Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What a Wonderful Wednesday :)

What a Wonderful Wednesday :)... up early and yes...a bit nippy and my darlings were not that much of a happy camper to head out in the wee hours to wee ..I could tell by the look on their faces as I opened the door..OH NO >>>NOT ME !!!!  My darling Abby was ready to put it in reverse but Big Momma was right behind her to give her that "HEAVE HO"...and out we all fact Ms Reba had just come down the hall way and I waved her on..

Once back inside we all curled up on the couch under cover..brrrrr took a bit to warm up as I forgot to put the heat on...That's right heat was on so I jumped up and thought.. "Please don't let the heat pump fail"  so I went over and clicked that baby on... my register was set on 68 for the heat.. as I'm prepared with Socks and long night gown and a long flannel shirt on top..LOL 

Got a call from Diane and Bob and they were gonna come over and put up the other bird feeder..but I had to jump in the car and get with the Winn Dixie as you shop you earn gas mine were up to .75 cents off per gallon..and of course to day was the last day of the month up I went only put in 16 gals..I don't really use my car that much and the way I shop I only go out every two weeks sometimes 3...cause Diane if she's going out she'll pick up milk of bread for me...

Felt good pumping in that cheap gas hahaha.. so back home I came and Diane and Bob were anxious and up went the new feeder for the bigger  Mr and Mrs Cardinal..and the big boy himself was watching us ..right up over our heads in the tree... yeah he's been complaining about the smaller feeder cause he can't get his butt to sit on the perch...hahaha..When they were finished and left down he flew and you got it.. chased all the other birds away from his food...

Later in the day headed up for another meeting on the was a bit vocal but we got a break this time..finally we had a 5 to 4 vote to table the budget till they get the facts straight.. This BOD amazes me.. they would have passed it if all of us weren't their and putting a little bit of pressure on them and stating facts and well I could go on and on..but we'll see how it's gonna go on the next meeting...

Late this afternoon I watched the Cardinals come back for their late evening feed and boy that big boy is handsome and he was chowing down with his lady... yes, all were happy and now I can rest for the week... but with this feeder they're gonna keep me hoping.. it's a platform feeder and just a tray of food and if I know my birds it will only last if I'm lucky a week..we'll see.. but I know he'll complain if it's empty...They too have me trained. !

Tonight watched the X Factor and they had those young ones singing Michael Jackson's music... now for me I felt that it wasn't at all something I would have chosen and difficult to perform.. but only one of my favorites did a really good job..Melanie..she is a power house voice and the song she did was really well done... but that's me.. that's my choice...tomorrow we'll see how the others got voted...

Now I'm back in the bedroom ready to crawl under those blankets and say toodles till tomorrow and on to another Adventure....

Pictures will be coming of the other feeder and perhaps some Cardinals...

God Bless keep warm !

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holy Toledo it's Tuesday

Holy Toledo it's Tuesday...a bit nippy this morning as I let Zeke and Abby out and I noticed how "Twinkle Toes" tip toed around..yes, Ms Abby is my "Twinkle Toes"..she doesn't like to get her footies wet nor if it's just a bit of a hint of mist in the air..she zooms by quickly....I always give her that extra praise for being brave to weather the incombents ...LOL... She's a gem honestly but her antics are without saying...Along comes Ms Reba with her tail flipping in the air and her eyes squinting...she normally is my late sleeper ..but since her partner and my best friend is in the Heavens..she's now getting up with long that will last no telling but I'm enjoying her as well.

Watched my Mr Cardinal at the bird feeder this morning and boy he's not a happy camper but as I tell him.."Hey, it's a free meal deal with it"...LOL yeah I even have to explain but soon as Bob and Diane come back over the other feeder will be up and I'm sure Mr Cardinal will be happy along with others...

I watched Clancy's cat this morning (the younger one) almost catch a squirrel and it was the "Race was on"...that cat was within inches of playing "Gotcha"...but that trusty ole Squirrel took a flying leap and up the tree he was...Color him Gone in a Flash...

Went to the Cardio (famous) Doc and I must say.."Service was fast"...yes, you know me by now that, that particular comment has more to go along with the ride here...Got at the office and no sooner did I sign in and I was taken right in..Wow first time in history thing the nurse had me go in one room to weigh in (a joke) then another room to sit down and take blood pressure and she couldn't get the dang thing to work right the mean time I felt my arm under extreme pressure..duh !!!  Lady my arm is ready to squirt oil !!!!...Then up we got again and into another room where I was told.."Doc will be right in".. and in he was...lickity split...

I just about said "Hello" and he asked.."How are you "?   "Any problems, pains or shortness of breath"... all my answers were NO...and then it was  "ok, so I'll check your heart "  then it was  a look at the papers I brought in with my test results from my Doctors back in Philly...a few questions about my last Stress Test and would I take one here...which I had to again explain...being I'm by myself here and hubby is back home most tests I have done when I'm home unless I have a problem.. that went over big...(expressions could have choked me)

Being here alone and with my Critters if something would go wrong I have no one to for me I'm like Pandora's box..things just go a muck ..nothing ever runs smoothly on my I play safe and have all done at home with my Docs and in case, like the last time I wind up in the hospital I know hubby is there and all critters are safe ! Making life simple for me is just one pleasure I try to take advantage of...

Back to the Doctor here and finish of the day... So with that the good Doctor then says.."Well, if you are ok then I won't see you till May"...Okie Dokie...but I did ask..."What if I have a problem, will I be able to see you "?.... very simple relpy..."Ofcourse...I'm here if you need me " I shake the good Doctors hand we smile and I walk out with the slip of paper saying "May"...get to the desk and the darling little receptionist smiles and says as I hand her the paper with the request for appointment and all the codes to make sure they bill my insurance my payment... "Let me see... the earliest I have open for Doctor is.. Oct 16th 2012 "...????????? Did I hear right...HELLO....I ask, "What was that "?   she again repeats that date and I look at her and say, "Dr wants to see me in May"?  

Now why didn't I just understand...I mean appointment in a few I dreaming...I mean don't I realize I'm in God's Waiting Room Territory ????  So I then ask the young girl..."Please check again, I mean you do understand I'm a heart patient and this is a Heart Doctor "...hahaha...Why do I even bother..she then comes back with..."Well do you want that appointment."..darling young girl could give less than a chit !... I said to her calmly..."I don't know if I'll be in Florida at that date , is there any thing else..."....her reply.."End of Oct or Nov...."...hahahaha... Then I realize I'm only kidding myself if I expect anything I say, "What time "...?   hahaha.. She give me 5pm...I said, "Nope, I want earlier..."  so folks my earliest appointment with this Famous Good Nov 27th 2012 at 3:15pm...Amazing....!!!

I left there laughing because why get frustrated.. I mean could I change anything other than find another Cardio Doc..or maybe if I'm an emergency he'll be Johnny on the Spot...then I thought .. how the hell would he even know who I am ???????? Doesn't get any better..or could it...?????

Got back home and did make that stop at Winn Dixie..yep, got my Egg Nog and I should put something really strong in it...some Hooch !!!  a special recipe...hahahaha... I laughed ever time I thought about my fantastic visit and great appointment...

My Doctors back home ask me "Why do I come to Florida".. my only reply is.."Not for the Doctors but for the beauty of where I have my hideout and the wonderful friends and neighbors I have... plus I just love looking out my window in the morning and watching God's gift to me..Those neat birds and critters that walk by...The peace I acquire from it the best medicine to me..

So that's my story other than I watched the Biggest Loser and that program just fills my heart as I watch the transformation of people that have gained so much weight they lost their self esteem .  I watch every week and see the changes... God Bless

It's that time and I'm dragging..good thing I don't have to do any exercise except flip my mattress and make my bed...Yes, I forgot to get my blankets out of the dryer...This will be my exercise for the night LOL... and drink my potion and go to bed ..pinch myself and say .."This day was a dream"...

Good Night All...and God Bless

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Wally World Visit on Monday

A Wally World Visit on Monday...whoopie.. I got away and while I was on my outing to Wally World...Diane and Bob came over and put up the new ceiling fan in the carport plus took back with them the Bird Feeder (just for you Mr and Mrs Cardinals) so they could get everything needed to get that baby up and working...

So while I was doing my grocery shopping I picked up the special seeds for those finicky birds...they better whistle a happy tune once I get everything up and running....:)

The store was crowded even though I got their early and bad thing was I was hungry..(big mistake) but I was good ..only bought what was on the extra goodies..if I want a goodie I'm gonna have to make it..this way I'll have to get off my duff and make it...LOL  but tomorrow I'm gonna hop on in to Winn Dixie..(yes, my other favorite haunt) and pick up some of the Good Ole Egg Nog...omg..they make a good brew. 

Will fill up my car with gas too as other wise those extra points on the "new" system will expire... I should be getting gas with a price off of 30cents per gallon according to my card and register tape...

Going to go to a special meeting this it seems here the board is doing some rather dumb things...and We The PEOPLE..are not happy maybe if we get that point across..they'll listen ??????  I'm not crazy about these so called HOA's.. so we shall see...we shall see...

Oops gots to go's that time for the meeting to begin...wonder if I'll need some ear plugs..cause I think this time it's gonna get a little back soon....

Meeting went rather well..the people here got their point across and hopefully the board will listen.. I had to do my little thing and just put it out there that we the people voted this board in because they pledged to "protect" this community...instead they are letting this General Manage dictate what they should do...They, the board should take heed and listen to the community cause all it's gonna do if they don't is make a hostile community and the only recourse that community has is to have 2/3rds vote to over turn the board..These issues are serious to keep us a float in these times where the economy is not getting any better...Cut corners and make smart decisions !

It's almost like Citizen Kane...goodness...but it was a good meeting no one really lost their cool and I'm sure the point was made "Loud and Clear" ..Now what's next is to see how this board goes with this budget meeting...

Ok, now I'm all tuckered in and gonna get my snuggles on and get cozy and see what's on the tube for tonight..then make a Hot Chocolate cause it's a bit nippy in the air...temp right now is 58 and it's gonna get a little chilly the next few nights and morning...brrrrrrr..

Tomorrow is Cardio Doc..this ought to be good !

God Bless

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's a bright Sunday morning

It's a bright Sunday morning..started my day with gathering of the "pills" that keeps me and Zeke going..yeah with out them ..well, don't even want to think where I'd be...I know I wouldn't be alone...might be even on the crowded side ...hahahaha...well as long as no one has any sales for UP TOWN !!!!

Today I need to get my act together..I've been procrastinating ..which really isn't like me...lately I guess I'm not like myself or is it "Not liking myself" DUH ...what ever, it's heading into Christmas time and I should be happy...

Don't know if I ever said this..without going back through the many pages I've written..but I'm one of those that gets the "Blues" on holidays...mainly cause I'm missing family and I guess a lot of reflection of when I was a child..the hard times we went all of us struggled to keep it together.

One of these days I'll have to write my's rather unique in many ways but I'll tell ya's interesting and sometimes, myself that is, I'm even amazed. Shaking my head and smiling here...yes, it is amazing !

Sorting through my "Boxes" with Christmas stuff and wanting to get it all together....I'm kind of excited as I really like the pretty makes a home a home..and perhaps a little hint of Evergreen..ah yes that does make it feel like a real tree....but I do like them artificial ones cause "No Mess"....and I ain't a gonna do the tinsel....boy those are memories of my Sister Alice..who had to have tinsel and counted each strand to make sure we didn't put on too much.. each strand (notice I'm saying "Each Strand") had to be hung perfectly.....OMG those were nightmare times with Sister...

In fact as I'm laughing here.. my Sister Alice when she'd wrap packages they had to match..ribbon...bow got it and even if she had some kind of jingle thing or flower thing on the package.....she'd take her time and the seems and corners had to be Perfect too....Eeeee was awful times with her hawking over ya...Practice never made perfect for me..maybe that's why I hate wrapping packages....hahaha

Most of today is gonna be more about getting my files in order for my Doctor visit on Tuesday..the Cardio (famous) Doc...the one if I cancelled this appointment I couldn't get to see him till June 2012  hahaha...this ought to be good ...

I've made my shopping list out for tomorrow as I have to head to Wally World and pick up some goodies and some stuff for my Feathered Friends...even for my plants ..which seems to be increasing as I type... :)

So it's on with the show Vulchers...but plenty of Squirrels doing their thing and a few birds flying in for a quick snack....soon dear Cardinals your feeder will be up... yes, I got everything in to have another feeder just for those finicky Cardinals..and who ever else drops by....toodles...

God Bless.......

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time Flies on Saturday !

Time Flies on Saturday !  With that as I kind of chuckle...this morning was rather another I looked out my window I saw Vulchers landing on Betsy's house..OMG..I mean a "Flock" of them too... thing I knew Betsy came out and clapped her hands...and away they flew..only for a few moments but to return... now I have to tell you I was shaking my head and saying, "Oh, Betsy...that could have been me if I left my trash out"...

Reason for this.. on Friday morning I saw a few of my neighbors had their trash out and our pick up day was Thursday (which was Thanksgiving) so I went along with everyone..I mean what did I know..ok, so they didn't pick up because of the holiday so they'll pick up the next day ...Right ?????

So by the late afternoon on Friday not a truck sound or a sight of a trash truck I called Betsy and asked her...cept she wasn't aware her son (visiting) had put the trash out..and she then said..."Well, just leave it they'll be no harm.. We set back in a cul de saq so I guess so cept I then called Bob and Diane..he said to me, "Nope, no truck and no word of one till Monday"...okie dokie... so with that as I had said to Betsy, "I better bring mine in...cause with my luck a critter will rip it apart and I'll have to drag my butt out and clean up...and I'm just too dang lazy for that routine"..

So now back to this morning's I sat in my trusty chair sipping my hot coffee...after being in the rice fields ...OMG..them suckers are big and all over..and there is Betsy.."She's brave"...and they swooped down and were back in the yard...a little later on I saw Betsy bring in her trash...YEPPERS.. A Critters must have gotten to her trash....

Hahahaha... Yes, I don't have to leave my front seat..I got a Birds Eye View...Betsy, I'm sorry but that was a sight to watch...them Birds are huge and UGLY...hahaha.... I enjoyed the show...:)

It's never ending with me... I mean I have to make it into a novel someday.. I have learned to appreciate the little things in life cause they sure do make the rest of the mess ups better...!

I've watched the news this morning about the Black Friday Shopping Nightmares and I'm so lost for words..Why in the World are these people getting so crazed .. I mean not even caring about injuries or burning someones eyes out...What the Hell have we become... Occupying places that decent people work at to make a living..Hurt any one and every one...We talk about Land of the Free and Home of the Brave..Gawd..we have become Sick, Chitty, Non Caring, People.. Animals live on a higher plain than we.. I mean I got sick to my stomach watching it..

I sure pray that this crap will come to an end... I blame this on our greed. We no longer care how we treat people and even our families...Every time I listen to the news I think the little ones coming into this crazy world will have less and less respect for any one, not even themselves...Shame On US..

Sorry for the speech but I just can't believe what I'm seeing and what we are all becoming... Not allowed to wish a Merry Christmas..then not allowed to have Crosses...No prayers.. The Devil is sure making his display loud and clear and I guess we're all to stupid to understand what is going on...

Wake UP... I'm thankful for being born in the times I was...I so wish we could stop the bus and get off and go back to the beginning..People cared and shared if someone was ill or out of a job..the neighborhood helped . Life was could sit on your stoop (porch for you people that never heard of a stoop) and enjoy the night..we even slept on the fire escapes and even up on the roof...Hey we had block parties and knew everyone in the neighborhood... Someone passed away..everyone brought a covered was respectful.

Gosh I'm sounding like an ole timer...but how lucky we really I miss those I wish it never ended. I can still dream that some day we'll wake up and smell the roses before they're planted over our heads..

Tonight I'll say my prayers and thank the good Lord for letting me make another day on this Earth .

God Bless All.... Yes I was on my Soap I'll slip down tomorrow...maybe  :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday !

Black Friday !.... I've tried to understand why they call it "Black Friday" it because you'll cry after you spend your hard earned money or is it because you have to camp out in a tent or sleeping bag or what have you to get to be the first in the store...???? Dunno ????

My Black Friday started at 4am..and it was black out..(maybe another reason) and it was a tad bit nippy..although I didn't mind neither did Zeke or Abby..but Reba, well she tip toed ever so lightly. She was wearing her PJ's so that part was ok..perhaps I need to get her "Slippers"...hahaha.. I can see it now..Abby a pair of boots cause she hates "wet feet" and Reba a pair of slippers cause her footies are cold..but my big guy Zeke, well that guy nothin' fazes..may be a pair of marching boots cause he'll stomp over you to get out the door ...hahaha

Today I was at the Rice was that time again... but tomorrow I'll revisit as I want a little jump start..hahaha.. I'm getting to need more breaks and I keep tellin' my critters .."I'm just getting old and lazy"...but it does give me a few days rest.

Sadie again out did herself this morning/last night. She belted out 9 blooms..gawd she must have been in high gear..I'm tellin' ya, "you all need to find one of these plants..".  hahahaha.

I didn't go over to Bob and Diane's for Thanksgiving as I was just a little under the I stayed home with my critters and we just snuggled up on the couch and watched lots of old movies..of course the Miracle on 34th Street..and I can't go without mentioning..Watching the Macy's Day Parade.. I'm a true New Yorker and that's something I have to watch...

I remember as a child going to Macy's to see Santa..and standing in the snow watching the parade..that was a big event for us..and smelling all the goodies in the stores too..the pretty lights and Rockefeller Center..OMG.. that huge tree...Nothing finer that to do the Window Shopping in New's a don't have to spend any money to enjoy all that which it has to offer...then last but not least a ride through Central Park....YES !

A true walk down memory lane for me...I can smell it in the air..I loved so much about New York and still  do..I feel that home feeling when I come across the bridges...or for that matter when I use to come into the city via train...come up out of the about a village under ground..many places to see and great little places to eat..not excluding the street vendors.

Goodness I felt myself just being there as I wrote all that ran through my brain..almost could taste those  "Hot Dogs"  LOL  yeah they are a treat and so are the vendors too.. Now back to the real deal vendors but lots of people mad dashing through the stores..So for me, I'm keeping my butt in and waiting till Monday.

I have to sort through my decorations this afternoon as I have some pretty stuff to put up... and yes, I'll put up my tree.. with other goodies as well..even get some of those projects I have to send out next week..then start baking cookies and put them in the freezer...

Hubby will be here in a few more weeks..Wow, time is flying by and also this Christmas I'll have a visit from one of my cousins who lives in Tampa.. Haven't seen her since she was 5 and that's like 55 years...holy cow..long time wonder if she'll remember me..hahaha..

Ok, now it's off to work I go..into the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans and hum a few bars as I go along...nothing great on TV tonight other than that Gifted Man..but it is starting to get me !

Have a good one all and don't spend too much loot..and stay safe..

God Bless....turning the pages as another Adventure will surely begin !

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving ! (Yes, it's Thursday ) !

Happy Thanksgiving !  (Yes, it's Thursday) !

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy that Turkey ! 

Eat slow and lean back and just enjoy being stuffed...You now have

something in common with that Turkey you ATE !  LOL

God Bless

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mad Dash Out the Door on Wednesday

Mad Dash Out the Door on Wednesday..where to ???  Well, I had to go to Lowe's as I had placed an order on line to get a Ceiling Fan..mine went Kaput ! was French Fried by some strange reason..still not sure how or why..but what ever it was ...If you want to use this then you have to replace it...So replace it I did... Diane and I bee bopped on out  to fetch this Fan..and along the way I bought a couple more plants..(gonna look like a florist before long)...any way I picked up another Christmas Cactus..(easy care thingies) and 2 Geraniums...more stuff to take care of.

Morning was another get it together to do the get a way as Ms Reba was eyeing everything I was about to do..and bellow out if she even thought I was leaving her behind...(ought to kick her behind ...oh did I say that >?)  So I made a quick get a way..(so I thought) but she sure got even with me...when I got home ..low and behold she got into the "Tissue Paper".... Was there a parade here ???????  So I whipped out the trust vacuum cleaner and zoomed around town (in the house) ...while Ms Reba seemed to have a smirk on her face .....Gotcha !

This afternoon I'm gonna cut up some cabbage and slice the ham as I'm gonna make some fried ham and cabbage..I'll cook it up for tonight but will freeze several portions up for later...Also gonna do hubby's favorite Purple hull peas ..I'll cook them up also and freeze for later ..yes, I'm a little ambitious but remember I'm writing about it ain't a done deal till it's on the stove hahahaha...nah, I'll get er' done !

Tonight is the continuation of X factor..have to say, "I really dislike the action between the judges..."... not my thing...however there still is only the 3 I like..and I did mange to watch the last of Dancin with the Stars and also Biggest I'll make myself cozy on that couch and grumble if any of my favorites don't make it...remember there are 2 that will be sent bye byes..

As for Sadie that shady still in action..3 blossoms this morning but tonight they will disappear...she's sure a flirt.. I mean catching your eye with her beauty and then...kissing you good bye  later on LOL... What a plant...any of you out there should check on getting's wild ...Well on with the next ongoing events..

Heading to the kitchen to do my damage control...Hahaha...

God Bless...Early posting keeps you on your toes...:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Fingers did the Walking on Tuesday :)

My Fingers did the Walking on Tuesday :)  yes, I walked all the way to Lowe's..had to buy a indoor/outdoor ceiling Diane and Bob went out looking for me..even though they went to Lowe's there was none me gets out my trusty Laptop and zipped right on through..placed my order and Wham, Bam, Thankya M'am... now I have to go out tomorrow morning..(that's the glitch) and pick it up cause..(they are really picky about this) you have to show your ID and Credit Card or who ever is able to use your Credit Card I ain't a gonna complain cause I'm sure they've gotten stuck or someone got ripped off...but I sure was hoping it wasn't gonna have to be ME LOL..

I need another outing any way ..I've become a bit of a recluse ..not that there's anything wrong with it if it's winter and that nasty ole white stuff is down on the ground...but I'm here in sunny Florida I need to get out and smell the roses..before they lay over my head ....hahaha

Morning I actually overslept..(write this day down in history) ..Why?.. well I'm gonna tell ya... I woke up at 3am knees were bother the crap out of me and I got up and staggered around the room ..(my way of settling them down) and then laid back down...(there's where I goofed) and into a deep sleep I went...Me and Ms thing I know is Zeke breathing in my face and I looked up and over at those RED LIGHTS GLOWING NUMBERS and it said, "6:20am"....Holy Banana...I jumped up and made a mad dash to the kitchen .. I'd overslept Zeke's that packet and popped it right in his choppers....yep...then opened up my blinds and it was daylight already...OMG !..

Don't ya just love it when you do things like that ?   I mean I looked frantic..and I'm sure I was.. my brain wasn't in the right mode either and another Whopper...NO COFFEE ...OMG..another shocker..had to put on that pot of coffee....I could hear the music in my head going...The Race Is On..LOL

Watered all my plants and roses...things are starting to shape up and in 29 days the hubby will be here too..alright maybe then I can catch some what of a break..WRONG...Hubby called just as I was thinking that and gave me the news from the Doc this morning...(WAKE UP ZEEE IT'S ALL A DREAM)... His knee is not good..and he's gonna start with trying injections of SILICONE first and if that don't help next is SURGERY to remove the broken cartilage..OK, so now the next part was...He needs to wear a Knee Brace and use his cane..then next... I'm not sure I even remember next .

Tonight I watch the X Factor and recorded The Biggest Loser to catch that sometime tomorrow...and of course I switched over to watch the finale of Dancin' with the was one of those nights..everything on together ....and I even had time to try a "new" quick fix of those that comes in the bag..Bertolli's Tuscan Beef with yellow potatoes and I had to tweak it.. added a 1/2 cup green was really good for one of those type meals and I have another meal left for another night..but I put that in the freezer.. yes, I would say "they ain't bad when don't really wanna cook".

Now I'm planning my morning for tomorrow as I have to go and pick up that ceiling fan and Diane said, "If you want me to go"..which I had to laugh cause I know she just wants to get out of the house..hahahaha and she's good company...always finds them bargains..

So with that I'll twitch my nose and have thing all put away and finished...then off to bed for another Adventure of some kind...Oh, did you ask "how was Sadie">?....well she popped out a few more flowers tonight..and I asked her nicely, "Can you hold them till tomorrow "..hahahaha

Good night all and God Bless....

Monday, November 21, 2011

I had my freedom on Monday..:)

I had my freedom on Monday :)...yes, I was out and about at the store !  It was a short trip and I got to see the insides of the grocery store again !!!!...hahaha... Morning was fast pace for me as I had so much to get done...(now ask what I got done ?)...NOTHIN'... LOL  I just picked up some groceries and came home unloaded and had to clean up a mess..Why you ask?  I dropped a gallon of milk ...and it not only cracked but went everywhere even places I didn't know existed....Wasn't I a happy camper ?????

In the morning I had my surprise again..yes, Sadie expelled some more flowers...they are so pretty but you need to take a quick look cause by later on they be the wind  LOL

Most of my day was busy...I mean I had to wash the floor cause the milk was a little tacky....kind of strange watching the critters pick their feets up high as they walked across and that sound you hear like something sticking and pulling away...LOL

Tonight I'll watch Dancing with the Stars and then do a little bit of a project..things I need to get done before Christmas...praying for a little bit of energy cause I need it...that slug feeling is starting to over power me  :)

Next thing I need to do is find a ceiling fan. Bob and Diane went to Home Depot and Lowe's and no luck.. I need an indoor/outdoor extensions type fan so I'll do a hop on the Internet and maybe I'll find one...can't believe Florida doesn't have many fans...DUH ????

On to my next Adventure...ta daaaaa !

God Bless

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here we go again on Sunday :)

Here we go again on Sunday :)  My Sadie that darling plant again did her thang...this morning at 5:30am she produced 2 more blooms and already at this time they are closing..This is some awesome active plant.. hence the name title  Here we go again...Yep that's what I'm gonna call that plant along with Sadie the shady lady...fits her too !

Morning went well as I went out to check my bird feeder and as I lifted the top to see how much feed I had in..a little chick a dee landed on the lid. Right next to my hand I looked up and was surprised but didn't jump back..other wise the poor thing would have had a shock landing LOL...but it looked at me and I looked at it..(not sure if it's male or female) and it made a little chirp..So I then said, "Don't worry little one...plenty of food in the bin " hahaha..

Next thing I step back and down swoops my Cardinals..yeah Mom and Pop (I'm sure) and they had a go at the feeder...and here I bought another feeder because I was worried they weren't getting any food...dang my Italian heritage !!!...but I'm still gonna put it up as it's a platform type because them Cardinals are sure they'll be happy and so will my Woodpeckers..yeah I'm fixing their feeding stations alright...but like I said, "I get enjoyment over watching how they take care of each other.."

Didn't take pictures this morning but I'm sure something will come along and I'll be attempting to load in on my blog...but boy what a pain in the butt it is..getting everything to line up...SUCKS !

Tonight I watched back and forth two shows...of course the Eagles and Giants and the AMA awards..I had to catch a glimpse of a couple of my favorite entertainers...but can't miss the game..hubby is for the Eagles and me...I'm for the Giants. After all you know I'm a New Yorker !!

When letting my Critters our for their last go at it..before bed time, low and behold that Sadie was at it again...This time she was dropping those "Pods" (are they gonna turn into something ????) so I picked them up and put them in the pot and tomorrow I'll look up "How to" on Google...I may have many plants going..omg!..just the thought of all this action and from one plant. Imagine many..hahahaha...

Now I'm gonna read some email, make some clever remarks and then head down and lights out..yeah that does sound good..and as for tomorrow..It's gonna be Gang Busters cause I have got to venture out to the store..YIKES...leaving my comfort zone to head out on to the highway of Adventure...Love it !

Good Night, Sweet Dreams and God Bless.....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Surprises on Saturday

Surprises on Saturday...I'll say.. Got up early as usual (darn I wish I could sleep in) and let the Critters I turned on my carport light (cause I can't see in the dark ) from the corner of my eye I saw my Red Leaf (gonna call her Sadie, the shady lady) Hibiscus with now 5 (count them ) blooms..omg when did that happen...cause you see this plant when the bloom opens it's really awesome and by the full day the flower seems to expand.. I mean opens wide then by the next day it's closed shut and then gets like a knot and I think it then becomes a seed..dunno but will have to look it up.

Any how this gem Sadie, done shot out 5 blooms..and I took a picture..yep went back in the house and waited till daylight and took a few shots and even my new White Christmas Cactus is I'll post them up.. woo's pretty in the carport..:)

Morning Surprise 5 blooms

Yes there is 5 blooms

When I opened that door and saw these blooms I just stood there and just shook my head..of course it was too early so I waited until 7am and took the pictures..LOL  Just here is the Christmas Cactus..

White Christmas Cactus with buds

The Christmas Cactus Group :)

Another surprise the bud opened .

Bob came over this morning to fix my ceiling fan..SURPRISE...the new switch didn't do the trick . Seems the motor got fried along with the switch..some where in time, I think I know when..when our power went off and SECO was switching us over ...ta daaaa my fan got the action...SUCKS...

So now I have to get a new fan cause the price of the motor it wouldn't be worth it..but I asked Bob...."When you go over to get my other goodies for the other Bird Feeder (Cardinals are not happy with the one I have cause the bar moves and they are spoiled ...I mean don't a branch bounce..DUH..) any way I ordered a Plant form feeder that will mount on a pole so I'll now have two feeders and this way maybe I'll also get to see the Wood Peckers...of course this will also be Squirrel Protected...hahahahaha... Them buggers keep trying but they can't get past that Torpedo Baffler...Yippee...

Feeder (bought through ..Bethie are you smiling ?) will be here after Thanksgiving...and Bob and Diane will come over and do another great job...This is getting costly just to have my birds..but ya know they are really neat to watch...Betsy if you are reading..see what I'm giving you..more entertainment...! That means when you do put your house up for can also include free where can you go and get that ?

Tonight I just did another pasta dish..Carbonara..yeah the heart clogging kind but boy it's delish and fast to make when you don't feel like doing much and as I talked with hubby today...guess what ?  He also cooked himself up a batch..see we have been together so long we are getting more alike  OH MY STARS !!!!!

Watched the Inn of the Six Happiness with Ingrid Bergman..I really like that movie...and every time it's on.. I'm tuned in . Kind of makes you feel good. After that I basically lobbed around and checked that Sadie again and guess what ???  (boy I keep saying that) the dang blooms are closed up.. so that means another surprise (maybe) tomorrow... this is sure and interesting plant. Filled with many surprises..good thing I haven't put her in the ground yet.. I'm getting first hand knowledge of her and all you that follow me are learning too..see how I share :)  LOL

Well, it's bed time and I'm sure in need of "getting under cover" and ready for my next moving Adventure...ya know it's gonna be a gooder !!!

God Bless

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday is now present and counting

Friday is now present and counting...Morning for me was Topsy turfy..what can I say, "it always is". I woke up at 3am and tried to go back to sleep..couldn't, so I got up. What is going on with me?...I know in the back of my mind and in my heart's only been one week today since Joe and I'm still feeling him missing...again the pain isn't as bad..but the empty spaces is what still grabs me.

Reba is starting to come around a bit..but boy is she looking for she jumps up on the bed she goes over to his spot and sniffs and I see her look...yeah it chokes me.. and even Zeke, who every day would give Joe a what for and Joe in return would come back at him...but ya know I think that was more a game with those two.

Sun is out and I opened my door and HELLO THERE..the hibiscus...the red leaf one....bloomed another flower and I ran in the house..(well not actually ran) and grabbed the camera and took some pictures..I'm getting better ...but I looked.. I was snapping away and when I opened the little side door on the camera...Guess What?????  There was no card in it...HOLY was all on "Internal Memory"...Ok, so I ain't the brightest star in the how do I transfer it...but first let me find that dang card...??????

Hunting I did go...last time I used it was when I was here..I mean before I left for Philly..ok, I'll pray to St Anthony..(we Catholics do that kind of stuff) and within a half hour...YEP !  I found the was in the Card Reader that I attach to the computer...woo hoo !

So now you'll all see a few of my goodies...Red Leaf Hibiscus with bloom :) my two new Christmas Cactus..White blooms and my trusty Christmas Cactus I got as a gift when I first bought here..and she's got a really pretty shade of pink..but only buds at the moment and she's gonna have lots of blossoms...Then you'll see my Gardenia..the little tiny plant that now is getting BIG...oh I'll just surprise you with pictures... I took lots...only thing now is I have to upload...hahaha..might take awhile..have ya got a few minutes...hahahahaha

Gardenia picture taken before I left in June of 2011


Gardenia picture taken Nov 2011...WOW !

Close up of Bloom on Red Leaf Hibiscus

Full view of Red Leaf Hibiscus with Bloom


Amazingly this plant when it blooms the flower only stays open 1 full day then seems to close...but it's gorgeous !  Also as you notice I'm having a little bit of a problem trying to get these pictures lined up.. but I'll keep practicing..:)

Oh here is a shot of the Bird Feeder...ta daaaaaaaaaa!

The Infamous Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder !!! It works !

I want to show you also the impatience.. just before I left to head home to Philly and then after I returned..they too are amazing...

Impatience taken just before heading back to Philly

Impatience taken today...Deeper Color

Now just a few more and I'll let your eyes rest and my nerves calm down....Here is the Hibiscus that I replanted that the Squirrels almost destroyed's growing into a beauty..

Hibiscus replanted..and Growing beautifully

I think for dinner tonight I'm gonna treat myself to Chinese..a pretty good take out place in as I bee bop over to Winn Dixie to get in a few things.. I'll order my dinner...Sounds good to me...and it will give me several lunches for the next few days...guess you might say.."I sure now how to lean back and do nuttin'..." for me !

Got invited for Thanksgiving at Diane and Bob's house ..and Diane is a pretty good cook. ..I'll still make a small turkey as them turkey and dressin' sandwiches are good...see I try to think what's less work for me...and I can always freeze up a pan of dressin' to reheat down the road too.. cause ya never know who is gonna do a surprise visit...hint hint hint ...

Tonight not much on the Tube...but I'll watch that Gifted Man and then maybe check out what I have on Netflix... I'm basically streaming from them now...and I just click on my Roku and lean back...See I told ya I'm in that Easy Listening all's I need is a few buttons to press and have someone bring me my drink.. I'll make a Jack Rose tonight..

So I have posted pictures and chewed up all my finger nails and now I'm gonna head back to that "Jack Rose"...delish !

God Bless...and on to another Adventure tomorrow..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sliding in on Thursday here

Sliding in on Thursday here...and I do mean sliding..was up since 4am and started my last load of laundry....and glad I did cause the rain came down quick and hard just after day break....Thank goodness we could use it and it was over before I could say, "Jack Be Quick".

Bob came over to fix my carport ceiling fan..the only speed she'd run on was fast...and when I turned it on I had this strange thought...Uh oh this baby could lift the you all know how things can and do happen to I quickly shut er' down...and called "Bob"... he is great on fixin' and the nice thing also is he cleans up his mess...I'm sure gonna miss him and Diane when they sell their house...

Finished up all the Critter food ..putting up in the freezer only thing is next week I'll have to walk them rice fields again ..hahahaha.. but my critters really like their veggies so it's worth the pain in the butt.. I mean dragging out the rice cooker  :)  Gawd I love gadgets...!!!!

Today I'm gonna get my spare bedroom put up..I mean right now she's the storage bin...I miss my big rooms with all the closet space but I'll improvise...and gots to have my boxes...even though it curls Diane's hair :)

Tonight is again X factor and who is going to be put out to pasture..and yes this morning as I did laundry I watched Survivor...can't miss that...made my day a little weird...cause on commericals it's talking about Wednesday .

Just got a fax in from the Doc in town on I'll send that up to Saul (Abby's vet) and he'll give me a call later on .  I feel better knowing she's doing ok with this Dermaxx med as it can cause liver problems... but lets face it what can't .. I mean all the meds we take can cause something...

Oh I found a recipe for Cinnamon Buns..(just what we needed) that is made like in a square pan and you cut them in squares...and it's a throw together soft dough that you don't have to knead...and...... I'm gonna make them on Saturday...then post the be ware..Saturday is gonna be a Goodie Day :)

Another thing I forgot to mention... My purple leaf hibiscus bloomed last night and when I saw it...I forgot to take a dang picture..but the flower was purple with a mist of pink..and now when I opened the door in the carport the flower was closing...but I looked and I've got lots of blooms coming so I'm gonna get a picture..(believe me I am)...

Just finished dinner..made an Italian specialty.. sausage, peppers onions and potatoes...and it was on real Italian bread..yeppers I brought it down with me...cause here in Sunny Florida the so called Italian bread is like gummy bear stuff..and when I asked the baker he said, "Lady, don't you know where you are">?....HUH?????  "You is in the land of people that wear choppers"...HUH?????  Choppers, isn't that something you ride ????? LOL  we call it Harley's...LOL  any way that was this wise arse answer..but the trouble was...HE WAS RIGHT...Bread (Italian bread that is) is like gummy...even the Cuban bread is too...oy !!!!

So I packed me up some bread and froze it..then toasted it and it was it's lean back on the couch and watch the X factor...and most likely I'll fall asleep..happens all the time...

Looking forward to tomorrow..perhaps I'll have another good day with more adventures around the bend...

God Bless.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Working my goodies off Wednesday

Working my goodies off Wednesday...Yes, I am !... I had a wonderful yesterday and today I'm making up for it Friday yet ?????  I needed to keep busy but I didn't think this busy... ??????

Woke up, got out of bed and shook the cobb webs from my brain..had the strangest dream and then it was off to the washer...then I thought to myself...I don't remember having this many feet..???? YOU ASK ?  Well, truth be told my sockies I just put in the basket and waited till I got a load..and that I the worst part, cause it's sure easy to dump in the washer, but pairing these babies..oy vey !!!

Me and my bright ideas sometimes come back to bite me. This time they'll come back to kick me ! With all these feets...Lordy they are gonna kick me up to the Moon !!!....yeah, I was just thinking I could make it easier....that was my first mistake among I'll whine and whine some more till I'm done sitting on the chair pairing SOCKS !

Critters were better this morning and full of Gotcha...and Ms Reba just is ready to tell fact I called my neighbor, Ms Betsy  and Ms Reba just kept on yapping the whole time I tried (notice I said, "tried) to that conversation went fast..Poor Betsy...I is sorry for the quick get away....

Tonight I'll watch Xfactor and also record Survivor and then be glad to get finished with this "Domestic Quandary" :) can ya tell I just love these treasured I don't mind Cookin' and don't mind Bakin'...but it's the clean up duty that goes along with is never finished and you have to do the same thing all over again...DUH!

Hubby had to go to the Docs as he still isn't over what's ailing don't know yet about his MRI's...that will be soon I'm sure...I don't say much to him cause I've been in those situations and it just seems that everything goes wrong with you at one time..then you get a break and's back at ya...just hope he takes the time out for himself...

I hear my buzzer going off ..gave Zeke his meds and now have to get the Socks out of the Dryer...lucky me...but if you're in the area you are welcome to come join me.. more hands for all these feets are always welcomed.... :)

Back to work !   

God Bless

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Fantabulus Tuesday !

A Fantabulus Tuesday !... I know it's one of those words that makes you feel good...and feeling good was what I was feeling today... Started off with sleeping in till almost 5:30am..(now that's late for me) and then getting everything ready to take Abby to the Doc...She had to have a blood test done while taking Dermaxx for her hips...Doc was pleased with Abby..cause she's a sweetheart and I mean she can wiggle right into your heart....and she loved the Doc's office we walk in all the food is stored in the corner..and her nose (being she is called Hoover) picked up on it right far as she was concerned she was sent to "Heaven".

I even got her to walk up the ramp I bought at Petsmart...a little nervous at first but as soon as she got the idea she became a Circus Act...Here comes Abby !!!...up and down she went and wiggled the whole time..and was waiting for a treat....but that came later..:)

Got home and got ready for my visit from Jane (part of the fighting duo) and she and I enjoyed a great lunch... I made Carbonara...and boy our lips were smackin and I bet so were our hips...Got a call also from Nan and Lizzie and they were on their way to stop and visit...boy this was my lucky day...

The Sistahs showed up and when they gave me a hug felt Fantabulus!... I sure was in need of one and with those I care and share so much... and guess what..NO ONE took PICTURES...our mouths were going and we just enjoyed it so much...Yes, I miss everyone and I wish I could go to the GTG but I'm not able...and where everyone parks I can't get in with my Critters..shame it is...but like I said... "My driveway has plug ins.. plus my kitchen always has something good going on "...

Jane just left as she and I fell out on the couches..something we are use to doing from the good ole days of dog shows...she on one couch and me on the other...hahahaha..ah but before that I made a Blackberry Cobbler and she brought the ice cream..ouch...glad that doesn't happen to often...but we were filled to the brim..LOL...

Now I'm ready for my big bed and my Critters are in and waiting on me...they won't have to wait too long...cause my eye lids are heavy...

So I'll say my prayers and Thank the Good Lord for a wonderful day and my memories of my Joe..yes, I feel his presence...I know he's in my heart..this time just a little tear fell...and then I smiled....

God Bless

Monday, November 14, 2011

Such a busy morning and on a Monday too !

Such a busy morning and on a Monday too!...Yeah it was like this...Get out of bed you sleepy head and get them Critters moving...cause today you is going to "Sam's Club"...oh boy did my darlings give me a "What for"..but I got them their breakfast and hurried them up as much as possible...Ms Reba was in revolting stage...she wasn't movin' like it or not !

So I had to do a little persuading..Like get down on my bad knees and beg ! She jumped up in her favorite chair (any one she wants) and just gave me the "Stare"... Zeke was doing his mumble jumble and Ms Abby was willin' as long as I gave her a "Cookie"....

Now you think they would be just happy little babes..NOPE...they want it their I drag my ball and chain and sit on command..YES, my DAWGS are spoiled rotten !  However, I did manage to get out and boy it felt good...Picked Diane up and off we Sam's Club..

I felt like I was swallowed in this huge building with concrete flooring...and high dome could almost hear your echo...lots of people in there goodness it was early and it was getting full...It must have been those Thanksgiving/Christmas Shoppers...

Lots of glitter and lights and everything bright...should have worn me sun glasses...but I zipped through on my "Jet Propelled" cart and had my list ready and got it all....wooo hooo...glad that part was I had to stop at PetsMart and pick up a ramp for Abby...

Her hip is really starting to bother her and I knew being I had to bring her to Doc tomorrow I'd never be able to get her in the car... I mean I couldn't lift I did my thang and picked up a's more like a ladder type.. I mean the slide kind...not the bend and fold one.. and it's's sturdy and not heavy to the ramp itself has a good feel to the footing..or should I say "Pawing"...

Got back home and I had to cook up all the chicken I bought... which my hubby laughs as I buy big size chicken breasts..and plopped them in my huge pot..and cooked away...will vacuum seal them tomorrow as I got tired...

Leaned on the couch and next thing I remember it was dinner time...OH MY GOODNESS....then I got a call from the gal in the flower shop of Winn Dixie and I had to run back into town and pick up my Christmas Cactus..White...and she had my favorite roses too.. the peace yep I did a quick stop and also found ..(drum roll please) Egg that's something I really got that too...Lordy does it ever stop...heading home and I'm just not hungry but I could go for a big gulp of Egg Nog...and so I did..!

Watched Dancin with the Stars and even fell asleep during who knows what did who too ?????? I'm getting my paper work ready for Abby's visit to get her liver checked...the meds she is taking for her hips can cause Liver problems...So what's New ?????

My day went pretty good and I had a few bouts thinking about my Joe...but I felt better...tonight as I lay my head down and touch his pillow..I'll pray that he is in a better place...and for that I'm forever grateful....

Tomorrow my friend Jane will be coming over for lunch and I'll give her, her Christmas she'll be going on the road and I won't see her till after the January circuit... We'll talk on the phone but that's about it...

Spoke with hubby tonight and he's feeling a little better...and surprise he is drinking that hot tea with honey and lemon...only took me 35 years to get him to believe me that my cold remedy will work...Hey what can I say...???

It's about that time and I'm looking over and all my Critters are in bed..I hear my Dish washer doing her job.."I'm proud of her".... and it's on to another Adventure....psst just got an email from Nan..She and Lizzie are gonna be in my area tomorrow...I have to call and hopefully we can have a small GTG...

Good Night All...and God Bless

PS...Todd, I so appreciate those kind words...they meant alot too me !  You are the best !!!!...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Blessing Sunday

A Blessing I woke at 4am I reached over towards Joe's pillow and I felt such an inner peace..I was able to lift that heavy feeling...Hard to explain..but thinking about these cold mornings and how Joe would have really struggled I knew as well as he it was the right time..... I still sense his presence and probably will for a long time.. My Reba still jumps up and looks for they were two peas in a pod and only 6mos difference in age..He was her big pal.

I let all the Critters out this morning and it was a little nippy ..they went in and out quickly..Ms Reba didn't get out of bed until can tell she was getting her beauty rest...but when I walked in the room there she was snuggled up to Joe's pillow... yes, it brought me to tears....she lifted her head and looked at me.. I told her "it's alright, Joe is still with you"..

I'm getting through some heavy times as I lay up on the couch and the rest of the Critters join's like we are just wanting Joe to be at peace and I do believe he is... and that's the part that is easing my pain..

Got a call from my friend Jane and she had someone at the dog show in Brooksville that wanted to give me a Crested Male...I had to tell her "no"...I just couldn't take another pup in... As I tried to explain to her..."it doesn't ease the pain and it doesn't replace Joe either"... I have 3 babes that I have had a long time and I want to just enjoy them...and love them for what ever time they have or I have...

Sometimes friends try to help but as you who have gone through this know..No one can help you.....only time and the Good the pain eases your life makes another turn...So I'm just thankful for every turn I've had..

Today I'm gonna just take another break in my life and just appreciate what I have with my Critters...they are so neat and as I watch them they bring smiles to my face and heart...Joe's crate is still standing...I can not take it down..not yet... Ms Reba likes to just sit in front of it...Zeke likes to check and see if Joe left him anything...and Ms Abby (hoover) is always sniffy by it...

I'm going to make my list of things I need to pick up tomorrow as Diane and I go over to Sam's club for my big purchase...things I need for the house and I'll stop at a few other stores on the way home...

So my Adventures are gonna begin again...God is good no matter how you look at I've always said..."Life gives us no promises but plenty of surprises....Good, Bad or Indifferent....Just be thankful you made it through "!

God Bless

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Somber Saturday

A Somber Saturday....My night was very I lay in bed Joe's pillow and pad was next to me...Zeke and Reba came close ..the house was just so still.. I kept thinking about the wonderful times that Joe gave me...all the laughing we all did as he showed us all his tricks...his little fuzzy duck he loved that Jean from JeMar gave him...and how he quacked it to get our attention...

Yes, last night was a long night and I just thanked God for letting me have him for all those years...he truly was the light of my life..He was a blessing for me as I was going through my recovery from having my heart attack..up and down that darn little boy would be with me and lay right by my side...Yes, I am missing him and will for quite some time..

This morning as I woke, I felt the bitter cold and I thought ...oh my goodness Joe would have never survived this cold...I grabbed my Reba close as she was laying over my head on the top of the pillow..My Zeke was nestled in close to me too...Abby..well she loves her donut bed...and she was snug as a bug in a rug...

I've had my moments when I washed all Joe's blankets and PJ's...I had to hold those PJ's close to me...and when I made breakfast this morning..going in their room and placing the bowls in the crates...I came to Joe's and I had to touch it...Yeah, I did cry...and so did the crew..Zeke kept going over to Joe's crate...and Reba who always snuck in to see what Joe left only stood at the door way...

We all later  sat on the couch and hugged close..We will get through this and now Joe is now at peace and playing...and that part makes the pain in my heart ease..When I bring Joe's ashes home...I know I'll feel much better...

As the day went by my empty feelings started to I kept thinking of how would we handle all this cold... I watched the birds come in and feed...and boy were they hungry....I watched the Squirrels attempt to get to the feeder...then finally wait till some seed dropped..and they were like bees making honey...

Talked with hubby off and on as he was concerned on how I was doing...and as I told him.."I'm ok, all of us are ok...and we will be ..."...Again I want to thank all of you for  your prayers and support...

As the night rolls in...again I'll hold on to that pillow...and probably will for some it helps to just know we'll meet again.

God Bless