Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Sweet Surprising Saturday

A Sweet Surprising Saturday...Finally someone that I don't even know made my day !  How wonderful as this morning my day started off gloomy.. Even though the sun was out my mood was BLAH ....Yes, indeedy !

I had not heard any news on Friday on what was going to be happening for my MRI...but I had put my trust in a person who remembered me from a few years ago...who actually by the way lived in a town near me. She had given me her word that she would make sure that everything would be ok...Her name is "Diane"...(seems I always get good vibes from Diane's ) any way that Friday went by and like I said, "no word, no call, nothing".

This morning I got up dragging a bit..(my foot was not good either) and I managed to get a few things done and boy was I in that "Down in the dumps" frame of mind..Had a few calls, talked with my niece.  I had called her yesterday as it was her wedding anniversary as I watched Will and Kate take their vows.

I leaned back and decided I would start another list (always good to at least make the attempt) and "HELLO"  the phone rang and it was a young woman from Express Care doing a follow up for my MRI on MONDAY...HOLY's gonna happen..(wait your turn deary) and then she proceeded to tell me that my MRI is with Contrast (using a dye) UH OH !   I then jumped and said, "WAIT"... I have to be pre medicated first, I'm allergic to dyes"...OH Lordy, what's gonna happen.... ?????

She quickly responded and said, "Barb, no problem...we have that covered..The dye we are using for the MRI has no shell fish, or iodine and no one has problems and I have your med chart here and all looks fine"... I felt some relief, but I did ask..." Can I fax you my meds so you can check to make sure"...?   I got an ok...and then she did say,  "But we still haven't gotten the Doc's script... I got the ok from the Insurance Company...but no script "...

Crappola..what's with this Doc's office...I had to ask, "What if"?????? Quick response..."Don't worry, the insurance company will be right on that Doc's butt big time"  my next words were..."What if that Doc won't take care of it "?...response again was..."We will have a podiatrist that will take you ".....

I have to tell ya.... I have used this place a long time ago "Express Care" when I had Shingles and they were terrific...even did a MRI of my Brain as I had the Shingles on the right side of my head..on my face in my ear, on my eye.. I was a complete mess ...They took great care of me and referred me to a Neurologist and sent all the info also to my Doc's in Philly...Yes, I'm gonna return to them...after all this mess gets finished..

Even with this other Doc I have ...(family one) I'm frightened with his office and mess..however, they did tell me to keep that Cardio Doc as that was very for me.. I'm not happy with how the medical profession seems to treat people here in this area...maybe I'm just use to Doc's that are aggressive and make sure you follow what you are suppose to ...or off with your heads..!...That's what I like.. don't flower up anything...let me know what's what and what can we (if any) do about it...

So, that's how my day went along after my phone call..I felt much better. It didn't reach my foot yet...but I'm workin' on it :)

Made up some Mac Salad...back in Pa we put Tuna fish and Eggs, green pepper, celery, carrots, onions, olives, green or black (take your pick) salt, pepper and Mayo..(Hellman's of course) and we kind of eat that with shredded lettuce for a lunch or dinner...and a glass of "Sweet Tea" was good !

Tomorrow I've got to get some more work done so I can at least have a jump start..mailed my Great, Great, Nephew his Holy Communion Card and I know he'll be very proud that they are keeping with tradition..

I still can't get over those hats.. I mean that wedding was awesome and I loved Kate's Wedding Gown.. It fit her style...but those hats those gals wore...oh my stars...I'm still grin'n from ear to ear...

I'm gonna watch a movie called Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera. I happen to like both..very talented and I'm sure the music will be good too..Thank you NetFlix I need some good cheer !

Hope you all have a wonderful day and God Bless

Catch ya later

Friday, April 29, 2011

"Fought-less Friday"...

"Fought-less Friday"...ah shucks just my sense of humor taking off again.. Actually it was a calm up at 4am and watched the " WEDDING"  and I might add it was amazing how many of us were up too...Yes, I know several people that their TV's were going. I spoke with a few on the phone as we gave our approval...Gosh it was a gem of a show ..Those hats blew me away in fact if a strong wind would have come up...they would be saying..."Off with those hats"..ha ha ha ha !!!!

No phone calls today other than from my friends and neighbor (Betsy)  regarding my blog...I know, some days I can let it just rip and other days I amaze myself how I get into things without even trying.

Well, the launch didn't happen this afternoon and I was awaiting that my brain starts to wander...I'm hoping my launch (MRI) takes place Monday too... Again, no word might mean good news.  Or it's to the Mattress I go..(in the God Father ) can you hear the music in the background playing as I make my phone call...UH HUM :)

Oh !   Last night as I went to let me critters out for their "Night Cap"  I opened the back screen door and low and behold there was a Cardinal sitting right under my awning..never moved and turned it's head and was looking at me... I spoke very gently to him and that dang bird sat and watched.. My critters did their thang and came in and I said, "Good Night and Hang Tight"... gosh I know I've been getting them messages...a couple days before that one Titmouse flew up to where I normally had the feeders and then came and landed on my window frame and tapped on the window...Gosh, I'm feeling really bad...

I've been looking on the internet for Squirrel Proof feeders and YES, I'll find them and YEP, I'm a sucker for it... I do miss watching those makes my days go by smoothly and relaxing... I'm a Creature of Habits and those I have are very difficult to cut loose...Like enjoying nature and watching life evolve around me...How those darling birds take to being fed and watch their behavior...Maybe that's why I went into research.. I loved it !

Fed my crew and now I'm taking time to do some more research...I'll find what I'm looking for maybe tonight I'll even see that Cardinal again...Wonder if he's telling me something...or making me make the "PLEDGE"...Food is coming soon ...wonder if he's running for some kind of office ???????

Another funny for you to enjoy... I ordered my NetFlix movies...and they arrived and I opened them and "What is this" ?   I ordered Secretariat and got Sea Biscuit instead    HA...Ok... I know they are both horses...but WHAT ???  Guess the joke was on wait till I call them !!!!

Wonder who's running at Jamaica ????  :)  (a race track )

Catch ya later !

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Me Oh My Oh..What a Thursday

Me Oh My Oh ...What a Thursday....Holy Hannah, I'll say !... I heard from the Foot Doc's office and the "Nurse" was a winner ... She just said, "We got pre certification and your MRI is scheduled for tomorrow at 4PM"  just like that... well, I can't do the late hour and I had told her before hand.."Please make it for early morning".

Did she even bother to listen????? then she tells me..."Well, you just call and make your own appointment then if they will change it "  ... Oh, you are so I called and I get the story..."  Only appointment we have open is for next week then ...ON WEDNESDAY...

I just simple say, "Well, I'll call another place and see if I can get in earlier than that" I did and I did get an earlier 7:30am tomorrow.,,,,Whooopie..

So I call back the "Nurse" at the Foot Doc's office and she proceeds to read me the riot act and tells me..."I can't go anywhere else "... WHAT?????... I ask her .."WHY" ?  simple right...NOT...She gets (pissy) crappy with me and tells me, "My insurance won't allow me"... Now I have to stop her right in her place and explain....I"m self insured and I don't have a problem with where I go for an MRI and I can get it done closer and tomorrow...

This nurse goes into "Attack Mode"...and I don't have to explain that I "Lost It"... I hung up after telling her where to go and to stick it where the sun don't shine... My foot may hurt for the rest of my life ...but for sure I won't eat crap from any one !!!

I brew and call my insurance company and before I'm done my Agent says, "Hang on Zeee"..(yes they know me well ) and she calls up the Foot Doc's office and proceeds to read them the "" OH NO YOU DON'T....Yep, seems that a lot of these so called Docs are in the ...kick back are reading this right... They only have you go to their place and get a kick back ...

It was not a easy day as my phone never stopped and I can only imagine when this is all over the headaches some of us are gonna have...HA !  ONE thing certain... I am going to where I wanted to go...and I hope I opened a few more eyes to not putting up with Chit Heads...

My MRI is set up now for Monday...only because of the crap that happened I missed the early appointment. I could have went tonight at 8pm but that is just too late for me...

Next will be the episode with the Foot Doc... I know you'll all be waiting to hear about it...but I did ask the place I'm going to if they knew a Podiatrist...just in case :)

I'm wiped and I hear Thunder...and I'm praying for all those people that got hit with these mean tornadoes...they are so scary...God help them all..

Stay tuned I'm sure it's gonna get hairy...

God Bless and Stay Safe...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday...and that's all it was...I have not heard from the "Foot Doc's Office". Was I just wishing for quick results ?  Nah, just hoping things would go smoothly without a hitch. Speaking of which Hitch, soon I'll be hitching up again.

Actually hubby will be coming in on the 8th of June and within a few days we'll  be pushing off and heading back to Pa. Hopefully my foot problem will be left behind or I'll be kickin some behind !

I'm not in the greatest spirit although I did watch American Idol and for my 2cents worth .."James, you carried it home"  He most definitely is my pick and he shows his talent each and every week. 

Now I'm watching Survivor as I had recorded it while I watched the other show so in that I'll say..."Nite, Nite"

Keeping my spirits at a good level..(hopefully)  Tomorrow is another day...!

Ring, Ring, Ring...(telephone please)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tootin' Tuesday

Tootin' Tuesday and I wasn't tootin' me horn !... I did my thang and called that "Foot Doc" Office and like usual...Who was I and what was it about ????? I in for another winner or what ?

I told the Nurse..(hoping it's that the same one) that the insert wasn't workin and that I was now walking in my socks only...and still have problems...Her comments was, "Now what am I wanting"...????????  Yes, I can feel this uncertain feeling..I mean did that "Good Doc" not leave word that I might be calling ?????

I did my explanation again and she said " I'll have to wait for the Doctor and then I'll call you back" the way... I still haven't heard ..oh and she did tell me that in order to get my MRI she would have to get a pre certification...Like I didn't know that ??????

So my foot still aches and my story continues....What can  I say ????

I did a few things today ...not too much as I can't really stand on my foot long but I made my list and crossed off just a couple of things...Now it's on till tomorrow...and wonder.  Should I guess when I'll get my call back...dunno .
Don't even want to go there...maybe I'll hear tomorrow...Oh yeah !

I'll tuck in now as my brain is wondering and if my foot was better  I would be too..

Good night and God Bless

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday Morning Visitor

Easter Monday Morning Visitor...if you look closely you'll see that magnificent Humming bird..I'm in awe of them..They never cease to amaze me with their size and what they are able to do ..never mind the traveling ..goodness I'm wiped out thinking of those wings flapping..and I just love how they can maneuver up down and backwards oh and even side ways.  Now you see them and then you don't..almost like Superman..faster than a speeding bullet...or was it train ??? What ever all I know is you hear that bzzzzzz and gone.. I have one, well I think it's only one that shows his Ruby Throat to me as I'm adding water to the moat (that red umbrella) keeping the ants away (and it does work)..he comes up to me and makes that sound and flashes..hmmm just thinking (how my mind works on days) if I could say, "I was flashed" ?   HA !

Any way I think it's amazing and I'm flattered that he shows off to least he knows I'm the "Humming bird feeder"..:) Well I thought that was neat but then again it's the little things that matter to me !

Today I'm lobbing, well not actually but doing what I can.. Got the trash out on my trusty flat bed dolly...Gawd I just love that thing...I use it for everything and so handy...I've got a list going but every time I look at it ..I think to myself "Ya gotta be kidding" ...It's nice though when I look at it and see lines drawn through what I finally got done...but at the end of the page I have the "To Be Continued"...Works for me !

This hot weather we're being hit with mean it kind of takes the energy out of I do a little and then lean back a lot...Oh my !... I'm getting into some sort of routine..(hope not)

Tomorrow I will be calling the "Foot Doc" and hopefully I don't have another episode of confusion and illusion...but need that MRI to find out what is wrong...or is it ME ?

Well, I did manage to take a picture and even post early...Wonder what that means...hmmm, I got it... I'm takin a break :)

Catch ya later .......>>>>>>>>>

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday....

Easter Sunday and a "looksie" at Betsy's Easter Tree (bush) ...our Easter Bunny came out wee hours to place each egg on the tree...and I caught him too !...Yes, Clancy did a good job surprising Betsy and gave me a treat too.

                                Thank You, Clancy !

I get to glance over and look at these egg...and I am wondering when those darling dare devils (squirrels) come and go into attack mode and play with all those bobbling eggs...but it's sure pretty :)

My day was quiet and so was my "foot"  yes, I done kicked off my shoes and am only in socks and my foot feels much better...I still have pain but it ain't a knocking my socks off ...HA !

I most definitely will be calling on Tuesday to get that appointment for the MRI...but until then ..its socks,socks and socks or is it "Sock it to me"..!

Hope you all had a wonderful  Easter and not too much goodies...

Vicki, you are so right...I should have given that mean ole Doc a good swift kick in the butt...Ha  Ha Ha..that made my day too..:)

Good night and God Bless...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Night and my inserts failed

Saturday night and my inserts failed or my shoes quit..take your pick...In fact I'm now back to socks only... My foot has hurt worse with these inserts..I barely was able to walk at all.. I had them on all day Friday and Saturday and by late afternoon my foot was hurting so bad I took them shoes off.

Now I'll try again tomorrow but if it's the same routine then I'll call on Tuesday and hopefully they'll have an MRI set up and I can get on with "What's wrong with my foot" ?

I watched this morning as Clancy was placing colored eggs on the bush..for Betsy and I smiled...cause I also get to enjoy the colors too...and he thought he could play Easter Bunny without being caught...Sorry Clancy...I caught ya !

Most of the day I did up Zeke and Abby's food for the next 15 days and also brought in the 40lb bag of dry food to be put in storage bins ..gosh the weeks fly by...sure hope my foot does too..I mean that dang pain...seems it never stops...almost like a tooth ache but a foot ache..if you were to ask me..."Where does it hurt"?   I couldn't honestly tell ya now as it seems all over...

Tomorrow I'm gonna cook up a ham slice for Easter...sure is lonesome as hubby is invited out for Easter Dinner and normally we talk on the phone as we share our I'm glad he will have some enjoyment as to be around testing your ability to stay calm...cause I can't   HA !

Watching the Ten never gets old and I always enjoy watching..cepting this time I'll fall asleep during it as I've got the timer set...I know me too I've been missing a lot of sleep and cat napping most the day and that gets me a little off the beaten track..

So Good Night All...and Happy Easter

God Bless

Friday, April 22, 2011

It was Friday and the Best was yet to come

It was Friday and the Best was yet to come !... I say that now but this morning it was a whole new ball game..maybe more like a unbelievable story to be told.

Got up and did my thang...Critters weren't happy but they got fed and then I had to do the disappearing act from my darling Joe...He gets so upset now if he even senses I'm going some where...

And some where I the Foot Doc's office to get those inserts installed ...HA !   I thought this was gonna be a simple procedure...(is anything ever simple for me NOT)...and I was so wanting to get some relief I would have climb Mt Everest...(well maybe not now anyway..)

I had called on Thursday to make sure that the office would be open and I had explained that I was coming in just for the inserts..the lady on the phone said..."NO PROBLEM"..(getting a clue here>?) so I was just anxious as my new sneakers...were not working out in fact my foot hurt worse with them these inserts will do the trick ...??????

Now I show up and the Foot Doc's office and  I go to the window and told the lady I was here to get the inserts..and she went off and had to check my file first then asked "What size shoe"?....I replied and she told me to go sit down and the nurse would be out for me shortly.....So I goes and sits down and am just a hoping this is gonna be the thing that does the trick .....

Out comes the nurse and we I limp, to another room and then she turns to me and says.."Now what am I suppose to do"?....Oh boy, she's asking me like I know...HA !....

I'm not sure I tell her and she goes and puts up my chart and reads and picks up this box which holds a pair of inserts and then turns to me and again says, "Now I'm not sure what the Doc wants me to cut...and looking at this here it says " Around the 4th ...something something (I didn't understand her) and I'm not sure how I'm to cut this"... Hmmmm if she don't know why am I seeing her... She then says, "I'll have to ask the Doc or could you come back on Tuesday.."?...... I replied quickly.. "Nope, I am in a lot of pain and I'm about ready to ask the Doc to send me for an MRI ..."    she leaves the room and then comes back in and says, "Doc is with a patient so I'll have to wait to see what he wants me to do"....Ok..I can sit and wait with my foot aching...

Next thing I know the Doc comes into the room and starts telling me off...HELLO>..I can't believe I'm hearing him tell me that who do I think I am not listening to what he told me and I don't have an appointment and he has 22 patients...HOLY CHIT.... I don't remember exactly now how I came to jumping up but I do remember hearing my voice..."What the hell are you talking about, I followed your instructions and I didn't call you in here" thing I know he's telling me how he has no problem asking me to leave and my reply was..." Well as I'm leaving make sure I have my Xrays and File cause I can find another Doctor".... Now I'm still crazed and with having pain I could have easily went for the jugular...however some where in this mist of verbal debate we calmed down and he was then cutting these inserts and putting them in my shoes.... Don't even know how we calmed down but it was rather loud cause I saw a few nurses check us out...

I still can't believe it and I'm sure he can't either..but I don't know who pushed his buttons but it wasn't me and he also found out I was no slouch. I don't care who it is if you come at someone for no reason...and then I thought "I wonder what that dumb asp nurse said to him"?...

Maybe he also realized I didn't create that monster but boy what a short fuse this Doc has...and just to think before I got into this office several people in the waiting room were telling me how wonderful he was...HUH...could have fulled me... but maybe he is a good Doc but what a Chit HEAD..

He also saw that I was in a lot of pain and then told me "if by Tuesday you still have pain call the office and I'll set up and MRI....and on the way out to the desk he came over and shook my hand...mmmm Doc you is sure lucky cause I wanted to kick you with my good foot.. right in the butt for being such a Chit HEAD...

Now see I can't even go and get help...something always goes a muck...and with the inserts my foot is killing you all know I'll be getting an MRI and looking just in case for another Foot Doc no matter how good he is..!

Good night and it has to be a nightmare ..wake up Zeee....

God Bless

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've been MIA...and it's Thursday night

I've been MIA (Missing in Action) and it's Thursday night...and still not right !

I've been under the weather sort a speak ...more like sick as a DAWG..but I'm limping in (hanging could be my next choice)  Nothing went right and I did go and find a pair of sneakers..Had to get with Velcro straps as I can't bend knees to tie anything.

It was the worst day as I came home sicker than (YES) a DAWG and nothing helped me other than hangin my head over the good ole bowl..and we know which bowl I'm referring too ..(flush)

Today I felt somewhat better and called the Foot Doc up and I'll be going in tomorrow for the inserts..however, let me tell ya the sneaks ain't a helpin' foot is really aching.

I made up my mind I'll try the inserts for one (1) week and then it's get me in that machine and scan the dang foot...even though I dislike (hate it) that tunnel (ain't no love loss)...but that's what I'm gonna do...cause something else is going on..

Told hubby tonight, "I was just so bummed out and if it ain't better than break the dang thing and cast it  at least it will get better and I'll be able to walk"...He knows me so well...I'm at my last straw...and it ain't gettin' any better... I'm getting angry and just can't do anything...Sucks big time..

Ya know I hate a bitchin' but it's my only outlet before I go bonkers...where's that hammer ??????

Weather here has been on the warm side and the Critters have been really great but me...well I could just fly away...far, far, far away cepting I got an injured foot...can't land well..

Lizzie, thanks so much for thinking of me and please keep them prayers coming cause I sure do need em...Glad to read your daughter's surgery went well too...

Ok, I need to put the pillow over my head...and take a deep breath...watching TV hasn't helped...I'm getting so I can sing all the dumb asp commercials...Lord help this brain cause I'm just a big asp complaint...better hide...or say NITE< NITE>>>>

God Bless

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

Palm was a very quiet day...I just leaned back and did only what I had to...Like made a pan of "Brownies"...that's always good for the soul or sole...take your choice.

I am still wearing hubby's sneakers and although they are on the big size I have them does help a little with me walking...I still have that feeling like a big lump under my foot...and I'm so anxious to get them shoes and inserts...cause I feel helpless and I ain't in Seatle

Boy am I ever gonna play catch up after this...might even just order a dumpster LOL... or a huge vacuum hose...cause I need more that HELP

It's that time I crawl in bed and plan my day to get out after Critter feeding and then for the hall to the mall...ouch..sure hope it's user friendly

Hope all of you have a good day and made the time for good thoughts and thanked the Lord for all .

God Bless all those victims in these horrible tornados...gawd it's just so sad...Mother nature is one you just can't mess with...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The real deal Saturday

The real deal Saturday !... See how bad I was I had to go back and wonder why I thought it was Saturday...Pain does those things to you lost your mind and day too...Well, that was that and today I got up limping into the living room at 2:30am...I could not sleep so I grabbed my blankie in my favorite chair along with me Critters 4 and tried to put my foot up and sleep a little more...NO LUCK.. I was back up and thought well what can I do with my foot now...low and behold it came to me...(sledge hammer)  there was hubby's the corner where he left them and they were look at me and calling my name.

I got up and went over ..yes they are heavy and have some good support ...however, they are I took a pair of socks and stuffed the toe area and carefully slid my foot, good one first and then my bad one in and pulled the ties up tight and attempted to walk with them.. well, it worked for the morning ..letting the critters out and I wore them all day...heavy they is but they let me walk a little...ankle still aching up along with the bottom of my foot...but not as bad as not having anything on them..

All day I had them heavy boats on until now..I just took them off and felt I let the weight of the world how can any one walk around all day without being leg or foot tired...we'll see cause I'll get up and put them boats back on.

A little pain in the foot but I'm not as bad as yesterday...I did cook up critter food today so that was a "Have too"...and cleaned up my mess and had some dinner that I had cooked a few days ago...ain't a good brownie..cause I needed that one or maybe was it two...dunno...but it was good with a cold glass of milk...(need the calcium for the foots)

I'm tired and need to attempt to get a full night sleep...have lost quite a few since all this nonsense has been going it's toodles till tomorrow and we'll see what that brings.. shots Doc says, "I'll do more damage walking around feeling no pain till I get them shoes and inserts..

Ali, I'm trying really hard not to do much ...but there's only so much I can get away with...

God Bless and thanks so much for thinkin' of me.. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday ..the worst day of my adventure

Friday ..the worst day of my truly became the worst of my whole stay here in Florida...I did something really dumb, stupid, not smart.  I had to go over to the motor home where I have it parked and get the mileage so I could send in for my insurance registration...Well, talk about was not only dumb but painful.

I unlocked the door to the rig and of course because it has been parked since Oct..the stairs did not come down...I reached in and got the little rubber maid stool and here's where I did the dumb deal...

I placed it down on the ground and proceeded to step on it and with my other foot I stepped up (very high) onto the entrance step and grabbed the bar and pulled with all my might...while leaning on my BAD FOOT my full weight....

Do I need to continue...I was brought to tears, immediately as the pain shot up straight to my brain.. I could barely catch my breath and almost fell backwards...Hanging on for dear life I managed to get into the rig..

I made it to the couch and sat there awhile before I could move my leg or foot and then jump started the rig via the booster and hit the generator on and turned the air on full... Sat there about an hour...didn't move...but one smart thing I did do was carry my cell phone...(finally) and called my he was gonna come rushing over...but I needed to talk with him and Yes, I cried..

Now I'm in worse shape that I was before..some how I can't believe that a pair of shoes is gonna straighten this out...but we'll see...I did manage to get back to the house and had to take care of the critters and clean up a mess...lucky me !

I made it through dinner time letting them in and out and Zeke is good about picking up the dishes for me...I'm using my walker all the way and the pain is not letting here I am with my foot on a cool pad and hoping tomorrow will be better..

How could someone with a brain do something so wacky...I guess I seem to think I can do anything...Yeah, maybe when I was younger ...much younger but now I'm an older lady and need to remember that I'm going to have brain won't accept it..but my body sure does...

However, I won't give up !  Tomorrow like I said, "Is another day"...

I'm beat and need to attempt to chill Lord give me strength to endure another day and get my shoes come Monday...

God Bless All...and I'm glad the bed is right along side of me...cause falling in is gonna be very easy .

Thursday, April 14, 2011

OUching Thursday

Ouching Thursday...and I have to go get my I'm ouching around till I can..Have to head over to Foot Locker store that I can buy a good pair of running (where am I running to ????) I can barely walk this ought to be good.. Hope I can find some that don't have to have strings... Ya know I can't bend my knees to tie yes I'm complaining..what else can I do..

Then after I get my feets I gots ta get them inserts...and as I told this Doc ..."Ya better hope this works cause I surely can bitch.."  (have had lots and lots of practice)  but I really am anxious to get this done so I can at least be more attive..this really does suck being so limited and the work is pile ling up...

Did my ordering on line for the Critters good ole Amazon is great and "Free shipping too"...alright and don't even have to go out and fight the traffic..HA...unfortunately most of the things I get for my Critters are not local here comes UPS... not least I keep people working :)

Made some brownies today...haven't done that in a long long time and I can not tell a fib...well almost that is... I had 2..only 2...the rest I'll divy (new word) out through out the week for "Pain and Suffering"... they are health as I added Walnuts and that's Omega 3  big time  hahahaha...

Tomorrow I've got to cook up Critter food again...seems like I just did this..but it was for the Big this is for the Little ones... and I get about 25 days when I do keeps me busy and that's a good thing cause when I ain't...I get into trouble "Big Time"...

Getting ready to fall out again...and have a few more things to finish up on and then it's over and out and on to another day....

Lori... Wishing you a Happy Birthday too...check your email.. I didn't forget...

God Bless and Sleep Well all !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a Wednesday !

What a Wednesday !  Yes, it finally arrived and I got in to see "Dr Nick" and he was a very up beat Doc and (get this) schooled in Philly...Alright finally someone I could relate too...Oh YEAH  :)

He was very on the ball and went into a lot of explanations as we looked at my Xrays..(something which I like) and explained what was happening to my foot and why... Now that was very interesting...

Results is.. Yes, I have Arthritis and bone spur (only one) and the only thing I can do that will help...(he's not for giving pills) and that comes down to "good shoes with special inserts"...the damage I did to my feet when I was doing what I loved  Uneven parallel  bars and dismounting ...(while in high school and college)...and as we get older does catch up !

This Doc was very thorough and I felt very comfortable even though I had "Hairy Socks"...HA...yes, traces of my Rotties came along with me and the Doc even laughed...good thing or I would have crawled (if I could have) in a hole ..

Now I'm soaking my foot and taking it easy...and the rest I hope will be history as soon as I buy a "new" pair of sneakers...

On to tomorrow...God Bless...I'm tired.. Brain tired that is..:)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tooty Tuesday

Tooty oh my am I getting into the swing of the "Nothingness"...yeah, I've been gathering up my medical info for the "Foot Doc"... it gets to be such a pain in the butt each and every time a "new doc" ...same info'd think they'd just pass it on...but if it was like how my info was passed before...I better stop complaining and just print chit out ...!!!!

Good thing I save data and put it in a folder on the puter cause I forgot half the stuff I've had done over the last few (50ish) years...goodness, I even forgot from last along comes my puter data...thank goodness.

I keep saying, "I'm gonna make a special sheet up with what ever ya need for your questions "  HA !...anyway I'm done printing and tomorrow is the big day for the "Big Foot Doc"....wooo hooo...hopes I get no needles...ouch !

Joe seems a little better today but still is not himself. He kind of gets lost in the shuffle but comes to life for feed time...and I wake him to take him out...gonna start looking at a diaper for him too... Reba loves hers, she kind of shows it off and she wait for hers to be put on at bed time...I think it's she likes the attention...:)

Watched the Biggest Loser and Dancin with the stars..flipping back and forth...sorry to see Sugar Ray go as there certainly was a few others that could have left before him... and the other show...well Moses had to leave and boy I hated to see that ...he was doing so good too...I think I even had a few tears on his good byes...

Now it's my goodbyes as I am tired...and over anxious for tomorrow...Oh, I saw the biggest Raccoon tonight as I was watching my humming birds..just before it gets dusk I have a group that shows up for their night cap..and low and behold this big asp Raccoon comes waddling along.. first I thought it was a dawg...but wow..I'd hate to mess with this one...Big as a Dawg and Wide too..what a Waddle...and NO...I ain't a gonna get that one as a pet....I might call him Rocky....hahaha...You know Rocky the Raccoon..:)

God Bless and Good Night !

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday went by smoothly but Monday

Sunday went by smoothly but Monday did me in !  Well, not just me but poor was a bad day for us both.  He apparently had an on set that was triggered by the heat...It was only 91 today...Now I don't let my critters stay out but with the heat and Joey's age and condition it didn't take much to cause him some difficulty.

I did all my laundry on Sunday as I tried my best to keep off my foot ...and at times it was just not easy. However, the laundry is done and so was I !..The critters enjoyed most of Sunday as we went in and out all day long..(yes I had lots and lots of laundry) by the end of the day we were to pooped to pop..even fell asleep watching what ever movie was playing.

Come this morning I had some great plans...Bob and Diane came over and put in the owls in the yard..and these owl's heads move. As the wind blows they turn..they look real. Best laugh of the day.....The one squirrel I call Oscar, wasn't afraid in fact he went up to the pole the one owl was sitting on and I could see Oscar flicking his tail and making a funny sound..but moving slowly...I bet it won't be long and Oscar would have attacked....but I started laughing and he took off.

As for my Joey, he's holding his own...towards this evening he seemed to be perking up a bit...but I can tell he's lost a lot of his sparkle...I sure hope tonight will be much better for him as he's in bed and I'm about ready to crawl in too ..

Lizzie and Ali, I had Xrays taken of my foot and from what the other Doc said, "I have arthritis and bone spurs"....lucky me and I'm going to this Podiatrist to see if the spurs are to be removed and what to do about what is happening with my foot...Other wise, if I hadn't had this already Xrayed I'd be sitting still in the ER with a number on me...waiting for someone to help  LOL...

Ok, now I'm gonna do the fall out and crawl in bed and hug on Joey and pray that what ever is gonna be would happen when he's sleeping...

God Bless

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday went some what

Saturday went some what strangely. Why would it be any different for me...Started with ending of a Friday car came home and the whopper of a bill had a slight are reading right.  The gas tank problem wasn't the sensor was the wires to it. Of course it had teeth gnawing at it...wonderful. They had to drain the gas tank and then drop it and  Ho, Ho, was critter damage again.

This will go down in history I'm sure and before the weeks out I'll hear more critters stories...I'm sure ...but I do have another event in the happening...Ready??????

I have a Yellow Belly Sap Sucker...(that's a mouth full ) that is charging my windows in full attack and on all day it comes on full charge and hits the windows and just keeps pecking...Now at first I thought it was a misguide flight in motion...but no, it's a full attack...I fully understand the term "Bird Brain"'s wild and my crew inside is at full attention each time the bugger comes in...Ya think he'd get tired or maybe a bent beak..however I know he goes home dizzy !

My day today was just a lean back and hobble to and fro with the critters and watch the hummers as I put out a fresh batch of syrup...and they were busy too...

I'm getting close to count down on my foot and I can't the time I get in I won't know what part of my foot hurts. I'll be in over drive and my mouth will be flapping big time..or maybe I'll just scream !!!!

It's hard to do anything around the house as I have to really pace myself and very difficult to move furniture ...I could have Zeke do a few things..HA ..he and Abby move furniture when they are in their chase mode....

Tomorrow Diane and Bob are picking up Owl statues to place in my yard...I only have a few squirrels that won't give up just fact they are my tame ones...shame cause they would wait for me to come out with the food and as I placed it down they'd come over almost close enough for me to touch them...but now I have a water hose in full blast...I'm sure I can hear their lingo as I splash them...%&#*@.  oh yeah !

It's that time that I fall out and pray I have no night mares of chewing...strange how that keeps on my mind...I'm a "Murphy" seems to always come my way...

So with that I'll say "Good Night and Sweet Dreams"   

God Bless

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday passed and Friday was a little better

Thursday passed and Friday was a little better... I couldn't post heart was feeling a little heavy. Especially as the critters flew in and searched for their goodies...Yes, they even looked in my window and at one point they even checked out my golf cart.. I heard them chirping away and boy I wished I could just crawl in a hole.

Couldn't really believe how it was affecting me...really I mean little birds ?  What is in the world..but most of you that have followed me kind of was a touch of something so neat. Away from all the crappola and watching nature. How each species had their own little nitch in dealing with their mates and predators.

I felt like some days I was watching "National Geographics" right in my front yard, right through my windows. Also being able to go out in the yard and as I approached the feeders the birds were so comfortable with me they didn't fly away..

Even the Red Bellied Woodpeckers brought their little ones to the feeders to  (now I know you'll think I'm whacko) show me ..Proud Momma and Poppa...Yes, I done became Ms Doolittle...or it sure felt like it.

Today one of the tamer squirrels came up to me as I was sitting on my Grape Mobile..and like the look I got..."What's going on" ?... I had this talk...with this little guy and I'm smiling but I think he might have understood...NO MORE FOOD...He was surely talkin at me... they kind of bark like noise...but  I did feel sad..cause I still think it was their sorry asp cousins that did the dirty deed...

Ok, so I'm a softy..Wow...but only with animals so don't get to confused... I've always been that way...I get along more with critters than I do people..seems people always take me wrong and think I'm  out to prove something..but little do they know...I only have to prove things to myself.

Hence I'm sort of a loner..I just learned that is the best for me... I have a habit of treating people like I like to be treated...sort of how I was taught and I try to please ..but hey, I'm alright with that...but I'm not alright with losing critters...that part sucks !

Thursday I was just not me and I felt my thoughts would sound worse and best to just let the pain slide through and out...I'm getting their cept when I see a few fly up and look for me.. I wanna run out..and maybe they'll like Pasta..HA !

Tomorrow is a heavy day for me...clean up my messes and attempt to do catch up again...Gawd I can tell I'm not a domestic queen...Lordy I'd work all kinds of hours much easier...

Looking over at the bed and it's got a few critters in it and I'll have to make some room...big bed and no room...shaking head here..

Good Night and Sweet Dreams !

Paulette and Lizzie thanks so much for your kind words they mean a lot too me... I'll be catching up with you all soon... God Bless

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Wicked, Wicked Wednesday

A Wicked, Wicked Wednesday...and it truly was !  My day started off pretty much the same..feeding the "live stock" and then the routine of the house with one except ...this morning I was picking up Diane to have a meeting regarding problems she had with our realtor...surprise .. her hubby Bob came along too... So off we go in my car and all of a sudden my car starts acting this is a first, I've not had problems with it at all..

So I click on OnStar and have them do a quickie diagnostic (which they are great for) and the proceed to tell me a few things happening and get the car to the service center .

They then restart the car for me and off we all go to the meeting.. That's another story... any way out we come and get in the car ...ta starts but shuts off right away.. I did this several times...seems like it's just not getting any gas to the carburetor..ok call On Star again and they connect me with the service center and then with Road Side Service assist...

Now rather than go in to the details of all that happened...other than I had my car towed to the Service Center and we went back to the house and waited for the "Call"...and low and behold the call came in..

First thing I heard Paul say,  "You've got a rodent problem"  HUH ?  "Yes ma'am"  I took a deep breath and then listened to the horror story... "  "The rodent or rodents ate the Harness wires and control box and even the container that holds the fluids for the windshield washer... and we're not done yet with exploring"..

Are you gasping yet ?  Well as I slid to the floor with my jaw I couldn't catch my breath... was this really happening too me ?   Oh yeah !   and the best of it all.... I thought I was being kind and caring God's little creatures... They weren't bothering my bird feeders as I was feeding those darling angels which must be the devil in disguise...cause the next thing was the cost factor... I mean just a little under 500 yes, 500 dollars ...

I'm so upset and disappointed and depressed..what I so enjoyed has become a night mare and it's all mine...because I so enjoyed these darlings and watching all the different birds ..I felt I was in a little bit of Heaven...that has now become my HELL...

So I'm sick tonight with feeling sorry for myself and wanting to eliminated those darling devils...however, now my birds must also be done too.. I will take down the bird feeders...rake up all the seeds..throw out all the other goodies that I'd bought and then there will be just the Humming birds...hopefully.

I so enjoyed just leaning back in my chair watching nature out my window...but I guess it's not meant to be...It truly was one of my pleasures that I had come to cherish... something that meant satisfaction over caring..

For me it puts another damper on life.. being here with just my critters and no family has been hard ..but these little things I added filled some what of that void in my life..

You ask, "Is there a Hell" answer to you is... "Yes" !   "Right here on earth" is what it is...

Tomorrow will be gloomy, but again I shall get through it and perhaps I'll find some other joyful thing...Who knows...but one thing is sure..Pain never stops.

My foot still aches but my heart aches more...

God Bless

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toddling Tuesday

Toddling I take baby steps through out the limitation is getting less and less as well as my patience... I can't believe I can't get an appointment till the 13th..that will be one more week from tomorrow...Holy Crappola !!!

My foot is now to the point I can't tell you where it hurts the least and if I hear someone say, "Stay off it"  HA !  I can't, I'm here by myself with 4 Critters that have to be taken care of and a house that needs attention...well the house part I guess I could let slide..(see I can be lazy) but the rest of the way!

I do a little then sit down ...then get up and the foot hurts worse as I attempt to get up and I don't even know what I did or didn't do ????

I'm gonna again call this Foot Doc and plead...I'm sure they must have some where they can squeeze me in...thinking more and more of E R...but again that's my last resort cause I'd be there long enough to make my 13th fact they'd probably have to find me in the crowd ....HA HA !

So, my brain is fried but not from working from dealing with this annoying ache that just won't quit..more and more that hammer is looking better :)

Good Night cause I need to lay down and pray that some angel  will appear and that he's a foot doc ....God Bless

Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh my Blue Monday

Oh my blue Monday...well it didn't start of grape mobile came home and boy was I glad to see fact I took her up to the meeting today at the club house...picked up Diane and I was beaming..even with my sore foot. I was just so happy to have Grapie back home..Yeah it was a good feeling cepting one we got close to the club house she was dying.. I mean we were in slow crawl big time !

Diane and I both started laughing cause I just got her back home and the repair guy said.."Don't pay me now, wait till you have her home a month and make sure she's running without they couldn't really find out if it was the controller but they did feel it was the M Core control so they replaced it for now and if it doesn't stop working then I'm to send them a check for the job... Great place that Nobles Golf Cart Repair in Leesburg...

However, as my Grapie was coming to a halt..I had to laugh but it wasn't the main reason I sent it in for repair it seemed no one put a full charge to her..and the joke was on me and Diane... so I pulled or should say "coasted" into the garage where the rental golf carts are used for our Golf Course and ask the guy if they could put a charge on her till we got out of the meeting...and they said, "Sure" she got at least a 2 hour charge.

My foot was aching as I had to do a little more walking...and boy when I got home it was in full throb...yeah I'm ready for that hammer...get this dang thing fixed..

Called the Foot doc and no open appointments looks like the 13 is when I'll be seen unless I hit my foot for sure..then it's ambulance cause you ain't a gonna get seen as a walk in..I'll rot away waiting...but if they carry ya in ya got a better chance ...maybe :)  HA !

Weather was beautiful and I sure would have loved to take a ride around here but with my foot forget about it !  Maybe soon...and then I'll take some neat pictures..

Went to the mail box and surprise I got an invite to a Holy Communion for my Niece's Grandson... It made me feel so good as this part of my family I haven't seen or talked with for over 30 years..can you imagine..and all because of a rotten brother in law who decided not to ever bother with any of us...Gawd it makes me feel so good that I paid for my sister's lawyer... Amen...that's all I can say for that...!

I need to lay down and try to get some sleep..gonna put a cool pack on my foot and hope it at least numbs when ya have pain cause it seems to take over your whole dang foot...If someone was to ask me where it hurts..I'd have to reply..."All Over"...

Well, may you all have a great night sleep and wake up smiling and with no pains..!  God Bless

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, Sunday !

Sunday, Sunday !  Alas the end (or) the beginning of the week...Which ever makes ya happy :)..For me it's the start of another adventure and that can always be surprising.

Finished the posting of the Foot Doc's requirements and it amazes me that I have to list all my why can't they just be forwarded on from the other doctor..guess that would be too simple and why would anyone want to make it simple...?????

My day wasn't to bad, I mean I just took it easy as I wasn't able to put much weight on the I took advantage of my other words I done become lazy other way to put it...but sure felt good.

Yeah I movied out...this seems to becoming a habit. Ouch when I go to move so that means I need to pick my butt up and start moving or I'll become the slug of the house...OH NO !!!!

Tomorrow I'll call this foot doc and see if any cancellations...maybe I'll have my friend call she's good at moaning and boy can she belly ache...I'd give in just listening to her in fact I might even hang up...but wait I need to get in so I best put on my "Oscar" yeah I can do it...(I hope)

Any way that's about it...Oh Ali, I'm so sorry to read you've not been feeling well...I too haven't been following blogs as I'm barely getting my act together too...So, I'll keep you in my prayers too !

Good Night all and wish me luck ..God Bless

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Limping around on a Saturday

Limping around on a Saturday...was a bit different but I should know better...things are always different with me.   Made a pot of Collard Greens and a pot of Purple Hull peas and whipped up a pan of cornbread.  I thought I'd better make a few things up while I always good reheating things.

Downloading the data for the Foot this click on my link and fill out the forms...Hey works for me, this way when I get there I just sit and wait my turn...HA...always a wait too.

Most of the day I just had my foot up and watched the birds and a few movies...nothing more I'm able to do as my foot is now at the last stage of dealing with the throbbing...Yikes, I've thought about whacking it a few times then at least I could understand the pain...I'm ready can ya tell..

Called hubby and told him that if I need surgery he'll have to fly down so I can get home as I'm not able to have it done here with my Critters...not too many people want to be near the big ones...shame as mine really do listen but that's ok as I'd rather be home just in case.

However, if it's just meds to take...I'll deal with way or another. Seems like I'm use to having to fin for myself anyway...Makes Us Women Stronger :)

I'm a needing to put my foot on a cool pack and then fall out for the morning adventure I've got so much to do and some how I'll get it done.

Today was a gem of a day.. I mean the sky was clear and the critters just leaned back and watched along with me...the greens had the house smelling great too...gawd they are good...Hubby did say, "more of him would rub off on me"  guess he was right !

God Bless and Sweet dreams all !

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday night and I've weathered the storms

Friday night and I've weathered the storms and then some !  Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted in fact too long. I've been engulfed in the sea but not tranquility...rather a rough going.

Monday was the beginning...starting with my Grape Mobile dying on the gulf course (no I wasn't playing golf) as I was heading back from a board meeting...I thought in my wild mind, even though it was raining, I'd take the short cut...My cart had been acting up on the way up as I took the long "Smart Me" I decided to take the "Short Cut"  and of course the Heavens opened up and I didn't have a jacket or rain coat....Getting the picture?  No, I did not have the side down either as they were all rolled up and a pain in the butt to put down...Sooooooo along I goes ..just whistling in the breeze..(more like strong wind )  and the rains come and then the sound of thunder along with a few bolts of delicious lightening...(Lucky Me).. I goes zooming along with a few splashes coming up and as I look out and around I'm the only (fool) on the course...Wow is me !!!!

Then she happens..the grape mobile stops...dead stop ..yes, dead stop and my brain goes into high gear of thoughts...Chit !!!!  I sit a few seconds which seems like hours and says to me self..."Fool, you need to get out of here and quick"... Can it be I'm gonna have to push...let me look for my cell phone...OH! I don't have it with me?????? Chit !!!  Nope why would I do something clever ?????

So I get out of the cart and it's pouring and no one around...I get along side the cart putting my head inside at least..HA !  Pushing and steering at the same time...Gosh my legs and foot hurt...Never mind keep pushing... I think a hill I'll give it a good shove and jump on and coast down ....(ya gotta be kidding)...Nope the thing don't even roll... "What Hill"....?????

I get down to the end where the street meets the course and there's a stop sign...a tad bit out of breath and soaked to the skin...I jump in and rest and a pick up truck drives around me...and me Yelling..."Help, Stop, Please" and waving my hands...The old man in the truck waves back and drives around me .... What ??????? 

I get back out and begin to push and breathing hard and I see this man in a rain suit coming towards me....Alas someone is gonna help me.. he says, "Ya having trouble with your golf cart" ?>   my demented humor steps it up a notch...." No, I just enjoy pushing my cart in the rain"...:)....

He gave me a strange look..guess he didn't enjoy my humor..I mean I'm only looking like a drenched water rat...Yucko...So with that I say, "Let me see if I can get this to move again."  I turn the control to forward again and all of a sudden I step on the pedal and it jerks and takes off... The man says as I zoom by him..."You gonna be alright" ?   I yell back as I have the pedal to the floor..."I hope so "  and away I go... in fact I was like Jet Propelled...even did a wheelie around the corner..couldn't stop it and I just leaned to the opposite side..and before I knew it I got to my drive way and it died again...

Yes, there is a God after that was the beginning of things to come..

Tuesday I was so sore I couldn't walk..wonder why ? So I just took it easy and groped in my misery.....then along came the news of the bad storms coming our way.....

Wed and Thursday...let me tell ya... I was glued to the TV ..and I don't think I have any finger nails left...what a storm and with my Critters it was really tough getting them in and out.. I used every dog towel I had and every time I heard that weather radio go off  I was ready to book !!  

The winds were strong and I just was so happy Clancy had those trees topped goodness I'm sure he was too... Every time that weather guy would say.."Tornado touched down"  I was thinking ..."Where do I go, how do I get these critters safe"..."Where's the nearest ditch"...Ouch...could we all fit in the bath tub ????  Yes, I was nervous and then I just leaned back and prayed...that no one would lose their life...that the damages would be just material things can be replaced...but lives are gone...

It certainly makes you soul search...but strange all of a sudden I did get a sense of calm..thinking..."Was this my time".. Feets don't fail me now...can't depend on the grape mobile . The critters were good...where I was they were so that meant I had constant company along with the radio...TV went in and out a few times due to the satellite..clouds covering but it came on quickly.  I did have the computer on to a weather station and watched the radar...sure was an experience.

That's about it, now I'm kind of back to almost me..still sore and finally got an appointment with the "Foot Doc"  I called today and the other Doc office never sent the data over...wait till I have a meeting with that Doc...Doesn't surprise me..cause if you don't follow up ..they don't care...

Well I'm brain tired and I'm in need of playing catch up ..lost a lot of hours with bad weather as I can't sleep...and boy do I have lots of laundry to do...

So thanks Paulette, Lizzie and Vickie...feels good knowing ya'll missed me...ah my is good people..and Echo...I know you are there also...

God Bless.. and Sweet Dreams...for everyone..