Saturday, May 11, 2013

Winding down on a Saturday

Winding down on a I start to make my changes in the house and clearing out, packing up and putting away's getting closer...and yes, I know it's not till the first week of July but knowing me it takes me just a little longer lately..or haven't you heard ..hahaha

My morning was a drag as I could have lit a match under my butt and maybe just maybe moved a little faster..but then again I wasn't going out so I didn't have to move to darn fast..:)

Got my chores done and I was about ready to call it quits.. I mean my legs were going in their own direction and it wasn't in the one I was headed...soooooooo I decided they were telling me..Sit a Spell....LOL

Then I picked up that blanket and realized I made a big error so I had to pull out like 12 rows OUCH..and that meant I had to redo that sucker because it was in a pile on the couch and I couldn't let Ms Shug out she'd think  it was SPAGHETTI...wooo hooo...hahaha

So I sat and redid what I that's a mouth full.. and I called it quits after that and leaned back and took a I'm telling ya this retirement is killing me... but what a way to go :)

Most my day was just sorting a lot of the things I'm not gonna take back with me..and getting those boxes ready to store my "PLASTIC"...I just love plastic..hahaha..well it's those containers I make all the food up in and freeze so I get a few breaks here and there and besides the only ones that come back with me are the filled ones cause I have duplicates at home..yeah I cook at home too  LOL..

Tonight I was "How Green Was My Valley" an excellent movie and I  watch it every year..haha..and you know tomorrow is Mother's Day and that means.."I Remember Mamma".... Now that is truly my favorite film..and I remember as a child watching the TV version as was a series..we'd all sit in the living room and sit around and watch..sure does bring back memories and good ones at that..

So now for those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

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