Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving On Thursday !

              Happy Thanksgiving !

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Repeat Of Saturday With A Little Twist For Sunday

A repeat of Saturday with a little twist for Sunday.... again we (Annie and Me) left the house by 5:30am ...still dark but this time I had a little bit of a problem..called a "raw eye".. well it felt raw..but it was red and it was my bad eye too..crap!...anyway I put a cold compress to my eye and said, "This chit I ain't putting up with"  and out the door I flew...

Annie is so good about running to the car jumpin in her crate and giving me her quick opinion....and then we head out.. got up to where my cut off was ..turned at the red light and drove and drove till I realized I hadn't seen the dog show...Double Crap!...

So I pulled over and checked on my trusty signal..What the ?????  so I did a turn around and headed back..sure enough I missed the dog show as it was lights on even where the rigs where...I was early :)

Got in and into my same spot..left the heater on and even learned how to turn my lights off..only took me 10 years LOL...and I had the seat go back as far as it could and took my shoes off and used a dog pad folded in half for a pillow up against the window..took a 20 minute nap.. and felt so much better..

Woke up and fed Miss Annie a light breakfast and then the show a seat right up at ring side and everyone was coming in.. was nice to watch.. Randy came in with Rudy..all proud my boy was..and he showed really good..again like I've said before, "that's all you can expect"..this time the judge placed him 3rd in his class...

He looks so young and needs a few more pounds on him..but other than that he's moving great with a dead level top line...and then I headed back to where Randy was as I was saying my "so longs"...and that brat didn't even look my way but for a little bit.. I had him jump in my car and see Annie..she was happy and so was Rudy...but he then looked at me like.."ok, I'm done"...hahaha..

I won't see him till some time in feels then I headed out down the road...I did a short cut here cause Randy and I and Nancy and Jerry talked about Rudy's weight and change of dog food..and of course Rudy was excited to see I'm angry LOL.. that darn dog..but I know I'm the mean one that did the yelling..hahahaha..wait till I get his arse home LOL..

So when Miss Annie and I got home she got her lunch biscuit and I fell out on the couch.. I was exhausted.. I just have a hard time doing all this again.. my legs were bothering me... and now I'm so ready for bed.. I could sleep for days ..

That's not gonna happen cause I've got a lot to catch up on.. but I will pace it's... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Up And Out On Saturday

Up and out on Saturday morning and I do mean morning..well like 5:30am ..Went to bed and I think I was so tired from that up and down routine that once I hit that pillow I was out..

Miss Annie was kind she was snoring when I woke her at 4:30am..she only had an hour to do her thing and run... I was getting Ms Shug's food in her cage and I had packed Miss Annie's the night before..

My car looked like I was a living gypsy..but we got out of the house and on the road.. I was a little nervous as with my right eye with the cataract it's kind of not great to drive at night...well for some reason I was able to see ok.. maybe the good Lord was having his traveling Angel of Mercy with us.. cause I did not have a problem.. Thank you Lord !

We got to the show grounds by 6:10am as there was hardly any traffic on the roads and got into the same spot I had on Wednesday and it was perfect..even a bathroom close by.. I did pack my PB&J sandwich and Snapple..was wanting coffee but the way my tummy was the other day.. I wasn't taking any chances..

However, it was chilly .. like 42% hello Momma...I had to leave the heater on as we sat in the car.. Miss Annie was sleeping and I could have but I just put my seat back and relaxed and the cars were coming in and filling up..

Judging for Rotties wasn't till after 11:00am and I watched the other breeds and took Miss Annie out a few times...of course she let the world know she was there and boy if anyone got to close to our car..YIKES!

Finally I got her out of the car and I took my chair and we sat outside as it was getting close to judging..then we actually got close up to the ring as the sun was coming out..felt good but still chilly..never took my jacket off.. not with that flannel lining..NO WAY ..

Watched my boy Rudy do his thing.. and he was looking so good..yet, I can still see he looks still like a young boy.. the others were more developed..but gosh, not because he's mine ...cause I didn't breed him..but he moved great ..coming and going and his top line was dead level..He stood so proud.. took my breath away.. but we got Reserve Winners Dog...can't say about the other dog but he was more not bad for Rudy.. I mean like the bride and the bride's maid..well he was the Best Man !

Randy and Terry came over to me and we went back to his set up with all the stuff I had loaded in the car and I said my "so long, and see you tomorrow" and Miss Annie and I home I was tired..and I will be doing it again tomorrow but then I will give my big boy a hug..have too!

Got home and I was beat..most the night I just fell out on the couch.. it's been a long long day so with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

I Had To Do It On Friday

I had to do it on Friday....that's right I had so much to get done and pick up and although I was suffering with the tummy problem..I had to do it !

Last night was a rough go for I was up and down with a tummy problem..don't know why..maybe just one of those 24 hour jobs..but never the less I was definitely Queen for the Day and Evening too.. My Thrown was busy !

When I finally fell asleep Miss Annie woke I heard her growling.. she has never growled in the night or any time bed time I was kind of concerned..perhaps a animal I opened her crate and she jumped in bed with me..she lay at the foot of my bed and never moved..but off and on I would hear her growl..

Come morning I woke her up to go out and then back to bed we both went.. I just still wasn't feeling that great and while I could take advantage of my bed I was going too !

Once we finally got up I fed the crew and just had a cup of tea and toast got dressed as I was on a mission..LOL..and even Miss Annie came along in fact she was so excited she was leaping into the car before I got there..thank goodness for automatic doors..LOL

We went to Tractor Supply to pick up Rudy's food and I grabbed a bag of Annies as it was a couple of bucks cheaper..and this way I didn't have to worry about Annies either..then on to the other supply place and picked up chew toys and biscuits for Rudy and Annie..then on to Publix as I needed a few things and I also had to pick up chicken for Rudy.. Home bound we went..

Got in the house and I was busy washing the chicken and vacuum sealing it then into the freezer..then I did up the food in packages..what I had left ..but left the full bag in the car..I was done bagging..LOL  made my list up what had to be going and also grabbed the heart worm and the flea meds as well..

Before long it was dinner time.. and I wasn't hungry.. just didn't want any more problems so I drank some fluids and that was the crew fed and Ms Shug out for a bit..then Annie came out and started to play with her toys..she definitely misses Rudy..

Tomorrow morning I have to leave really early ..load the car and Annie and off we go to the dog show.. I'm only going to stay till Rotties are shown and then Randy will help me load this into his rig..I do plan on going back up on Sunday to see Rudy and say my "so longs" till he comes back home some time in Dec..gosh I do hope he'll be home for Christmas..

Now I'm ready for bed.. exhausted and hope I have no more stomach issues.. but I do feel weak so I will make sure I take it easy.. no way wanting any more problems.. with that... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Resting Thursday

A resting Thursday it had to be !  Morning was a early wake up and then Miss Annie marched herself right back to bed but this time jumping in my bed...I figured well I'd give it a try...and surprisingly she slept..I think she was lonely.

Yes! it's noticeable she misses the big boy and so do I.. I find myself feeling that empty nest syndrome..but taking hold he'll be home before Christmas..and that's a good thing cause it be just me and Miss Annie..holy smokes .

I was not in that ambitious although I had to get a few things done then my stomach went on the blink..oh yeah it was you can't go no where cause you is gonna be Queen for a day..sit on your thrown..

Today also being trash day and a day I do an empty out on the frig..whats good and whats I know if I didn't feel any better I could go..right directly to the ladies room  LOL

Miss Annie was very quiet..played a little but not much and then when she went missing she was laying in Rudy's crate..Yes!!! she's missing him  :(

Also today Rudy was shown..and a little after 6pm I texted Randy how Rudy was doing..and he told me "Rudy was showing better and placed 3rd today"..I was happy to hear that Rudy is paying more attention and I figure by the end of the week he should be right on... but I'm just proud of him that he's doing good and not being difficult..but he's not a difficult dog to begin with..

Now I so ready for bed..not feeling well puts a damper on me...and I move slower which makes my day drag early to bed for me..and Miss Shug had her out time and she was happy...she snuggled big time..

With that it's those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What A Fantabulous Day On Wednesday

What a fantabulous day on morning was hectic.. Annie and I got up at 5am..she still is quiet unsure of what's happening and missing Rudy big time..

I got dressed and ready before I fed Ms Shug and even gave Miss Annie a light breakfast..had the car packed and we left the house by 7:30am..the traffic wasn't bad and I got in easily and parked in the handicap spot till Randy came up and had me move over in front of the ring..but in the woods area..

I had gotten a message from my friend Dawn and her brother Paul were on their way and soon to be meeting up with me...and it wasn't long before I got another message they were on the show I just called her and gave her directions and next thing I knew they were parked right up along side of me..

Miss Annie was letting everyone know she was there..any one that walked to close got greeted with a lung and a I held on to her leash..Oh YEAH!  She's definitely the "protector"...and once she calmed down she was greeting Dawn and Paul..

We all sat in front of our cars and a great spot breeze as we watched the goings on...Dawn and Paul checked to see if the food stand was open..but Dawn bravely left us..and came back with some good sandwiches..they were big !!!  but while she was gone the show started and I realized Rudy was going to be coming in the ring and I worried he might get upset seeing I hurried and got in my car and watched from it...

By the time Dawn got back Rudy was in the ring and next thing he got pulled out and was picked 3rd in the sweepstake..I was thrilled as this was his first show and only had a few hours training... Randy did a great job..After the sweeps was over Randy came over with here's where my heart dropped...Rudy didn't even care I was there ...::::::?????? :((((((((

All that worrying and that bugger pays me no mind.. Randy laughed.. but I know that Randy has for them short hours put in some time to work with Rudy and get his confidence...or maybe he's feeding some good stuff !!!! LOL

After Dawn and Paul left  there was a lunch break and then the show started.. I moved up closer as being I wasn't upsetting Rudy..heck I wanted to see more :)  so I did and OMG!  he did better the next time he got in the ring.. he wound up going 2nd in his class and the dog that won it wound up winning Open Dog..then the other dogs came back in and Rudy had to compete again for reserve winners..and he won...I was blown away..  I was just so happy he started to connect with what was happening..and in a few more shows he'll be really ready big time...he's smart and knowing what's expected of him..
That's really because Randy is an excellent handler and knows how to get the best out of him without spooking the takes good hands..

How I know that from years of my showing..being a junior handler at 13 yrs old and on to showing my dogs I bred and other people's's a lot of hard work and knowing how to get into the dogs head what you want..I'm just so tickled Pink.. I even have a picture of his Reserve Winner...yes! I'm gonna post it are you kidding me...

Here's my boy Jernan's Rudolph Valentino with Randy McAteer at Rottweiler Specialty in Ocala, Florida . "It's Only The Beginning".

Now my day is almost over and I'm beat..been a long day and exciting day and both Annie and I are with that Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Tuesday Showed Up !

My Tuesday showed up !...Morning as usual with the up and down and back to bed and in my mind I kept thinking I was gonna be sending my big boy off to grow up ...and be a show dog...ouch!  Yes! my heart felt the agony of him leaving..

So on went my day and I hadn't heard from heart started to pound a little harder worrying.. Dumb as it was ..but knowing Rudy had to be trained and Wednesday was his first show...OUCH again big time.. but later on that morning I talked with Randy..he really sounded tired...been that route doing shows and making time to get to another...and hauling the other dogs..stopping to let them out every few's a really tough haul..

Finally our last talk was he wasn't going to be in Ocala till like maybe 4ish...UH OH !... now for me I have a problem..mainly that it gets dark early and my eye sight is not good...I can not drive at as I spoke with Randy I told him my dilemma ..he said, "he'd do his best to try and get in by 3pm"...NO! NO! don't do that.. I'll worry, I told him...

So I thought who could I call to help me...and finally I'd give it a try and my neighbor who moved into the other part of the park here.. I called her and she agreed to help me... OH MY STARS!  I'm so at 4pm..she and I took off with Rudy and Annie in the car..

Took us about maybe 40 minutes to get their and drove in and found Randy ..he was exercising heart sunk again..cause I was gonna be saying bye to my big as Randy came over to the van he was laughing..I guess I was showing the sadness..hahaha..

Also he cracked up that I packaged Rudy's he didn't have to measure..wasn't I a good Mommy :)  and then as he looked at Rudy he then said, "You know I'm not coming home from Alabama, I'm going on to Texas Rottie Specialty"...UH OH and then ..he said, "then on too" I never heard that part I was numb...along with.. " We have to enter Rudy by tomorrow"..OH MY !!!!....I looked at Rudy...I could feel my eyes getting a little watery..and then I said, "Randy, you know what's best"..

Holly was smiling..she was enjoying all the dogs in the xpens and then all those big rigs ...she's never been to a dog show..and she also felt very comfortable with Randy...Randy is a very likeable person..and does one hell of a job showing..he's been doing it since he was a kid.. I felt comfortable as well..

Oh when Randy opened Rudy's crate he came right out to Randy and didn't even give it a second thought...and I heard Randy say, "Hey Miss Annie"..then "come on big boy" and Rudy just followed Randy...didn't even look back at me..:(

So now my big boy is caught up into the show dog world..growing up before my eyes...Miss Annie wasn't happy as she surely misses Rudy...on the way home I had Holly drive as I can not really see well..Miss Annie was quiet..and when we got to the house..she walked ever so calmly.. as I had asked her.. "Miss Annie, take it easy for me"..she did...surprise surprise..

It's quiet in the house and Annie ate her dinner but kept looking in Rudy's crate then as I let her out she searched the run too...came back inside and laid by my feet...when it was time for Ms Shug to come out..Annie went right in her crate not a peep...

Now bed time and Annie is quiet laying in her crate and I feel so bad for her..but maybe this is something that was needed to get her after this week the training will begin...

It's bed time and tomorrow I have to be on the road by me and Annie take another ride as it's too long of a day to leave her home...I'll be nervous but surely hope Rudy just behaves himself..

So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..and Rudy too :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Woe Is Me On Monday

Woe is ME on Monday ....morning was another up and down and in and out..but I got in at least an other hour sleep..that means a lot...but as Monday was laundry...and I usually put the first load in when I let the brats out..sure helps matters...then as my day progresses I'm done early and can do my usual..fall backwards LOL

Rudy's bags are packed and now we are waiting on word from Randy as to what time to bring him up Tuesday... I know Randy has got to be dragging cause I remember those days..seems like yesterday but there not!..However, you feel like a Zombie !!!

Most of the day was just getting the house straightened and watching fall apart..little by little as the brats romp and play.. I keep forgetting that they are still pups..but MONSTERS!...but I am as they get a little to wild putting them in their crates and they actually take a nap for at least an hour.. I get them breaks when I can..

Got my Director chair in from Mary today and it's very comfy so I'll bring that to the dog show on least I know I can sit in it and get back up..even has a place to store stuff and a tray that pulls up from the side.. I really like it.. color's ok..but it's all she had left...and won't be getting any more these were things we sold at the dog I went searching and found them on Amazon..(but of course) and when I head home I'll order a few more as I will be having a get together with my niece sometime in July maybe the end..

Evening rolled in and I watched the Voice and played with Ms Shug..she's getting back closer to me..even let me snuggle and she gave me just a little kiss..aaaah that felt good.. she's such a sweetheart..

Joined another Parrot group on FB to learn more on some are really out of my league.. I mean I just can't go into all those exotic grains..and weird fruits.. first off Ms Shug won't even do I know.. I know Ms Shug...but I am gonna try a few things..she might like if not major waste cause that's what most is..

She likes her hard boiled egg chopped will eat broccoli and a few other veggies but mainly she likes them what I eat she eats..we share LOL..hey but she's eating..that's all that matters and I still feel the dehydrated veggies and fruits works out major mess..

Tonight watched the Voice..that's such a great group of talented singers and I love the cantor that goes on between the judges..they are not degrading each other or the singers..

Now I'm ready for bed and my brats got their bug juice on them tonight and their treat and we are all ready to tuck in..on with tomorrow ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hubby's Birthday On Sunday :)

Hubby's birthday on Sunday :) and as soon as he called me I wished him a big one !!..I would have called but I knew to let him sleep he was so tired from working on Saturday...the man works, works, works..and comes home and crashes..not good! Hopefully one of these mornings he'll say, "He's had enough and fly on down"..that would be nice !

Up early but not as early as it has been however, I am getting them brats in the hang of going back to bed and sleeping some more..hey, I need my rest as they wear me out..big time!

Today I packed Rudy's dog food up.. I was just gonna buy a big bag and send it off with him..but I decided to dish it out in servings making it easier for Randy with of course Rudy's 2 cookies LOL..but by the time I got done I figured out how much I packed..75 cups worth..OMG !

Then I got the gloomy feeling my boy is going off and I'll be left with the She Demon...Lord give me strength cause she is more than a handful..she can go without stopping..hopefully though she and I will get that.."who is the boss " don't right ...and she'll be a little more under control..

I wore myself out pretty much from yesterday and today that I just gave up after dinner.. I mean I just had to lean back and take it easy..this year for me is really being a hard one.. I hope it changes..I don't like the feelings I'm getting..not sure if it's from the bad spell I had before coming down and I didn't realize how it left me..

Got Ms Shug done early tonight and had her out for awhile as I cleaned her cage and then I got the brats done early too.. so I'm now just back in the bedroom and everyone is all put up.. it's an early call tonight..

Tomorrow is my trash day and I've been gathering it all up tonight so in the morning it's easier for me as well..then I'll start laundry early.. want to get as much as I can cause Tuesday I bring Rudy up to Randy and Wednesday is the show..

So with that note I'm gonna say, "Safe travels to all and as always God Bless"

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hells Bells It's Saturday

Hells bells it's Saturday and again we have the morning wake up but this time it wasn't Miss was Rudy Tootie...the poor boy had an upset tummy and I figured it was from their out we all went and then Rudy laid in bed with me..he's a hugger and he's be great on cold nights..but as for Miss Annie...she's a worm a wiggly worm..not at all good to cuddle..good lord by the time she got done I felt I was on a boat hitting the high waves.. so I dropped her overboard and with out a life jacket...hahaha

We all finally went back to sleep I'm just not able to deal with these short hours of sleep.. I'm dragging most the day and falling off when I set down..not a good thing..although my Grandma use to say.."When your body is tired lay down and rest"..and she lived till 91..mmmm sounds good Momma !

This morning I did hardboiled eggs (hubbys says" Not ") well ok, air boiled then my NuWave and they came out great and then later on I did up baked potatoes to use for later on.. like making gnocchi..:)

I'm really liking this NuWave and the fact no major clean's simple just make sure you line pan underneath with foil to catch the grease..and the only thing you clean is the rack and of course wipe out the biggy and you don't have to stand over a stove and watch like a hawk..Now that's the nice and easy stuff too..

As for my brats I've finally decided I'm gonna ride hide on them..and the way I'm doing it is.. crating them.. They don't stop and listen they get put up.. and today they were up more than out..but each time they got a little better..Now Miss Annie..well she's a dog of another persuasion...When Rudy goes off with his trainer..the heavy hand is dropping down.. She is going to listen ...and she isn't going to be happy..

Now I love her upbeat and sweetness...but her craziness is uncontrollable so that has to stop.. I'm not really that strong anymore my legs just won't balance me and my hands are getting it's now or never...

I know if I would have just one at a time it would have been a lot different..but I'm a person of my word and I just could not go back on it..I do love them both but Oh My STARS !!...they really do a number on me..

Somedays I think how lucky I've been to have had so many critters and never had two like these..Rudy himself is calmer but Miss Annie puts him in the ozones and off to the races they go..and don't be in their won't be standing..truly..

Tonight as I had Ms Shug out she and I fell asleep on the couch..she loves to cuddle but she's not giving kisses..she misses my hubby..sad she has bonded with him only now..but she is good with me..and for that I'm I told him if I saw she wasn't doing well I'd have to make sure she stayed home with him.. her happiness is important to me... but thank goodness..maybe she'll get better ..sure hope so.. but I still love the bundle of white fluff..

Now I'm ready for bed and it's raining and suppose to all night long and part of tomorrow..we do need the rain..however, I don't like that damp feeling in your bones.. I do have the heat on ..but it's not come on as the house is warm ..but during the wee hours if the temp drops ..the heat will come on.. I have it set at 68..but my electric blanket is on warming my bed.. feels good on my legs..

So with that.. Safe travels to all and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, November 7, 2014

Oh What A Day On Friday :)

Oh what a day on was a "winner" for sure...first off Miss Annie slept an hour longer..yep! we were up at 3ish and then again I did the repeat..You wake me up this early ....we is going back to bed..and so we did....and they didn't seem to have a problem with it either..thank goodness..

But up I was at 5:45am...not bad at all..did my gathering of the flock and then feeding too..and got myself a quick breakfast of toast and coffee..and I was preparing for the big event..the Vets!!!

I finally decided with how my two youngsters are that I was gonna open the sliding door on my van and I already had the crate doors open and let Miss Annie run into it and I knew I could hold on to Rudy..(well I thought I could) and once she got in her crate which she did..I'd follow with the big boy ...Well let me tell ya that big boy is a power house and my legs are not strong at all.. I could barely walk with him as he surged forward to get to Miss Annie..OUCH!

All were in the van and I had to rest a bit.. I mean to tell legs were throbbing..and my knees gave me a message "Take a flying leap"..thank goodness my two brats don't do anything crazy as they are so anxious to get in that van..

I gave a quick call to the Vet's office to let them know I was on my the girls in their will come out and help me bring the brats in..they are really sweet about they know I'm not really able to do that much..I know the time is coming when I'm gonna say, "Off with my knees"..and I sure hope that helps..but also my hands are losing but it's a fact..

So the girls came out each grabbed a brat and into the Vet's we went and as I posted on Face book what happened I am just gonna paste it in ..I know I'm lazy but this is the way it went down LOL..

Back from the Vet's office and as it be "we" were all in for some good laughs and a few Surprises. Like how much hair a cat has on its body !!!! Omg!! This cat jumped so high I didn't see it land. Good thing she's a sweet cat. Next thing we went into the little room Doc came in and kind of scooted down on his knees to give the brats hugs. Omg!!! Doc was on the floor brats were all over him kissing and Miss Annie was sitting on his chest. HELP!!! The girls come running in.... Everyone was laughing. It was a blurr. Doc says, " he loves my brats". I'm sure poor man had a work out. Me, they knocked me out of the chair. After our visit was over we all left like wounded soldiers. I best make up some goodies and stop in and beg forgiveness. Hahaha. I'm telling you they all had a workout. Oh and Docs cat. I do believe she left her claw marks on the ceiling. But funny thing was she still came in the room when everything settled down. Now that's one brave cat!! Oh! Our next visit isn't till May 2015 when everyone can recoup .

I know that the girls and Doc will have plenty of laughs over this encounter and I'm telling you I wished I had a video of was a treasure..I could only imagine what the people in the lobby were thinking...just too much !

After I got home let the brats out and put them in their crates as with their vaccine they got they'd be a little tired and off to Publix I went..yes, I treated myself to Krisp Kreme Donuts..I earned them.. didn't do the brownies but did do the dang donuts..OMG they were good...

Later in the day I did manage to get in a nap.. I was wiped out from all the "fun"..and even the brats slept good too..and being Friday night you know not much is on TV...YUCKO..

Took Shug out for a bit and she was playful ..and just kept bopping me on the head..and laughing... I guess she feels it's her time to make funny...

Glad this day is done..cause I just am too pooped to those traveling Stay Safe and as always....God Bless Us All..

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Beaver Struck On Thursday :(

A beaver struck on Thursday :( seems that ole Murphy kind of loves he crawled up inside Miss Annie...and as the saying would normally go, "The Devil Made Me Do It"'s "Murphy Made Me Chew It"
Feast your eyes on this GEM ! 

Now as my day was progressing so was Miss Annie..she done stepped it up a Knotch... Perhaps as my friend Paulette said, "Maybe she needed a tooth pick"  UGH!...or could it be I'm not feeding her enough fiber..HA!...but I will say this.."Miss Annie will be passing many splinters..the ones coming out and the ones that whacked her upside her ARSE!

So my morning started off rather difficult as Miss Annie (again) had her mind set to wake up at 2am...NO WAY!  I let her out along with sleepy head Rudy and once they were done...I marched their butts back to bed..I don't know what's getting into her..but I sure as shootin' know what will be bopping her very soon.

Most of my day wasn't too bad and I've been doing some cooking on my NuWave...yesterday I did a Roast Chicken which came out excellent ..Oh! I got that dang picture setups to crossing my T's it will it will be a few show and tells as my stories commence hahaha.....
Here's the bird :)
 While it was cookin' and smelling devine !
When it was finished..OH YEAH !  The only way I'll do a roasting more store bought for sure..was it ever juicy and tender..

Then today.. (I know it's the Zeee's cookin' show )...I was hungry for Italian Sausage..and I make mine the real Italian way.. with Peppers, Onions and Potatoes in Pizza bread that I get from Philly..Delicious..

 While the Sausage is cookin and the nice thing..they're not greasy but juicy as well...
Finished cooking..see the grease in the it's even healthier :) hahaha
Oh I forgot to take the picture with all the goodies in the sandwich time that I got this photo album thing to work right...wooo hooo...

Then on with my day..well as when Miss Annie did her thing ..that ruined the rest of my day..and in their crates both she and Rudy...he had traces of wood on his lips..the doofus !

Took Shug out later that night and she was just so loving..have to start taking some pictures of her..she's growing up not talking as much lately..but more wanting cuddling...

Watched the Biggest Loser..again all I can say about that program is.. I'm just amazed..and it's really wonderful that they are getting into better health..they are young and a lot ahead of them to be so huge..God Bless Them

Speaking of which.. I'm the dishwasher going and tomorrow morning I have to bring Miss Annie and Rudy to the Vet's for their booster in their Lepto vaccine...with that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ok, The Weeks Movin' On Wednesday

Ok, the weeks movin' on Wednesday....I can't believe how quickly this week is flying out the door... I mean next Wednesday Rudy will be shown ...his first time in the ring and at a specialty no less...OH MY !!!

Morning for me again was...Miss Annie calling my name..and we all rise to the it or not !!! NOT...but we got up and then if I can round them brats up before they go into their free for all.. we can get another hour far so good..Yeeeeeee Hawwwwww!

I got a little ambitious..hahaha..yeah I got off my duff and I did cook a roasted chicken and even made a batch of cookies..Lord help me..and my new coffee pot..well it works but it has to get that more intense coffee flavor as it ages..

Great day really..and even the brats were a little bit better..I waited for the implosion..I mean it could really happen at any given moment..but it went well today..that means make up mess tomorrow..OMG!

Called the Vet's office today to make sure I get Rudy his booster and Annie hers as my appointment is for Friday at 10am..and the gals know..come out and rescue me hahaha..

Worked on my blankie and it's just about finished all but the edging..then I have to start working on a cowl for a Christmas of my nieces' daughter...and then I'm just gonna leave my hands rest as I have my big blanket to finish..only have like maybe 14 rows and then edge that as well..

Tonight watching the CMA awards and taping Survivor..and then I'm calling it a with that..those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day On Tuesday !

Election day on Tuesday! Yes!  I did my duty and voted absentee..and then theirs Florida..well again that's to close to call at this moment..but the Medical Marijuana was voted down..sad for those that truly needed it...but then again according to how the bill was written..according to rumors it was more than just for medical use...don't know but again like I said, "Sad for those that really needed it's help"..

Now as for my daily event..up at 4ish and then on to do darlings fact as soon as they got done with their deposits I hauled their butts back to bed He Haw !!!... Yeppers, they went into bed easily and we slept until almost 6am..loved it..and will try again tomorrow if I can get away with it..:)

Once up I was on a brats fed ..Ms Shug done drank my last cup of coffee and out the door I went..Ace Hardware is the place to go..and so I my coffee pot..thank you thank you thank you..and then even my bolt covers for my toilet..yeah team..

Went on to Winn Dixie and got a few things in and even got my appliance bulbs alrighty mighty I'm now in action again..and home I headed..unloaded and loaded in..never ending..and then it was lunch cookie time for those brats..

Talked with Randy who is going to be handling Rudy at the shows in Ocala and to my surprise before our conversation ended ..Rudy will now be also going to Alabama..woo hoo..uh oh!  I'm gonna miss my boy..but I know he'll be in good hands ...He's growing up on me..:(

Tonight I'm listening to the elections..and it goes on and on..just let the best person win..for WE the PEOPLE PLEASE!..what more can I say..

Watched the Voice but it was mainly recaps..UGH! nothing more really other than elections...but remember after tonight no more commercials of who's the worst of the worst...YEAH !!!

Now I'm ready for bed..and need to get a good nights sleep and start dusting..tomorrow ..tomorrow..LOL

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All....

Monday, November 3, 2014

And Monday Rolls On In

And Monday rolls on in...smack dab in the middle..I woke up..not willingly but Miss Annie was baying at the night light..yep! I do think she thinks it's the MOON...however, we all got up..and as soon as they did their thing...I hauled their butts back to bed...NO WAY was I only gonna get a few hours sleep..I done made up my mind..from now on ..Hahaha..yeah, till something else changes..well I can think about it anyway..:)

For the second coming..hahaha..I mean time I got up the brats were just in rare fact you could feel the thunder as they romp through the house and if you know what's good for you...You get out of town..!!!

Once they get it out of their's safe...well for a short time anyway...Don't cha just love puppy time ?????? Got Ms Shug fed and brats done and then I was off to WalMart..YUCKO !

Now I can't believe how lately Walmart is looking like trash..the stuff they have in their...not of great quality so when you go looking becareful.. I picked up the water filter couldn't find appliance bulbs and forget about the covers for the bolts on the toilet.. I'll have to get that at either Ace Hardware or Lowes..

Then I went over to pick up some chicken thighs for the brats (you all know mine get fed raw 3 times a week) anyway they were selling Tyson brand..and I don't use that.. I know too many horror stories from their Plant and recalls thankyou!.. so I will have to go to either Publix or Winn Dixie..and then as I went searching I just didn't like what they had out there..

Now you'd think being in the Villages this place would have some dynamite items..NO I did pick up some bread and a few things not much...however, I did on the way back treat myself to a Hardee's burger..Yes Mam!..It was delicious..and home I went to let my brats out and give them their lunch cookie and Ms Shug her goodie too..

So again tomorrow I'll have to go out or maybe the next day..what ever not in a big hurry as I do have another weeks supply for the brats.. and perhaps I'll cook up some sausage and cook some peppers and onions..sounds like a plan..

I do know it's dusting time again..dang it..but gots to be done and that darling vacuum battle..haha..yeah the house work...something I always dread and have no choice..Yes! I admit I'm not domestic..but I'll work my butt off making a living..must be from my childhood I had to do so much of it...

Tonight watched the Voice..I'm liking several..very talented...and then I had Ms Shug out for a long the brats got into another squabble..don't know what that's about..but not going to happen...I think perhaps Rudy is just not taking Miss Annie's bunk any more.. I can't say I blame him..she is a twit !!

Ok, that's my saga for today...a little boring...but a break never the less..and of course my mornings are a blast...I mean I should wear a seat belt as the brats race through the house..the wind alone can almost knock you off your socks..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Peaceful And Quiet Sunday !

A peaceful and quiet Sunday !...Morning was just a bit confusing for Miss Annie as she got up the old time in her mind ..5:30am..instead it was 4:30am..but look had it been before we turned the clocks back I would have been praising her...soooooooooooooo it's deal with it and be happy it wasn't earlier..:)

We all went out and it was a bit brisk, hey! this is Florida folks..the land of Sunshine and Orange Juice..but not this morning cause I know it was Minute was cold for us..and the brats went quickly and back into the warm fact we all kind up tucked in...

I watched the Rodeo take place on the couch with my blankie..I wasn't movin to quickly and their running was causing too much of a breeze.."Quit it!"..hahaha..yeah like they really listen..but eventually they settle down..then it's put on my pot of coffee and do my sorting of the pills of life ..the colors of the rainbow..

I had planned to go to Walmart or Lowes but because it wasn't really warm out I decided to wait a day or so... as Miss Annie took the caps off the bolts that hold the toilet in place..good thing I don't have to fasten my seatbelt  :)..anyway I have to pick up a few spares..seems she thinks they are marbles..LOL

Couldn't watch the Eagles game ..darn it..but did find out they won 31-21..not bad...then I wound up watching movies I had taped and kind of just took a was that kind of weather..Did cook up a roasting chicken on my NuWave Oven and I'll make a pot of chicken soup later this week too..

Might as well get prepared cause me thinks we'll be having more cold blasts..brrrrrrrr I'm so not wanting those..better get out my hunting socks..the heavy ones and the long ones..they sure do keep your feet and legs warm..

Although I didn't go anywhere I get to enjoy looking out those big windows and the birds were flying in for food..neat watching for me it was really a nothing kind of day and a relaxing one..

I'll be waiting to hear from Randy as to when to bring Rudy up or if he will come here and pick  him up.. I'm sort of excited but then again..I've done this so much in my life I thought I'd not any more..never say never..cause it will come up and bite ya !

So that's my story for today and now it's turn on that electric blanket and get that bed warm...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Here's Saturday ,

Here's Saturday, and it's Nov. 1st and to top that one off its turn the clocks back and hour at midnight and I can't wait cause I hopefully get an hour extra !!!!!

Morning for me was up wee early get the brats out and hen round up their arses and get back to bed...I refuse to stay up now..I finally got the message in my head to get more rest...maybe cause I'm getting older and my bones hurt more or because these two young brats are wearing me out...big time!

Tonight I decided to write on my iPad as I wasn't in the mood to wrestle with IE explorer. I mean I struggled last night to type on my blog and it was not going to happen. It took me a half hour to even post a picture..Sucks!!!

Today wasn't a much kind of day..first off it was chilly and the wind blowing well it's not my favorite kind of weather...and then the brats must have eaten dynamite cause they were getting into it often. So I marched their arses into their crates...hopefully Miss Annie will get the message. She is really the culprit and goofy duffus Rudy goes back at her..he no longer is tolerating her attack and she does attack...Wench!!!

I don't know how I even managed to put the crock pot on. I mean I had so many interruptions "Gang Busters".  But I did..I made baked potato soup and it was good too. With the chill in the air. It was good !

Tonight I just mainly played with Ms Shug..well more like cuddled. I had her cage half covered due to the cold coming in and out the door. She wasn't happy about it. But it was a I gave her some good cuddling and she was enjoying it..

Nothing much on TV really so I watched a classic. To be or no to be with Jack Benny and Carol Lombard. Enjoyed it and then made a hot you know it's getting chilly. Even set the thermostat for heat and turned on electric blanket to warm the bed..oh yeah I'm ready..

Gonna get ready to let the brats out and turn on dishwasher set clocks back and take my night pills and then it's bed time and get cozy watch Saturday Night Live and enjoy the slumber party. Hahahaha

Going to post a couple pictures of my boy Rudy. He starts his show career on Nov 12th.  I'm excited for him but now a nervous Momma.  Oh boy never thought I'd be doing this again. Yes! I'm proud of him ...he's a. Sweet and Gentle Giant...

So with that it's safe travels and God Bless us all..

Rudy with the Hubby as we were stopped at Brunswick, Ga..

Rudy doing what he does best...Watching TV...this boy loves watching TV for hours LOL.

Another glimpse of Rudy looking at some big truck that had horses in it..He loves horses !!
My big boy Rudy at my feet...Yes! Watching TV...OH !  But of course   :)