Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Winning Tuesday ..toot toot !

Another Winning Tuesday...Toot Toot !  Oh it was a great night sleep again.. I'm so besides myself..two nights in a row and I wake up by 5, 5:30am..that for me is wonderful.. I am just so happy...See it's those little things that mean alot  Hahaha..

Well this morning was the first of my Echo Test and that went well..then I slid on over to my Internist..and that went pretty good..but the down side is ..I'm getting more vaccines..YIKES... he said to me.. "You need a WDT " and I thought..'what in the world would he give me a WD 40 for :  LOL  yeah it sounded like but it sure wasn't...it's whooping cough, diphtheria and Tetanus that I will get on Friday...cause I will be having my
Nuclear Stress Test on Wednesday and on Friday....

I'm gonna glow in the dark ..I mean watch them bring in that special stuff in that led container..wearing gloves..oh yeah..and then inject..HOLY BANANA...I'm gonna glow and oh yeah the taste..now other tell me they don't taste it...But I DO !!

I can have all the water I want..LUCKY ME..and then after I can have a black cup of coffee cause ya know you're gonna have a blasted headache...I pray that's all I'll have...and then lay down and get scanned..sure I hear ya..on that little tiny table..YUCK ..

Oh and my Doc says that I also must get my Pneumonia and Flu Shot in Oct..so I have an appointment for the 1st of Oct..thank you Doc..OH and one more things..HUH... Yeah I have to get that Shingle Shot but I'll call the insurance company and ask where they want me to get that one..cause that's 250 bucks..HELLO..I donate a lot but I ain't donating for that beast.. I had those shingles and it wasn't fun...in fact I still have the complications from that crap !!!!

So home I came and raided the frig I was so hungry ..and tonight I still was stuffed but I did  drink my share of water :)  and now I'm ready to hit the open bed..hahahaha...thought I was gonna say ROAD..NOT>..

Chatted with my Sistah Dawn..we did a facetime chat..gawd that is so neat..and we talked about her new rig and when she'll be heading into Florida... I really can't wait cause she's gonna love the lifestyle I can tell..

Alrighty now I am gonna go to sleep land and dream of happy things and tomorrow I'm off to the races and oops yes, stop by CVS as I forgot to pick up my dang scripts...

So it's nite nite for now and happy travels to those that are on the road..Stay Safe..and most of all..God Bless  

Monday, July 30, 2012

It was a good Monday !

It was a good Monday.!  Started off by me getting a good night sleep...You ask HOW?  well I finally figured out what was happening to me ...it was my PILLOWS..yep them suckers were too soft and my neck was aching and hence I'd wake up ...so last night was a full night sleep for me since I've been back in Pa..

Felt like a new person..now only wish my body was NEW...but hey, I'll settle for just getting a full night's sleep...WAAAAAHOOO....:)  Yeah, I was ecstatic...in fact if I could have jumped I would have jumped for joy !!!

Most of the day I did just a few things..Like shred chicken for Critters and for Chicken Salad..hey I multi task...LOL and then I went on to make a pot of Chili..which by the way... I burned..OMG..yes I did..first time in my life I burned the Chili...GAWD...

I got a lot of my paper work done for the Doc's office...it's that time again when they have to ask for more info...like WHY?  I mean I've only been going there for over 20 years ????? Again I ask..and am told it's because of the Insurance stuff and of course the "new rules"..

Tonight I lagged and then remembered I have an appointment early.. to get that Echo test done and then to see my Internist.. ok that will mean I need to get all my scripts refilled...and then on to the next bout of testing..which will be done on Wed and Fri..that's the Nuclear Stress..like I haven't had enough stress..

Tomorrow I will attempt to make a Meat Loaf..LOL  I'm saying that cause of what I did today..GAWD I'll never live that one down...guess I'm not use to cooking hahahaha.. maybe I forgot how...????

That's about it other than I'm praying for another full night sleep...come on pillows do their trick :)

Hope you all have had a great day and if traveling stay Safe..and as like before..

God Bless

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Days it's Sunday

Happy Days It's Sunday...I had to say that to make sure I even knew it was Sunday..I mean lately my days are rolling into each other...and it's happening often...Oh My STARS...can we just slow down a bit to take a breath of fresh air ????

Morning again for me is and was too dang early but I'm dealing with it..by catching up later on with a Nap..I mean I have too..my brain gets in a slump and my body becomes a "Slug"...Lord help me..so Nap is big right now in my books..

Chatted with Diane and Bob this morning..they are now realizing their move back home is becoming real..Like I said, I will miss them both but not miss Diane's whine..and she's got one too...but really she and Bob are the neatest..I mean I know I'm gonna miss them terrible...but life will go on and I'll get stable again..

It's mainly because of my disease..not that I want to give it any credit..but I never felt I had to worry as they were there in case something went a Muck...now I'll be turning my trust into Jackie and Dickie and they are good people too.. I've known them for 5 years as well but not as well as I knew Bob and Diane..but there's a start, right ?

Today I made a breakfast casserole as I had a visit from an old friend and it was neat and food was good too...and of course the stuffing the soul was great and then we had for dessert these Pina Colada Pops I made ...boy they were good and simple too..so next time I make them I'll double batch..not overly sweet but refreshing..

Tonight hubby and I will watch Big Brother...we kind of like that show..all the ins and outs of telling those fibs to win all that money..goes to show you what people will do for a BUCK..LOL Hey, I'm sure I'd give it my best shot..

Hubby did his usual ..Sunday School teaching and then on to Church.. I keep telling him that I ain't never seen someone put in such long hours in Church..hahaha...We Catholics have long masses but can't touch these Southern Baptist  hahaha..

So that's about it for today and we'll be moving on to tomorrow...and we all know that can always bring me Surprises...OH +OH  I forgot...in speaking with Diane this morning she informed me we have visiting BEARS..YEP< Black Bears..so we were told not to put bird feed out or feed my humming birds...Now I'm sad cause my critters are use to that good stuff...but for every one's safety I need to comply...

I know one thing when I do come back they'll be yelling..Where's the Feed !!!...LOL

So safe travels to all and as always God Bless....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

So Here it is Saturday

So here it is Saturday....morning again for me is early rising...guess I might as well get use to it and just deal with it by taking a Nap in the afternoon...but I did watch the Olympic Ceremony for a good bit last night and I had to laugh at the Pretend Entrance from the Queen..rather typical English humor and of course Mr Bean..

He has always been on of my favorite characters..just watching his expressions...I'm smiling as I think if them...along with another one of my English humors..Monty Python...gawd that was just so demented humor and I loved every bit of it..

Morning for me was so, so had a little bit of Angina nothing major but that blasted Angina is hanging around like my Mr Murphy....and by speaking of that one..well I done got done again...My Washer was suppose to be delivered today..but No where in site..so I called and guess what...????  The girl didn't put our names on the book for delivery today..sooooooooooo it's on for next Saturday...Good thing I bought extra undies..LOL

Most of the day I puts around got a few things done up for the Critters and hubby went and did the major shopping for me and picked up Zeke's Meds..mine I'll pick up on Tuesday when I get that Echo test done and also see my Internists...I'll also get scripts written up as I'm just about out ..

Did manage to talk with Diane and Bob later on in the day and they are just excited about going back home to Oneida, NY..and I can't blame them that's where they were born and love..and we talked about me getting someone else to take care of my plants and house...

They did get Dickie and Jackie..who I know also..Dickie works as a guard at where I have the house in Florida and Jackie works for Tax company during tax season so this will be an added income for them both...and again people that I know I can trust...They'll water my plants which I so dearly love and feed my birds LOL..but they'll also go in the house and make sure everything is ok...that's so important..

I am staying longer so it will only be a matter of a few months..and I'm sure that will work out for them as well...and now things are a little better for me... I do have Clancy that takes care of things around the yard and I'll have to see who I can get to do Odd jobs for me..and if I need the house to be thoroughly cleaned I'll use another friend of mine that has Cleaning Service...that will only be a once every few months..but I will surely miss Diane and Bob..they were wonderful.....I did tell Diane that but also told her..I won't miss her complaining..hahahaha...but she surprised me and said..."They might come back and stay a month "..WOW but I know Bob loves it and loves his fishing :)

On for the night I'm not really sure but maybe some kind of movie and then it will be lights out and on to the next day..where I do have to cook up a few things..First I need to go to the Rice fields big time..and then cook up the Chicken for the Critters as well ..then I'll make a pot of Chili..which I'll put up in the freezer ..and I know I've got to make a pot of Gravy  None left in the house...and that ain't good ...!!

So with that I'll say..."Happy Traveling and Stay Safe"   God's Blessing Shine down on All..

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fickled Friday

Fickled Friday....OH YEAH...I certainly was...Morning started off like always for me..I mean no sleep again..I don't know why I'm getting into this habit of getting up at 3am...I try and try but nope can't get past 3am...then most of the day I'm in and out of tiredness...Something is a Muck or I'm just plain Fickled

Had a great Face Time chat with Dawn and Echo and boy did we do some chatting..and laughing..which I think we all needed ...and sure was enjoyable..then on to the rest of my day...

I called Diane and Bob which I promised I would yesterday ...as when I called they were getting ready to leave their house as it was being shown again...I said to Diane, "Well I think this one will be the one"...What am I a Genie ???? Do I have a Crystal Ball..????

Sure enough I called today and they just got done signing the deal..They sold their house !!!  Diane was still in shock...little did she know..so was I... I mean I know Diane has been wanting to get back to Oneida, New York...for over 5 years ..Since I bought my Winter Home.. I've heard how she didn't like Florida...Well she done got her wish..

I am happy for her and Bob...however I'm heart broken ..as those two were my house keepers, friends and almost like family to me.. I got to depend on them for almost everything..and I never worried if I was to take ill as I knew they would make sure everything was ok...OMG..

Tonight I got another bout of Angina...Why, well because although I didn't think that news would bother me...it did...I mean I got to depend so much on both of them...now I have to go all through that again and hope and pray I find another couple that will be as wonderful as they were and still are..

It sounds weird, I know but because of my illness I have to make sure whom ever I hire to work for me is aware of things and what happens to me...I mean I'm not a basket case....but some days I'm lucky if I can get myself together...

It is what it is..and I'll be ok..just have to handle this again one day at a time and be aware of all that is happening...I know Diane and Bob will still keep in contact with me...as we have become very close and I hope some day  hubby and I will take a trip up to visit..(don't think I'll be there in the winter LOL )

I have to now try and ease myself back again...pain in the butt that this happens to me..and I dislike it so much...but it's my illness and boy it can knock me off my socks at times..and other times I'm hey,,,I'm not ill..but right now I'm a little off kilter...What can I say..."Little things mean a lot to me".

Watched the opening of the Olympics tonight while texting Dawn...that was neat we both were laughing at the English humor..and of course Mr Bean..what a trip that guy is with his facial expression...

Now I'm ready to hit the sack and pray that I get a good night sleep..cause this tiredness is a pain in my arse and I don't need any more pains...LOL

Safe travels to All and Echo if you tune in...make sure you take it easy  and take care of yourself..

God Bless

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Big Day is Here, Thursday !

The big day is here, Thursday !....Yes, again this morning I woke about 3:00 am..and I couldn't for the life of me get back to sleep..I did try several times and then I gave up ...the heck with this and I came in on the big computer and played games..keeping my brain active..and my nerves calm...Why am I do uptight.. I mean I've waited for this day...now come on and let's get with the program...:)

Sounds good right..but on the other hand..you is just reading this and I'm the VICTIM !!!!...but as the morning progressed I got busy and calmed myself down without even realizing it...Thank Heavens  ...

I even had a Face Time Chat with one of the Sistah's from our Forum  Dawn, and also Echo..yeah the two of them ...and it was neat ...I so enjoy them both..and Dawn is so very much like me...in her way of thinking and wanting to get things DONE...Yeah Dawn..you did a great job too :)

So onward I went onto the next project...getting dressed and going out in the heat of the day...Felt like I was on a desert..dang it ...it was really warm..and so was my car till I let it run a bit..then that AC felt great...so I bee bop on over to the Doc's office...and the parking lot is jammed packed...

This parking lot is with black top..and I mean you could hear the crackling of the tar as you drove on it..eeeeew..that sucker is hot...and I just got this wild and crazy Idea..as my "pain"..(what pain it done left the building) is no longer in my back...son of a gun.. I've had that bugger for days and it drove me bonkers couldn't sleep, couldn't find a right place to lay on..and now it's GONE..sure just as I get to the Doc's office..my imaginary pain left, split, took a hike...Well, we'll just see about that...

I get out of the car and slowly walk up to the front door...I'm telling ya I really feel this heat...it's really like walking on hot coals and the smell of the tar..boy am I losing my mind or what...I can feel the sweat starting to come across my brow...(holy Hannah am I getting into this or what )...so I open the door and a blast of cold air hits me...Thank YOU ....that AC is in High Gear...let me just stand here for about an hour..hahaha...and then I go into the neat lobby with this huge water fall... I saw this lady sitting on the side of it...and I said, "Boy I could sure dive into this"...she laughed and then replied..."I thought the same thing..bet we'd have a crowd"...we both laughed as I proceeded to the Elevator...:)

Now you all know or maybe you don't but I'm not crazy about Elevators..I mean I have this thing...like claustrophobia and I've gotten worse as I have gotten older (not wiser) but I deal with it....I get on it or in it however you'd like to say it...but I'm there and I have to talk to myself or anyone that's on or in the dang thing...but I do it...reluctantly but I still do it...and then the door closes.

Ok, I can do this..this is nothing new been around ages..and hey, it's one two three and the door will open..look at the mirrors around here ...listen to that awful music..YIKES it is bad too..hahaha...but push the button and the door closes and up we go...up we go....up we go....WHAT...we ain't going up much and it's jerking ...HOLY CHITSKI...WE IS STUCK...YEAH...MURPHY done did it again...I'm now stuck in between floors...just what I don't  need...

Do I go into Panic Mode..hit the Deck...hahaha..wait.. I did sit down on the floor praying that I can get back up...and I push this  RED button...the one that says, "Call for HELP"...and in a few seconds well felt like hours a voice came on and said,,"Are YOU OK"... I sure hope so..I look up and there's a camera pointing at me....but I did reply I was..and then next was..."Do YOU NEED OXYGEN"...uh oh..am I gonna need it, are they gonna pipe it in ??????  I then said, NO NOT YET...LOL  I couldn't resist...I mean my humor goes into high gear all by itself when I'm nervous...and then I gave the woman my name...next thing I hear is.."Would have known it had to be YOU..."  and then laughing...UH ?????

Yeah it was the nurse that knows me too well...and it's not like this hasn't happened to me before..in fact it happened the first day the Doc opened his building...hahaha....See I'm known by the Queen of Happenings...or by  another name of...Murphy Strikes Again !!!...

It took about 20 minutes and they got me out of there...but I'm also glad I wasn't with other people cause then I would have had them all splitting their guts laughing...I mean I can pull some great one liners when it comes to being nervous...LOL...just ask my Doc on the O R table... before they put me out...It's a classic !!!

So long story short now that my finger tips are gasping here...I got an EKG today and Tuesday I am scheduled for an Echo Cardiogram then on Wednesday and Friday I am scheduled for a Nuclear Stress Test...and at the end of all those wild sounding tests.. I will get the results..Doc did say if there is any changes that we will go in..Now I know that sounds strange but this Doc has been inside my chest (heart) now 10 times and I have to say.."he knows me from the inside out".. and I don't have any fears..as I trust him completely..we've had our shares of very close calls..and he's got me through them...I sure wish he'd move to Florida for the winter :)

Next is just the waiting game till my tests are done..but I had to tell him.. He must have scared me cause my pain left...sure hope he keeps scaring me...:)

That's my story for today...betcha can't wait for tomorrow...Me either cause every day with me is always filled with surprises...

Thanks all for your kind words and prayers they mean a lot too me...and as I always say, "Safe travels to those that are on the road and as always..God's Blessing Shine Down on All..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday and feeling better than yesterday

Wednesday and feeling better than yesterday...although I woke up very early with a burning sensation in the center of my back...who knows what that was about. But with me. My weird Angina hits me differently...by the rest of the day the burning has really gotten lighter..still with me, but not really that bad.. I have been only doing what I have too..like take care of the critters and Myself. Hubby is doing the rest..this drives me bonkers but it's what I have to do to get through this. Tomorrow I head in to see the cardio doc and we will see what he is gonna do..most likely an EKG and then I am sure he'll want me to have a stress test..like I haven't had enough. What ever it is as long as this will go away. My days seem to go on forever just sitting back doing just about nothing. Gawk this is difficult to do. I mean my body wants to move around and when I get up to move I feel like I am 100 years old. I do believe I creak. Hahaha. I couldn't handle to much longer. That's about all that has been happening and I am BORED. I do hope all that are traveling stay safe and again as always. God bless.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Treading lightly on Tuesday

Treading lightly on Tuesday.... I sure have been... I've rested more in the last two days than in the entire time I've been going back and forth to Florida...This past year has been a difficult one for me..First and foremost realizing that I'm not able to do the things I use too!

That always puts a damper on things..but I'm not wanting you to think that I've giving up..Not at all.. I mean as long as I can I am gonna keep truckin..just have to do it  in moderation...and of course as soon as I can down size my big rig...I love it but I'm just not able to keep up the stress level that one does have when driving...

Also it be nice to see the things I don't get to see when driving...it's time Hubby starts doing the driving and getting the back seat "how to" like he does me....I mean after all it's a give and take type of marriage right ?

I'm feeling better today ...but still not up to major things..My angina is still with me but not as strong and slowly lifting..but I do know that one of these days it's gonna be time for "Open Heart".... I always joked with my Doctors as how I've skated so long when really I've had 3 heart attacks..(mild ones) and 9 stents all in the L.A.D...which is known to all as the "Widow Maker"...see I can't do things half arse...I mean if I'm gonna have something wrong it's always been I have to have the "Main Issue"....so I am thankful for the time the Good Lord has allowed me and also Medical Science...as I've joked before about this...

I take 27 pills a day to keep on truckin....I use to complain and tell all..I'm donating my body to science..as I never understood how my liver has lasted so long...but I'll keep on truckin for as long as I can...but again just a little more slowly...and when I'm tired....I park and rest !!

Today was a long day of resting...and I'm telling ya my butt is worn out from leaning back ..but I have no choice and no energy...I'm like the Dish Rags I make...and tomorrow I'm gonna do the same thing...Veg out !

Watched America's Got Talent and there were several acts I really liked...always love them dog acts...and of course to pick a winner..well, I don't think I could on this one....but it was enjoyable and I even did a catch up on the shows that we taped...Big Brother...Ouch.. that is gonna be a wild bunch...and I always hate to see someone push the button and get in some one's face like that Will did...If you can't control your temper you should never get into a program such as that... Oh My Stars!...they did right in getting him off the show...!

Now it's bed time and I'm wide awake..YIKES...but I need to lay down..as tomorrow is another lean back and get to feeling better..then come Thursday I have my Doc appointment in the afternoon... I am anxious and pray that it's just a case of being stressed....

Thanks all for keeping those prayers coming...and those Angels for hanging around...and most important I thank God for giving me this time on Earth...

Safe travels to All...and as Always...God Bless

Monday, July 23, 2012

Easing in on Monday

Easing in on Monday.... the night wasn't too bad... I was still having some discomfort but bearable...but first thing this morning I called the Doc...of course you have to go through that non sense of the automatic answering...some how that always takes away from the personal feelings you get when you need to talk with a HUMAN....

I was told and I knew this by heart...if I was having major issues to head to the E R and that's understandable because I wouldn't be typing I'd be in a room waiting for the Doc to appear...but I'm not in that state...but I was getting very nervous..

It's been along time since I've been dealt this blow...I mean my Angina was kickin arse and not taking no for an answer...but it eased up as I leaned back and took my Imdur...however it's still hanging around but not as bad...and hopefully it will ease a lot more..

I did get an appointment and it's Thursday at 2:15pm but if I have any more bouts I'll head on up to the E R and play it safe !!  I don't need to hit a HOME RUN... I mean I ain't stealing bases either.. I just want to glide on through with a clean home plate.:)

Today I mainly did nothing..other than just let the Critters in and out and feed them...Hubby is working late and will this whole week....and I'll get to see him at night time Lord Willin....

Spoke with Diane back in Florida and I hear my "new" heat pump A/C unit was installed..aaaaah see every thing all at the same time...and yes, my Washer is going to be the next fill in...cause that will happen some time this week too...Joy to the World..

Other than that I'm about to watch more TV and again take my meds and call it an early day...Praying tomorrow my little friend..Murphy will have decided to move on to bigger and better pastures...

That's about it till tomorrow....as I'm tired just thinking...So all who are on the road..Safe Travels and as always...God Bless

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Murphy Strikes even on Sunday !

Murphy Strikes even on Sunday !...What I've been trying to tell all that read my blog or even know me personally...Murphy has a way of showing up at my front door...regardless of how many times I've told that sucker to "hit the open road"...

This morning I was some what better from yesterday..and later on today I got even better..but I'm still calling the Doc tomorrow.. I have too.. I mean I had to cancel my appointment cause we had the side track in Ga and then later on down the road...and being it was a Stress Test scheduled ....I think I had mine but I still have to go in and be checked...This time Doc was planning on me having the Cath done as I'm way over due for that..

It's been going on 8 years since my last stenting...of which I have 9...yeah, 9.. I mean stitch in time saves 9...LOL  but seriously I've been doing really well and knowing that there was no more stenting gonna take place ....I can't play the guessing game..

However, getting back to my buddy Murphy, well later on this afternoon hubby needed to have a few things washed and I had him toss them in the Washer..and I went in and just turned the knob and pushed the button..but NOT GONNA HAPPEN....the Washer is on VACATION...after 10 years she quit...well I can't blame her but....WHY NOW ?   I started to chuckle.. and walked out the laundry room and just smiled and told hubby...

You now are buying me a "new washer"..he looked at me ...and we both started laughing...guess there is truth to laughter is the best medicine..but not always for the pocket book !!...but come tomorrow between Doc calls their will be a call to our local dealer..whom we have been dealing with for over 45 years...

Tonight I'm feeling much better but again I'm not letting this slide by cause this was one of the worst Angina attacks I've had in years...and had it kept going I would have been in the ER and calling my Doc...

I have what they call Unstable Angina and from time to time it can give me a kick..but I've been really good and even when I had that bad fall and in the hospital with double pneumonia..I did not have a problem..go figure...but that drive home and break down...YIKES...

So that's my story and it's stickin to me...unfortunately and yes, I'm keeping my sense of humor cause that  is the only thing I have left...

Thanks for all the kind words and prayers they mean so much to me...and hey, a group of the Sistah's are now getting I pads so we are gonna have a GTG on I pad...our own personal one.. amazing this Tech stuff...

Safe Travels to All and as always...God Bless.....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We made it home on Saturday

We made it home on Saturday...this was one of the longest trips home..we left the Flying J in Carmel Church around 9am..after we filled up with gas and re hooked the car..the weather was not going to behave for us..nope it started to sprinkle and then off and on started to get heavier at times.... On we trucked up 95 ..I had decided because yesterday was such a rough drive for me that today I was going to do the same thing. Stop at rest areas on the way and rest a bit then truck on. This was a little bit intense as I had weather and visibility problems..yep, the fog roled in and it was like a slow crawl. And then the traffic started to increase..ok, I will just take my time and deal with it.. I also had thee joy of going over the Key bridge in Maryland. The visibility going over that..well it's like climbing into the sky and not sure if you need oxygen. Thank goodness I tok a deep breath. Held onto the stirring wheel and prayed.. When we got into Deleware the rain, fog and wind stopped so I decided I was gonna make it home..one thing. Once we got into Philly. Someone should have told me the game was a home game. Yes sir it was bumper to bumper traffic until we got past Broad street exit and then home we were headed.. Now I sit in my recliner numb and thanking the good Lord we made it home safely...long and short of it..I can see in the near future we will be down sizing to a smaller rig..it is now starting to stress me out and I now realize that my a love of driving this rig is soon to be coming to a close.. I can fib to others. But I can't fib too me..it's becoming harder for me..hate to admit it..but I want to enjoy it and not sufer afterwards..now a lot could also be all that happened but it really took a toll on me and I became Ill. Not a good feeling having Angina.. Moral to my story is...I want to enjoy my life and not suffer the consequences ...God has been very good to me. And it is time I repay those kind deeds..Sharing my thought and happenings..making some smile as well and perhaps learn from it too. Again it's so good to be home and relaxing...safe travels to al and always. God bless

Friday, July 20, 2012

A long ride on Friday

A long ride on Friday...the longest ride that I ever took...started off by not having a good night sleep..we had an on going issue with the generator. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Even after we got the genny fixed and drove on up the road when we were ready to settle down for the night. The genny wasn't. Nope she done had a mind of her own. Most of the night she was surging. Up and down. Up and down till I finally got up and shut her off.....bad mistake. But I couldn't handle the noise. I did say " I was spent". There I was at 2 am pleading with the genny to start. Yep. It took several attempts and to the pont that I began to come unglued...a little shaking. A little uncomfortable..I was afraid that I was getting ill more like an angina attack. Brother just what hubby needed. You bet your sweet butt I prayed. I mean I did not want to have him (hubby in this kind of a mess). So I prayed that we would come out of this ok. And then the genny started up. Thank you dear Lord..and we both layed down and I dreaded the next drive. Sure enough come daybreak we started up the road. I had to pull over at every rest stop. My angina was grabbing me. And I get mine in my back...oh please let me make it ok..and again every 45 miles or so we pulled into a rest stop and that is what I did..that really helped as it would release the pressure I was feeling.. Driving through Richmond wasn't a thrill either as the traffic got heavy. But wow the roads were not great. I should have taken the bypass but I am not big on bridges. Yep I am not a bridge fan. I don't like heights. But alas we made it to Carmel church. Va at the Flying J. And I am settled in till tomorrow.. My girlfriend Mary called earlier as I had posted on face book about my trouble and our friend Eileen who lives near by offered us to come stay or if we needed help with our dogs..that was so nice of them both what would we do without friends. So we are well rested and just glad that everything is ok. And I am taking my meds and will take our time going home..we have another 5 or 6 hours and with God's blessings we will be pulling in our driveway.. So now I will say good night and safe travels. And as always. God bless

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday, a day of reckoning !

Thursday, a day of reckoning! It is what it is and was...got up wee early my heart was racing..is this gonns be the day that it all comes together ? I can only tell you that both hubby and I were to the point of no refund !!! Was this gonna be a 5 cent or 2 penny job?..will it take plastic, will it bend and fold ? Ah, but what ever it will take.....will it be the final Draw? Our morning was a little hectic..getting all the do's and don'ts in order..the night before we had everything out away other than what needed to be finished. Ie dumping the holding tanks..and of course filling the jugs of water..now last but not least the connection wire that had to be returned as the camp ground office let us borrow it... Off we drove with hopes of this was our last trip...and low and behold it turned out to be. The last go round..Dave the mechanic came out with all smiles as he explained how things went and he was happy to send us on our way. Bet not any happier than US! One thing....the bill. That never makes anyone happy and a fast look made my eyes cross. But hey what's a few K's spent. Then I looked again. WOW. I thought I saw what I thought I saw as I gasped and then I thought. Well let's not even think..let's just go home !!!! Only one more thing...I did see that Sales woman and told her what I thought of that idiot to pull that inconsiderate act of attempting to make a deal on a bad situation ..she got the message loud and clear. We headed out on down the road. 95 North bound and ya know it felt great..so now we are parked at the Flying J in Latta, South Carolina till morning. Just listening to that generator purr. Purr, purr, purr. Ah life is grand once you kick out those kinks . Safe travels to al and God bless Our trip continues. Stay tuned in :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We are still in Ga, Wednesday

We are still here in Ga., Wednesday. But things are looking brighter....morning was blah and early afternoon seem to have that same glow. However, late afternoon the cell phone rang. And it was the r v dealer. Yeppers the generator was done. But little did they know so were we !!!!! Hubby and I are beginning to cheer up. Amazing how 3 little words can do the trick..."it is done". Woo hoo. And now to get things ready for departure.. We wil fill water in one of the holding tanks so that we have enough for potty breaks. And then dump what we don't need to carry and refresh the waste tanks. Alright things are coming together... Dinner early and watch a little t v and just like we have done many times before put things away so it's not madness in the morning.. Feed the critters light for the truck up to our next stop over which will be about a 5 hour drive.then back to our normal run. No matter how much you try to prepare yourself for happenings when they happen you become some what unhinged but try to handle it best you can... So I am gonna call it a night and get my list going of what we need to get done and then chill out for tonight.. Thanks all for your kind words and prayers as we all do certainly need them. ! Safe travels to all and God bless

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another day another dolla ! On Tuesday

Another day another dolla ! On Tuesaday no less.....yes you are reading that correctly. Early this morning the cell phone rang and it was the r v repair..not sure exactly how it went. But to make it right to the point. It wasn't the coupler pulley to the fly wheel. ( why do I feel that was like a dance song?). Then comes the next tune...it's the control board. ( which is like the brain) and starter..( now that tune) and we don't stock it and have to Fed x from Atlanta. Well you might as well said, Tim buck two ! Hubby looked at me then I asked. "How much and what would be price of a new one". That wasn't hard I mean we already have labor costs part cost and when everything is together it will be close to 2k. And what tomorrow will bring. Well new Generator would be 6k. That made my decision. Can we do anything different. NOT ! Now we are still in the same spot and booked in till Friday just in case..am I a happy camper. NO. And neither would anyone else be. But we are safe no one hurt or ill So it's deal with it and get over it..plain and simple. But that next surprise was the general manager and sales person. They showed up at our campground. To sell me a rig and had a deal for me. Seems they just wouldn't take no for an answer yesterday.. Hubby had went up to take shower and do some laundry when they pulled in and met him at the front office..he told them we weren't interested at this time and they left....he thought. Next thing he sees coming back is that they are parked right next to us with the slides opened. As he gets closer the lady comes out smiling and says. "please ask your wife to take a look". Hubby says. " I told you not at this time and if you go and ask Zeee, you'll piss her off and I wouldn't advise that". My hubby as I have said many times is a "southern gentleman". As for me, well putting it right to you...I'll tell you where to go in a heart beat. I am not much for sweet talking' pushy people. Especially when they attempt to take advantage of a bad situation...hit the road jack ass! You done lost a sale now and forever!!! No plainer than that..... So as we sit again and eat our pizza hut pizza and have a Dr pepper. What is there to say ? Other than. ( here comes that country song ). Together Again ! So that's my story as it goes and you know there is always Tomorrow... Safe travels to all and as always. God Bless

Monday, July 16, 2012

We were ready for Monday

We were ready for Monday big time! The weekend had us cause as of Saturday this r v repair place had not received the parts. Uh oh! is this another Murphy strikes again? Come Monday we were in front of the r v repair shop waiting. As soon as the gate opened up we drove in..I had packed everything up the night before as I could hardly sleep...but come the early dawn I was ready and so was everyone as well....they had no choice. LOL So. When hubby went into the shop he asked, "did you get the parts "? Every one shrugged their shoulders and at that time we called back to Philly and had the tracking number. And surprise. It was delivered on Saturday and signed by the GM. Huh. No one knew where he put it and the search was on. HELP!!!! it took us about 3hours from start to finish to get in get the genny pulled and be back at the camp ground. Mean while we had the critters in the car. Picked up a few things as everything I had was frozen. We are just trying to keep it together and calm cause there isn't anything else we can do Point blank.. Make the best of it and the good thing out of this is hubby and I are camping. Yeah it's a tough way but at least we are having some time together.. Hopefully we will be able to head out on Wednesday and be home by the weekend. With no more of Murphy. I am willing to let him go. :) That's about it other than being the topic of conversation in the camp ground. And meeting some really neat people. Safe travels to all and stay tuned....God bless

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It was a peaceful Sunday

It was a peaceful Sunday. Thank goodness ! My Zeke was still a little off kilter but getting back to himself. Ms Reba didn't let it shake her and Ms Abby, well she was a little disturbed but her feed dish never showed it :) Most of the day hubby and I just sorted out what we would do if things did not go well you know like have another plan ready just in case...however I am all set for the heading out in the morning to take the rig over and have the generator pulled then have hubby follow me back over to the camp ground with the critters in the car. Then the long wait for the repairs. And from what I have heard of this place..they do good work and can be trusted...that is really what is important. Spoke with Diane on and off as she is now taking care of the house, the plants and the birds. We both laughed. She knows she is in for a few surprises. Wait till Hecliff and Gertie show up. I am pretty much exhausted from worrying about the critters and how things will pan out. But you know. Nothing I can really do but to let it work itself out and just have faith. Relax and enjoy some what of hubby's extended vacation. With that I am gonna hit the sack. I have been having too many sleepless nights. So all who are traveling. Safe journey. And as always God Bless

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We are surviving on Saturday

We are surviving on Saturday. Keeping cool and everyone is drinking plenty of water..the RV place called to let us know to bring the rig up on Monday. They will pull the generator and then let us take the rig back to the campground.. We will put the critters in the car with the A/C on and hubby will follow me till we get back to the camp ground. It's been a little rough as I am sure all of us were some what dehydrated...hubby had pains in his back and legs and when he voided his urine was very dark. You just can't imagine how this can happen. But when you realize how quickly these rigs can get hot. We were boiling even with the windows open. The breeze was hot air.. My emergency fan set up clicked on. That was set up through auxiliary batteries. And I can tell you they worked. However. It still was very hot.. I know those angels worked over time. Zeke with his A fib and me with heart failure. Do I need to say any more ? In fact I looked what I wrote yesterday and some didn't make much sense. But neither did I ! Today we just leaned back. Hubby took me to breakfast. Well not actually took me. Hahaha he went and picked it up. Mc Donalds. And we laughed. The critter even got extra treat too. Scrambled eggs and veggies. (white only) and we are still trying to get it together. The packing up from the house. And now sorting through stuff for what we are gonna need. For me it's leaning back and drinking water. Tomorrow hubby will go buy a case of water and the ice maker is working over time. That's about it other than taking a shower and thanking all that prayed for us and the Lord for giving us enough sense to keeping it together and bringing the right people in our lives! Safe travels to all and God Bless

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday is gone but not forgotten. So it's Friday

Thursday is gone but not forgotten. So it's Friday the 13th. We left for home after having a few friends to stop in and say their goodbyes Finally we set out to head on down the highway..but as I pulled out the driveway I realized that the frig needed to Be unplugged so hubby went back and he and I met up at the rest area to then connect the car to the rig..ah we are now on the road all is well that ends well. Heading up I 75 going into Gainsville the sky opened up. We could hardly see..so I was about crawling. Finally as we made our way to Jacksonville the rain let up. hubby then realizes it's getting warm. And gets up walks to the back near the frig and says , the electric is off..he then tries to restart the generator. It starts runs a few minutes then stops. Ok so maybe it's running low on oil. As soon as I can I'll pull over. Came to a rest area on I 10. And checked the generator it was a little low but not bad. Hubby put a little more oil in and then tried again to start But No deal. Ok so I then tell hubby to call roadside service for up in Brunswick Ga. Making a long story short the guy we got told us to call him when we got to the Flying j. We did just do that. He came within 20 minutes tried a few thing but no dice. Sooooo he then said for us to go up to exit 90. And that rung a bell as Lori and Ernie had Camp hosted ther for a few years..I then called Ernie and Lori and asked about the RV place we were going to be going to. Ernie said they were good. And that made me feel better. Thanks to those two I felt we'd be in good hands. Plus the guy that came out to us wouldn't charge us as he couldn't fix it. But we did give him a tip. That also made me feel that we weren'tt gonna be ripped off. Again it was extremely hot and we opened all the window. My Zeke was not doing well. He is not able to handle the heat and neither am I. He and I are heart patients. And as the night progressed we were getting worse. I started to become worried and did I start yelling. I felt very bad for my hubby but there was no way I was gonna stay there and do nothing . At one point we were going to get a motel and sneak the dogs in. But Zeee was not staying any loner.. So at about 1am we were heading up the road to that place...whenwe got thee we stayed at Loves till 7am. And we were in front of the door hoping we old get fixed. No dice in fact I had to call my RV guy back in Pa to ask if he could help us and Wayne sure did...he is sending the part here tomorrow and they will install it within 3 days. And in the meantime again to mAke a long story short they even found us a place to stay.. I've cut a few corners here cause I am totally blown away and Zeke is slowly coming back to him..so with that I am gonna say "good night and God bless. Safe travels to all

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And then the Rains came on Wednesday

And then the Rains came on Wednesday in more ways than one !... Morning again for me was early wake up..3am...give me a break what is with my internal clock...maybe it's anticipation of the day coming or events in the making...who knows but one sure thing.. I hope when I get back to Philly I can get a full night sleep...not the first night..cause I have to be out of the house and to the Doc's office at 7:30am ..hahaha...

This morning was, on your mark, get set, run your arse off !!!  and in between that "I'm hungry, what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner..OH YEAH...like I said, "The race is on"...however I had another pit stop today...

My A/C heat pump is in the down and out stage and I guess it's because I was getting a little bit ahead..Wham!  I get it back at cha ...or "Did the Sky fall down"?

What ever the story or method of making me come to a Halt...well, it ain't a gonna work ....na na nana na::::~

Seems Diane and Bob joined me too..cause their unit is in major need of repairs and oops they are getting a new unit too..oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya...a new unit is gonna be delivered here as well...Misery likes Company...

The Rest of my day was up, down, in and out and get things out and in the motor home...and then check the list..make sure it's what you need..and oh my Plastic...I was in tears.. I mean it's my addition to "SAVE PLASTIC "...hahaha..well I use it and reuse it..so you might say, "I'm a little bit green"...or is that "Blue"..

I'm now beat my brain and body just ain't a gonna move...will be up early tomorrow for our last go at it and then we plan to shove off around noon time... Lord Willin...

So I'm gonna say.."Toodles" and Safe Travels to All and to All a Good Night and God Bless....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holy Moley Can I Get Through Tuesday !!!

Holy Moley Can I Get Through Tuesday !!!....Exactly...can I finish this day..?

Morning rolled in as usual, I thought..up at 4am and getting things done by 7am to go onto feed Critters at 7:30am...hubby rolled out of bed by 8am..Well, he was exhausted from yesterday..the trip down and then getting the motor home over and parked in the drive way....

The area where my rig is stored was a MESS ! Weeds galore and Bees..how about Wasps..well they done built their home in my outside mirror cover and when hubby lifted the cover...SURPRISE !!  They were swarming around us..HELP....I ducked and rolled up my window as I watched him swat and run.....I couldn't help but laugh..it did look funny..however, he lucked out..he got away without a STING !!!

Today was a horse of another color...after hubby got himself together he went off and returned that container I bought a couple of days ago and picked up a few other things we would need...another trip to Walmart..!!

I back at the ranch was gathering all my tubs that we had put things in and started a train like line...yeah it was going to make it's way into the rig..as we had the frig and freezer on...

Hubby got back and I put together a frittata...eggs,potatoes, peppers and sausage of course a little cheese and onions..LOL..it was tasty and then hubby decided he needed a nap..OY..here we go again..I figured well we are now in the state of..WE NEED TO GET THINGS IN...but again I gave in and as I realize the man works hard and is overwhelmed in these maneuvers..:)

So I figure I'll go and get a few more things together and with that my tummy was not feeling to good..so into the bathroom I go..lean back and fall onto the rim of the toilet ..yeah, the man in my  life left the lid up and only place for me to land was..on the RIM...OUCH !!!  I yell and I hear him say,,"Uh oh, I forgot to put the seat down"...(this is definitely a man thing )YES YOU DID !!! 

Now I must say, all the years I'm married to this wonderful MAN..he knows that's one thing that makes me CRAZY...and he's been very good about it...but NOT today !!!!  HOLY CHITSKI...did I ache ...I limp out..and he's laughing...and then says, "Go sit down..(like I really feel like sitting) and I'll fix you a glass of Ice Water...

This is his way of making up...being a good hubby and bringing his injured wife a glass of cold refreshing Ice water ...he slowly walks over and with those sheepish eyes says, "I'm so sorry, dear " !   then hands me the glass of Ice Water and boy I started to laugh and take a big gulf of that cold refreshing WATER...cept one thing... when I gulped I damn near choked...it wasn't WATER it was HUMMING BIRD SYRUP...Thick, SWEET and ICKISH..HUMMING BIRD SYRUP....out I spat...LOL...Is it ME ???? I mean two shots in one setting...What in the World will be the THIRD...?????

Hubby busts out laughing telling me how sorry he is as I am turning beet RED and choking that chit up...gawd how can those HUMMERS like that CHIT !!! 
I jumped up and went into the.."Routine"...my stars I'm telling ya... this man is gonna doop me..hahaha... was I pissed..YOU BETCHA...it took me awhile to get it together ...Am I lucky or What..did MURPHY stop by AGAIN.???

Hubby says, "Oh NO ! "..yeah great going..next.. then says, "I grabbed the bottle of water in the Frig "... I then say, "Didn't you see it's marked Hummgbird Syrup"..it's written on all sides of this half gallon bottle ..but did he read it...NOPE..he just grabbed that cold bottle...LOL..OMG..HELP ME !!!!

I needed a nap.. I needed to hide...I needed a brain transfer...LOL  I needed HELP !!!...and my day isn't over yet...Lord, please don't make me remember this......LOL

Later on we (hubby) decided it was time to load into the Rig..so off we go..(into the wild blue yonder )  and start lugging out ..I am afraid to ask.."Why don't we use the Dollie.....Nope not gonna even go there..if this man wants to lug.. mine is to just obey..he's the one carrying this ..not me !!!

So far so good we are loading into the Freezer from the Freezer in the house...then we start bringing the Dog food and Cookies and Goodies out and all of a sudden the HEAVENS open up.. I mean it's a down pour.. Got soaked within 10 minutes...and still had my hands full...run back inside and wait..it stops and then we come out with more STUFF...Ka Boom the rain comes down again..with a few light scenes...LIKE LET ME OUT OF HERE !!!

It seemed every time I opened that door..it rained, thundered or lightning...ok so you are telling me something ????  What is it..?  I mean is Florida unhappy I'm leaving and crying..???? or is it just raining on my Parade of Comedy...

What seemed like endless still exists..and tomorrow is gonna be another chain of events...I know..I've been through this before..LOL...However, I get to stay home again while hubby does the errands...He's a better man than me... my legs won't go...they are planted LOL...I've got things to do in the house..like clean up the mess that's being made...

Pinch me cause this has got to be a dream..but then again if it is..it's a freakin' NIGHTMARE...and you'd think for as many times as we've done this...it's still a DANGER...LOL..please just don't let anyone get injured...last time it was hubby's ankle..in which he tore the muscles and injured some weird named bone in his foot...OMG.. I'm crying from laughing..but it's all TRUE>>UNFORTUNATELY..

I'm wiped out and heading into bed..maybe by morning my sore butt will feel better...I mean it's not everyday that I fall on the rim of a toilet...I did explain to hubby that's why they have toilet seats..to sit on :)

Good night all and may you all have a Safe Journey...My Journey will be beginning or is it ending...LOL....

God Bless US ALL

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hubby Is here ! and on Monday :)

Hubby is here ! and on Monday :)...Thank goodness..it's been along go of it and finally he is "home".. I use the word home as he feels the same way about this little place... It will eventually become our home and the North will be our get away from the heat..in about 2 more years Lord Willin'.

Critters went bonkers and like I said, Zeke knocked the man down..with ease too..Zeke was so besides himself he just barely even recognized me !...and then when hubby and I went over to bring the  motor home here..OMG..Zeke almost lost it..he was completely out of his Zone.. Zeke wanted out and not just any out..out and in that big rig...hahaha

Morning was kind of blah as I had a few more things to get done and I thought I'd be finished with this Scarf...but NOT.. I need about 12 to 18 inches more..oh boy ..that will be an on going thing now when I get on the road as I won't have time to work on it at all..

Turned on the Frig and Freezer so by tomorrow morning that will be easy to load into...and then we'll do up the water for the Critters as I make sure I have enough to transfer over..with Zeke's condition .. I don't take any chances...

I'm just thankful that hubby arrived safely without any problems..and it was nice sitting across the table to chat and have dinner together...then later on we did two (2) Face time calls..with Sharlotte in Louisiana and Dawn in Texas..my RV Sistahs ...and we enjoyed it...Not bad at all..

Now I'm beat and my feet are hurting..and soon it will be lights out and on with the mad dash to get things done...We do plan to leave Thursday and that's fine as it gives me a few days of travel and then on to the Doctor check ups..

Oh !  Murphy did strike again..when I got into the Motor home I had to boost off as my main batteries were dead..and then my AC in the front.(motor one) is kaput !!!  Not working at all..soooooooo that will be on the to do and get fixed list...omg..my list is growing...

I'm tired enough of my wandering mind...I need to catch a good night sleep..till tomorrow  ...and as always..Safe Travels and God Bless...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not so simple on Sunday

Not so simple on Sunday. It was a strange day for me as it's the end of my time staying in our winter home. I have become a part of it..took me awhile being away from my hubby but as the days went by it soon eased. I got into my plants, my birds, my critters and everything that fell into place. I have acquired only a few friends but mainly I am some what of a loner..some days it did bother me at first. But not for long..I found that the ones who were to be a part of my life did so honestly and the so called others were only on their terms and not sincere. My morning was very busy as I did laundry at 5:30am which was great ..the heat has been pretty much for me so I have been pacing myself..but getting done. I had to make a quick run to Walmart to get a storage bin....Wnen I got home and started to load into it. Murphy strikes again!!!! There was a crack in the bottom. So that means if I can or maybe when Hubby gets here he can exchange it.... I am getting use to my I pad but still the keyboard and screen are slippery..guess soon I'll be a pro :) Hey we all have to start somewhere :)..right? I will say this.."I really like it and it does make a lot of things literally at your finger tips...LOL Tomorrow afternoon hubby will be here and it is gonna be some fast moving. Glad I got most of what I had to do done. Thank heavens. So for now I just need to chill out and think of all I am leaving behind. Now that saddens me. Cause I really enjoy our little Haven! The birds, the Bees, the flowers and the trees...ya know I do think they know me. LOL. I've had to change times feeding my birds so those dang black birds didn't steal from them. So when I come out to the feeder they start chirping and fly down right away to get their goodies. I'll miss that ! Diane will be over early tomorrow as I show her how I do things with the plants and yes even the birds. She is gonna just love that I'm sure ...hahahaha I just looked out my window and there is a humming bird at the feeder...yeah they are neat to watch too. But I'll be back. ! Safe travels to all and as always God Bless.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It really is Saturday

It really is Saturday...I was up at 4am....I mean not even a mouse was stirring..I'd have to wake it first.... So I tip toed out to the garage and got a lot cleaned up in there. Came back in the house and knitted a bit on that scarf that I want to get finished.. By the time day light came around I was ready to go back to bed...What is going on? Best get my act together before I hit the open road!

Accomplished one thing today but tomorrow I really have to step it up several notches..will vacuum the house tonight as it's to dang hot during the day and Zeke is half asleep so I don't have to drag him along as he jumps on the vacuum cleaner...it makes it kind of heavy for me!

I am watching a Hallmark movie. Sarah, Plain and Tall. Pretty good and all the other series are done well too...then it's off to bed and start all over again

So safe travels to all and most of all. God bless

PS...If my typing looks strange it's because I'm on my Ipad..practicing before I take the long journey home and didn't want to miss blogging...I mean I couldn't let my readers/followers down..Now could I ?

Good Night and Sweet Dreams !!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Friday all day!

It's Friday all day long ! My day was pretty good but for a few little mishaps. That doesn't surprise anyone, I'm sure.. My first one was when I was filling the Humming bird feeder when oops! I done had a spill...that sticky icky stuff flowed like the river....and what a job to clean it up..infact as I looked at Ms Reba she had the strangest looking feet. I mean her bottom of her paws had Rottie hair on them...Yep she had enough DNA to be another Rotie in the making...

Now if that wasn't bad enough I picked up the bag of rice and hello there the bottom opened up ...is any one having a wedding? Cause I have plenty to throw....

 Went into town to pick up my supply of Life piLls...yeah my C V S visit again then stopped into Winn Dixie for a few goodies. (thanks Dawn for the tip ) I bought a toaster strudle. Now I don't normally go for those things. Soooooo this is a dangerous keeper. And use sparingly. LOL. They are like little apple pies. OH MY STARS!

Tonight I had a wonderful video chat with my RV Sistah. And she's a real sweetheart and just found out she and her Momma are coming this winter to visit an Aunt and guess where The Villages. I'm beaming with joy. ! Also had another call from another RV Sistah Sharlotte...it's been my lucky day oh oh I forgot the other day I had another video call from another RV Sistah. Lenora. Wow she was really neat..after all these years we have been chatting and finally meeting in the tech world.....made my day for sure...

Ok that's my story and as always safe travels and God's blessings shine on all.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today was a good day even though it's Thursday :)

Today was a good day even though it's Thursday :)  I mean my day didn't go a muck..(what's with a muck>?)  I did accomplish a few things...didn't get down to pick up my scripts so I'll do that tomorrow...However I did go to buy a pair of shoes ..but didn't do well.. I have to get them ordered..out of stock...sucks cause I only have a Left shoe...Ms Abby enjoyed the Right one !!

Morning was a little hectic...and I had Bob come over and replace the light...complete set up in the Garage..that one that was in there was as old as the house...time for a "New" one.:)

Now I can do my laundry at 5am..and have the rest of the day to cool off..boy it was hot..and I became the "Slug"..it happens..if I don't get my chores done before 10am.. I'm cooked.

Speaking of cooking..Yes, I went to the Rice fields today..it was the time again and I'll most likely have to do it before I leave..YIKES..hubby will be here Monday..mmm it's Thursday now (almost over) then Friday then Sat..you got it..days are rolling by and hubby will be walking up the driveway.

Then we'll be like a man hatter...honestly..hubby just grabs and drops..hahaha..and the long ride home..well I'm telling ya..he and I laugh alot..of course he sits back while I drive and tells me how I should do things...like I can really hear him..he's on the couch as the freezer is in the spot where the passenger use to sit..LOL I wasn't a fool...:)...so when he talks with the sound of that big Ford Engine.. I hear murmur LOL

I had 2 video chats today on my Ipad boy was that neat..and the last one I had problems with cause thunder was rolling and I think because the atmosphere was not stable the call kept bouncing off...but I'll catch up with Sharlotte tomorrow...Ya hear that Sharlotte ?

So I'm beat and didn't even watch much TV..did a few more rows on my Scarf and I'd say another 6 inches and that baby is DONE !  Then on to the next major project..hahaha...establishing connection with Voice on Iphone..OMG..I can just hear me trying to tell that voice..Not Now !!  LOL

Hope you all have a Safe Trip and as always..God's Blessing Shine On All...!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Did It ! I Did It ! and on Wednesday the 4th of July :)

I Did It !  I Did It ! and on Wednesday the 4th of July :)

Oh boy did I ever..first off let me say this.."It was a hell of a Sale"...does that make it simpler ???? Dunno, haven't heard the fireworks just yet..but because of a dear, dear Sistah (from the RV Group) let me know about a dynamite sale...She and I headed out on the Highway..She in Texas, Me in Florida...does it get any better than that ???? Too Much !!

Yes, Ms Dawn and I were texting...(not while driving) in the house...at first I didn't realize my phone was letting me know..(you know that new Iphone) I was getting the WORD...about a great Sale...so I saw my Zeke go over to my phone and look at it...got up from the chair and went over...Low and Behold it was a text message from Dawn in Texas..See she thought of me to include me in her bargains..hahaha

So off I went ..and off she went..and down the road to Walmart..we both bought a Ipad 2...a really good deal...Yes, I know the new one is out..but why buy the new one..I mean I'm not really into all those big games that I need all that "new and improved" for mega bucks when the Ipad 2..is a good deal and well deserved ..hahahaha

Came home and began to set this sweetie up..first I though..OMG..don't goof but I have to say.."it was not hard at all.."  few questions I still have to ask..but no sooner did I get everything..Wifi and Data connected I got a Facebook call...HELLO..it was Dawn..

Now she and I giggled and I mean to tell you I can see some really good enjoyment and a lot of learning from this talented Sistah..boy does she do crafts ..and soon she and her Mom and Critters will be hitting the open road...Look out World here she comes..

In fact she'll be swinging into Florida in the winter months..Now you know there is gonna be a lot of good things happening.. I'm thrilled..such a really neat lady...and also I know my friend Paulette and Sharolette and all the other Sistahs who have this Ipad..well, you know lots of good stories are gonna flow off my finger tips...REally looking forward to it..!

Today was HOT..and I only got a few things done..but need to start finishing my Scarf..Hubby will be down in a few days and it's gonna be sheer madness...but enjoyable too..so we tell each other...yeah, yeah..and go on about our business..hahaha...He knows me too well..

So now I need to register all my "Stuff" and do some reading and then start getting my house in order..looks like I'm becoming Fibber Magee and Molly..don't open any closets...Bombs away..Hey, it is the 4th of July..so what's a few Booms between friends..

Have a good one...and as I always say, "Stay Safe and God's Blessings Shine Down on All "..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Repeat another day but it's Tuesday :)

Repeat another day but it's Tuesday :)...well that's ok cause I did a repeat..I mean I got up ..got Critters done and me done too..(always) and then off I went to the Verizon Store..Why ????  Cause that darling new toy Iphone 4 S was just not working with me...in other words..I don't know why but it had a mind of it's own...:) 

So I bee bopped in and their was several people in line..next thing I new the Salesman was waiting on me..Was he gonna be prepared for all the tales I was gonna tell him (like I'm sure he's heard them before)...I will say this.."I did stop a few people from what they were doing to listen to what I had to say...hahaha

In fact I'm sure without a doubt I made every one's day..including mine..cause I got the Iphone working..and it's working..:)  The Salesman was so nice and even he couldn't hold a straight face..I mean I'm sure anxious for me to go away so he could sell more Iphones hahaha...

I bet he did too..cause when he got through explaining and then trying his best to make it work and it didn't..well I knew then (like I knew before) it wasn't me...it was the PHONE SYSTEM.......

I was there a little over 45 minutes and I got to learn a few more neat little tricks now to put them into practice...I did connect with Wifi to my Wireless system here and also when I was at Verizon...also learn how to acquire a "Hot Spot"..(not like in Critters where their hair falls out LOL )..more like Networking with your computer..So it was a good day to finish some unfinished business..

One thing the Salesman did ask me..."You're not buying an I pad to day by any chance "...wonder if he dreaded the thought...but I did promise him that I'd make his day..and I'm sure all that was in that office enjoyed it...they sure left smiling ...and that's a good thing...

Sad event today..Andy Griffith passed away...now I remember him with his show The Andy Griffith , then on to Mayberry USA then Matlock..you might say, "I was a fan of his" and always watch those re runs...RIP Andy !

Tonight I'm gonna watch America's Got Talent..and then while I do that I'll try to get some work done on my Scarf..it sure is growing and a pain in the neck (that's what it's made for...hahaha) to turn all the time ..gonna have to roll it up some and pin it...I just need to get it done and on to the next project...

Hubby will be coming in on the 9th and boy it's just around the corner..and then the mad dash begins...and the long drive home...but it will be nice to get in the rig and drive..and our stops..even though they are just the Flying J it's still nice..and hubby and I have a good time...

With that I'll say...Safe travels to All and always God's Blessings Shine down on you !

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday...The Big Arrival Day !!

Monday...The Big Arrival Day !!!...The day when I advance in the world of technology..woo hoo...Yeppers this is the day that the "new" Iphone 4 S plays a big part of my itinerary....so they say :)

Morning I was up and adam..got me chores done and started to prepare a place on my desk for this new addition...I'm anxious for all the neat stuff it's able to do... I mean how did I ever get along with out it :) ?????

Critters were wondering why I was so .."Ready to Go "  mode..but I was.. I was dressed and anxious to make that drive into town and greet a new way of lifestyle ...

I checked on line the Fed X tracking and it had left (Elvis) Tenn late last night and arrived in Leesburg wee hours in the morning..boy it's gonna be here I know it..next time I looked on the site (Fed X) it was on the Truck...Ok, now I know it's not that long of a drive from Leesburg to the Villages...

Anticipation ..you all heard of that ..well I was ready, willin and able to advance ..hahaha..boy was I ready to pop..and it got to 1pm ..checked the site again. ...Nope still on the Truck...wow..this driver must have lots of stops...glad someone is making money !

About 3pm I checked and there she be.."Iphone delivered "  I'm out the door ..I mean my Critters saw me jump up ..I let them out for a quick  deposit..and then I hit the open road.

Zooom..I was there in a minutes notice..(nah, I didn't speed ) but my heart was racing..and then I walked into the store...and the young man asked if he could help me..."Sure enough..I'm here for my Iphone"...and he smiled..next thing I knew the young man came out with a White Box...

There it was looking right out me..and as he took it out of the box ..the next thing I knew he was trying to connect it to my system...unfortunately it was a long, long, long wait...like 2 hours..but I'm sure it was because of all the storm damage that happened in the North East...

Next thing was my blue tooth got connected which went fast and I was out the door with my goodies plus...now I have to tell you all..it sure looks pretty...

My next encounter was attempting to get it to download Apps..which you have to get from the Apps store..and that was endless as I kept reaching the Not able to connect..and again I feel that is because of the situation with Verizon..

Now I finally connected to my email and I'm not sure how I did it..but I did and not only that I connected to my wireless set up ..I answered a few questions and then wham I was connected..good thing I remember my pass words..

However, now that I'm connected to all of the above..everytime someone responds on FB or emails me I get a Ding..not just one I've had so many..in fact I started laughing cause I could hear Judy Garland singing..Ding Ding Ding went the Trolley... and I don't know how to stop it...HELP ...

Oh and the typing..well it should turn when I turn the phone..it did one time..now it won't..don't know what I did or where I did it...I'm sure it will get better...some day...hahaha... I know I'm gonna love it...but..I'm not sure how too ????

Murphy has been a little over active lately on my account..can't imagine what else he has in store for me..so perhaps I might take another ride tomorrow to ask..HOW, WHAT, WHERE....

Oh there goes that Ding again...it's gonna be interesting..stay tuned...Gonna check out You Tube and see if they can help me..you know video does a good thing...

Safe Travels All...and most important..God Bless You !

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday, not my day of rest !

Sunday, not my day of rest !...Got up wee early to do my thing as I do every Sunday..sort my pills for life...well they actually do keep me going and alive :) then on to the next chore..let Critters out, water plants and maybe just maybe put feed in the big feeder..uh oh those Black Birds are out there at 6:30am can't believe it...dang it..but the Hopper feeder has food so that's ok and they can't get into it...AMEN !

Then on to putting on a pot of Gravy..Yep, got the tomatoes put through my handy dandy Ninja...really does a great job..and then got my trusty pot ready for the Garlic, Oil, Onion and the rest of the good stuff...and simmer, simmer, simmer away ..with an occasional stir of the Wooden Spoon...

As I look out my big windows I see..Hecliff and Gertrude looking in..yeah they are waiting for me..I'm a well trained feeder..so out I go and Cliffy (as I call him) comes waddling over and waiting..so I throw them some goodies..and boy they start gobbling it up...next thing I see is that dang Black Bird try to swoop down...no...no..you made a big mistake cause with that Cliffy jumps up...a big leap wings flapping and almost caught that Black Bird...

I applauded too..hahaha..then with that I see Gertie start opening her beak..and start talking...you know those loud burst of energy they can force out..then Cliffy begins to chime in and then up and down he jumps..and this is early in the morning...

Ok, ok....I'm trying to get them to be quiet but the more I try the louder they get and Cliffy starts doing the Turkey dance (as I call it..) OMG..next thing I see is Betsy come out her door...Clancy come out his and another neighbor walking her dog comes over..all wanting to know what's going on ????

It was a show of shows I can tell ya...and I mean Cliffy was just at his best too..boy can he bounce..like air..and Gertie was just a yodeling at her finest too...slowly they walked away still yacking...Did I do that ??????

I guess I impressed everyone...hahahahaha...but Betsy and Clancy know me well.. I'm opt to pull anything..I mean what are neighbors for but to share laughs...and they all got theirs that's for sure..

Met with Diane and Bob this afternoon for a little bit to go over what I need done in the house while I'm away...I always know when I give them my lists they always do their best to make sure it's done and done correctly..

While their Diane got a call from the Realtor that he was bringing someone over to look at their house..good possibility that maybe they might have a buyer..that would be nice for Diane and Bob...well especially Diane as she really wants to go back to Upstate New York...I'll miss them both as I've said many times before...but kiddingly....(or maybe not) I told them...."hope you sell but not till Oct"..hahahaha..

Tonight I'm kind of mellowing out and will really just lean back and knit..try to get more of this scarf done as I've not worked much on it since the storm was over...but it's really coming along nicely...it will keep my niece warm ..

So with that..I'm off to knit one, purl two...and also hoping tomorrow I get my Iphone...and then on to the Ipad..still haven't decided yet but doing a lot of searching ..we'll see..

Safe travels to All..and yep, God's Blessings Shine down on You ..