Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodness Gracious It's Monday !

Goodness gracious, it's Monday !... Time is sure flying and soon hubby will be flying down and our journey back home will begin.. that long, long windy road home to sheer madness and loads of traffic..ah but good things too..

Morning for me is always a blur..although I get Miss Annie to start sleeping in a little longer and sometimes if I push it we could make 6am..but that's rare for me too !...

Most of the day was making my list and gathering clothes for the washer..she was hungry this morning LOL...anyway.. it was also trash day which I do the cleaning of the frig.. and of course it was the RAW chicken dinner for the brats..

I can't tell you how even though it gives me the willies it sure does make a big difference in their coats and they love it.. and I sit and watch them devour it too.. just in case I don't want anything to go wrong..eeeeeeeewwwwwwww :)

The day was long to me and boy it was has been that way the last few days ..the type of heat you go out and your chest burns from breathing in the heat.. No THANKYOU... I'll suck up the A/C..

John called tonight and he was kind of out of his head.. his meds were a little screwed up and he has this major issue ..he feels trapped.. and confused.. Oh boy I sure hope everything will be alright with him.. I'll have to call there tomorrow and find out what's happening..

Tomorrow I need to take Miss Annie to get weighed in as I give heart worm meds and I think she's about ready for a different dosage so I want to make sure.. and I can't pick her up to weigh I'll go into town to the Vets and that will be much easier.

The night dragged some too.. but soon those long nights will disappear back home.. hubby will be there and we'll have our usual discussion.. goodness I sure hope we don't agree to disagree hahaha..

Been using my NuWave oven and liking it.. no heat no mess ..what more could I ask for..LOL  wish I would learn more on using it..but don't want to waste food.. so I wait for someone to post something good then I try it..hahaha..Chicken betcha..

Ok, it's that time for me and I'm looking over and oh yeah.. I'm ready..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Was A Good Sunday

Was a good Sunday.. morning was a great start off as Miss Annie slept till 5am..and that was the start of my good day too...

Coffee pot went on and the brats did their re arranging furniture and I sorted my pills of life..Ms Shug was up early telling me .."She loved me"..ah what a way to start a day..

I watched as Miss Annie and Rudy did their little show of shows.. "Who's got the bone".. and I'm telling ya ..they have this routine that's so cute..and Rudy is such a good boy..he lets Miss Annie take it from him.. hahaha

Then after I got through I called Bonnie as I had to go to Walmart..again to try and find those plant stands..and pick up a few a bag of bird seed to fill that small hopper so when I go home they will have food..I know I'm a sucker but I so enjoy those birds and my darling Woodpeckers that keep coming back..

We stopped at Arby's for lunch... oh, don't order their Rueben sandwich's not good..I mean not good !!!  but their onion rings are delish!!...Bonnie and I had some good laughs and then home we went..I dropped her off and then home I went when I realized I had her keys..OH NO !!!

Yep, called and I had to get back in the car and bring her the keys..but I took the brats with me I need to get Rudy use to the motion..he's terrible..but he did good..then back home I came..only to go back out again..Why????? because I forgot to pick up my Scripts at CVS...

Did I feel like I was going in circles..YOU BETCHA...hahaha... oh and Shawanna the pharmacist at CVS said to me as I was at the drive thru...MS BarBZEEE is that YOU ...hahaha  my hair cut.. I replied.."Yes, It's Me I'm Bald .."  LOL  she laughed but said.."it will grow back"..hahaha.. everyone likes it but me.. I'm just not use to it being so short.. like I was in boot camp..

Now it's bed time and I'm tired from going in circles ..LOL...but can't wait to hit that comfy bed.. and on with tomorrow which means.. I got to put my pedal to the metal... lots to get done and soon hubby will be here..

Those traveling stay safe and as always... God Bless Us All..

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Today Was A Me Day On Saturday

Today was a me day on Saturday...I needed it.. Morning again was early but I got the brats to go back to bed and we slept another 2 hours..HELLO MOMMA!

As I made my pot of coffee the brats were busy re arranging the furniture.. Oh my stars..but let me get my coffee in and I can move mountains ..hahaha.. perhaps ...but for real.. I'll struggle and then we'll all plop down and watch TV and munch on what ever is available..

Most the day was just relaxing as I just felt so exhausted..mainly brain wise..too much happening and too many changes and what have you... I'm not big on all that nonsense and it does wipe me out..

Got my NuWave working again today.. made another pan of you all know chocolate is good for you or what ales they say..but it sure went down smoothly..

I've been doing a lot of searching on other "tried" meals on the NuWave..and reading what all was said.. cause I sure don't want to waste that's like throwing money out the door..

So this is a short one today as most was of my day was in the horizontal position and I'm telling ya my legs really appreciated it.. and to think tomorrow is Sunday...woo hoo..:)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, June 27, 2014

It Surprised Me, It's Friday

It surprised me, it's Friday... I've been going around in circles and trying to get John taken care of and each time finding more things coming unglued..and the girlfriend acting like a horses arse to boot !!!

Morning was wake up at 4am and then I got them back to bed and we got up at 6am..hello there !!!... I needed that badly..then from there is was get the brats fed by 7:30am cause I had another mission to accomplish today..

Picked Carol up at 11am (John's neighbor) and then went in John's house to pick up the mail that Jane had left on the couch..(another surprise) ..then drove to John's rehab with Ipad and IPhone (for internet connection) and Carol was so happy to see him...

She and her hubby, Regis get along well with John as they give it back to him the yelling..oh yeah he does yell..and they no longer will deal with Jane..seems they all had a big fallen out..(who doesn't).. and so they will help John when he comes back home..thank goodness !!

Called up the online banking service and that was a nightmare as John can't deal with anyone peacefully..but I understood they didn't want to talk with me unless he gave permission...once that was done we got everything up and running..

As I was going to put all his bills on line..I realized that it would be a problem as direct draft..the money wouldn't be there when the bills would come in...Ok, change of plans.. He's gonna have to enter them as they come in.. whether it be me or the mail is picked up.. again another detour in what I thought we could put together.. back to the drawing board.

Still have to talk with a few more agencies to find out what help I can get for him.. and Bonnie is going to approach a few she does catering for.. Lord hope this comes together ..

Dropped Carol off at her place then went over to the bank and spoke with a good friend there to guide me as John is wanting me to have Power of Attorney... I'm not that egger,  as too many loop holes and also dealing with the girlfriend is a major headache 

Got back home and my brats were like crazed been a long time for them..opened their cages and they flew out the door..Oh yeah they were anxious..and then it was Raw Chicken night.. now let me tell ya ..the wild beast came out of them..seems it always does on those nights..Monday and Friday..

Watched a great special tonight and then got everyone out and now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow spend time with my brats and work on getting my "stuff" put up..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good Grief It's Thursday

Good grief it's Thursday already and I've got the day to just do for me...well, it's a good thought anyway....Got up at 4:30am and the rat race was on... Rudy and Miss Annie had major plans..first off they wanted to watch a parade..

How do I know that ?????? because when I turned around because it got really quiet I saw the traces of it ...yes ! confetti and all... the living room rug was covered with bits and pieces of a roll of paper towels and what was left on the roll had chew I did the morning exercise..Bend Stoop and pick up ...hey I did my squats then fell to the floor..and there I watched the brats pass me by LOL

Had to make a call for John to his HomeOwners Insurance and thought I could go in town to the nearest agent and pay it...forget that number..I have to mail a check unless I wanted to give them my credit card..HELLO I'll make a check out and put it in the mail with my bills in the morning..

After all that ruckus today on the phone with a few other companies and the brats just being pups, I put them up for a "Time Out" like you do with kids...and then I laid on the couch and took a nap...that was great..

I took out my Whole Fryer Chicken and washed it patted it dry..and proceeded to rub with olive oil and seasoned it put it in the NuWave Oven and the rest was history.. it really came out good..and boy I've got a lot of chicken to make some chicken salad plus a few good sandwiches..

Ms Shug got her bones with a little chicken on them she enjoyed that..and of course the brats were waiting..but they get their chicken in their food ..however when I was preparing the chicken..they thought it was Raw Food Night..hey, they had their eyes on me LOL

Watched some what of big brother..ugh not sure I'm gonna follow this number but we'll see...then started to fall asleep on the couch ..uh oh.. so got the brats out to potty and to bed we it was that time for all of us..

Tomorrow have to go into town and go to John's again and try to get him on line for banking as being he tried so many times..they shut down his account.. I'll also bring Carol with me ..his neighbor as she's been asking about him..

That's my story and I'm stickin to it !  With that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Chasing Day On Wednesday

A chasing day on Wednesday...morning was early 4:OOam and then stagger out to the kitchen and let the brats out ..we then manage to lay on the couch and get another hour in...

Today was gonna be a day I went to John's place to get all his bills in order and then get his account on line set up to pay automatically...but first stop at his house also visit his neighbor Carol who has been so helpful ..

Meet Bonnie up at the front of my place and then we proceeded towards John's house got the mail from Carol then headed over to John... The place he is in was very, very clean ..and no odor...for those that know nursing homes they can be quite shocking..this place wasn't and everyone was was cozy and the staff were very friendly...he's a lucky guy..

Was trying to log onto his account but apparently he's tried and online banking shut his account after we went through everything with John and called several places ..Bonnie and I went and grabbed a burger then on to the bank..

The gal in there was extremely helpful as I explained what had happen and I had called John while I was in there and she also spoke with him a few things cleared up but have to call the on line bank service with John and they will then reactivate his account on line..ugh another stop over again

Tomorrow is my day at the poor brats were crated for 5 hours and when I got home they were crosseyed..poor babes..and for Miss Annie that was a bit too long although she did the best she could and ran out the door like a bullet..

After I got done cleaning up and getting all fed and the next it was Ms Shug's time well I fell asleep on the couch with Ms Shug LOL..she liked that .. I woke up and realized it was bed the brats out and now we is all ready for bed..well they are in bed soon to follow..

Brain fried and body aching ...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Times Ticking On Tuesday

Times ticking on Tuesday...our early rise helped me today...I got a few things going on at the same time which at this late date is not a smart thing to do...however, I'm stuck with it !!!!

Brats got up at 4:30am and I was hoping for another hour but that didn't work out ...but I needed that time to look up more agencies that will be available to John..Florida isn't that great on programs..wonder why with all the Seniors that live here..but seems you have to either be a member of an organization or church to get help..

Bonnie does a lot of catering for such organizations so she's going to look into what we can get done for John at his house like a ramp and a few things inside to be done ...hopefully this can get started in the process before I head home..

Most of the day was trying to sort through a lot of papers and also getting referrals to a special hospital to get his surgery done.. spoke with Doctors and he has an appointment on July 2nd and hopefully he'll get the referral then..

Tomorrow I have to gather all his bills and get most of them to be paid via his bank..that will be a great help and also take a lot of the worries from him..also trying to find someone that will care for his dogs at a cheaper rate .

Got back to the house and was gonna cook a roasting chicken but it was too late in the day so I made a meatloaf in my NuWave oven.. I followed  the time for cooking from the NuWave site but next time I'll add a couple more minutes.. it did come out good..moist and lots of flavor..

Now I'm so ready for bed ..played with Ms Shug and now gathered up the brats got their chew bones and they is comfy in bed LOL..I'm gonna hop in soon and Mister Sandman is not far off..

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, June 23, 2014

This Should Be Called Crazy Monday

This should be called crazy Monday cause it really was...Morning for me was fine and I made it through the day...a little sore from falling yesterday but I managed.. My brats were pretty good..of course the usual of getting into anything that wasn't glued down.

By afternoon I had to the dealings of the fighting duo..they never stop and it's gotten fact Jane and I got into it pretty good.. to the point I told her never to bother me again nor even attempt to call..sick of the nonsense when all I've done was try to help..

Seems lately I've been getting kicks in the butt all around..tired of it and I ain't a gonna take this any more..!!!!  Nope closing my ears to it and only finishing up with John with the agency to get him help..and then it's color me gone !!

Tonight was another blurr and I finally stopped answering my phone..not worth the nonsense.. and I'm looking forward for tomorrow to go to lunch with Bonnie ..I think we are going to the Olive Garden.

Need to get a few more things done for heading home and soon hubby will be here and it will be like a mad, mad world  LOL..but it will be in out and load up..

Weather again was stormy and boy it came down like buckets..YIPES..but it go to hot and muggy afterwards...stayed in the AC..and just laid down on the couch and took the rest of the night easy.. have to make it up to Ms Shug cause I didn't get to take her out..

Now I need to crawl in and get some with that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

An Enjoyable Sunday

An enjoyable Sunday ...went to the dog show in Orlando, Florida and got to sit and watch several breeds...felt good getting out and watching what I had loved to do !

Morning was crazy as I had to get my two darlings ready to take a road trip and for them it was "where's my food"..LOL  nope I had to skip that as Rudy doesn't do well in the car and I would feed him later...Miss Annie is a trooper she's use to traveling...and so we left in the dark LOL..

Ride down wasn't too bad ..Rudy did his foaming then uh oh here it comes..but it wasn't much cause he didn't get breakfast thank there and as I tried to let the darlings out Miss Annie wrapped herself around my leg and then Rudy came out full force and down I went..tried to hang on to him but couldn't and I heard someone yell, "Dog loose" and that quick someone got him..that's always great about a dog show ..I mean dog people go right into action and catch when a pooch is on the loose..and they know how too..

Spent several hours with Randy and enjoyed our chat as we both evaluated the brats.. Miss Annie has a good body but her head is just not coming in like it should so she's a "pet" which doesn't bother me as I love her anyway...and she'll be my show for Rudy, he is coming into his own and looking mighty good ..he definitely can finish...

Kim came over to see him as well...she is one of the breeders of his.. and she was quite pleased..I could see by the look in her eyes..she was impressed with this young boy... and boy did he ever stack himself and show off too..

Then after a few hours I headed back was a long day for me and the brats as well and when we got in Ms Shug was letting us know she missed us..she did put on quite a good show herself..

Tried to lay down and take a little nap but no going so I watched a little TV and then it was time to feed critters and Ms Shug as well..and then later on it was Ms Shug's time and I'm telling you she was at her finest..LOL...

Now it's bed time and I'm so ready... Hope those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Shocking Saturday Too !

A shocking Saturday too..!  I'm BALD..LOL  well almost I mean a 1/4 " all over my head ...OUCH...

Slept and dreamed I woke up and all my hair was gone..but when I woke up.. it wasn't a dream it was real..LOL..yeah this is still taking me in to another level..

Most of my day was busy with John and getting things taken care of as I am planning on going to a dog show tomorrow.. to meet up with Rudy and Annie's breeders and have them see how they are progressing..

Then also I need to really get my house in order as it won't be long now and Hubby will be flying in.. and the mad rush begins..and I do mean begins and that long, long ride home..Brother !!!

Got to visit with a neighbor for a bit in fact I spent 2 hours at her house sitting on her porch.. haven't done that in ages..well since the pups came on board and it felt great just to chat and laugh and feel that nice breeze..from the storm approaching ..:)

Now I'm ready for bed.. again another short and sweet number but I've got so much whirling in this naked head LOL and I'm still in shock from my scalping..but hopefully it will grow fast..HURRY >>>PLEASE

So with that.. safe travels to all that are on the highway and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh My What A Friday !

Oh my what a Friday !... well it started off great with Miss Annie sleeping in again.. I do believe my little darling (notice she's a darling now) is liking the new idea of sleeping longer..:)

Then it went on to everyone getting done by 8:30am and I was out the door to drive to John's house to get all that stuff he needed done then met up with Bonnie and went to her friend's place and got a hair cut.. CJ is a barber..hence I know why my hair cut got so short..WOW... now it's in the style of Ellen DeGeneres hairdo...but I think mine got cut way a 1/4" all over OUCH !!

Hope my hair grows fast or I definitely could see brain fact I could wear a nightcap to prevent cold head hahaha...but I'm so not use to this. I didn't cry when I saw it but I could have in a heart beat as my hair was down to my waist...but again I needed it because my hair was breaking badly and I was starting to lose a lot every time I brushed it..

Oh well, it will grow back ...I hope !!!  but I do believe if she would have used a 7 blade on a electric shaver I would have gotten the same results..LOL  pinch me it's got to be a dream, wait more like a nightmare..UGH

Then I came home and just crashed on the couch.. Annie and Rudy were really good too.. I had given them their lunch cookie ...which is an Xtra Large Biscuit and they enjoyed it drank some water went potty then curled up next to me and we all took a nap..

This evening again was their raw chicken dinner..with some soaked kibble and two charcoal peppermint biscuits..and I sat in the dog room watching them eat.. I do that every time I feed them ..then when they are finished they lay down and rest for a half hour or so.. something I've done with my dogs for ages ..because being such a large breed I'm always worried about bloating..

Ms Shug always lets me know when time is up too..cause she gets her out time and I clean her cage..tonight though she was a little upset as my long hair was gone and no barrett to grab...she did complain big time..but soon as I started scratching her she got over it

Now I'm ready for the brats out as it stopped raining and then got their treats for bed and their chew bones..and off we all I need to just unwind and get ready for tomorrow..

Have to visit John and then get back home and put my legs up..trying to prevent my leg from getting ulcerated... and I'm hoping to be able to go to the dog show on Sunday and bring Rudy and Annie to meet up with their breeders..Praying that this will all come in to place..

So those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Gravy It's Thursday

Good gravy it's Thursday ..where have I been..LOL.. well again another nice sleep in I'm liking this... but I won't say too much... but it still felt great..

Trash day and I did get my frig cleaned out and a few more "stuff" put out to the curb..ah my kitchen is starting to look empty along with my frig ..:( I'll miss my days here but when I get back home I'll have so much to do plus all those Doctor visit I'll be glad to make that return trip LOL

Today I mainly had to deal with John and his Doctors as Jane was busy setting up her booth for the dog shows.. and complaining.."What's New" ????   any way I did get a few things done for him and then his primary Doc released him back to the rehab..feed tube and all..

Tomorrow I have to do some running in the morning and I'm gonna get my hair cut..woo hoo.. been ages but I so badly need it.. and then come back and just take it easy...

I now feel good about getting the two rooms completely done and come Monday I'll start on the last two to do...and of course getting my boxes of things that need to come back with us..just thinking about it is making me tired..

Of course it's time for bed and this again is gonna be short and brain can't handle too much lately...LOL.. with the mess going on with John and Jane it doesn't give me any chance to notice any other problem..but boy when this is over with... I'm gonna have lots to talk about  LOL

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ah Good Ole Wednesday :)

Ah good ole Wednesday :)  it was not a bad day for me.. my start up was good too..Miss Annie slept almost till 5:30am..woo hoo...and up we all got and even after they went out they didn't get to crazy...they cut me some slack LOL

Most of the day I was kind of off my feet because my leg has decided to create a problem..LOL  I know here I go again..but it's been weeping...and I took my Lasix I've not taken it since I had the problem with my I probably caused my own problem..

But again it comes with the territory of my illness.. I just don't want it to abscess so I'm keeping it clean and washing it a lot as it's weeping.. and keeping my legs up when ever I sit down..

I've been also using my NuWave Oven a lot..because it's simple and easy to clean and no major heat..and so far so good...but I make sure I've read what other people have had great success with.. don't want to waste food..

Miss Annie is now talking to me..yep! she and I are getting our conversations going..she comes up to me and taps me (not lightly) and then looks at me and starts her little grumble then barks and lets me know she's got to go out...she's learning..then she wants up while I'm on the couch and gives me the tough gal routine..and you can see she's smiling LOL..yeah, she smiles..

Tonight I just took it easy watched So You Think You Can Dance..these kids are so good..amazing..glad to see it too..and then had Ms Shug out and she was in the cuddle mood and boy she just loves it.. I think she could go to sleep while I'm rubbing her..

The Fighting duo are now back to being Sweethearts ..good grief ..any way John seems to be coming along although he was a little crazed today not getting fed and I can't blame him..but seems the attending physician didn't write the script for his food..and didn't come in till 1pm was wild..but I spoke with the nurse and his Doctor and got it cleared up..was glad Jane was getting her hair done  LOL..  

Now I'm so ready for bed and get my legs up and enjoy my night sleep..and pray for all..and that our times will change with all this crazy nonsense very, very sad... Hope and pray that our economy starts to make improvement..Lord surly we need it.. too many are no longer working and losing all they worked so hard for...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm Glad Tuesday Is Over !

I'm glad Tuesday is Over !... My morning was awful.. because I went to bed so late and got up at 4am..and that about kills me.. I dragged most the day and had the phone calls with John and Jane..

Some days I feel like smashing that phone..but then again that would be stupid ..however, I've been known to do lately pretty dumb arse things :)

I am using my NuWave Oven a bit more ..learn and go..and it's been not bad..still lots I want to do but not wanting to waste I'm reading the info from the group I joined on Face Book and then I go try it out..

John did get his feeding tube inserted in his stomach wall and all went well..thank goodness and as Jane called me several times I told her to keep her butt home and let the man alone and let him go through this surgery peacefully..

Now on for another adventure..and speaking of which.. I've not been taking my Lasix since I had that episode of GOUT in my Elbow..still can't believe that one..but anyway now my leg is starting to leak tomorrow I'll take a Lasix and pray they won't open in another ulcer..Lord I've not had them in a few years and they were buggers to clear up.. had to always wash my legs and keep my legs up all day.. got nothing done and was miserable..

That's about all of my humdrum day cause I was just to tired from the night before...and now it's bed time and I'm anxious.. Hope I get a good nights sleep..

So for those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, June 16, 2014

Not An Easy Monday

Not an easy Monday...for me it was going to be a little rough ride... as today was the day I was to bring Zeke's Ashes Home...

Morning came early like 4am and Miss Annie and Rudy was up and full of the devil.. I mean I couldn't get them to settle down so Up we all were...and then I tried to get Rudy and Annie to lay on the bed for a bit.. it worked for at least 15 minutes... Rudy did something that kind of caught me... He came up and laid right down beside me and put his head on the pillow..just like Zeke did...

I got choked up and grabbed on to him and gave him a big hug and about that time Miss Annie did a charge..she got both me and the bed they ran into the living room...Oh my stars..they are in the Wild Mood..

After I got their breakfast I got myself dressed and I went over to the Vet's office to bring my boy home... I got their and they all came out to greet me and gave me a hug..even Doc had a few tears in his eyes.. but once they handed me Zeke's ashes...I felt the heavy heart leave..

I had brought the food and meds from Zeke to their office and they were going to give it to the shelters..and home Me and Zeke in the house and placed his Urn on the dresser ..and yep, he's home and my heart felt good..

Strange how these things can make you the grace of God I was so fortunate to have such good fur kids..the four of them were always together and now they are back together again..

Most of the day I had calls from John and Jane..the fighting duo was going strong and John gonna have that surgery tonight to insert that feeding tube..don't get it..but makes them happy..

Later I got a call ..John was having a few problems with A Fib ..several times during the day his heart stopped a second or two so they called off the surgery till they could see what was going on... Why it doesn't surprise me..because of how bad they've been fighting over stupid crap too ....DUH ?????

Tonight Jane stopped in and my Rudy went bonkers he was all over her I couldn't control him.. and I had to put him up... I know he's a pup..but Lord have Mercy he was crazed...after she left I let him back out and he was sniffing the floor like a blood hound..the couch and up to the door...I looked at him and he was panting and frothing in his mouth..OH MY STARS..then he came by and started to hike his leg.. I caught him and let him have it.. out the door he went..then I put him back in the bedroom to bed...

DUH????? I then realized why.. Jane has her one female in season..and high season right not...and he smelled this on her..OMG...I never gave it a thought I got out the fabreeze and sprayed down everything the rug shampooer out and did my rug too...HOLY CHITSKI.. I'm exhausted..

Called her up and told her don't come over till your female is out of poor pup just got a sense of what it's like to be a MALE.. and also got his arse whipped..big time..!!!!

She thought it was funny..and me.. I'm wiped out and hope this never happens again..then I thought of Miss Annie...HOLY HANNAH....but when she comes in we will be in Pa..and my house is set up for separations very easy and if down here I'll send Rudy to his breeder for that time...No way will I want to go through that nonsense again..

Well time for me to dive into bed cause I is tired...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's Father's Day And Sunday Too !

It's Father's Day and Sunday Too !... Time for a lot of memories to flash through this weak brain...sad that my parents are gone and have been for many many years..but these holidays always bring the empty feelings but again I think about the good ole days and the fun we had...that helps me get through these times..

Morning for me again came early but I got Miss Annie and Rudy back to bed and we got to sleep in some.. Yeah!!...However it's always my sorting of the pills of life for the week.. this time it was just for me..and you know I felt that ache in my heart start...Oh how I wish my boy was here...:(

I did get everyone their breakfast and I fired up my Nu Wave Oven..heck I need to get to learn to use it.. I mean it's a snap to do things in and clean up...heck no time...and most of all..NO HEAT and so far the things I've made have been good...but need to learn to make them even better....

Again another Thunderstorm ..but this time some heavy winds and I actually got to see a Squirrel get blown out of the tree.. I couldn't believe my eyes..had to call my hubby..and I was amazed.. but that squirrel got back up that tree might quick...OUCH !!!

Tomorrow I have to go into town and see the Zeke's ashes are back and I'm going to bring Zeke's food in to be given to a his meds..this is gonna be another hard day for me.. but at least he'll be home..

I did another goodie today... watched QVC and got another gadget..UH OH... but hey it looks really neat and we'll see.. won't say what just yet but I'll take a picture LOL...

Ok, I'm beat and my feet are aching...time to lay me down to sleep...Those traveling Stay Safe and God Bless Us All...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Oh My Goodness It's Saturday

Oh my goodness it's Saturday... wished I could have slept longer but Miss Annie had other plans.. up at 3am and then I politely asked..."Please lets go back to bed" thank goodness Rudy followed my lead and of course Miss Annie hopped, jumped and barked all the way back to the bedroom...OK, Light's out !!!

Yeah I got in another hour and that was better ...but I sure hope I can grab a nap in.. even if just a half hour.. and so our day began..YUCKO..

I hear Thunder again.. yeah one of those kind of and on.. but sun did come out and at least it wasn't a that's not to too bad..:)...Got the critters done and then started tossing out some old plastic..

Have to make sure I drag two of the food bags that I used for Zeke to bring to Doc's on Monday.. as I'm picking up Zeke's Ashes and he will be home with all of us again... it's gonna be a little rough for me.. but I know I'll feel better with him in the house...even though I do know his spirit has never left us..

Did a few cooking things with my NuWave oven... made great bacon..and then lunch time I did those chicken nuggets..they weren't time I'll cook a little longer to get more I'm progressing on learning this modern new the fact easy clean up and NO HEAT..that's wonderful..

Taking tomorrow I've got my bedroom to go through on Monday..and that will be just going through and straightening up the draws..and then I'll do the back bathroom..

Can't believe how fast the time is going...watched my Humming birds today.. and boy they sure do like my juice..LOL.. even the cardinals have been coming more..guess they know I'm going home soon...but them black they can leave..cause they keep the other birds away...go away black bird...!!

Not much on TV so I kind of played with Ms Shug..she was in heaven LOL.  as for john and jane.. what a never ending story they are but now John is in a bad situation..they have to put in the feeding tube..or he won't make it.. till they can get that other hospital to admit him and do the surgery on his throat...

My phone hasn't stopped all day.. but hey, I know when things go wrong it seems to just keeping him from becoming a wreck and stopping Jane from fighting till all this is over with..

Have to make an appointment with Dentist for last work to be done before I go home... sure hope I can get in..and then get the rest of the work finished back home..

Now I'm beat and I'm gonna hit that bed...So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Friday The 13th..woo hoo :)

It's Friday the 13th and I was determined I wasn't going anywhere.. and a storm approaching..No Way !

Morning was busy and I was getting another room done..well almost done as I had to take a few body just ain't use to rushing..LOL..but I'm moving in the right direction..

Most of the day it was off and on with the thunder storms..and in between letting the brats out.. but they didn't get wet..LOL.. we had our timing down pat..

I was off and on with Jane and John ..doing their usual..he's back in the hospital because he can't swallow.. seems he has now Zenker's diverticulum... where there is pockets in the lining of the esophagus...and he's going to have to have surgery... boy when it rains it pours and of course Jane shows no mercy.. the fight continues...don't ask me why ????  dunno and wanna stay out of it as much as possible..

Later today I got a call from the Vet's office  Zeke's ashes are in and I could hardly move..I have the dog food to load in the car along with his meds to be given to someone in need.. So I made arrangements to come in on Monday.. 

I felt that lump in my throat just knowing he'll be home.. and felt bad that I couldn't make it today....but he's here with me in spirit ..and that's all that matters..

Now I'm at the end of the day and I'm so tired..just want to lean back and get some sleep... so with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Went Shopping On Thursday

Went shopping on Thursday...well I had to go to "Tractor Supply" a neat place really has some awesome things and neat shirts and well check it out.. I was surprised but any way I went for Dog Food.. Yep! Dog Food...

Rudy is on Sport Mix and Annie is on Eukanuba so I killed two stuffed birds with one fluffy ball..hahaha... and they were on sale...WOW... I can't believe how cheap it was.. I mean I've been paying 75 bucks for a 40lb bag and here I got 2 for that price..LOL... so I toted them home..but did stop at Publix for a few things and I did treat myself to a NY Cheesecake...which by the way is out of this world.. but small one thank goodness..or I'd have found the 45lbs I just lost..easily..

Most of the day I just sorted through things I either needed or didn't have any use for...and I stopped and looked at the calendar and I have exactly 3 weeks so I need to do some serious cleaning...

I emptied a few of the containers that held Zeke's food and I got all choked up.. can't help it.. I miss that boy.. but I'm doing better each day.. I am expecting a call from the Vet's office as Zeke's ashes will be coming home soon..

Tonight I kind of dragged and boy I couldn't wait to go to bed.. need to start getting a little more pep in my step..but then I also realize that I've just come off pred so now I understand my urge for food..OH YEAH!!!

Ok, that's about it.. I'm too beat to think .. I know there is more stuff but brain and fingers aren't with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Headache Day On Wednesday

A headache day on Wednesday...woke up with it and boy it took most the day to get rid I took this day off.. watched the brats play and climb Mt Ever Rest My Couch"..LOL...well it was that kind of day..

I mainly laid on the couch off and on and just let them brats wear themselves out and then watched a few programs and took a nap.. yes, it was a boring day for many...but for me.. It's was HEAVEN!

Now this post is short cause I have nothing to even wanna talk about much less even cared too..LOL... Didn't even answer my you know it was that kind of moment in time..

So my motto is, "Make it short and sweet"....

Hope you all had a great day and those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Been A Hard Day Tuesday

It's been a hard day Tuesday...trying to figure what I'm gonna need and what I'm gonna get rid always.. I get rid of something and down the road I need it...but this time I've really got to cut my stuff out...

Last night I was really pushing my limit on tossing and turning..and finally I just zonked out...had so much going on mentally and of course the fighting duo never lets you rest..

Today John had to go back to the hospital and that was a wild scene..he's having problems swallowing and I had to listen to Jane do her thing.. screaming that he never should have left the hospital...DUH ????  I just let her go and when she went back up after John got there she found out for herself...

If the Doc asks John how does he feel ..he tells them OK..???? it's like a guessing game and of course the Docs don't have time to play along with everyone... Now Miss Jane is pissed cause John made a fool of her... so there ya go's back at cha !!

I tried to get my spare room all cleaned out.. have to wait to get rid of the bags of dog food that Zeke was on.. when Dr calls me I'll bring it in with his meds as well..and then bring Zeke's ashes home... that will be a hard day for me.. I just miss him so much..

I ate too much junk today too..when I'm nervous look out and dealing with the duo was again a little too much.. so I chowed down on junk..OMG.. feel lousy ..hopefully I'll get a good night sleep without interruptions..

So that's my day and now it's my time to get under cover...hope all traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Special Monday

A special Monday for me... it was Zeke's birthday..he would have been 10 years old...and boy I really miss that lad... but I'm ok.. I mean I felt it today..but I know he's no longer in any pain and that he's with all his family members..

Last night I did go into a deep sleep.. finally now my heart and mind are working together..and my body was in need of that too...woke up at 3am with Miss Annie singing however I told her.."Ssssh, go back to bed " and she did for at least another hour..what ever it takes :)

Most my day was getting things together as time is running and soon hubby will be here and we'll be driving the drive back NORTH...and the race goes on to all my Doctors..and if all goes well's the return trip :)

John and Jane have more or less settled in for a few days...and my phone isn't constantly ringing with complaints.. can't ever believe people can complain over NUTTIN'....

Tonight for dinner I fed Annie and Rudy their raw chicken thigh and Miss Annie did much better..she's getting the hang of it..but she still growled then shook it then dove right in..LOL  Rudy checks her out..probably things.. "What's wrong with her...".....hahaha

Clancy came over this morning and did my yard up.. he worked from 9am till 4pm...and always likes you to tell him ...."You did a great job"..which he really does and he loves that heat..OMG...he works hard..good man and smiles..

Put up my humming bird feeder because the big guy (hummer) flew by my window and was buzzing out side..I came out and he buzzed passed my head..LOL  he was telling me off as I hadn't  had one up with everything going I guess I had to obey hahaha...

We had a fast moving thunder storm plow in and was cracking right over my head... made me feel not too happy... but than goodness it passed fast..

Ya know I didn't even eat dinner .. I just was not in the mood but I did make myself a Root Beer that was goooooood ! ..

Ok, it's bed time and I'm so ready..tomorrow I need to get moving a little more and get all the dog food in order..Zeke's food I am donating..and his meds too.. and then need to get those containers out for the next trash.. as I bought ones that hold 10lbs of food and they have a nice snap down lid. I even bought liners to go in them so I don't have to keep washing them everytime I empty them.. I know I'm lazy..

So with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Rest well my big boy !

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tried To Rest On Sunday

Tried to rest on Sunday...but seems everytime I'd try to lay down ..the phone would ring or an alarm was going off somewhere.. Ok, Ok, so I need to stay up...darn it !

My night wasn't to bad..however I still tossed and turned... a little jumpy..but I'm sure that will everything else.

The brats weren't bad at all.. they did their little action then they mainly stayed on the floor because it became really warm. I stayed in cept for that run that was fast

I had to deal with john and jane again today and no matter what you tell them they do the dang opposite...OMG...but I worked through it.. not that I made any sense..but at least it god completed

Thunder storms all afternoon and that always makes me nervous..

I'm too tired to even think..much less type.. however, the brats are slowly turning around and becoming more like mature teens  LOL.. but they are..cept for Miss Annie this morning chewing my credenza..OMG.. now I have to go to Ace Hardware and get one of those color sticks to cover things up...

Yes, she's part beaver I truly believe that or re-incarnated Abigayle..the real Beaver in the wood pile... and I do mean Miss Abby ate anything standing ..So now I'm on my guard and if she is laying she better be sleeping... or to the Moon the Moon !

Ok, I'm just too tired to type and think of my crazy day..Hope those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Felt Drained On Saturday

Felt drained on Saturday...wonder why ?   Well, it's the craziness of the fighting duo with a combination of the sadness ..just a very difficult week..and honestly I'm so ready for all this to be over..

Last night I started back on the program with my critters..the raw chicken at night with their wet I have seen the difference ..and Miss Annie sure needs it as well as Rudy.. he did fantastic on it but it was ME..who had those issues of handling raw chicken.. still do ..but I'm a little better with this schedule..

Annie was a little strange at first then she looked at it..shook it, growled at it and then looked at Rudy eating his and she figures.."Well, if you can do it so can I" next thing I knew she was gnawing down and enjoying it..LOL

Bed time was so great.. I mean I was so ready..and I finally had a deep sleep..thank you !!..Morning came around 3am and then I yelled to Annie, "Go Back To Bed "...she did..LOL...we then got up at 4:30am..and have been on the go since..

Got a call from John ..he's now in a first he was pissing and moaning and then later on he settled down.. and realized that it was not a bad place but a good one.. and Jane, after she texted me and then I texted her back.. called and I finally got my two cents worth in.. whether that does any good , don't know but really I'm at the point I don't care !

Most of the day was trying to pace myself ..even made another batch of brownies in the NuWave Oven.. and tomorrow I'm making a London Broil.. it's not bad once you figure out how ...don't follow their directions cause that's the bunk.. I joined the website on Face Book and have learned more and trying little by little.

Now it's bed time again ..yep, anxious to get in bed and close my eyes and rest my body... feel like I've been dragged miles.. with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh My Stars It's Friday

Oh my stars it's Friday ...and so my life continues with another saga of the fighting duo... however, I don't have to hear it's all been one sided...

Last night I finally got to sleep my midnight and I slept hard..woke up at 5ish with Miss Annie giving me her one note tune...and Rudy was still in Zzzzzzzzzzs...but once I opened Miss Annies gate it was on for the morning rush hour..

The brats raced down the hallway and the leaps began..having to catch up with them and getting them out the door...thank goodness..and then back in to show me they are part grasshopper !!!

By about 7am they've calmed down and are ready for breakfast...and then it's rest for at least an hour..but this morning I had to get them fed and out and then make a trip to the post I decided they could come... BAD MISTAKE!

Mr Rudy did ok till we got back home.. YIKES..there was I said, "Bad Mistake on my part".  so I had clean up duty.. then it was man the phones cause John and Jane were at it again..

The best part is now she's accusing me of taking over LOL..well, hello there .. be here so you can take care of your boyfriend...but it really doesn't bother me it's too childish.. I mean I'm 70 yrs old who gives a rat's patootie..!!

Most the day was making calls to find a good Rehab for John.. and I came up with a couple.. seems the Doc felt he was ready to be released to one.. and before they day was over.. he was calling me from the Rehab that Paul (his friend and Cpt in the police Dept) recommended was a good place for well being taken care of..

My day passed pretty quickly...and I didn't have time to thing about anything other than making sure John was going to be alright.. and until I came back in the bedroom.. I sensed my big boy again..

Yes, tears filled my eyes but I do know there is no more pain and that makes me feel so much better...and life goes on..

Ok, my eyes are heavy and I can't wait to lay down and go to it's those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, June 5, 2014

It Was A Busy Thursday

It was a busy Thursday thank goodness... my thoughts couldn't stray from the nonsense between the fighting duo.. John being in the hospital and Jane being at her cousin's house relaxing...HA!

Last night was a little bit easier as I finally fell asleep by 2am..then to wake up at 4am..but I did hold on to my pillow and just prayed that Zeke was now enjoying his romping with the Lord and all his fur friends and family..

Most of my day was caught up in trying to help John while being in the hospital and then dealing with the Jealous rage of Jane and acting like a child.. I couldn't believe her nonsense..She's off having a good time and this guy is in bad shape and trying to get help..

I called a few of the people we knew and got them involved to get things done for John.. I could be angry with him and not want to ever talk with him but when someone is be a decent human being and give help and have some jerk be jealous is crazy..

My temper went and as she (Jane) attempted to act like a horses patootie.. I just let her have it.. if you care for someone you don't abandon them..DUH?

Perhaps this is what I needed to keep my sanity and help me make it through the day..don't know but boy it sure stirred my blood..EEEEEEK!.. and tonight John called me to let me know how Jane was whining about how she had planned to do the things I was getting done.. Tuff Chitski..

John is slowly coming around.. He on top of breaking 6 ribs badly ..also later on suffered a heart attack..and now is on the slow upward move of getting it back's gonna be a rough road being he's 82..but he'll get a lot of help if he works with others..

I just merely got a few people together that are willing to put in some time and help him..and that's what he needs and also while he's home someone to keep tabs on him and go to the store for him.. Jane is always on the road so there's no way that she can do..but when she is home she should be..however, if it's for show it might work other than that..she's tired and in pain..DUH...?????

Yeah, I'm making a slow recovery myself and yes, I am missing my big boy but I do know he is much better off..and some day I'll see him again.. as for my two brats..well they have been lovey I'm prepared for the Blast off that will soon happen...

Now I'm ready for bed and to try to get back to being ok with everything.. It was a big chunk out of my life ...but as I was told so many many times.. God only gives you what you can handle...I hope so..and I do thank God for my time with all my Fur Babes..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Rest in Peace my big boy.. rest in peace

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wishing Wednesday Was Over

Wishing Wednesday was over...having to try and stop the ache inside..I've tried to sleep but seems I just close my eyes and I feel the big boy's presence.. It will take me time for sure as Zeke was so much a part of my life.. he was my service dog as well.. he helped me tremendously.. just being there for me and never feeling a sense of being alone with him.. I know it sounds crazy...but if you knew me, you'd understand..

Finally after the most of the night gone I fell asleep..then to wake up at 4:30am and the race began.. Miss Annie is definitely a character and she loves to show it off too.. and my boy Rudy...well he's as loose as a goose as they come..but his disposition is wonderful...he will be fun to work with..once I show him right and left LOL..

Today was hectic with John of the fighting duo.. he had a heart attack from the trauma and thank goodness they were able to control it with morphine.. however he wound up going in to the cath lab and having them check on the stents and they were all open and flowing than for the girlfriend Ms Jane.. what a waist..she's in Orlando with her cousin relaxing.. and calls every now and then..big WUP !

Most of the day I did things for John to make sure he was going to be ok.. called his Atty and then made sure his cell phone got up to the hospital as Bonnie was heading there.. then also made arrangements for his place to get cleaned..then answered all the questions from those that wanted to know..

Yes, it kept my mind busy and helped me stop thinking of my empty nest..but it isn't's gonna get better .. I just have to keep telling myself.. he was here on this earth for the 10 years ..all not great due to the breeder not being honest and caring..but once he was with Robert and I..even though he had so many surgeries..we made his life as comfortable as can be and for that he gave me so much more.. this I will miss his knowing just how I was feeling and I'm telling you .. you could look at him and he could read your thoughts..

Night time is hard as he would be right on the bed and making his funny little sounds and pawing at me for attention..and once the brats were up.. he was really happy LOL.. they were a pain in the butt for him at times and he'd have to put them in their places...he was good at that.. but I think he also whispered in Rudy's ear.. it was Rudy who was gonna have to take over..cause lately Rudy is coming of his own and starting to show signs of being the Big Guy Standing.

Tried to watch a little TV but no go.. just couldn't get into it.. maybe later this weekend..and so it's bed time and I need to attempt to lay down and just let my feelings go.. knowing Zeke is no longer in any pain sure helps...but once his ashes are home .. I'll feel he's where he belongs..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Felt The Empty Nest On Tuesday

I felt the empty nest on Tuesday...:(.... Monday night sleeping was not easy as I felt like Zeke was in my room.. even to the point I thought I heard him trying to come on the bed...and then I fell to sleep..

Morning was not great although the brats were in a better swing of action..Up at 4am went out and then I just said, "Ok, let's go back to bed" and amazing they ran right into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed..

Ok, I'll give it a go...however it only lasted maybe 15 minutes and they were like little bugs all over everywhere... sooooo off they went and into the crates.. I laid back down and just starred at the clock watching the time slowly go by.. thought I'd never get to see 5:30am..

We got up and I got the critters water and into the dog room and then I heard the alarm go off.. the ding dong of my IPhone letting me know it was Zeke's Med time.. yes, I sunk down deep in my heart and I could feel the tears rolling down my's just not fair.. but I know in my heart he's at a better place and it's me that has to deal with what life does throw at us.

Most of the day I had calls from John at the hospital and it was so sad as his "true love" was off in Orlando with her cousin enjoying her week get away.. and while he is in the hospital... and they can't operate on him like that were planning.. he's not a good candidate for that surgery..

Shame how life again Whacks the Chit out of your sails..but it does.. I felt bad for him even though they are so both deserving of each other..however, you don't let you soul mate (if that's what they are) just rot... so I had to talk with his Doctor and find out what they can or can't do for him.. then I made sure he was getting what he needed and again tomorrow I'll do another few hours of work for him to get all his important papers in order and if they are gonna send him to a rehab the right one to go too...

I know he will be in the hospital a few more days at least but 6 broken ribs on an 82 year old man is not a good thing.. and worrying about pneumonia.... is where it's at right now... A lot of things in his life are gonna be a changing..

Tonight again was my down and up times.. I just tried to think the positive things and know that I miss that big guy ..and Ms Reba.. too close too soon !!

Tried to watch America's Got Talent but really wasn't into it... had Ms Shug out for a bit and she was just wanting to be cuddled and I did.. then it was bed time....

It will take me awhile to bounce back as there is just too much right now hurting.. ah and my pred is the last two tomorrow.. so look out here comes the aches back..crap!... but at least tomorrow I can work my butt off and get a lot done for the next few days....I'll be done !!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always... God Bless Us All

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Hardest Monday Of My Life

The hardest Monday of my life... and it's still holding on too me !..

The night before Zeke was not doing I was putting everyone to bed.. I took Zeke out and he could barely stand.. he worked so hard with me to come out the door and down the steps.. He was trying to please me again..

I knew this night was going to be a long one.. when we came back in the house he just laid down on the living room floor and didn't move.. He was so weak.. and I knew this was my last night with my big boy..

I sat on the couch and talked with him.. told him I'd love him forever and that tomorrow was going to be his day... to go home to the Lord and to be with Joe, Ms Reba and his gal Abby.. he looked at me and I knew he was ready..

Annie and Rudy was fussing as I was not back with them.. I got up and gave Zeke a good pat on the head and I knew he was ok with me leaving him.. he just wanted to be still..

Woke up at 4am and the brats ran out but then stopped in front of him.. then walked slowly around and out the door.. which isn't there thing.. but they knew Zeke was not well.. Animals sense that and these two settled down very quickly.

I helped Zeke up and we made it out the door.. this boy of mine was so good about working with me and not even making a mess.. which had to be difficult for him.. and he only was drinking water and everything with him was just liquid coming out..

As he went to move forward he fell down.. I grabbed him and took a bit to get him back up.. but then as we came through the screen door.. I just let him lay in the carport.. I knew he couldn't go any further..

Come 8:30am I called the Vet and they told me to bring him right in.. I called Rick and he was here in about 15min.. He and I got Zeke in the back of the van I had put a sheet down and some towels.. I got in the back with Zeke and Rick drove over... it was the longest ride ..and Zeke just put his head down..

Went into the back door and the girls came out and helped carry Zeke in.. Audrey said, "Oh no ! He's my favorite boy".. and she hugged me.. the rest of the girls were hugging me and Zeke.. Doc came back and looked and then looked at me.. I could see his eyes filling up.  There wasn't a dry eye in the place.. as Doc knelt down to me and Zeke he said, "I wish I could do a Miracle for you and Zeke" .. I answered..."Doc you have, he's no longer sufferening and now running to meet Joe, Ms Reba and his gal Abby. you gave my boy a way back home to the Lord ".. and I thanked him for all his kindness and care for my kids.. told them all too that they are now apart of my family and I hoped my young ones will behave and they all laughed.. but Doc did say, "Zeke was one of the best patients he's had in years.. "..made me feel Zeke truly was a dog that aimed to please.. if he trusted you..

Zeke's passing was so peaceful as Doc administered the drug..Zeke just leaned back and laid his head to the side and went  like he was just resting and then into a deep sleep... There was silence in the room and then I thanked everyone for caring and sharing this moment with us..

Got out to the car and I felt such a relief for him.. he tried to stay but his body just couldn't take any more.. he'd been through so much in his 10 years.. and I know he is now romping and enjoying his new world.. of happiness and some day we'll all meet again..

He was and is my Hero !

                                     Rest in Peace my big boy

                                    June 9th 2004.... June 2nd 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

What A Heavy Sunday

What a heavy Sunday.. one I hope to never repeat..not in this life time...Got up at 3am with Zeke as he was breathing heavy at the end of my bed... that's where he always would jump up from and I guess it was so difficult for him that he was panting.. I heard that sound and woke immediately..

Gave him a big hug and he was wanting to go out.. so had to help him up and had the heavy leash so I could guide and control his movements better..We went out and this boy is so wonderful.. he was not well and he was worried about doing it in the house..  I cleaned him up and we came back in.. he went and laid near the couch .

The brats heard us (of course ) and up they got and then they went out.. and next all of us were up in the living room.. they did lay down for a bit.. and even Ms Shug too a looksee from the bottom of her cage.. lifting her cover..

The alarm went off for Zeke's 6am pills and mine too.. and then I lay back on the couch to listen to the news the phone rang a little after 7am and it was John of the fighting duo... and I had some nasty words with him a couple of weeks ago so we hadn't been talking..

Heard him say,"Help Me, I've had a bad fall of Jane's porch and I can't get anyone to answer to help me"... I immediately said, "I'll be right there".. now I wanted to call 911, but I wasn't sure of the address nor what his condition was... but as I drove out my driveway I was calling Rick who lives a couple of blocks away from Jane.. and thank goodness he answered and he just had to get dressed and be there in a few minutes..

I arrived and Rick was there.. John was laying on his side on the ground and looking Gray.. WOW  I Rick not to move John at all.. and I was calling 911.. the dispatch was asking me questions and next I heard the sirens.. didn't take them but maybe 10 minutes if that..

I then called Jane and told her to get home.. she was in Orlando with her cousin.. and I had to have Rick drive down and pick her up.. so that was on it's way to be done... later I got a call and John has 6 broken ribs 2 broke in half and 4 broken in several places... he is now in Intensive Care..

All that going on most day kept my mind busy and my big boy Zeke is not doing well... he's not eating and can barely move.. I will be calling the Vet tomorrow and I've had such a heavy heart all day as I know I have to let my big guy go.. if the Doc can't do anything for him.. Zeke just can't go through another surgery... I won't let him.. he's had enough in his life..

He has and is my Hero.. this boy has been with me in some very hard times and helped me get up .. grabbed the phone for me when I have fallen.. even when I had staples in me and unable to manage well.. like sitting on the toilet and trying to get up.. he came up to me .. I'd grab on his collar and he'd back up and PULL ME UP !... When breakfast and dinner for the critters was served and they all finished their food.. Big Boy would go in and collect their dishes and bring them too me... there wasn't much that Zeke wouldn't do for me or try it ..

He's my Hero.. even to the last when Clancy was at the screen door.. Zeke came running and jumped up.. slipped and went over backward.. this is what has caused his condition.. and so sad to say his end.. he was protecting me ..

Clancy doesn't even know I haven't said anything .. as he didn't even realized by spraying my screens the floor was wet and slippery.. and neither did I.. I'm so sick over this...

Then tonight I told my hubby,  now I know why .. what happened to me with my Arm .. I'm taking pred and my legs and knees aren't bothering me I can move without pain.. and here I am picking Zeke up and balancing him with my legs as well.. for every wrong there is a right that comes out of it "..

Tonight is going to be my longest night.. only one thing .. I know he will know longer suffer and he'll meet up with Joseph, Abby and Ms Reba.. and the rest of the crew... I will miss this big boy of mine..  but I will pray that maybe the Doc can do something for him... but no more surgeries.. he's gone through too much in his life... no more suffering.. I love him too much..

So my friends.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All