Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday, New Year's Eve day

Saturday, New Year's Eve day ...heading into the Eve part...I mean the Big Ball to fall...only I won't be able to make that watch...but I do know how it feels to I don't need no more reminders..

My day was pretty good ...did only a few things as hubby did the most..The poor guy is going home exhausted..I sure hope and pray he stays healthy...Like I told him...He'll sleep in most of the weekend when he's back and think about how soon he'll want to return "  LOL

I did manage to step outside later in the day to check my plants and even put feed in the bird Mr Cardinellie was sure giving me the what for..but he and the Mrs were happy after I went back inside and I did hear some pretty chirping....Hey...a free meal I'd be happy too !

Tonight for dinner we did Chinese Ribs..They were AWESOME..and hubby went to the store to pick up some black eye peas for it was a pretty good day and I did rest a lot...

Now I'm draggin as the evening is pushing bed time is like NOW and boy I can't wait.. I thank the good Lord for me having such a great guy...even though some days he makes me talk in that funny language....:)

So all and all I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and May the Good Lord be with you all.

Come on 2012...let's pray they'll be peace and happiness and all the illness fade away just like the days.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Back Home and it's Friday Eve

Back Home and it's Friday Eve....Yes, I've been missing in action ! 

Where you ask ?  Well I wasn't at a Garden Party that's for sure !!....Well, then where was I ????? I'll make this short cause I've really, really exhausted..

Christmas night I became ill... I coughed all night and ran fever...My leg from my fall was also inflamed and the colors it became was something to date I've not seen before...and that's a fact JACK !!!

By Monday I couldn't handle the burning in my leg and the gasping for breathe and I had hubby take me to the Emergency Room of Leesburg Regional..Yes, you got the picture... I was admitted in with pneumonia and an infectious leg and they feared I might have Mercer ....Aren't I lucky ????

Like I said, "this is gonna be short and simple"...I just came home this evening and any one who has ever had pneumonia will understand..YOU DON'T have to cough and cough and got the with my leg being so bad...I was a true treasure...and the first night in my room roomy..(poor lady)  was having panic attacks and screaming for meds....The hospital was full and if I wanted a different place to bed down it's have to be the couch in the waiting room...

I felt I didn't want to go there as I could pick something else up and I'd have people in and I stuck it out with the screamer...and I'm telling you between her screaming and me hacking..well we were a pair for sore eyes.

By morning of which I didn't sleep I was moved to another room cause someone checked out...but no sleep was in store for me any way..and in fact I had to have a "pic" put in and my veins blew...yeah.. I go the best route..

So like I said, I'm really tired and I need to attempt to sleep on crappy coughing the crappy Doc didn't give me my cough med..and of course you all know it's a weekend and it's "No Available."...did I not tell you all I feel that Florida is  "God's Waiting Room"...cause what I've en counted so far...the medical profession in my areas "SUCKS"...I'm really spoiled by the Doctors in New York and Philadelphia...and then you say, "Well why don't you go back" answer..."I sure do " !!!

It's night night now as I'm really exhausted like I said..and I've got lots of things to try and do before hubby goes back home on Wednesday...

Thank you for those that thought of me and wondered where I was...for those that didn't..well, I still thank you for even wanting to read my blog...I mean it does make for some interesting reading and laughs..

God Bless All
Zeee and her Critters 3

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All on this Blessed Sunday

Merry Christmas To All on this Blessed Sunday...

My day started off pretty good...not to much pain or is it I'm getting use to it..what ever but I got lots of phone calls and even got to speak to my sister Alice...which made my day !...

Watched that Cardinals come and go and yes, I'm still in awe of how truly beautiful they are...I seem to favor them for some reason..but it's true I just love their dark eyes and I guess how Mr Cardinal watches out for the Mrs...:)

The day turned out pretty nice. Hubby and I went over to Diane and Bob's for dinner and I had to laugh cause at 6am I was making deviled eggs..oh I didn't tell ya this one...Hubby came down with a cold and guess who he shared it with >>???????

Try making something without a sense of taste...Guess they are gonna be surprised by my Deviled Eggs :)   Seems like I'm just filled with one liners lately ...but that's a good thing..My sense of humor goes into Over Drive .

Dinner was good Diane always tries to please and makes sure she has plenty..the ham hubby and I got from Heavenly Ham and it was really tasty but I have to say, "I was tired by the end of dinner"  . My knee starts it's pinching and biting routine then comes the  pulse and throb..yeah it's time to pack in ice and lean back.

We did drive over rather than take the golf the night before we went around looking at the lights and boy was it cold.. I mean the chill just went right through ya...Hubby let me know.."It was my idea"...ok, so I ain't to bright at times...but the intent was Good.

Now I'm ready for a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon and take my antibiotics...I'm sounding more and more like a Nurse on the Job..YIKES..this stuff has to stop...Hubby is going home and I'm left here to mend and get rid of his shared sickness.

All and all I'm gonna miss the guy and he's going home to a cold, cold house..brrrrr told him "Crank up that Electric Blanket"...he laughs but ya know it's the best thing.. I mean a cold bed..BAH HUMBUG...give me heated blanket and I'm toasty :)

It was a good day and as always a "Happy Ending" now on to another Adventure....sure hope it's all good news..

May the Good Lord Bless All Of YOU...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Surprise Deal this Christmas Eve day !

A Surprise Deal this Christmas Eve day !...and it truly was again...this time the surprise was for me not at me :)...Morning was like almost usual cepting for the fact I had to have hubby help me with the Critters...but I'm slowly getting a little stronger...however, the phone rang and it was Bob and Diane.

Those two I don't know what I'm gonna do without them...but this is what was said, "Hey, if ya ain't dressed don't worry about it..but we're coming over"......Next was..."Bob is taking that plate off that frame so this will not be another issue down the road"...

See what I worried Bob and Diane because they know I'm hard headed and I'd just deal with it...then I got the next instructions..."No more this doing yourself.."... I was gasping now...and said, "Wait, Wait...I have to do for myself or I'll  wind up totally lame duck"..

I did agree to let them take me to the specialist that I have to do..cause no telling what I'm gonna have to have done if any...but hey, I'll keep them quiet for now...LOL...

So within 20 minutes Bob and Diane were over and pop, snap and crackle that door plate was out of there and they even painted the spot cause it was just the plain gray concrete...Dang it they are good.

My next step was to tell them ..ok, now we got a big ham..(not me or hubby) but picked up a Honey Ham and Diane and Bob will join us..or rather I'll join them cause Diane's gonna cook, well reheat it..and that will be wonderful..

I'm not really into anything fancy cause I look like "Chit" and I feel just as bad..but I'm on the mend..a little stiff and sore but I am moving...a little on the slow side but I can even now get up off the "Potty"...ssshhh... I know but it's's really difficult getting up when your knee is 5 times it's size...OUCH ..and who would think just attempting to what comes natural can be so difficult...The worst part was when hubby came in to help me get up... we both started laughing...He's got a bad leg with a brace on ..and it was a sight to watch..and it wasn't only one time... it was every time...We were laughing so hard...then I thought..Hey, he's going home on Tuesday I got to do this myself...

Taking Lasix makes practice perfect.. I can now do by myself...hahahaha... but I still laugh...and I even now can go up and down the steps...slow but I can get there...on to the next thing ya know I'll be jumping for joy...Yeah, sure..can't wait to watch that..!

Note here..Doc said, "if I had my knees done I would have most likely had to have them redone...Oh isn't that just dandy...see there is always a reason Why I don't get things done when they say..."Have To Be Done"..:)

Tonight hubby and I took a ride around our community here and looked at all the lights and can't wait for next season...(hint hint hint) I will add a few more goodies..but no falls.....

So now it's time to sit and watch a little TV with hubby and my plans for midnight mass went out the door...that part know us Catholics do a lot of UP, DOWN, KNEEL, and all that good stuff..and I'd never make it will be next year Lord Willin'

Again ...may I wish each and everyone that passes through my blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or what ever holiday it is for you...May the Good Lord Bless You ALL !

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Whamo came in on Friday

A Whamo (my word) came in on Friday...along with visitors too !  This morning I attempted to get ready to visit the Doc and also visit with my Cousins.. I had called them the night before and pleaded with them to stop by.. I would be ok as I had everything prepared for our visit..

Cepting one thing ....Yep, the Doctor's visit...well it went like this...Could you picture sitting in the Doctor's office with him yelling and saying, "he's gonna call an ambulance"...I never expected this Doctor to react that way..but he was dead serious...and here I thought ...Well, I'm ok..what's the big deal ???

I had to promise him that I was going right over to have a Cat Scan and fact he made sure I didn't leave until that appointment was confirmed and I was going directly over....if not he was calling an ambulance...HOLY SMOKES...

So off I go... I mean I was not too happy but I knew it had to be done..The night before was really bad for me.. my leg was really gnawing at me..and I had to pop a half a pain pill...and I'm usually good about that but not this time..I mean this baby was pumping like my heart...and my face was kind of I gets to the Imaging place and next thing I know I call hubby to let him know I had to have this done..

Now mind you I left the house at 10am and here it is 1pm and my Cousins had arrived and Diane and Bob met up with them at the front gate.. I forgot to let them know hubby stayed home..oh well.. they met and Diane surely took good care of them.

Here I am still at the Imaging place and waiting to have tests done..YIKES... Cousins are now at my house and hubby and my cousin Tom are cooking the food up cause they only have a short window before they have to leave..They were heading out to meet up with family in Tallahassee...and had to be there by a certain time...Good Golly Ms Molly !!!

Finally I get taken in for the cat scan and xray..and I had to wait for Doctor to read the tests..then off I went headed home and finally after 60 years I meet my cousin Mary Ellen...Wow..time sure does fly :)

After they left I get a call from the Doc's office...Now hear this ....I have a closed fracture of the Orbit ...(going into space anyone) and I have a tare in the nasal passage...Oh is that all...DUH....Why not have some more tests done...OMG...and I must go on an antibiotic....and Eye Specialist will contact me and a E N T (ear, nose and throat) Doc will call too.. I must be evaluated..

All I want for Christmas is peace and quiet and no more injuries please......

As for my leg...bad shape and swelling is going face is marked quite nicely ..colors are blending... I don't have double vision a little blur but I had that before I maybe I'll luck out ??????

I think I'll write, "How to Enjoy your Christmas with the Medical Profession".

Did I tell you I have Adventures..Good, Bad, or Indifferent....but always with Humor....Cause that's all I have left..

Psst...Hubby is coming down with a cold...LUCKY ME !!!

Again, thank you Lord for letting me make another day !

God Bless

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Blessed Thrusday !

A Blessed Thursday !  It surely was as my night was NOT GOOD...I finally fell asleep about 2:30am when those PM pills kicked in... I had to sleep on top of the covers as anything touching my knee ..I would have jumped out of my skin...Yikes... I think I thought I could fly ::????

Hubby said, "You looked like you were flying" ...Well truth be told, I probably wished I could cause that car sure does not move with the brakes on !  I sure tried to give it one hell of a shove !!

This morning Diane came over and helped me put together a luncheon for my Cousin and yes, I called her tonight and asked her to please stop in.. I told her..."Don't be's really me" LOL... I'm like looking at a Rainbow..only problem is's more blueish ...well some little pink here and there but mainly deep purple blue.

My right eye looks like I have eye liner on ...not to too bad..however my nose ..well it's a little on the wide and large size right now...but hey, I'm still with the living...I mean I'm starting to get feeling back in my one knee and all you can do is hear me say..."Oooh Aaah...Oooh Aaah..."  sounds like I'm singing....but I know my song doesn't have an ending yet...more like "Help me make it through the night".

So Diane was happy to pitch right in and man oh man she goes to town..the faster she talks the faster she works...but she's absolutely a gem.. I know for sure I'm gonna miss her when they sell their home..

So I talked with my cousin and she's gonna come and visit...Wooo Hooo...I was so depressed I mean it's only been 60 years since I've seen her...and the rate I'm going I might not get another chance..!

Bob is gonna take up that plate that sets in front of the carport's kind of like a stopper..but for me it's deadly.. my foot hit that and out I through the air..but it wasn't with the greatest of ease..SOB dent in my car just in my face and nose !

Watched the conclusion of the X factor and I felt bad for that one boy Chris ..although I didn't like his music..(not into  rap) he gave it his all..and of course Josh..well I liked him from the beginning...but Melanie..she was awesome what a voice and well deserved ..So I was a happy I'm ready with my ice in a Ziploc and towel..

Looking over Zeke is snoring and Reba is tucked on her pillow..Abby is by the side of the bed..and me..we'll I'll squeeze in somewhere..poor hubby gets the edge...Hang on Hubby...!!!  LOL

So tomorrow I'll go to the Doctor.. I bet he'll be surprised..but I'm the one wearing the costume ... that Sucks !  perhaps I'll bring him a candy cane ????

Good Night all and again Thank you Lord for keeping me on another day !

God Bless

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I did it again on Wednesday !

I did it AGAIN on Wednesday !  I truly did the unthinkable today...coming out my carport door where the metal frame holds the door..I tripped..yes!  I tripped and  was trying to catch myself and landed smack dab into the front of my car bumper with the side of my face and fell to the ground on my left Knee and ..should I go on ????

Blood went everywhere as my hubby was calling my name...did I hear him? not really sure if I heard anything but the smack in my face and feel the blood come trickling down. Crack the bridge of my nose and my right cheek was swelling almost immediately.

Now I don't know even where to begin..other than I am really hurting..My knee is so blue and so swollen I've had it packed with ice..My face looks like...(here we go again) a raccoon at this moment with a swollen forehead.

I can barely see the screen of this laptop as my glasses can't set on my face right...but the worst of all..I had to cancel my visit with my cousin...I'm so so sadden by that.. I can barely move and I had planned to have a really nice visit and luncheon.

It just seems to happen to me lately. My legs are getting worse as my knees just seem to buckle biggest fears are starting to become a reality.
Most of all I'm so thankful that my hubby was here..but he was so sicken by all that blood coming out..he was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it stopped...

I'm on plavix and aspirin for my heart disease and it doesn't make it easy...but I had him get ice and towels right away and put direct pressure on my wound..Tonight I'm aching all over and my knee looks really bad..Sleep won't come easily I'm afraid.

Now I just need to pray that nothing else goes wrong...Friday I have a Doctor appointment and hubby will take me. That's also one of the reasons too I had to cancel my cousin coming..Plus I didn't want her to see how bad this is..

Please keep me in your prayers tonight cause I sure don't need anything else to go wrong..and Lord give me the strength to deal with this ...

God Bless All

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Big Day This Tuesday

The Big Day This Tuesday....The hubby arrived and I wasn't home to greet him... I know, I was caught up in the midst of a Board Meeting..but all did not go to waste I promise...

Morning went like a speed bullet as I rushed around to try and get things finished...I spoke with hubby at 5:30am as he had asked me the night before to call and make sure he was up...So like a good Wifeee, I did !

We spoke again on the way to the airport and then when he was ready to board...I could tell he was a tab bit nervous as so was I.  I'm not a big fan of flying neither is he..guess it's because I did so much that I feel like my feet need to be on the ground...hahaha..My arms got tired from flapping ...:)

So on with the next event of the day...A Board Meeting by which I must say, "We had lots more people out and more active too"...We won some and lost a little...but not for long as we soon make a changing of the guards in March...Hopefully we'll get more of doers than followers.

I did tell hubby I'd not be there when he got home but I'd get home as soon as I could..and I did leave the meeting before it was over and boy was I anxious to see my hubby..

We even got Chinese for cooking and we just sat and talked and caught up on how things were going..oh and he loved the tomorrow I'm gonna have him help me take those pictures..cause I "STINK" at picture taking...

Also Diane made some cookies too and drop a few off..Thanks Di, they are delicious..and now I'm beat from anxiety...I'm so glad hubby is "home" ..only if he could stay longer...but that's another Adventure down the road.

My cousin Mary Ellen called tonight and we'll be have a visit from her and her hubby Tom on Friday..that I'm looking forward it's only been 60 years since I've seen her...Time sure does fly..

So that's my story for this day and well, I'm ready to call it a day and thank the dear Lord for keeping my hubby safe and sound...

God Bless All

Monday, December 19, 2011

Thank Goodness Morning is over on this Monday !

Thank Goodness Morning is over on this Monday !...Was busy, busy, busy...didn't even get a chance to get another cup of coffee....Got a lot finished and now it's lunch time and I'm really not hungry..I done cooked up so much veggies for Critters and the Rice Field was dense...I think I lost my appetite..

Laundry is all finished and the house is almost in place..hahaha..well sorta..I mean a few more things need to be done and I'm done...and to think tomorrow Hubby will be home for dinner...Wonder if he'd like Chinese :)

Last night I had a few visitors...and they were cute...seems someone had a litter of kittens..oh yeah the cute face, nosy kind..Just plain right adorable. While I was watching my Cardinals come in for their night dinner I saw the big red boy jump up on top of the feeder and give a squawk... Uh OH !  what's going on ???  So I got up and went to the front door couldn't see anything until I looked down at the steps..and low and behold..3, yes, 3 little kitties were jumping around the feeder and then when I opened the door and went..kitty,kitty, kitty they came running towards me...Oh their eyes were so wide open as the lights were coming on and blinking and the Reindeer Dawg was on and turning it's head...WOW they were interested..until my big boy..Zeke let out a bellow..then they ran like the dickens... and I saw Mama come looking to see what her kitties were into...hahaha

Yeah I have to call Clancy today and find out Who, What and When..LOL but honestly these kitties were so cute I could have snatched a few up...but NOT..however me and kitties gots to have some kind of understanding...NO BIRDS...hahaha

Watched Survivor last night and I was sure rooting for Ozzie to win..but he was defeated in a puzzle...He's never been good at those..the lad has lots of skill in other things and in challenges he gives it his all...but not puzzles..sooooo he done got dumped out and at that time I was defeated by the need for I'll have to look up and see if Ozzie might have won something on being a Great Competitor..

As for me...I'm gonna take a break and then clean up the kitchen and on to another chore...Lordy I'm not Domesticated...but I'm workin on it..LOL..

Another Adventure begins while one ends.....

God Bless...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Sorta hustle on Sunday

A Sorta hustle on Sunday...well kinda sorta...LOL.. Yes, I did my laundry and yes, I did some fast dusting...was sure hoping for a little sail wind but no such luck ..fed the Birds and even a little to those buggers (Squirrels) as I was cleaning the feeders...they were happy and so were the birdies..

Morning was on the BRISK fact Ms Twinkle Toes (Abby) didn't want to move she was in a reverse mode...but I persisted and out she went..but quickly as her toes never hit the ground...She was good !!!!...Ms Reba was still sleeping and she didn't get up until 6:30am ..she was getting her beauty sleep....but Mr Zeke..well that boy don't miss anything....and if you think you can surprise him...FOR GET A BOUT the saying goes.

One thing we did all together this morning is ..after all that needed to get done we cuddled up and watched the birds that was pretty neat and warm too..LOL  Yeah all of us together in one bunch is some what cozy.

I'm now getting on to the vacuuming...but I'll have to put Zeke up.. kind of difficult pushing him and the Bissel around...and when he starts attacking's strange pulling it out of his mouth..Yeah, it's a real winner...

Speaking of...tonight is Finals for SURVIVOR...and that should be really I want to get finished as tomorrow I have to make a dash up to Winn Dixie..(racking in those gas perks) and come home an make a pot of Lentil Soup...and make sure I get me Egg Nog.... :)

So I'll make a quick dash up front and get a going...Can't believe 3 more days and hubby will be here...Feels good and I'm sure he's anxious to get in some warm air..sure hope this cold blast leaves...or maybe I'll get a "Sun Lamp"  hahaha...

Catch you later on ...towards the next Adventure...

God Bless

Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Outing on Saturday

An Outing on Saturday... it was a nice lunch/dinner type outing and Bob and Diane came over and we enjoyed the afternoon... Morning was pretty much as usual other than I ordered more lights for outside...Yeppers, I even got express mail coming..cause Hubby will have the chance to HELP.  LOL

I attempted to take pictures but NOT GOOD.. well it would have been but I waited to long and it looks like a color I'll do them tomorrow just as it's getting dusk so the lights will show but the picture won't be so black...Hey what do I know about taking pictures other than charging up the battery  LOL point and click...

It was really an enjoyable afternoon too.. I mean I haven't been out for dinner is ages...but that will change when hubby gets here....we'll have a few nights out ...give me a break ....but I'll have to fix a few of his goodies.

Hubby got his leg brace on Friday and he seems to be doing ok with it..says, "this will take some time to get use too"....As long as it helps him that's the main thing... He also took a stop up to visit my God Mother and she gave him a pasta dish for me... it's one we used as I was a child and it came from Italy... Sure hope he's careful... I Know hubby ...LOL

Lights look mighty pretty saw a few people on golf carts come by and check them out...they do look pretty not over powering and the light colors are so pretty...Yeah, I'm enjoying the twinkles...LOL

Tomorrow I'll be doing some catch up and getting a few batches of cookies done up so he'll have a few to munch on.. then it will be a last minute stop at the store for ..(oh yeah) more Egg Nog..can't wait till the holiday is over that stuff is too good...hahaha

Sent a lot of electronic Christmas Cards as they are so neat... I've only written a couple out...but mainly I enjoy the email cards because Jacquie Lawson has such neat ones and the membership fee isn't bad and delivery is always on if only those I send would pick up !

Talked with Clancy a bit tonight and made sure Midnight Mass is still in the I'm not to sure if they have it...but it's a "Go" hubby and I will be heading out... I just love midnight mass...

That's about it other than I'm gonna get into my night gown and fix me an Egg Nog..and relax...on to another Adventure

God Bless

Friday, December 16, 2011

Buzzing here on Friday

Buzzing here on Friday...oh yeah !!!  Got up just my usual time and the Critters followed ..which by the way surprised me as usually now they all like to sleep in ...while Momma is in the kitchen rattling those water bowls..:)

This morning was .."We're all up and ready"..they must have heard me type those words yesterday that Diane was coming over early !!.. Critter were anxious so I fed them and without me saying a word..Abby and Zeke walked into their room and plopped their butts in their for me and then before I could say "Jack Rabbit"  Diane was here ...READY, WILLIN' and ABLE..

She moved like a busy bee ...hahaha..and we (yes she got me moving too) move the boxes out in the carport and before I turned around she was pulling out the Reindeer Dawg...(Yes, I'm taking pictures) and uh oh..the usual...Easy to put together type on the phone we got and called in our resources...BOB !!!

Diane then moved to the Christmas tree...I could hear O Tannenbaum in the background...LOL...and that tree just came together...dang she's out came the beads ..both Gold and Red ..she whipped them around the tree..then came the Christmas balls...omg she's good...then last but not least there was no top she looked in my boxes and she whips out a red bow with long tails...and that got mounted on top the tree... then before I knew it..she slid that tree in it's spot and the tree skirt was in place...!!! Yes, I'm gonna take pictures... ..She plugs it in and  "Oh Holy Night"...

Bob pulled up and went right to the Reindeer Dawg..and "Snap, Crackle, Pop"  that baby was put together and on we all marched outside...Diane put up the two small wire Christmas lights tree..they are like all wire and two different sizes.....Bob wired everything together and plugged them into a timer  ...Wow it's coming together..

Next we went on to the String Lights..these are so pretty ..different colors but oh ..neato..they operate by plug in needed...and they even have light sensor so they come on and off with day light and night time..but they also have timers which I'll use as I can have them come on at 5pm and go off at 11pm...All righty...well they all worked...

Went on and it just all fell right into place then Diane surprised me with a container of Lentil Sausage Soup.. Hey, I hit the big numbers today..and then I surprised them with inviting them to dinner tomorrow night....

It was a great day and in the evening everything came on and of course I had to call my neighbor..."Betsy...yes, I had to tell her.."She now has a house with a view.."  our joke between us.. and she came over and we stood outside admiring the lights..They do look so nice ..makes me feel good to share the feeling of Christmas and just knowing that our friendship is combined with it too..

Hubby called and he got his leg he'll come down with the excuse..(he thinks) feel bad for me..HUH.. sure it may work with someone else..but the way I have to walk around..OH NO Ain't Workin' Here LOL..I have his job to do ..and that is put up the Green Garland around the inside ..they also have pretty lights it's all coming nicely and I listened to Christmas Music all day long... I'm in the MOOD !!

That about covers it cepting my Cardinals really enjoy the lights too.. I watched the happy pair as they chowed down and kept watching the blinking light...even saw Clancy's kitty walk by and I kind of plea bargained with him.. He can have those mean arse Squirrels..but don't touch me birds !!!

It's time to hit the sack and on to another Adventure for Tomorrow..oh and yes, pictures will be posted....Tomorrow..:)

God Bless....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Real Calamity Thursday

A Real Calamity Thursday...sure enough..woke up with good intentions..(isn't that always the case) and got out to the kitchen went to click on the light over the stove and BAM blew out !  Just like that so I bee bop over to my good old storage box (card board box cut in half) and pulled it down from the shelf..and in that trusty card board box I have an assortment of bulbs..Yes, I stock up on 3 way bulbs ...chandelier bulbs, night light bulbs pretty much got the idea ..but aaaah what is this ?????? No appliance bulbs...LUCKY ARSE ME !!!!

Now the catch to this story is plain and simple...I didn't want to go anywhere and when Diane offered  as she was going to WalMart I took her up on it.. Yes, I was in my slug mode of not wanting to go out anywhere....HA !  I thought I done solved my problems...NOT YET I DIDN'T...

So you got the picture I had to go out ...that meant I had to get dressed and look like a civil human being...well try to anyway...Had to pull the sneak attack as Ms Reba has been glued to my side... and I wound up going to Winn Dixie..(at least it wasn't Wally World) and the store had some specials..Yeah they got me..a big bite too..but I got several appliance bulbs too..

It did feel good going out for the ride..that part I admit..but the crowed stores not my thing...and the parking lot episodes of "Who is gonna get that spot"..not my thing either..and I have to laugh when some big arse truck with wheels that set higher than my car (almost) pull into a Handicap Spot and some big guy jumps down out of the truck.. Wow now that's always impressive...yeah I talk to myself as I get out of my car and just give the "Look".. doesn't really do a thing but gives me satisfaction anyway..

Last night watched the X factor and again I have to say, Melanie is a fantastic singer she is my favorite...However the bickering between judges still continues.. but I did see that "The Voice and American Idol will be on soon...oh and I did tape Survivor and watched it later on that night...gonna get really interesting..for sure...

Tonight will be to see who gets the boot on X factor...I did vote so I hope my favorite stays in.... and then I even made a pot see I was ambitious after all... so I'll have some pot roast on Sunday ...

Psst...hubby will be here in 5 days...Now I'm looking forward to it... My cousin who lives in Tampa will be stopping in and also my sister in law will be coming it should be a nice visit and gonna get hubby to go to Midnight Mass...told him a little touch of Catholicism won't hurt him LOL

God Bless...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Out for me on Wednesday :)

An Out for me on Wednesday :) ..No I couldn't refuse it either...Here's how it went...Last night around dinner time Diane (of Bob and Diane) called and asked if I needed anything at she had to go in the morning to get her glasses fixed..Uh oh ...yes indeed I did...Now was this a easy out for me or what ?????

So I told her I'd think about it and call her in the morning...So you can bet your bottom dolla...(my words) I was on the phone with my list..Not that I don't mind going but at this time of the year when people are Christmas Shopping..EEEEK !  I don't do crowds well and I hate the "Waiting in line Game"..yeah I'm getting older by the minute ...or it Lazier by the second...which ever ya want to go with..I'll agree...:)

Another job well done by Diane and Bob...and one less I have to do...but it will get done..Today I'm getting my carport in order for the Opening of the Christmas Tree Event on Friday more boxes going out the door for Thursday trash day ...Whoopie !!!!

I made breakfast this morning...something I haven't been doing..Bacon, Eggs Toast and Coffee...boy did it hit the spot..only thing wild about it was my phone never stopped..normally that hour it's quiet...but a bird must have leaked the news I was cookin..cause with every flip a new call came in ...isn't that always the way ???

Gonna do a batch of pancakes up to ...will freeze them for the quick throw together numbers I enjoy doing..traces from my on the road experiences.. Oh and speaking of on the road experiences..Tioga George has been having a few lately....see it's not always cool to boon dock in areas of Mexico.. I know most think it's only hyped news media...but I don't think staying in areas that have RV in numbers...Take heed George ..cause it ain't worth losing a life over...

Tonight is Xfactor..and I hate to think about what happened last week but I did write the show my feelings and I don't think X factor will be on my list for next year....Oh I did watch Biggest Loser last night..WOW those people looked to me that's the best show as results are enormous and successful for the health benefits..and you see it all happening... Love that show !  Pray many will get all that help.. me I'm not going on the show I wouldn't survive but it gives you inspiration....!

A few more dish rags to go and package is out of that's a double Whoopie...still haven't heard if they found my sister's blanket I made for her .that really ticks me off...I pray they will...

The day is a beauty and I'm enjoying it...watched the birds feed and boy they were happy campers..lots of berries and nuts I put in the feeder and special sunflower seeds too..but those little buggers "The Squirrels" still can't get at them...Whoopie and double dawg dare ya too !!!  hahaha

Now it's back to knitting...gawd don't like knitting but soon I can put these needles away...:) 

God Bless...on to another Adventure in La La Land

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It Twas A Conspiracy Here Tuesday !

It Twas A Conspiracy Here Tuesday !  It certainly I never got out my door today...only to let the critters have their romp and of course check the Feathered Friends and Me Flowers...but other than that...NADDA ...

How the Conspiracy you wonder ...well let me keep your mind at began with last night as I watched my favorite Christmas Carroll then on to the famous "Oliver Twist"...oh my did I stay up late and YES...I over slept and still can't get my brain to function..some what of a few cob webs.

In fact this morning it was Zeke who woke his big club tapping the bed..first I thought I was on a train ride..HUH>?  NOT...and then when I opened my eyes there was the Big Boy tapping with his BIG FOOT...kind of felt almost like an Earthquake...but he did manage to get my butt out of bed.

Stumbling to the kitchen in a fog I realized it was almost 7am and I couldn't believe it but not light out..WHAT...even the Cardinellies hadn't gotten to their feeder..DUH what is wrong with this morning picture...

Didn't hear from the hubby either and then I thought...OH NO ! He's overslept as well and sure enough my one ringy dingy woke his butt up too...!  Yes, it twas a Conspiracy ....for both of us at each end had overslept..

My day was like that and in fact when I sat down on the couch next thing I knew it was noon what's that saying, "I'm becoming a "Slug"..I've got that bug have to shake it loose...but boy all that sleeping felt good...Now the only problem is...TONIGHT...

Will I or Won't I that is the question...and it's Tuesday night mmmm what's on TV...DUH...LOL  but perhaps I'll finish the last of those blinkin dish rags and get them out by Friday...oops Diane will be coming too..YIKES

Now I best get some fiddles for the Critters and attempt to make a little movement through the house ..that would be nice cause all I've done is sank into Oblivion...LOL....

Tomorrow has got to be better..."God Bless Us All",  as Tiny Tim would say :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Sit Down Turn Around Monday

A Sit Down Turn Around Monday...that's what it was...that's what it is...Now ask me "Did I go to Wally World Today"?....Heck no and the reason why...Got up bright and chipper even though the day kind of Sucked !   All and all I got through everything I was suppose to..Got dressed (felt like a human being) and was ready to charge out the door when I realized I didn't take my I chug a lugged them down and then went out the door and a light lit up in my brain...Guess what I did ??????  I took all my pills alright including my "Water Pill"...HOLY way could I go out and be on those electric cart and the end of the store and say,  "I gotta go"... I know it wouldn't be the "Charge of the Light Brigade"...cause I'd have flooded half way there ...hahaha...someone said, "Where a Depends"...Now I fully understand the reasons for wearing them but not when you gotta go and you just go...OH MY STARS...or should I sing "Swanee River"...

So I turned around got back in the house and decided that was one of the dumbest things I've done so I best fess up and get my arse in gear and fill the dawg food bins...I had a 40lb bag and a 30lb bag I had to empty in bins...then I went to the Rice fields again..Yeah I should have worn my hip boots...but got er done..

Took out the frozen cooked chicken and in a few days I'll grate that up too..and tomorrow...Are Ya Listening ...I'm heading into Wally World cause I gotts ta get dem batteries or NO LIGHTS for Christmas !!  Bah HUMBUG !!!

By the way tonight on Tuner Classics Movie Channel is my all time favorite Christmas remember the one with Allister Simms... so I got it set to record too..and called hubby cause just in case we get rain here again tonight while it's playing and I lose the signal he'll be recording it for put on a DVD....

Ms Reba has been a little on the off set so I've been hand feeding her sure hope she'll be ok....but from time to time she does this and usually snaps back to being her bratty self...Come on Reba ...feel better.

Have to post some Christmas cards to family and already set up my email cards as I do love that group I'm a member of..Jacquie Lawsons...she has the best cards and I know how difficult they are to make...belonged to that group of animators and I loved it but some days when working on a picture you felt like pulling your hair...cause some days it was many many frames to make some small movements..YIKES...but I really enjoy that work..maybe after the first of the year I'll get back into the group...

That's really about it other than I'm getting my PJ's on and getting my Hot Cocoa ready for tonight to snuggle on the couch and watch A Christmas Carol...

Oh another news flash.. My niece called me to let me know that the blanket I made for my sister...well someone took it at the nursing home so there is a look out for this blanket...Gawd made me feel ill cause I made it for her and she just loved touching it and looking at the colors...I'm gonna say a pray tonight and hopes that who ever took it will replace it...

That's it for me and it's on to another Adventure whether I'm driving down the highway or just being in a place where things's just another phase of our lives....almost like (can you hear the music playing) As The World Turns !

God Bless.....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ti's Sunday A Peaceful Day

Ti's Sunday, A Peaceful Day...a day I dredged through the Rice Fields :)  Yes, it was "A had to do it "... and it wasn't that bad but I'll have to do another trip as I want to make sure I have enough made up while hubby is here so I can enjoy the visit...but I still may put him to some work task ...hahahaha..

I'll have him put the Garland around the windows with the lights ..that isn't too difficult and I can't climb...He'll love that and I need to get making his cookies up so when he goes back home he's got some goodies too..

Most of the morning was just putting things together and tomorrow I'm off to the races to Wally World (OMG) as I need D batteries like 15 of them.......cha ching on batteries...if I can find them ??????

Still knitting to get this package ready to go by Thursday..and I'm down to the wire..cause Friday Diane will be over and she's like a bumble bee...buzzing and moving things fast.. "Look out or she'll run ya over"...yeah she don't let no grass grow under her feets .

Got my list going cause I just know it will be like.."Overtime or Overwork Load coming"...and last but not least tomorrow is trash day and I've got those blinkin boxes to get rid of...Thank goodness..

Jane called me tonight to invite me to her house for Fried Turkey as I had given her a Turkey Fryer for her Christmas Gift..She'll be away and I wanted to make sure she got it..Well she's going to town now just a yelling "it's cookin"  I'm glad at least she'll cook up a few turkeys for when they go on the road...Sure hope she don't forget to clean the Bird ..hahaha..

Now I'm gonna just lean back and knit some more...Gawd I don't like knitting..takes me forever..but at least my niece will be happy and quiet for awhile...Multi tasking there..:)

So now it's on with tonight's shows if anything good other wise I'll stream from Netflix and watch some oldies...maybe I can find Scrooge...yeah sounds like a plan..

Looking forward to tomorrow Adventure....Wally World Madness !!

God Bless

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moving Boxes on Saturday

Moving Boxes on Saturday...oh boy was I ever... had to find some more Christmas stuff and wouldn't ya know was in the last box I opened...Holy Hannah I'm gonna get rid of a lot of stuff...Should have a "come and get it" sign as I have so much stuff I'll never use...perhaps I'll pop it over to Habitat for Humanity...someone will surely use it..

Today was a quiet day and I don't have them to often...but it was.. I kind of just dug in stuff I hadn't seen and Monday morning will be a lot of boxes out again...Diane will be happy !

Speaking of Diane she'll be coming over on Friday to help me put up decorations as I have to get some batteries.. I have these twinkling lights that run on batteries..Yes, a QVC special Bethlehem lighting..I thought they'd be neat cause no plugging in and all run on timers ...I hope it's worth it..

Also we'll put up the Christmas tree too.. I asked hubby if he wanted to do that and he kind of himmed and hammed (yes, those strange words again) so I made the decision for him...Diane will love to do it..she loves all that stuff..I'll point..hahahaha..nah, I'll help but I'm not much into looking at it but then I think it's only up till "Little Christmas " and down it comes...that sucks !

I still have to finish making my niece her dish rags..she says, "Because I hooked her onto these, I'm responsible to supply her cause she can't knit"...HA !  Well I'm not much of a knitter either but these are really simple to make so I'll make the last batch up this week...

I can't believe how the time is flying..10 more days and hubby will be here..and we'll get to spend Christmas together...Even ordered a Honey Ham cause I know that's his favorite...The man is a "ham" himself...LOL

Critters are doing pretty good and tomorrow I'm back in the Rice Fields ...Again ...but it's not all that bad..even have to open the big bags of feed and fill the bins...Gawd that's a pain in the butt..but then again I only do that once a month.

Watched a movie and then woke up and wondered what it was about LOL..yeah it was "I got cozy under blankie and that's all she wrote"... even Ms Reba had that look of "Where Am I"...

So now it's night time and I'm gonna grab my knitting needles and pop out a dish rag while I watch down and 9 more to go..EEEK !

Cookie baking will be next week too...Biscotti and Oatmeal Goodies and a batch of Peanut butter Blossoms...gots to have that chocolate :)

Good Night All...God Bless...Santa is on his way :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Special Friday

A Special Friday...Joe's Ashes came home !  I was a little taken back as I went over to pick up Joe and bring him home to his resting place.  The feelings I had while driving over kind of had my tummy in knots.. The days I counted, I know crazy...but this Joe was very special and he'll always be !

Morning was like the in we now have a new thing  ...yes, I'm in training again...but we all get up together (lately) and everyone runs out then back to the couch with the blankie..Abby at one side of my feet and Zeke at the other and Ms Reba  (pulling a Joe) under cover and we open the blinds and watch day light come in and Mr and Mrs Cardinellie hop on in the big feeder and eat their breakfast.. The Mrs kind of nestles in and chows down while the Mr...he keeps a watch..and takes a few bites in between..the quickly they fly away...of course by then I hear the phone ring and it's the hubby letting me know he's up...then I give him the.."Don't forget to call me when you are leaving for work"...this way I catch a nap (yeah when I can) and he wakes me and I get the Critters breakfast...pretty good routine if I don't say so myself.

Well today was the big day for me as I had to make a few stops and make sure I got our (Zeke and Me) meds for the month then pick up a few goodies...(Egg Nog ) on the list then head home..but first and foremost I had to go pick up my Joe..

When I held that ceramic jar in my hands I felt a strange feeling but when I read the card enclosed, tears came to my eyes and I felt my heart ache...There are never enough words to express how something so wonderful comes into your life and with every moment of theirs they try to please you..That was my Joe..he was the Entertainer of my life...He enjoyed it which was even better and if I would say, "Joe, do you want to sing"?  He'd throw his head back and Belt Out...and I do mean Belt Out a Howl that would cause all the others to join in..It was pure Harmony !

Sitting on the couch after I got in I had that beautiful jar in my hands and I just said, "Joe, do you want to sing"  and to my surprise Zeke Belted Out and so did Abby.. I got goose bumps...Reba jumped up and was sniffing the jar... I placed it on the dresser in my bedroom.........He's home !

Along with the card came this book marker and it has a butterfly at the top and the inscription says...

"We may not be together in the way
 We use to be
 We are still connected by a Cord
 No eye can see
 So whenever you need to fine me
 We're never far apart
 If you look beyond the horizon
 And listen with your heart "

Now folks I could barely see after reading this..but you know it hit my heart and then as I looked at this book marker at the top is that butterfly...but what it is, is wild flower seeds...says, cut here and plant this butterfly and wildflowers will blossom in memory of Joe....

Thank you dear Lord for the time I had with my Joe....

God Bless

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A LIttle Nippy Thursday Morning !

A Little Nippy Thursday Morning !.. I didn't even want to go outside... I mean I don't really mind the cold if that's what it's gonna be..but this up and down drop is what's kickin my butt !   We get such a drastic drop that you feel cold through your bones....and my bones is aching along with my face right now.

Today I really didn't do much...I kind of snuggled up on the couch with my blankie and critters and dozed in and out as my lip ached..yeah it's throbbing now as I write..but I'll survive.. in fact I checked to see if possible their might be a little more that what meets the eye happening..Brave me at times hahaha...well this swelling felt more than swelling so what did I do..(What did you do ???) I squeezed it..yep and the sucker hurts like hell..but I had to do it ..I mean someone had might as well be me ! 

Washed my face in peroxide...fragrance is strange ...and I put a warm compress on it and then leaned back and watched the X factor...Now there was the biggest mistake....YES... I'm ticked as that darling child Rachel Crow sang her arse off and should have stayed...So I had to voice my opinion on Xfator and YouTube...No way,  but I do feel this youngest has a bright future down the road..Heck I bet after leaving the program she was signed..

So that left me in a crappy mood and with my face throbbing you know I'm a lovely person to be around....YIKES...STAY AWAY !!!!

Gonna have to run up to Winn Dixie tomorrow morning as I'm out of a few things and I need to also pick up my

Joe's Ashes will be coming home tomorrow as well.. This truly will be a special ride for me and most likely... I'll just want to lay down and feel his presence... Some people don't believe that..but I do... I've been missing him..and tomorrow he'll finally be back home with US...

So with that I'm gonna Thank God for helping me through some very difficult days and for Tomorrow ..all though it's not here..but Joe will be home !

God Bless

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What a Wednesday

What a morning was busy as I had planned to go to a meeting of concerned citizens of our community..proved to be very interesting and I sure hope it will grow...Lots of things in this really neat community needs to be changed and get back to reality and for the betterment of everyone that resides or wishes to buy into..

I've told all of you often that this place is truly a neat sets back in amongst huge oak trees and driving though it gives you such a serene feeling let alone all the interesting critters that reside amongst the humans..

Sad but true the only thing making this a "headache" is the lack of "Brains" and I say that because of how decision making is preformed without the lack of care for the residence...and strangely enough the board here  are made up of residents that get vote in...which goes to show you can't always believe what people right up on a bio and promise..almost like our Government..what am I saying.."It's exactly like our Government"...HA !

My next big event was heading over to pick up my Critter food and the gals at Paws for a Moment are really they did me the favor and lugged the food out to the car for me... Thanks Gals I appreciate all the help !!  By the way the also have a neat store filled with all kinds of goodies for the Critters...

On the way back I stopped at  the Golden Arches (McDonald's) and treated myself to lunch an Angus Burger...and I have to say ..big Mac is stepping it up a notch !  I certainly enjoyed that big time with my Dr Pepper...clicking my heels  LOL... Slowly I headed back and then it was lug in and put away the 60lbs of Critter food..ugh !!! 

Tonight I watched X factor again What's with these Judges..they certainly are making me not enjoy this show in fact if next year is like this...Good Bye Simon...perhaps I'll send him an Email...wonder if he'll read it.. Long story short  Melanie, Josh and Rachel are really the 3 I like...

Now I'm ready to hit the sack...covered my Gardenia plant as it's gonna get down to almost "38" wind chill factor...What's with this weather..going from 79 to WHAT ????  brrrrrrrr yes, I've got my blankies on and long, long nightgown ..flannel of course...

Oh, my lips are not as swollen in fact Betsy and Diane both said.."It' ain't as bad as we thought"...thanks ladies..but you should only feel how it feels..and it ain't good...difficult to chew and brush my teeth...but I'm getting better..hahaha....Feel sorry for me please !!!!  Nah, I'm the dumb bunny that time I'll keep my big mouth shut and I'm going down for the count !

Good Night All...on to another Adventure...God Bless !

Also please pray for all the soldiers that lost their lives on this Dec 7th 1941 ..How can we ever forget Pearl Harbor !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Repeat of Monday but it's Tuesday !

A repeat of Monday but it's Tuesday !... Got to sleep in a little as I still awoke at 3am and then headed to the Living Room ..turned on the news and then next thing I knew Reba, Abby and Zeke were right along side me..I must have dozed off again..that's ok cause I needed it...but I missed the morning Cardinals..yeah they is the first bird to hit the feeder and that's at day break...

Today I'm just staying rested but still doing what I need to get done and got a little side tracked as I've went back into some of my emails regarding the BOD here where I live.. Looking up data on Payroll Companies and their prices.. We have a budget here and it seems to be on the "off"..surely not cutting places where it could save the residences higher fees.

Yes, no matter where you live their is always some sort of "Political Game" going on ...but this here is more out of stupidity...I just can't believe my ears and eyes...How could I not get involved...when I see how people are just giving up and if ya know me...I'm all about "people's rights"...Flash back to my college days when I was on the "Shout it out "  team..LOL...Any way sure hope this can get resolved without  Hate Mongers entering into what I always felt a beautiful place to live...

We shall will be interesting and of course a challenge never goes without an Invite ...Yes, Betsy !  More the merrier as I say ...:) Besides we need to keep the mind active and what better than a little action amongst friends !

Tonight is Biggest Losers and that is great to I've said before, "to me its just wonderful to see how they make such a change in their lives and health"...of course how they don't lose it with frustration on some of that exercising..for those people have never been put through the wringer ...WOW.

Listening to Christmas songs...and trying to get in the "Spirit Of"...with my face how it's looking sure wish it was Halloween..I'd win !!! Well, I hear some commotion up in the front so I'll tip toe up and see who's in trouble now...

Later on down the trail...God Bless...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Morning Glory

Monday Morning Glory....of which I don't think I'd fit the bill ....Up at 3am cause my lips hurt..didn't really sleep well..had several pillows propped up and Ms Reba and I shared them...Watched something I'm not even sure of..kind of dozed in and out but at 3am on the dot my eyes were wide open.

Tried to brush my go..then tried mouth wash..omg what a mess some how my lips don't come together and the fluid just spills out my mouth..lucky me..perhaps a "new diet plan"...yeah whack you lips on a dawg crate and you won't eat, talk or drink !

Clancy was over early this morning to do yard work and took a look at me and shook his head..Guess he was just lost for words..or was it I had this different part Raccoon and part Collegian lips...Oh yeah I forgot to mention I now sport dark rims under my eyes...nose just a little swollen but not bad...

Was suppose to go over to pick up Dawg food (dry Taste of the Wild wetlands) and had to call and let them know I'd be over Wednesday instead...explained I didn't want to scare anyone ...LOL  but I was a little sore and hoped they wouldn't mind..

Also today we have another Board Meeting of which I won't be able to be there ..again same reason...but I'll get the scoop of what's happening from my friends..should be interesting..

Finished the vacuum of the living room and I'm gonna lay down a bit and put more ice on my face..sure hope this don't turn too many colors..other than that I'll be on a liquid (what don't spill out) diet for a week...cause even my teeth hurt...Hope nothing wrong their... sucks big time !

Later all as the brain is having flash backs as I attempt to even think about it... Hope you all have had a better Adventure than I...but I did warn you...reading my blog is always a Surprise and Challenge...

God Bless....on the road to recovery (I hope)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stumbling on into Sunday

Stumbling on into Sunday....and yes I did !  Got up this morning at 3am not able to sleep with anticipation of another nightmare...but I was surprised and not by what I seen but what I saw as I went down on my knees falling into the crate !!!  Ouch! (that's what I said) and before I could get my face untangled out of the metal cage I felt that little know that warm funny feeling running down my lips..

Yes, I certainly did a great job of it too.. My lips were jumping off my face with strange wording...a little tears from my eyes and my knees throbbing fool !!!  It was one of the dumbest things I've done in a long time...totally my fault and I hate to admit it..but it was my fault.

Picking ones face off the front of a crate isn't too wonderful. I mean it's not the thing you want to even try to repeat or for that matter want to remember.
It's just one of those wonderful mornings....

Now for the rest of the day...It's lean back and heal...boy I'm gonna be looking really great and blue and lumpy ..all in my face too..To bad it ain't Halloween I'd probably win for best original make up !

I'll drown in my sorrows with Egg Nog "treated" and thank Ms Abby for being a good girl today....onward to another exciting Adventure...

God Bless I'm in need of repairs...but on my body !

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Revenge of Abigayle on Saturday

Revenge of Abigayle on Saturday morning !..Oh yeah it was just a heavenly site when I woke up on Saturday morning.. my darling Abigayle did her thing ...indeed she did..She has now resolved herself into liking Wee Pads..She fines them a bit on the tasty side.

See it's like this...I put Abby on a sort of diet. She has bad hips and with any extra pounds gives her problems. She was only about 10lbs heavier than she should have cut her back I have been doing..but now that I have done that her rebellion is...Eat anything and everything in site and being the Wee pads are in Ms Reba's crate..well Ms Abby feels she can tip toe over and catch any of the crumbs that have been left behind from when Reba has her breakfast or dinner...

One good thing is thank goodness it's nothing more than crumbs (as I gag here thinking about it) but she not only tares these sheets apart ..she devours them.. plastic lining and all ....EEK...yes, and it's not a pretty site either...the mess she leaves behind or the mess she's gonna have if they don't pass...YIKES !!!

So that was my start for this morning..and it's been 2 days in a row she's done this...but I can assure you there won't be a third..cause her butt (Abigayle that is) is gonna be crated till she gets back in the program. Gawd these Critters can drive you bonkers !

Most of the day I went around with this gloom look waiting for what would be my next mess to clean and of course spouting off ..Someone once said, "They really don't know what you're talking about".. well I've got news for that person... Abigayle tip toed around me most the day cause she knew I was pissed and her butt might be just one more short of getting whacked with the broom...I'll sweep her arse in and out of her crate !!!!

Weather seems a bit nicer and that kind of helps...finished a few more crocheted items that I have to send out by next week...That helped my mood and not too much more really... Perhaps tonight I'll stream a movie from Netflix ..haven't done that in awhile...

Gonna vacuum later tonight as I will get my energy level up and then get the living room back in order ...I like doing that in the evening so when I wake up I don't have to....LOL It's kind of from how I use to do things when I was working...

Other than that I'm gonna get ready to feed the Critters..and then watch the Cardinals as they come in for their evening feed..did catch them this morning around 6:30am..they like them early and late feedings...Watched the Mrs..sit in the feeder..she looked like she was nesting while eating...pretty picture cause she was enjoying her meal..

Well I'm off to see what else Abby can enjoy...perhaps it would be cheaper  LOL  nah I love her but I'm still pissed..!! I'll pray that she gets this over with cause I don't want any emergencies...please give me a break !

God Bless and on to another Adventure or Surprise :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Bleepin' Friday !

It's Bleepin' Friday !  Can you believe it..the weekend is gonna roll in...just like that's here ...Where or where have I been or for that matter ...where am I going ?  Dunno, not yet anyway...but I'm thinkin'..perhaps this weekend will be a warm one and I'll get out doors and check my flowers and bird feeders...most likely the new one will need to be filled as it's a platform feeder and by the looks of the birds coming and will need to be cleaned and filled.

Morning went by rapidly as I had to do a quick stop at the local Winn Dixie..and get my refill of Egg know for medicinal purposes hahaha..sounds good to me. Even picked up a Roasted Chicken (now that's showing ya I'm a lazy cuz) and some coffee..(ya know I need my coffee) and out I got...back home and Ms Reba gave me her "What for ".

Hoping that I'll get all my light sets fixed and get them up ..that will start me in the Christmas Spirit...also have to address my Christmas Cards to family...and then I have just a couple more items to crochet up and get them out in the mail..then the big thing will be getting the other Christmas goodies put up and start making cookies.

Picked up my boxes and now plan my days for batching..LOL yeah it's batching time in the kitchen...This was always the time I didn't mind cause it was cold out and the warm oven made you feel the one for me and two for to test before you send...:)

Checking the guide out to see if my favorite Christmas Carol movie will be on.. I like the one with Alister Sims..I think it was done in the 40s..but that's the one I like the best.. yep, got my Egg nog ready too...boy I just love that stuff...can't wait for the season to be over ..hahaha..cause I drink to much "spiked" egg nog..oops..:)

Pretty soon hubby will be arriving.. He's flying in on the 20th..whoopie..and we are on the final count down...have to make him a batch of cookies to take home too...wait, I remember what happened the last time... Probably have to UPS it and it will be there when he goes home...Don't think he'll be able to take it on the plane...SUCKS...cause normally he use to bring things down with him too...but no more....:(

Life goes on doesn't it...well, I need to get in a motion her cause I feel that sleep could be coming next if I don't move up and on into the kitchen and then..ya never know...

Enjoy your evening...God Bless.....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Treading softly this Thursday

Treading softly this Thursday... guess I got myself a little spent on Wednesday night ..didn't sleep well..did the ole toss and turn and flip out of bed...woke up to a chilly morning and stayed in my night gown the whole dang day...can ya tell I was really enjoying my day..:)

Had me a Hot Cocoa and wrapped in a blankie the Critters and I watched the events of the bird feeders..those little tiny Chic a dees were bopping back and forth and of course Big Red (Mr Cardinellie I call him now) was enjoying his feast and chasing others away....

I did manage to get a couple of my projects done that I have to send out but most of the day I was just a Lazy Slug enjoying the couch with my Critters..and just contemplating..(a new course) of what I could manage to muster up...

Watched the X factor tonight to see who got the "Hit the road"..and poor Drew..she's a cute young girl with a different style voice ..took it very hard and so did Simon...WOW.. but sadly enough she broke down and cried..I felt bad for her ....So much for the X Factor.. I really am not liking how they handle this show...very difficult to take some one's hopes and dreams and crush them...letting them down is never easy..and because of how the judges themselves act makes it even more ...well I just don't care for it..

So tomorrow I sure hope I get a little oomph in my slide and get my "stuff" done...boy I could get really use to this ...LOL..

I'm tired from doing that means I better get a good night sleep...

God Bless...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What a Wonderful Wednesday :)

What a Wonderful Wednesday :)... up early and yes...a bit nippy and my darlings were not that much of a happy camper to head out in the wee hours to wee ..I could tell by the look on their faces as I opened the door..OH NO >>>NOT ME !!!!  My darling Abby was ready to put it in reverse but Big Momma was right behind her to give her that "HEAVE HO"...and out we all fact Ms Reba had just come down the hall way and I waved her on..

Once back inside we all curled up on the couch under cover..brrrrr took a bit to warm up as I forgot to put the heat on...That's right heat was on so I jumped up and thought.. "Please don't let the heat pump fail"  so I went over and clicked that baby on... my register was set on 68 for the heat.. as I'm prepared with Socks and long night gown and a long flannel shirt on top..LOL 

Got a call from Diane and Bob and they were gonna come over and put up the other bird feeder..but I had to jump in the car and get with the Winn Dixie as you shop you earn gas mine were up to .75 cents off per gallon..and of course to day was the last day of the month up I went only put in 16 gals..I don't really use my car that much and the way I shop I only go out every two weeks sometimes 3...cause Diane if she's going out she'll pick up milk of bread for me...

Felt good pumping in that cheap gas hahaha.. so back home I came and Diane and Bob were anxious and up went the new feeder for the bigger  Mr and Mrs Cardinal..and the big boy himself was watching us ..right up over our heads in the tree... yeah he's been complaining about the smaller feeder cause he can't get his butt to sit on the perch...hahaha..When they were finished and left down he flew and you got it.. chased all the other birds away from his food...

Later in the day headed up for another meeting on the was a bit vocal but we got a break this time..finally we had a 5 to 4 vote to table the budget till they get the facts straight.. This BOD amazes me.. they would have passed it if all of us weren't their and putting a little bit of pressure on them and stating facts and well I could go on and on..but we'll see how it's gonna go on the next meeting...

Late this afternoon I watched the Cardinals come back for their late evening feed and boy that big boy is handsome and he was chowing down with his lady... yes, all were happy and now I can rest for the week... but with this feeder they're gonna keep me hoping.. it's a platform feeder and just a tray of food and if I know my birds it will only last if I'm lucky a week..we'll see.. but I know he'll complain if it's empty...They too have me trained. !

Tonight watched the X Factor and they had those young ones singing Michael Jackson's music... now for me I felt that it wasn't at all something I would have chosen and difficult to perform.. but only one of my favorites did a really good job..Melanie..she is a power house voice and the song she did was really well done... but that's me.. that's my choice...tomorrow we'll see how the others got voted...

Now I'm back in the bedroom ready to crawl under those blankets and say toodles till tomorrow and on to another Adventure....

Pictures will be coming of the other feeder and perhaps some Cardinals...

God Bless keep warm !

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holy Toledo it's Tuesday

Holy Toledo it's Tuesday...a bit nippy this morning as I let Zeke and Abby out and I noticed how "Twinkle Toes" tip toed around..yes, Ms Abby is my "Twinkle Toes"..she doesn't like to get her footies wet nor if it's just a bit of a hint of mist in the air..she zooms by quickly....I always give her that extra praise for being brave to weather the incombents ...LOL... She's a gem honestly but her antics are without saying...Along comes Ms Reba with her tail flipping in the air and her eyes squinting...she normally is my late sleeper ..but since her partner and my best friend is in the Heavens..she's now getting up with long that will last no telling but I'm enjoying her as well.

Watched my Mr Cardinal at the bird feeder this morning and boy he's not a happy camper but as I tell him.."Hey, it's a free meal deal with it"...LOL yeah I even have to explain but soon as Bob and Diane come back over the other feeder will be up and I'm sure Mr Cardinal will be happy along with others...

I watched Clancy's cat this morning (the younger one) almost catch a squirrel and it was the "Race was on"...that cat was within inches of playing "Gotcha"...but that trusty ole Squirrel took a flying leap and up the tree he was...Color him Gone in a Flash...

Went to the Cardio (famous) Doc and I must say.."Service was fast"...yes, you know me by now that, that particular comment has more to go along with the ride here...Got at the office and no sooner did I sign in and I was taken right in..Wow first time in history thing the nurse had me go in one room to weigh in (a joke) then another room to sit down and take blood pressure and she couldn't get the dang thing to work right the mean time I felt my arm under extreme pressure..duh !!!  Lady my arm is ready to squirt oil !!!!...Then up we got again and into another room where I was told.."Doc will be right in".. and in he was...lickity split...

I just about said "Hello" and he asked.."How are you "?   "Any problems, pains or shortness of breath"... all my answers were NO...and then it was  "ok, so I'll check your heart "  then it was  a look at the papers I brought in with my test results from my Doctors back in Philly...a few questions about my last Stress Test and would I take one here...which I had to again explain...being I'm by myself here and hubby is back home most tests I have done when I'm home unless I have a problem.. that went over big...(expressions could have choked me)

Being here alone and with my Critters if something would go wrong I have no one to for me I'm like Pandora's box..things just go a muck ..nothing ever runs smoothly on my I play safe and have all done at home with my Docs and in case, like the last time I wind up in the hospital I know hubby is there and all critters are safe ! Making life simple for me is just one pleasure I try to take advantage of...

Back to the Doctor here and finish of the day... So with that the good Doctor then says.."Well, if you are ok then I won't see you till May"...Okie Dokie...but I did ask..."What if I have a problem, will I be able to see you "?.... very simple relpy..."Ofcourse...I'm here if you need me " I shake the good Doctors hand we smile and I walk out with the slip of paper saying "May"...get to the desk and the darling little receptionist smiles and says as I hand her the paper with the request for appointment and all the codes to make sure they bill my insurance my payment... "Let me see... the earliest I have open for Doctor is.. Oct 16th 2012 "...????????? Did I hear right...HELLO....I ask, "What was that "?   she again repeats that date and I look at her and say, "Dr wants to see me in May"?  

Now why didn't I just understand...I mean appointment in a few I dreaming...I mean don't I realize I'm in God's Waiting Room Territory ????  So I then ask the young girl..."Please check again, I mean you do understand I'm a heart patient and this is a Heart Doctor "...hahaha...Why do I even bother..she then comes back with..."Well do you want that appointment."..darling young girl could give less than a chit !... I said to her calmly..."I don't know if I'll be in Florida at that date , is there any thing else..."....her reply.."End of Oct or Nov...."...hahahaha... Then I realize I'm only kidding myself if I expect anything I say, "What time "...?   hahaha.. She give me 5pm...I said, "Nope, I want earlier..."  so folks my earliest appointment with this Famous Good Nov 27th 2012 at 3:15pm...Amazing....!!!

I left there laughing because why get frustrated.. I mean could I change anything other than find another Cardio Doc..or maybe if I'm an emergency he'll be Johnny on the Spot...then I thought .. how the hell would he even know who I am ???????? Doesn't get any better..or could it...?????

Got back home and did make that stop at Winn Dixie..yep, got my Egg Nog and I should put something really strong in it...some Hooch !!!  a special recipe...hahahaha... I laughed ever time I thought about my fantastic visit and great appointment...

My Doctors back home ask me "Why do I come to Florida".. my only reply is.."Not for the Doctors but for the beauty of where I have my hideout and the wonderful friends and neighbors I have... plus I just love looking out my window in the morning and watching God's gift to me..Those neat birds and critters that walk by...The peace I acquire from it the best medicine to me..

So that's my story other than I watched the Biggest Loser and that program just fills my heart as I watch the transformation of people that have gained so much weight they lost their self esteem .  I watch every week and see the changes... God Bless

It's that time and I'm dragging..good thing I don't have to do any exercise except flip my mattress and make my bed...Yes, I forgot to get my blankets out of the dryer...This will be my exercise for the night LOL... and drink my potion and go to bed ..pinch myself and say .."This day was a dream"...

Good Night All...and God Bless

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Wally World Visit on Monday

A Wally World Visit on Monday...whoopie.. I got away and while I was on my outing to Wally World...Diane and Bob came over and put up the new ceiling fan in the carport plus took back with them the Bird Feeder (just for you Mr and Mrs Cardinals) so they could get everything needed to get that baby up and working...

So while I was doing my grocery shopping I picked up the special seeds for those finicky birds...they better whistle a happy tune once I get everything up and running....:)

The store was crowded even though I got their early and bad thing was I was hungry..(big mistake) but I was good ..only bought what was on the extra goodies..if I want a goodie I'm gonna have to make it..this way I'll have to get off my duff and make it...LOL  but tomorrow I'm gonna hop on in to Winn Dixie..(yes, my other favorite haunt) and pick up some of the Good Ole Egg Nog...omg..they make a good brew. 

Will fill up my car with gas too as other wise those extra points on the "new" system will expire... I should be getting gas with a price off of 30cents per gallon according to my card and register tape...

Going to go to a special meeting this it seems here the board is doing some rather dumb things...and We The PEOPLE..are not happy maybe if we get that point across..they'll listen ??????  I'm not crazy about these so called HOA's.. so we shall see...we shall see...

Oops gots to go's that time for the meeting to begin...wonder if I'll need some ear plugs..cause I think this time it's gonna get a little back soon....

Meeting went rather well..the people here got their point across and hopefully the board will listen.. I had to do my little thing and just put it out there that we the people voted this board in because they pledged to "protect" this community...instead they are letting this General Manage dictate what they should do...They, the board should take heed and listen to the community cause all it's gonna do if they don't is make a hostile community and the only recourse that community has is to have 2/3rds vote to over turn the board..These issues are serious to keep us a float in these times where the economy is not getting any better...Cut corners and make smart decisions !

It's almost like Citizen Kane...goodness...but it was a good meeting no one really lost their cool and I'm sure the point was made "Loud and Clear" ..Now what's next is to see how this board goes with this budget meeting...

Ok, now I'm all tuckered in and gonna get my snuggles on and get cozy and see what's on the tube for tonight..then make a Hot Chocolate cause it's a bit nippy in the air...temp right now is 58 and it's gonna get a little chilly the next few nights and morning...brrrrrrr..

Tomorrow is Cardio Doc..this ought to be good !

God Bless

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's a bright Sunday morning

It's a bright Sunday morning..started my day with gathering of the "pills" that keeps me and Zeke going..yeah with out them ..well, don't even want to think where I'd be...I know I wouldn't be alone...might be even on the crowded side ...hahahaha...well as long as no one has any sales for UP TOWN !!!!

Today I need to get my act together..I've been procrastinating ..which really isn't like me...lately I guess I'm not like myself or is it "Not liking myself" DUH ...what ever, it's heading into Christmas time and I should be happy...

Don't know if I ever said this..without going back through the many pages I've written..but I'm one of those that gets the "Blues" on holidays...mainly cause I'm missing family and I guess a lot of reflection of when I was a child..the hard times we went all of us struggled to keep it together.

One of these days I'll have to write my's rather unique in many ways but I'll tell ya's interesting and sometimes, myself that is, I'm even amazed. Shaking my head and smiling here...yes, it is amazing !

Sorting through my "Boxes" with Christmas stuff and wanting to get it all together....I'm kind of excited as I really like the pretty makes a home a home..and perhaps a little hint of Evergreen..ah yes that does make it feel like a real tree....but I do like them artificial ones cause "No Mess"....and I ain't a gonna do the tinsel....boy those are memories of my Sister Alice..who had to have tinsel and counted each strand to make sure we didn't put on too much.. each strand (notice I'm saying "Each Strand") had to be hung perfectly.....OMG those were nightmare times with Sister...

In fact as I'm laughing here.. my Sister Alice when she'd wrap packages they had to match..ribbon...bow got it and even if she had some kind of jingle thing or flower thing on the package.....she'd take her time and the seems and corners had to be Perfect too....Eeeee was awful times with her hawking over ya...Practice never made perfect for me..maybe that's why I hate wrapping packages....hahaha

Most of today is gonna be more about getting my files in order for my Doctor visit on Tuesday..the Cardio (famous) Doc...the one if I cancelled this appointment I couldn't get to see him till June 2012  hahaha...this ought to be good ...

I've made my shopping list out for tomorrow as I have to head to Wally World and pick up some goodies and some stuff for my Feathered Friends...even for my plants ..which seems to be increasing as I type... :)

So it's on with the show Vulchers...but plenty of Squirrels doing their thing and a few birds flying in for a quick snack....soon dear Cardinals your feeder will be up... yes, I got everything in to have another feeder just for those finicky Cardinals..and who ever else drops by....toodles...

God Bless.......

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time Flies on Saturday !

Time Flies on Saturday !  With that as I kind of chuckle...this morning was rather another I looked out my window I saw Vulchers landing on Betsy's house..OMG..I mean a "Flock" of them too... thing I knew Betsy came out and clapped her hands...and away they flew..only for a few moments but to return... now I have to tell you I was shaking my head and saying, "Oh, Betsy...that could have been me if I left my trash out"...

Reason for this.. on Friday morning I saw a few of my neighbors had their trash out and our pick up day was Thursday (which was Thanksgiving) so I went along with everyone..I mean what did I know..ok, so they didn't pick up because of the holiday so they'll pick up the next day ...Right ?????

So by the late afternoon on Friday not a truck sound or a sight of a trash truck I called Betsy and asked her...cept she wasn't aware her son (visiting) had put the trash out..and she then said..."Well, just leave it they'll be no harm.. We set back in a cul de saq so I guess so cept I then called Bob and Diane..he said to me, "Nope, no truck and no word of one till Monday"...okie dokie... so with that as I had said to Betsy, "I better bring mine in...cause with my luck a critter will rip it apart and I'll have to drag my butt out and clean up...and I'm just too dang lazy for that routine"..

So now back to this morning's I sat in my trusty chair sipping my hot coffee...after being in the rice fields ...OMG..them suckers are big and all over..and there is Betsy.."She's brave"...and they swooped down and were back in the yard...a little later on I saw Betsy bring in her trash...YEPPERS.. A Critters must have gotten to her trash....

Hahahaha... Yes, I don't have to leave my front seat..I got a Birds Eye View...Betsy, I'm sorry but that was a sight to watch...them Birds are huge and UGLY...hahaha.... I enjoyed the show...:)

It's never ending with me... I mean I have to make it into a novel someday.. I have learned to appreciate the little things in life cause they sure do make the rest of the mess ups better...!

I've watched the news this morning about the Black Friday Shopping Nightmares and I'm so lost for words..Why in the World are these people getting so crazed .. I mean not even caring about injuries or burning someones eyes out...What the Hell have we become... Occupying places that decent people work at to make a living..Hurt any one and every one...We talk about Land of the Free and Home of the Brave..Gawd..we have become Sick, Chitty, Non Caring, People.. Animals live on a higher plain than we.. I mean I got sick to my stomach watching it..

I sure pray that this crap will come to an end... I blame this on our greed. We no longer care how we treat people and even our families...Every time I listen to the news I think the little ones coming into this crazy world will have less and less respect for any one, not even themselves...Shame On US..

Sorry for the speech but I just can't believe what I'm seeing and what we are all becoming... Not allowed to wish a Merry Christmas..then not allowed to have Crosses...No prayers.. The Devil is sure making his display loud and clear and I guess we're all to stupid to understand what is going on...

Wake UP... I'm thankful for being born in the times I was...I so wish we could stop the bus and get off and go back to the beginning..People cared and shared if someone was ill or out of a job..the neighborhood helped . Life was could sit on your stoop (porch for you people that never heard of a stoop) and enjoy the night..we even slept on the fire escapes and even up on the roof...Hey we had block parties and knew everyone in the neighborhood... Someone passed away..everyone brought a covered was respectful.

Gosh I'm sounding like an ole timer...but how lucky we really I miss those I wish it never ended. I can still dream that some day we'll wake up and smell the roses before they're planted over our heads..

Tonight I'll say my prayers and thank the good Lord for letting me make another day on this Earth .

God Bless All.... Yes I was on my Soap I'll slip down tomorrow...maybe  :)