Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What A Nice Wednesday !

What a nice Wednesday !... it truly was..calm, quiet (well almost) and enjoyable..hahaha.. I did say that didn't I...

Morning was a little bit of a "What's with it" to start but wound down pretty smooth...although I had my interruption with Mr John (of the fighting duo) as he and Ms Jane were having their spat again ...(what's new) and of course he had to call and tell me as he knew Jane and I were going to lunch today.

I've learn to just put that behind me and know that with Jane and I nothing will be mentioned as she's in the stage of trying to make me believe that going out with them this coming Sunday for dinner will be peaceful but Momma didn't raise no fool ...hahaha..

Our lunch was a good one as we went to Cracker Barrel and then after went on to Lowe's ..she needing light fixtures and me needing more hanging plants..hahaha..I just love how they make the house look..and I bought to pots of geraniums....but could only find red it was and is..doesn't look bad..

Then coming back to the house both Jane and I hit the couches..she on the big couch and me on the smaller one with Ms Shug and we took our naps..hahaha ..that is something Jane and I always did when we'd be working the dog shows...and being she always came to my rig to have dinner she'd wind up staying as her crew would be in her rig..and with me it was just the dawgs and there was always room for Jane..

Oh and as I left to go out for lunch...laughing here my ABS light came on so I told Jane if after we get done and it comes back on I need to go to the Chevy dealer..and of course that sucker never came back on again...go figure..

So all and all..even with John's moaning and groaning Jane never mentioned their fight but again asked me to go out with them on Sunday...and I again told her..."Not in this life time"... as I never let on to her either I knew they were fighting AGAIN..hahaha..

Tonight I watched American Idol and I'm telling ya that Ms Candice did a wouldn't surprise me that she would win...and Kree who I like also wasn't bad either..but Candice for me is more versatile....and has more style to her voice..and a power house as well..

Then on came So ya think you can dance which I have to say.."I fell asleep and woke up at the end..OH WELL... I did record it :)

That's my day today and on to tomorrow as I go to the Rice Fields in the morning....

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All... 

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