Thursday, April 30, 2015

We're Humming Right Along On Thursday

We're humming right along on Thursday...and my humming bird feeder is busy too...I'm enjoying those darling creatures..they just so unique.. I mean flight in action forward, backward and yes! even sideways..and Zoooooom they're gone..hahaha.. and I even when they come up to me and buzz me..that's wild..

Morning was ok, and I grabbed all the trash and out to the curb.. but next trash day will be clean the frig.. I so like the two times a week.. really helps me and also I get to be motivated in getting rid of "Stuff" which by the way can build up fast..

My plants are doing good.. and I'm now feeding the plants once a week with Miracle Grow.. it sure does show as the plants are blooming nicely.. next I've got to try the dawn treatment to rid of bugs.. hear tell to mix some liquid dawn (regular kind) in a bottle and add water and spray the plants.. it rids of pests and doesn't hurt the plants or the for me !

My darling Brats are starting to slow down a bit..but Miss Annie is sure a tuffy.. I mean that gal can charge and chew and be just nasty at the drop of a hat.. I'm not liking I'm working on trying to correct her.. Rudy is gentle and only when she really ticks him off does he come back at her..

My day was kind of dull.. did make Chicken Parm for dinner and I also did get a nap in.. that really helps me.. as I'm up so early and have that interruption for Annie coming in bed at  night.. so that little bit of nap sure feels good..and it's right after lunch and even Ms Shug enjoys it..cause she's been lately and Early Bird too .

Now I'm ready for bed and I'm noticing when it comes to 9pm I'm ready and I start working my way back too.. let the brats out make up their night snack.. Miss Annie I've been giving her a little bit of rice and pumpkin with her cookie broke up .. that's been helping her with her tummy she's not having those loose stools..

Rudy is starting to improve too.. with his eating..he's liking his food and now starting to fill out more..he's growing into a nice boy.. I'm really pleased with him.. and soon I'll go and meet up with another handler about taking Rudy out..we shall see..

So I'm ready for bed..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's The Middle Of The Week, So It's Wednesday :)

It's the middle of the week , so it's Wednesday :)...and I have a plan to get out and go "Shopping"..hahaha.. my big outing..but I am in need of a few things and also Rudy's's that time again..

Got up and staggered down the hallway...but at least no major storms going on and the darling Brats will go out without the..."I don't want my feet wet " look and then I can come back in get my setups ready for my 7:30am feeding..and then me and Ms Shug can sit back and enjoy our breakfast together..that is the latest scoop in my home..Shug and I eat breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner together..hahaha..well she don't like to eat alone and I can't blame her.. I don't either..

I also did a first today.. I did fried Chicken (air fried) on my NuWave..and it came out delicious and shocked me..cause I thought ok.. it might be close but not like fried..well wrong!!!  it was crispy and crunchy without the grease.. I could like this :)

I'm still learning with that NuWave..most the time I'm just kind of lazy and want to do simple things..but I need to learn more.. there is so much more to explore..

I also like to cook several portions so I can just reheat and I do my Sausage and Peppers, Chicken Parm and of course the big Momma of all..Lasagna..that I've got to make one day next week.. It makes life easy for me to just portion it out and grab and reheat..just like I do the brats and Shug's food...uh oh here comes that OCD....My frig has setups and I'm telling ya it takes a bit to get them done but when you just reach in and grab it's so easy and you can just relax without stressing .

Didn't really watch much as I was busy I'll watch tomorrow as I cook up the chicken parm and put that up in dishes too.. already made the gravy when hubby was here..

So now I'm ready to call it a day and just get a good night's sleep..sure feels good on these ole week I have a Vet appointment with Annie and Rudy and then next day Doc appointment for me..will find results of my blood work too..

Alrighty.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ok! It's Tuesday

Ok! It's Tuesday and it rained most of the night and into the I wasn't really anxious to get motivated to do much of anything..only what I had to....and tomorrow I have to make up for it ..plain and simple.

Brats were fired up in the morning cause they couldn't get out to let that wild streak loose so they did it in the house..not that there's anything new with that..but I did get a token from Miss I was chatting on line with one of my RV Sistahs I got the feel of Miss Annie sinking her teeth into my she thought it was Rudy...OUCH! 

Ah but of course Miss Annie got the feel of my broom come across her arse !  Yes indeed and I did swing..I felt the air move as it connected right to her butt !!  she looked and me and took off like a bat out of be it !!!

Most the day I kind of dragged although I had to make a trip to the Dentist as I will be starting procedure for my upper teeth.. I will be getting what is called like snap on's...LOL  they put posts in and the teeth snap to them.. so no need for any gook or paste or what ever and I'm told I'll be able to chew anything..

I just want to get the show on the they say...and then I guess it will be when I come back down to get the bottom done...but when I go home I have to have cataract surgery..woo hoo.. I'm just full of goodies to repair..

Watched the Voice tonight and I wasn't surprised who got let go...but next week that Sawyer has to come up with better songs or I think he will be heading out the door...

Ok, my day is almost over and tomorrow I do have to jump on the band wagon and get things done...and also go to the store..YUCKO...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All...

Monday, April 27, 2015

WoW Is Me, It's Monday :)~

Wow is me, it's Monday :)~..... I got up and I wasn't anxious that's for sure and even Miss Annie and Rudy didn't want to get up and out.. We was all in a dump...Big Daddy done left us to fin for ourselves LOL..

Really, none of us had the energy and the day was gloomy and off and on drizzle and tonight..well, I'm not liking storms over my head...that's for sure !

Most of the day was just getting things together and with as gloomy as it was and me no was lean back and relax...and take the trash out... towels were and still are set up for those wet dawgs ...eeewwww...they don't like it and neither do I.

We watched some movies and took a nap and then did a few things on the NuWave and tomorrow I'll have to do some setups for Ms Shug..and that's about I am hearing MORE RAIN on my Parade ...YUCKO..

I did look up how to arm knit..looks strange but I might give it a try.. I did say, "Might"..but I should be doing some things anyway even if it's not a lot of heavy stuff..but a jump start might be nice..

Watched the Voice tonight and to was mostly too over the top for me.. I'm not into all that dramatic singing..just plain ole good singing works fine..and Sawyer you best get some life into those songs..they sound to deadpan for me..go back to what you came on with.. Liven up the room....YEA HAW!!

Ok, so that's my story for today ..nothing really to we was all in the case of the lazy day and boy did it ever feel good... oh!  I did watch a lot of hummers..they were sure busy...

So with that...those traveling Stay Safe and watch that weather out always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Robert Heads To Philly On Sunday

Robert heads to Philly on Sunday...and as we went to bed last night ..I felt the feeling that the house was gonna be empty's a strange feeling to explain I've been going through it for years..but I so do hope that this soon will come to pass...and while I'm still able to enjoy our life together ..

Robert had called the limo service and arranged pick up to the airport for 7:15am on Sunday and got all his laundry done and what he was taking back with him together..all but for a few things..

We watched some TV together and then it was lights out..I got up at 5am and got Robert up around 5:30am ...although he was awake when I got up...I got the brats out and arranged for their feed for 7am so that he would be able to get out without them jumping and barking...

However, there were other plans in the making..seems someone was knocking on my door at 6:15am...What ????? the dogs went ballistic ...I had to put them up so I could open the door.. and Robert was in taking his shower...I finally got to the door and it was the limo driver ready to pick Robert up...

Holy Chit !!!!...I yelled to Robert and it was a blur from there on out till Robert walked out the door...So loud in the house I couldn't hear what Robert was saying...and then after Robert left he called me and said, "The guy said they sent a E mail changing the times.. well, on hubby's phone he doesn't have them as a contact so it went into why didn't they call ????

Anyway from there on day was strange..the dogs kept running back to the bedrooms looking for Robert and Ms Shug kept screaming..Gawd, I wanna move some where LOL... finally by evening everyone settled down.. as I wasn't about to do anything..

The house is strange right now and it takes a few days for all to go back to what we are use too.. the phone calls, the wake ups, the ride to work, the ride back from work, discussing the shows we are watching and then the Good's difficult...but we always say, "Soon as he can retire, he will"  but this time when we go back we are gonna start getting the house ready to sell..lots to be done but it's kind of a MUST .

I don't know with what I have all wrong with me how long I'm gonna be on the good side..and turning 72 with all, he needs to think about maybe retiring when he can get a good deal.. I want to be able to spend some good days while I've got them..

I know it probably reads strange but for me with my problems every day is a plus and when things go wrong with's like ten I'm praying the Good Lord gives us a few years we can enjoy..

Now I'm dragging, as I did Rudy's nails tonight and he for some reason acted like a JackAss..He's a big boy and to struggle with him is enough to put me out of commission for the rest of the night.. looks like I'm gonna have to do him every week to stop this nonsense.. I  just won't allow it.. I'm not hurting him and he should be able to trust me.. so Too Bad Mister Rudy !!

With that, it's lights out and on to tomorrow's trash day   ugh !!... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, April 25, 2015

We Is Busy This Saturday

We is busy this Saturday...I mean like the last day Hubby is gonna be here as he's leaving very early in the morning to catch his flight back to Philly :(

Our time seem to have went fast but we did make the most of it without too many disasters .. I mean, as a rule we always have one..but thank you ..we did good !

Today was mostly catch up on what needed to get done.. and hubby did some running and later this evening we transplanted a few plants..crossing my fingers on that ...but I think they'll be ok..

It's gonna take a week to get the brats and Ms Shug back to some what normal as boy do they ever love their "Daddy"...I mean I was like.."Who are you " ?  He walked into the room and that was all it took..and tonight they sensed something cause Ms Shug never shut up from screaming..Hubby had to sit down with her and hold her...

Now we've got most of the things on the list done..only a few things that I can do wash the outside furniture.. I'll do that this week..and then when hubby comes back which will be like 2 months and then we'll be packing up to head back north..

So I'm dawg gone tired so it's catch ya all tomorrow.. Lord willing..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Did I Think Friday Was Gonna Be Smoother ?

Did I think Friday was gonna be smoother ?????? HECK that's an understatement !...Got up at 3ish and Miss Annie climbed in bed and could I go back to sleep  Hell NO !!! I tossed a bit and finally must have dozed off and before I knew it was 5:30am..

Headed out to the kitchen with the brats...let them out and then pulled all my setups out for the morning feed..also took a bottle of water as again I was fasting cause we all know why ...HUM hubby up..he wasn't thrilled but can't blame him as I thought I was done..but I hear him do his ..well no other way to put it.. complaining..and me without he looking to meet his Maker ????

Good Lord give me strength..change my trend of thought..cause it's in the danger get him up and out the door and was at the Quest Center by 8am ..Brats were taken care of ..of that part I wasn't worrying about...just me and hubby driving together and me with out's was a close one ..

Got in the Quest center and it was packed..Fridays and Mondays for all your info in a Quest lab is packed to capacity...and not only was it packed but I had to drive through town on Bike Fest..HOLY CHITSKI !!!

Anyway, as I talked with the young gal she did say, "Ill try to get you in "..HUH???  "but sign in and take a seat"...let me count the ways I want to never do this again in this life or after life ...PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ....I sat down and just tried to be patient and thank goodness I only had to wait 15minutes all thought felt like hours..when you have no patience.

After that I got back in the car and drove immediately to Mc breakfast and parked..told hubby, enjoy ..don't speak ..not yet or maybe never ...but tread carefully if you do...Now normally we are pretty good but not today..not the way I was feeling... I mean voices were going off in my head LOL.

For the first time my coffee was so hot it burned my lips..UNREAL..WHY ME ???  it was burning my fingers right through the cardboard..had to put it down..maybe I should have brought my own..but again like I said, "I wasn't in the frame of mind ".....however, there must have been 50 motorcycles parked in the lot and it got loud as we sat and ate our breakfast...So So So nice !

Then we headed over to Office Depot ..had to buy a printer and we got a Brother was nice at least I could read the dang the all black ones I can't read the print..this is also wireless but I think most are now a days.. and then we headed back home..

Let the brats out and I had to sit back and relax.. I was so tense..the rest of the day hubby was really wiped out so he laid on the couch and fell into the inners of what is to be known as a bottomless pit.. I just let him be..and took a nap..

After dinner we decided to hook up the printer...From there we go on the rollercoaster...nothing would work right...I put the CD in and it just lagged and lagged..OMG ! what in the world is happening.. sometimes these CD's are older versions as they print them up and things change..well mine wasn't going no where fast..and as I said to hubby, "I'm gonna uninstall and reinstall.."

He says, "let's call Tech"...Now folks some days it doesn't matter's what's on the other side of the phone...and in our case..we reached an automatic service first which kept cutting in and out and disconnecting... why do I feel myself becoming unedged...but I redial and in the meantime I uninstall the CD that's hanging into space and reboot my computer and reinstall that damn CD and it starts to connect and at that time a rep comes on..

I give hubby the phone as soon as I hear their voice and I know I'm not going to be able to understand her and she's breathing so heaving I hear every breath she takes...LOL  her mouth peace must have been installed inside LOL..

He talks and I follow directions and we go through ins and outs..and try this and why isn't that working...try go to control panels and let's ping this..HELLO.. this is gonna be a wild ride..and sure enough 2 hours later here we all are in the same place..

I finally figure out why.. now this is a joke.. my printer will work wireless with my I phone and Ipad but not my computer and as I try to explain why.. No one is listening... it's because my computer is not on wireless mode I have it hard wired in and only use my I pad and I phone in Wifi...but however, if I disconnect my USB cord into my router my laptop will be wireless..

Long and short of it.. I also used a USB Port to connect the printer to the computer and let it be wireless for all my other devices...I was so glad to get off that phone that I could feel my angina kicking in...good grief ..that's all I didn't need..but I had to lean back and relax..

My tension the last few days has been at a high level ..and yep! I'm now needing to just keep it calm or nitro will be popping soon... it's been a bit much for me.. even though I don't always show it my body tells me..

Message to one self...don't call tech support and keep distance from people for the next few days chit !!

So those traveling Stay Safe.. I sure wish I was..and as always God Bless Us All...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Whopper On Thursday !!!

Another Whopper on Thursday !!!... I do believe it is written in the cards that I encounter strange today's worth of goodies..

First off I woke up at 3am as Miss Annie did her Woof and up I got and let her climb in my bed...and then I couldn't go back to sleep..LUCKY ME !...So at 5:00 am Rudy, Annie and I marched out to the kitchen..and I proceeded to get things ready for 7:30am when I would get all fed.. so I had planned for hubby to get up and do this one time feeding so I could take off and head into town to get my blood work done and of course it was a Fasting one so that meant no COFFEE and No I'm not a happy camper without my COFFEE .

So all was going well and I also had to mail a check to Mary for getting me my Matts to come down with in she is retiring and also moving down I ordered a box of them and I am good to go...that was on the table and I grabbed it as I went out the door...

Driving out of my development I'm listening to the news and I realize I just past the mail I made a U turn and then dropped that out on the highway and sun beating right in my eyes..boy I just loved that...but I proceeded squinting.

Pull into Quest parking lot when I realize I don't have the script for the blood test..HOLY CHIT!!!  I then realize that my doctor's office is open at 7:30am and it's just a minute across the way I back the car up and head on over..park run in and see the nurse.. HELP!!  She was really  neat about it and gave me another copy and back to Quest I go... get in and only sat maybe a few minutes and my turn as I had an appointment..

Leave there and just another minute also as the Cardio Doc is down the road from I get in park the car and head into the sooner do I sign in and the male nurse comes and gets I go.. sit down and he checks my BPs and they were 128/78..great and then proceeds to tell me my med list is not in the computer ?????? WHAT>>>>> I shake my head .."What's going on, I've been coming here for 6 years and no med list... it should be there I was last seen by Dr and his in put should be showing everything..." I had to go out in my car get my cell phone bring it back in as it has the list of my meds..give him that info and everything is hunky dory

As I sit and I hear the Doctor coming in.. he says, "Hello" and we chit chat a few minutes then he proceeds to look over my chart and ask me "How are my legs doing "... I look at him.."Doc, they are ok...hurt a little but not much"...he then says, "Well, you have a lot of fluid leaking from those veins and your test results don't look good, are you wearing those support stockings ? "....

I'm some one perplexed and say, "I don't wear them much only when needed and my legs aren't leaking, I'm confused here ..what are you talking about ?"...He looks over at me and then says, "Since your test "....I say, "What Test"..he says, "The one you took here"...Again I shrug my shoulders and say, "I haven't taken any test Doc "... he looks at me puzzled and says, "yes!  you took it here in Dec 2014"

Ok, to make this back and forth short.. I never took any test here only back when I first came and all my tests are done in what the hell are you talking about ?????  That's when he turns and has his puzzled look..then says, "Some times we get confused on things ".. I say quickly.."Doc, I'm not confused now or then..."  His face freezes and says, "is your birthday...Denise"...

Hello !!!!  First off my birthday is not that and my name isn't Denise !!!  He turns purple and says,,"Hold on a moment"...walks out the door and I hear something but can't make it out then the nurse comes in and says, "oh I'm so sorry "... HUH??????? We made the mistake...and I so apologize..."

She gets all my stats then in comes the Doctor really upset..and sits down and he also tells me how sorry he is...and that's when I tell him what has happened to me several times and why I now see him and not the top banana..he says, " in my 22 years of practice I've never had this happen..." 

I couldn't resist temptation and said, "Welcome to Flori DUH !!! .Be prepared for a lot of this nonsense..and now you know why I won't let any testing be done's been a worry of mine and if you think I'd let any climb into my chest..well forget about it...if I have a say !!...He said, "I can fully understand your fear, I would feel the same way"..

Now I do like this Doctor..not because he's a New Yorker..but maybe that might help but he now knows how I feel about this situation and for me this has happened several times but in other ways... I felt bad for him as he was really shocked and taken back.. I'm sure he felt like a fool..but it wasn't his fault but I'm glad he saw it first hand and his ego didn't get in the way..

So after that got done I left and headed home.. had my coffee and sat back and relaxed eating my toasted corn muffin and the phone rings.. Hubby says, "Oh you want to talk to my wife, hands me the phone and it's Quest.. I need to come back as the gal taking my blood only took two vials  and they need two more...HELLO THERE ..not this too...and it was a fasting tomorrow I have to head in early and get the other two vials taken PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ let me off the bus !!!

I told my hubby, "That's It, I'm not doing anything more today or something else craze will happen" home I stayed until my run into town again to Quest...and I'm crossing my fingers no more nonsense

So that's it for me and I'm now ready to cash it in.. and pray for a better day ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Nice Outing On Wednesday :)

A nice outing on Wednesday :) ...Robert and I met with our friends and RV Sistah Dawn and her brother Paul for lunch at Perkins..we certainly had our jaws going and did a lot of laughing...we were like Peas in a Pod on stories..

Morning for me was busy as I had to gather the flock..LOL  get them all taken care of...hubby slept in till that time most was done and I could then sit back a little..but of course my morning was just a bid going to bed my brain was fried and I forgot to turn on the dishwasher...HELLO MOMMA...

All did work out ok as I still got to feed those darling brats by 7:30am..and got in my coffee and quiet time too..hey, I'm really working on this routine more and more ..getting it down to a science LOL

After lunch Robert and I headed over to pick up those Darford Charcoal mini cookies which by the way were kind of pricey... like paying much much more  here in Florida..figures but really I paid 30 bucks more.. I'm gonna work on finding a supplier for sure !

Then off to Walmart.. I kind of had a queasy tummy so I stayed in the car while Robert went in..we had the list so it wasn't that difficult..still have to pick up a printer as mine ..although works won't work with this Windows 8..

Then home we went and just took it easy..Robert did put the new flooring in for the crates and my darling Miss Annie..well let's say.."don't take her long" and she ate a hole in the out that came and now she has a plastic panel that came in...she's happy then so am much for making her comfy

Watched Survivor and it was goodbye Jenn...well she didn't care as she was ready to go home from by Jenn...but it's getting loose as a goose with these folks..getting interesting..

Now I'm ready for bed have a busy morning tomorrow as I have to go for blood work and then right to the Cardio Doc..will see how I feel with far ok..

With that I'll say..."Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All "

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hold ON Tuesday Jumped In On Me !!!

Hold on Tuesday jumped in on Me !!!...oh did it ever... Hubby and I had plans to get so much done..HA!  Best made plans of Mice and Men...hahahaha...well it did start off great.. I mean my brats were so good..SHOCKING...and the morning was humming along..when as we were getting ready to head out my cell phone alerted me my Internet was down and my house phone was out...

OH NO!!!.... so I had to call Bright House...and you all know how that can go.. hear the dialogue then click this and say that and What was that...that automative device could be drowned as far as I'm concern..and love it when it says, "you can get help on the internet..."  WAIT... I HAVE NO INTERNET OR PHONE SERVICE"...hahahaha... YES!!!!  I was not happy with this event but sit and wait for a SUPPORT I wait and wait and wait on my cell phone by the way....minutes clicking away Cha Ching...Cha Ching

Finally I get a Support person..tell him my story..(that's how I put it) and then get told...hold on let me transfer you to a SUPPORT TECH ??????? OK, wait again and then ...repeat the same stuff...(sigh)...but it's the only way you can get any help so you have to deal with it..

Next I hear, "We'll send a tech out Wednesday"...OH NO YOU Won't....that's when I have to go into detail that I'm a heart patient and I have to have a two ways about it.. I can't use my cell phone but in certain areas of my house or out in the can you picture if I need help I have to drag my body ..if I can out the friggin door ????? I don't think so..

Then he says very nicely, one moment..wait again.. listen to that crappy music and comes back and said, "We'll have a tech there between 1pm and 6pm..ok, better than tomorrow and it was like almost noon time anyway..

Tech got here around 5pm and long and problem with my service.. I didn't have any..?????? yep my service was disconnected...?????? WHAT ?  Someone came out and disconnected my service this morning..appearantly they were disconnecting someone and for some reason my box had the wrong info on it and they pulled the plug... This tech changed the data and reconnected me then left...

So I figured I'd call Bright House and let them know which I'm sure the tech will do I call..yep...the automatic service thingy..get a tech and explain what happened.. and then he says, "Now Why are you calling us " ?????? DUH ..what part of my conversation confused him.. I mean letting them know there was a screw up and who ever was to be disconnected didn't and I was which shouldn't have been..check your work order ...I repeated that number a few times too many..finally I said..."Ok, I'm done"...hahaha..

Yes, my day was a little bit over the hill maybe Pork Chop Hill...but now my service is working... hopefully..and to top that off.. came back in the bedroom and the Tech left his I need to call tomorrow so he can pick them up.. OMG that Auto Thingy again..

After that hubby and I sent for a Pizza and watched the Voice to see who made it through.. so now it's till next week..and I sure hope Sawyer sings a better song... and I now feel like that Koryn, if she sings like she did last night.. she's a home run..

Ok...Now I want to share a picture of my he was watching the Tech drive up the driveway...He's looking so good...

He's becoming a big boy and what a lover...very proud of this young lad..he's 18 mos old..and soon will go back out showing...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Not So Ready For Monday :(

Not so ready for Monday :(....I had a good night sleep but still felt like crappola when I got up.. dragged into the kitchen at 5am and did what I had too..must have been listening to the news the night before and hearing of the storms we were gonna have..and those that know me ...just know how I HATE those things..I is Chicken Chitski ..big where to go where to you have to sit and listen and watch ..and crumble...waaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Most the day was kind of.."what do I need too do"...and being the day looked dreary...I wasn't anxious to do most of anything...but did go to the furniture store about the legs and also did buy a remnant of vinyl and the rest is "the Nothingness"...felt great too..

Had a mean steak for dinner..that baby was juicy and thick and hubby and I split it...and we was full..leaned back and just absorbed the relaxation...even the brats were that was a shocker..

Storm rolled in really quick...came down hard and fast and then out of I like them kind..goodbye for now :)...and then it was feed brats and get ready for the voice..

The best of the whole night was that young girl (17) Koryn Hawthorne..she did a fabulous job.. I even downloaded her song...also I did vote for Sawyer as I feel his talent is a lost art...but sure wish he'd do an upbeat he did for his blind audition..

So my day is over and I'm ready to cast my vote for Mister Sandman too !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Outing With The Hubby On Sunday

An outing with the hubby on we embarked our tour to Lowe's in search of square legs in a round hole for the couch ...LOL.. well it sure did turn out that way...but waiting on hubby to wake was the testing moment ...LOL

Got up at 5am and did my usual...and also made another setup for Miss Annie as her stock was running low...then proceeded to get all the darlings cleaned and taken care of a pot of coffee on for ME as I knew my day was gonna be a long one...

Once I got everyone fed and hubby came out of his coma ...he got his cola and I could see by the look in his eyes he was coming to !  Hooray, we are getting close to getting out the door...and by that time it was 10:30am..

So it was warm out..hahaha..we're in an AC car we'll be ok...and of course we got a front parking space..thank goodness and again in Lowe's no electric cart..Oh no !  oh well I'll hang on to the cart and go at it slow and who ever thought I'd have to do the whole store from back to front to side to side..ok, I can feel my legs throbbing...and go through our check list to make sure we got what we came for..

Unfortunately not everything but that's no biggy because we do have to go to Walmart on Wednesday for a few things...and the legs for the couch were way to small..OMG! we'd be sitting on the floor..I know I'd not be able to get up..I'd be more like rolling off it hahaha..

After that we headed back and hubby made that motion.."I'm hungry"..LOL so Capt D's we did for lunch then stopped at Publix for the way home..and boy let me tell you was HOT out..felt like we were cooking...carried all the stuff in and hubby got his tool kit...OH LORD HELP ME !!!

He flipped the couch and what he got was like a screw that went up in the hold that kind of opened so that the screw attached to the leg could screw in.. almost like a molly bolt..if you kind of understand what I'm trying to say... Me not being a carpenter it get's a little tricky..but it kind of works..although I heard him say, "it wasn't long enough" hopefully it will hold till we go into town to the furniture store and see if they can give us a better idea or send someone out to change all the legs with square ones..makes perfect sense..who in hell would ever want spindle legs on a couch...????

So that was kind of out day dragged out and we both were tired..Clancy came over and did some yard work as he was talking with hubby  kind of giving his take on it...

We got the bird feeders cleaned out and also bought another hose as the one I got was 100 ft long..hahaha..what do I know..anyway we bought same hose but 50 ft..much much better..and a new spray head too...

Oh and I saw the little Chick A Dees ..first I heard them then they flew down to the feeder and were happy..they are so adorable.. cute as can be...also the Woodpecker came down for a few seeing all those beauties..

Now we are watching the AMC Country Awards..and I can barely keep my eyes I'll say... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Hubby Arrives On Saturday

The hubby arrives on Saturday...woo hoo!  and let me say this, "it was a sight to behold as when Robert came in the door.. the brats were in their crates eating their lunch cookie...and then he walked into their their crates and the next thing I saw was Robert on the floor and Rudy and Annie doing a number..LOL.. I mean they had him pinned and I just sat their with Ms Shug watching...

I did warn Robert...I mean ..Rudy and Annie together are like an implosion...hahaha... I did hear Robert say, "they got my lip"..I saw Rudy's paw come up and I heard "Ouch"..oh went that way for almost 20 minutes..and then they all looked like they were out of breath.. I know I was from watching....

Morning for me was busy as I had so much to do.. I mean I still had to vacuum and the dog patio washed down.. I try to do that early as the heat dries everything so quickly...and my new hose.. well, I'm not wild about it.. it seems flimsy ..and the sprayer head needs to be replaced as I got soaked watering..oh yeah I took several showers LOL

Was really glad to see hubby, and he was happy to put his feet on the ground.. we were just a might bit warm..almost 90 it was take a break then Robert and I headed over to Publix..picked up more of his Coke A Cola LOL..and he got a sale too..the lucky guy..3 for price of 1..Hey, that made his day :)

Later in the evening we just took it easy and made a list as to fix the couch..have to go to Lowe's in the morning and pick up wood filler and those square these spindle type won't make it .

It always feels different when hubby arrives..getting use to company..another person to talk with..OMG.. !!.. A good feeling to have him home in the house too..and gives me a break ..well a little as he lets the Brats in and out..and that helps me a legs get tired up and down those stairs..

Good to also sit at the table and have dinner for breakfast..well, I know Robert he'll sleep till 9am..and our breakfast is over with by 7:30am..but I can have a cup of coffee with him as he has his Cola and a corn muffin LOL

So that's it other than..lights will be out shortly..gave my brats their treats and it's time to tuck in and be prepared for tomorrows action ..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, April 17, 2015

I Got Things Done On Friday

I got things done on Friday....sure did seem like I was on a never ending journey but I managed to get a lot of my setups done..even did the hummers nectar this evening and before I headed back to bed ... I put that baby out and ready for my little terrors !

Last night was not to too bad.. I got to sleep and Miss Annie wanted in bed her usual time now..and like I said, "She climbs in and has her spot and don't move till I get up again..."  works for me :)  Mister Rudy, he just groans and snores and then it's feet straight up.. sometimes I think ...."maybe I should let him come out too"...but as I think it over I know..he's not ready to do that number and Miss Annie would go you all know by now..She's the Dominant !

Most the day I was busy getting all my setups completed and tomorrow I'll run the vacuum when the brats are up..cause their latest is to go into Attack Mode..and it's a real pain struggling to get my vacuum cleaner back hahaha..

Afternoon we all did catch a quick was needed and Ms Shug was happy as again she was on my lap cuddled up and the brats were in their crates and had enjoyed their lunch all were happy...and it felt great..

Come late afternoon the rain didn't come so I needed to mix up a batch of Miracle Grow for my plants.. as the Christmas Cactus needed feeding and so did the Geraniums....even did the Bougainvillea and Mandevilla  too..tomorrow I'll do the roses..but today those that needed it were fed.. 

Later in the evening I watched part of the Amazing Race and finally Robert called he was working late and by 9ish he was on his way tomorrow he will be here by afternoon...the brats will go wild..I'll be glad to see him as well..been too long..but it is what it is !

Now I'm ready for bed...and I'm wiped out.. got a message .."Must call hubby at 5am to wake him ".. LOL  yeah I'm still doing my job :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Recused My Cane On Thursday :)

I recused my cane on Thursday :)... I sure was happy seeing the ole gal again.. felt necked with out her...and there she sat at Lowe's waiting on me now she's home again .....woo hoo !!!!

Morning was hectic as I was trying to get things done and being I had to do an early call to wake hubby up for his early meeting .. I was even more I didn't forget him... I mean, I have so many things going on at the wee hour so that I can, when ready to feed the brats ..get it all together and even grab me a cup of coffee...which is like IMPORTANT hahaha

After I got all my chores done and dragged my trash out and old hose I opened the sliding door on the car and pulled out the new hose..OH BROTHER!!!  I bought a 100ft of I thought that's what I had..DUH...this sucker is so long and WOW...unwinding it must be a trick..

I finally got it connected to the faucet and then trying to roll it out.. hey I could have went around my house..almost LOL.. but I got it hooked up and watered my plants under the overhang...and even went and fed the wild I saw them up in the trees over my head lurking...and the one squirrel that comes down stretching and yawning...ready for me to bomb him with a cup of seed ...LOL  yeah he is so anxious and he enjoys it too...

Then got in my car drove to Lowe's...and there my sweetheart sat..amongst a bunch of other fancy canes..but she was mine ...all mine and we've been through some tough times...felt good grabbing her and walking out together...can ya hear the music...perhaps a little tear..hahahaha

Came back and starved I dove into a big sandwich and glass of milk as Ms Shug got her Sugar Snap Peas and Rudy and Annie got their lunch cookie...we all settled back for our nap too..Oh yeah !  I was taking one.. I was wiped out from all the rushing..

Later on I cooked up a batch of Red and White Quinoa..for Ms Shug ..put that up and put up some rice with pumpkin for Annie..Rudy's was already done the day before.. so we were good to tomorrow I have to do up the greens and veggies for Shug..never ending..but really without these setups.. I'd be a mess..

Nothing really great on TV except the Big Bang Theory..which it's humor is my cup of tea...and so I just mainly chatted with hubby on his way home...and then I looked around to see all what I have to do tomorrow...

Got my list as I need to pick up a few cases of Coke for hubby...he can go through some coke now...and I got a few things in he'll like..but uh oh.. I forgot to buy his potato tomorrow after I do a clean up .. I'll make a list and go to Publix ..another run..goodness I won't know how to handle all these...

I do have to go to Walmart..(that time again) for my wild bird feed and my water my list is going for that...but maybe hubby will do that run..OH YEAH !!!

Ok, I'm beat and time for all to head to bed..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Done Whizzed Through Wednesday

I done whizzed through Wednesday and boy I do mean WHIZZED...hahaha... I got up and I was in overdrive...I had to make that run to Publix as the Butcher had the chicken and pork all cut up for me for Mister Rudolf...and it's showing nicely on him too..he certainly is beefing up just fine.

As my hubby jokes with me that I must have OCD  I probably do..I have to have my setups to make things easier for me..I have certain plastic for certain things..I know it's wild but it cuts my work load in the morning in almost half..However setting it all up can be somewhat a killer !!

I also had another surprise happen this garden hose cracked right at the stem and I was covered .. soaked more like it... Yes I had to water my plants this morning even though we had a down pour..but the ones under the overhang don't get wet unless it's blowing straight in...and of course it didn't..

My birds were giving me the yodel as well ..there food feeder was I had to get that done...after I then went in and fed the brats and Ms Shug and of course I had to have my coffee as she (Shug) now waits for me..we eat I hear an AAAAHHH>?????

I then got dressed and headed out to Ace Hardware to replace my hose and oh also bought another coffee pot...a Coleman 14 cup old fashion peculator .. I so enjoy my coffee and perked as far as I'm concerned is by far the best's a fact !

Then I ran to Publix and picked up a few things..and I even bought Krispy Kreme this time I thought I was getting like Boston Cream..however they weren't..:(......they were the Kreme filled..oh boy  and I did eat a few..that became my lunch..with a big glass of milk...Sugar overload hear the gongs going off..thank goodness I don't do that often...

Later that night I had the Wendy Chili..which by the was awful  what did they do to their chili..should have taken my last container out of the freezer..when will I learn ....DUH !!!!

Now I also noticed my cane wasn't in my car...OH NO !!  Where is it????? had to think this one out..when was the last time I used it... and then the light bulb comes on... Lowes...when I bought the plants.. so I give them a call..they ask me to describe my ole cane... I started laughing...then I said, "this cane has a history, like back from the Civil War...all battered..."  the guy laughs and says.."yep. we got her".... so tomorrow morning I'll head out to Lowes..

Watched Survivor tonight ..hated to see Joe get the boot.. I liked him..oh well..and then switched to American Idol...still not for me...but I have the shows I'll watch some of it it's bed time and I'm so ready..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Show It's Face

Tuesday showed it's face and it wasn't to bad.. I mean, it was a muggy kind of day and ended with a BOOM in the Sky and Flashing lights ..the kind I just don't like ..even cause me to miss the first 15 minutes of the I was almost in withdrawls ..had to call Robert and Ask ??????  What Happened to Sawyer when the show came back on ..No SAWYER...and I thought for sure he'd be in the bottom 3 after last night's performance...I mean as much as I really like the kid..he wasn't good !

Well now lets see...back to the morning blurr..hahaha..and it always is.. I mean there is no rest for the weary here..and losing one's mind is not difficult to do.. I sometimes want to just jump up and scream..but who'd give a chit ?????  I mean my brats pay no attention till I jump up and have that look of "Kill" in my eyes and if I grab the that will catch their attention..sad..but facts...

I had some errands to run and honestly I didn't feel like even going outside..the heat just whacks me...and I'm like gasping for breath..not great with heart patients..and I have to make sure I have my AC on so when I hit remote I can let it run full blast for 15 min to cool the car down..and I always forget..but I better start having one of those stick em's in the car saying, "Keep the friggin air on high"  hahaha

Didn't feel like cooking anything as I cooked myself silly..but I had a hankering for them Frosty's from Wendy's..all right I'll go get two for dinner and later on.. I'll stick that baby in the freezer..well for me best laid plans always seems to hit the deck...I drove to Wendy's and got a burger and a chilli for tomorrows lunch and 2 Frostys.. I was so wanting...pulled out and headed home looked in the bag..UGH!!!  the Frostys were small.. I mean looked like almost the size of a Dixie cup...thanks...but I did enjoy it..both to be exact...the burger was ok..oh well..hopefully tomorrow when I have lunch the chilli will be ok..

I do have to go and Pick up Rudy's Chicken as I'm almost out..I buy enough to last me 20 days buying more without vacuum sealing it will freezer I'd rather buy this way..safer..

So you all know what my night was ..and my day.. I mean mornings are always Wild and Crazy..and hopefully by night they slow down some..but not much ...and even Ms Shug lately has been getting into the action...just wait till Robert comes on Saturday..he'll go home talking to me .. I know !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, April 13, 2015

Well What Do You Know, It's Monday

Well what do you know, it's Monday...HELLO THERE....and my morning starts off with the race is I proceed to clean out my I could do it the night before but I worry with all that I trash...BUGS !!!  Being we've been so warm and then I think ....ODOR ..yeah I know ...and our trash truck doesn't come by my house till almost if I waited close to that time to put it out..they'd show up at 8am.. I'm never really sure what time they are coming in...but I know they are...

So I cleaned out my frig..but hint.. I already new what was going as the night before..YES! I put things in order of what was going..hahaha.. fooled ya ...however, I must say, "I'm quite the scientist...really, I've never seen such strange next is will I ever buy those items..mmmmm don't think so hahaha

Today again we are suppose to have showers...and yep we did later on in the evening..but it didn't spoil me watching the Voice..thank goodness..:)  one of my few shows I really enjoy...

I did my normal chores and of course this being Monday it was laundry..gawd I hate to fold clothes but I do it..complain to myself and moan and groan but it gets done..then on to "what's for dinner"..:)...or is much work do I want to put into it..more like it :)

My plants are looking mighty nice and colors are making me feel so much better instead of looking and burnt briar..I have nice looking plants..and bright cheery colors..and my hummers are mighty happy cause they are buzzing constantly..

Tomorrow I need to head out to Publix but also the Post Office to send things out to hubby ...oh just got a call..he's coming down this coming Saturday the 18th..Hello their I'm smiling..

I'm so looking forward to seeing him..been awhile and don't laugh but I got a few jobs for him to help me with ..LOL.. the poor guy wants to come down and relax...he can and will..but I so need just a couple of things done...

Watched the Voice tonight..poor Sawyer his voice cracked..but he's at the age of his voice changing..however I still think he's good it that Mia Z..she's also 16 and a power house singer..good show tonight ..

So now it's bed time and I'm ready and tomorrow I've go to get my list going..for me and for Robert LOL..he'll love that ....those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Quiet Sunday

A Quiet Sunday...thank goodness..although there aren't too many for me so when one comes along I'm happy ...those little things tend to make me happy LOL.

Last night I slept pretty good...and even the brats did too..Miss Annie is now in a good routine and I can deal with it...she comes in bed with me around 1am and sleeps till I get up...that's a good thing and of course Rudy..well he's my GEM...he just curls up or attempts to lay on his back and snore..big time..

The mad dash goes on as we head into the living room...then all hell breaks I've said before, "I sit back and watch, no sense in even attempting to break them up ...unless they get nasty and usually that's Miss Annie "..

Today started off so gloomy but I got out and watered my plants as I figured the rain we were/ might get was gonna be just a sprinkle or pass us by..and we just got a sprinkle..

Had to work on one of the bird feeders ..the small hopper was clogged up from when the finches come in ..they eat seed and just level dust LOL..they sit in and chow when the moisture is in the packs and I was watching the Woodpecker attempt to get his out I went and don't ya know he was watching me from the soon as I got it unclogged and I was stepping back he moved in..

I heard tell they the birds you feed (like I've been feeding them for 8 years now) get to know you and don't panic and will come down to the feeder when you're there..and that has happened to me.. I mean I have the hummers that will come up to the window and let me know something is a muck with their feeder..and big red (my cardinal buddy) has come to the hanging plant by my window and sat in their and chirped for me..well maybe not exactly for me..but to let me know something wasn't right at the feeder..

When I do these things I think of my Grandmother..she would have loved it she so loved birds and any kind of critter..she's be in awe of these neat creatures..I almost some time sense her with me as she comes to my mind..when I'm sitting in my chair looking out and watching all the birds I do believe she's right near me, smiling.

So today was a quiet day..well kind of.. I mean I always have some sort of action...but for the most part ..calm and we all just enjoyed it..and Ms Shug well she took a nap with me.. that's right.. I had her out and she was sitting on my leg as I had them up on the hassock ...I dozed off and when I came too ..she was right in the same spot..she probably dozed too..hahaha...birds of a feather !!!

Now it's bed time..and tomorrow is trash day UGH!  and I need to empty my frig it's growing again will clean up Shug's cage as she wasn't to bad today so tomorrow I'll be on a roll..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, April 11, 2015

And Saturday Slid On In To Home Base

And Saturday slid on in to home base....I woke up wee early and like it was just out of my my eyes opened up and next thing I knew I was in the upright position and heading down the hallway to the kitchen and the brats were racing past me...

I try not to be in their way as they will take me down as they bounce off the walls grabbing at each me it's a sight to be NEVER SEEN if you can help it .

I've learned to not let that upset me as with these two, there is no resolution other than beaming them up Scotty !!! we have this loud sound as we all plunge through..hahahaha..

I grab a half gallon of water and their water bowls and head into the dog room and place them in the holders and fill those babies up...and Annie and Rudy have now begun to leap from couch to couch..which is like across the room..HELLO THERE !!

And as I then proceed to head on to the kitchen door and flip on the light for the carport those two daring young BRATS come charging through the open door ..oh yeah this is definitely a fun time...hahaha...we then proceed to head to the back and I hit the switch to turn on the outside patio light and surprisingly they are standing in line for me to open that screen door...then let it rip.......if anything is out there it wouldn't the force is with them...Gawd Help Them !!!

So that's my start and then once they are finished with their business they come in and charge to the water dishes..hahaha... I then open Ms Shug's Curtain as she is down the bottom politely saying, "hello"..hahaha..ever so softly ..unless I don't pay attention then it gets louder..

This is like every morning the routine..and I haven't even started with unloading the dishwasher...doing the setups for the morning feed hahaha.. trust me one day I'll do a blow by blow it takes'll then understand when I get my quiet time how wonderful it feels...

Today it looked like rain off and on..but later in the day I did hear thunder..but no rain here...that happens often in my location..but I did watch the hummers coming in the evening for their bed time nectar...that's neat to watch and also the cardinals come towards dusk too..

I did have a headache hit me later in the day and I just laid back down when I fed the brats their dinner...took some Tylenol and  a couple hours later it was gone..don't get headaches that often but when I do.. OUCH!

My day was sort of humdrum and tomorrow it will be busy as I have to pick up chicken for Rudy and more pumpkin for Annie...that sure has helped with her tummy problems..the fiber does the trick :)

Well I'm dragging and so it's lights out for me..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Made It In !

Friday made it in ! far as I was concerned I wasn't sure I was gonna make it in..but here I sit again writing my days worth LOL...and as most that follow me know that with me anything can and will happen's a fact !!!!

Woke up at 5am and although I'd like to stay in bed doesn't happen so up I got and made my quick list of things I needed at Publix..(another big outing hahaha) and as soon as I got my usual .....the brats, Ms Shug, the plants, the wild birds....I was out of here and to the store and even managed to stop by the "new" Chinese restaurant.. (I should know better)...but I figured it's the weekend and I'll give it a shot ....

Shot me now cause I don't believe there is a good Chinese Restaurant or Pizza Place in the STATE of that means from now on I'm gonna have to get out my WOK...(yes, I have one of those) and just cook my own..and as for Pizza I found a (oh I'm in shock) a frozen one that's my NuWave :)

I do have a couple places that I go to and grab a burger (Hardee's) and fish fry (Capt D's) and Roast Beef Sandwich with great Onion Rings (Arby's) oh and one place I enjoy their special Salad (Perkins) there you have my whole menu when I go out to have a lunch LOL... it's I'm telling ya..not many places worth eating in...

Now I have to start planning my planting of my Bougainvilleas and my Mandevilla..they are really neat looking and grow line vines..and I'm gonna put a few in big pots and the others in the that's my project for this coming week..

It was a hot one today and I watched a lot of the birds come fly down into the bird bath..and yep...they were all getting their baths..lovin it too... I enjoyed the was like my place was a runway at a bird airport hahaha..

Not much on TV other than the Amazing Race and I kind of lost track of I did some searching on the internet on my plants and how to improve their growth...and flowers.

Now it's time for bed and I hear Miss Annie giving me her yodel...she already got her treat..I'm closing my ears LOL...Rudy is already in that position to start snoring..and Me ..well I'm ready to make that nose dive and call it a day !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tried My Nerves On Thursday !

Tried my nerves on Thursday !  I'll say !!!!!....First off I had a rotten night's sleep as it seems my Asthma decided to play it's nasty I used my inhaler big time..and it didn't seem to let up till almost 3:30am..finally fell off but I was up at 5:30am..YES!  I was dragging but I had things I needed to get done and I figured I'd go get them over with come back and take a nap...

Got the brats done and Shug taken care of ..watered my plants and fed my wild birds then grabbed my coffee and took a break before I was gonna head out on the road to Lowes...

Finally I got some ump! and started moving I would let the brats out and potty then head on down the road...but first I had to drag that dang trash out as it was TRASH DAY...and I'm telling ya I don't know how one person gathers so much trash but I do...also because I change Shugs cage too..that has a big deposit daily...and then the vacuum..that alone from the Brats..well the DNA I could have many many brats walking around...:)

So I head to the back to gather up the Brats share and open the back screen door and low and behold there is this strange big Buzzard  looking at me on the wall..just lookin...HOLY CHIT!!!  That sucker was BIG and UGLY..and MEAN lookin...I just stood there and slowly backed up and closed the screen door..then started shouting and making a banging noise..I also heard something on the roof..tapping sound..UH OH !!! thing I realize there's like a flock of them..don't start me lying on how many..more than one is enough for me...

Then I starting thinking what is dead as that's when those buggers will show up.. I did notice that last night the brats when they went out kept sniffing the air and like they were star gazing..must have been a critter died...

So as the big bugger flew off the wall I went around the outside with my garden hose and sprayed the that was gonna protect me..but hey, a steady stream could buy me time..I can't run but I can sure spray with the best of them LOL...oh they are ugly..scary...but BIG !!

Finally I hosed down the dog patio with disinfect to make sure nothing was down or around them...the flock did fly away..but they were all over the trees..GAWD what a feeling... ..I let the brats out and Rudy was fired up.. he was ready to do battle but with what I haven't a clue as there was nothing there and of course Miss Annie..she's one tough cookie..she'd fight to the finish..

Once I got everything secured I headed out to Lowes..picked up a few more plants and wanted to get the legs for my couch ..asked where they were..and they were way in the back of the electric carts.. I knew I'd never be able to walk it.. I'd be lame for the rest of the day.. will have to wait for Robert to come down and fix it..

Headed towards home and it was close to lunch so I treated myself to Capt D's..yep it was good !!!!!...then home..and got the brats their lunch cookie..holy Hannah me for get it and I'd never hear the end....then later we all got our nap.. I sure needed it... and didn't get to feed everyone till close to 6pm..

Nothing great on TV except the Big Bang Theory.. which is pretty nutz..but I love that show..just a hoot to watch..sometimes you need funny stuff to give you a good feeling..everything is lately too much Drama for me.. YUCKO!

Now we are ready for bed and I sure hope it's gonna be a good night with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What A Surprising Wednesday :)

What a surprising Wednesday :)...YEPPERS !  I got to sleep through the whole night and so did Miss Annie... I guess that brooming did the trick ????  I will say this, "When they went out this morning and looked at the broom in the corner..they moved rather quickly..hahahaha"

Today was a sort of..gather all my wits together and get a few things done..nothing major..but I did water my plants as I was expecting so much rain yesterday ..and it may have spit a few but nothing more..

I'm gonna need to get busy and start putting some of the new plants I bought other than the ones I've got hanging up ..put in my big pots and I even got little dollies for in case I need to pull them in.. I just hook up a chain and pull...LOVE IT !!!

Didn't do anything out of the ordinary...but plan on making a few more things up for Christmas gifts..I kind of like doing it means so much more and half the crap you buy isn't worth it..

I had to put Annie and Rudy up a bit today as the people next to me had people working on their house so it was chaos and Annie's bark can and will drive you bonkers...felt bad ..but it was the less of two evils..

Watched the Voice tonight and it was more like who's gonna be in the final 12..glad Sawyer made it in... I sure hope he starts doing a little more up tempo off his skills...

That's about it other than I'm now gonna watch I taped it while watching the those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All......

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Good Golly It's Tuesday

Good golly it's Tuesday....and I'm still dragging my ole bones through the long day and hopefully will get some energy SOON!...guess it's that dang time change..gotta blame it on something .

Our hour of wake up is pretty much steady now 5am..and Miss Annie is plopping her body in with me at we've got this system down ..and as long as she don't start fussing and carrying on.. I'm ok with it.. I'm so use to those intermissions of my sleeping schedule..and hopefully we'll get some kind of system for a Nap...that would be mighty nice of her ..

Today I just did a few things but I did muster up an ole Coconut Custard Cheap Pie..hahaha.. it's the one you put in the blender and whip and pour and let me tell ya it's not bad..I mean it's not the best I've eaten but it sure ain't the I is not gonna complain ..put it in frig and let that sweetheart get cold..and with a big glass of goes down mighty smooth :)

Now most my day was a kind of just pick up follow those brats and tonight they got their arses wooped..yep!  They were broomed... I took that broom and did a swing and they got the broom...they ran ..and oh they looked like the earth was gonna swallow them...but they were so wild and out of control...the only thing I had near by me was the broom.....and so like the pendulum  it done swung and caught their butts...

As I told hubby about it he was more the action and yelling that did them in..the broom just swept them good hahahaha...but hey, I felt that release as that felt might good...OMG!!  did it ever :) hahahaha..

Tonight watched the Voice and it was pretty good..but again I go back to that young boy Sawyer..he really is by far and will even get better as he ages...but his talent is pure..not fancy..folk/blues..and sincere.. the other singers are good don't get me wrong..but all them high notes and straining just don't impress's the natural sound I look for...the feelings that they give off..

So now I'm ready for bed..the brats got their treats..although not deserving..but boy do they listen ..LOL  just like Momma use to say, "you better listen or I'll give you what for"...and that was always that dang SPOON..that sucker snapped and hurt...I mean it left a big impression..even maybe a dent LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...pst..thank you for that broom :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Sure Did Roll In

Monday sure did roll I wasn't expecting it ??????  but I sure wasn't anxious for it... it was another tough holiday where Hubby was in Pa and I was here in Florida..These are the hard and trying moments..but we do survive it as we sure do talk more on the phone..

Got up and wasn't overly anxious for anything..although I knew I had to make a run to Winn Dixie..seems lately I'm not evening wanting to go to the grocery appetite is kind of dwindling down..nothing really grabs my interest.

Thinking how I use to love to cook..not fancy but just down home good it's like what can I make that makes a lot and I don't have to cook but just heat up leftovers...I mean by the time I get done feeding my brats and Ms Shug I've lost my desire to fix anything..

So after I got the brats and Shug done I then got out of town..LOL  well to Winn Dixie and today I treated myself to a Hardee's burger..OK !!  made my day and tonight I just had an stomach went on the blink..even put the brats up so I could watch the Voice and lay on the couch..not feeling to great..

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be on the mend...just a plain ole queasy tummy..wonder why..couldn't be that Hershey bar I ate..NO !!!  I don't eat them and I saw it and decided that would be a great treat...won't do that again too soon..

So tonight as I lay on the couch and listen to those young ones singing.. I'm telling you all ..they have some really awesome talent..and of course so fat my favorite is Sawyer... I just think that lad is gonna be a "Big Star"..he's plain ole down home folk blues frills..sure hope he don't change

Ok, now I'm ready for bed gave all their treats and ready to lay my head down and pray this feeling leaves...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter !

                                    Happy Easter !

                                               Did I DO THAT ?   

From All Of US To All Of You !
God Bless Us One And All 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

And It's Holy Saturday Too !

And it's Holy Saturday too !.... my night sleep wasn't great.. I was just so disappointed in that Yarn and Cowl.. I have to say, "the yarn itself color wise was awesome..but the quality was crappy!!.."...No two ways about it a true rip off..should have known better..that part also ticked me off.. DUH!

Got up and my day went in a spin...I did start that Cowl again but with cheap yarn ..I mean 5 buckeroos for 240 yards..LOL  and it's a fingering yarn with fuzz LOL  although it's more synthetic but really feels nice and soft and looks like it's coming out pretty good...HOPE! A HOPE! A HOPE !   LOL

I only did what I had to do today...cause I just felt like I needed "ME" a nice ride through Central Park in a horse driven carriage would have been my ideal..but unfortunately I'm here in Florida in my living room with two wild Brats and a fruit looped Too ( that's what they call a Cockatoo )..

Watched TV and between my usual ..straighten the couch and cover, feed everyone..wash the patio down, feed the wild birds, water all the plants and do my setups for Ms Shug and the Brats..Yeah, setups are a big job gotta keep on top of them..

So that's basically what my day was about..I did manage to get in a half hour quiet time..and tonight the brats settled down so I got to watch an old movie..and by the way..not an Easter Movie On..????? what gives ???

Now it's bed time.. I washed the humming bird feeder and filled it up with fresh syrup..their nectar..and put it back out so they will have a Happy Easter juice :)

With that it's bed time.. I've got the dish washer going and Brats got their treats and now I'm ready to slide under cover..said goodnight to hubby and will hear from him some time tomorrow when he wakes up..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, April 3, 2015

It's Good Friday !

It's Good Friday...!  My day started off good however ended up not so good...about the only thing good was the fact that it was a "Special Day"..Our Lord died on the cross for our sins..Thank You Jesus!

Now for the other part of my day..UGH!... I worked on my Cowl ..the one I payed so much for some Japanese Designer Yarn that SUCKS!!  and the Cowl..well, let's put it this way... I ran out of YARN..and I had 12 more rows to go and when I tried to back tract the yarn broke and as I tried to pull the stitches out they knotted...Need I say any more ????

Most of the day was good though... I mean it wasn't really all that bad..well again for those two beasts I call "Brats"..they need to be tossed into a Mixing bowl and perhaps sugar coated so that they stick together ..and I'll know where they are at all times...

Robert was off today so he mainly slept..He needs the rest..and trying to get some time away to come down..might be a short visit..but it's been again a long time coming..

This is short and brief as I'm disgusted with that Cowl..real I decided to try that pattern with some other fingering yarn I have that's soft so we shall see...I might not be able to speak English after I get done..bummer !!!

Ok, I'm ready to fall into bed and pray for another new beginning and thank the Lord for the blessings I do have...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Been Awhile And It's Holy Thursday

It's been awhile and it's Holy much has happened and it started on March 13th and YES!  it was a hubby was heading to have a test done as he was having problems with his neck and headaches so our Doctor ordered a CAT SCAN..

So after work Robert went up to St Mary's and gave me a call on his way there to let me know he'd talk with me later after the test was it began..and so it still is going..

After the test was done Robert left to head home and gave me a quick call..and then he said, "I've got another call coming in I'll call you back.."   next thing I know I get a call back and it's Robert telling me he's on his way back to the hospital as the Doctor called and told him they saw something on the Cat scan and would need him to return..

Again that was the begin of our nightmare as he never did get home he wound up staying there and being admitted..and they ran several more scans and MRI's...Long and short of it... Robert was diagnosed with Paraganglioma..

Yes a mouthful.. and Robert wound up staying there in the hospital till Tuesday and a sheer panic I was ..not knowing what, where, how and when things were gonna need to be done and How were we going to do all this.. Me, here in Florida and He, in Pa...Holy Chitski !

We were also told that the Doctors in the hospital could not preform this surgery and that he would have to go to a Specialist ie University of Pa or Jefferson and also several names of Doctors to see... OMG !  Will Robert be ok ? 

Finally after they released him Robert got an appointment at Jefferson with the head Doctor/Professor of Oncology/ Neurology..etc etc etc...Robert liked the Doctor and made sure he took fact Robert's pastor who is a Nurse went with him and took the medical notes and also asked questions as well..

Seems what Robert has is rare and is a slow growing tumor and according to this Doctor majority are benign but there is a small percentage that could be malignant ...but they felt strongly that Robert's was benign..

Also they said, "Robert had this a long time"..and hopefully that this will grow slowly.. as the surgery is intricate and lots of damage can occur.. and that Robert will at some time lose his voice and will have to have a voice box put in ..

Now this hit us hard and I'm sure you'll understand none of us knew even what to say or do... They choose not to do anything at the moment but periodically scan to check growth..

The crazy part was we were so not sure what was the best route to go ..for Robert to come here and have more tests done or stay there and just let things go along and get a few more opinions..

Our lives have been topsy turvy..or how ever you spell it.. but we are just taking it day by day.. for me I just worry and wait for what ever decision Robert wants to make..

Trying to write has been difficult but I felt I needed to get back to my writing.. it relaxes me and I so like just being able to talk about my nothing but crazy whacky days.. and they really are...

Now here it is almost midnight and I've scanned through what happened in just a few brain just wouldn't go into the ins and outs of the happenings..some where really funny and some where nightmares..

Alas I did jot it down.. so here we are on Holy Thursday .. the day of which it was the Last Supper where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.. and tomorrow is our Good Friday.. the day our Lord saved our Souls.. Thank You Jesus !

Peace to All and May the Lord's Blessings carry us through the days of our lives..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..