Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I cooked up a storm on Tuesday :)

I cooked up a storm on Tuesday :)  Sure did !   I mean to tell ya got up a little on the late side and I didn't stop till almost 3pm..

It was something I need to get done and I had to push myself.. being my blood pressure is a little on the low side I feel like a SLUG..so I just had to get that ump and get my "stuff" done.

Cooked up a pot of Chili, a pan of Chicken Ala King and made Meat Loaf muffins..all for the freezer so I don't have to cook..lazy I is :)  but this really helps me on my days I just ain't got it...and while I was at it putting stuff in the freezer I realized I was out of..Rice and Veggies so.....yeppers I had to do a pot of Rice and Veggies so I'm good for 15 days..thank goodness and about that time I'll also have to do up the chicken too...

Didn 't do much playing with Shug only when I took my rest..she was up at WILD...but I watched her dance along the back of the couch...and she was so full of herself..next thing I knew she was snuggled down with me on the couch and we zonked for about an hour...all of us..

Tomorrow I'm taking my friend Jane (the fighting other of the duo team) to lunch as her birthday is on the 2nd of May and she'll be going out of town ..so to Applebee's we'll go ..that's her favorite place and while we are in that area I'll stop in at Petsmart and pick up 4 more bowls..for Ms Shug

Tonight watched the Voice and recorded Dancing with the Stars..which I'm watching as I type to see who gets the boot.

I'm DAWG tired so with that my message will be... Stay Safe those traveling and as always...God Bless Us All

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Busy Asp Monday !

A Busy Asp Monday !.....Holy Banana, it sure was a busy asp Monday... I mean got up at 4am and lay back down and woke up at 6am like if I was shot from a canon....and the race was on ...HUH ?????

Had many things to get done get the critters fed and Ms Shug clean and then get dressed and head out the door for Blood Work and to find out what in the world happened to that special test the Doc ordered..

Once I got to the lab and the gal got finished sticking me.. (that's how it feels too) I proceeded to investigate what happened to this special test that had to go to Virginia to be completed.

This test shows how the drugs you take are working in your body and what if any alternative you have with other or less drugs to accomplish better results.. that's all I know about it..

So I asked the gal in charge if she could find out where it was and why I hadn't received my results as I did pay for it.. well my insurance company did ..so she did that and by 6pm tonight I got a call from the Doc office to come in on Thursday as they finally got all the data...and wish to discuss it with me..hmmmm sure hope it's good news and less meds that  would be a wonderful thing...

Then after that I shot over to Petsmart to pick up special food for Ms Shug and got her a few goodies..then I got hungry and thought I'd treat myself to breakfast...here we go..the golden arches hahaha...but surprise as I pulled up to the window at 10:30am to order breakfast..they weren't serving they were now serving LUNCH...at 10:30??????? WHAT?????? so off I drove to head to Cracker Barrel to get breakfast and the place was PACKED...all with motorcycles as it's BIKE WEEK in LEESBURG...OMG...again I head down the road...hungry and now I'm heading to PUBLIX...that's bad ...YEPPERS BAD to go into a store when HUNGRY !!!!

Don't ask what I bought but I had lots of things I normally don't eat but today I'm eating it..hahaha...like CHEESE CAKE...oh yeah !!! :) :)  :)  :)

Also picked up veggies for Shug and things I needed that I buy only there and home I drove hungry and willing to just dive into anything within reach...and all I wanted was an egg mcmuffin...:(

Home I was and I had so many things to do I was spinning in circles but I did accomplish hiring someone to take care of my house when we go back home ..She'll come in and check weekly and then once a month vacuum and dust..of course she won't be like Diane but then again I don't think I could ever find another Diane and Bob..

So sometime in May she and I will get together and discuss a little more...but I'm glad I got that done and then I went on to cleaning up the kitchen and putting stuff away.. it tends to build up on me ..when I'm not feeling well I just lean back and put things in piles to be put away..makes life easy when I get the energy..

Later tonight I watched the Voice and recorded Dancin with the Stars...the Voice has some really great singers this will be hard to pick a winner...I have so far several favorites..

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow is another winner as I've got a few things to cook up and get ready for the freezer...but for now I'm ready to meet Mister Sandman..bring me a nice dream will ya please..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My oh my it's Sunday, already !

My oh my it's Sunday, already !.... I can't believe how this week flew right by.. I mean everything seemed like a blurr...Woke up this morning a little light headed and took my BP and it was 106/66 and pulse was 61..guess you might say, "it was a tad low"...so I took it easy for a bit.

My morning chores were gonna have to wait other than get the crew done and everyone fed...Ms Shug was barking...I know crazy bird..she loves barking..perhaps it's barking orders and I don't realize that hahaha...

Later on I got back in the swing of things...Did up the sweet potatoes for tomorrows rice fields adventure..well after I get back from getting my blood work done that is.

Finished up the last of my laundry and then it was "Watch QVC"  OMG.. I bought another gadget.. I just had to treat myself and I'm not gonna say but I will take a picture of it when it shows up..hahaha.. it's for making desserts ..so that has to be good.. using fruit now that's gotta keep ya guessing ....yummy too..

It was a different day for me as I wanted to get things done but with being light headed I didn't want to mess around so I paced myself and that couch felt might fine...:)..good thing that clicker was in reach..hahaha

Chatted with hubby for a bit as he was getting the mowing done and he has to take it slow himself...gosh both he and I are not in great shape..but we still attempt to work at getting it done..one way or another.

I've got hitch itch bad and sure wish I had a smaller rig cause I probably would have went somewhere just to get away...soon that will come into play...a few more years down the road .

Now it's bed time and I'm like brain tired but have my list for tomorrow..Sure hoping this BP gets straightened out..haven't had to deal with this in years ..now it's HELLO..keeping me company

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Woe is me it's Saturday

Woe is me it's Saturday and I woke up at 2am tossed and turned and tried to go back to sleep....it was one of those crazy nights I guess..however that start off puts you in the slug mode for the rest of the day...and I was pushing to get things half way done.

Started laundry and again that dang dryer ate another sock..I'm telling ya I know I put pairs in but that's not how they came out...sigh :(...and tomorrow I'll do another load as it was getting to warm for me and being the slug I was one big load was enough...especially with that pairing..YIKES... I don't mind washing them it's folding ...YUCKO!

Then got several phone calls today from friends that just want to make sure I'm ok and they have a "puppy" for me... as I tried to explain and I know they mean well.. I can't just replace Abby...that's not what it's about... and right now I don't want any more work...and besides Zeke and Ms Reba need the attention..

My decision on another critter is down the road...and maybe not...It will be when it's right and if it's right...and besides Ms Shug is a handful.. I mean she's getting so into just being a clown that when she's out she has me in her talons and I do mean TALONS...!

Most of the day I struggled getting in the motion to do some work..so tomorrow my butt will be in gear...cause it's in need..plus I've got to go to the rice fields too and this time make my portions smaller :(....but cook the same amount..

Ms Shug is enjoying her evening meals now as I mix her the rice and veggies with a few other goodies and she barks as I come by and stop...It's now her thing to be apart of the Critters feeding time..and she's anxious..

Not much on TV other than I'm watching SNL (Saturday night live) and then I could just lean back and close my eyes...and the race is on cause here comes morning...well that's how it seems...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always and like before...God Bless Us All...

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday and the Weekend is HERE

It's Friday and the Weekend is HERE....can't believe how fast this week went.. I thought I'd never make it to the end...after hubby left for Philly the house was so quiet...and then Ms Shug went into action with American Idol... I do believe she could be a "Star"...she's a great performer. Thank goodness !

Morning for me was strange..I'm so use to Ms Abby in the kitchen and me stepping over her...I still am looking and thinking she's in her little corner..but NOT....but even Zeke goes over and checks..

As I'm making breakfast I'm still putting her dish out...guess I need to put it up and that will help..but sometimes you just can't do things right away.. I mean it's bad enough you look around and it's like she's not been there...but you know in your heart you sense her..

Most of the day I just had to take it easy... my heart was fluttering and it was because I've tried to not let things get to me... and Zeke has been moving closer to me... I know he's lonely...so I keep petting him... and Ms Reba..well I have to tell ya she's been a pain in the keester...yes! she has been just getting my attention making me get up to see what she's wanting..and even Ms Shug is barking extra today...

Ok, kiddos...give me a BREAK !!!.... I finally had to go lay down.. I mean talk about wanting to hide... if I could have found a great place to go I would have..but Ms Shug and Ms Reba were in harmony....

Later on things did quiet down and I couldn't believe my ears...I almost said,"ok, let's get back in the loud zone"... but I had to think that over again and deal with tranquility :)

Tonight I watched Undercover Boss...well attempted to as Ms Shug was giving me her best rein action of the MONSTER BIRD>..hahaha... it was wild and I had to laugh... how can she blow up so big..hahaha...her face and neck were all twisted and she was making this high pitch sound...I'm gonna be losing my hearing soon she keeps that up...but it was funny..

Talked with hubby and he was exhausted and I know traveling down doing all the errands for me and then helping me get through all..the long wait at the airport and then on the run way...omg...and today he was in meetings all day...and tomorrow he'll go into the office and catch up on all the work he didn't get done while here....

Now I'm tired just thinking of all what he's gone through and I need to lay down...LOL..but you know a lot of stress wipes you out...

So safe travels to all and it's good night from me and as always...God Bless

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Thursday and Hubby heads back to Philly

It's Thursday and Hubby heads back to Philly..:(...I sure am thankful that he was able to get away and come down and be with all of us ..and especially Ms Abby...

Morning came to quickly and as like before when hubby gets ready to head home things are always quiet but this time was especially quiet...he didn't have to pack anything other than a jacket just incase ...and his nervous stomach wasn't gonna let him have breakfast..but he did have his Coke A Cola... I mean there hasn't been a day of our life together when the hubby has missed it !

Soon the van pulled in the driveway and away he went..and it was like he wasn't here.. I mean it was like a puff of smoke and through the cloud there was the nothingness...

Strange how that feeling comes over you.. I mean one minute you're talking and the next it's silence...ewwwwww I no like that part..then I sit and wait to the phone rings and I know he's at the airport...again another call let's me know he's boarding and then...the long long long wait..and this time it was extra long..thanks for the flight delays..and then the next call is ..."he's landed"  AMEN !!!

My day drags till I hear from him and then the next call..."I'm home"...ok I can now rest and do what I have to get done..cept this one time I had to get Zeke and Reba fed and now Ms Shug wants her portion..Yeah the Bird DAWG now gets the rice and veggies with a little something...like Hotdog hahaha...she's becoming a character...

I'm still grabbing the extra bowls and making too much but that will soon cease in time ...when I walk into the Dawg Room I look for her...but that too will cease...when I bring her ashes home and place her next to Joseph I'll feel much better as wild as it sounds..

Tonight I watched American Idol while Ms Shug danced around the top of the couch...Good Lord that bird loves music and she can sure keep time too...and she just made me laugh..next thing she jumps down lands on my chest (as I'm laying on the couch) and snuggles and watches along with me...and makes strange sounds...that felt great..as I pet that Shug..

Ms Reba and Zeke were just watching finally Zeke came over and lay down along side me as Ms Reba began her melody of..."I want my treat NOW"  and you do give it to her cause she'll drive you NUTZ !

Just got off the phone with hubby as we say "Good night" and now back to the routine of make sure I call him in the morning..ah I'll snuggle up to Ms Reba and Zeke will lay on the bed for a bit till he jumps down and lays on the floor..I'll listen to the news and then pray that Mister Sandman comes and brings me a nice dream..

Those of you traveling Stay Safe and as Always....God Bless...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Wishful Wednesday

A Wishful Wednesday....our night was calm and as I cleared the room I could feel my tears coming..holding it back is not always easy...but as hubby and I began to just settle in I could tell he was as choked up as I.

Morning came and like normal I walked down the hallway and looking over at Abby's bed.. Zeke passed me and went right to it...He's been searching for her and when I opened the door he darted out into the carport again going over to her pad..sniffing and searching.

Those two were like two peas in a pod and it's gonna take him a few days to calm down...and by afternoon he settled down and just would watch the door..

Yeah even the critters know and sometimes I know I've said this before .."We don't give them credit for knowing"  perhaps it's just taken for granted..don't know.

This afternoon hubby and I could talk a bit more about all that happened without feeling that lump in your throat..and as we spoke the strange things is and we both agreed...with all the critters that have been in our life it seems now with our age it's affecting us more...

I guess it's because at this time in our lives we are with them more....as in before I was working and showing dogs on weekends ..spending time of course but not so intensely as I am now..Strange, I guess so..but it seems to engulf me more.

Perhaps I also associate my fur babes with me being ill and they are so close to me..I don't know, but it is a fact.. I've lost many in the past with age and felt the loss but not as deeply as I do now.

Hubby says jokingly, "Cause I'm getting close to one foot in the dirt"...darn that southerner..but we did smile...I almost laughed but then thought....perhaps he's right  HOLY CRAPPOLA !

Tonight we relaxed and watched American Idol and with Ms Shug doing her Thang and I have to tell you if I had a camera going it would have made the best of the best she was just out of her feathers tonight...As the girls sang, so did she with a high pitch ...I bet she hit "High C"...above "E:"....:)

Now hubby is getting ready to head back home tomorrow...I will miss him and I know he'll have lots to do.. as coming down put him way back at the office.. and as he told me.."There was no way that he couldn't come...it was a  HAD TOO..."

It's time for bed and I'm wiped out and it will be on to getting life back together and remembering all the fun things and how great it was to have been so lucky.

Thanks to all of you for those caring words ..I just wished you all could have met Ms Abby...she was such a Joy..

Safe Travels to all and as always...God Bless Us All

PS...Todd...you are the greatest..thank you for all your kindness and help.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Somber Tuesday

A Somber Tuesday as both hubby and I tried to ease our pain...The phone calls and posts along with a few "Face Chats"..were such a warm feeling..knowing others cared as well..

Hubby and I did the reminiscing of how our sweet Abby came into our lives and all the events of happenings...we laughed, we cried and it did us good.. Ms Reba and Zeke have looked for Abby...as they would go out and pass by the pad she layed on they checked it out heavily.

Breakfast and Dinner time were even rough...no matter what I kept grabbing Abby's bowl..even did the .."Come Get It"  and she'd be first in line...I cried and had to stop a few times..

Last night was awful as I could sense her being... I mean where she would have been laying...even hearing sounds of the floor creeking as she'd walk by the bed..even the bump.

I woke up at 2am and came up to the front of the house ...looked around as if she's be in her donut bed..her favorite.. I haven't moved it and I can't not just yet.

As our day went on we were not wanting to move any of Abby's things...nope not just yet..and I watched Zeke several times look around walk in the dog room and come back out ...looking like he was puzzled. They know something is not right...and I do believe they sense more than what we give them credit for.

Towards the end of the day hubby and I just gave each other a hug and we know she's now no longer in any pain and most likely grabbed some cherry mahogany ..hope it wasn't any one's golf wood...:)

Now as it's time to go to bed. Zeke has gotten in his spot and so has Ms Reba..hubby is already snoring...poor guy has been on a whirlwind since he's landed ..trying to work and having to stop to help me make another day.

And so we go on and as each day passes my heart will heal ..and as soon as I bring Ms Abby's ashes home she'll be with us again parked right next to Joseph.

I thank you from the bottom of our heart for the kindness you all showed Robert and I...it means a lot and I pray that God's Blessings will shine on you all..

Safe travels to those that are on that road of Adventure and as always God Bless Us All...

Good night my Sweet Abby we will meet again..in my dreams, in my heart and one day at that bridge helping me walk across

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Monday

Our Sweet Abby       

                                              January 13th, 2002 - April 22nd 2013

My dear sweet Abby, you are now with God...You were our gift on this earth for 11 years and gave us such joy and love . You will always be in our hearts .

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reality was Inevitable on Sunday

Reality was inevitable on Sunday !   By morning my hopes and prayers were some what answered..As I struggled to get Ms Abby down the steps and into the patio..she and I both had difficulties... I prayed I wouldn't drop her or she wouldn't fall...but fall she did once we were in the patio..thank goodness I have that matt down. I grabbed her and she and I together worked at getting her back up...and then to bring her back up front as I had a towel and pad down for her..

I left her in the carport where she could rest and not worry about making a mess..Ms Abby is a very clean dog and she has always been that way since she was a pup...even to the part of worrying when she would get sick..

You know just looking into her eyes...I can see her frightened..and I just want to hug her and tell her all will be ok..but it's not..it's time for her to leave this earth and wander in the heavens and romp in those fields and meet up with the rest of her family that has been waiting for us all to return.

I find myself from time to time filling up and wanting this to all go away...and as I sat on the couch and looking around my fur babies are disappearing...I picked up the phone and called my hubby...as I spoke he knew that I needed him to be with me..

As Abby is our Anniversary pup..Yes, she came home to us on March 18th, 2002 a day I won't forget..such a cutie she was and how she loved my hubby. Cuddled up next to us and never left our side..and my oh my Ms Abby was a chewer..and a good one at that.. I mean Cherry Mahogany was her favorite..in fact her nick name was "The Beaver"...I bet she was reincarnated !!

Later during the morning hubby called me back to let me know he was on his way down...and he'd see me at 9pm...I felt a relief ..knowing that also Abby would see her "Daddy" one more time..and this we would do together.

Why is it never easy to say, "Goodbye"..but all the years we've had our fur babies and the love and laughs we shared it all comes so quickly..and they are gone...I wonder is it all a myth or will we really meet again..

Sad I am, but I am feeling that for Abby I am doing what's the best for her..she's had a long life (for Rotties) and never been sick and just a wonderful friend and the bestest toe kisser...now that is something I'm telling ya I'll miss. She sure did clean your feet :)

The day has been long for me and tomorrow will be even longer...but I will call the Vet and make arrangements.. I will give my Abby a hug and pray that she forgives me for not getting her better...but I will tell her that I'm giving her back to God...

For all of you that have sent me notes and called...I do so appreciate your kindness and your prayers ..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless Us All...and My Dearest Abby ...May you rest in peace till we meet again... I love you

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh my Saturday was a Heart Breaker !

Oh my Saturday was a Heart Breaker !....for sure as this morning I was getting my Critters breakfast ready and I left the room for a few minutes I heard this un Godly sound come from the living room...it was Ms Abby as she was down on the floor...

I couldn't believe my eyes or ears for that matter . She was down and yelling in pain..I came to her talking and couldn't imagine what had happen...but she was almost in a tight knot...I went down on the floor and grabbed hold of her and she was shaking...whimpering...I held on to her and Zeke was barking like crazy at me..moving in and bumping me.

That is something he has done when ever one of the other critters got hurt ..he tries to move you away from them..and that is what he was doing with me.. I had to yell at him to stop it...in fact at one point I had to push him away..

Finally I got a chance to look and see what was going on with Abby... it was her leg..she apparently either twisted it or collapsed on it ...either she and Zeke were playing and she fell or he bumped her.. my mind was racing as I was trying to figure what, how, when and where..you know all those things that come to your head..

But down she was and in not good shape.. I tried to examine her leg and move it some what and she just cried...till I got her calm there was no touching Abby...

I stayed on the floor with her till she calmed down and realized it was the hip and leg .her bad side and I just had this horrible feeling come over me.. like this is it.. it's that time that hubby and I had talked about...

When things did calm down in the house I fed the crew and Ms Abby gave me the look..now she wanted her breakfast..and she was quiet...so I brought her something to eat and she then wanted a drink...I was a little hesitant but I did give her some...and then she tried to get up..so I helped her and we all went out ..I let her stay in the carport which is enclosed and she was content to be there..and that's where she stayed all day..

I'm amazed at how she is doing .. I mean she has had this leg problem for several years and a few times she's had bouts where she's moved the wrong way..but this time with her age I worried...and until just a few minutes ago I had made arrangements to take her into the Vets on Monday to say our "Goodbyes"

Heart breaking..very much so and you toss it over in your head and your heart when is the right time...as I am doing now..Tonight when I went out to let her go potty she got up with just a little help from me and tried to put some weight on her leg...and kind of leaned on me as she went into the run and did her thing.

Coming up the steps she put her front paws up and I scooped up her butt and she turned and looked at me..like to say, "Momma, ya better get that right"...yeah heart breaking..You betcha !

I talked with hubby tonight before writing and I feel I should wait and see how she is doing...I'm not gonna let Abby suffer by no means but I don't want to just take her life...

This is such a very difficult decision that only you can make yourself not anyone or suggestion...We love them so much, but again like I say, "They give us unconditional love, and only on this earth for such a short time...enjoy the moments cause they fly by".

So with my heart being heavy and as I say my prayers I'll ask for guidance and not be selfish. I just heard Abby walk back to the bedroom..she's in her usual spot...now I left her up front where she was cozy..but guess not she wants her "spot"...and she got up on her own !

Safe travels to All and as Always....God Bless Us All...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tis Friday and the Weekend is Upon Me :)

Tis Friday and the Weekend is Upon Me :)  oh boy ~~~!....

Morning was really warm and today was gonna be a blaster . I had several things to do...and that meant get out and get back before I became cooked ...or brain fried..

My BP is staying at around 106 to 110 / 68ish...so that's where it's at.. I'm not light headed maybe light brained but I'm doing ok and pulse is staying between 60ish as well so I ain't complaining just pacing ...

Had to take a run into town and get meds for Abigayle and Zeke...and Ms Abby is really having problems with her hip..sure hope she'll be ok..I've decided I'm not going to put her through any major surgery unless I have no choice..she's 11yrs and that's in the old stage for a Rottie..but she's such a sweet heart even though she's my Hoover...(she'll suck up anything to eat faster than turning on a light switch)  LOL

So in I went and also stopped at Save A Lot as they sell my Chase & Sanborn coffee and I love that coffee it's one of those hard to find numbers and I've made a habit now of blending my coffee ..with some Folgers and Maxwell house that I get the right flavor...it's good to me and anyone that's had coffee in my house...

Also picked up some fruit for Ms Shug and boy I was disappointed cause the dang nectarines were bad...trashed them suckers..but I gave Ms Shug a plum and she kind of liked it...another added treat to her list...hahaha

Stopped at the post office and mailed the baby blanket and dish rags and that's another job done and out of the way ...picked up a few more boxes as when I get done with this blanket I'll fix a few more dish rags and that will go out as well...

Slowly my projects are getting done and I'm glad...make more space and also start a few for myself...hopefully...

Not much on TV other than that Boston nightmare and watched when they got this young boy...goodness I couldn't believe how many police where on the scene and to see when this was done how the people came out and were applauding...I can only imagine living in that fear...Lord help us what is happening to us all...Such madness..it's a sickness that is spreading rapidly..

I'm tired and just took my BP tonight it's 108/64...so I'll sleep well and then tomorrow is laundry and do I have laundry..YIKES..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless  Everyone !

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mine is not to reason WHY? on Thursday :)

Mine is not to reason why on Thursday :)...OH boy...surprise, surprise.. Morning was some what of a get it done and hurry up and meet John and Paul for lunch...or so I thought hahaha..

My Blood Pressure has been staying around 107 -116/ 68...so I guess that's a kind of setting for me.. I'm not feeling light headed just am tired..but that can be from me doubling up on this one med..but we'll see come time I go back to the Doc ....

Got most what I needed to get done and headed out to have lunch with the two gents..Paul the police captain in town and John the fighting duo other half...and as it turned out Paul didn't make it as there was an important meeting that came up...

Well that didn't make John happy and I could see his attitude changing rapidly..oh brother here we go..his face twitched and he was getting in the ranting mode...so quickly I changed the subject and we started talking about the place we were in and how it still looks like the original Sony's...so they didn't invest in any money to dress it up..

As for the food..it was ok.. I mean how can you do a job on a Rueben..so it was so so but it was an outing and I was happy about that but a little edgy with John as to his mood swings...ya know I probably could have brought my BP machine and watched mine elevate...LOL   but I will say, "I won't do this again unless I talk with Paul and know he's gonna be there"....too nerve wrecking for me !!!

After that I made a quick stop to Winn Dixie to get Ms Shug her snap peas...she loves them and slightly warm too hahaha....then came home and all of us took a nap...now that I needed after being on edge.. I don't do that well at all..

Later tonight watched American Idol and watched Janelle get the boot and I just knew those judges weren't going to save her..but she'll do well her voice was great for country music..

Now I'm dragging took my BP and it was 108/68 pulse 72 because I had to do it twice..got a crazy reading first off...always something !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All !!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rice Fields on Wednesday

Rice fields on Wednesday and my pressure still staying in low numbers ...I'm not feeling light headed at all..just sure hope it levels out...am only taking pressure now morning, evening and night time..my arm is killing me and you can certainly tell where to place the cuff...I'm marked..:(

Morning I was quite busy as I had to make the rice and veggies up now have enough for 12 days ..that is twice a day I mix the veggies and rice into their food..and even today Ms Reba really chowed down...ah that was a good feeling.

Gave Ms Shug a new toy and boy did she ever go after it.. I watched her rip that baby apart..OUCH..but she sure was enjoying it and I was glad cause I could get some work done..

Tonight I just finished taking my pressure and again I'm in the low numbers..116/66...might be what I'm gonna be and I hate the thought of another change in meds...but we'll see how this week goes..and that pressure was an hour after taking my meds.

Watched American Idol..boy those gals can sing..I think Janelle made a bad choice in her songs..but she does have a good career ahead of her..but for me..I still like Candice, Kree and Amber..Angies is good but to me sounds the same...but she'll do get too..

Now I'm tired and tomorrow meeting John and Paul for lunch ..a change of pace for me...I know John will behave as Paul won't tolerate it and being he works in the police department..this ought to be really interesting..hahaha..

I'm sure I'll hear some rather interesting stories and just enjoy the outing and good laughs..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless...Us All !

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coming Around the Bend on Tuesday

Coming around the bend on Tuesday....yes, BP was 110/68 this morning and I was not feeling weak or light headed..thank goodness but I still took it easy..

Manage to get chores done and definitely had to rest in between ..but that's ok my pressure didn't drop or rise...and then with the day progressing I mainly paced my way through and even got to do more work on the second baby blanket..perhaps I might finish it next week if I keep this up LOL..

Tomorrow morning however this BEEZZZZZZ has got to step it up a notch cause if I keep laying down I'll become a part of the couch...perhaps even fall in...Gawd don't even want to picture that scene !!!

Today Ms Shug met a HOT DOG hahaha..yep, I made one for lunch and she was just a yakking so I thought I'll give her a little piece and see what she does...well she done ate it and then barked..hahaha...I got me a "Bird Dawg"...:)

Tonight I watched the voice and those people can sing and the youngest gal Danielle..what a voice and no training...she's gonna be fantastic when she gets a little older...wouldn't surprise me if Blake Sheldon didn't help her career..big time !!!

Now I'm ready for bed and took my BP..119/80  Woo HOOOOOOOOO!

Hopefully this is the beginning of it getting together..cause let me tell ya this is enough to drive ya bonkers not to speak of your arm being sore...OUCH !

So those traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless Us All..

Psst.. I hope they catch the SOB that took an event in Boston and turned it into a nighmare...Such a tragedy...Praying for all...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Well Scrape Me Off the Floor it's Monday :)

Well, Scrape me off the floor it's Monday :)~....and that was really where I felt like being.. my blood pressure has been staying low ..110/60..ok so maybe it will get together...but if it's like that all day tomorrow I'm calling the man in the white coat...wonder if he'll answer the phone ?

Morning for me was not so great as I preformed like a slug but I did manage to get all the veggies ready for Rice Fields tomorrow...YEPPERS that time again :(

Then of course I miss Redi Whip but I know he's a part of the earth now and my roses will love him...so he's now swimming with the vines...and being a part of something beautiful..:)

Also got the Baby Blanket done and started another one...see if I can't get up and around I keep moving even if I am down...hahaha..

Was another warm day..like only out to let critters in and out and fed my outside birds and watered my plants..then back into the inners of the house hold...

Planned what I'm doing tomorrow and even got to run a line through some of the things I did today...HEY that took an effort...and the way I've felt..just lifting the pencil was work..hahaha

Finally ate a meal tonight.. I haven't had the desire to really eat much of anything...so I had a salad with Ravioli and Marinara..and a big mug of ice water...hahaha..yeah I didn't feel like making anything else..

Watched the Voice tonight and all were good..and yes, the last two..What is wrong with you Adam ?????  they were excellent...

And the horror that happened today in Boston..I didn't even want to touch on it cause it just makes me so sick that for years people never knew how fortunate we have been and now it's an on going issue..when is it gonna happen and where....

Lord this world is so sick and seems getting worse.. My prayers are with those people and their families and I do hope we catch who did this...and Lord I pray peace will come soon...we are spinning in the wrong direction...

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Take it slow and easy on Sunday

Take it slow and easy on Sunday....sorta .. I mean it's almost impossible to really just lean back...knowing I've got a lot to get done..I know I hear those little words..."What can I possible have"...well, being I cook for my critters it's never ending include now Ms Shug..she no longer eats raw veggies  hahaha..it's cook them and oh now on to MEAT..well Chicken that is with the bones :)

My batches give me several weeks worth of goodies for the crew but when I'm off kilter I lose my back ups..yep, it happens to the best of us..and being I've learned over the years only cook up so much in case the you know ..Expect it when you least expect it...LOL..

So for today I did get a little jump up..it was break up the bacos..in little tiny pieces..OMG..but I have to do that or my crew swallow them hole...another cute trick...and then fill all the cookie bins...take a breather..

My BP this morning was 134/77..woo hoo and through out the day it stayed in a pretty good range only one time hit 154/88...after I had done a little bit of in and out and sweep the carport...so good so far but I've got the week to see how it goes without any surprises..

Tonight before coming into the bedroom it was 127/67 and pulse 68..so I'm really feeling better and tomorrow is a busy day with a heavy load of work to get done and a quick run into the store..so we'll see how that goes..

This morning I also had a little sadness..RediWhip was down at the bottom of his tank and when I put the light on he never came up..so I buried him in my garden to be a part of the earth.. I'll miss him as I got use to him...but for right now I don't need any more jobs..so I'm taking a break !

And then we had a storm come through it was really quick and boy the rain came down sideways...next thing I knew the weather reports were flying...and all those notices going off...I'm surprised my BP didn't go 200..cause that sure does a number on me...but so far no news is good news..thank goodness..

Now I'm ready to lay down and the mad dash is on for tomorrow..this surely will be a good test of how my meds are working...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All !

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Limited Duty on Saturday :)

Limited Duty on Saturday :) well as limited as I can get... I did have to shred chicken and do up sweet potatoes for the critters and tomorrow I'll do the other veggies up and then come to the rice field..in between get my laundry caught up...yeah I'm on limited duties..only thing I still have to do is vacuum..

This morning I took my 100mg of Cozaar and later on I took my BP and it was coming down slowly and by later on in the day it went to 124/72 pulse 68...

I mean to tell you I surely have been pacing myself but it's kind of hard to actually lay back as my chores have to get done and I'm sure you all have been in the same situation even being sick ..if you're by yourself it's do or you're gonna fall over trying....

I've been really worried about this pressure fluctuating so much I mean I move and it jumps up to 200 easily and that's something I haven't had happen to me in over 25 years.. My meds have been working with a few exceptions of when I was having stenting done so often..like 9 times..and of course the few major surgeries ..but that's kind of expected..

What gets me in the irresponsible attitude of some of these so called "Top Doctors"...and with me being an A type personality to boot..don't make for happy medicine...and I do try to not lose it cause it only gets me in the end..

I am in the process of writing a letter to this Cardio Doctor about how I feel my treatment was and how impossible it is to even get contact when having a problem..now the way they clear themselves which is another catch 22..is on their message "if emergency call 911"...but my catch all is after I did get the nurse she made a wrong decision..she should have contacted the Doctor...

Well, I'm not going to lose sleep over it but best they haven't heard the last of it..however this Doc I saw seems to have more concern and hopefully made a right choice in not doing anything but increasing my Cozaar..

Tonight I mainly watched some old programs and leaned back in between my little chores...and yep, my list was by my side and I crossed off what I needed to get done as I took breaks in between..

Opened the new Blood Pressure Set Up so I can return to Besty my neat neighbor that offered her spare one for me to use till I could get another one..and I'm laughing cause reading instructions is a joke..they can never make anything simple...but again it did make me smile..

So I'm praying that tomorrow will be a good day for me with no crazy ups and downs...and as I take my BP before I go to bed I need to do that extra prayer for all of you that have kept me in your prayers...Ya know they help and do work...just Believe !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All !

Friday, April 12, 2013

And it's Friday...HELP !!!

And it's Friday.....HELP !!!!  today I was scheduled to go to the Doctors office..not thrilled and sure hope no more surprises are in for me...HA ~ 

Morning I was pacing myself but I did get a good night sleep..Thank YOU LORD !....my appointment is for 1:45pm...and I'm listening to the news telling me how we are gonna get this storm..YEAH..right on target..

Got my critters done and took my BP again.. my arm is so dang sore I have bruised it pretty good I mean how many times a day do I have to do this dang thing...I know in the hospital they have that auto cuff going and I'm always ready to rip it off my arm..well here I have to place that on and each time I keep saying.."This is a pain in my ARSE"...

However my pressure is still staying in the high range so I need to get this taken care of...so here I go on that next merry go round...wooo hooo.....What ever needs to be done let's get this show on the road..

Can ya tell I'm racing with the moon...best get over it while I'm here cause I'm not overly fond of their procedures..

Now I drive into town and head on up to the Doc's office get parked and walk in the door and the place is kind of empty..then the young girls says, "What are you here for "?  OK, so I spill my guts and then she tells me I'm in the wrong building..hahahaha...Now this don't take the cake ..how am I suppose to know where to go I mean no one said anything different..but it's down the next two buildings...hahaha...so out I go and it's blazing hot and I have to get back in my car drive on over and find a parking space...psst..can ya feel my blood pressure rising..You Betcha Sweet Patootie..!!

Finally get in the building and it's freezing cold.. and I don't mean just cool..they have the air on Blizzard..Holy Crap...It's hot as hatties outside and freezing inside...why do I feel my pressure getting higher ???

So then I sit and sit some more and tap my toes and ask.."Can anyone turn this blizzard off"...everyone laughs but I notice everyone is  looking really cold.. I mean folks these old people don't have great circulation..can ya please turn the wind mill off....it's gonna snow any minute...

Then I hear my name being called and I get up..I mean I hang on to my cane cause I lost the feelings in my legs from being numb...and I drag my body into the waiting room ..again...get weighed in and then comes the "Take my pressure"...now this nurse puts the cuff on and I'm telling ya I was waiting for the gong to go off she pumped that sucker up I felt the pain in my brain...I even Yelped..hey..that's my friggin arm...and the reading was 183/112...HOLY CHITSKI...!

Doc came in and this young man, never saw him before was looking wide eyed..and very softly said, "We have a problem"...I shook my head then went into details of what happened to me..and I also explained "I'm an A type personality so little things can get on my nerves like incompetent people in the medical profession ..he got that point and then surprised me by saying, "they should have never prescribe that med with your background"...Yes, I was caught off guard..and after our lengthy discussion he decided to leave my meds alone but just increase my cozaar to 100mg and watch it carefully...

All and all I was feeling better when I was ready to leave...he also took my pressure again and it dropped 20 points but he used a bigger cup too..also said my arms looked pretty bad...I'll say.. Just call me blue LOL

Tonight now before I took my meds my pressure was 154/80 and I have been resting so that was better and I used my other arm ...but I'll be taking it again before I go to bed as I took my meds...

My day was long and the thought of having more problems when I'm just starting to get things together sometimes over takes me...but I do bounce back ...I made myself a promise I'm not letting them make changes unless they talk with my docs back in philly..plain and simple..

Now I'm gonna try and relax and the rehash makes my blood boil...LOL

So those traveling StaySafe and as always...God Bless..Everyone !

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Tale of Woe is Me on Thursday....!

My tale of Woe is Me on Thursday !...and I'll tell ya it was not a great experience at all...starting with taking that half dose last night at bed time...HOLY GRAIL...an hour later I was zipping and flinging and jumping.. I felt my heart in my throat and it seems I was on a buzz...my skin was crawling and my scap was like needles...Geeezzzzzzzzzz...

I was so ticked off and I could not get calmed down and tried and tried to get to sleep but couldn't ..so another night sleep I lost beside by morning I was shaking like I had Parkinson....I could barely talk nor function...

I kept saying to myself..."Soon this will pass, you'll be alright"..and as soon as I could I called the Doc office. Now you all know ..no more can you get anyone but recordings and so be it that's what I got...and I left a message to be called several times...

I also called the pharmacist when they opened up to see if I could maybe take something..but unfortunately I would have had to go to the hospital to do that number..so I knew if I took some caffeine that would help...and I did..but still very shaky.

I had to get the critters done and Ms Shug taken care of and I did it slowly and amazingly they all were quiet ..like they knew something was wrong...I took my blood pressure and it was in the ok range but my pulse rate was 105...and I'm normally 65...so I felt that was the shaky feeling happening...

Finally the Doc office called and the nurse was surprised ?????? why do they always act that way...heavens only knows..but I told her that I was not taking that med come hell or high water and that I wanted that Doctor to call me as I was not able to drive..I wouldn't trust myself..she did ask if I wanted another script and I told her "no way".. I'll take my old meds till I talk with the Doc.

Got a call back that I'm to go into the Doc office tomorrow but ofcourse my Doc isn't available and I'll be seeing another Doc to get my meds straight...well I have to tell you I have a big surprise for them... My pressure will be up I'm sure when I chew their asps out... and if my pressure stays decent and within range I'll stay on my old meds till I get back to my Doc in Philly...these Doctors having such high ratings of themselves SUCK !

So I leaned back and just took it easy and my work will get done tomorrow some time...and Clancy my Yard Man came over and worked in the garden and yard and it looks so good...that made me happy...and my pressure sure reflected it...now while I was doing my chores tonight it went up to 173/76 and pulse rate 76...but that's me working around and I'm not worried about that and I took my meds so we'll see in an hour how it looks..

I also have to take in consideration of my two nights before..as with me it takes a bit to bounce back...but I don't have that awful feeling I've been having the last two days...and I know I'll be able to sleep tonight..thank you God !

Watched American Idol and Lazaro is now off..and well he should be .. he should have been gone a long time ago...singing in one key and music in another and forgetting your words...that's a big NO NO...but I still say, "Candice is the best of them all"...she should sing jazz/blues cause that's what her voice is really great for..such control.. great singer..she will make it regardless if she doesn't win.

Now I'm ready for bed and just glad I made it through the day..honestly.. have lots to do but just want to be able to move at my own pace...so my prayers tonight are..."Keep my cool, and get these meds taken care of"...oh and don't let me attack that Doctor LOL

So those traveling be safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday was a rough go !

Wednesday was a rough go for me !...OH boy was it ever...I had a bad night Tuesday with this Labetolol...that is a mean asp drug and I'm taking 200mg twice daily which in itself is too strong..OMG ~

I had a night mare and I could hardly catch my breath woke up heart pounding had to sit on the side of the bed to get it together pressure had dropped to 118/67...guess it was the sudden drop..not really sure..

Come morning (Wednesday) I felt not right ..shaky and unsteady  but my pressure was 134/62 and that was ok pulse was 70 which was fine but my body was really not right...so I went about my routine but slowly as I couldn't bend my head down without feeling woozy.

Come time for me to take my meds again and I was really not wanting too but I knew I had too...so later on about an hour afterwards boy I felt like I was gonna not be standing...more like falling down..so I took my BP again and it was 102/52 holy crap...Yep this med was now dropping me too low and to quickly too...

Then I began to feel like pins and needles in my head and my hands were feeling strange.. Ya know in the years I've had heart disease and I take 27 drugs I've never had this happen...and all because for some reason Lopressor is not available and going on the metoprolol it wasn't controlling my pressure at all..

So I called the Doc's office and ofcourse had to leave a message then called the pharmacist to ask what was happening...and she explained that this med was of the nasty kind that kicked but on Blood Pressure and dropped it quickly and she felt my dosage was too strong from my symptoms ...and I agreed...but was waiting on the Doc to call.

Later this afternoon I got a call from the Nurse and she told me to cut dosage in half for evening and tomorrow morning..so that's what I did tonight and of course take pressure for before and after...now I'm waiting on the after..tonight's pressure was 152/67 pulse 75..and I'll see in an hour...sure hope I don't go through that feeling tonight...

You know when things are going well there is always something to stir up trouble...and for me this can be a big trouble... I mean my vision became blurry as well and such and over powering feeling...Lord help me..

One thing good I am now edging the baby blanket so tomorrow hopefully I've feeling better I'll finish it...and I did cook up a pot of chicken for the critters.. that's in the frig for tomorrow I'll shred it up and freeze it ..yeah even with this crappy feeling I had to still do some of my work load..but not driving till I feel I'm ok..

Watched American Idol and boy that Candice did a fantastic job along with Amber and Kree...Angie is good but she sounds the same and Janelle I like but I think she's in the bottom two.. and Lazaro..should go home..cause boy he was bad tonight..Ya gotta sing in the key the music is in  ...LOL

So that's my story for today and we'll see what happens later on...Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always and like before...God Bless Us All !!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Surprise on Tuesday :(

Another surprise on Tuesday :( ... Morning was for me busy and had to remember not to get to involved as I had a Cardio Doc appointment at 3pm ...

So I manage to get a few things at least caught up and noticed my Redi Whip was swimming in some murky water so that's on the agenda to get cleaned as I have to dump the whole tank and wash everything...it's that black stuff...yucko..

Also have to cook a batch of chicken for the critters it's that time again but that's also on for tomorrow....ewwwwwwww the list is beginning to climb again...Guess you might say I feel like a revolving door...swinging round and round...

So off I went to visit the Good Doc who keeps changing my appointments and this ought to be good...OH YEAH...Good it WASN'T....!!!

My blood pressure was up up and away.. 200/90...YEAH GAWDS...where was I going and I never felt any different and ya think I'd feel something...but that goes to show you how silent things can be and how quick they can happen..

My major problem is I've been taking Lopressor for ages 100mg twice daily and with Cozaar 10mg and that combo has worked fantastically...but lately CVS says, "They can't get Lopressor"...and I had to go on  Metoprolol...which in the generic.... that's ok as long as it works cause when I've been in the hospital that's what they've given me....but work it did not..well not today ...or the last time I was at the other Doc as my pressure was up..but not as bad as today... I mean I'm lucky I didn't hit the jack pot...

So The Good Doc ..kind of freaked a bit and then said very softly.."I'd put you in the hospital as with all that metal you have in your chest this is too dangerous but I'm going to change your blood pressure meds ..however, if you have any problems call immediately and if pains in the chest dial 911."

Well I could hardly speak at first then I started joking as I was nervous but he wasn't willing to go along with me...so now I'm on the edge a bit.. but did take my pressure tonight.. and I got a ready of 150/78 which is a lot better and I just took the new meds Labetalol HCL 200mg twice daily...WOW

Pharmacist said to "Watch this drug as it will drop my pressure quickly and maybe to low"..mmmm so to take pressure reading before and after...so I'll wait an hour and take again...just what I needed..

Oh and becareful getting up to quick...yeah I read that too..YIKES..so now I need to pay more attention and hopefully this will regulate out.. I go back in a month for another blood pressure reading... sure hope this works and causes no major issues...

Now that's my story and I'm wiped out and can't go to bed till my next pressure reading...and after that it's color me sleeping..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless

Monday, April 8, 2013

Surprise, It's Monday !

Surprise, It's Monday !....... how could I not know.. I mean trash day ..the excited of the big truck coming in ...Zeke barking his jaws off and Ms Shug joining in...Oh my Stars ......what music I listen too..OUCH !

Morning for me is always a blur.. I mean I have a set pattern and it works great for me..as long as no one interrupts my system..it runs smoothly most of the time..unless we have a storm then forget about it...hahaha...

Today I decided I needed a big break and that's exactly what I gave myself.. I needed Me Time to think about things...and of course my chores always have to come first...

I saw Ms Shug was going into action with the other food dish so I make a quick change and put the other new one in place..YES! I took pictures hahaha...I also will order more as this looks to be something that I'm gonna need for the home cage as well..so did a search on line and got a "special"...:)
Ms Shug letting me know she's unhappy with her new feed dishes...:)~

The new feed dishes..Quick-Lock-Crocks ...2 so far installed :)~

Ms Shug sitting on top of the one..and giving me the look...not a happy camper:)~

So as you see my darling sweeting is now not able to dump these cups..and she still has a water dish I haven't changed yet..but there's an "IF" in place and one more dish in waiting...!!!!!

Most the day I kind of did some of my work on the baby blanket and I only have another 2 inches and I'll border it and then start on the next one...got to make up time to get that ready to send out in May..

Today also was another special day...the Murder trial of our Cousin Angie...however the creep made a plea bargain and we all know how that can go... I am glad for the family that it's over as dealing with this for several years has been difficult...Nothing can replace Angie ...and now the family can just pray that Angie's memory will live on in her children ...One can never forget..but in away I hope and pray time will help all of us..

So with that I'm going to say "Good night to all" 

Angie, May you Rest In Peace....

God Bless..

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Sunday morning Romp :)

My Sunday Morning Romp :)...oh boy did I enjoy my outing...got up and did my pills of life once again..Thank YOU GOD !!!....and after I did my mumbling I put on my pot of coffee and whipped up a Banana Blueberry bread for the week...nothing finer for breakfast...Potassium at it's finest hahaha

Got through with the Critters and looked out my front window and low and behold there was me Humming Birds..yep, put that mixture together last night and put it out on the usual Sheppard's Hook...and I can sit back in my easy chair with my coffee and watch those daring fighters...hahaha...but they are awesome to watch..

Then off I went...but first had a call from John (Fighting duo) and he wanted to come with ..so I had him meet me up at the front gate and I knew I was in for it...I mean to hear that tale of WOE is ME....never changes just increases with age !!!

Got to Walmart and my goodness they were out of a lot of the stuff I needed...some times when I go there it looks like dump city...trash like..don't know what's going on with that company but the quality of their products suck as well..

However I did manage to pick up a lot of things and then came back and just dragged putting everything away and then had to go out again later to Winn Dixie to pick up the things I couldn't get..Yes, it was a shopping day and felt like I was ready to drop..YUCKO..

So tomorrow I got a busy day and I'll complain I'm sure..but it will keep me hopping..hahaha..

Oh darn I forgot to transfer that picture of the new "cup" for Ms Shug..it's still holding hahaha...we'll see tomorrow and boy she lets me know that she ain't a happy camper...still attacking but getting no where so far :)

Alrighty I'm beat and I need to get to bed..those traveling Stay Safe and as always....God Bless.....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh my a Road Trip on Saturday :)

Oh my a Road Trip on Satuday :)...wooo hooo.. I was out of the house by 9:30am heading down to Bushnell..to get a few things ..such as a device to stop Ms Shug from dumping her feed dish and what ever was to be next..:)

Morning I got through my chores quick as I was on a mission..Yes, a mission that was gonna give me less work...Thank YOU !!!! ... So I asked the man who breeds these darling dilemmas ...and he of course laughed and brought me over to the counter where these special cups..all in one setup..were and they are made of heavy plastic...nope I forgot to take a picture but I will post it tomorrow if it's still on the cage hahaha..

Then my drive to Bushnell was not bad uses my GPS...and drove on down ..nice weather too ...no wind thank goodness cause when it's windy 75 can get nasty...the traffic wasn't bad and we sailed on through...

When I was in the store I checked out the Blue & Gold Mac Caw..Oh my Stars..this baby was huge and I looked at it's feet and beak...Holy Hannah that baby could do damage..but man it was gorgeous !....

On the way back had to stop at CVS to pick up meds and AGAIN..another screw up.. I'm telling ya not a month goes by that something isn't right...spoke with the Mgr..and same story.."we keep trying and we're sorry"...Ya know I think today no matter where ya go it's the same ole nonsense..No one gives a hoot !!

Then I treated myself to a Hardees...Yeah and pulled off in the back by a tree and listened to the radio and ate my lunch/dinner...boy was it ever good...so my day wasn't too bad..

Got in the door and Ms Shug was giving me her "Hellos"..and I gave her the new feed dish..she tried and tried to get into it and or dump it but not today Ms Shug...He Haw...hahahaha..

Most of the day I was just trying to get a little bit of my work done so tomorrow I can get out of here and head over to WalMart...pick up a few goodies and a few more for the critters inside and out...yeah more work...

I'll be busy when I get back but that helps me pass the day and then Monday's work load to look forward too..hahaha... The more I work the better I feel and it sure does make my time go by fast..and bed time I'm ready...like now :)

So those all traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless

Friday, April 5, 2013

And Here it is Friday :)

And here it is Friday :)  already the weekend is upon us...This morning I got up a little early LOL..like 4am as I was having my knee issues..and once I'm awake it's hard for me to go back to sleep...so up I got..and went into the kitchen and started making a pot of coffee.

Listened to the news and had to get the critters out before the next array of storms were coming through..so they got out at 6am..sorry guys but I know you all don't wanna be wet neither do I...so let's get on with the show..hahaha

Making my list of what needs to get done on Saturday as I've now added another chore..Have to go to Bushnell as Ms Shug has decided she doesn't want to keep her bowls in her cage and they are filled with either food or water..and she's enjoying this cause as I come over speaking in my native tongue ..and by the way I do think she's trying to copy some of the sounds hahaha...

I'm bending over vacuuming and wiping down..several times a day ..so this ain't a gonna keep happening...she's even laughing..wonder if she enjoys me working or..well I won't go there just yet...but she's gonna go to the moon soon if she don't quit !!!

So I called Joe the breeder and asked if there was something I could get or do..and sure enough he laughed too..What's with this ????  and yes, he has special brackets so that means I've got a road trip for tomorrow..Just  what I needed  ........ugh ...

Also have to go to CVS and pick up my Pills of Life and then Winn Dixie for a few things..so Saturday I'm gonna be running and it's suppose to be really windy..Joy to the world..as long as it's not storming...

Most of the day I did catch up and pick up and work on that baby blanket.. I only have about 8 inches left to put on and then edge..then on to the next one..then I ordered Yarn to make this really awesome Cowl..for a Christmas present and maybe one for me..we'll see..

Not too much on TV other than Under Cover Boss..and that was ok...then I watched A League of their own...great story...so now I'm ready for bed..Critters are done and so am I...

Yeppers, Sunday too I've got to go to Walmart it's cook Chicken again so I can keep somewhat a head..

Oh, the Cardio Doc called and my appointment is now moved up again...hahaha...I'm telling ya we keep this up and I'll see him next time I come down...but anyway it's now April 9th...hopefully..:)

So All traveling Stay Safe..and as always God Bless....

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Wet and Wild Thursday

A Wet and Wild Thursday all around us...WOW and last night the rains hit hard and today it was gloomy and below us was stormy...and tornado watches...warnings what have you ..I was glad the day was almost done and now tonight we are do for another group of storms...

Don't like these late night jobbers because I can't sleep and hearing them alarms has me jumping out of my skin....good golly Ms Molly...

Today was not so bad I managed to get back on track and got my appointment for my GYN back in Philly for Sept...and then my Cardio Doc here in Florida called again to change my appointment...I'm sure he's good but ya never know by the way we play hit and miss...

So my appointment now is back in Leesburg hahaha.. we'll see if it stays there or will it be changed...but they wanted me to come in during the rain..forget that number.. I'll not need a Cardio Doc but maybe someone else...I don't drive in bad weather..not with these storms..YIKES..

Watched American Idol..and I can't believe it... Lazaro got in the top 3...are they nuts...and Burnell got the boot..and poor Janelle was in the bottom 2..NO WAY...but it is what it is... now I'm not sure who is gonna win..cause this voting in strange...

This is gonna be short and sweet cause I'm a little nervous with these storms so I'll say...NITE NITE..and hopefully no one will get hurt...coming across the Gulf these storms are packing a mighty Wallop..

Those traveling Stay Safe..and as always God Bless..

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Quiet Wednesday

A Quiet Wednesday so I kept myself busy...Made it to the Rice Fields and also cooked up some Sweet taters too...and then whipped up a batch of Shug's veggies...to try and get the time by...sure do miss hubby...and I'm hoping he'll start taking better care of himself...

Of course to day is bad weather coming in..just what I need to keep me active...I'm not the greatest person when it comes to storms and especially when the news keeps telling ya how bad it is gonna be/can be..OMG !!!!

Now Ms Shug has a new habit...taking her feed dish and dumping it..joy to the world...I must have vacuum that up 10 times..and I tell her how bad she is..but she cocks her head and laughs...mmm kind of like I'd like to laugh as I ....upside her little bean head...but NOT...but I do tell her she's now Ms Piggy !

Have to look and see if I can find something that I can get to hook up and stop that mess or other wise this is gonna become a game...and not in my favor..ugh :(

Made my calls for today...CVS for my scripts and crossing my fingers they get it right...and then made a few calls to get appointments and I'll have to call tomorrow to my GYN back in Pa..as Wednesday he's off..so again my list will continue for tomorrow..

Sure is quiet in the house and the critters have been looking for hubby...yeah they miss him too..but you know it's April and the end of June we'll be taking that long drive back to Pa...time is sure flying by...

Still have to check out and see if I want to hire someone to clean while I'm gone or just clean up and do what we did last time ..just have someone come in and check and make sure the AC is working...and water plants..have to debate that one out..

Watched American Idol...again I still say Lazaro should go home...the one I think did the best was Amber tonight with that Heart Song..all the others were ok...

Now listening to weather man as he tells me ...Tornado warnings.......YIKES !
Keeping everyone in my prayers that no one gets hurt and that this storm passes us quickly..we sure do need the rain..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hubby heading home on Tuesday :(

Hubby heading home on Tuesday :(...gosh our time seems to have flown by so quickly...here it is the day he's heading home...and we all are just feeling so down...but I thank the good Lord for the time we do have together...

Even the critters are sensing "the man is leaving"...it's all so quiet..and I'm doing my catch ups so that I'll have a few hours to just sit and talk...but knowing my hubby he'll be all nerves...always has been that way when he has to travel...

Hubby went out for a bit to get my car washed and detailed..he's always looking out for me..and here I thought maybe he'd like to do a little fishing before the Limo came to bring him to the airport..

We did have some nice days and lots of laughs and we'll get back into the swing of chatting on phone or Face Talk on Ipad...that does help..and I'll get back to certain mornings calling to make sure he's up...yeah I'm still doing that deed...

Some days he has to do some traveling and getting up extra early is a tough one so I'm the Chosen one and boy he can be cranky..hahaha... something I've always dreaded ..Waking him up  OUCH...He's not a morning person..hahaha..

Oh he did tell me my Cola was OK...as I was using the Soda Stream Machine for his coke...something you don't mess with is his COKE..haha...but he was ok as long as I increased the syrup...hahaha...

Now I just got a call.."The Eagle had landed and he was home"...YEAH..now I can relax..and Thank YOU TODD..for picking him up and making sure he got home ok...:)

So with that I'll get back into the swing of the chores to keep me busy... and those traveling Stay Safe...and as always...God Bless....

Monday, April 1, 2013

We had a great Monday :)

We had a great Monday...:)...sure enough weather was warm and it felt really awesome...Hubby and I after I got the chores done and he got his act together...the man loves that couch hahaha..but it's time out he really needed..other wise I'd be talking in my native language :)

Also got my other vacuum and brought it over to my girlfriend's house as she didn't have anything but a tiny dirt devil and the people that were renting her house were struggling to keep the carpets clean..so I knew my Bissell would be welcomed and it really is a great vacuum cleaner but heavy for me to push daily..and my Shark is much easier.

The lady that answered the door was thrilled ..I'm sure she was...and I know my Bissell now has a good home hahaha...

Then hubby and I went out and had Lunch at Capt D's dang it they do some good fish and the hush puppies well they were ok but could have used some green onion chopped in them...but I ain't complaining cause I didn't have to cook...then off we went to Office Depot and got my older computer problem solved...

Just like I thought the cable to it was zapped and even though it showed juice coming in..nope it was a false positive ..hahaha..but bought a set up and now that baby is working and I'll get all my files off and use her as a spare for my patterns and that will be wonderful... I mean that Sony was and is still a great little computer and has XP...YEAH..!!!

Later we also bought another phone for the kitchen as we (hubby) hooked up my new phone system which the other one was zapped but worked without all the features..and I can't believe my new phone a Panasonic has a address phone book of over 3K.. I don't know that many people hahahaha...I'll have lots of use I'm sure once I get that system down..

Came back and we went over to the Rig..yeah I haven't been there in a while so I started her up with the help of the booster and off she ran smooth and then I ran the genny and kicked on the AC ..sat in her for about 40 minutes and boy it felt great and I got that sudden urge of Hitch Itch..but soon I'll be heading back home the end of June...and that's really around the corner...

Ms Shug is up to her tricks and tonight was too funny...she enjoyed my Ice pop I mean she dove after it and held on to me and the pop stick and I was struggling with her ..hubby was laughing as it did look funny...and then Ms Shug flaps her wings..OMG..she was barking and carrying on...

She certainly warmed her way into Hubby's heart..as she is sweet but ya gotta watch her..she steals things :)...and then laughs..and now she's dumping her food dish..OH NO !!!  hope this don't last long...

Ok, that's my story and I'm ready for bed..just printed out hubby's boarding pass for tomorrow.. the week flew by ..I'm gonna miss him..I wished it could have been 2 weeks that would have been wonderful ..but I just hope he stays off that leg and takes better care of himself..

Those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless