Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wake Up ...Wake Up ..It's Still Cold On Thursday brrrrrrrrrr

Wake up, Wake up. it's still cold on Thursday.. oh man it's too cold for me.. I mean we had freezing rain all night long and this morning I didn't wanna get out of bed..that electric blanket was humming a great tune..and so was Zeke..he snored and snored..but I didn't care cause we were all cuddled together..brrrrrrrrrr

Most of the day I stayed bundled and knitted..and I even finished that Cowl.. I got a picture I didn't forget.. I really like how this Mobious works..and in fact once I caught on to what I was doing..well no stopping me..hahaha

Being it was so cold I did nothing..just kept bundled.. and didn't even want to move unless I had too.. that's sad..cause this is suppose to be Sunny Florida ????

Watched American Idol tonight and again most all went through that we saw..and the one that I liked the best was this gal that was in the service and sang for the troups and all vet hospitals..she sang and Etta James tune (by the way I loved Etta James) and her voice was GOOD..and you felt each word she sang.. she also told the story of her Mother ..once was going to be a recording music and was stricken with MS.. that hit home for me.. as my Mother suffered years with Ms and lost her battle just 1 month shy of being 65.

Well I'm tired and cold and gonna hit that bed..morning I have to go out and to the Doctors for the follow up of my blood that means I have to actually go outside..sure hope it's gonna warm up..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Psst..yes, here's my Cowl in the Mobious pattern :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It Snowed In Florida On Wednesday !

It Snowed in Florida on Wednesday !  Sure did !!!!...Pensacola and Tallahassee  WOW..and we in Central Florida have had freezing rain..bitter cold ..damp and let me under the covers kind of day...

Ok, you want Frozen Orange Juice you got it right from the Trees ...OMG..I have my blankie on my legs and my sweat shirt on and long flannel pants and most the day I played with my knitting..Yes, that Mobious pattern ..finally got it down pat..and almost finished my Cowl..:)

Morning was bitter chilly and Ms Reba wasn't going out today so I got the piddle pads out as she does wear a diaper and let's me know she wants to be changed too..OH YEAH...she is very good about that..even Ms Shug let's me know as well..(imagine barking dawg and barking bird together in harmony)'s been that kind of day.

So I learned a few new tricks with knitting and mostly snuggled up on the couch/chair doing patterns and then learning to cast off Mobiously with this long long round needle..

Also picked out my yarn for all those blankets I pledged to make and a few different patterns..even got a box that I'm going to be using for them to be shipped in.. felt good about that.. I mean knowing they are going to people who are in need..then I looked up a few little cute things to make or learn how..

Tomorrow is craft day but I'm not sure we're going to have it..depends on the weather.. there is a few things I want to learn how to do..or better yet be able to read the pattern to make's kind of in strange pictures..LOL  wish they'd just do the abbreviations made life simple but they have to get more technical..boooooooooo !

So that's my day today and watched American Idol as I knitted and again they put through almost all that we saw..gonna be a lot of let downs..shame on them !

Ok, so that's it for now..gonna hit that warm bed cause that electric blanket is ON !  Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It Doesn't Stop Even On Tuesday

It Doesn't Stop Even On Tuesday....well, woke up and thanked the Good Lord I made it through another day I thought to myself..things can't be that're breathing, your bills are paid and you have food in the get off your butt and just let chit go...

I was ok and started the rest of my a few things done made my trip to Walmart and a few things in for the carport and for my plants and I was doing ok..even got my knitting needles in..for the Mobious pattern I'm attempting to learn..

Went out in the yard to fill up the small hopper with bird seed and the "new" neighbor that was in Betsy's house came over to introduce himself..and it turns out he's not a relative (like the people had told me they bought the house so their families could come down and visit) he's renting the house for 6 months..that the people I met are from Canada and bought a couple house and rent them...???????

Ok, I must have looked shocked.. I mean why would those nice people make up a story.. if they didn't want to tell me they could have just not even said anything...HUH.. another doop in the process..

So I made small talk with the guy..he seems nice and at least he'll be there for 6mos..then as I go and get in my golf cart to head over to get mail.. I notice the other new neighbors have a sign in their window..For Sale and on the bottom in big bold red letters..SOLD..HUH????

They just bought that house maybe 6 months ago..What the ????  I called my other neighbor and asked her what was going on as she knew these people..and she explained they buy houses fix them up and sell them..but they told her they were gonna live in this I guess they dooped her too ????

Now about my day...where do I begin and where do I end.What is it with people lately.. they claim to be a friend then leave you dangling on a string..or they just right out lie to ya..WHY???? Isn't there ever any feeling of being a decent human being ?  I mean I'm just kind of confused..

I do now know majority of the people you meet in these so called groups play these little games.."Who is the most popular, or who can tell the best story ".. Slowly but surely I'm starting to back away.. I guess I was just brought up differently and I'm too trusting.. If I tell you something, you can bet money on it that it's a fact.. I'm not into playing with people's minds or hearts..I take my friendships seriously ..maybe that's my problem.

Today was just another piece of icing on the cake for me..perhaps tomorrow I'll wake up and it will be all a dream..wouldn't that be nice..but don't think so.. However, I'll still go on and wade through that nonsense and hope that maybe someday ...ah but soon the hubby will be down and I'll get to enjoy the stories he'll have for me..and I get to have him run errands..LOL..Now that's a big help..

Watched the Biggest Loser and I am so happy to see those people go on and become healthier and happier in their lives..they worked so hard and to have another chance in their lives..Amazing..God Bless Them...and for those that are traveling Stay Safe and God Bless Us All....

Monday, January 27, 2014

An Awakening For Me On Monday !

An Awakening for me on Monday !....Oh, it's one of those days where sometimes I walk around with my head up in the sky...and then the sky falls..

Morning for me was an iffy...I mean it started off gloomy and then sort of just hung in my Chicken on early for the Critters and got that done..and I wanted to go to Walmart and Lowe's but never got there..:(

Most of my day was cleaning up messes and attempting to salvage some things I needed to get repaired..then my bottom dropped out..yeah it was not a good day in the end..

I don't know why I don't ever learn how you can get doooped (my spelling) and I shouldn't let it hit me so hard cause most is so superficial but I'll get myself out of it as I have often done in the past..

So glad hubby will be down in 2 weeks I need that visit..I'll feel better for sure..and so will the critters too..

Not much on TV so I wandered the internet and that got boring here I am now done with the mess in the Ms Shug put up..she is such a blast..and Ms Reba and Mister Zeke are already in bed..I'm next..!

So with that those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Yes, short and sweet..over and out :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Nice Sunday

A Nice Sunday...and it really was..started off a little cloudy..but the day itself wasn't up wee early and put together that Apple Cinnamon Bread/Cake and I even added some toasted that turned out good !

Critters got done early and we all just sat around for a bit..then I had to get my act in gear and cook up Critter Food..yes, I went to the Rice Fields and even did Ms Reba's food as I only have to cook up the chicken and that will be on my first thing tomorrow morning..

Last night before I went to bed I put together a Summer Salad as the call it but what it is ..Cucumbers, Onions, Tomatoes and a Sweet Dressing..and that was really good !!! with BBQ Chicken OUCH...:)~

Rest of the day I just did some reseach on patterns and started the Cowl in the Mobius pattern ..this may take me awhile's really different but if it comes out right it will be awesome..

Watched QVC and was so good..didn't order NOTHING>.hahaha..someone asked if I sat on my hands..NOPE I was knitting...but nothing great was on anyway..but you know I love my gadgets.:)

Tonight I'm watching the strange but some of them are really good but those outfits..HELP.. I'm getting old..heck I am old..hahaha..but wow they are so out of it..well let me put it this way...NOTHING left to the imagination..

Turning on my electric blanket to get cozy and enjoy the rest of what I recognize and then Mister Sandman bring me a dream..Hope all that is traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wake Me It's Saturday

Wake Me, It's Saturday...can't believe it .. I mean I got up and for the first time in awhile it wasn't freezing...and the day turned out really nice..

Got out of bed and put my pot of coffee on and turned on the TV to listen to the news and it's was going to be not a bad freezing the critters done and I had to make a few stops .

Went to CVS for my Life Pills and Zeke's as well..then on to Winn Dixie for a few goodies..then hopped by John's to pick up the package he got for me..then my big treat was a Hardee's Burger..gawd they are good.

Home I went and then put all my stuff away and just plopped on the couch the door was open and I was enjoying the warm air and moved my plants from under the sheets..I could hear them saying "Aaah"..yeah, they did need the warm sun too....guess you might say, "We is lovin this warm day and sunshine..come on Vitamin D"

I didn't bother making dinner as I was stuffed from lunch so just had a hot cocoa and the evening rolled in and the chill was beginning..I didn't cover my plants as it's not going to be that cold for the next few days..but put your brakes's diving on Tues till at least Friday Crappola.

Holly came over to invite me to dinner on Sunday but being I feel a little sniffy, I had to decline cause Val is having surgery on Tuesday and I didn't want to take any we'll do it next Sunday instead..

Not much on I watched a rerun..and had Ms Shug out..she's so neat ..she was sitting on the couch with me..just nestled up and wanting lots of attention..and I was giving it too..she's got me trained..but she's so neat to work with..

Now I'm ready for tomorrow is the sorting of the pills of life again and it's Sunday too..woo hoo...making BBQ chicken for dinner..that's what I went into Winn Dixie for...oh and soon Hubby will be here..he's flying in on Feb 7th..gonna start on count down ...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.

Friday, January 24, 2014

WoW Is Me, It's Friday

Wow is Me, it's Friday and still Chilly !!!!!...Holy crap !  This has and is one hell of a blast of cold..and now hearing it's gonna be coming back again ..YUCKO ..double time .

Morning for me was ..get up out of bed and make a dash for the blankie in the front room..yeah, I mean the house is not really that warm..with a heat pump and the cold dips we are need to be dressed in long johns and high knee socks..and a hoodie...cause it's not really warm.

Even Mister Zeke wasn't to thrilled to go out to take a whiz..his long streaming days are not here right's quick fix and I'll catch it later kidding in fact he will hold on till the sun comes up.

Even the birds this morning weren't out.. they came finally to the feeders close to like 9am and plump..they're feathers were all fully loaded cause they was feeling that cold air too..

Am I complaining..You betcha !... this is suppose to be sunny Florida..wait..wasn't there something about Global Warming..Well, where is it.. right now we're going into the Ice Age...!!!!

Most of my day was getting only done what I had fact I did manage to vacuum the living room..and dinning room but still have the bedroom to get done..I'll do that tomorrow..hahaha

Made soup for lunch and's just the only thing that I feel warms me up and I even had hot cocoa..morning, noon, and night..talked with hubby and he too was complaining about the cold..but he's in the North and that's understandable..

Nothing great on TV so I just played with Ms Shug and she is always entertaining cept all she wanted to do was hug in close to me..guess next I'll hear her complain about the cold..LOL

So with that I'll turn on my electric blanket and tuck in under those WARM covers..Those traveling..better stay warm and safe..and as always...God Bless Us All.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Chilly Thursday Yucko

Another Chilly Thursday Yucko...and again I'm only sleeping 2hours and waking up but going back to sleep..and then up at 4am..what's wrong with this picture..

I think it might be cause Zeke is getting on and off the bed..maybe..but when I got up this morning that big boy had his head on the pillow right on my other side..LOL... I mean this is so unlike him..but he was liking that electric blanket..that dawg ain't no fool..:)

Got the trash out at 7:30am as today we have two trash for limbs and cuttings and the other for the "good stuff" I heard the truck coming and never really sure which one it's gonna be I made sure I was out there..and nope it was for the limbs..ok, no biggy so that means any other stuff I have that needs to go out I've got time..

I walk back in the house and I see these big arse bird....(vultures) swooping down on my trash....What the ???????  I go back out and those buggers were attacking the plastic bag..trying to rip into it...HUH????  OMG they is ugly and big...I got up to them and yelled..didn't think they'd attack..hahaha...but if they had.. I'm telling ya right now I would have doooo dooood..LOL..

Had to go out and put another bag over it and keep banging a pan to keep them away till finally they left..perhaps this cold weather is making them desperate ?  dunno but man I sure hope I don't dream of those things !!!

Got my other two new cactus today I'll have to repot them when it's warmer but as for now they'll stay in what they came in..but so anxious to see when they bloom...I've collecting many different colors .. I love them cause they are really easy to take care of..and so rewarding to see when they are in bloom.

Most of the day, because of being so cold I just snuggled up on the couch with me blankie..I can't move much at all when it's knees and legs ache really me and the critters just took a Us day ...

Ah but I did get a picture of my little sweet girl that will be coming to us when she's 8 weeks old..and boy she's this little sweet look ..reminds me of my Abby..I surely miss that gal...and Joesph..he's still a heartbreaker for me..

Tonight watched American Idol...I just don't get it..they keep passing just about all we see..hate to see that cause so many are gonna have big let downs..and that's sad...oh well it makes the show I guess..

Now I'm ready for bed..Electric blanket on and tomorrow is gonna be another really cold start..Ouch this is just awful..but at least no snow..however these cold temps they could have snow !!!

So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..'s our little Miss :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Wednesday

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah's too dang cold to even think it's Florida.. I mean let's get serious..and I head on the news this morning it's even gonna be colder tomorrow...HOLY CRAP !

Woke up and I didn't even want to go out the door.. but I had no choice..Me and Mister Zeke flew in and out quickly and then under cover on the couch..I mean to tell you watching the news and seeing my home area covered with that white stuff OUCH..and hearing my hubby at 4:30am as he was getting dressed to snow blow the walk he could get out and get to work..OMG..even made me more colder brrrrrrrrrr

My critters were not willing to even move much at was about 10am when they finally came to their senses, we have to eat LOL..even Ms Shug was a little bit on the slow side..when I opened her cover to look at her she was tucked up in her top perch and just gave me the look and did say, "Hello" but I bet she ment, "Get Lost"..hahaha

Most of my day was slow moving cause my blood just wasn't flowing hahaha..I don't do well in the cold as you can tell..and heaven help me tomorrow..well I'll take that one step at a time..

Come lunch time the sun was helping some...and I basked in it through the windows...boy for just a short moment it felt pretty good..but was short...too short.

Took Zeke with me as I drove to the mailbox...expecting a few things in and so far no but I did get my Yellow Christmas Cactus and that I'm excited that made up for it..

Tonight watched American Idol some good ones but they seem to be passing everyone..ouch just listing to the the low 20's for tomorrow morning. My electric blanket is on getting my bed toasty cause ya know I'm soon to make a nose dive right under..

So with that..Safe Travels to those on the move and as always..God Bless Us All

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Man Oh Man It's Tuesday !

Man oh man it's Tuesday ! up and had lots of determination to get up and out ..needed to run a few errands..Pick up Zeke's med from the Vet in town and then fill my car up with gas...stop in and pick up a few things for the  rest of the week..then last but not least stop at John's house and pick up newspaper for Shug's cage and also some bags..yeah it was an outing ..woo hoo !

Got everyone finished and so was I..had my list in my hand and was happy to strike off a few things I kept pushing off..but they got done and that's all that matters..

Got a new plant's a Christmas Cactus I ordered from online an Yellow one..can't wait to see her bloom and I have two more coming..a Lavender one and a Burnt Orange..yeah I love Christmas Cactus..they're easy to care for and when they are in bloom they look now on my carport I have several really pretty ones..hopefully Lord willin, next year they'll all be in bloom and I can take a picture..

Came home and boy I don't know what hit me..other than the strong wind that picked up as I was filling my car with gas..right at me was icy cold and strong wind ...couldn't wait to get back in the car and of course I didn't have my jacket on..Dummy !!!

Got home and after I got everything put away I went and lay on the couch next thing I knew it was 4pm...hello there..omg..I really needed that ..and then it was feed the crew..then me..

Tonight I watched the Biggest Loser..I can't say enough about how great they all looked and how I even felt the tears coming down.. I was so proud of them..great show does so much good for people..

Now I'm ready for bed and got the Electric Blanket on we is gonna be cold tonight and tomorrow with that ..those traveling Stay Safe and watch that weather...and as always God Bless Us All.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ok, So They Call It Monday !

Ok, so they call it Monday !...Guess I have no other choice then to go along with it..but how come it always is such a hassle .. I mean thinking of Monday morning kind of makes ya feel like..OMG! do I have to get up ?????

So Up I got and on Monday was chilly again and I dragged that trash out and hurried back in the house ..sat on the couch and thought to myself.."What Happened to Sunny, Warm Florida ?   Although the TV was promising we'd go up to 70...but I didn't believe it ..not the way the air had that Ice Chill..OMG it was ICE !

Infact I couldn't get my day started but had to force myself..did a load of laundry and I was happy when the dryer was on..that warm hot air breeze..something my heat pump could take a few lessons from  :)

Most of the day was just getting boxes together for my friend she's always asking me to save them and I always seem to accumulate a lot..via Amazon, Dr Forster etc etc etc..LOL.

I wanted to make an Apple Cinnamon Bread and had to go to the store to get in apples...came back home and decided I'd wait a bit and put together Pork Chops and Scalloped potatoes..ok..and boy was it good...

Got to talk with the Breeder of "hopefully" my pup..He even sent a picture and boy this baby is a cutie..Momma had 8 females and 1 male..WOW.. they're only 9 days old and I've got a few weeks..they need to be 8 weeks before they can be let go...but you know I'm just hoping things will work out..

Ms Reba had a iffy day but towards night time she seem to come together...some days it's really hard for her..but she's not in pain..she's just wandering and some what confused..then she'll snap out of it and be I pray she'll be ok..I'm a woosie when it comes to this..but I do thank God for everyday I have with her..and also Zeke..he's such a good boy.

Ah my day has been weird but I'm kind of getting use to these things..and some of the people I deal minute they are smothering you and then the next minute they act like they don't even know you... What is with that ???? is it Me ?????

Well, I need to get to bed and get a lot of things done tomorrow.. I need to keep my brain busy cause then I try to figure what I've done or didn't do..LOL

So with that ...those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Cold Sunday

Another Cold Sunday...I'll say ..woke up to 32 here in sunny Florida...OMG..and I heard on the news another cold blast is gonna hit us on Tuesday...HEY WE IS SOUTH...!

Morning for me was dragging as it was just too cold for me bones to wanna move and even Mister Zeke wasn't anxious to go out that we all snuggled in until a little past day break and then we weather the wind and cold...brrrrrrr.

So that set my goal for today...Not going out didn't need anything that important and I had to do up some potatoes for the critters and got that job done and that was my big event...was gonna make an Apple Cinnamon Bread and just plain ole desided I was gonna sit and just watch the birds and then some TV..a couple of football games..:)

Watched the Bronco's win over N E Patriots..good game and then now I'm watching the Sea Hawks win over the 49ers..oh my... but a good game never the less.

Turned on my Electric Blanket..and see my Critters all got their spaces..mmm will have to move one big guy..LOL  so this is short and sweet and I'm just so ready to say...."happy trails"... those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Long Day To No Where On Saturday

A Long Day To No Where On sure was..started off Waking up too early and then tossed and turned on the couch...that sucked...then it was really chilly in Sunny Florida here...(what's with all this cold stuff) and these heat pumps are the pits !!!

Went out and fed my birds as I hadn't seen those blackbirds so I was happy to see my Woodpecker (notice I call them mine ) and along came the pair of BlueJays and Mister Big Boy himself..the Cardinal.. I love that bird..then out of no where like Dive Bomber came those black birds...gosh they are so the other birds away...if only they'd share...what can I say.."Just like some nasty people always taking advantage of the weaker ones"..ugh :(

Later in the morning I decided to make that Preacher's cake well it looked and smelled fantastic but I was so disappointed in the taste..YUCKO..something is missing...can't figure out what but that surely isn't anything I'd offer anyone cept my trash can and that's exactly where it went...OH BROTHER !

But I did make a mean burger and boy that was delish !!  I mean to tell you I could have ate another one but didn' perhaps I'll make another one tomorrow...and Ground Chuck makes that best..juicy and flavorful..YUM :)

Rest of the day I just leaned back after cleaning up the mess and then Ms Reba went a little off kilter..she was really confused where she was at and started falling..bumping into things ..I am not sure what happened..maybe she was looking for me and got stressed but really scared me.. I thought the worst of course...but boy I just picked her up and held her as she moaned..she might have had a mild seizure..sure hope not but she's really old and doing the best she can..

Now I'm ready for bed and got the electric blanket on and Ms Reba is laying right in the good spot too..Zeke is got his area covered and I'll have to beg to enter mine..LOL

So on with tomorrow and those traveling Stay Safe and as always...Keep Warm and God Bless Us All

Friday, January 17, 2014

Alrighty It's Here...Friday !

Alrighty it's here...Friday !   Again another early rise and back to bed..Ms Reba I think feels she needs to be up at 2am...and Momma has no choice..but we did go back to sleep...and then I had to make the dash and get my blood work done favorite thing..and of course NO that's a tough one ...but when my blood was done I was hitting the coffee and the gals in the lab were all laughing..hey they know they see it everyday...and to make matters worse...We was Cold..and I do mean Cold.. I had my heat on in the car and in my seat..yes, I had a hot butt...hahahaha..

After that I went on over to Publix...and yes, I was bad..well I couldn't help myself I was weak from not having that early morning coffee and everything and I do mean everything looked extra special and I DID treat myself...but after that I was UGH..shouldn't have but I did so now I pay the piper.

Put everything away and then got the critters all taken care of as I only gave them a small meal so they were mighty hungry was Ms Shug I even did her up some Brussels sprounts..and she had a nectarine for was delish.. I was so surprised cause fruit lately has been tasteless.

Most of the night kind of flew by as I was so busy looking at patterns for something simple to do ..but still have to finish that hooded hands are kind of sore so I am working rather slow with it..too much crocheting in a short time..

Now I'm really ready for bed.. I did go out and fill the bird feeder cause my poor birds were looking for food..hopefully those blackbirds flew else where as the feeder has been empty for a few days..

So with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Woo Hoo ! On Thursday :)~

Woo Hoo ! On Thursday :)~   The package finally arrived and my Niece and her Hubby loved it.. it matched their couch color...How's that for not even seeing their furniture...I'm just so relieved the package wasn't lost..

Morning for me was an OVER SLEEP ...yes, I woke up with Ms Reba at 2am and then went back to bed and before I knew it Mister Zeke was in my face.. I opened my eyes and low and behold it was 6:45am..OH !!!!!

Got up (now I can't jump out of bed or I'd hit the floor cause my bed is low) and made a dash down the hallway and grabbed the pills..everyone got theirs including ME ....hahaha

Then next it was the phone ringing ..hubby was getting up and the race is on..Ms Shug probably was wondering where I was...You Who.. I'm here just running a little behind schedule.. I'll say...:)

By the time I got caught up I was behind again..had to get my coffee pot going cause my brain just doesn't get the message and it was TRASH day and wouldn't you know it that truck was outside at 8am and normally it's close to noon...ok so you're gonna give me more problems..but I made it just as they entered the cul de sac...HELLO THERE !

After my mad dash I had to catch my breath and fall back down..this was just too much for me.. I could feel my heart pounding I started to just slow down and figure what I needed to get done .

Ms Reba is having those kind of strange wake ups and I am getting a little more jumpy that I like..I do realize her age and anything is likely to happen. A little later on she seemed to snap out of it and was a little more up and about.

I also decided not to fill my big bird feeder to see if I could get rid of those dang pig birds..the nasty fighters ..those black birds and I saw them fly in and out a few time to check the feeder then jump over to the small one and couldn't get anything from that..ah but I did see my cardinals come back to the small feeder so hopefully I get rid of those other birds..cause I feel really bad I'm not able to feed my birds.. saw the woodpecker come too but couldn't get any food..that made me feel bad..

Later tonight I watched American Idol...tonight was much better than last night several I really did like ..this should be some good talent coming up...but lots of disappointments is gonna happen..too many going to Hollywood .

Have to go into Leesburg tomorrow for my blood work so that means fasting and then on the way home I'll stop at Publix..made my list what I get from there and then I will pick up a breakfast/lunch cause ya know I'll be hungry..LOL coffee coming along with me..:)

So with that.. I've got my electric blanket on and I'm ready for bed..Please Ms Reba sleep through the night peacefully..and for those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No Package Again on Wednesday

No Package Again on Wednesday...what is with this Priority Mail...I mean they say, "Two Days"  Hello there I shipped it on Friday and here it is Wednesday and No Delivery...OMG !

Ok, so this morning was a not good one for me again..Ms Reba is going through some difficult times again.. not sure what is happening with her but she's waking up and jumping off the bed and I hear her hitting into things.. I get up and follow her to the living room...I hate this so much as I'm not really sure what is going on with her..She has no temp..but a little upset tummy and then she's kind of lost..well that I kind of knew was happening to her with her age.

My nights and days are getting really wacked out at the moment so I again today didn't go out as I was just plain exhausted from the strange hours again..and then this package still is in limbo..I have these vision of the blanket being lost..OMG.. makes me ill.

So I did a few more catch up numbers and that at least made me feel better but I'm still not over NO PACKAGE DELIVERY..and the worst things is I went on the web site forget about it.. I mean nothing was posting then it was in limbo...

Later this afternoon I decided to do a few look ups on YouTube for a future project and boy some interesting things I found...and then ya know I went back to that USPS site...OH GIVE ME A BREAK !!

And they call this PROGRESS .....OUCH!!!

Now watching American Idol...only one singer has caught my I sure hope there will be a lot more..seems they just put people through..oh well it makes a show..come on talent it's out there :)

I'm ready to call it a day and Lord please let us all sleep through the night...and those that are traveling Stay Safe and Warm...cause it's getting chilly again...Oh and John and Jane have been at it full throttle..and I now have them on I can get some peace of mind...

With that...and as always..God Bless Us All

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh No ! The Package Hasn't Arrived And It's Tuesday ?????

Oh No!  The package hasn't arrived and it's Tuesday ?????....Just what I needed for my day...:(

Got up around 2am with Ms Reba being ill I took care of her and worried that this might not be a good sign...couldn't go back to sleep so I stayed up and watched TV...then at 5:30am I heard a big truck coming in the cul de sac  and it was some kind of moving van...What's This???? and at this hour...duh ????

Of course let me tell you the heavens opened up and we had lots of heavy rain and this truck pulls up where Betsy use to live and two guys get out and I see all the lights on in Betsy's house and What????? Yes! It's two guys each carrying a Mattress...HOLY Banana

Why would someone unload at this hour and it's pitch black outside only lights on are in the this is one smart moving group...what's next ??  and on with my morning..

I worried about Ms Reba and checked on her often but she was all curled up and I left her be..then slowly around 8:30am she come out of the bedroom..thank goodness

As my day progressed I decided I wasn't going anywhere with all this water and Ms Reba having an off I decided to check my package on line...big mistake cause it shows it hasn't left Florida..and it's in Orlando...OH NO !

This is priority mail which was sent out Friday..LUCKY ME...what can I say...only that I hope Murphy don't get into the off and on all day I kept checking then I called their 800 number..that's a get a recording saying.."Because of bad weather packages and deliveries are delayed"...

Rest of my day went on like that as Jane and John (the fighting duo) were in full action even with her on the road it made no difference...and she now is broke down on the highway waiting to get her van fixed...seems she blew a water pump...Lord Help Me.. I think those two can fight over a sunny day..makes no difference...and then they make up and you have a headache...YUCKO

Now I'm tired from my crazy day...oh and my other experience and never happened before.. I poured a cup of coffee and thank goodness I was standing cause the bottom of the cup fell out..Yes you got that right..fell if I hadn't seen it I wouldn't believe it...I need a rest !!!

So with that I'm gonna say, "Good Night All "...those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All.....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Wasn't Bad At ALL

Monday wasn't bad at all.. I mean I woke up at 2am then turned over and went back to sleep...which by the way I don't always do...but this time I was color me Sleeping !!!

Woke up at 6am with the door bell sound...that was my Iphone letting me know it was pill time for up I got and on I went about my business..I was so good I even did up the ButterNut Squash I've been procrastinating about...but I got er now I have the Yukon Gold Potatoes to do tomorrow and then I can take a break..cause in 10 days I'll be doing up Critter food...OH MY STARS !

Most of the day I did some I was looking through my boxes of "stuff" and I realized I hadn't called my was his 73rd birthday and also my darling Ms Abby's too... I sure do miss her still..

Later I got a text message from a nice gal that was looking for a pup for me and she said, "There was a litter born today, and was I still interested.."  You Betcha and we'll see how this pans out.. I believe she said they were all females..

So my day was kind of a mix and match kind of event...I watched those piggy Black Birds eat all my bird seed and chase my other birds away..darn that ticks me off..this is the first year I've had these..I sure wish they'd find another roost.

Now I'm ready for bed as my day was sort of mundane..and I'm really on with tomorrow Lord Willin and again..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not To Bad Of A Sunday

Not to bad of a Sunday... I did manage to get one half of my laundry done..and tomorrow I'll finish the other half...I'm doing it in stages as I get my energy level back..

Woke up and it was just a tad bit chilly but turned out nice the rest of the day.. and I did manage to use my NuWave Oven..woo toy..:) I made a roast chicken with veggies..wasn't that difficult cause I went up to You Tube...ah that place is neat to learn new things...I get a lot of good patterns and even learn a few new tricks too.

Most of the day I just lobbed around I was in one of those modes..Lobbying..hahaha.. I could be in the White House on that level..a Lobyist..alrighty mighty..

The day was pretty and I watched those black birds..boy I wish they'd fly away..cause my other birds can't get any food..didn't have these for all the years I've been here now it's like they found a new home...Fly away Black Bird.

So I've got to get my act together for tomorrow and also wish my brother a Happy Birthday..he'll be 73..good grief we is sure getting old..I like remember when we were kids..where did the time go ?????

Ok, I turned on my electric blanket and I'm waiting for my bed to get toastie and then I'm under cover..woo hoo..Hope all you traveling are Staying Safe and keeping an eye on this crazy weather we are having...and most of all as always..God Bless Us All.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

And They Called This Saturday :)

And they called this Saturday:)...yes indeedy... I was up and had my my "stuff" all in order ...Critters were fed and I was out the door in a minutes notice..Go Gal Go...and down the road I went ...woo hoo but.....

Had to turn around I forgot something...The Afghan ..could you believe that one ?  Well I did.. I was so anxious and so proud of myself that I was out the door and down the road..DUH !!!!

So back I came to the house and the phone ran..OH NO !  Yes, it was Ms Jane with another problem..Oh dear Lord please give me a break today...I listened and then said, "I got to go"..and hung up.. (I'm getting better at that) and grabbed the box and out the door I went for the second time.

Got to the post office and it was I I placed my box on the table and just leaned up against the wall (no place to sit) and it took about 40 minutes and I was up at the counter...

The gal there knows me and Jane and she's really sweet ..she looked at the size of the box and said, "Ms Zeee, this here box is gonna cost you 50 bucks to send. Can't it fit in one of those boxes over there?  She points to the Priority boxes and I did try to bend fold and squeeze and no go..however she came around and we opened my box and tried a few and no go..but then she looked at me and said, "Wait a minute I have a box I'm gonna throw out that should fit this"...and she walks to the back . A few minutes later she comes out with this big square that you would put 4 Gallons in..

Low and behold it fit..and we squeezed the Afghan down in..and closed it up and she took the label off the other box and it only cost me 15 bucks...what a difference she saved me.. that I thought was so sweet of her..and I'm gonna make her something and bring it up as I have a few more baby blankets to make for an organization I pledged.

I left there smiling and then treated myself to a Hardee's breakfast..that was just ok..I ordered something different and should have known better but it is what it is and that's that. !

Came back and did up Sweet Potatoes for the Critters and put them in the freezer and now tomorrow I'll do the Butternut Squash and go into town and fill my car with gas and stop and pick up a few things from "Winn Dixie"..(love that store)...and a few veggies for Shug.

We had a heavy down pour and such lightning and thunder..OUCH.. I'm not good with that I sat and just read something.. after it passed I turned back on the TV and watched Ice Skating...

Now I'm ready for bed and for tomorrow to start  LOL...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thank Goodness It's Friday !

Thank Goodness it's Friday !  Now that's a saying that went down in history and everyone surely is happy when it comes too...yep, for some the end of the work time...resting time..or just plain get out of town time..for's another weekend rolling in and I'm now gonna start to go on the count down for hubby to get on a plane and head south..wooo hooo.

This morning was a misty kind of morning but no surprises and in fact I did manage to get only a few things done ..guess the ole body just wasn't willing to participate with the brain..but that's ok.

I did manage to get the chicken I cooked up for the critters shredded and put in the freezer and I even got my niece's afghan pack and ready to take to the post office tomorrow with some mail I needed to get sent out too.

I'm starting to see some head way and my cousins are visiting another cousin in Tampa for tomorrow so they will be back late tomorrow night..and I think they will be heading out on Monday.

Made BBQ Chicken in the Crock Pot and boy the day smelled great and it was tasty..I did it in my new Crock Pot as I had it set on low and I even used frozen chicken..hey, I know a good deal made my life easy..

Also noticed a freebee on DirectV ...HBO and Cinamax..hey I get to see some new shows and that works I do record some I'm not watching to catch them later on.

It's like the Gift that keeps giving..I mean you pay enough for any of these cable networks so when they have free's not free you paid for it..take advantage and enjoy the 3 days they give you...sometimes it's a whole week then it's like a big bonus plus :)

Later on in the day it warmed up and boy I surely did appreciate the sun.. I told you I'm a light person..other wise my mood is dull..I need "Bright Lights"..but the heat that came along I did have to turn on the A/C for a bit to cool the house down.

So now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow I have my list of things I need to do and it's grown..I did get a tad bit lazy..but I needed now I pay the piper as they say...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Are You Kidding Me on Thursday ?

Are you kidding me on Thursday ? It was one of those kind of days for me...Started off with me having a dream of being near a stream of running water and what that turned out to be...

Well Ms Reba done overflowed her diaper and she had moved over very close to up to the back of my neck and I felt the warmth of the water...Hahaha..yeah I'll say.. It woke me up right away and that was at 2:45am ..Hello I jumped out of bed..which by the way I'm not really able to do that with my legs..but this morning I did...even Mister Zeke jumped as well..cause I woke his butt up too..Ms Reba was still sleeping so I had to wake her.

Had to change the sheets and pillow case and of course her matt was dry..cause she wasn't on it...and then my night gown..oh yeah and also the back of my neck and got the picture...I felt bad for Ms Reba cause I was not being nice.. I mean my Italian language came through loud and clear..glad the girls next door had moved cause they would have heard me too !

After I got everything taken off the bed and me jump in the shower and clean myself up and Ms Reba as well...we all marched to the front of the house cause the bed was stripped..and I had to put a diaper on Ms Reba and a pair of PJ's ..and brought all the bed stuff out to the laundry room...put everything in the washer and away I went back into the house..curled up on the couch and turned on the TV that time it was now  almost 4am..

Critters went back to sleep and me..hahaha..well I tried and the phone rang..who in the world..(why did I even ask) it was Ms Jane she was depressed..are you kidding me.. but I that time it was getting to be close to 6am..and of course I heard a stirring..yes, I woke up my cousins..LOL..oh well chit happens..

I put on a pot of coffee and told my saga ..they claim they didn't hear a thing..HUH..ok, guess they were sound sleepers..but how could anyone sleep through my loud mouth..hahaha..they got dressed and had to meet up with some one at 8am..I guess for breakfast cause all they had with me was coffee..

So I got the bed clothes done and then made the bed..and on to the rest of my chores..then while cleaning the dog room.. I heard this racket..not really sure what it was but I came in to the living room ..and looked where the sound was coming from.. it was the kitchen and it sounded like a tommy cubes were flying out of the shoot from the ice maker..and I mean these babies were I got closer and Zeke was right along side me..he was barking and growling...  I got hit a few let me tell ya these little babies stung..and I couldn't believe how many that ice hopper holds..but they were all over...bummer... after I cleaned up that mess... I had no ice for a cold !!!!!!

I thought to myself..this is a day that someone wished on me..or Murphy moved back...dang it...the rest of the day was spent.. I was wiped out and needed a break or a nap...which I didn't get but boy I can tell ya now... I'm mindless..:)

Made Stromboli for dinner...and went to fix me a glass of chocolate milk...guess chocolate syrup...OK..that did it.. I'm done..just went and layed on the couch and started to get really sleepy.

Now I'm watching a Hall Mark Channel..(love those shows) and ready for bed...all is well that ends well.. I hope..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Big Move on Wednesday

The Big Move on Wednesday....sad to see it..but the girls next door went to their new home in phase 2 of our community... I saw the big moving van pull in and watched one by one as the men carried out the furniture..and soon there after I watched them all drive away... I should have went out but I sometimes get too emotional...hated to see them go as it only took us 7 years to finally even have a conversation...but I wish them well and they're not that far away and who knows maybe we'll have coffee together or lunch..but I do know that if I'm in need or they are we can call each other...ok let me blow my nose and wipe my tears..:(

Morning again here was a bit chilly and my other new neighbors that bought Betsy's house came over and I watched them work in the yard..they sure do go at it..cold and all...must be people from the NORTH POLE !!!!  LOL..however they are hard workers and they had the truck come and drop a load of white they are making the front yard pretty.

Again though it will be their families that will be staying in the house when they come down to visit..hope no wild kids..lord help me...hahahaha..but it will only be for a short stay so that's a blessing...but I sure was hoping and praying I'd get a nice neighbor like Betsy and Dick..but not ment to be I guess.

As for the girl's house next door..that needs a lot of we'll see how long that goes before that's sold..and please ...all the angels in heaven..please let it be a live in neighbor..and nice one please :)

Most of my day was cooking critter was that time to cook up the chicken and tomorrow it will be dice and cook up the veggies...Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash and Yellow Potatoes...I dice then microwave then freeze and they are what goes in with the rest of the veggies I cook including the rice..yeah I know I'm a nut job..but my crew does so well.

Day dragged as mainly I did a keep an eye on the stove kind of thing..did a meatload in the crock pot and broccoli in the oven with oil, garlic and lemon..and a baked potato was good..and all is resting as I am now ready to hit that bed..

Zeke is now staying on the bed all night so I know it was cold..he enjoyed that electric blanket I could tell.. I tried to move him and he game me the GRRRRRRRRRRRR..yeah he wasn't given up that warmth..LOL

So with that All traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jack Frost on Tuesday BBBRRRRRRRRRR!

Jack Frost on Tuesday BBBRRRRRRRRRRRR!  I'll say, "it was cold as a well diggers arse in the Klondike ! fact when Mister Zeke had to go do his business...I saw SMOKE...hahahaha

Got up early and I could have stayed under that electric blanket cause it felt do dang good...but up I got like the Trooper I is...and stumbled down the hall way cause me legs were fighting to go back...and got to the front of the house..WOW I could feel the difference with those big windows...not that there was a breeze (thank goodness) but the cold from the window pane sure was coming through..

Right then and there I made up my mind week I'm calling that Window place and seeing how soon they can come and replaces those 8 windows..6 in the front and 2 on the side..that will surely help with the heat and the cold.

Stayed in most the day for a one exception I had to get veggies for Ms Shug so went in town to my favorite Winn Dixie and came home with goodies..LOL  well for me and everyone else too.. I mean could I resist..and checked out the gas price 3.349...give me a break..come on get this gas down holiday is over .

Played cards today as it was too cold for everyone to go out and tomorrow I'll have an empty house to catch up on cept I've got to do the chicken up for the critters and cut up all the veggies too and get them into the freezer..

It's gonna be another chilly morning so I didn't uncover my plants but come the weekend it's gonna be up to almost 80..woo hoo.. I'm lovin it it here yet ????

Chatted with hubby and he booked his flight to come down Feb 7th..thank goodness it's been too long at the fair..and he needs some warmth as will be a nice visit too cause it will also be Valentine's Day ..I gave up our Anniversary time cause it just was way too long a wait.

So now I'm brain tired and chilled..just got everyone out and now in bed and that's where I'm heading...and I sure hope anyone who has to do some traveling..keep a watch on this crazy weather I mean PolarVortex..what's with that..????

God Bless Us All.

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Bizzy Dizzy Monday !

A Bizzy Dizzy Monday !....I'll say... Got up and started a load of laundry before daybreak..or daylight..what ever ya wanna call it.... Cousins were gonna do a another house hunt on the other side of the Villages before they make their final decision on what they're buying..

Got my list going so I didn't go backwards.. I mean I did go south..but hey, I thought south was a good move..hahaha...any way I had planned (noticed I said "Planned") but we all know how plans can a moments notice..oh yeah !!!!

A call from Suter did that for me...because of the severe cold front we are about to embark on ...could they come today in a couple hours and service my heatpump...well, what could I say.. I mean it's gonna be down to 28 wee hours..service that baby make sure she's purring..

Speaking of Purring I heard from Jane at 5:45am ..(yes, you are reading that right) she was all in a huff..seems someone called the humane society on her cats..Jane has been feeding Ferrell cats for over a couple years prevent her from having rats..don't wanna go into that part of it.. any way someone made a phone call and it seems the cats were picked up and when Jane spoke with the department they told her..after 3 days of no one claiming and no chip..they euthanize them.. yes, I gasped as well cause that sucks..and Jane was like wild and I just didn't know what to say...

Why people do that I haven't a clue especially since all around her know she feeds them twice a day..I think she has about 7 cats..and they mainly stayed around Jane's that was the first run a muck story I heard..

Then my house got empty and I started to get things done..until another call came was John..and I had to listen to him was a venting day..and in the mean time Suter showed up and that got finished..

Got only one load of laundry done ..folded and put away and I put on a Crock Pot..Stew..made 7 up biscuits and had Soda Stream in action LOL  plus Coffee ..Tea....had a cobbler of Black Berry..and the mess to clean up..

My day seems to have gone a muck and then later today I read on our Early Risers one of our friends is having a major issue with someone really taking advantage of coming all day every day and leaving only at night time..they have no time for themselves and this has been going on a long time...YUCKO...well my two cents worth was..

"Put on your big time panties girl and set it straight"...I mean this gal even sat across the way and watched for them to return as they told her they were going out with someone...Give me a break !!!...

There is no being nice...and if you don't put it out there it will continue and why should you hide to enjoy your own space...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!

So that's kind of been my day and now it's almost over and I've got my electric blanket cooking..and praying no one has any major issues with this frigid cold.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All....and stay tuned in :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

All to Myself Kind of day on Sunday :)

All to myself kind of day on Sunday :).... had to make a trip to Walmart today and boy I just felt like I was never gonna get out and about...but I did !

Early up and made sure I got my critters done and then as soon as I could get dressed off I went..felt good even if I was mostly looking..but I did buy a small Crock Pot..well 4 quart and only color they had was BLACL...but I needed it as my big one is now only cooking on High so soon that will bite the dust ..also picked up my Wild Bird my birdies will have some food..but wish those blackbirds would find another hotel ..

Stopped by John's to drop off the Pet Solution I picked up for him and also he had that rum cake for me...but I hate to say this...It had so much rum in it just about took my breath away...yikes guess where I put that ... couldn't offer it to any afraid they might be stunned LOL...thank goodness tomorrow is trash day !

Oh, but I did get a burger..wanted Chinese food but didn't get it..instead got a burger, fries and a Dr Pepper..LOL  yeah hit the spot..and then finally my destination home..

Ah when I was in Walmart I found a book for Hooded Scarfs some really nice patterns that will be for next years projects as this yeah I have several I need to start work on, soon !

Had the house to myself and I watched my neighbors loading up their cars as Wednesday the movers will be here for them and they'll be in their new house..and I'll be next to an empty one...even saw a couple cars in Betsy's old house but still haven't seen anyone move in..Lordy I sure hope someone will be living there..shame if not .

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow I need to do laundry and of course trash day ..wooo hooo..empty frig..hahaha...So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Chilly Saturday, But NO SNOW :)

A Chilly Saturday, but NO SNOW:)...however we is feeling the brisk air and then comes later on in the day it starts to warm the part that gets me is the sudden out of a plane...HOLY HANNAH..brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

This morning I wasn't in the mood for much but did have my breakfast casserole ready to go in the oven...had to make a quick stop at the farmer's market to pick up some veggies and then made it home...and hopefully that was where I was gonna stay..

Tomorrow I've got to go to I need a few Bird Food for my Wild Birds..cause I'm almost empty..and ya all know how I feel about my birds :)..cept wish those black birds would move on.. they chase my other birds away...:(

Later this afternoon I started my Hooded Scarf..found some Sage color Yarn and began it's will look nice and most of all be warm !  if it turns out like I think it will.. I'll write up a pattern and for next Christmas , Lord Willin..I'll make a few up for the girls..

Also found the cutest baby sweater which could be made for larger child size just by different yarn and hook's really a that will be my next project..Still have to send my niece's afghan out..but heard a bad storm coming in Monday or Tuesday....and you all know my luck so I'll wait it out just to play it safe.

Watching the Eagles and Saint's Game..tight game and the Eagles just scored a touch down...crossing fingers for hubby cause it's his team..and they've been not the greatest in the maybe..for his sake they'll do good :)

I'm pretty much tired and Mister Zeke seems to be coming around ok..Ms Reba well she's doing her best for her little ole lady she is...God Bless her..she's making it each day...and some days I just shake my head..

Ms Shug has been getting so mushy lately..and I'm enjoying it..but she's just a other words can describe her..she loves to entertain me...and all the things I've read about this type of bird I was so worried I might have one of those screamers..she does have her moments but so far so good..

Ok, I'm done with my brain trying to get my words it's Good Night All...Safe Traveling and as always...God Bless Us All

Friday, January 3, 2014

And Here's Friday :)

And Here's Friday :)...and it felt like it too..cold and damp..YIKES...but not as bad as what hubby had in Philly...OH was not as bad at I'll just complain softly.

Morning was a drag for me could barely get my act together..felt like I was hit with a hammer...but I got up and wished I could have wallowed in my self pity...maybe a pity party is in order.  I managed to get my critters done although I wished they could have done it such deal...then at 6am I heard from Jane..she was going in the wrong direction...HUH?????

Yeah, she finally pushed off last night around 9ish and talked with me off and on and then I had to say, "Good Night" I had company and had a lot to get done...I felt bad cause I know how it is driving late at night..which by the way I can not do any more...and she could have left hours earlier if she (jane) would have ever gotten her crap together..but why talk about something that will never change..

Anyway I had to listen to the mess she was in ..along with her poor dog..being sick in the van..OMG...can I believe I'm even typing this...Yes, my blood pressure was rising..but I can not do anything to change it's like just shake my head and pray for the best..poor dog !

Made a quick run to the store to get things I needed for the breakfast casserole I'm making for tomorrow...and got that done..and it was chilly with the wind whipping through...didn't let Ms Reba out till afternoon..cause it was too cold for her...Mister Zeke did ok, and I continued to give him meds for his dysentery ...and he's doing better but will give meds for tomorrow too...not taking any chances..

I had some time for myself this afternoon and I crocheted a Mitten..(one)  and it looks good have to add the thumb in and will do the other one some time tomorrow...and I found a pattern for a Hooded Scarf..gonna attempt that too..yeah I've got the bug again...

I've got so much to get done but won't be able too until I have my own space..soon hopefully...I know that's awful but I'm so far behind I need a big push ..with the Critters not feeling well and all that mess it really puts me behind.

Listened to TV cause I was preoccupied so I can't even tell ya what I my electric blanket on and as soon as my bed is warm..I'm under cover LOL...and on to another dream world..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What a Thursday....!

What a Thursday !....ok, now I know I'm not imagining things..but today was a What a Day !!!... Got up and thought I had everything under control..(now that's a laugh) and was happy that Zeke was doing better..(I thought) and all was well till I realized I was a little bit behind schedule...and for me..that can be a NIGHTMARE on with my SAGA..

Jane called..(this was the start) at 6am with her usual..she's getting ready to go on the road and doesn't have anything done...even with the help..she has them going in too many directions..NO PLAN...and is in a panic mode ...what's new about that...uh oh as I'm typing my battery is running low in my keyboard..hahahaha..

Then on to my I really needed it ) and Happy Happy..what's for dinner ..OMG.. I'm doing Critter food too...Oh Yeah want some Rice and Chicken LOL...I'll be good..:)

So I put together some chicken in the oven and some veggies roasted..that took care of that and then I had to make something for I whipped up some jello (everything goes well with Jello) and I had a can of that went..had a can of Redi Whip.. I'm good to go...( go to hell in a hand basket today)..

They left and went looking at houses as I had this gigantic mess..lucky me..and then Zeke was acting strange..OH NO... yep, that beast came back again..Murphy what are you doing to me ?????...So took him out and then pulled out the meds for that problem and only gave him a 1/3 of his dinner..and along comes Ms Reba..OH YEAH...

Steamed the Kitchen Floor...(my kitchen floor has been steamed so much today it should look like a lobster ....and then I realized I hadn't done the critter it was grab stuff out of the freezer ..wash the rice ....grab the steamer and plug that baby we go off to the races..

When that got finished I put everything up and cleaned up the kitchen again...this is not my favorite kind of day...and I haven't yet sit down ..why?  cause I also took my that was another whopper...

Later tonight I finally got to grab something and then got a call my hotel was open and room service was coming ..turned on the electric blanket to make sure that that room ready...and put on a pot of coffee and I had some corn muffins in the freezer..pulled them out and I'll toast them...

Got all my critters taken care of they are in bed...and soon I'm gonna be...closed my bedroom door and got everything set up in the kitchen...then Jane called...she likes talking with someone...(me) while she drives into Georgia...and all I wanna do is lay my head down and say, "Lord please let this all be a dream"...

Those that weather and stay safe..and as always...God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years Day...Still Wednesday but Later :)

Happy New Year's Day ...Still Wednesday but Later :)...I'll say... my Eve was neat and enjoyed my friends sharing the ball dropping in Time Square..lots of laughs and memories..and then I couldn't wait to fall into bed....

That wasn't to be for long as it was around 2ish when Mister Zeke kept pestering me..should have known something but I was doggone tired and struggled to get up...however Mister Zeke past me like he was shot from a cannon....HOLY HANNAH !!

Let him out and I was barefooted too...but hey, I wasn't me.. I was that person that was in La La Land....when Zeke came back in I closed the door and turned on the light as I was stumbling...OH NO !!!!   YEPPERS  Murphy Strikes Again..

Poor Mister Zeke had an explosion all across the living room floor..(carpet) and I was gasping..when, where, how..OH NO !!!!   so at 2:30am I was cleaning up the biggest mess ya never want to see... then I dragged out my Bissell Rug Shampooer and proceeded to use Odor Ban first then Pet Stain Solution Next along with Fabreeze...hey anything that would help was going down on that floor...

The worst part was I hadn't vacuumed..Yes, I procrastinated about vacuuming and only did a little so now I'm gonna pay the piper...and it was awful.. wet hair in clumps.. I mean bad enough I had to clean the rug shampooer have the fans going to help try and dry and remove I was gagging..(are you all shaking your heads ????) then I had to vacuum up the wet clumps of hair that also stuck in the tube of the the time I finished it was almost 4:30am and my carpet was clean my feet were purple and I had the biggest bag of trash..thank goodness Thursday is trash day !...

So as to say how my New Years came in...should I even ????? I'll leave that up to all of you that read my blog...but I can assure you Mister Zeke was exhausted and slept all day.. the poor guy..

As for me..I finally got a nap around 3pm till about 4:30pm..but tonight as I lay my head down...heck I'm gonna go out like a light !! and pray this was just a bad dream...cause this was one hell of a 2014 already ....LOL

Oh, one thing...If I could handle this mess and not bit the bullet.. I got a few more years left in me...Thank You Lord that sure was my Stress Test !

And yep, I took a picture of the Afghan that will be going out next's really awesome ..the picture doesn't do it justice...but it's really nice..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as Always..God Bless Us All..