Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Drifting through Wednesday

Drifting through Wednesday that I mean I'm caught up in the "New" book that came in yesterday..OMG .. my day is almost over but my book has just a little more to go..See, I'm one of those that when I read a book that's about all I do..well maybe a tad bit more..cause there's no one else to do it for me.

Last night I got a call from hubby and then my neighbor Betsy..both reminding me cause I wrote I was only gonna watch or maybe record Biggest Loser...Did I forget American Idol"..?  hahaha..yeah they were right !  I did so I made sure I watched American Idol and recorded the other  and after I got done watching that show I finished my chores with Critters and did I go to bed ???? NOPE.. I read till my eyes were hence ....

I Drifted Through Wednesday  !!!! Now you understand..:)

I just turned on the AC cause I realized it was getting warm in here with just the fans going...I'm so engrossed in this book.. but I have to put it down and get busy doing a few things...LOL.

Tonight again is American Idol and Survivor..(see Betsy I remembered) and I'll get to finish this book maybe tomorrow.. my eyes are getting a little sore as this is a small print book..oy !!!

You know I was suppose to go out today but..... well you know why. Excellent story on this young girl's life . I grew up a few blocks away from the Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn. Always intrigued me their cultures and how they live and work amongst us gentiles. (that's us).. Like I said, "when we moved to Brooklyn we were only a few blocks away from their community".

I often would walk in through their area, although most of times I don't even think they looked our way. They kept busy and when I saw the young women they were surrounded by lots of children . Busy community, and boy busy, busy women...LOL.

Soon it will be my time to get busy...(feeding critters) and maybe I might actually look outside..I need that elevation..hahaha. So that's about my day today ..oh yeah, I did water my plants and checked my roses and they are doing fact I even mixed a brew of food for my Gardenia and Hibiscus.. See I was "busy " today....:)

Safe Travels and God Bless......

Pssst...."Happy Leap Day"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Quick Fix on an Outing this fine Tuesday !

A Quick Fix on an Outing this fine Tuesday !...Although the day didn't start off great it wound up being a "Gooder"..(pa dutch term) and I got out of the house ..woo hoo !

Morning was like singing "Foggy Day in London Town"..cause it sure was "foggy" and even the Cardinals didn't come to their early morning feed..guess they couldn't see either ...but as the morning progressed the fog started to lift and it was almost like saying "Amen"..cause next thing I saw was lots of Finches (those little itty bitty things) and they were like filling up the feeder tray...lots and lots of them..and Mr Cardinal just made his way in..didn't even bother to chase but dug in and chowed down..hahaha..of course Woody came along too..yeah he and she (woodpeckers) are becoming a regular at the feeder...but I did have to go out and fill up as with the moisture from the rain and dew in the morning..the feed was clumpy and I didn't want it to sour on them..cause the heat was coming in didn't go to waste cause as soon as I did that...the little demons came running down the tree...(Squirrels)

Amazing what fresh feed was like someone clanging a feed bell.."Come and Get It"...I think that was heard (like a shot around the world) and yep...the feeder was full..hahaha..

So getting back to my outing..although it was to pick up Critter Food and a quick stop (when is ever Walmart a quick stop?) to pick up some goodies for ME...and I was like in heaven...getting out and seeing what was "New"..hahaha...oh yeah I was riding up and down those isle..just a looking and a grabbing...but a quick flash came to mind...I had to load and unload so think twice.."Do you really need this"... I gave in..I needed every bit of it and then some. :)

Coming out of the store the heat hit me...boy after us having that cold front then all that rain..and now a heat wave on top of it... yuck it nearly knocked me off my feet..couldn't wait to get in the car with the AC on high...

Got home and man oh man I dug in to that Roasted Chicken..(yeah I bought one of those too) and just enjoyed it cause I didn't have to cook it or clean up the I'll have Chicken Salad the next few days for lunch...and then I went to the mail box on the way in...YES !  my book arrived so guess what I'm gonna do after I finish here....READ MY that will be my down time relaxing...ain't to shabby.

Tonight is Biggest Loser ..but I might have to record it..cause I might be just too engrossed in my book...(darn with me sometimes I don't stop till I finish it...) and this book is not a big one soooooooooo...You all know that story.

Just read on our RV forum one of the Sistah's had an accident..head on. It was Lizzie..I read she had broken ribs other than that she was ok..and her dog Simba was fine but her cat Bandit was frightened and got out of the rig and ran into the bushes...sure hope they find Bandit... she did ask us to pray for the Woman that hit she was hurt real bad..but the child was ok...
Seems the woman lost control of her car and wound up hitting Lizzie head on... you know you hate to hear those that's always a fear we all have driving our RV's ...

Please all who reads this, remember them all in your prayers...Lizzie's rig is totalled but you know rigs can be replaced it's lives that can't...just glad to hear she and her critters are ok...

Lizzie, you sure had them Angels with you...and the Sistahs that are with you are helping you too...Bethers, Birdie and Connie.. We have a wonderful group of people that as we drive through different areas we can connect with... I feel like an MIA as I haven't been able too in a long time..but soon that will change..

So that's my story for today...and tonight who knows..but ya know by morning something is always happening...Can't wait..hahaha...

God Bless....

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Dampened Dreary Monday

My Dampened Dreary Monday....yikes it sure is !  Woke up really early and I had the again I'm on the Tylenol just to make sure I keep what ever it is I'm trying to get some what under control.. Even after I got the Critters their breakfast I had me a big glass of OJ..without the pulp (gag).

Today I had planned on going over to pick up Critter's dry food and stop at Walmart..but that will be on back burner for tomorrow's chores..and with the way the day is still looking..well I'd wish it just finish raining and then come on sun.

I will make  a pot of chicken broth with pastina and egg with a little parm cheese to it..Momma use to make this when we were a little under weather...and from how I'm feeling..well that will hit the spot !!

There is a Board Meeting today but not sure I'm gonna make it.. I just am not up to par and besides these meetings are some what senseless unless more people start speaking up..but come election which is only a few days away (cause we are at the edge of Feb and beginning of March)  I'll be there for our annual meeting and voting..with bells on .:)

Tonight will be the Voice and I'm kind of looking forward to it..and of course I did stay up to watch the Oscars..yeah, the best picture was no surprise and the best actress wasn't either...but I'm happy that Octavia Spencer won for supporting actress in Help...great picture . If you haven't seen it ..check it out was really very good...Was hoping for War Horse as I really had a lump in my throat watching that movie..

So that's about it other than..I just don't wanna be sick,'s just not for me...and with this crazy weather we've been telling ..lots are coming down with somethin'..

I'm gonna this afternoon make a batch of cookies as hubby likes them and so do I..the Oatmeal, Raisin, Walnut, Chocolate chippers...yeah they are a mouthful of goodness and they freeze really well in my Loc and Loc..Hahaha.. I love my plastic..:)

Hoping you all that are travelin' safe journey and for those that are parked..tuck in and have a great Get to Gether...(for my RV sistahs)..

God Bless

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Chilly Wet Sunday for Daytona !

A Chilly Wet Sunday for Daytona !  and for us too...brrrrrr ..I watched really early the Cardinals come to the feeder and also (which did surprise me) the they are stocking up cause they're gonna have to tuck in with the rains..and chill...brrrrrr...looking at my weather but it says.."48".

This morning I was gonna to a quick run to Winn Dixie but after letting the Critters out and dealing with the thoughts of a "cold in my nose" coming on I decided I didn't need anything that bad..I'm gonna just have some soup and tea for today...and take plenty of Tylenol..(that's if it's not recalled again).

I was sure hoping that my book I ordered would have been in..but hey, I'll wait till Monday as it surely should be in..after I get back from my jaunt over to pick up the Critter dry food..and a quick stop...(is there ever a quick stop at Walmart) and hurry home as we have a Board Meeting..which should be another interesting surprise...or should I say.."Shout it out" .

Tonight is Oscar night and I'm anxious to check that out and see who is with who or is it who had the sharpest outfit...what ever mine will be PJ's might even be Flannel..I know Ms Reba has her leopard flannel PJ on and she's sporting it well..hahaha..

Might even make that Angel Food Cake with Lemon Pie filling but this time do it on a jelly roll pan..and a hot pot of that's gonna be right up my alley..and of course good for what ails ya..LOL

Not much more other than just hanging around keepin' warm and doing some google searching ...

Hope you are all Safe and keepin' an eye on the sky cause this weather has certainly been strange...God Bless

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dishing it up for Saturday

Dishing it up for Saturday...I was bored and a bit chilly this morning. Last night I heard the rain and sure put me to that sound on the roof as it reminds me when I would be in the RV and just listen to it pitter patter on the roof...of course I'd wonder..."any leaks"..yeah one of those you kind of get use too..especially on the road and enduring all sorts of weather..

This morning it was a little brisk and I knew I didn't have to water any plants but did check to see if any of them fell over or flattened with the rain..You know mother hen here has to keep a check on those things..especially when my Red Leaf Hibiscus has done so many turn overs..

Filled my feeders with some special treats for the Woodpeckers and watched the little finches start to line up..they are tiny and their color will be changing soon.

This afternoon I clicked on my Roku..(that's what I use to stream NetFlix on my TV) and watched a good movie..picture was excellent without it fading out..they are improving it all the time..and then I got a hankering for "Gnocchi" ..they are what we call "Italian Sinkers".. it's made with Potatoes and I put a little cheese in it an egg and a little flour..they aren't difficult to make but one don't knead this dough a lot or they get want them little pillows..LOL.. So that's what I'm gonna have for dinner..a little sauce (gravy ) and some good break..a big salad and that will make my day.

I made them up earlier and froze them for later on..that's what I love about these dishes..make way in advance and a big pot of boiling salted water and it's ready in no time..

I was gonna head into town earlier but decided I was too comfy and I really didn't need to go out just yet..but I will make a dash in tomorrow morning..and pick up a couple of things ..might even treat myself to something good...hint hint frozen berries so could be a cobbler with ICE for me..

Tomorrow is also the I best be prepared with "good stuff" and watch who gets them red carpet walks..just imagine the price of those gowns...boy that could surely feed a lot of families..maybe even help out with those "almost foreclosures"..heck I must be dreaming...but it does make ya think...all that money for one night..when it could really help others for a long time...HUH?????

Getting ready to feed Critters as they sent their messenger back..Ms Reba giving me a few "Wolf, Wolfs"...ok, I hear ya...time for fiddles..and then me..

Keep warm and safe ...God Bless....

Psst ....hubby will be here in 18's getting better :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

A warm windy Friday

A warm windy Friday ...and it really poor Red leaf Hibiscus was doing a few tumbles..I have to re pot that fact she's been popping out a few blooms ..and I'm surprised she isn't going into shock...but that's another job on my agenda for Monday..

Up early and ready to jump start into the Rice fields..(someones gotta do it) and got that job finished..I keep saying I'm gonna double batch but every time I start I have a lot of work and prep to get done and I just peter out..or is it I'm just lazy..well, I believe I fit into the mold of "just being lazy"..cause once I'm done with all the clean up..I don't want another go around mess..

Most of my day was pretty nice...enjoyed seeing the branches sway but the air was "WARM"  and I decided staying in the AC was a much better I watched the breeze from the trees..hahaha..good tune.

Had a few calls from some of my long lost friends and what's happening back home ..always interesting and then watched the snow in Chicago..brrrrrrr I really appreciated our rather warm air ..but from the window.

Last night watched American Idol and I have to say, "That last young lad that had the baritone voice...I just wanted to cry.. I just really don't like seeing them break some one's dreams..but like Betsy said, (in between commercials) "it's a part of life"...yeah I do agree ...however I think there is a better way of doing this show...maybe I should write in and complain....

After my chores were done today I got to watch Survivor..ok, I won't even go there...dunno "Girls" is sure in for some hard times..but that's again another show that's gonna get crusty as the time rolls on..

Tonight I'm gonna just enjoy the movie I'll stream from Netflix...I'm sure liking my Friday night least no commercials to drive me nuts in between a good part of the movie..although one of my friends said, "Hey, it give you a potty break and a snack grab too...all at the same time ".. Me, I have my snacks and drinks ready as far as the potty break goes.. I do like Momma use to tell us..."Go now before the show starts"...LOL..I can hear her voice saying that too..

I ordered one of the types of dry food I use for my Critters...Taste of the Wild, Wetlands...that I'll pick up on Monday and do a quick run to Walmart at the same time..Gosh I can't believe how the days are flying by..

So that's about it for now other than I'm lovin the warmer weather and..."News Flash" Gardenia plant has that means she'll be showing her flowers to me ...oh I love the fact they were what I had the men wear in their lapels at my wedding..Now that was a long time ago....:)

Have a Great Evening and for those traveling..Safe Adventures ..God Bless

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tromping and Stomping on with Thursday

Tromping and Stomping on with Thursday...woo hoo..the weekend is just a hop skip away and I'm just about finished with the mess I got into this morning...I was basking in the closet..hahaha..I started something I should not have..well not at this time anyway..but on I went.

Got up early with a mission and what did I know at that time..I mean it was only 4:30am and who would think of anything so wacky..ME !!!..So after I got myself some what together I proceeded in checking to see what I didn't want as today was "Trash Day"...and like I said, I was on a mission..if it wasn't my frig it was my closet this time...(phew).

I never realized what a bunch of old stuff I had till I started digging poor Critters were waiting on me.. I started this way before their breakfast and I was only working on one (1) cup of coffee and that is not a good thing to I stopped for a bit and fed the "Pooches"..hahaha..and then had another big cup of coffee and went on with the piles of "Stuff" and bagging as much as I could and making head way..Then I realized I better get my trash out to the curb cause last Thursday the truck came in before 9am...

So I got on the fast moving train and jumped a few hurdles and out the door I went..Dang it this is getting old. I mean one weeks worth of trash (how surprising it is) I can't imagine where I get this much..but it sure was a big load..well two loads..but there was my trust worthy dolly..she sure is mighty fine. I'd be lost with out her ..and that's the truth.

Back to the closet..well I got it all cleaned out and then looked at my bed..holy crap now I have to get all that back in the move to another and I have a huge bag of clothes that I'll drop off at the Salvation Army..some one can find use for them. Then I thought.."Wait I need to rewash this stuff" you got it.. my washer is in double time and then on to the dryer and fold this stuff....did I start somethin' or what..?????

Last night watched American Idol..and yep, I felt so bad for some of those youngsters..hearts broken and dreams come tumbling down..the one girl I was shocked that they let her go..she was pretty good..oh well I made myself a year I'm not gonna watch this stuff until they've picked their 20 or 24 and then I'll tune in.. I just don't like watching all this nonsense when they pick so many and they know they only need a small amount..too sad for me..

Tonight will be the other episode of American Idol and I'll watch that or maybe I'll watch the taped Survivor...I'll have to think about that one..although hubby and I usually talk in between the commercials on what we liked and what we'd it really matters..but it does make us feel better...:) the way the brownies were awesome but got more in the freezer.

I can't believe we are almost through February...only 6 days left and this is Leap year too..oh I'm thinking that means hubby will be here in 20 days...alright I'm feeling more on an up beat..thank goodness.

Rain felt great last night and we sure did get a good soaking and my plants looked like they were raising their branches up.. having a big drink...oh, oh.. I have to tell you I was having my coffee and watching my Bird feeder..this is wild... when the Woodpeckers came and along came the Blue Jays too..well not sure if it was Momma or Poppa Woody but I never realized that these birds could get your face like.. but the Blue Jay got a little to close to Woody and next thing I saw was..Woody open it's mouth and make this strange loud noise and Blue Jay moved quickly as Woody was gonna reach out and "hammer" or would it be "pecker"..hahaha..what ever, but I was impressed..those neat Woodpeckers may look neat and sweet but they can be mean and down right Blue Jays said, "Exit, stage left" and lifted on out of there..Wild and Funny to watch..wish I was good with a camera..but of course it probably would have never happened...

So that's my story and I'm stickin' too it !!!!   God Bless and Stay Safe.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whistling to the finish on Wednesday

Whistling to the finish on Wednesday...well almost any way.. Got up early and started right in on making my Freezer happy...I jumped into mode "Get er' done" and began with a pot of chili and then a pot of "sauce" ..then went on to the "Ravioli" all to make my freezer happy..hahaha..

Morning was rather a blur but I got a lot done cepting one thing...."Rice Fields" ..I'll have to do that tomorrow cause I is tuckered it night time yet?

Made the Ravioli with Won Ton that makes it so much faster and they freeze well too..and then my brain went into over drive and I decided (but for got to defrost the ground beef) to make meat balls..well as you can figure out ..that went onto the back burner..but I will make them tomorrow as I have to be in the kitchen any way..and I've got the meat setting now in the frig for "Defrost".

It does feel good when I get so caught up and get a little a head of the just going to the freezer and popping things in the oven or in boiling water them freezer bags and my vacuum sealer.

Tonight is American Idol and Survivor..(had to check the day to make sure) and I'm thinking a nice pan of brownies would be a great treat...yeah that sounds mighty fine..then I know I'm gonna just lean back and enjoy the rest of the day.

Saw a program today...and they showed a picture of Whitney Houston in the I ask, "Why would someone take a shot of her like that.."?  Yes, she was in the coffin...Shame on them ..anything to make a buck..Have we no scruples ??? Guess it's that same ole same ole..We'll look..and I did, so they sold and the Papers bought . Another note in my hand book of life.

Guess it's another Adventure of surprises and more tales to tell..boy the road sure does get a little bumpy.

God Bless

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A calming Tuesday

A calming Tuesday, thank goodness..cause after yesterday's episode I needed the brain rest...Morning was good in fact I even saw Betsy watering her roses as I was too..They sure do look pretty..

Critters were all on their best ...I mean they just curled up most the day and wrapped around my ankles..They weren't letting me get out of their site..Wonder why ???? LOL.

I kind of got into some interesting articles on the net as I was doing some of my Google searching. I sort of enjoy all that good reading..Ah and my Diapers ..well Ms Reba's diapers showed up today..Now that's a real plus for her and me and my washing machine .

Heard from Jane today and of course John but I fend them both off for another time and of course I made sure they remembered (aren't I awful) only one at a time on their visits...I know they mean well but it always comes to a battle between rather than me toss them out again.. I make sure it's only one of them that comes on any visit...I even told them..(now this is pure mean) if I should my funeral ..only one at a time can come visit me...hahaha... I could only imagine their getting into it..cause it don't matter where they are..even on the cell phone I hear both them getting into it when they call me...Good Grief !!!

Tonight is the Biggest Loser and looks like it's gonna get down and get funky as they it should be a "Gooder"...and then I'm gonna fall out early..I'm beat from really doing nothing..but it's that dang illness I have..some days I'm just a dish energy what so that's why I always say... "I have to go with the flow"...LOL

Count down has begun for when hubby gets here and I'm sure anxious ..been a long spell in I have my lists going..hahaha..the poor man comes down to thaw out and I work him out...Hey, I'm keeping him healthy..

Go in peace and God Bless....Happy Mardi Gras...and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday..!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Some What Interesting Monday

My Some What Interesting Monday...well it was for me :).. Morning was a normal routine..cepting for the fact that it was "President's Day"..I still don't get it (can't teach an ole coot new rules ) but I have no choice but to go along with it.

Got through with getting my Critter's Den in order and started my "Pinocchio" List (you wondering about the name ?)..well it is for me..cause I put things on the list I think that just come to mind and Lord knows some days my mind runs away with me or is it on me ?????  So hence the term I use as it grows and grows like the stories that little ole puppet told...hahaha..I've been know to throw in a few "hyperbolise" at times...

Then this afternoon I attended a meeting by the GM (general manager) and boy was that a "Whopper" in fact that could have almost been declared another "Pinocchio" event..There was some good stories thrown in and I'm still shaking my head that I actual was there and heard it all...and chimed in a few times.

The out come of that event...well I'm sure when we have our Board Meeting..that's gonna be..order seats or maybe pay for admission..but I can count on that one being...a WOW moment..cause the ammunition is building..

Tonight I'm gonna watch the Voice ..although today I heard many LOL..can't wait for the election for Board Member will be maybe "Musical Chairs" that might even help...any way getting back to tonight...I'm gonna try and attempt to just enjoy the scenery around me and wait for the emails to flow in..

I was just looking at my calendar and in 23 days my hubby will be here..thank goodness I've got lots of little jobs for him to take care of and maybe I'll even get a break...I know one thing he's gonna love doing the cooking..hahahaha.

So I leave you with this motto..(because of today) ..You can fool some of the people some of the time..but ya can't fool all the people all the time...

Now it's on to another page of my daily life and another amazing Adventure..

God Bless

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh my what a Sunday !

Oh my what a Sunday ! Woke up with a plan..Yes indeedy.. I was gonna get the Critters done and then do my side track to exit stage left to get out on the road and hit WalMart !!!  I sure did...and the store wasn't packed ..thank goodness but ...(now you notice I said, "but") most of what I was going for ...wasn't there !!!!! 

Now that means another trip back and I was so anxious to get all my shopping done...or is that an indication that they are not buying as much to restock their shelves....????dunno ....however I'm in need and I'm gonna have to go out again.

The morning was a little dreary and off and on there were some signs of when I came out of the store it down cart does move pretty good in puddles..hahaha

Oh I did manage to get my bird feed and Woodpecker Bark :) they love it too...and by the looks of it I'm bringing in a few Woodpeckers...I even had a pair of BlueJays, Cardinal and two Woodpeckers at the feeder at the same time...almost like they could hear.."Come and get it"..yeah they sure are enjoying the berries and nuts.

Hubby enjoyed his day (yesterday) with my God Mother Lena. She taught him how to make "Sauce"..(Gravy to others) and because he didn't bring anything with him to put it in..she had him take home the "Pot"...LOL So that means he'll have to come back to see her again...She's pretty neat..and boy what a cook...Now I can't wait for him to come down and show me what he learned.. I ain't no fool either...hahaha

Tonight I'm just gonna lean back and watch "The Voice" and then can't miss Donald Trump's Show " Apprentice..from the commercials on it..looks like it's gonna be a dozy..

Then I'll get my list of things that need to be done for the rest of the week...and of course  I'll make sure I send a package out to my niece as her son will be getting married this coming Saturday..I know she's in triple time at home trying to get things ready.. Sure am sad I'm going to miss it...but they promised pictures will be coming..

Time for me to let Critters out and then lean on back...

God Bless

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A quiet somber Saturday

A quiet somber most people this morning were engulfed in the funeral services for Whitney Houston... I sat and watched..listened to all that gave their speeches and hummed along with some of the hymns...Such a loss of a talented human being.

It was a beautiful tribute and at the end as they were bringing the casket down the heard Whitney singing "I will always love you"..boy that did me in..yes, I wept..for such a loss ..too soon.

Most of my day was really caught up in thinking how we ruin our own lives and how easily lead we can be...just listen how the media attempts to control your thoughts..even when going into a grocery store you see products on the shelves and wind up hearing that tune  and you reach up...HELLO.. Yeah, so as I've read things on forums and how everyone can give such great advice..I've seen it so many times in my life how SUCCESS can overwhelm you .

I guess for me it was more a "GET REAL" about things in life..and believing in one self...and from my college days when one Professor had me read "The Power of Positive Thinking"...did that make me come to attention.

Yeah it was a Somber day .

God is GOOD... God Bless !

Friday, February 17, 2012

Flipping through the paces of Friday

Flipping through the paces of Friday...I'll say !  I'm been working my tail butt off since 5am..thought I'd get a jump start but had a few detours..(can you hear me singing DETOUR There's a muddy road a head DETOUR)..well there sure is... first it rained just a little and then it got muggy and warm...OMG...that sure does slow down the body...but I did manage to get my blankets in the washing machine...

My Critters were not over joyed as I was making them move from one area to another...but heck I had a lot of things to get done and knowing we were gonna have some rain..well Ms Twinkle Toes doesn't like to go out in the rain..(Ms Abby that is) so I had to boot scoot and boogie her butt out the door and then Ms Reba got up extra early and came out without a diaper on...OMG Where is that DIAPER...the Dooped now you wonder about my blankets...Don't go there >>>>>>>>>EEEEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I also had to go to the Rice Fields...without a doubt as I had nothing in the freezer I put on my combat boots and went to the MATTRESSES...(ie Godfather)...and I felt like I was working on a chain stop or rest for the weiry...

However I'm done.. I mean I'm finally done...just folded my last bit of laundry and waiting for the rice and veggie bowls to cool and they'll be put now I'm in the limbo dance stage...waiting and wondering what my next plan of action is....NOTHING .......wooo hooo...

Last night watched American Idol and boy those kids did a great job in the (I call )  the Group Category...I mean harmony was right on and I even loved the music...(of course it was the 50's era) What's not to like about that music...and the last song sung was..."I only have eyes for you"...What a great job on it that was sung originally by the "SkyLiners"..fantastic group..

Oh, I ordered a book from Amazon  it's called "Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots" by Deborah Feldmon.

This book for me is something I am some what familiar with as when my Grandparents moved to Brooklyn  I went to High School there..and not to far from where we lived was the Hasidic Jewish section.. in fact my best friend Toby (can't use her last name) was an Orthodox Jew and she and I would go to Temple together and in return she would come to Sunday Mass with me..of course not sure if she told her mother...but we both enjoyed each other's customs...

So while I was listening to a program this Deborah Feldmon was a guest and she spoke of her life as an Hasidic Jew..I was so intrigued by her story that I had to get this book.. Now I must say, I've always grown up intrigued by other cultures and I was very lucky that my Grandparents never objected to me being curious...Don't know if it was because we were from Italy and we accepted other cultures...any way long story...  I so enjoyed my best friends family and unique customs..and Toby got a kick out of mine...especially our Sunday dinner..

If you've never experienced an Italian Sunday Dinner it's worth a shot to try it ....I mean just come prepared to sit a long time and eat take a breather eat some more and talk and eat and got the picture..our meal starts with an Antipasti, then a plate of Spaghetti, then meat balls on the side ..then main course with all kinds of veggies...then salad with fruit ending the meal...always a pitcher of water and wine on the table...and bread if you need to sop up the dressing from the's a long haul and one you'll never forget..ask my hubby...I thought he was gonna fall out...hahaha.

So that's part of my some what history as I enter it in stages..My life in Brooklyn like my life in Manhattan was amazing and the people I met and knew that grew up to be "famous" still have their roots back to the old neighborhoods...they were no different from any of us..just good people enjoying life and sharing and caring...still till this day...

Ok, now enough of those memories and on to the " It's the WEEKEND"...and what's on my agenda..not too much as I've wore myself out so the couch is looking mighty fine ...and if we get some nice steady rain...PLease let it be in between Critter time cause Ms Twinkle Toes is tough to push out the oh man I need to order her boots !!!

God Bless and Travel Safe..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Been Dooped on the Internet on Thursday

Been Dooped on the Internet on Thursday...well I should really explain that title better..I became aware, is a much better fact I truly just became aware about an hour ago...and was I ticked off..YOU BETCHA !

Here's the scoop...I have been buying Ms Reba's Diapers from a very reliable source for over 2 years now and I like everyone else always tries to find a bargain...being her diapers cost around $25 a pack of 30..but she needs them and it's what it is...Well one day about a month ago I went on a search to see if I could find better prices (by the way, I constantly am looking for this brand) as the place I buy from sometimes has sales..but not this year. So I go an search and I find this place called WAGS...yep they beat the price by 6 bucks and to me that was like "Happy New Year".

I even called the number just to make sure this place as legit ...and it here's how it finally played out..never mind all the nonsense to go along with it...Just today I used up my last diaper from the old order and I opened "the new" pack...of course the size of the package looked smaller...a lot smaller but I thought ok..for the price they probably tight fitted them big deal.

I should have known, but then again like everyone else it was a "BARGAIN"..and when I opened this mind you same company brand..these were the skimpiest diapers I've ever fact the diaper was just a light pad underneath a netting ...WOW..this will never do.. I mean it will be ok for daytime use...but night time when she's sleeping...HOLY CHITSKI !!!

I'm turning red, I'm ready to explode...but the only thing I can do is deal with it..cause I'm the dummy ..I went back on the web page and I was gonna call...but the package says, "Diapers" and that's what they are..and by the same company...but for light usage..

So yes, I was "Dooped"...and I'm really ticked off (better yet "pissed") and I'm angry at myself as well...I learned an expensive lesson and I had to make an order from where I usually buy for a few packs so I can use those for night time till I use up these...DUH ...I was such an idiot.. I should have asked more questions but I just saw the package and thought..(here's where I'm the idiot) that they were "diapers" which they were but not real absorbent ones..

So now you ask..How was my day?   well it started off ok..and I got a few things done...but after I found out my dilemma...I lost interest in the rest of my day.. it would have been good if I was a bear.. I went into hibernation..(depression) and slept the rest of the day...on the couch ..

When hubby calls tonight I'll let him know my wonderful exciting news..or maybe I need to let him know cause I had to order some more diapers...SUCKS...but it is what it is...again like I said, "I've learned another good lesson"...

Last night I watched American Idol and boy I've never seen so many kids dropping flies..OMG..shame I hate to see the disappointments..maybe next time I'll not watch it until they have their 20...putting that in memory banks... Watched Survivor (I recorded it) and that was interesting already one injured...I don't know about this years Survivor...YIKES.

For tonight I think I'm gonna just try and make the rest of the evening go by peacefully and watch another episode of American Idol and cross fingers no more will collapse...but there are some good singers in this group... I haven't made my pick yet..kind of almost difficult they way they show them now..

That's it I'm gonna have a pity party and sure hope I have no flooding..Praying on that one...poor Ms Reba...although these diapers fit snug..because no padding in them.. I'll make sure I have the full pads down on everything for now...

Hint to all...Be careful when buying on the Internet for "Deals"...

God Bless

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Doctor's Visit on Wednesday

A Doctor's visit on Wednesday... as the story goes..Got up and did my getting ready for this Pulmonary Doctor visit...which was in and out..well just about..He wanted to order "tests" to be done..and I politely informed him..or should I say, "Reminded him"  that I was just following up from the care given at the hospital ..that he was "NOT" going to be my permanent "Doc"...

He kind of chuckled and then kind of ignored me..but, if you know me by now you know that didn't float my boat !!!  I simply explained I was not liking the group of Doctors that I have and find that my care was not that impressive..Yes, the nurses were really good...but forget about the care by the rest.. I mean, in a hospital for over a week and my bed was never changed...even when I was out of the room for procedures to be done...Gawd I'm really glad I didn't have something that could have been spread...

Again this Doctor just smiled...then I said, "Not even the so called famous Cardio Doc came in to check me out " that part his eyes kind of opened widely...then he pulled out his pocket secretary..(recorder) and gave a few comments to it...and I was out of his office...paying my money and the nurse gives me an appointment...I politely said to her.."No thank you"...I'll be going to someone else....she smiled and said, "She understood".

I'm just not overly impressed with the care givers here..I guess I'm spoiled by aggressive caring Doctors...that's why I ain't giving them up..even if we were to move here permanently..I'd go back home for my tests and check ups.. Especially when I think.. the Doctors I have here..if you are sick on the weekends..your chit out of luck ...or if they are busy they tell ya "To go to the Emergency Room or one of those Urgent Cares".... I'm just not a happy camper when it comes to Medical Attention..

Then after that I headed over to Lowe's to find a fountain for my yard but no such luck I then went to my next place Publix just to pick up a few things from there ..then homeward bound I was....

Ms Reba gave me her "What Fors"  as so did Zeke and Abby..and it was their time to get a few cookies for lunch and while I was fixin lunch ....Surprise !!! Hecliff and Gertrude came by to visit...yeah I guess they came back to the area cause I haven't seen them two in a few weeks..So I did my duty and gave them a few good handfuls of nuts and berries...Hecliff just came close to me and gave me that "Look"...and food made him cackle...LOL  Sure they know a good thing...

I've been noticing more and more the Woodpeckers coming in pairs...and while at the feeder the Blue Jays come's getting crowed there..and I have one lonesome Dove that when he's up there....he dominates..he's in for the resting and eating time  :)

Last night I watched Biggest Loser...I don't know why I was thinking Survivor was on too..but must have been the commercials having me think that...but it was good and sure was not happy to see poor Santa (Roy) be tossed out.. I still don't like that Ms Conda...oh well, her turn might be coming..ya just never know..

Tonight though..(are ya ready) is Survivor and American Idol..(at the same time) so I'll record one and watch the other... thanks TiVo...:) and that will make my day to finish..

Speaking of which my Rose hedge is looking good..and I'm working on the rest of the garden...will pick up some soil so I can do some transplanting that is needed big time...

That's my day so far other than it Soup yet ?  LOL...Sure feels good to have that sun shinging I'll get to complain about the heat next hahaha...

To the Rice Fields tomorrow...and what ever else comes by my way..

God Bless

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Happy Valentine's Day on Tuesday :)

My Happy Valentine's Day on Tuesday :)  It really is..yesterday as I was blogging, Clancy my gardener (and Betsy's too ) came over with a nice surprise for me. He had picked up my roses (Knock out roses) and had all the rest of the goodies with him..He was fixin' to put me rose hedge in...Wooo hooo !!!!

Yes, I took pictures and yes, I'll post them today too...see I'm getting better ..having batteries charged and ready is now getting to be a habit..but a good one :)

This morning I was eager beaver to go out and "Water" me roses..and the sun was up and they are planted on the south side so that should be good too...and they set right next to my carport screen room so I can check on them..cause you do know I have those "incredible, nosy" squirrels..Who by the way do the get even with me from time to time...they've been at my Geraniums....and I'm ready to catch their butts sooon !!!!

We are gonna have a heat wave today..compared to the other two days of 28 degrees plants really got hit hard ..even my I've covered them but the wind just snatched a few...I brought in that purple leaf Hibiscus and she now seems to be taking off ..gonna have to re pot her and several others..but I did lose a few...but March is coming and so is warmer it will be get them bulbs out and start planting some strange looking flowers...can't wait..

Today already my Pulmonary Doc office called to make sure I'm ready for tomorrow's appointment..even wished me a Happy Valentine's day too...already chatted with hubby not his first call cause that's him telling me he's up..hahaha..we have this thing... if I don't hear from him by a certain time I have to call and wake his butt..hahaha...never mind me..but he does call and then will call on his way to work to make sure I'm awake ...darling man...but I already thanked him for his "gift"...hahahaha

I'm so tickled pink...just those little things mean so much to little garden and my birds and of course my wonderful Critters..I mean I'd be so lonely with out them all... Even got a few of the birds that now watch when I fill the feeder...they give me that whistle..or maybe it's them calling the others..."The Ole Gal is putting more fiddles in the feeder, Come Get It"....hahaha..yeah it does seem like that.

I've noticed that the Woodpeckers have been coming often..must been the cold did numbers to those trees too..and there source of feed is not plentiful..what ever, I enjoy watching them all.. The doves now even fly up in the feeder..have a few Blue Jays...and of course my big Red..he's surely a beauty..

Today not much planned as I've got lots of things to put up...when it's cold I don't move much but under and Ms Reba...and my Abby lately has been laying at my feet..she's a foot warmer...Zeke, well he plays Look Out..and boy if something ain't right outside...he belts out a tune...

Ms Jane (of the duo team J & J ) called this morning so next week she'll come over it should be peaceful and then I have to make a day for's like two kids...if I do for one I have to do for the other...What can I say...They are ok alone but never, never together...not with me anyway.

Watched the Voice last night it was ok..some good some ok but definitely interesting especially the Blue Haired Gal...WOW...I know I'm getting old when I see how that hits me...Just don't get it..but hey, different strokes for different folks..

Tonight will be Biggest Loser AND..Survivor.. I'll record one and watch the other cause I can't miss either...YES, I'm becoming a TV makes the evening go bye....but also hubby and I call each other in between contestants..some times we get lazy and say.."Wait till commercial"..but if it's something really good..well the dialing becomes URGENT..hahaha

Now I'm gonna head into the kitchen and shred some cabbage, cut up some white onion and then cut up strips of a ham steak..Gonna make fried ham and cabbage for dinner tonight..and I even have those quick fix potatoes...the ones you put in the microwave and make mashed more peeling for me..these are really very good...I know it's lazy..but I never said "I was Domestic"...LOL

So here comes the pictures..wooo hooo... I just love my rose hedge..Thanks so much did a great job...

Mr Clancy digging up for my Rose Hedge garden..he takes pride in everything he does...!

The finish...My Rose Hedge sure looks pretty and I'm telling ya when these babies start to grow it's gonna look awesome...

A little better close up...but I'm so tickled pink..they brighten up that side of my house..and I'm planning more for along the other side..have to figure what will grow kind of up that panel with out having problems...but it's in the making...

My Gardenia kind of took a hit with the Frost..but she's still growing..and I can't wait for her to bloom..she should have close to a hundred blooms this year..

My Geraniums, between the Squirrels and Jack Frost took a beating but they are in holding stage...I'll have to re pot and clean up the other plants...and of course I have a few on lookers...

Zeke and Abby...Ms Reba was hiding some was a little chilly and she only comes out later in the day...but her mouth was going I can assure you..

Well that's my story and I'm stickin' too it !   Have a wonderful Valentine's Day one and all...God Bless

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bumbling, Fumbling through Monday

Bumbling, Fumbling through Monday...I'll say...Started off thinking I've over slept and jumped out of bed...when I realized was only 4:30am..well at least it wasn't 3am !!!

On to my next bumble...forgot to run the dishwasher last night...and when I was ready to grab my cup and Critters dishes...EEEK...they were still not I had to hand wash..(which I hate) and run for the ..."Get er done"...

Next Fumble was I went into the spare bedroom to get something out of the closet....paper towels...reached up and the shelve came down...(thank goodness not on me) and I jumped back...thought quickly on this one..but even if it hit me nothing major was on the shelve cepting paper plates, towels and a box of Pill pockets (I use that to hide the meds I give the critters) then it was put everything back up on the shelf..secured and done !!!!

My biggest Bumble (so far) was I thought it was 2pm according to what my eyes saw (sitting sideways on the chair in the kitchen I only got the glimpse of the 2)...and I gave meds out... YIKES....

From that I went into shell shock...No it won't hurt them..and I'm sure it's happened to someone before...but oh my stars...what else am I in for...????

Just got a call from Clancy...looks like he's putting in my roses today on the side of the car port...that man is quick...I mean we just had Jack Frost LOL but I guess we'll be safe as I double checked the's gonna be warmer....Thank goodness..or I'd need more sheets...hahahaha

Tonight is The Voice and I'm gonna watch and enjoy.. I did watch the Grammy last night and when Jennifer Hudson sang.. well, I had a lump in my throat..and I was also glad to see that LL Cool started the show with a prayer...cause I know I bowed my head as well..

I hear Clancy so I best get going.. I'm excited.. I needed better news..and I'll make sure my camera is ready...yeah, yeah I know I've said those words before but it's right next to me tuned !!!

God Bless

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Sad, Sad Sunday

A Sad, Sad I sat and watched the TV from last night when the news broke of the Death of Whitney Houston... I sat most the day listening to her music...this talented woman, this God given gift she held and how as you watched her grow she became a part of your life.. I know with me, she was always one of the best female singers...and as I've watched her perform so many many time knew she reached right into your soul..

Last night as I was watching a program and the news broke...I just couldn't believe it..and I prayed that it wasn't a drug over dose.. Her life went from being so happy to an ending of sadness.

My day today was just not good...I was glued to listening and praying that now she finally has found her peace ..and then comes the report her daughter was taken to the hospital.

As I sat and rehashed everything I was seeing...I thought how these stars can never have a normal life...We make them like "Gods" and they live in a prison...sure you say, "Well, they are rich and can do or go any where"...but really they are prisoned into a world of being in fear of who is going to attack them and constantly live without any privacy.

When I was growing up and lived in Manhattan my world was surrounded by Actors, Actresses, Authors, Movie Stars and Baseball players (Brooklyn Dodgers) and the people in my neighborhood never looked at them as famous people..more like people that had a "Special Career".  They walked amongst us, even lived in our neighborhood..So for me it was they were special gifted people.

I can honestly see how their lives get caught up in Booze and Drugs. Not that I feel it's "the norm"...but a way of escaping their prisons...they do anything to make their lives fun.

Now I'm getting ready to watch the Grammy and most likely will be looking through tears as they are suppose to do a tribute to Whitney . Her music like others will live on.

Just so so sad !

God Bless

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Break Out on Saturday !!!!

A Break Out on Saturday !!!!...Yes, I got out but only a few miles down the was one of those.."Had Too"...Ya know my cubbard was looking pretty rough ..had no cream for my coffee...and that was a big issue...I mean no coffee or better still, just plain ole milk ...YUCKO...So this morning after I got the Critters done and got me coffee and toast...I was up and at em down the road and to Winn Dixie I went...Even met up with John (of the fighting duo J & J )  and he was all happy to see me too..we met right by the Roasting Chickens...and yep, I grabbed me one...for lunch and many more lunches ..Whoopie...not much to make me happy....:)

On the way back I stopped by and picked up my mail..Got a surprise note from my Cuz Bill ..he sent me a picture of his Dad and Uncle ( my Uncles) and it brought a tear to my eyes....on the back of the picture my Uncle Bill said, "Please keep me in your prayers as I'm about to go and have a Tumor removed from my brain" wasn't long after that, he passed away...I grew up with my Uncles ...they were more like Brothers than Uncles as we were raised in the same house by my Grandmother while my Mother was working.

Coming back I had to look at Betsy's roses...yep, they sure are looking really pretty too...but tonight as I had talked with Betsy..they need to be covered just being put in the ground...we is gonna be 28 degrees by morning and have a hard freeze for several hours..for the next 2 days...OMG... so I'm gonna make sure I cover a few of my plants as well..brrrrrrrrr this is suppose to be Sunny Florida...psssst...the Tropics...somebody better tell Mother Nature !!!

Watched the Gifted man on TV last night and it was pretty good then I headed back to the bedroom and played a few games on line..well the Twisted Letters...keeps my brain active and try spelling too..hahaha..but it worked pretty good..later played Canasta..then for me it was lights out..

Tonight I've got some work to do on that Crocheting pattern..try to figure how to start it..directions are a bit goofy..find something I really like and the info is a mess..

Other than that I'm keeping me warm..gonna get that electric blanket going and can't wait for these couple of days to pass..and the kicker ...we'll be back in the 80's again..strange weather...

Saw on TV that Survivor will be starting on Wed too...that means my recorder is gonna be busy..can't wait..this will make nights more interest too...

Safe Travels all and God Bless...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fumbling on into Friday

Fumbling on into Friday...again I was up at's got to be me now...No one not even a fly came by me...but still my eyes opened up...and as I turned and looked at that red glow of numbers...I read...3:00am...Yes, there's got to be something going on with me that I'm now on this dreaded WAKE UP LITTLE SUZY...(and I ain't Suzy).

So I tossed and turned and then fumbled out of bed and did the "Green Mile Walk" it was my last pass down the hall way towards the kitchen...I know I wasn't sleeping and I still ain't got no sleep....oy vey !!!!!

Couldn't wait till the day light broke but I did get to watch Mr and Mrs Cardinelli...yeah they showed up for their breakfast..amazing how it's barely able to see and they fly in and catch a few good fiddles..even in the evening they are the last at the feeders..but they nestle in and enjoy their late night dinner..aaaaaaaaah...:)

Also had my Woodpeckers show up ...they grab the berries and nuts I have up for them...and boy they (two now showing up) hang in ...look up at the top of the roof..(hey, no ideas of punching holes please)...and then fly off ..but do come back several they are happy that they have some goodies too.. of course those TitMouse or is it Mice ???? come often along with the cutest Chic A Dees..they are if I was like Sistah Lizzie, I'd be focusing in on catching them all...but for me .. my windows have that film on them to cut the sun out and I get the flash back from the camera...but I'll figure something out one of these days..

It's Friday and the Glorious weekend is gonna be upon us..and I'm thinking what can I do ...I have a few interesting recipes to try..but I have to go to the stores..YIKES...but I need too.. I mean I'll have no cream for my coffee  after tomorrow it's a push me out the door ..get over it and hit the open road...and Buy ....Buy....BUY...:)

I did get two new skillets..they are ceramic and I'm anxious to give them a try as with the non stick ones the fumes that come off them if cooking on high ..well, not good for you and eventually those flakes start I use to always use my corning ware and stainless steel .....guess I got a tab bit lazy ..hahaha..(just a tad bit hahaha) ...

I also downloaded some program to clean up my registry and it has improved this computer..but I also realize this sweetie is up there in age...but as long as I can do the few things on her...she's here to stay for as long as I can handle it..LOL... we'll see...

Tonight I'll watch from NetFlix cause ain't crap on ..and I did watch American Idol last night.. I was so surprised that they let that young girl that fell off the stage get up and walk..  I always think..."What if"...ya just never know..look I fell and didn't even realize I broke the orbit around my eye...Shame on you American Idol and Shame on the Daddy who was there too.....DUH ????

That's about it for now other than when I was going into my set up on Blogger I found I had a note in my Spam folder...and I was stunned.. it was from Sears...Yes,!  They responded to what I wrote and wanted me to contact them... Don't know if I can post their note but if you're interested in reading it..(which I can't stop you from ) go back in my archives in Sept 2011 the last day I think it's Tilting it Thursday..9-29-11.. and click on comments ..Surprised
I was and I would have contacted him too...but well, life goes on in the big city...but goes to show you what you write...others do read ..

Ok, "I'm putting the chairs in the Wagon" hubby often says !

God Bless and Safe Travels

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hell of a Thursday Morning !

Hell of a Thursday Morning !  Got up again wee hours of the morning..Thank You Mister Zeke..he decided we needed to have some fun time..He jumped on the bed and lay down right along side me and then proceeded to nudge...and nudge and grumble and rumble till I moved and patted his "Bean Head"...Why ME ???? ...I looked at the clock and I looked was 3am..What's with this 3am stuff ???????

So up I gots and so did Ms Abby...but no, no, no not Ms Reba she was zzzzzzz ing away...LOL  the little darling..her fun will begin around 6am when she comes out with her tail swishing and looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed...

Well now that I'm wide awake guess I might get a few things that I did...Started a load of laundry and then put on a pot of coffee...turned on the news..EEEK..hate listening to all that bad stuff...even watched how this pervert tried to kidnap a little girl in the Walmart..Thank God ..she kicked and screamed and he dropped her...What in the world is with these sick people...???

That started me ...Wow I'm telling ya if I ever saw anything like that happen around me I'd attack  the S.O.B and hit him in the head with what ever I could grab...!!! 

Later in the morning I saw Clancy's truck pull up outside and I smiled as I saw him deliver those roses to Betsy..Yep, he sure did a beautiful job putting in the hedges of Knock out Roses..I had to go over and admire and knocked on Betsy's door to tell her..."I'm jealous..."  Nah, I'm so tickled pink and that's what the color is a reddish pink..gorgeous.. I'll take a picture tomorrow as it's gloomy and chilly out brrrrrrr..

I spoke with Clancy and he's gonna pick me up some for the side of my house by my carport..but for the front I need the double knock out roses as that's what I have in there now...but they is sure pretty...and when they are grown ...Wow awesome..Now Betsy will have to join me in the morning as we water our Roses....:)

Watched American Idol last night..OMG...that poor girl that fell off the stage..HOLY CHIT...she looked like she was fainting as she approached the edge of the stage she was kind of staggering...Gawd, I sure pray that she's ok..will have to see what they say on the program tonight...YIKES..

Not much other than I vacuumed..boy did I vacuum...I don't like these bag less's messy..any way mine was ...I had to dig out the hair..yucko....but man oh man these Rotties...LOL  I'm telling ya I had a few being created in that vacuum...

That's about it other than now I'm gonna take a break and rest...for I have to do my bedroom next..well maybe next :)

God Bless......

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here it is Wednesday...

Here it is Wednesday...the middle of the week.  I'm still going strong and my knee has slightly subsided. Or is it I'm now getting use to the strange sensations that are in the making....(shaking my head)

This morning my Ms Reba decided to wake me at 3am..ok what's with this 3am's not changing of the time or changing of the guards..DUH..but she did and it was cute..(for who?) any way she had her tail going or should I say, "Whipping"...what have you but if you got hit with it would have beat you to death >>>LOL...

So I pull her up on the bed and she isn't happy with that..she decides that it's time for fun..????? "Reba, Beeba"  what is with you this morning...but up we all had to get cause Ms Reba wanted everyone up...I could hear the Grumble Bumble from Mister Zeke and Ms Twinkle Toes Abby was already up and to her donut bed in the living room...she sure knows when to get up and out..

Now we're all in the living room on the couch...what a bunch of sweet and Ms Reba have to have a talk..Why now of all times she wants my certainly wasn't "pill time"...(she does tell me when it's time as she gets this barking like a seal and don't stop)  but no Ms Reba decided she was thirsty...and kept at me till I got her what she wanted...

I guess some of you wonder how can this "Little tiny dawg"  do all this..well if ya ever met Ms Reba you'd understand..she has a pushy time attitude..that when she was a youngster every one thought it was cute including me...BIG MISTAKE...this is now what I have to put up with and to think she'll be 16 in May..YIKES !!!!

After everything was settled we all were allowed to go back to sleep...but on the that surely does help my back NOT...but all of us fell back till about me some real breaks ups I get and made it back to the RICE Fields..why not ???? I had nothing better to do...hahaha...

I certainly know what deprived sleep means..wonder if that could fall under sleep apnea..hahaha..lately that's all the Doctors seem to be pushing but some how I can't visualize this thing attached to my face hooked to a machine and MS Reba...OH MY STARS !!!

Later on during the mid morning I saw Clancy's truck pull up...(big Red Truck) and he had those knock out roses he had showed me...and guess where they went...Well I'll tell ya...Right on Ms Betsy's front yard.. she'll be having some gorgeous roses for hedges...and Ms Betsy, from what I could see.."They is looking "mighty fine"....

I'll be getting all of mine in soon too..can't wait cause they sure do dress up these yards..and oh how nice things start to look with some color around...and while I was looking out my came those Woodpeckers..yeppers I had just put fresh feed in the feeders...they were enjoying it...and I'm happy to see them..they are neat looking and getting more into the center of the feeder instead of hanging on the side...

Last night the Biggest Loser was not to great..boy that red team gets down right nasty...they lost and of course I knew who they were gonna toss off Adrian...but again ..he sure needed to work on getting along but that one gal...she's got a bug up her butt...sad to see that..but hey, that's what real life is like too...bunch of people that don't like ya, will make your life miserable..

Tonight is American Idol..I surely can't wait till all this audition stuff is over and let's get on with the show...that's about it other than Ms Reba is back and now what does she want...uh oh.."Pill time"..see she's good  LOL

God Bless

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slaving the Rice Fields on Tuesday LOL

Slaving the Rice Fields on Tuesday LOL..yes, it's that time again as I chopped the veggies, wash the rice and prepare to embark on another session of Critter Rice and Veggies... ah I really don't mind it that much as I've gotten so use to doing's like..ok, not that bad...but the clean up  YUCK !!!...:)

I have been awake since 3am because my leg I had fallen on decided to let me know it's coming back.. I mean I've had very little feeling in the leg since I injured it...and WHY ???? at 3am.. I mean could it not at least wait till daybreak...Oh, that would be asking too much I guess..

However that baby woke my arse up..and I do mean WOKE ME UP... I felt this strange burn like my leg was on fire and I sat up...(forgot my back has been bother me) I had to move the covers from touching my leg...WHAT IS THIS ????....Will it ever end..holy hannah.. I mean this sweetie is about to get zapped with something... I could barely touch it..more less have the water from the shower..OMG..yeah, it's the strangest thing...but does that surprise me....NAH...cause chit like this seems to just stroll ride towards me..

Well the Doc in the hospital said, "The feelings in your leg will come back ..don't know how long it will take, but you'll know"...he sure was right but didn't prepare me for this SUCKER.!...I hope this don't last long or I'm gonna be talkin in my native tongue and I'm sure if you ain't heard it before you'll hear it from me...SOON...LOL

After I finished with getting the Rice in the cooker with Chicken Broth..Oh, yeah my Critters gotta have flavored rice too...LOL...and then put all my veggies in a bowl with water to steam in the microwave... I popped on out to go vote for our Board of Directors primary...cause the actually voting will be in March..this is to get down to the final 6 ...LOL  it always amazes me..why not do it one time in March...primary...Lordy I'm tellin don't get any better...LOL...

Watched the Voice again last night and it was ok..but no one really has WOWed me yet...but we've got some time...and again tonight is Biggest that always impresses me..I mean the amount of workouts they even do..I'd have to be scraped off the floor...but the outcome is Fantastic !!

Still have to make it to Walmart but I think I'm gonna go on Sunday morning by then I'll be out of almost everything..but I'm not that anxious to get out and around now with this leg...See, it's always something.. I guess I'm making up for all those years when nothing fazed me..and I'd joke about those that constantly complained...

Lesson here...Don't laugh at others cause it comes back at ya !!!  boy am I ever getting my tables worth...can't wait for that "cut me some slack"...PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's about it for me as I'm gonna get off my duff and put those rice bowls up and if I have energy tomorrow I'll do another batch..HEY, that sounds wonderful ...I mean that would be 20 days grace...I'll attempt it.. I mean I'll have good intentions anyway...hahaha...

Pray all have will have a safe journey...God Bless

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday....could I change the day ?????

Monday....could I change the day ????  I've got lots of things that need to be done.... I don't know where to even start other than say, "Yeah Giants"  it was a pretty tight game and both quarter backs are good...crossed my fingers on that last play by Brady..that surely was a close one...but it was a good game..we won't talk about Half Time... my feelings on it might insult my I'll be kind being it's the first (or second depending how you're looking at it) of the week..ugh..and I'm having trouble getting started...

Today I need to also go up to the front office and get the "New" bar code sticker for my car ...again I have to bring my license and registration...feel like I've done this so many times before ya think they'd have it on record ????? that might be asking too much ....LOL

I'm gonna have to visit the Rice Fields again..yep, 10 days will be up tomorrow and that's all I make up for...maybe I'll make a double batch.....if I have the energy LOL..yeah it's Monday alright and I've drunk enough coffee to start a battle ship down the canal...(in case you miss my's float a battle ship with all the coffee I drank...:) )...

Might even get real energetic and do a load of laundry... and grab that vacuum again...that's an on going issue in my house with my two Rotties..everyday they start on a "new" dawg being created...(by their hair) and it looks like I've never vacuumed through...this breed in particular seems to shed more than others.. I told one lady who asked, "Do they shed once a year" ?   my reply was..."Yep, from Jan 1st to Dec 31st"... she looked in horror...I should have said, "Come visit and you'll see for yourself "...hahaha..

Watched the Voice last night after the big game and it was good..can't wait for will be on 2 hours.. I really enjoy the talent there but as I had read some of these that come on have been professional singers that haven't made it to the "Big Time"...and  I really like several that were on last night.

So our TV schedule is starting to come alive with at least a few good shows in the evening to watch...Yeah team... that makes the end of my day nicer..and of course I've been getting in some interesting that means I'll be doing some mad experiments...I sure hope  my neighbors are ready for me...LOL  nah only a  couple I'd trust....

That's about it for now other than I need to get "The chairs in the Wagon"..hubby's favorite saying......Wagon Ho..:)

God Bless

PS..oh the Lemon Bar cake was delicious but I'd make it next time in a jelly roll pan and eating it warm  would be there is a next time for that recipe...

Lemon Bar Cake

1 box Angel Food Cake Mix  (Betty Crocker's 1 step)
1 22 oz can of Lemon Pie Filling

Pre heat oven to 350

Mix two ingredients together well..(the batter will be really thick)  make sure the cake is mixed in well...

Grease and Flour or use Parchment paper.. a jelly roll pan  and spread batter
out evenly...Bake for 20 -25 minutes..

Sprinkle with powdered sugar as soon as you bring cake out of oven...

Cut into squares...and enjoy..!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Big Game Day Sunday :)

The Big Game Day Sunday :)...sure hope nobody's mowing any laws  hahaha...Anyway got up this morning dragging my butt and keeping a positive thought..that is dang back ain't a gonna get me down...So I lobbed a bit..(in other words I was my lazy arse self) and then got the Critters done..had my coffee and leaned back on the couch and took another Nap ???? OMG..I am truly falling into this wallowing pit...!!!

Phone rang and it was Clancy..telling me about the knock out roses on sale and said, "I'll come show ya"..with that he hung up and was at my door...gawd he's like a flash of light..right before your eyes...LOL  but they were pretty but only single blossoms..I want the DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE...Hahaha.. the double knock out roses are really awesome he smiled and he said, "I'll keep looking for a sale for ya..."...he's really a very caring fact as we stood talking a big Black and White (fat cat) cat was in the background..towards our renting neighbor's house and I smiled and told Clancy..."Hey, there's your kitten's daddy and it looks like you is gonna have more"...Clancy chuckled and then said..."I best get her fixed"... but sorry  Clancy, I think it might be a bit  late......but those kittens were sure so cute..

So after that I thought for a bit and then said..."Get off my duff and hit the store..." I had wanted to go to Walmart but I just couldn't...back is still aching but Winne Dixie would do... so I got up and got dressed..and out the door I went...and who do I bump into ...again ...Clancy..LOL  

I asked him..."Are you getting fixin's for the Big Game"... he smiled and gave me that same chuckle then replied..."Nope, gots to work tonight"...Clancy is really so neat and always has something good to say...and when he does ..his eyes sparkle and then you get that low tone chuckle right after that...

I  bee bop into the store this time no cart to ride but one to push..ugh...just what I really needed..but I was only getting a few things so it won't be bad...hopefully ...and it wasn't... I got that Angel Food Cake Mix and a can of Lemon Pie Filling..yeppers I even had to buy a pan as I only had the glass one so then I got a few extra goodies....and out I was....looking at the Chinese food...oooooooh well, not this time...hubby will be down soon and we'll splurge..

Heading back and ready to make them lemon squares I bump into Betsy..this has got to be my lucky day and of course we chat a few seconds and I let her know... What's in the making and she smiled.. and Betsy has a really beautiful smile and she too has that twinkle...must be somethin' in the water LOL..Nah, it's just neat people have the gleam...

Now I'm ready to mix and fix...had a late lunch popped one of those meat loaf muffins in the microwave..gawd they came out really tasty...and Critters lookin' for what's on their menu...but there time for eating is not now..

Later tonight will be the big game and I can't wait.. love the commercials and half time too...and all I can say is..."Come on Giants"...even people in the store were all smiles and  couldn't wait for game time...lots of chicken wings sold that's for sure....yummy..

That's it folks now I'll get those lemon squares going...Gots to be good (hope)

God Bless....

Updated...Lemon Bar Cake :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Twist of Luck on Saturday

A Twist of Luck on Saturday....and then my day began...I got up a wee bit early and thought.."Ok, I will move that big bag of Critter food into the dinning room and empty it into the feed bin"...All went well till I picked it up from the floor twisted my body to load it on my walker chair and ZAP!  You got it... I done twisted my back..OUCH...What can I say...I mean do I just fall into these great sessions or is "I'm on a mission to do the inevitable"..Dunno but I do know I is one sore pup !

So now I've got to move a little bit cautiously and try to let this calm down..Sure if you can believe that one I'll add to it with another ...UH, I did manage to unload the Critter food and put everything away...just glad it's not garbage day...Hahaha...

One thing's one less job that has to be done and I did get to watch a few Hallmark movies..and even my Woodpeckers are happy coming up to the feeder at least 2, 3 times a day and my Dove..(lonesome dove) hops up and nestles in and enjoys it's meal..(not sure if it's male or female).

A little later on I'll attempt to stretch out and see if that will help but I'm such a lucky coot..if it can happen it finds no use in belly aching just deal with it and time will heal all wounds..(hopefully)

I'm gonna head out to Walmart on Sunday as I do need to get some things in and on Monday I'm gonna attempt to get a "new" sticker for my car..again I have to bring my license and registration up so that this bar code system will let me enter...this is gonna be another Whopper just can't wait till I have to do it with the motor home and my towing.. I'll be about 60ft long...just hope someone is around as I have a little dilemma..cause ya know it's sure to be ME ...:)

Gonna make lemon bars on our Women's Forum there was a recipe put up.. I've seen this one several times before too..using Angel Food Cake Mix and Lemon Pie filling...can't be any more simple..two ingredients and to make a light desert...well can't go wrong on that one..(hopefully) and if they are good...Betsy, if you are reading this... You and Dick have a surprise coming..but if for some reason they are icky...don't worry I won't pass it on will have to visit trash on Thursday hahaha..

Wonder if I can play the poor suffering me...cept one thing ..I'm the only one here and my Critters kind of ignore me unless it's feed time... they're well trained to lay down and give me space >>>>>>> hubby is resting or I'd call him and complain....but then again I'd have to listen to the ..."What is wrong with you, don't do crazy things like that" it's to myself that I have to complain..and I haven't got good answers..

Can't wait till tomorrow to watch the Super Bowl.. I mean I even love the commercials...they usually are awesome..and half time..well, sure hope it's gonna be good...but most of all.. I want those Giants to WIN...!!!!

Ok, now I'll go take a break and lean back and wallow is self pity...sure hope it works :)

God Bless.........

Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Month of Meds picked up on Friday

Another Month of Meds...picked up on Friday...Yes, I have another supply to make it though the merry month of February...woo hoo.. my liver is jumping with joy...but my heart is ticking right in tune too..and, and..the greatest rewards are my cholesterol and all it's other functions on staying in line..well hopefully anyway...hahaha..yeah CVS is always happy to see me.. it's a grocery bag full and the colors of the rainbow too...let's not forget that ..I mean when I look in my pill box I just am amazed at how the colors seem to blend....gulp and down the hatch they go...YIKES...I'm a pill freak :)

This morning I had my plans set..get up get critters done have breakfast and hit the open know my routine..fool Ms Reba...sometimes that's a little difficult...but I got away clean..even stopped at Winn Dixie ..only for a few things and then on to the CVS...they are always happy to see me as I make my monthly deposit...then back home..NOPE I didn't get my Hardy's burger ...that kind of bummed me out...but there's always next month ..:)

Pretty much have gotten caught up with my household chores..BORING !!! and now the Weekend is  upon me...oh my stars..what will I do... wait..I already know that answer as I see it staring me in the face...VERUS..yes, that needs to be emptied into the Critter Bins..that's on for tomorrow..and it's change the sheets and Flip the mattress...aren't I excited..but someones got to do it...of course if I had a brain I'd maybe invent a flip at home command button..why not ????  we've got buttons for everything and even have cars now that will park themselves...Hey, that's gonna be my next car..hahaha..

Yes, my mind is in high gear and I'm gonna have to head into the kitchen and make dinner for the Ms Reba is next to me on the bed ..yapping away and even every once in awhile reaches out with her paw and attempts to tap me...LOL  Spoiled BRAT...I do so enjoy her...with her quirks...mine are just as bad...

Not too much interesting other than my woodpeckers were happy this afternoon.. I put some really interesting food in the was Treats for "them"..and I think the word is out..saw several fly up...they are so neat...can't wait to see the babies...they will bring them ..I remember last year when my feeder was up close to my window.. I did so enjoy watching their expressions.. I was up so close and personal ..(behind the window)

Tonight not much on other that "The Gifted Man"...what can I say...have to do a search on Netflix ..but I do need to clean up this computer..will search for a program maybe to install and get rid of the junk...hopefully that's what's causing it...don't wanna get a new computer..not just yet..

Sooooooooo it's on with the feeding Critters and rest of the nonsense..might even get a little energetic...LOL that's hopeful thinking..

Have a great evening all ....God Bless.....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

With the help of my Dolly on Thursday

With the help of my Dolly on Thursday...I sure got that trash out to the curb...Gawd..can't imagine the amount of trash one can acquire in a week my 3 critters..OUCH... Seems out Board of Directors here where my winter home is..decided to save "Money (12K) for the new budget that they'd only have 1 trash pick up a week... Now my question was then and still is now...Did they forget this is FLORIDA...and how in one week the accumulation that happens..we can't use our garbage disposal because...(I'm not really sure on that one)  for some reason.....but now I'm just one person but do get visitors and for those who are more than one..OUCH again I say...but I know one thing... I had to use my Dolly to haul my trash out. It's more than a heavy load...hahaha...

I can see as the warmer weather starts to come in..the stench...Hey, I want to have company not chase people away..but perhaps I'll have lots more critters ..some I'm not wanting..but better get my tennis racket out cause I'm gonna have a few home runs..LOL...WHACK !!!!

This morning was really nice and I did manage to get pretty caught up..still have a few more chores and then I can take another rest ..hahaha....maybe even take a ride in my "Grape Mobile" to see what pictures I can take of some awesome birds...

Watched American Idol last night and it will be on again tonight..but hey, judges ..give us a break.. I mean how many are you taking to crush their dreams..even some have quit their jobs in hopes of becoming a "Star"... I hate to see how many will be really break down in tears...and to end not having a job to go back too...that sucks..!!

I'm making my list of things I need to pick up on my venture outing tomorrow...but I won't be going to Walmart until's a better day to go and besides lots of good things come in on Mondays...

Starting the count down for when hubby will be that we are in Feb...March is just around the corner..and boy I'm really anxious for his visit.. and praying we have good weather so he and I can take our joy ride in the Grape Mobile too... He loves to ride around and check out the area in really is a beautiful place..just a few changes would improve things in people getting back common sense !!

Alrighty I'm gonna head up to the front of the house and see what other issues I have to address..yes, I still see that vacuum cleaner..ugh !!

God Bless...tip toed through the tulips....:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wishful Thinking on Wednesday

Wishful Thinking on Wednesday...yes, my mind has wandered over the Internet as I've been looking at other RVs... Soon in the near future I'll be getting ready to downsize my rig... Now don't get me wrong I do love it..and I so enjoy when I'm in it..but hubby really don't feel comfortable driving it and I'm getting to the point where the long hauls almost wipe me out..So with that in mind and also the factor that there's a lot of work I need to do if I wanted to just pull out and take a drive somewhere..

It's kind of a reality check point with me.. I'm having a lot of things that I use to be able to do ..not being able..and nothing like making ya feel like you're on the way out...I'd love to just be able to take a trip...even maybe get to a Get ToGether..but it's hard..and also with my Rotties it's a no go...but some where down the way side I'd be able to get hubby to even take a trip.

So that's been my day to day..thinking of the future plans..and boy would I love to be able to see what I've been driving bye for years...and perhaps even take a weekend when we're back home and go for a camp...we have a couple of places that we'd be able to get in with the Critters...but hubby just won't drive my rig...Oh well, it's just in the thought process and who knows..things do change

Morning was uneventful other than I called CVS on my scripts to pick up on Friday that out of the way..and also cleaned out a few of the draws in the know those "junk" draws...LOL man oh man I had all kinds of hidden goodies in there..

Was kind of ticked with last night's show on Biggest Losers how the "Red" team is acting towards the "new" guy...but it didn't surprise me cause they've had such a crappy attitude..especially that one young girl..won't mention her name..but if you all watched most likely know who I'm talkin about...Yikes she has a really crappy attitude.. I know I couldn't get along with her at all...Sorry to see Nancy go..but it was because she wasn't losing the numbers..the team needs to win...DUH ?????

Today is really nice weather and I was so glad I didn't have to hear any more commercials on the voting here in Florida...THANK GAWD !!!...Now at least we'll get a break and speaking of... tonight is American Idol and also I just read that the X factor got rid of the two female judges...actually could have gotten rid of all except Simon...start over and get real !!!

Now as for American they are sending a lot of people to Hollywood...and no way can most of them make why send them all...can't ya just pick a good group out..??  another show that's starting to get on my nerves with how they pick..????  DUH..again...there's got to be hope...bring back Star Search...remember that show.. Lots of great talent came from it...

Well that's about it other than I need to figure what I'm gonna get into...and I see that Vacuum cleaner looking at me..Why not give it a shot >>>>>LOL

Have a good one all ......God Bless