

So now I'm ready for bed and will be ready for tomorrows action.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, July 4, 2014

The 4th Of July On Friday !

Happy 4th Of July    

                                    God Bless The Good Ole U S A !

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"D" Day ! On Thursday

"D" Day on Thursday... YIKES.. it's the big day for my visit with the Reconstructive Surgeon on my Jaw..HELLO MOMMA.... but at least it will be done and I can go home ..heal and get all my teeth fixed and corrected..AMEN !

Morning was a little hectic as my brats were so busy and just didn't want to settle down and as I was fixing their breakfast at 7am the phone rang and it was the Dentist (Surgeon) calling to see if I could come in earlier.... Now I sure wished they called me the night before cause I would have been at their doorstep wanting to get this overwith..

However, I had to decline.. I mean I was fixin breakfast and I knew with the pups, if I were to leave ..I'd come home to something I wouldn't want to clean after going through what I had too.. YIKES NO WAY..

By the time I got myself together I was out of the house at 10am.. and in his office by 10:30am.. yep, that nervous stomach hits..Thanks..but it's that way always.. and once they called my name.. I knew it was gonna be over soon..

The whole process took about 1 1/2 hour..but seemed like forever..though I only felt a little pressure as I was numb from my nose to my toes it seemed..and the nurse kept talking with me I could really answer.. when finished I looked a little bruised ..but mainly was the swelling that was happening.. and of course a mouthful of stitches..but no far..

Got home let the brats out and gave them their lunch cookie.. and they were happy.. my mouth full of gauze..yucko.. but I did have ice pops in the freeze.. I always have loads of them in case I'm not feeling well.. and in this case I know I'll be using them

Later I put the brats up so I could lay down as I needed too.. I felt that strange I took a 2 hour nap.. my discomfort was only slight and the Novocain seem to be warring off slightly... I mean this was really going slowly.. which was fine with me..

Tonight I just had an ice pop.. as I no longer had the gauze in my mouth and my face is some what swollen..but that will go done.. I have an ice pack..a little bit of throbbing..and I'll take a pain pill when I go to bed.. haven't had one all day..

Had several calls and even though I told them ..don't call cause I won't be able to talk..they called.. hahaha.. and of course I couldn't hardly talk.. but was nice of them..

Hubby will be here tomorrow and thank goodness I can get a day to myself as he'll take care of the brats.. he'll love that.. but he's good about that.. and I need that day.. to rest up. It will be good to see him..although I can't eat LOL.. and he'll be hungry.. plenty in the frig.. I'll watch.. :(

It's bed time and the brats went in willingly.. the rain has been off and on.. and a few loud bangs too..but I'm really worn out.. soooooo those traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wham, Bam, It's Wednesday

Wham, Bam it's Wednesday... and here I am bummed out cause I missed my dentist appointment and have to come back again in Oct to finish the's not just a Dentist appointment cause he's a reconstruction surgeon.. and because of using Fosamax I've had to have work done on my lost many of my crowns.. I feel like the tooth fairy left me barren.

Morning for me was a quick flash..well that's how it seemed as I had to go over Carol's house and pick up things that she was keeping for John ..being she and her hubby had to leave town.. because of illness in the family.. so that took up a good part of my morning..

Got back and I was just so bummed out.. Brats were there usual self.. I mean they can wreck a room in a short bit.. and so they did..and again I straightened up.. no matter how much I yell.. they are pups and they wanna have fun.. so I sit back and get out of the way.. then again I get up and straighten up..

Noon time was their Lunch Cookie.. this sucker is huge. it's an Xtra Large biscuit and it brings out the beast in them..LOL.. before tonight's dinner.. the RAW MEAL... now let me tell ya.. that's definitely the call of the wild..grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

As I sat back in my chair next to Ms Shug and looked out my window watching the hummers go into battle over the sugar water.. the phone rang.. and HELLO was my Dentist Office.. (Surgeon) and they let me know that Doc was taking me in tomorrow at 10:45am.. woo hoo.. that changed my mood..

Now really think about this.. I'm happy for going to have a little pain (hope a little) and not be able to talk.. chew or for that matter smile.. HUH???? I know but this Doc is fantastic.. and my jaw will be back to normal and when I go home and heal I'll be able to get my (paid for) teeth / partial bridge done and I'll be able to chew like normal..

That made my day and the rest of the day was WONDERFUL.. and also in two days hubby will be here and we start our process of loading up the rig for that long, long ride home...

Watched tonight.. So You Think You Can Dance.. those kids are fantastic.. such great talent.. I ached as I watched them bend, fold and fall over each other.. so gracefully... where's my Aleve LOL

Now it's bed time and I'm so ready.. brats got their treats and they are tucked in and on for tomorrow... just in case I might not post.. I do hope and pray all traveling Stay Safe and Watch that Weather... God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where And What Did I Do Tuesday LOL

Where and what did I do Tuesday LOL.. hahaha.. sorry but for me it was a crazy day and a silly one at that too... started the morning off not so bad.. brats got up at 4am and refused to go back to bed..Ok, so I'm up...ugh !

Came out into the kitchen and attempted to gather the water bowls cause I know my brats are thirsty as I take the water up at 8pm..and they go in their dog room and rest while I play with Ms Shug.. so thirsty is not the word..LOL.. Then they head out the door to empty..hahaha.. yeah that's how it seems..

Once back in the house it's "Hell's a Blazin"  cause they are on the road to somewhere and Lord help you if you are in their way.. they show no Mercy ...then it's hit it hard till they drop... Me, I learned the hard way.. with many get out of their way till the wrestling and race is over...

They flop and fall out for a good hour.. which gives me time to get my pot of coffee on and post on my group to say, "Good Morning"..I've made it through another day.. 

Now this morning being the 1st of the month it's Heart Worm day.. so I needed to take Miss Annie and Rudy into the Vet's office to get them weighed in.. I knew Rudy would be ok as he's been on the 51-100 dose but Miss Annie I wasn't sure her got her now on the dose below Rudy.. for a few months anyway.. Rudy weighed in at 90.5 and Miss Annie was 45.8 they are doing great and their hearts are sounding great too..:)

Rudy did really great in the car.. no sick pup.. Oh thank you !!  While at the Vet's office he was happy to see everyone and they were surprised at how big he's grown.. Miss Annie was a wiggle waggle.. and to get her on that scale..OH MY STARS.. she did wiggle.. then they met the "CAT"  with a few hisses and a tap with the paw..OUCH.. hahaha.. then a lady came in with her four kids and one in a stroller.. OMG.. it was wild.. Rudy was crazed to say the least.. the kids were all over him hugging and the one climbed on him to ride..the lab girl came out and was shocked... me too.. she couldn't believe that mother just let them go... they were having a ball and me.. I was like.. OMG.. they are like bugs..all over everywhere.. Rudy was just looking from one to the other..then out came the big tongue.. the one kid was soaked.. then Miss Annie was doing her thang too.. just wiggling.. and as we left I looked down at Miss Annie .. she had something in her mouth... Hello Momma it was the kid's bottle.. Holy Mollie  LOL

For my brats that was some experience.. and for me as well.. and I do believe the lab techs as well.. Doc just shook his head couldn't believe it either.. I bet his day was another surprise too.. hahaha

Came home and we all took a Nap... now as for what I got done.. mmmm I'm not really sure.. but what ever it was .. well there's always tomorrow.. oh I did call Bright house and Directv and got that taken care of.. see I did do something LOL..

Tonight I didn't cook.. nope.. I went to Hardee's and got a burger it was GOOD.. and that was that.. Watched America's Got Talent and then called it a night.. We all are now ready for bed and honestly.. it's gonna feel great too..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All..