Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tready Through the Day on Thursday

Tready Through the Day on I dragged all my laundry into the garage and it was just a mere 73 degrees at 5:30am ooooooooooh my stars !!!

I knew this was gonna be a muggy day as the morning was starting off that way...put my big load in the washer and on I was getting the critters out..well Mister Zeke first as Ms Reba usually waits till 9am.. I mean the gal has to get her beauty rest...started heading out and was so happy the trash was at curb side cause for some reason ME one person here with 2 Dawgs and a goofy Cockatoo get lots of trash...and I know who has the most..psssssst..Ms Shug !!! LOL

However, it was gonna be gone, gone, gone ...thank heavens as it was beginning to attract other noses..NOT MINE :) that was one beastly chore that was gonna be complete ..then on to the plants, and the wild birds and yeppers squirrels.. I have the fatest ones in town..hahaha.

Got inside and phone was Clancy and he was coming over to power wash the roof and my driveway..and maybe do some weeding..gawd knows it needs it crazy as it sounds but I enjoyed that but now I can't get down on my knees and so the weeds come up and greet me..buggers..

So I was happy about that...I feel so much better when things get done..but onto my laundry..gawd knows I have a I make my excuses.. I do big loads hahaha..and it was a big load too..and when it got dried..well..this is what I really hate..FOLDING ....FOLDING...OMG I HATE FOLDING CLOTHES or MATCHING SOCKS...guess you know I hate that ..hahaha

My afternoon consisted of talking to myself..(giving myself a lecture hahaha) and folding and matching yeah you got it..and I thought I'd never come to an end but end I did...

Clancy worked his butt off.. 6 1/2 hours on the roof..and he does a job .. I mean that roof was sparkling..and cleaned the screens on the gutters which get leaves still trapped but not in the gutter but at the seems..and they are a doozie to get loose too..but I heard him.. hahaha..he's a character but I just am so happy to have him do the job..he takes pride in what he does..

My garden looks great too as Clancy started weeding and will finish the rest tomorrow..and ya know he even power washed my car for me too.. He is such a neat person..Elsie always said, "Clancy was a good guy"..he is and for Elsie he was a wonderful husband..I do think of her often when Clancy does work for me..and how proud she was of how her husband did "A GOOD JOB".

Tonight crap was on TV..but I did watch something..nothing that I would write home about any way.. so now I'm dragging and tomorrow will be here before a wink of an eye...

I've got another batch of laundry..Bed Linnings and I'll flip the mattress..lucky me folding just slap that baby back on hahaha...Gonna make a roast beef tomorrow so I'll have open face sandwiches when I want a quick meal..they is good :)...

Have to use my YoNanna tomorrow to make up some fruit pops..need restocking..and that's about it for now..thank goodness..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

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