Thursday, March 12, 2015

Starting To Look Up On Thursday

Starting to look up on Thursday...I was so relieved that Annie is starting to show some improvement... I've been feeding her just cooked shredded chicken and rice for breakfast, lunch and order to sooth her intestinal track as I feel that's basically the cause of what's been happening.. being that she will and has ate anything she can get her teeth into..

I'll continue to feed her this till Monday and then slowly work in her regular food little by little.. tonight I didn't give her the diarrhea meds as she no longer has it..that part I'm relieved..and we'll take it one day at a time.. her energy level never changed .

I did make my run to Publix as I needed to get in some chicken to cook up for both Annie and Shug..also picked up a few things for Shug..her veggie mix and more nuts..and just a couple of things for me..

Didn't feel like cooking tonight so I made a toasted version of Stromboli..and boy was it ever good..but mainly keeping track of Annie..I worry ..I just don't want any hidden surprises..

Worked a little on my second Cowl..not much as I needed to give my hands a break..but tomorrow I'll be busy ..several things to do and cook up..and then attempt to square things away and get prepared for when hubby is coming in..

Recorded American Idol..and that was about it.. a boring night..nah, nothing is ever boring here.. I'd like some peace and quiet though but I'll get that as I'm heading to bed...and on to tomorrow hoping and praying Annie has another good day...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Couldn't Put My Day Together On Wednesday

Couldn't put my day together on Wednesday...been a real bummer..I guess I'm just worried about Miss Annie and to top things off ..this morning she was calm..Now that worries me.. I'm so use to her and Rudy...bouncing all over..and running the marathon..but not this morning..

I decided that I was gonna just give her White rice and I really feel she has irritated bowl..due to the fact last week she ate that rope and I  had to literally help pull it out of her..she couldn't pass it.. and I know that hurt matter how much I tried not too...she also will eat almost anything..wait I take that back..anything !!!...

I've been just giving her, her kibble with a little warm water and diarrhea meds and it's not really her stool is like oatmeal ..not that part also indicates to me it's more I started adding rice..and off and on it would show some improvement but still not this morning I decided to just go with the rice and shredded chicken..

For the first time her stool seemed to form..soft but lunch and dinner again just rice and shredded chicken.. I'll do that for a few more days and see how that her diarrhea meds 2 x a day (every 12 hours)..if that don't do the trick ..then to the Vet we go for XRAY.

I did make a quick run to Winn Dixie to pick up a few things and for the first time that's all I got..what was on my tomorrow as I realized I'm out of chicken breast so I'll  quick run to Publix and pick up Chicken and a few veggies for Shug..and another small bag of white rice..

Most the day I just sat back and kept an eye on what Annie was gonna attempt to get into..she's something else..can't wait till we get through this stage..none of my kids ever where like this..but again I heard many years ago.. You breed dogs long enough you'll see it all...LOL.. heck I didn't breed her but I'm seeing it all with her !!!

Watched Survivor tonight and then as soon as that was over..Rudy came to me.. yep! he was ready to go out and go to for me.. I get to read my email ..write my blog and pop in on Face Book to see what's happening..

So with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Worry Wart On Tuesday

A worry wart on Tuesday...about Miss Annie and her tummy problem..seems it's been off and on..and also due to the fact that she'll eat anything and everything in today I started giving her some rice in with her kibble..and put her back on diarrhea meds..if she doesn't show improvement by Friday I'll take her to the Vets and get her checked out..

However, staying on top of her and what's she's eating is a real job..but I'm doing my best to keep her away from Shug's food which will give her those problems as well..not to speak of the sock she barfed up along with the elastic to my panties..hahaha.. I asked her .."Where is my shoes".. you never know with her..

Most the day I was just doing some catch up work and started my second Cowl and I called one of the RV Sistahs to cancel our lunch date tomorrow.. I just can't leave Annie with her problem just in case..

So she and I will catch up the next time she comes back into I'm here till first week of July..and so I'm sure we'll get it together...and Annie will be on the mend..

My day was mainly Mundane..and I needed that as I continued to worry about the I watched some TV and knitted..and knitted..oh I did cook up some Sausage and could I not LOL

Now watching the Voice and soon to go to bed..and pray tomorrow is better for Miss Annie..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, March 9, 2015

Tis' A Bit Of A Busy Monday

Tis' a bit of a busy say the least....Me and Miss Annie did our usual..she wakes up and let's me know she wants in bed..I get up open her crate and up she jumps...Rudy just continues to snore cause he knows we is just crawling back in bed..and bed we did..till 5am..then it was on to the morning dash...LOL

Had to make up some of Shug's food..which I already had parts in the freezer..Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Potatoes and Greens.  Like chopped broccoli, mustard, turnip and kale all chopped up..yeah my gal Shug eats real good..wonder if I should make her a pan of down home Mississippi corn bread LOL...

Anyway I also had to cook a pot of Quinoa up which goes in with her meal as well plus shredded chicken..OH MY gal has got to have her warm dinner and by the way also flax seed and chia seed..hahaha...that is her dinner big time and I'm tellin ya .. I also do the dehydrated veggies peas, corn, bits of spicy tomatoes and what ever else is in there...

So that got made up and will last me 2 months worth..Yes, another one of my my freezer is full of Brats food and Shug's food.. I'm allowed to share some of it..I mean space..thanks crew LOL

After getting done with all that I then vacuumed..lucky me.. yucko...but that got done till next major I sat back and took a nap..wanted to go to the store but nope didn't get there...

This was trash day and I drug my sack out and then started to look around what I needed to get done in the carport..but I will wait till hubby gets down..too much for me...well, kinda , sorta LOL...don't push my luck..

Then it was on to my nap..LOL  yeah I knew my body was calling for it as I had no choice.. I leaned back in the chair put my feet up and HELLO THERE..I was color me gone...for at least an hour..felt great..

Still having that issue with Miss Annie's tummy..but I think I've got the problem solved..I've made sure she can't get to any Shug's seeds as that's what's giving her the issue..hopefully that will do the trick ..if not she'll go to the vets to make sure nothing else is going on..

Watching the Voice..and soon I'm gonna fade out.. and on with tomorrows work load..maybe I'll get to the store for my half and milk just don't cut it with my coffee...but we'll see..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, March 8, 2015

OH YEAH! I Done Lost An Hour On Sunday

Oh Yeah!  I done lost an hour on Sunday...and I knew it.. I mean my body clock was not gonna like this ...and it was lagging behind...hahaha..I did manage to catch a nap.. I had too... I seem to not sleep well..although I didn't toss much but I felt like I needed the sleep..

Miss Annie woke up with that sound of "something she ate"..well, by the looks of it ...Socks and what ever .. I did ask her, "Where's my shoes"..just in case..and then she kind of lagged around too...

Then by afternoon they went wild..and in fact done in the couch..well the spindle leg.. I had problems with them when I first got the couches had I know it was that type I would have asked to have square blocks put on that's what I'm gonna do.. Go into town to the furniture store and ask if they have someone that does that kind of work..

I fixed the leg and it's holding but it won't take that mad dive of the compound pounds of 200 hitting full blast.. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did..I do have wood puddy too, to fill in the whole where the screw goes in..

Told the hubby he just sighed..but like I said, "When the couch was delivered I had that problem"..I'm not bent out of shape..and if I have to I'll have the blocks cut and ask Clancy if he can drill them into the bottom of the couch.. I'll feel better I'll put those sliders underneath when I have to move to vacuum..

I did finish the cowl.. it's loose and cozy but next time I know to use less sts and also make it longer..but I can use it ..I love the wearing things like that as it's not cool enough for a jacket but this will be just fine.

Got Ms Shug's crate all cleaned up and my trash is almost all ready for we go again....and I never got out to get my half and it's regular milk ...eeek for my coffee..till I go to Winn Dixie...

Everyone is now ready for bed...and so am I...and on to tomorrow..the days are moving fast and soon Hubby will be here for our anniversary..I got a few jobs for him to do..but I'll let him sleep the first day...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tonight's The Night On Saturday

Tonight's the night on Saturday to change the clocks ahead before going to bed..wake up and lose that hour but the thought is...Spring Forward...HELLO THERE!!

This morning all went the routine is down pat..Miss Annie no longer goes out at those wee hours instead she climbs in bed and that's where it's at..She gets on her pillow...Just like any other person..Her head rests and so does she... LOL

Finally once we get up it's the battle of who is gonna win between she and Rudy..but I gotta say, "Rudy always gives in"...he's just a GENT !!...Ms Shug has now joined the forces of wanting to partake in her own thing..where she now peaks underneath her cover and calls me..YOU WHO..or HELLO...Check her picture out I said, "She's a Hoot"..

She sure knows how to play her cards right and she is just so into now just getting into the act of things...I'm thoroughly enjoying it all..even though some days I'm exhausted..guess it comes with the territory !

Most the day I really just laid low as it was a gloomy kind of day and I did work on that cowl..I should probably finish it tomorrow and soon my other project will be in for me to start work on..

I did get to clean out the frig and make a pot of chicken soup with all the veggies I had in the that left over chicken..came out really good..and put that up for the I was some what productive..LOL

Watched My Fair Lady earlier with Audrey Hepburn and then later on watched Roman Holiday.. both great movies and then remembered..needed to set the clocks before coming to bed that's what I did..

Now I'm so ready and tomorrow I have to make my list on a few items I need to pick for sure is Half and Half for my coffee..that's kind of a must !..and am planning on meeting another RV Sistah this coming week on Wednesday so I'll also make a quick run into list is going for that...

So that's my story for today...and so it be..those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Friday, March 6, 2015

Gee Whiz, It's Friday Already

Gee whiz, it's Friday already... I'm telling you these weeks have been flying by and this coming Sunday the time goes ahead an hour...Good Gravy...soon it will be time for me to head back to Philly...YIKES!

Got up this morning and the race was on..the brats did their Indy 500..I could tell by the crashes that were happening...and me and Ms Shug were in the bathroom taking our shower..hahaha... she also got a little bit more into cleaning too.. You'll love these pictures I mean she is really getting to be a HOOT!  I never know what next she'll surprise me with...isn't really talking much but making sounds and of course actions..

Check these pictures they are something else LOL

That was my morning with Ms Shug..she's always surprising me..getting more and more for my Brats..well they are a jolt and slowly I'm hoping they will begin to slow down...

Most of the day as it was a gloomy day I worked on a cowl I'm's coming along in fact I'd say maybe tomorrow in the afternoon it might be almost completed..

Watched the American Race..and then by the end of the show boy I felt here I sit getting myself ready for bed...Electric blanket on as it's getting chilly again...from 88 one day to now 50ish.. makes you feel cold..

With that I'll say...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God bless Us All.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tried And True On Thursday

Tried and true on to my methods of getting my crazy house in some what order...I have always so much going on at the same time.. My Brats are zooming through the house as I know, I can no longer keep up with them so I let them tires themselves out..unless they get into it.. then of course I give the yell from Hell and they quit..but normally I'm busy getting their food together..

Well Ms Shug decided she wanted to make her impression she found herself a bell..Yes!  you got it !... A bell which she does her 1 ringie dingie for me LOL... just like the maid...well she rings when she wants me..hahaha

I took a picture I'll have to post it..hopefully as I copy it I can bring it up into my blog..cause it really is neat ..and she's becoming more and more a hoot..I've been giving her more out time with I have my breakfast in the chair next to her cage..she joins me...we have a few little words and then she climbs in her cage and eats her breakfast..sometimes I even give her a few little pieces from my raisin toast or my corn muffin..and she makes those mmmmm sounds hahaha..

Here's Ms Shug ringing her bell..sure wished I did a video..LOL  Enjoy this one!

Today I started on my second cowl... it's a lacy one took me a little bit of getting it right and to make the twist right..but it's coming along and I'm enjoying I sit back in the chair..LOL.. the brats are finally getting to settle down at night...for at least a few hours and I can get a few rows done..

Watched American Idol...only one of the girls I liked..but they really didn't do a good job..oh well...even got to watch Survivor...I won't tell..just incase someone else hadn't got to watch it yet...

My day was pretty much humdrum..but I needed that kind of day..cept hubby called and he was shoveling show..big time..the office was closed..and that doesn't happen often...poor guy..but in a couple more weeks he'll be down here for a week and hopefully our weather will be nice..

So that's my day and I'm now ready for bed..thank goodness..tomorrow I have to cook up a few things for Shug..yeah,I'm always making something for the crew..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Wishful Thought On Wednesday

A wishful thought on morning went as my brats are in rear form making up for lost I deal with it... simple ...Just sit back and ride out the soon will come to shore...LOL

Most the day was getting things cooked up in my Crock Pot and then doing some setups (again) for Ms Shug..and making sure Miss Annie is finally getting her tummy together...Thank Goodness ..:)

Later on in the day as I was seattling back I got a call and soon to get what was bothering me off my was good..but it was best I wait a day instead of jumping out of my skin..

Momma always said, "You never make a fast move as it may be your last move" sometimes I often wondered where did she get all this she wasn't a worldly woman..but never the less I can hear her comments in my head..

I'm glad things worked out and that our understanding is better.. I've always tried to believe that if you are straight up front and if things bother you to be honest about it..don't go into attack sense and you wind up having bitter feelings..

I hate to see other people get caught up in a battle where they use someone else as the go between..and that I felt was really about to be happening..Games people play such a waste of energy..not to speak of time.

Watched American Idol tonight there are a couple of the guys I like and tomorrow will be the girls so I'll watch that...and of course I did tape Survivor and I'll watch that tomorrow..can't miss my Survivor..LOL

I'm tired as today was kind of it's lights out for us..and on to tomorrow...woo hoo... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How Far Do You Go On Tuesday

How far do you go on Tuesday...mmmm, well I know that sounds strange but it will play itself out...and all you can do is trust me !

Morning was again the wild blue yonder cept it was foggy and I had to settle in till the fog lifted so I could make my run to Publix...and I did do that...after I fed the brats and Ms Shug...had my coffee and gathered up my list...out the door I went..woo hoo..and exciting event hahaha.

Got to Publix and my favorite Butcher was on and he saw me and smiled..Yep! He knew I was buying 3 family size packages of chicken thighs and one that he would cut in half for the count is only 10 to a package so that will give me 20 days for the brats..Annie gets half size as she really doesn't need that much..she's doing great but for the nutrients it's perfect..and Rudy gets the whole size..he's really getting to look more burly..which is what he needed..

Then I gathered a few other goodies for Ms Shug..LOL  yeah she gets her stuff too like Flax seed, chi seed and veggie mix..and I use the dehydrated fruit cause she is picky..and the whole fruit if I'm eating one thing but just her it's a waste.

Got back home and they were all happy.. I mean they don't like me to leave, even Ms Shug complains now..she watches me through the window hahaha..too funny...well got back and washed all the chicken up and put up in the freezer for my daily usage..again remember...every thing I do has a setup LOL..that OCD again..:)

Most the day went well..until early evening..another shot in the butt I comes the part..How far do you go for someone you thought was a friend..???? This again will have to play itself out..but it cut me deep..something I would never do... and as I talked with my hubby he again said to me..,"Zeee, when will you learn, not everyone values are expecting too much, you are expecting they are like you, not gonna happen..far and few inbetween"..

I had to again think that out.. I have only a few "good" friends that I value their friendship and I would never do anything to inadvertently hurt their feelings..I try to be very up fact brutally honest..but that's how I was raised..

I felt that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach and the rest of the evening was a bummer..I have to really give this food for thought on how I am going to react..or should I...again I have to let this play out.. Sucks because I'd like to just confront ...but I just don't know if it's worth I'll sit back and see how I feel ..

Momma use to say, "In this life you may only have a couple of friends, consider yourself lucky...the rest will just be happy with that ". Use to get me..but perhaps she was know Mommas were always wise.

Watched the Voice, and then fell asleep on the up and let the brats out and it's crawl in bed...hope to get back to sleep and start my day fresh..HA!

With that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's That Monday

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's that Monday....oh brother where art thou ????.....A good night sleep and I was off to the races..No, I never left the house but it was rough and ready with Miss Annie as she was in the mode to RE DECORATE...big time..

I was trying to get the trash ready to go out and clean my frig...and do laundry..all together and as the Brats were on their game of TAG MS Shug was letting them know she wasn't she yelled "OH NO" !... I mean she was jumpin up and down ...

Me I was hoping the good Lord was gonna give me STRENGTH as I certainly was going to need it...big time ..ten times over... it was the WAR OF THE ROSES...I took a deep breath and attempted to round those two up... YEE HAW..

Finally got my coffee break in and sat back and just chilled out.. got the couches back in order and all the cushions off the floor and in had to find where Ms Shug flew off too..hahaha... yeah it was one of those wild and crazy days and it was MONDAY..

I had planned on going out but never got there..did manage to get my kitchen cleaned up but by the time I got to it.. I was so ready for my NAP... I can't remember ever having pups like these two.. Annie is certainly making up for her down time .

Most of the day I kind of sort of followed those brats around hoping they wouldn't get into any thing more.. then folded clothes my worst job..hahaha.. I hate folding clothes and it stems from when I was a kid ..that was one of our punishments folding clothes and with all in the house it was a big to this day .. I hate folding clothes..almost as bad as I hate ironing.

Tonight watched the Voice ..I was only impressed by the last singer she was good, very I'm ready for bed and so are the brats.. so it's lights out and catch ya in the morning..

Those traveling STay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Before I Knew It ..It Was Sunday

Before I knew it, it was Sunday....I'm telling you these days are just rolling by... I feel like I'm on a Choo Choo Train..Woo Woo...and as I roll along those tracks all kinds of things are the pages of my life..flip next chapter LOL.

Last night I tucked in was just my brain didn't want to function and said, "HEY, Time For BED"...and I did need that rest.. Miss Annie hasn't been to awfully bad..she wakes up ..doesn't want to go out.. just wants in bed..crawls up and gets in her "spot" and sleeps till 5am..Works for me too...and even Rudy don't mind it..hahaha..what a group.

Sunday, it really is Sunday...well it went along ok..still have some issues with Annie's tummy and so I backed off giving her those pork strips..and just fed her normal food and at lunch time I did give her the Lunch Cookie and tonight I did give her that small piece of chicken thigh with her I'll see how she goes in the morning.. I did give her some tummy meds and also today was Heart Worm day..a double whammy...

Whipped up a batch of spicy sauce for Macaroni 3 containers worth so that will go into the freezer..and tomorrow I need to make a run to Publix and buy chicken for the brats to put up in the freezer.. I get like 20 days I'll pick up a ham slice and make up ham and fried cabbage for the freezer and my meal..

Talked with hubby today and I've got him finally making ahead meals...he's doing good.. I kept telling's so much easier to have it done and just reheat for when he comes home as this way he's not eating so late at night and he's tired the only thing I have to do is remind him the night before to take it out of the freezer..YES !  I bug him about it..hahaha..

Watched another replay of the Voice and listened to that young boy Sawyer.. he's awfully good...and I wouldn't be surprised if "HE" won it... that's how good he is..

Had another incident with CVS...caught it when I was doing up my pills.. seems like they gave me Plavix ok but then they subbed  generic too... like I'm to get 90 pills..and they gave me 30 of Plavix and 60 of generic but charged me for the brand... called up and talked to the pharmacist who couldn't believe that I had to drive over and show and tell... I'm telling you ..they are idiots..but they are all getting like that and don't care..scary...

When I got their the one I had the disagreement with was on.. and she got humble real quick cause she signed off on it.. and that's a big NO NO...she did apologize..but it's like old news...finally she made the correction.. I just shake my head..

Oh I'm ready for bed... so those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....