Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, and it's a Down Pour !

Thursday, and it's a down pour.. well not yet..but listening to the "Morning News" and reading the paper as I had my cup of coffee.. We're expecting a possible  7 inches of rain.. Wait.. that means get out the row boat or better yet.. Get all  your "Ducks in Water"...

Last night I watched "Survivor".. shame to see "Jimmy Johnson" get the  "Heave Ho".. as the man, although he claimed he was the weakest., but by far probably the most strategic of them all.. oh well, just makes for some more dumb asp moves..and adds to the ratings..or maybe lack of... Cause ya all know we wanted to see Jimmy do his thang ...

I've got not much planned other than downloading my application for "Absentee Ballot."  as I can't miss my privilege of voting..  I just love it when I can do things on the Internet without having to make that drive and finding parking spots to go to the court house.. I use to enjoy it.. as where our court house is.. I'd take back roads and see some really back to nature areas... but the parking.. OMG.. it's not at all simple.. they've made it almost impossible ..they should put in a tram.. so that you don't have to make that huge hike ..and I mean this baby is a hike.. in a nice day it was never great.. so can you imagine in crappy weather.. Ouch !

My, just a flash came through the brain wave.. It's the last day of Sept.. HOLY HANNAH !.. Where did my September go ?  Wait if I think a bit I can almost do an instant replay.. oh man.. that's scary.. HA !... My Sept wasn't that great after all.. WEll, I've got Oct to look forward too.. and the Adventures you know I'm sure to have taken...

Forgot to mention.. I found another lost program.. Yes, for my Graphics.. and I dragged that up and installed it.. now only thing is all my plug ins that I use to make my animations.. well, I might have to reinstall them over again.. but we'll see.. I might decide to play a little with the program to see what will or will not work..

Alright I hear my phone ringing.. Lordy I hope no more sad or bad news... and then on to the rest of the business of the day... "Play".. Woo hoo... cause with the rain, ain't much I can do.. Uh Oh.. that Laziness Disease is attacking me... Gonna put in a claim now... :)

Catch ya later .......

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday... it has been rather gloomy.. Joe seems to be some what a little bit on the up swing..Of course I realize that this is gonna happen.. and each day with him (praying more good than bad) is a gift.. Strange as it may seem, these fur babies do enlighten our lives.. When I had my tough times they were there by my side..That's what makes this so "Special". We comfort each other .

I have decided to take each day as it's the best way I can deal with the reality... just  like early this morning I got a phone call from my friend "Mary".. she told me of her "Mom" passing.. just last night... and how she (Mary's Mom) had made her decision to "Let Go".. Mary's Mom was tired of being ill.. she had reached that plateau in life .. where she was going to have to go into assisted living, losing her sight and not being able to get around.. God Bless Her.. She was a very strong woman.. she said to her Doctor, " If they can euthanize dogs, why can't I have that choice.."

She spoke with all her children on the phone while in the hospital.. while she was in for a bladder infection she wound up going into pneumonia  and at that point they had her hooked up to everything.. .Can you imagine she just decided that this was not how it was going to be.. No more being sick not able to get around and she felt it was time.. She demanded they unhook her.. Gawd she had such fortitude !... She did have a living will .. so even though the Doctors argued with her.. SHE WON !...

She said her Goodbyes, even gave directions of how she wanted her Obit to read... and then proceeded to tell her family.." There was to be no wasted money on nonsense.".. I have to say.. "Knowing her like I did.. she was one hell of a tough courageous  woman.. and I admired her tenacity ..  " Mary E.... May You Rest in Eternal Peace... it was sure an honor and privilege  to have known you "!

As I reflect on my happenings I think, "how lucky I truly am".. Yes,  I've known such neat people have seen amazing places .. travel around the world and then some.. and still.. I keep going like the Energizer Bunny ..putting my priorities where they need to be.. and giving Thanks to the Lord.. cause I've sure been granted an extended stay ... I then feel Joe, by my feet as I type.. he's resting his head there.. I look down and he looks up... Yes Joe,  you're still right by my side...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trouble Sum Tuesday

Trouble sum Tuesday.. that's what it is.. I've tried to install a program and it seems it just ain't a gonna make it.. All my data..( I thought I had).. was not there.. and I get a reponse from Tech support to go to.. but guess what the "go to"  is no longer there..  I think what Dell did when they dumped my Windows..they deleted everthing that I needed to  reload programs with it's stored info.. YUCKO.. So  that is not making my day and I've already spent hours trying to find it ...

So before I get really discouraged.. let's move on to another project.. or call it a day.. Think of happy times or maybe watch a cheerful movie... perhaps a good comedy.. (excluding my life story) and then wait till tomorrow to continue on with the last few programs..

Uh oh.. where's the "Oreos"  >?   Now that will make ya smile.. nothing like an Oreo and a glass of milk.. goes down smoothly.. hahaha.. Well, maybe a cup of coffee for dunkin'... Not a bad idea "Ollie"...

My Joe (chinese crested) is not doing good today.. he's just about making it around.. "Lord, please not today"  I hate this part of having to make these decisions....He's not in pain..but really dragging himself.. wants to be near me and I just look in his eyes.. It's not getting better.. I'm coming to the realization that I don't believe Joe will be coming with me to Florida.. gawd this is really horrible.. In the next few days I will make that decision..but I just need a little more time with him... I'm not gonna handle this well at all..

I  just need to be with him..and I know he knows..I'll miss him.. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall....... it's Monday !

Mirror Mirror on the wall.. Please tell me if I'm a gonna fall ? :)  Yes, it's Monday and I'm not taking any chances..See, if we don't learn by our experiences...well, then just go hold your head under water and forget about it !

My plans for today are "Simple"  .. have to make a batch of "Chicken Soup" up for me Critters.. it will give me a 30 day supply...and then I've got a jump start for when we get to Florida.. Yes, a nice break so I can be prepared for the Load and Unload scene. The darling hubby giving orders to which  I have an immediate Senior Moment.. like.. "What did you say" ?  .. of course it's the  "I can hear ya"..or.. "I still don't understand a word you say".. meaning he has this different twang, that only he and others from Mississippi fully understand.. Hey don't knock it.. "It works for me".

Ordered my driver's license on the Internet...but I still have to go get a photo ID...then on to making appointment for the Critters 4, at the Vets.. Get all their records and then they'll be ready to go .. Also have to order a few things from (love them) so they will be delivered to the house in Florida.. another less packages that have to be loaded...

My black and blues aren't too bad..but my leg is still a little swollen..Hey, could have been worse...but I still shake my head.. "Only me".. it will make for a great story by the camp fire... and I am hoping this Jan to make it to the "Get Together" in Ocala..  I belong to a really great group of "Women"  (with a few hubbies thrown in) that are Adventurers in their own rights.. Sure wish I could make a lot of those GTG's.. but it's really difficult for me with the Critters.. The Rotties are not really welcomed and it's such a rotten shame .. talk about being discriminated.. The Insurance companies tell the RV Parks.. "They will drop their coverage, if they are allowed in"   bummer and it should be Illegal...Uh I feel a political statement coming on.. (what cha think)  and very well should be... "How dare anyone have that much power"...Sound familiar.. like our Government lately????  Best take a good looksie..cause it soon will be US... !

Well I best get my butt in gear and get my "stuff" done.. While I'm in a productive mode...:)  Oh !  Did you know that " Laziness"  will soon be declared a "Disease"... that means..(millions and millions) soon Workman's Comp will be paying out the "Ying Yang"... or  " SS Disability"  here we go  ....Oh yeah it's gettin' better and better....

Have a good one !  Catch ya later.. maybe :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And it's Sunday... all is ...Well ??????

And it's Sunday...all is...Well ???? .. That's so far.. I mean I did have another "surprise".. Did you think I wouldn't... Surprises are always another Adventure for me.. so ya wanna read this one. (I'd say "hear"..but no voice hookup)  LOL.. 

Well this morning (every Sunday) I do my pill set up for the week.. (following me so far ?) and like usual (well sort of ) I do my "Fosamax.. yeah been on that baby for years..and  it has kept me "in safe mode" .. OK.. so that's at 5:30am with a big drink of WATER..:).. Then I go into my trustee new packages of  scripts (that I just had filled) and I start placing them in their Sun - Sat containers.. and I get to  my Lopressor (blood pressure med) and I open the bottle and low and's a " pink pill" .. hmmm what happened to my "blue pill" ???  so I look at the bottle to make sure and it says, " Lopressor..100mg   2xs daily.. mmm.. did they change the color now.. let me look .. now I've only been taking this pill for 18 years and it's always been a "blue pill".. hmmmm gots to check again on the web site...

I go to a web site that identifies pills.. for my safety.. and because I've had so many strange things happen ..(Ha) I only do "brand" drugs unless I can only get generic...and I have no choice.. ok, ok.. I'll continue.. I bop up on the site and look and low and behold.. it's not the right dosage.. hmmm what is this.. so I take another look on the bottle.. and on the back of this particular bottle it says.. (in plain print)  this is a "blue pill"... ok.. now I need to call Pharmacy.. 

I'm using CVS,  as my local pharmacy (whom I've used for over 40 years when I'm in Pa )would have to Fed X my meds and that's an expense and a pain in the butt.. as I did that for years..but since CVS works across the states I started using them as I travel.. and the CVS in Florida is a hop skip and a jump from where I stay.

I look at the clock and it's only 6am so I call the CVS and it doesn't open (pharmacy) till 9am.. ok.. now I need to wait.. so wait I do.. have no choice.. and finally it's time.. I call the pharmacy and  I kept my cool as it's not the person's fault on the phone (or maybe)  and I explained how I got the wrong script with the right info .. and because I've taken this med for a long time I knew something was not right .. and before I popped it in my mouth I checked it out.. 

Talk about "WHAT"  she went into immediate.. (protect the situation) and had me describe the "pill".. ok, so maybe ya think I'm not right...whatever.. but I did.. I explained also that this could have been an extremely dangerous situation had I not followed through.. and I sure hope anyone having this same script doesn't have this problem..She then said,  "Please bring it in and she would give me the correct dosage "

So hubby went up to exchange meds.. and the pharmacist told my hubby that she would immediately check records to make sure no one got the wrong script.. I did suggest she see who filled this.. as in case you didn't know.. it's not always the pharmacist that fills them.. they have "helpers" as the pharmacist sometimes is just "too busy"..  

See, another eventful day .. and it's not over yet.. so like I say.."What's next"  it's just a matter of pure common sense for me..I have to admit that some days it's really interesting.. I still think I might write a book...cause I just know that I sure could make a few laughs for a lot of people.. heck I might even be able to have a tv sitcom.. now that would be a hoot..

And as far as my discoloration goes.. it's lookin' pretty darn good.. I mean amazing how the skin changes colors.. HA.. 

Knocking wood just in case :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rehabbing Saturday !

Rehabbing Saturday... Not going out the door !.. After my last event I figured the odds are against me.. Do I feel insecure ? Hell no !  Just feel like I'm a "Murphy"  it can and will happen to me ... plain and simple.. My saying has always been, "just go with the flow".. but now I'm gonna start adding.. after those words.. "Flush"  :)

I didn't do to badly last night.. just a bit sore on the right side and kept thinking about how it must have looked hilarious.. I mean.. an ole lady falling off a cart while driving it ????  Pleaseeeeeee !

So today I'm just leaning back and hubby (every time he looks at me ) laughs and shakes his head..Am I dangerous or what.. am I ready for the "Funny Farm"  Nah, I still gots lots more "Great Adventures" to participate in.. So.. full steam ahead ...

We'll watch tonight the last of our Netflix and it's off to the mailbox for the next 3 choices.. I have to say.. these so far were great... and sure helped my aching bones...Oh, yeah there is a slight discoloration in the happenings..should be lookin' real good soon..

I'm not planning tomorrow.. as with me.. I'm not taking any more chances till this week is over... although I have a few things I need to get done..but that's not a big deal as I don't have to leave the the world is safe for now :)

I will have to venture over to Wally World..(oh they have lots of electric scooters wooo hooo ).. and much more room to zoom around too.. oh dear, I just know I'm gonna be laughing.. and watching out big time.. I mean.. not that I'm afraid.. I'm gonna take a looksie and see if they have any extra plastic wheels.. hahahaha.. no sidewalks for a while..

Now I'm gonna surf the net and see if I can find bumper pads.. hahaha.. 

Catch ya later.. wait should that now be.. Catch me I'm falling ????

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flip Floppin' Friday....

Flip Floppin' Friday...Oh yeah !   Twas another adventure in my life.. Started the morning off fine..(so I thought) things went as usual... Critters done ..fed and exercised... I was on a mission.. Had to go to the Doc's office and pick up my Medical Records...and then it was on to do some "Grocery Shopping"  which is not my favorite thing to do..

Weather was it had a lot of humidity along with gonna be another "hot " day for the 1st day of Fall.. So I got out on a good me files and  it was just smooth sailing on to the Store.. Got in and my knee was just a I hopped on one of those electric scooters to do my shopping..oh and these had horns too.. So people look out here I come..

Proceeding to fill my basket with things I should think twice before engaging..but hey it's the weekend so what the hey ....Everything was just humming along..and came to check out.. Again I ask.." please make sure you pack like how I have things.". but do they listen... NOT...So I slide on through and proceed  to pack myself..and that was great.. I knew my cold stuff was going in the cooler .. out in the car.. Yeah I'm done. now to get out of the store and get my Asp home cause it's muggy .. and I'm needing to "be free"...

I drive on out the store and on the way out I ask the cashier by the door... "Is it alright if I bring this cart out to my car" ?   her reply..."No problem"  (famous last words I heard) I buzz on out the sliding doors make a right turn on to the side walk and begin to move down towards my car.. (I was parked on the outer Lane) and I figure well I'll just pull up here and I can slide open my door and put my groceries in..

As I get to the part of the side walk where I can see my car.. I fell this strange movement... and before I can say,  "Oh Chit"... my cart makes a jerk and twists to the left and then "Pop" and I am leaning to the right as the cart and I are heading into the street...I see a lady in a car coming towards me and I hear a loud screech and I'm down on my side on the ground..cart and all and groceries never left the basket.. (guess they were packed to capacity).. Now as I'm falling down  this strange thought comes to my mind.. "Laugh In".. yes, you are reading right.. "Laugh In".. the old geezer on the tricycle in the rain coat and hat as he proceeds to fall over side ways..  It happened and it was ME !  but not wearing the rain gear... Oh you know this is gonna hurt on the way down...

Next thing I know is I'm on my side laying there.. my glasses flew off my face, somewhere...and this lady is standing over me.. Shocked..(not as much as me) and she says,  "Oh my gawd, I thought I was gonna hit you" well.. I thought she was too.. but thank goodness she didn't... However I can't move and I start laughing..

Guess she thought I was a nut job... I felt like an idiot.. of course I don't even know what happened.. couldn't think at that moment... then she runs into the store.. telling people that are now gathering around me.. "Don't touch her".. and then I hear a man's voice... "I'm calling 911"... I kind of snapped to... "Oh, don't ... wait... please.. I  think I'm alright .. give me a few minutes till I try to move... "....

Then comes the Mgr.. nice young lad.. eyes bulging out of his head.. had that frightened look.. speaking very softly..asking me if I was OK.. and let him call ambulance to have me checked out..  I told him. the same as the others.." let me just stay a minute to get my bearings.. then I'll try to move.. but right now I'm just a little stunned and tryin' to figure out what happened..."

After a few minutes they helped me up.. and as I looked at the cart .. I tried to see what in the world happened... The Mgr went to the cart and looked at it and then said,  "the wheel broke".. another  person said, "that's probably why the cart tipped over"... I then looked at the side walk and someone said.."there's the skid marks".. Holy Hannah .. skid marks ?????   Yeah.. now I'm remembering.. the strange move the cart made before I made the plunge...

Apparently as I was riding on the side walk this one wheel which is plastic and it kind of sticks out the side of the front of the cart hit the cracks in the side walk.. twisted and then busted.. causing the cart in motion to side wind and twist and over it went.. Of course no brakes.. so.. you got it.. Even though the speed is probably about 5 mph.. Away we went..

The Mgr still wanted me to be checked out and I told him.. "If I'm not well when I get home I promise I'll go and get checked out.. but I think I'm only gonna have a huge black and blue and ache... He smiled as I know how he felt.. " Gawd here comes a law suit"... but I'm not a suing person.. and I feel if you are hurt that's one thing.. Pay my medical bills...and if I'm  not able to earn a living..then pay my bills till I can.. but sue for the sport of it.. Not my style..

I told him I would call him tomorrow.. as he wanted me to fill out an accident report.. which I should of but the way I was feeling.. I can do that tomorrow.. No big deal.. but I will tell ya.. I thought about this too.. My brain sometimes goes into over drive... "Chit, if I go to the hospital... my luck they'll keep me over night and that means I don't have groceries and I'd have to go again.. cause the ones that were in the cart would never make it home.. "   See I told ya.. I have these strange thoughts...

So this evening.. as I was telling hubby my story.. and we watch our  NetFlix..  he then says to me.. "  I told you, you can't drive... You went out and wrecked an electric cart "  and we both laughed.. but wait till I go to bed.. and the next day.. don't even want to think about it...

Did I tell you I have these strange adventures... What's next ?

Where's the Ben gay ?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.. Thursday

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.. Thursday.. boy I can hear Mr Rogers singing that tune.. as I look out my window and it is really nice out.. Sun is shinning brightly.. really does make you feel good.. Just don't listen to the news..ah now that's depressing..

Watched Survivor last night.. and was good to see Shannon get the ole Heave Ho.. he sure was shocked !  Don't know, have to say, "never seen a tribal council such as that one".. and to think it's only the beginning... seems to be filled with a lot of "cry babies".....HA..  Although some of them older folks are on another plateau......I mean.. taking someone's Alligator shoes (1600  smackeroos , who would bring them to Survivor) and filling them with sand and dumping them in the water...  See, it's worth the hour to watch.. The Old vs the Young.. just wild ! 

Today I'm gonna do a little ..not much...but stay on the positive of getting  a jump start on my List... and soon the weekend will be here.. Goodness it is the first day of fall too ...and where did the time go.. I mean  it just flew by..or is it rolled by ???  What have you..but it done disappeared.. What have I done ?  Where have I gone??  Well,  I'm still thinkin' .... Maybe by the end of the day I'll figure it out .

Meanwhile.. I'll add another program today... (make note only install what you need ) and keep all my "stuff" on that portable hard drive.. Click  :)

Catch ya later...!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday..visit with the "Tool Man" :)

Wednesday..visit with the "Tool Man"..:)  Oh yeah.. and I'm good till next year .Got all my little scripts for next year and (I just adore this Doc)  we had our little chat..kind of enjoyable but also "surprise"  Yeah, do ya think I could get out of a Doc visit without another "surprise".. Never happen...but then again it always adds to another "Great Adventure in Life".

Now, I'm on the last go round and that's to make an appointment for the Critters 4...and that's gonna be a little difficult .. As my Joe (Chinese Crested) is really going down hill. Neurologically he's been having more and more difficulty..I had thought earlier this year I was losing him...but he's a trooper and is still  hanging on... It's gonna be a heart breaker...but I do really think this will be his last visit with me to Florida... so I'm praying it will really be a good one for him.

I'm also gonna start to get things ready to head out too.. as I hate doing last minute rushes..I've never been good about it.. in fact I go into Overdrive Mode..and almost to the point of..."High Voltage".. Yes, don't get in my way...cause I've been known to just pick things up and "heave ho "...

So, I'm starting my list.. not really a lot to tote (hubby's slang meaning carry with) and will get my order in for my critter food.. Oh lordy.. here comes the skid.. Yes, I have to order a skid..and then bring with us 10 ..40lb bags.. now that's the part that gets ya !  If only I could find this food in Florida.. but no!  It's only as far as the Carolina's.. and if I have my girlfriend JJ..(you remember her, displaced and disoriented)...pick some up for me.. I'll never see it till she comes back which could be 3 or 4 weeks and hoping that it would be in good no broke bags.. Holy Hannah... I don't even want to go there...

So, for safety sakes... I'll do the right thing.. Order in..and hear darling hubby complain.. but it's only for a short I'll be gone !!!!!!!....HA !  He does mean well......but.... :) Sometimes you just have to bite down and grin and bear it...It could be a lot worse...!

Next week I'll put on my list to call about my rig...I'll check and see how much they got done and how much longer..which by the way...if I'm lucky, they've even started on it.. Remember the..."Only 2 weeks theory"  never happens.. but it's always a good laugh till they get ya on the edge of your seat almost to the point of pleading...My friends say (and it's always easy for them) "I'd demand and if not done in time I'd not pay"  well did anyone ever tell ya.. It may work once in awhile..but if you want your rig...and done right..suck it up till you get the rig back..yeah.. I could try and Whine a little or even get a little....well here's a good look at  how I could get.. hahaha...
Pissy Faceed

Alrighty...time for me to get the fiddles ready for the critters and then wait till hubby gets in and on to the next level.. "Survivors"  yes, another reality       program that has our interest..something we both get into..again scheming,  planning and of course lying your teeth off..(to survive you betcha) and win the money... Honey when it comes to games like this..It should be labeled "The   Biggest Liar"...but it's entertainment and amazing what people will do for       money !....Now it's time to say... Yeah, you got it.. Catch ya  later                                     

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday...Half way through..,

Tuesday...Half way through.. I've just got a little caught up...and I can't believe me eyes..No shaking of the screen flashing of's occasional warning notice from me trusted AVG..ok, I'll behave..geezzz didn't know that site had any bad thingies..(but they do) I'm now treading..almost walkin on water.. HA..yeah sure.. maybe some day ....

I've got a busy schedule for tomorrow. Last of me Doc visits... this time with the GYN.. (the tool man) and then I'm set for another year visitation... and boy did his practice grow. He's in with like 8 other Docs..and try and get through that phone system.....However they do have a quick fix if'n you're gonna have a "BABY"...Oh yeah... you rush to the HOSPITAL or call 911..amazing..hey ?

Seems lately no matter who ya call..even a plumber for gawd's sake.. ya get the trusted menu.. like you were ordering from a  Chinese Restaurant...cept it's not from column 1  :) and ya don't get Won Ton Soup either ! That's how things just gotta be I guess..wonder when I kick the "Almighty Bucket"  if'n I get a choice too..or do I have to push 1 for English...Yeah you know another political issue...HA !

While I'm at political issues.. "how's about saving the light bulb"  yeah you got it.. I mean get this.. Closing a company down that employs like maybe 300 people for the new "Mercury" light bulb that's suppose to be Energy efficient .that have horrible lighting..( need to burn a candle beside it to see) ..and don't forget when the sucker blows out.. you need Waste Management to take it away in a special container...Yeah.. guess you forgot about "Mercury" know what was in the thermometer when broken ran all over the place.. well same thing.. duh !  Are we clever or what ????? 

Yes, I'm on a band wagon.. and it's gonna take me back to my "Get Away"....They'll be peace in the Valley..maybe.. need to get back up on Twitter..been to quiet lately...but don't count me out yet.. My voice will be heard.. Wonder if I'll get those letters again from the GOV... Should be interesting.. come on "tea party" do your thang..Shock the chit out of them !!!

Ok, I need to be more productive...So, I'll start on another project..been looking through my house here to find some of my old stash.. I enjoy making them too.. and I can't wait to get decorating.. Having my "Hide Away" painted.. yeppers. Diane and Bob are bored..(they love to keep busy too) and they are my trusted housekeepers.. Diane loves to paint and Bob enjoys doing fixing ups..  So.. they are beaming with excitement..and ready to rip it apart.. and me.. well, I wish I could..but I can't so "Go to it "... I'll enjoy the change...and I gots lots more to keep them busy..

Now heading on in to check and see what my "big boy" has been I've been typing he's been bringing in things to me.. Yep, another buster here.. he keeps me busy.. Zeke has this way of getting my attention when he feels the need.. So, all the things he brought to me I have collected and now it's play the put them away and do the " Freak Dance"... yeah.. Yell, (like he really cares) and then take them out and clean up.. ..Is it Oct yet ?

Catch ya later :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's Trials and Tribulations

Monday's Trials and Tribulations ....and then some.. Uh, did I tell ya that yesterday I was scheduled for a follow up from Dell... well, never happened.. guess they must have had another Earthquake cause my phone didn't ring...however, hubby and I sat and watched a pretty cute movie (again)  called "It's complicated.."  was very entertaining.. Meryl Streep and  Alex Baldwin..and Yes, there was a few bedrooms scenes but they weren't bad.... anyway.. we laughed and that made up for that burning bit in my stomach... Yes, my Dell friends !

Now here it is Monday and I've gone fishing...(to put it mildly) and am still placing programs in this puter.. scanning each one before I hit apply...Gawd when you've had that feeling of do take your time on what you feel you need... and right now I could use a  Jack Daniels and friends HA !

Heard word on my Rig.. (Mabeline) They're only gonna start on her now and have her ready for 10th of Oct...oh yeah... well I'm gonna cross my  fingers, toes, knees and anything else that will cross.. Cause I've heard them words before.. more like... "No problem, be ready  in 2 weeks".. cha ching !

Weather is starting to feel great.. not too hot but a nice cool evening to sleep.. This is my kind of weather..and yes, the colors of the autumn.. love it... I try to take a drive before leaving for Florida so I can catch the fact I don't mind if I really don't leave till after Halloween..cause I just love seeing those kiddies dressed up in their costumes and attempting to get their stash...singing, "Trick or Treat Smell My Feet...Give Me Somethin' Good To Eat"...(don't cha just love it ) !

Some parents go way out on costumes.. Lordy .. one kid a few years back came up on the porch could hardly walk and next thing I know he became a Neon Sign.. Hahahaha... I should have played,  "Glow little Glow Worm"   It was wild...

Maybe next year I'll make my change in plans for heading South.. this year I have too much going on in Florida soooooo with that I'll push out of here around the 15th...and do a little celebration  on the 16th..cause it's my B day.. Make sure I put a bottle in the frig.. wooo hooo..

Alrighty it's time I meander down the road just a tad...See what next I'm gonna get into..ah but I did manage to get another program installed while on my sabbatical.... "What program you ask "... Trillion..nothing but the best chat setup.. all programs into one..."let the show begin "

 Catch ya later....:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going Smoothly on Sunday

Going Smoothly on Sunday.. I've slowly began adding programs and getting use to "FireFox"..  Even changed the scenery a few times...ah that's a nice !!!... Now on with the rest of my relaxing moments.. Hubby is off to church doing his thang.. He enjoys teaching Sunday school and then meets with the Elders and they have their church.. .. That makes him happy.. makes me happy too..  Yep, I have my solitude.. listen to my music (Blues) and get to check out what's the deal of the day... (QVC)  HA !

This afternoon we'll have our session..(hopefully last one ) with Dell and that's just to make sure  we installed the Video card ..( yep, replaced video card too)  and then get the last fine tuning.. should be purring like a kitten...declawed !!!

Watched a "cute" movie last night called.. "My Mom's Boyfriend".. sort of  romantic comedy.. and thank goodness  no big nude scenes.. I mean.. I do understand they happen.. but is it an important part of the movie ????   or is it.. the Skin Flicks are suppose to make the movie better.. "I don't think so"..HA... but it was cute and enjoyable..

So now I'm sort of on the home stretch of getting things done before the  "On the Road Again" takes place..I miss my home but boy I love my  "Get Away From It All".. and being able to just chill out.. and  no traffic ...aaaaaaaaaaah.. that feels good.. No big rush to go anywhere.. That's the part I love the most.. Do what you want when you want .... Joy to the World.

I get a chance to lose myself in what ever I want to do...uh oh.. wait.. I do miss hubby .. as we chat more when we're away from each other  hahahaha.. Seems we have more to talk about.. (isn't that awful)..and I look forward to when he can fly down for his visits... He enjoys it too..  (I hope so at least he tells me so )  It's just such a relaxed atmosphere.. We laugh alot as we drive around checking our "Lost World" in our golf carts.. Oh yeah, we check out the interesting wild birds and gators.. (now that's somethin' strange) and watch those folks swing that stick (golf course)...

Plan this time to get my garden in better shape.. Yeah, gonna attempt an indoor outdoor garden.. Ya never know I might have to start growing my fruits and veggies.. Seems lately everything you go to  buy  is always getting  a RE CALL....E coli.. EEEK...

My father in law George (God Rest his soul) always use to say,  "I knew an Italian from Brooklyn, his family sold Fruits and  Veggies off a cart in New York"..  You had to love his humor.. I sure miss him.. and his laugh.. .. He'd really be grin'n ear to ear if I told him.. "Hey Daddy,  I'm a gonna grow Veggies.. ya think I can sell some "... Yup, he'd be laughing..being that I'm the Italian and I was from Brooklyn !  That kind of seemed to be his joke with me...and I just enjoyed it too !  

That sure was a fond memory..really amazing how sometimes I'm writing and these quick flashes step in and bring a smile to my heart...I know  (George) would love it...and he'd be just a talkin' his stuff...something my hubby inherited...He has many of his Daddy's ways..

Well, phone just rang.. hubby is on his way home.. so it's boot scoot and boogie to the kitchen...Lunch is on and we'll catch a quick flick before our session with "DELL"...

Catch ya later :)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yeah it's Saturday and I'm humming

Yeah it's Saturday and I'm humming along... Yes, my puter is up and running or shall I say, "purring"..  Wooo hooo !   I can't believe it.. but I ain't gonna toot my horn .. not just yet...

Andy ( that's not his real name ) from Dell..which now I'll start calling him  "Handy Andy"  called me back to check on me.. (he must now know me well) and while he was asking his questions... he says,  "hold on please" and then silence... waited and waited (always seems like hours) and finally he comes back and says, "I'm so sorry Ms Barbzeee, we had a little slight interference "..  What ?     "Yes, we had an earthquake...and I had to place you on hold, I do apologize "    Well, you could have rolled me over.. the man apologizes for leaving or what ?... Nope he didn't leave.. he first thought someone was pushing his chair and he turned but realized it was an earthquake.. in New Delhi...OMG... I would have left the building.. sure hope it wasn't a tall building..cause I would have been gasping as I got down the stairs...

I had to say,  "Andy, you mean you stayed in the building, you didn't run out " ?   He must think I'm a real nut job..but no way would have I or could have I stayed in ... my ruby reds would have been clickin' as I passed all that were in my way ...LOL

He was so calm about it too !   Even had a  nice conversation.. like,  "What kind of books do you read,  Who is your favorite Actor and What is the latest movie you seen " ?   I'm telling ya that's pretty dang good... no change in tone .. no huffing or puffing... No..."Let me out of here"... hahahaha... Yeah me and Handy Andy had a great conversation as the Earthquake was doing it's thang !... Dang he's good !!!!

You know some day I'm gonna have to write a book or maybe even suggest a movie about this... I know it would be a best of the best or at least a great Comedy of Errors... :)

So now I'm back in the world of ...."What's happening on the Net".. but I'm a little more skeptical  perhaps .. and that's ok too... Nothing wrong with it... and maybe a few tips on not what I will ever use again.. Now if I only get to figure out this "new"  software and browser... but it will come just like fall.. cept I hope I ain't the one to fall again !

Next will be to install the programs again... and I'll hear from Handy Andy next week.. sure hope his weather is better and no more Shake Rattle and Roll..

On to the next phase.... Kitchen duty... and yes, get the Crock Pot out cause I'm a gonna put it to work.. ah the Stimulus Plan in action.. a Job in the making :)    it sure will make for progress and a smile on a few faces...

A positive Vote .....My Stimulus Plan WORKS !

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fickled Fate Award.... Fried Day ... Yes, it's Friday

Fickled Fate Award...Fried Day...Yes, it's Friday !...Hail and Fare thee well.. this morning (wee hours) my darling puter attempted an update..HA !  I can't wait for the Dell team to call on tomorrow...and so happy it will be when hubby is home.. the lucky guy... After several hours of an attempt it was aborted... Need I go into the  "happenings"..Nah, why ruin a half way decent plan for today...

Now I'm about to head out into the nice morning and do the duties of the "wife mode"   grocery shopping.. OH Joy to the World...  I don't mind going it's the hauling in and putting away ..after you've taken it down from the shelves in the store.. which by the way.. sometimes they are so high up you get your morning stretch and then some.. then it's unloading from the cart on to the conveyor belt and sometimes that baby is just a mess.. Hey lady (or lad) how about wiping down that messy belt >>...OK so you are getting the picture.. then it's pack it in those paper thin plastic bags.. back into the cart that you pushed around the store..(if you're lucky you got good wheels on the cart and didn't have to fight it...) then drag it out to the car...are ya puffing yet.. then if you're like me you have a cooler in the car for the meats and dairy stuff so that by the time you get home it's not warm or melted)  I'm tired thinking before I leave ..LOL.. OK  so now you're back at the house.. I have to back in my driveway so that my driver's slide door is to the porch.. ...Why? you ask >.. well I wouldn't have too normally but big crates for critters are blocking and I mean blocking the other slide.. and it makes it a no brainer if ya want to load and unload "stuff"...:)

Here's the best part.. I have a flat bed Dolley that I use to slide all my "stuff" on too...Hey, I only have so many arms and I hate making so many trips.. so like my dog show experience (comes in handy) and my time study training..HA.. I get er done... Yep I done slide it on the flat bed and wheel it right into the house.. Then it's on to the chores of putting the "stuff" away..

Here comes another time management deal.. Everything I pack goes in the direction of where it is to be stored.. Yep, I'm the real deal.. drives everyone bonkers but remember this makes "My Life" easier...even though it may cause a few "blinkin' words".. Who cares.. as long as it works for "ME"..

A few strange looks at the grocery store..but if you're gonna pack it in those bags ...pack it how I want it.. !!!  HA... Yes, I pack for where they are going..Like Cold Stuff for Frig or Freezer.. Laundry stuff for where it's  needed etc etc etc... Simple..  Are ya  smilin' reading it.. well you should see the poor lad  (if I'm not the packer) as I tend to give directions.. :)

I'm exhausted and I haven't even left the house yet  >>>LOL...

For this evening.. I already got in my NetFlix... and I'm ready to get the munchies in the bowls and have a relaxing evening.. (Quiet before the storm) Laugh about my day and hear all the nonsense of what happen to hubby on the way home from Boston.. Seems last night the storm that came through did a number in New York.. Well he was on the train coming in.. and good thing he had his laptop as it was a long long ride and you might even say, "A slow crawl" seems New York lost power along with a few other areas.. and on a train...well ya know how that goes...

So, now I'm off and see what else lurks out there for me....

Catch ya later..... puter don't fail me now... 


Thursday, September 16, 2010

My how time passes by.. It's Thursday...Ya kidding ?

My how time passes by...It's Thursday...Ya kidding ?   Yep, it sure is !  I've had nothing but Doctor visits and only 2 more to go.. and of course I'm still connected to Dell.. I do believe I've been reincarnated...I'm in a land of La La ... The computer.. (what is that )  has been still not working right.. and even with my "new" Virus software I'm still under attack..  I called this morning to speak with a "TECH"  from AVG..(new software) and if I want help.. (get this) it will only cost you another 149.99.. a special bargain price.. HOLY CRAPPOLA.. I mean I just keep paying and paying and going no where... Wonder if I can claim this on my TAXES ????

Did watch TV last night.. had too!   Loved that Michael Grimm won AGT.. (America's got talent) and also was bopping back and forth watching  "Big Brother"  Hayden won and even though I kind of wanted Lang biggy both were pretty good players and played the game to the "max"  in a decent way.. They pledged their alliances from the Get Go and told no one.. that's the way to do it...

Now back to ME.. geeez I don't know if I'll see daylight.. but I do plan to get this sucker fixed or it's "BAM, BAM,  BAM"... you do understand that ... I hear them sounds getting louder and louder.. SOON MR DELL...

Hubby is in Boston Mass and will be coming in late tonight.. This ought to be interesting.. He'll tell me how his day went...and then I'll break the news to him regarding the next session with Dell.. I made sure I arranged it for him to be home with me.. (Aren't I wonderful, I mean what is a wife to do.. but share with hubby)..  He'll complain.. but, like the good man he is.. He'll pay me back one day !!!...

Sorry "Charlie" I just can't understand Dell.. (nobody can) and while I have to do the work on the puter he can talk with Dell... LOL  the lucky guy...

Ok, I think I'm about catching up .. is it Oct yet ?   Oh, still haven't heard any word on my Rig... Now that's gonna be another SESSION.... till then... (good song)

Later on down the road

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday.. Yeah..

Saturday...Yeah and I'm finally a little bit under control.. well sorta.. You see I still have loads of programs I have to reinstall and find the folders to hopefully put back in my data.. Data, yes, data.. not the Data on Next Generation..although I  could use his fact any one's help would greatly be appreciated.

Today is gonna be a drag of a day...already did the Break fast.. and Lunchie munchie.. and now it's heading down to the .. "is super ready yet"... my stars is that all we do...fix and clean and dust and sweep.. Is it Oct yet ?

Got a chance to log into a few forums that I've enjoyed and made friends and that felt great.. now on to the other playing games to amaze the brain.. well actually to keep it active..oh and yes, download that dang speller cause I spell fer crappola..

I haven't loaded my software for my graphics yet.. cause I know I'm gonna be "cryin' in my dreams"  so much of my artist's sketchings ..oh see don't want to think about it... pinch me, it's all a dream.

Well, it is a nice day outside..sure wish I was traveling down them roads to explore new places instead of learning new techniques on not what to do with computers... YIKES

Now I think I'll head back into the other area of the house and be absorbed into the I can just watch things in the happenings instead of being part of it..or maybe the center of it..

Later Gators..

God Bless...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Nite, It's Almost Over

Friday Nite, It's Almost Over !...Thank the Good Lord... Twas another interesting eventful day.. and I'm almost ready to crash....better make sure I don't miss  :)..

My early morning rush to the " Lab"  was for my routine blood work and "Lucky Me"  I get a beginner.. yes, you are all reading that correctly.. I'm what they call a "Hard Stick"  for those that don't quite get it.. My veins are not good for anything.. less alone making them spit out their "blue blood".. and this young lad was having a difficult time.. I could actually see the beads of sweat fall across his forehead..(poor boy nuttin' you should see my arms) and as he struggled in several locations (I look like I was in a battle and lost) I was just a dancing in my seat.. I finally said, "Young lad, I know you're trying your best..but it ain't a workin' (seems like I've said these words only last week to that wonderful pleasant nurse ouch pay back )  finally the other phlebottomist  came to my rescue and "wham, bam, thankya ma'am... I was on my way out the door with many, many paper tape bandages...Thank goodness I only do this test every 4 mos...One thing.. I will make sure I only get the Queen Bee :) 

Then I was out of there like a flash and on to my shopping (which I hate) went in the store and I got out quickly as it was only 8am.. had my list and zoomed through.. boy I don't mind that when the store is empty.. I only go wee hours so I don't have to deal with "crowds"... and I get what I need and color me gone..:)

Now I'm back to working on my computer.. Yes, I have to reinstall all the programs that are "GONE Like the WIND"  and then go into my back ups and re load those files.. The new Virus program is working cause everything I do it scans...yes, it's gonna be a while till things are back to..(not gonna say it)

Spoke with my friend "Mary" she got hit also.. Seems several are being hit and it's gonna be a long stretch for her as well.. Even with all her protection.. it whacked her the same way as me.. So Look out... Danger is lurking..

I'm dragging now.. as my brain is looking for help.. Yes, it needs to lay down.. I'll continue tomorrow ..Lord Willin'

Sleep well world..

Catch ya later

God Bless.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hail To Puterville, It's Now Thursday

Hail to Puterville, It's Now Thursday and Counting...  Yes, my system is some what restored to something.. I'm  kind of lost for tying words.. I mean, I'm still in shock that someone would do such a thing.. "Why " is my first question.. and then "How Friggin Dare Ya" .. .is my next statement.. I guess those of you who have had this experience know how I feel.. After all the years I've dabbled on the Computer and all the programs I've avoided and felt I was protected.. HA !  You got to be joking..

Just imagine if these "Ass Wipes" would put this energy to something worth while.. I mean quite possible we could even have a few Einsteins in the existence.. Hey, they might even find the cure for the common cold..but to just do this crappola to cause misery to others.. Sick  Suckers is all I can say..

Now my time spent has been truly a learning experience on how often I could count to 10 and then some.. and yes, me and the folks in India had a great session.. Shame, it could have been someone in the USA making a living.. but hey, I don't knock it..someone has to make a living somewhere... (is this a political statement ?)  ya betcha bottom butt it is..

While I sat here for days wondering what in the world I had to do and how to stop the invasion.. I felt like I was at war with an unknown enemy....Really was awful.. if only I could meet the SOB face to face.. Am I showing aggression.. you betcha... the Hatred just pours out of you... nothing can change that either.. Do I pray for this soul... Yep, that the SOB rots in HELL... but then again.. think.. Well, he or she made someone a living.. Yes, that part is true.. the other part... They took from  ME, MY FAMILY and Who ever else had their  stakes in it... See, as I try to reason.. I come to the  facts...No matter how safe you think you are.. YOUR NOT...!!!  

So ya got to keep your defense up.. (hey, sound familiar>?)  and make sure you "Trust No One".. goodness what kind of a world do we live in..?????  SUCKS... and to think pretty soon we're gonna let Uncle Sam take better care of us.. OH, I feel them vibes rolling now... Just what we need.. Plug in.. Uncle Sam is gonna take over the Computer and make sure everything you do will be  "Just for YOU"... Gonna get really interesting.. Let's see..

They take care of our Health and Welfare..( another surprise coming) They take care of our Finances (that will come in our Income Tax) and they'll watch over us... No matter where we are or what we plug into...
Gawd it's gonna be so great... I wonder... will we be able to Retire or Expire ??  

Can ya tell what kind of a mood I'm in... It's like this.. "Who do you Trust.."   now that was a game show years ago with Johnny Carson..but now it's become a "Reality"   I just can't wait to see what's the next "Show"..

OK, now it's the bill paying time.. after all this work and  hours adding up.. "Surprise"  you get the "bonus"  ya have to install "new software"... and it's not free !!!... maybe I can get a "job".. Catchin' the next plane to India...

Catch ya later

God Bless US All !

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Missing in Action ! Yes, it's Wednesday :)

Missing in Action !  Yes, it's Wednesday :)  Don't I know it.. I can count the minutes as they flowed by... Yes, I was in a long long long.. can I continue.. You bet.. My computer was Zapped but good and I foolishly made the big mistake of getting Help..before I "Copied" things I needed.. as I trusted the words "No problem, we'll be OK"... Those again are always the famous last words.. And have I not learned yet ????  Dumb Bunny here !!

I've been sitting here trying to figure out what in the world I need to install first and for the love of it.. I'm at the stage.. "Who gives a rat's patoonie ".. Yes, those words sing out loud and clear... Now for my next adventure .. well.. I don't even want to go there.. where ever it is.. in fact don't mention   "India"   Yes, Dell got me good !

I don't think I can remember the last time I spoke in another language and couldn't see where I was heading.. I've been on an Adventure that maybe needs several chapters.. However, I can tell you this,  "I lost days and never left the house in fact even the computer"   Oh lucky me  !!!

Now I just want to hide for a few weeks.. Is it Oct yet...?   My next thing to do.. is maybe sleep..cause maybe it's just a dream.. a "Bad Dream"..perhaps even a "Nightmare"

I'll do a follow up when my brain can handle all that has happened.. So it's toodles for now.. hopefully I'll be able to return..I mean if the computer doesn't self  destruct..

Catch ya later.. Lord willin'

God Bless..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day... Monday, it surely is !

Labor Day... Monday, it surely is !... Yes, it's a Holiday... amazing how we celebrate "Labor Day"... Now my mind starts to ponder.. is it for all "Mothers"..or was it for the " Working People".. which ever it really was for.. It all boils down to... "Ya gots ta been working your butt off, one way or another " !  :)

OK, so I ran away with it just a little.. this could have been about the boring day I had yesterday.. which by the way didn't turn out to be to boring.. in fact I had to again work my tail off on getting this dang computer back in order.. seems something else was tugging at her sides..(or inners).. So it was a long dump, clean and scream...which ever came first in my vocabulary.

Now as for today... I'm gonna do only what I have too.. Enjoyed the morning brisk air..quite refreshing from the dense air..and boy the Critters were feeling much better.. and that pleases me....and anyone that was around me. :)

My plans are in "Jell0" for today.. we'll see what blows in.. (long as it doesn't blow out ).. and in fact I'll listen to Michael Grimm (blues singer) boy he's really good.. Young lad has a great future.. Hope he wins AGT..I'll watch for sure and yes, cast my vote.  

Watched "Big Brother" have kind of been following that closely.. it's now to the parts I like the best.. "Think or you'll sink "  HA !  Yes, I can get into reality programs if there is a purpose..It's got to be a scheming one.. not the mushy crap.. I love the art of being shrude and motivating others to do your work HA.. yes, I'm into the "Don't believe anything you hear...and only maybe a bit of what you see.."  It's the game of Skill I enjoy.. using your brain not your brawn.. Sure wish I was a lot younger (now) cause I'd love to do some of those games..HA... Think about it.. sometimes ya have to do them in the real world... I mean I've had a few companies I worked for... Lordy, it was a game play .. Political crap.. Now that I hated.. Just do the dang job  who cares about the rest.. but it comes with the turf on those Fortune 500 ..Maybe only a few left ..I bet that game plan has to be horrible.. YIKES>

Brain on a roam.. must start to activate in the house ...What can I not get to involved in ????  Yeah, I think I have a few things I need some attention on... Uh oh.. that urge to travel is coming on strong.. Look out world.. HA..

I'm starting a few projects for my Xmas goodie box.. so I'll work on those today.. and listen to Hubby give me a few lectures .. With his Southern Twang it's always a trip...

Ya' ll have a great Labor Day... Cook some good stuff...

Catch ya later

God Bless

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Uneventful Saturday

Uneventful Saturday... Earl didn't stop by to say "HellO" fact not even a breeze...I was surprised as the Hype was so intense I stayed glued to the TV... I wanted to make sure I was prepared...well, I can't say, "I missed Earl " and I don't want to see any of it's cousin's either...So let's just say.. "Happy Trails".

As for my day.. well, it was uneventful as I mentioned..cepting.. my critters got an instant replay.. and I wasn't too excited over that.. Hubby he did his chores and then some...Goodness that man can run in circles...some good and some ...enough said  !

Still having a little problem with the puter.. Dang that browser.. seems it's not yet right..So that means come Tuesday I'll call that "StopZilla"  and see how the next event goes.

I dragged around most the day.. nothing I could get finished being Critters were in the .. Ooops Mode.. and as for Sunday...mmm I'm sure I'll muster somethin' up.. Perhaps a Netflix..and hopes that the rest of the mess is going to be gone...So I can at least plan some activity.. this is too boring for me... Is it Oct yet ?

To bed I head as 4:30am comes quickly...

Catch ya later

God Bless

Friday, September 3, 2010

Faithful Friday

Faithful Friday comes in .. and so far so good ...well, hopefully. I seem to have some doubts. "Why" ?  Does it ever not play itself out.. I mean, no matter how I start my day.. seems there's a plan event in the making . This being the start of "Labor Day Weekend" (the name itself means work your butt off woman) and who knows what is in store.  Look so far we have Hurricane Earl to visit... and yes, I might have a few more surprises before the weekends over.

Computer situation looks to have been cleared..well almost.. Still have issues with browser..but then again that's Microsoft.. do I need to say any more ?????  OH, but the "new" virus program.. I have to speak highly of them .. program called " StopZilla"  ... Now I had never heard of them but did a read up.. and from the service I received I was "IMPRESSED"..

First off they actually called me back !!!!  Then the young lady worked on my computer through the "Go to Assist".. I had my coffee and watched her work  through my screen.. and I got my money worth.. I'd say it was a good 3  hours where she moved, ;picked , plotted and then deleted.. put the scan in action .. Took out a lot of  junk stuff that was hidden.. and all I did was "WATCH".. interesting.. it was a first for me.. I mean I've never had the service like this from any company.. Would I recommend them.. Absolutely.. (so far)

Now as for my "critters".. it was a horrible day.. all 4 had the "UP Chucks".. and  me and paper towels were on High Alerts.. oh  Lordy.. it was awful.. I felt so bad for all of them.. I just prayed that  I wouldn't have to make an emergency run to the VETS...

I cooked up some brown rice and chicken..(seems the ole chicken soup comes in handy) and fed them lightly that evening.. those that would eat...and by bed time they were coming around better.. Gave them their meds and a lite treat..and by this morning.. They were in Starving Mode..Don't drop a crumb or it's over with before it hits the ground.. Ah.. I feel better that they are on the road to recovery !

Expecting rain ( Earl) sometime this evening.. although it's looking on the dreary side... Gonna make up a few goodies for the weekend.. nothing much as I'm  in my slump.. exhausted from the messes and stressed from the dang crappola of the puter world...

Oh, and got my "new" cell phone to work.. finally.. all my contacts are now in is to install the program to connect to my computer.. but I'll wait...just to make sure I have no more problems..HA !

Well, I'm gonna start on another project.. (crocheting) for a few gifts.. so that will give me a jump for the up and coming events...and then attempt to finish reading my book... by the way I did tell ya, " I love my Kindle"

So, to all that reads me blog... Have a good weekend..keep dry and enjoy as we only pass this way ONCE !

Catch ya later

God Bless

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trial and Error ....Thursday

Trial and Error ...Thursday... Along with Hurricane Earl, I've got my own whirlwind going.  Yes, I completed my task of "Getting the Cell Phone".. but I went through 3 in the store before I got the one to work.. Now, I don't know if I was just the "Lucky One" for this phone... Seems that way...but I finally got my blue tooth to connect... I'm back in business.  Of course couldn't leave Wally World without a couple of buys.. like my coffee (now that was a good one) and a few more goodies.

Now to the computer...This can be a challenge in itself..and like always nothing works right.. No matter how the claim is.. "This is the best program"  there all the same.. almost like the Politicians..they'll tell ya want you want to they do the job.. now that's another story.

So, I spent most of yesterday working on the dang computer.. and here I am still working on the dang computer..What ever hit our system it took over my browsers.. No matter what I clicked on or where I wanted to go it went it's own way..

I got desperate..(don't ya hate that feeling).. I downloaded another virus program called  "StopZilla".. sounds interesting.. and it ran most of the day cleaning up ((I hope) a lot of the crappola .. still this morning I have more to do.. Where did all this crap come from ?   Well being that my set up is a Network .. it could have come from anywhere.. the system is never down always open.. someone somewhere got it and it is like "Trickle Down Economy"  somebody bites the "Dust".

My day today will be a pain in the butt.. oh and along with that.. All my critters have the stomach bug..Nice huh !... Well, it's clean up, pick up and fall out.. and put up with things not working....Where's my bucket, I need to drown my face in it !

Thinking on a positive note.. Well, I'm still thinking...

Catch ya later

God Bless

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Ever Wednesday

What Ever Wednesday.. My day is already in motion.. Yesterday (Tuesday) did not go so good.. I thought it had.. but haven't I learned.. I mean it never seems to fail.. I thought I got a bargain..( famous last words) I did my "getting things" and even managed to feel ahead of the "game".  but was for NOT... yep you are reading that correctly.. 

My Adventure into Wally World  was on a High Roll... I got (here comes) the best deal in town.. Got me a new "PHONE"... Yep  they had a "Special"  5 bucks re up my phone.. which I have had the same phone for 6 years.. worked perfect.. never having a problem with the battery.. and that's always the problem.. nope but I couldn't resist.. "The Sale"..."The Special of the Day".. So I go ahead and re up my contract for another 2 years..(no biggy on that) and I gets me this new fangled burgundy (now I'm in style )  L G  phone.. (which I've always had LG)  I come home excited.. Look at all these new gadgets on this pretty phone.

Take out the "Book" of instructions.. which by the way, took me a good 2  hours of reading  and understanding..(what I now am a dummy)?   Ok, it's gonna take some getting use too.. Like anything new.. Now I have to set up my "Blue Tooth"  ( I haven't used a cell phone without it being hands free for over 25 years)  and I follow the simple instructions.. NOPE.. no parring happening... Ok, let me re read this thing.. Yep, did that, yep did that too, still not working.. ugh

Hubby comes home and I have this look like..I got dooped... Yeah he's seen that look many times before.. and like the good man he is.. (oh he's gonna gripe about it always does)  He listens to my saga...and then I give him the .."Would you please go to Verizon, perhaps it's my Blue Tooth.. I mean it is old "... Yes, the good man ( I still hear him ) drags his butt out the door with all my "new goodies" and heads over to the Verizon Store.. I get a call (on house phone)  It's not my Blue Tooth .. that works perfect they tried it on a lot of the different phones.. in fact the guy at the store says, "I got a really good Blue Tooth"..  Then comes the words I didn't want to hear..."It's the phone, ya gotta take it back".. ugh..

So you ask,  "What are you doing today"?  3 guesses.. first  2 don't count.. Yes, I'm heading out to Wally World.. with my contract, sales receipt ...and hoping I don't have any snags..Oh, and to make matters worse. My computer got hit with a Virus... Now that's another sweetheart deal.. I've had my system cleaning all night and still  I'm having issues.. I've ran several different programs to cleanse this baby..

Why do people have to cause misery to others ?  I just don't get it.. What is the deal with these idiots.. now mind you.. these people, if they only put their efforts to "Good" would be so ahead and have a "deal of a life time"  such advantages in their lives.. but no... it's ruin someone else's life.."Dick Heads".

Along with having to march my butt out today... I have to come back and do more clean up and dumping and changing ...Such a joy I just can't wait...Now am I a happy camper ??????  Don't think so...but then again my day hasn't ended...and who knows what else I have in store...

Keep a chin up.. (Sucks) and turn on that Humor..cause ya gonna need it !

Catch ya later.. (if I can) 

God Bless !