Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finding the Result on Thursday :)

Finding the results on Thursday :)  ..I was anxious to hear what was the latest on this new fang test that was taken awhile back and lost in the mail..go figure...

This morning I was buzzing to get my chores done and it was raining to beat the ban ..everytime I opened the door to let the dawgs out or came the heavens opened up...Come on be nice to me I need to get done..

Even through a load of laundry in and was so .. I wanna get to know how I am doing I mean after all...something new might even surprise me hahaha

So I got Ms Shug done then on to Zeke and Ms Reba..wooo hooo I'm coasting now ..even feed the birds and the rain stopped I'm dressed and I'm outta her as soon as I get the clothes out of the dryer...uh oh.. here comes the rain..

I sit down and fold anyone knowing me knows how I hate to fold's the worst with matching socks...that's why I buy the same kind of socks so I don't have to worry about matching...Lazy sucker I is..:)

Now the rain stopped and I'm out the door into the car and down that highway to Leesburg..yeah I'm so anxious cause I know I might have a chance to cut some of these dang drugs out...wooo hooo...

I go into the Doc office and the Doc is out of town but the nurse has the info...Lucky Me...only thing is.. she doesn't know any more than we sit side by side reading the data...HUH??????

My blood insulin is very high and to get it down..(I don't know about this one) I need to take a higher dosage of asprin ?????????? Ok, the moon is blue...hahaha

Then there was a notation of changing the Zetia to another drug..HUH..oh my stars another pill added and another type drug to replace the other..and I though I was gonna be cutting back...but I'm confused and I think I need to talk with the Doc that means not until what else is new ?

Next I head out and go into town to find out the Verizon store has closed and where do I go now as my cell phone won't rang a couple of days ago but now nothing...

So I go over to the Villages as I remember seeing a Verizon there..I mean with all those people there's got to be one, right ?.. so in I go and feel like an idiot..yep, I sure did.. it was the button on the side of the phone and I worked for hours trying to see what I did or didn't do...

Then I treated myself to lunch..good ole McDonalds..and then headed home shaking my head..two stops and both came out the same..DUH ?????? cept with the last one at least my phone that I can hear it..hahaha

Tonight watched American Idol and felt very sad to see Amber go..she was really good and I know she'll have a career but she shouldn't have went this time..sorry folks..

I'm ready for bed and tomorrow I have to bring my car in for an oil change and tires balanced and then stop off at Winn Dixie for a few things then I'm gonna come home and chill ...well kind of I've got to edge that baby blanket and get that put up...and start on the other one..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

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