Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday ! Happy Halloweenie To All !!!!

Monday !  Happy Halloweenie To All !!!!!....

My favorite time of the year...YES !  I love Halloween and all that goes with it..and I miss seeing those little kiddies dressed up and saying, "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Eat" !!! hahahaha..

Spoke with hubby tonight and he said, "The bus dropped off loads of kids".. We always get close to 100 kids and I do think they come from around town cause they show up at our door...Just adorable...truly that is the one thing I miss about coming down in Oct...

Morning was rain and soon after cleared up..I was up again before even the bugs...however I did manage to get a few things done and Critter Dry Food put up. Now tomorrow I have to head out early (another sneak out) and pick up Chicken Broth for the Critter Food..Again it's that time to make Reba and Joe's din dins..:).. I enjoy it cause they eat it all up and iff'n I get hungry I can sit down and join them  hahahha..trick or treat :)

My list is going for all the projects I've got to work on for Christmas.. I need to make some dish rags up for my Niece and an afghan for my my hands will be busy and my brain can't get into trouble...Mama always said, "time on your hands gets you in trouble " hahahha...amazing how her clever sayings fall into place..

Watched Dancing with the stars tonight..not bad they are all getting better and the Halloween sets were great..of course I didn't catch any old my favorite..Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein...Yeah that's a good one..

It's time for me to hit that bed and I can't wait...been lugging heavy bags of DAWG food around...and these old bones sure do feel it now...

Good night all...and Sweet Dreams..of bats :)

God Bless

Sunday, October 30, 2011

It was a somber Sunday

It was a somber I thought of my Sistah Lizzie and her dog Roe...she did such a beautiful tribute to her best friend and companion..they were like two peas (ooops and her cat bandit) who were the traveling is with a heavy heart as I know how difficult a decision it is to say Good bye .

I glanced at Joe and my emotions just got the best of me.. He has good days and bad days and I too have made my decision that when the bad days out number those good ones I must let him go also.

All of you that have critters whether it be fur ones or feathered ones or ones the gulp's never easy..We become one and they are family.. I always looked at it as a Gift from God to come into our lives and bring some happiness, fill an empty place in ones heart or just be our best buddy..The ones you can talk too and that never judge us..Who love us unconditionally...

I prayed for Lizzie and Roe and even Bandit.. to help Lizzie get through these hard days ahead...and for all of you reading my blog that have hard times ..

It was a quiet day for me and I just hugged on Joe and he even gave me a few growls...and now as I get ready for bed, my Joe is in his space and I'll be right by his side.. Reba is between the pillows and Zeke at my feet and Abby...she has her space and donut bed too...just don't move to close or she'll let you know you made a big mistake...Zap !..she got you understand why Abby has her own space :)

Roe run with all your might over that rainbow and catch all those stars...Play in the Heavens with God's Blessing.

God Bless You Lizzie

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twas a Satisfying Saturday

Twas a satisfying Saturday morning that is...Up before the break of dawn and the Critters followed me into the kitchen...took out their water bowls from the darling dishwasher (she does her job every nite) and filled their bowls with their treated water..( I add a tablespoon of lemon juice to cleanse their kidneys).. and then let the crew out for their wee morning routine...then I put on my pot of coffee to perk..and lean back and listen to the wee morning news...

A little later on Clancy called..(he's my man on the job) to let me know he would be over to put those plants in the ground..woo hoo...and so it was. The hibiscus, and knock out roses got planted he removed 4 old hedges from the it's beginning to shape up nicely..and tomorrow I'll post some pictures (hopefully)

Morning had a little mist and that wasn't too bad cause the sun came out and I felt good...yeah I need a little dab of fact the bird feeder was busy but still the Cardinals haven't got it right..they look and try but still not setting in at morning and night...guess they are just a little bit unsure of the new setup..but soon I know they'll be up to their old tricks...ah but the hummers have been busy..I have only two that come and buzz right by me in fact one of them makes that strange sound and even does a double loop around me when I'm by the feeder...neato...I did ask as he buzzed by.."Hey, you staying for the winter "..:::::????? HA !

Tonight was not much just had to gather up the meds for the week and I have my list for Monday...need to make appointment for Abby to have a blood work up as the med I'm giving her she needs a liver check...and also I'll set up an appointment for Zeke for his EKG  but not due for 2 more months..but need to make sure if the Doc can do it or I need to be referred to the Tampa center which has a annex here in the Villages..

Kind of getting into the swing now and not having those empty feelings with hubby not being around..kind of takes us a few weeks and I tell him by the time I realize he's not here I'm too tired to think ..

Chatted with hubby today and "Surprise" we have snow ..I mean he has snow...and boy I don't miss it..however I do love the first snow after that well I'm here and he's there...enjoying the snow blowing...eeewwww...I'll watch it on TV and smile and think about when I was a kid and how much I loved it..then think again and understand why when you get older you get wiser ! :)

Pretty much staying low key and Joe is settling in..well he's still doing those strange falls off the couch and bed..thank goodness this floor is well padded with carpet....I don't panic now I just wait to see if he gets up... crazy but for a few times I thought I fell..cause I know my stomach did..

Bed time and I'm ready for it.. I go into the count down mode as I have to wait to 10pm to give Zeke his last meds..and boy we are all I look over everyone has their spot..and I have to make my way in...a little push here and there and then the big tuck...

Life is good and everyday my Adventures take me down different paths ..even though I'm not driving my roads do have many cross ways...

God Bless

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Flatus Friday

A Flatus Friday...(a stinker of a day ) surely was..started off with a little rain but then as the day progressed it was just gloomy...The critters never like their feet wet..well not my crew it was tip toe in and tip toe out in which my Reba did a flip down the stairs...ok, what's with the stairs again..????

Woke up with good thoughts intended but it never went that way...however, I did manage to get in a big was do or fall down...and I chose to lean back and take the day in.

Have lots of projects to get finished so I said to myself, "Self, get your arse in gear and make that list and put it right in front of your nose..this way you won't forget to move"...sounds good..and I have to .

You kind of get yourself caught up in the slug routine and it's difficult to get out of....and like everything else your plans get made in jello and any excuse to let it pass (like gas) you's human nature.

My coffee was good and I took the time to just enjoy my moments of meditation...Gawd I'm sounding like I'm belonging to a cult...the cult of pure laziness hahaha.. ok I'll get down off my horse (as hubby says) and straighten up and fly right...(could go left too)...LOL

I did tell ya I'm a light (sensitivity) other words gloom does me in but sunshine has me buzzing..So I'm praying for sun tomorrow cause I've got to get a jump start and get my projects done.

Also get out my trust worthy crock pot and have her humming ...that will bring me back to my senses....and perhaps I need to pick up my crocheting too.. have lots to get done.

Junk was on TV tonight...I've been watching that Gifted program and tonight it was a repeat..Already ????? see that's how my day began and how it's I need to catch up on some Email and then high tail it in bed and pray my motivation picks up a notch or two :)

God Bless Us All....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Threading Thriftily Through Thursday

Threading Thriftily Through Thursday !...Now ain't that a mouth full..try and say that several times...cause my brain was blinkin' high in over ride...but it was a great Thursday..for sure.

Got up bright and early...4am and my day just kept coming at me..Made my pot of coffee ah that perking sound is like music to my ears..and got the Critters done . Had a plan in my brain going into over drive and slowly I began to make my descend...yeah I had to sneak out..but not before 9:30am..cause I knew Joe would go into his sleep mode and Abby and Zeke would have a good breakfast..but my Reba..well she's just a southern soul sistah...I mean she began to sing as soon as I was putting on my undies...:)

I got out the door and into the car and low and behold there was Reba up on top of the couch looking out the window...didn't I tell ya she'd be singing..and soon after I heard the Choir...and it wasn't Christmas Carols either...

Picked Diane up and she and I went on to Wally World...omg two (2) days in a row I was out in the outside world...even the air smelled different and ya know what I got a front parking space too..right to the main doors...It was my destiny...I was to be out this day..

I whizzed through the store and without my list too..(yep, I left it on the counter) Picked up some vacuum sealer bags and even bought a cheapo bed spread...Diane said it looked "Christmaseee".. but I'll save that for the holidays..yeah I'm getting in the spirit and speaking of spirit mine seems to be in a much better frame..

Joe has been more active..coming alive again..guess he's over that bad bought that had me ready to say.."Bye" glad I didn't..anyway he's been really getting more active...and of course tonight...had to fall down the steps..what can I say..."it's just chit is happening and I'm following the flow".

Starting to get in the mood to put things more together so that means I'm now getting over the blues of my hubby not being here...and getting a little more active myself..although the drag arse tries to sneak in..

Will be working on my list of motivation...getting projects done in the house and that makes me feel better.. I'm one of these that has to write things down and when I get them done and cross them off...I get like a feeling of..."Hey, Got that Chit done"...yeah works for me..

So now it's on to the next Adventure and that will be charging the batteries to the camera...for PICTURES...yeah ...ok, my brain say.."Good Night" and my Critters are now settled in.. Even gave Zeke his meds a little early so we all could get some sleep...

Till then... God Bless...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a Wonderful Wednesday

What a Wonderful Wednesday and without a Wishing :).. I slept in a little this morning fact I watched the X Factor till 10:30pm and by the time I got the Critters done it was almost 11:30pm..soooooooo yes I slept till 6am.. I mean ya know I had to post before I plopped in bed and took my Tylenol PM to relieve that dragging back ache....and it did !

Got up and ran like the dickens..(what, who the heck is Dickens?)  had my coffee and then fed the critters and watched the two humming birds I have do the dance of "This is mine"...a few chick a dees and titmouse (or is it titmice?) and..(you'll love this) proceeded to sneak out and go to ..ta daaaaaaaaaa!  Winne Dixie and see"People, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world..Yeah.

Picked up some bargains and tomorrow I'm gonna attempt to head to Wally World cause I'm running out of "Stuff"  ..and pick up some batteries for the (you know what)  Camera..Yes, I found it and batteries are not in there goes the  pictures..

Looked gloomy today but I was in High C cause I actually got out of the house since I pulled in from the Long, Long trip felt wonderful and I looked around the area and the Villages are busy building...Gawd that is a crew ..empty lot today and tomorrow booked and full...

Now I'm ready to fall out of the land of the Woken to the land of the Sleeping..Watched Survivor tonight and all I can say is..."Ozzy, you is one strange bird...good luck"...

Also saying.."Good night all and God Bless"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twisted Findings on Tuesday

Twisted Findings on Tuesday...Chit happens as it goes along for me..and this day makes no difference... Woke up with Joe spinning and then flipping out of bed...Holy Cow Jumped over the Moon... I mean it was 1:30am and the boy was spinning like a top.. I could barely see but then all of a sudden he vanished...right on top of Abby...Now the story of Abby is simple..when she is sleeping don't walk by her cause a sudden move and she's gotcha!!!

Well, Joe lucked out cause I didn't hear that awful sound coming from her..she probably was shocked herself as I was...I jumped out of bed..(this ain't no Saint Nick story either) and as quick as I could get to the other side to see Joe dazed and Abby just looking up at me..."Thank heavens" that's all I can say..

So that was the start of my Morning..and could I go back to sleep..hell no..I had to deal with my brain in fog land..Seems lately that's all it's been..better get some fog lamps :)..that's a funny but some how I ain't a laughing..not yet anyway...

Now you think the worst was over..HA !...the story continues..I was putting things away and next thing I knew my back was gnawing at me.. Must be the dang ole mattress I have on my bed.. I need to get a new one..but for some reason I keep dealing with the lumps and bumps.. So I proceeded on and pretty much got things in order..I then figure well I best vacuum...HELLO DOLLY... as I went to slide out the back again..Now what is the sit a spell..

Worst mistake cause I couldn't move to get up...NOT THIS TOO ?????...Oh yeah my back was smokin' and it wasn't from a CAMEL..(walk a mile for a Camel cig..remember ole commercial )..I'm doomed again..Took a Tylenol PM and leaned back..and that was the last of my day and looks like a little more than a day..

Got the Critters done ..had no choice and Joe was a little bit off kilter...Wonder why????  Abby was just being a little testy...ok, give me a break crew I need a little of ME action here.. so I called hubby and BOOM again I get another surprise..Hubby done hurt his KNEE...and can't hardly walk...OK, OK, I give the $#@*# up !

Now I have to wait the outcome of what's happening to HUBBY..and I'm here and he's there...good thing is the only thing he has to take care of is Medusa and she's not that bad...but for him...OMG...I need to send him positive thoughts...and pray that he'll be ok..I can't head home I'm stuck..can't even pick up anything at this point till my back calms down...

See how the Twisted findings fall into place and you think this is stuff I make up...I'm good but not that good...Chit just happens to comes in waves of mucho, mucho surprises...but this too shall gas...:)

Again, I'm just thankful we can get through this maze...anyone want to throw down some I can find my way...???

ON to tomorrow, Lord willing...remember it's my Wishful Wednesday :)

God Bless and Sweet nightmares are daytime experiences with a little bit of night time visions...

Monday, October 24, 2011

A busy Monday

A busy Monday...and why not ?...I mean I had lots of catch up (ketchup lol ) went to the Rice Fields and even picked up lots of veggies to chop as well..Filled all the (dawg food) bins and crumbled up the cookies...Oh yeah it was a busy, busy morning and even had a load of wash (dawg beds) going too...all before my that wasn't a good thing...but had to get done..

Watched the feeder come under siege by the many birds and of course the Squirrels..some flying too but still not gotten into..and there was Clancy's cat on the job..them Squirrels high tailed it..Woo hoo..

Nope, still haven't found the camera..but I'll hunt tomorrow...cause I is dawg arse kidding...ah but a good thing..Everyone had a good day no messy surprises..

Called my infamous Doc down here to reschedule the crappy appointment time ..not the one I originally booked ...of course that was changed when I called and here ya go I decided I'm gonna reschedule and guess what... I get a 10:30am appointment...and for Dec 23rd..WHAT???? so I had to ask..."Is the Doc gonna dress like Santa"?  it didn't go over to great me thinks it's time to find another that has back up for when you need ...and one that has a office staff that's not so Bitchy ..only way I can put it....The hunt will be on..

Have to make appointment for Abby and Zeke...Abby's back legs are getting bad...she's gonna be 10 and I've had her on she needs blood work to check her liver...and Zeke of course will be do for his EKG...So I'll call that nice vet in town..

Joe is doing much better and so is Reba...put their PJ's on tonight again cause it's just too chilly in the morning...and they love it..nice and I look over Joe is snuggled in bed and Reba is in her chair..You know the "I want to be alone"..hahaha should have named her Ta Loo la..:)

So I'm off to slumber land after I check my email and then pray that we'll have a good day tomorrow too...Oh by the way..did ya hear about the "Hurricane Rina"...pray for it to head out to sea..

God Bless

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It was a nice Sunday

It was a nice Sunday...kinda, sorta...I mean Joe was doing better and that made me feel a lot better but..did ya think I was gonna get off easy ???? Not in this lifetime...most of the morning went well with a few upsets...Abby was off kilter and Reba was right behind her...Zeke and Joe were good and I'll leave it at's got to be the water here and the combination of the change of weather ...I mean cold morning and hot afternoon...but we'll deal with I need to remember my Critters ain't young!..

This morning my wake up time was 4am..looks like that's what it's gonna be for a bit..but morning was's Keeping Alive Day..I mean I sort my pills that keep me alive for the week..also did Joe's, Abby's and Zeke's...Reba lucks out she only gets "fake ones"...empty pill pocket ..well a piece of one any way..

Then I watched the birds as I had my coffee and those blasted Squirrels attempting to break in..but so far so good..but I'll tell ya them blastard..(my word) got up into my flower pots..(the hanging ones) and then climbed up my trellis and went for the Gourd I had hanging..which by the way was here when I bought the house... and down to the ground crashing was a Squirrel and a Gourd...and ran away I'm sure cursing me...

I'm prepared for them suckers as they are the "Get Even" ones.. I was glad to see Clancy's cats come out.. cause I guess they heard me call for it was busy morning.. I mean I leaned back in the chair holding Joe and Reba stuffed down on my side and we watched and laughed and then jumped cause them Squirrels were going bonkers ...and still no entry to the bird feeder..

Tomorrow I'm gonna have to get that camera and take a few between my other madness...and hope to get out of this gloom feeling..when things go a muck...they go all the way...

Watched QVC and didn't buy anything...I'm proud of me... I mean a day with David in the Kitchen for me is..dial up and order..omg...but I guess my gloom over came that one...and there was some goodies on too..but I made it though...

Chatted with hubby off and on most of the day as he was doing some work in the house and I'd get the call..."Do you really need this"..oh no !!!!  So it was dump stuff we didn't use in ages.... I had him make up a box so it could go to Good Will..someone could use it.. I'm sure..

Other than that I just tried to keep my thoughts from going to the gloom side of the track..When my Critters are not well...I'm not. I keep forgetting they ain't getting younger and chit is gonna happen.. I get to feeling down in the dumps because my stamina is not there.

So it's now get in and go to sleep and start another day with a new look...:) Yeah a new T them long ones...I wear them around the house and boy they just feel great...even got one that has Cats on I'll wear that tomorrow come out water my plants and hope the Squirrels are looking :)

Good night all and Sweet Dreams

God Bless....on to the next Adventure !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blessing on Saturday

Blessing on truly was.. I woke up with Joe by my side and it was like he was a "new dawg"..he was alert and let me know he had to go out...although he is wearing a diaper...He wanted it's me and him at thing I knew the rest of the crew was up and on I turn the back light and Joe walked around like nothing was happening..he was still a little weak on balance more "squirts"...Oh Lord thank you for this morning cause I don't know if I could have lasted another day...

We all then went back to bed and Joe even snored....All I can say is "Thank you ..all of you for keeping us in your prayers cause he and I were truly fact later on Diane called and picked up some groceries for me..and my next door neighbor Holly yelled over and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her to the Leesburg Market...Holy Hannah..what a great morning .

Me and Joe and Reba snuggled in the big chair and next thing I knew it was noon time.. I mean I had my coffee at 6am and the crew had breakfast at 7:30am with their meds and Joe went out again..even let me know he wanted out...of course the little chit thought he could make it down the steps..OUCH..we won't talk about that mistake...but when we came the chair we all went.. the biggies were on the floor room in my chair..although Zeke partly leaned on the ottoman..HELLO THERE BIG BOY !!

I watched out my window the escaped of the Squirrels as they attempted to try and get to the bird feeder..let me tell ya was a sight to watch.. I giggled..and boy they don't give up..even one thought of dropping from the tree branch but gave it another thought...psst that tree branch is mighty thin and soon I'll have it taking chances with this group..

So later on again we all napped..we all were on the same plateau..beat, exhausted and to pooped (ooops ) to my day was mainly sleep, nap and sleep so more..yeah I was a SLUG...but I think I earned it..

Truly a blessing that's all I can say.. I was so mentally wiped out and cried out and just couldn't function ...The Lord does help you get through things and when it's time for Joe..I know the Lord will also be there for me too !

Now guess what.. I'm a gonna go to bed.. I need my beauty sleep...Hahaha

Thank you Ali, your hugs felt good ...

God Bless All... {{{{Hugs}}}}} back at cha !

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Friday started on a nightmare

My Friday started on a nightmare !.. Woke up at 4am and Joe was not doing well.. my fears over came me... Zeke, Abby and Reba were a little iffy too.. "Lordy, what is happening to us"?... I let every one out and had to turn on the outside light..I always hate doing that as I try to just use a flash light but this time I had to think of my Critters and not worry what any one else thought.. I mean my light in the back is the yellow bug light and it's one of those energy bulbs so it doesn't get that bright and being yellow isn't too eye opening to bother..but it's just me I try to think of others...but again like I said, "not this time".

Joe has been having issues with the water change and the cold mornings and it's been not getting better and this morning it was at it's worst...Yes, it was like a mess..don't even want to describe it..but it now was hitting Reba and Zeke, and Abby..uh oh is this a virus >????  My morning was hectic cause no matter where I turned there was a mess in the works.. I had my bucket and mop and Clorox and name it and me I was just whimpering the whole time..

It had just got me so down and the thought came that maybe this was the time I had to let Joe go...omg..I weeped most the day and prayed...Joe slept as best he could and even with that when he was like bombs away...I had that washing machine going constantly...and I just kept praying... hubby called and boy the water flowed down my face...

After I felt bad for him as he couldn't help me through the phone but knowing him..he worried that maybe I would become ill..Then he called and talked to me again and I knew in the back of his mind he was planning on flying down to help me... and the biggest help was just the thought that he would drop everything and come to help me..

The mind tends to play those tricks and at one point I had the phone in my hand making the call to Dr Porter regarding Joe..and I sure prayed that if this was the time...I had to do it. The phone rang and it was Diane..and she was so helpful ..told me that she would go with me and not to worry.. a little later Carol called..(Carol and Larry) and she said about the same fact she assured me that Doc Porter would be really wonderful with me...

Now I know Doc Porter and since I've used him for Joe and Zeke I felt very comfortable as he was a very soft spoken and caring Vet.. I prayed long and hard as any of you that have animals know that this is the most difficult time and just holding your Critter in your arms and they cross that bridge is really hard because we don't want to let them go..

Towards the later afternoon Joe started to get a little better and then by evening he seemed to improve more... I know these days are gonna be up and down and I'm gonna watch Joe.  He was so alert as I sat next to him on the couch.. He has his special bed there and with pads and cuddle pads... he leaned his head on my lap.. as I patted him and talked to I realized is Reba was on the other side of me and Zeke and Abby were down at my feet...We were a team again..and we all fell asleep..

Woke up and let everyone out and Joe was a little better..then gave everyone their meds and now we are in the bed room and ready for bed.. Joe is watching me as I type..

All I can say is "Thank you Lord for another day with Joe" and again I'm at that cross road of taking it day by day...

The weekend is here and I just want it to pass quickly...

God Bless

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Birds Fly in on Thursday !

The Birds Fly in on Thursday !  Woo hoo ! The birds were flying in to the "new" bird house...Bob and Diane came over early this morning and the project began and became a reality... and it looks's a double sided feeder lots of action..

Woke up this morning at 4:30am and it was brrrrrrrr for was 48 and to think last night was in the 80's..HUH ..yeah that will freeze your butt I made sure Reba and Joe had their PJ's on..and I had my flannel shirt...I was prepared...and so were they.

Joe has been having a few issues and I've been worried but later on today he started to turn it around.. I was the face of Gloom as I didn't want any more sad news for a while...and Zeke also was having a little problem with the Water all and all I've been cleaning up and moping up and spraying down and the trusty washing machine has been going full the end of the day I'm wiped out and my legs just won't move...So I go for the slide on down the trail...with my trusty walker on wheels..some how it just doesn't do stairs well and speaking of stairs my Abby is having hip issues...Yeah it starts all over again ..but we are all making it though.

Coffee was really good this morning and had my peanut butter toast that's a jaw opener :)  if I ain't complaining I'm chewing..LOL  Got a pot of chicken breast on to make broth and cook up chicken for me and the Critters..
Then Bob and Diane called and said they'd be over around 10am..and sure enough...

After the birdhouse got put up and filled up...they left and said, "We'll expect a call when the crowd comes"...sure enough at 1pm.. it was the Chic a dees and the Titmouse (meese) that flew in fact two flew up on my window and pecked and chirped..guess they were thanking me..cause it was a full house.. I saw a few Cardinals fly by and check it out but I expect them to start tomorrow as it was so busy..even a Squirrel peeked but didn't stop...cause Clancy's Cats were out...Way to go kitties...

I leaned back in my chair and watched next thing I knew it was dinner time for the Critters..gosh I get wrapped up in watching those daring birds..they have a neat pattern of how the feed feeds while the other watches above then the change of the guards...

Now it's night time and I'm ready to hit the everything done and now I'm gonna dig in a few boxes to find the camera pictures will be flying in next..

Good night all and here in Florida it's bundle up !

God Bless

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What a Wednesday

What a Wednesday..can't even say it was fact it was just plain ole wipe out Wednesday...Didn't sleep much night before.. I mean I was glued to the Weather..and hearing the Weather radio sound off..and watching for where it was..or what it was...finally I fell some what out or off into some kind of sleep mode..but wow I was back up at 3:30am..and then thought about hubby leaving for Boston..

So I tried to call him at 4am..and guess what..NO PHONE>.that's correct my blinkin' Bright house (why do they call it Bright house ???) Digital phone service was not in working order nor was my " Internet" by Bright house..(again why do they even think it's Bright House????) so I attempted to call via cell phone and hubby wasn't answering..OH my was he deep sleep or was he already up and in the shower... I mean he had a wee hour flight to Boston"

Again I try to call that so called Bright house and got into the loop of Never Never land..and then the message in Spanish.. and then Press 1 for OH NO !!!
It took forever and I never got the Tech..guess they were without service too or maybe they just didn't show up for work ??????

Yes, it was a long, long morning and I was rag tired..and Joe, he wasn't doing well..still having issues with the water change and OMG..what a mess..don't even want to remember how many times I scrubbed and washed him...Then I just felt so bad as I was losing my patience..and it's not his fact he was doing so well..all of a sudden we're on the downward swing...

My day has been a chitty one and that also is the only words I can explain it to be..Evening is some what better ..heard from hubby his trip up and back to Boston went well and we watched Survivor...

Now I'm mentally and physically tired and I'm ready to crash..put the PJ's on Reba and Joe and everyone is tucking in..Please, please let tomorrow be a better day..

God Bless Us All...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Me and the Critters 4 on Tuesday

Just me and the Critters 4 on Tuesday... it was a busy day for me..Hubby back home in Pa and Me and the Crew had to huff it :)  yeah, I got use to saying, "Can you please " it's "get off your duff and get busy"  and so I was .

Expecting that dang storm had my nerves a popping..every time I heard the new I was frozen in place..making sure not to miss one message and yes, there was the trusty weather radio that went off a few times..had me make a mad dash to the back of the house..Ok, I"m out of breath..if it's coming (the storm) we'll  just to keep alert..

As they say, "Watch the sky" but then I start to think about it..How can I watch at night or better yet..I'm inside the house..where do I look up..maybe out the window..ok I can do I'll sit on the couch and keep a lookin up...but my neck starts to hurt...I mean I'm lookin and listenin' and all of a sudden I'm tired.

So I gets up and make a big pot of chili ..that will keep me busy..runnin' too..Hahaha...but I'll be up and down and in and out..and here comes the news again...Gawd this can run you crazy..gots to be a better way...

Watched the X Factor tonight and I have to say..."I'm disappointed..although a couple got in I liked but boy they sure made some big mistakes in their cuts...Am I really gonna like this now ??? dunno..but we'll see..I'm beginning to like "The Voice " least you see the challenges..and they are really good...we'll see Simone ...we'll see ..

It's bed time everyone has gone out without getting prayers were answered as my Joe is not really doing well and I'm worried with him being so weak now and if raining..he won't handle that well... another day is ending and talked with hubby.. He has to leave for Boston in the morning and bad weather is now heading up his way...Will keep him in my prayers till I hear from him when he lands...

Good night to all..and on to tomorrow...God Bless

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday came and it's almost over

Monday came and it's almost over..This morning was not like any other morning as this was the day my hubby was heading back home...yes, a little sadness in my heart.  I watched as the Village van came and picked him up to take him to the airport... Of course Zeke and Abby went ballistic..yeah they'll miss him too.. Joe and Reba, well they are kind of mine alone..they are my shadows..where ever I am they are..

Most of the morning was making sure hubby didn't forget anything..but then he wasn't bringing much back other than his he was carrying light and I wanted to make sure he was gonna have some cookies..but that didn't pan out. So I'm now gonna ship him his goodies. :)  He'll like that..a care package with surprises.

The afternoon was gloomy as I have been listening to the weather report..YIKES...I arrive and the Storms are you all know how much I love this weather...I mean one loud boom and I'm lookin' where to duck too...

Tonight dinner was lonely.. I go through this for a few nights then I fall into the swing of things..and of course the Critters are looking for him yeah it was solemn ....and we got through it .

Hubby arrived home safely and Medusa was happy to see him..She so adores him..waits for that rub on the head and if it was me..she'd bite..big time. What can I say, "That mean ole bird love her man"..:)

Watched Dancin' with the Stars and I think I fell out in part of it cause I woke up and it was the last dance...good thing I record tomorrow I'll do a quick flash back..

So now I'm ready to hit the hay and tuck in with the TV on and the Weather Radio on too...Gawd  I sure hope this passes with no one getting hurt...

Got a lot of things to place back in the closet and go through some I don't need...that will keep me busy while this storm is in action...but oh those poor Critters are not going to be happy.. Have a Golf Umbrella ready cause I know Ms Twinkle Toes (Abby) hates to have her feet wet ...

Until tomorrow and we meet again I'm gonna go for the count down.. Good Night and Sweet Dreams

God Bless

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's my Party Day and it's Sunday !

It's my Party Day and it's Sunday !  I was born on this day and by the way in the back of a taxicab..You got it..Mama was on her way to visit someone and I interrupted..figures I've been interrupting for ages ...besides that my motor is always going..or here's another one I say.."My feet don't touch the grown".

Today was my "Special Day" and hubby did the cookin' ..which was pretty darn good cause he does a great job...I didn't even have to clean a dish..(we used paper plates hahahaha) no, I'm teasing...We had real dinner plates and was a treat.. He made Steak, Bake Potato and Salad..cause I wanted to make room for that Strawberry Shortcake !!!

It also was the last day hubby and I would be together till Dec when he comes back for Christmas..and it's always difficult . I try not to pay attention to him packing..and we don't say "Good bye"..just "I'll be seeing ya"..of course we talk on the phone.. just like when we had to do a lot of traveling for our work...but it is sad.

Diane and Bob stopped by to bring me another plant..Yes, I have a spot for them or should say " a pot to put them in"..and we chatted a bit.. Bob is putting up the bird feeder this week so I am going to be busy..chasing those fact Clancy told me his Cats will do a great job.. I sure hope so !

Weather was really nice and I got a big surprise on Face Book ..all my wonderful friends wished me a Happy Birthday..and ya know it felt good.. I enjoy those Sistahs and their cute sayings and listen the stories as well.. amazing how the Internet can make you feel good..

Tonight we watched the X factor..and I'm telling ya there is some might fine talent..I'd hate to have to pick out who's to go home...they are all trying so hard to just get ahead...really some hardship stories...but there are 4, yes 4, that I think could win...It's gonna get better as it goes along..

So now I'm gonna lay my head down and thank the Good Lord for his Blessings I've made it this far......and also above all thank the Lord for my Hubby and wonderful caring friends that took the time out to think of me...

God Bless All

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sanctuary Saturday

Sanctuary Saturday it surely was.. only thing we did today was clean up inside the motor home ..emptying the cabinets and take it over and fill up with Gas add a can of Stale Gas then drive over and park it for the time I'm here. Yes, we sprayed Ant and Uncle all the cabinets and in the side well where the electrical wire is stored plus sprayed the tire wall too..

Most of the day today was a "Nothing" kind of day.. Bob and Diane came over and we discussed the "Bird Feeder" it's location and yes, we have feed waiting to go in.. Where I'm putting it Betsy should be able to see the action as well.. It's a double sided feeder..

I'm dealing with a "cold", oh yeah !  I got me a cold in my NOSE and I'm taking Tylenol (well a CVS brand as you can't find Extra Strength) and it seems to be helping I am taking my "naps"...even took one tonight my blankie on and like turning off a light...Out I WENT..

Tomorrow will be some what busy as hubby will be heading back home on Monday..YIKES our time went fast..but it has been a good together time..even with the Nonsense..we've found humor..

Oh, hubby put up that Screenie thingy.. I'll take pictures of it it doesn't fit like a glove because of my screen door..but it does work and Zeke and Abby go through with ease..the little ones..Joe and Reba..they're not sure..but it will help in the day time for me.

Now I'm ready to hit the "HAY" as tomorrow will come swiftly and the race will be on.. I still have stuff in a corner to sort through and put away..and there is lots of boxes (Diane will be happy) to put out to for it's Good night, Sleep tight, and don't let the Bed Bugs Bite..

God Bless

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flipping over Friday

Flipping over onto Friday...and so it began..stayed up way to long last night trying to get the computer to even work was dragging and snagging and not leaving any traces of where it had gone..couldn't even shut down..DUH.. then Windows decided I had to upgrade and so did McAfee all together now let's get this going...and so it did..on all night and into the wee hours of the morning....and this ole gal was not a happy fact I was chopping at the bit !

So I said to myself, "Self, just go to bed if the thing works so be it, if not it's to Walmart for a Laptop...and worry about the rest later on.. then I Flipped into Friday morning....

Woke up and still the computer was updating..OMG..the thing is gonna crash..and it was making all kinds of tunes...possible "Help me make it through the nite."... so I left the room and just made my mind up was either gonna work or quite..

Put my coffee pot on and the Critters strolled into the kitchen one by one..they looked like they were on a weekend binge..guess my light kept them awake or possible they were ready to make a mad dash if they saw sparks coming ...

Hubby got up waiting for that ride to Walmart but that didn't take place..however I had another ride planned for him.. the Rugs which by the way didn't get done yesterday...but they did today !!  So he also bopped over to my favorite Winn Dixie and picked up a few things..Gawd I'm gonna miss that hubby of mine..he sure loves these trips...

The motor home is now empty and everything is done cept for the "Spraying of Ants be gone "...that will be tomorrow morning after we fill up with gas and park her over at the "Motor Home parking"..we have our special spot and then she'll be rested till time to go home again..which looks like July again..but that's alright cause I've got some more major projects to get done..

Diane called and she and Bob will be over tomorrow to mark and measure the area for the "Bird House"..yeah I even have the food to fill..cause my birds have been zooming by my window even landing on my planters and chirping..and when I come out they are still I guess they are giving me their menu  LOL...Ya never know I have strange things that do happen.

This evening went pretty good and hubby and I just watched a few programs and listed all we need to get done before he heads back on Monday...Of course I know if we can't finish I can call Diane..cause she loves to keep busy and I'll have some projects for her as well...

Now I logged in to my computer and a little rough but it's working..So I'm gonna be kind to her too and just finish up and say, "God Bless "  and thank you for another good day..and great friends..and above all.. a great hubby !

God Bless

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving Slower on Thursday

Moving Slower on Thursday and also my internet or computer ..which ever you want to believe ...according to the TECH...I've unplugged, rebooted, recharged, scanned and finally kicked it a few times (the wires) and now I'm on this gonna be another added surprise..????

Last night was just so lost in translation..meaning nothing I said made any no X factor..That sucked..!!!  but hubby and I just leaned back and kind of went into our own mode of suspended animation..with a little flotation...hahaha.. Did have a nice chat with Betsy and had a good dinner which Diane had made for us when we landed with that extra treat of her good cookies..(holiday cookies )

Fell in bed and didn't move until 5am..yes, I'm in that routine regardless..but one thing was really good Joe seems to have perked up a bit..gots to be the Florida atmosphere..but what ever it is that made me feel good..

Oh and I got a really good treat one of my craft friends made me a turtle for my birthday and I have to give Pat a call and thank her.. I will most likely start back with the craft group once I get settled in..

Oh, oh one more nice treat.. I have humming birds coming to the feeder..Diane had put it up for me as she saw one of the neighbors and they were telling her those darlings were around...whoopee I had 6 at the feeder this morning..

Had my coffee and we found my coffee container.. I thought I was gonna fall off my chair when hubby thought we left it home... He would have had to get me coffee..cause I can't function with out that in the morning plus ya don't want to talk with me till I do !!! 

Tonight we watched the X factor..YEAH.. and it will be on again Sunday night because of the Baseball games..but no big deal...but sure is some really good talented folks.. this is gonna be a good seeing the variety of ages too...Young and Older...they deserve a break matter what..

Now it's time for bed and I've struggled  off and on trying to get this to work..more or less seems like I'm due for a new laptop..was hoping not as I've had  not one problem but this is up there in age...we'll see..we'll see..

So with that I'll say...NITE NITE and catch ya another day...

God Bless

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a long Wednesday

What a long Wednesday..this for me was an extremely long trip.. I've tired out easily..and that's now kind of a shocker for me. Yes, I know I also take a lot of meds however I thought this last day was never going to end.. I completely drained myself.

I'm coming to a realization point.. not sure how many long trips like this I can continue to do.. more or less an eye opener. Hate that I even have to admit it but I struggled these last few days.. Hubby was working his butt off ..doing all the in and out with the critters while I did all the driving and cleaning up..

My legs were like tree stumps not being able to take my lasix..was not a good I worked it out that I would take it as soon as we parked for the night which I did..but still all and all it was a hard chore ..

I think how I drove all over and never batted an I drive to Florida..and it took me 4 days..yes, 4 days. The most I could drive was 5 to 6 hours and I was completely exhausted..and now we've arrived at our final destination.. and I was hoping it was over..

Excited to see the house and talk with Betsy, Diane and Bob  and Clancy..Yes, I felt like I was home..The house looks dynamite and even the Critters were happy as the set up here is so easy for them too..Hubby and I just sat in the rig looking at the house and looking around. I think we were both road tired.

Let me tell ya it's also hard for me to I look over and see my crew in bed snoring..I'm gonna be there soon..yes indeedy !  Tomorrow will be a mad day as  Hubby is gonna take the rugs from the rig up to the laundromat..They have those big machines and get it all done quicker..

Have to hop over to Wally World to pick up a few things and unload and oh yeah ..Spray for Ants..another winner we picked up some where...those little tiny asp suckers were aboard and got in to that delicious Apple pie that hubby's secretary did for us...How we knew.. well.. went to eat another piece and saw these tiny specs and here I thought it was the Bryer's Vanilla bean ice cream..oh was little bitty ants..and to think we ate a piece already..omg..HELP...yes we done ate ants..they were all over..Needless to say I haven't been feeling well...EEEK !

Never fails always something happens to brighten up my day...So we'll pick up spray and traps and empty all the cabinets and go for it..Gonna be busy day for the next few days...

Ok, I'm beat and I want to get this this will be a continuation..for sure...

Good Nite and catch you tomorrow...God Bless

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So it's Tuesday and I'm still on the Road ?

So it's Tuesday and I'm still on the Road ?  Still in the motor home with 4 Critters and a  Hubby...and nobody is complaining ?  FABULOUS !...Hey, it's been one heck of a ride and it's getting better cause we is getting closer..

Left Lotta this morning or should I say later in the day..cause we planned morning but the rains came..and boy did they come down..The heavens opened up...uh oh somebody flushing ?????

Any way my Joe wasn't too up to snuff..the weather wasn't great for him and it seemed he just had a difficult time did I .. I slept on the couch and the couch in this rig is less to be desired..More like lumpy, bumpy and were the couch separates is this awful feel it in your back..Normally I'd put up the air mattress to sleep on top..but this gal was just too tired to give a hoot..but in the morning I was hooting but not happily !

I stayed up front as Joe just wasn't liking being in the crate and I don't blame him but with the way things have been going I just didn't want to take any chances of him falling out of toss and turn and him whine..(yes, whine) it was a long, long night..

We got up early with good intentions but it didn't last..Rains were heavy through the night and during the we stayed put and just planned what our next move  was gonna be...No signal with the weather not even my cell phone was working...SUCKS...!

Afterward around 1pm we took off and drove straight through to Brunswick, Ga another Flying J..which this one has a restaurant..Denny's..but it's not bad..and of course this one has no DUMP station..they took it out...Now that is El Crappo..cause you have to hunt for a place to dump.. some of the RV places (campground) won't let you dump unless you stay there and some charge (get this) 50 smackeronies..yeah HELLO THERE... so I'm gonna stop by my girlfriends and I can take care of that...

Seems a lot of the Flying J's are closing their Dump stations..shame cause people just are not cleaning up.. personally I think they should charge and get the info who they are and if they leave a mess send them a bill...but hey, who am I but another person getting the cold shoulder because of some blinkin idiot that's a slob !!!

Well enough I've bent my fingers on hubby's laptop that was made for tiny fingers...and mine are cramping..OMG..I'm complaining..hahaha..okie dokie..I need to say...NITE NITE...

Angels are on overtime...psst..who  said something about AUNTS...well we've got em.. I'll have to tell you that's another one of Zeee's finest trust me...

God Bless

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday afternoon..

It's Monday afternoon...but I'm posting..a little late for all my followers..but better late than not at all ...right ???? :) I'll get down to the chase here...We finally left the house on Sunday at I didn't make my 5am call but how could I..we had that mess at CVS and finally got straightened out and we hit the open road...

Got through Philly with  no big was beautiful..Down through Delaware..Pop, snap and Crackle..then on into Maryland..(I'm giving you a tour just in case you don't know your geography)..went over the Key Bridge..(nose bleed height) and then onto 95 south to 495 Silver Springs Md..gorgeous area and of course got to see as I was bumper to bumper in traffic (everyone and their mother was out on the road) looking at the Mormon Tabernacle Church..that is a sight to see !!

Then on to the construction which took about 1 1/2 hour ..(forever and a day) to my destination for the night...Carmel Church Va..Flying J... that is my stop..always has been for umpteen years I've been traveling down that road..

All went well ..even got my favorite parking spot for the night..The Critters handled the drive and even slept through it all..amazing..of course once my rig stopped all heads popped up and it was "let me out"..

Went to start making their dinner..UH OH..where's the food bin ???  Oh Hubby.... where did you put it ?????  now this bus is loaded and I do mean loaded..there food (big bags) are laying across the bed and all tubs are under the bed..but no feed bin..well, he done left the feed bin on the counter..oh well we can manage with all the bags on board..LOL Yes, we laughed about it..

Left this morning at got to Lotta, SC and have parked for the again wasn't bad..cloudy but ok..and my next Flying J no longer has a restaurant..WAAA!.....but we have food on board..but sure was looking for a cooked meal I didn't have to the microwave so it's reheat..nothing to drastic..oh but I did go over those high bridges..eeek.. and I didn't have any nightmares LOL  My Angels are working overtime..woo hoo..

So I'll close for now and just wanted to let you all know.. Yes, I'm excited and can't wait to be in Florida..and driving the rig..well ya know I'm a trucker at it..but can only go about 6 hours ..then I have to stop..I get wiped out..

Hubby and I will play cards and just let the critters enjoy laying around.. and speaking of laying's now feed time in this geddyup !  (my word sounds like ..get er done ) 

God Bless..I'm still with ya all..

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a Revolting Development for Sunday

What a Revolting Development for Sunday !  Now you think all was settled after the rig got home...well you'd be whistling Dixie for certain... and you ought to no better.. I mean after we worked out butts off getting things done.. Hubby went up to CVS on Saturday night to pick up my scripts...but before that he had went over to pick up a new battery for the car..then did the pick up on the scripts came home and the poor guy was exhausted..

Sat down and I looked in the bag..(scripts) YES, they were missing 5 of my meds..omg here we go again..well he got there and the pharmacy was closed..locked up ..done hit the highway for home.. CVS where I am closes at 6pm and here I am missing meds..CHIT....I called the store and the mgr..(what's with the attitudes) gives me the..well you'll have to wait for tomorrow..sorry Charlie and hangs up.. even after I explained what happen... 

I mean I had called these in the beginning of the week ..remember I got the OK for a Vacation script..and when I spoke with the young girl and even handed her new scripts for the time I'm away..everything was gonna be OK..yeah same old chit.. How do these idiots get to keep a job and good people are out of work...Did my blood pressure go sky high...YOU BETCHA...

I was so ticked off I felt the steam come right out of my head..then my hubby says.."Hey, let's try the other CVS that's open 24 hours and see if they will fill the rest of the got on the Internet and looked up the number and called....God Bless that Pharmacist.. I explained to him what happened and he was so apologetic  and the worst part was.. I couldn't give him the numbers as these were on new hopefully they were in the system..

Out the door my hubby runs...We are so brain beat from all that has gone wrong and trying to make a wrong right..and all at our expense..Don't even want to go into that part..cause that I know I'd have a major break will all settle when we are on the road..if we ever get there ?????

Someone asked me a while ago regarding my blog.."You are good and telling stories, how do they come to you"..?   Well here's the facts...They are FACTS that me on a daily basis.. I guess I was born with a curse of "Chit is gonna happen to you"  or if  you believe you have to come back to make a wrong right.. I'm gonna live to 10000s... cause these wrongs are always coming my way.. My thing is I try to deal with it and make humor so I can get through it... but it's been getting pretty hairy lately..
My poor hubby is gonna be glad when he comes back to an empty house..cause all he'll have to do is go to work..feed the bird..make his dinner and watch tv..and do what ever the hell he wants...Me, I'm in for a show down fighting the nonsense..cause I ain't a gonna let this get away from me ..someone needs to have an awakening..This has been in the "coming"  almost like "Vengeance is mine "

We were so tired we barely ate and come morning it's gonna be another trial and tribulations I'm sure..can't wait..We did just give each other the "Look" and I know I could hardly sleep..

Here it is morning and I'm looking at things a little different..well trying too.. I need to just be happy we are gonna head out and once I get past the state line  I'll even feel better... Gonna have my coffee and pretty soon hubby will be getting up.. Will give the critters a light breakfast and all their meds..then it's connect the car to the rig and then Lord Willin..shove off..

Please keep us in your you see we surely need every bit..Angels I sure hope you all are on board..and Lord, please forgive me for all those nasty thoughts I had going... Hate is sickness..but I've been mighty sick lately..

Psst..can't leave till we go back to the main CVS and have them release the "new" scripts..the other pharmacy filled my scripts but we had to pay full due to a screw up ..cause yeah you know ..human error..DUH.. We'll be leaving now at 10am instead of 5am..big difference..but no one got injured, just ticked off..

God Bless All

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sheer Madness for Saturday

Sheer Madness is on for Saturday..and how it is.. Last night finally got the motor home back at 6pm ..yes, 6pm..had to wait for hubby to get in and that was close to 7:30pm. Of course went out to start my car and "HELLO"  battery would hardly crank..WTF is happening.Yes, I used abbreviations cause my Trucker mouth just shot off... I'm trying to figure where I went wrong.. Now my car which was just serviced and done.. the battery is going to give me a headache.. Ok,  ok  so it's been 6 years and never had a problem with this battery..Time for a new one..

Of course why not everyone else has hit my piggy bank..can ya hear the Cha Ching or Ding A Ling...Gawd this is getting old really quick..mmm let's see perhaps I'm in time for a new car too????? HA.. My car only had 17K miles on her..yeah I'm one of those people who really don't go any where much any more.. Sucks but I'll call the garage and off we'll go and get a new battery...

I had to do a double check inside the rig and the last time we had the rig ..on the drop off to the RV dealer we went through it and cleaned all I have to do is do a quickie.. thank gawd something is going in my favor..Maybe ??? 

See it's been so long since I seen the inside of her I can't even remember what I did last...So that's one major issue but I'll still do a Wham Bam Thank ya  and get on with it.. Plugged her in and little freezer is on level..before I run out of steam.. have everything in a row in the hall way so it will be a Forward Roll in the morning...while hubby takes my car for her  fix up .

We again went over our.."Check List"  now you have to understand.. this is getting old, like me .. only so much going over then you start to do the .."I don't give a chit " routine.. and ready to bite each others head off...Yeah you can tell I'm at my limit.. and to make it more understandable.. 

Rig comes in the windshield hasn't been changed..I mean after all they broke it the last time it was in changing the side window...Well short of the long story was..New windshield was not ordered as they had the Hershey RV show while my rig was suppose to get done...and then.. my tires were changed alright but they are missing the "Tire Pros.. you know those little knobs that go on the stems that cost a few bucks... Like 50 each tire..yeah they'll gonna check the tire place in the morning if they're there they'll come and put them on.. if not...well HELLO they have to be ordered...

Well service mgr.. you can put them in the mail to me cause I'm leaving Sunday with or without them. I've  had my fill of fact I don't want any more up  !!!

So my night was not great my head hurt like hell and my attitude was a disaster  and to top that off.. the new neighbor across the way come be bopping over and don't say.."hello or how are you "  just comes over and says, "We're going away for the weekend would you mind watching my house " ?   Now normally I wouldn't mind..but "HELLO THERE DOLLY"  or is it better "SORRY CHARLIE"  I'm going out of town.. and by the way... "Who are you"...LOL yeah I was one of those nice Yuppie Snobs...not meaning it but I just can't deal with that kind of  manner...and then they leave and here it is dark and not a light one on... OH yeah .. welcome to the neighborhood of Brotherly Kiss my Arse Goodbye... 

So I figure while I'm in this mood best for me to just grab the pillow and push my face into it...cause I ain't good for nobody !!!  not in this crappy mood..Mama would say.. "Ya better take a fizzick (yeah it's one of those words sounds like but what she meant was enema )...hahaha.. now that made me laugh..

So here it is morning and my body feels like I've been through a ringer..but I've got lots to do and list is with me.. I'll have my coffee get the critters done and while hubby does his thing I'll start moving things out the door..and the race will be on full force..don't know one get in my way and what ever don't go giving advice..cause I've had about all there is.. I just wanna get on the road in one piece and smile as I leave...

Oh and I have to fill the gas tank seems somewhere along the way I lost about 60 gallons..I don't even want to go if I can't log on.. keep me in your prayers..cause if somethin happens I'm going straight ..not a detour  but straight to ever lovin HELL.

God Bless..

Psst and just to top matter off.. woke up with ulcers in my mouth ..that will teach me to have a "potty" mouth...YIKES !!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Weak Kneed on Friday

Weak Kneed on Friday..sure am.. I'm still waiting, hoping and praying that I'll hear the phone ring and I'll hear.."Come and get it"...but like I've said before, "I'll believe it when I see it" !.  Optimistic I usually am but these last few weeks have been a "Ride to Hell and Back" like I said again.."I'll believe it when I see it " !!!!

Last night hubby and I just chilled out.. Watched the X factor and really am pleased to see such good talent..and anxiously awaiting the "Get it on" show to go.. That's when ya start picking out your favorite..and I do have one already even though it was a short looksie.. but I ain't tellin yet  LOL

Got the last of my "stuff" put up and boy I was in such a crappy mood..had no music on and did only what I had to get done..can't get the momentum but it will come..Just like Christmas...:) and it's really because I've had so many crazy ups and downs..

Last night Joe fell off the couch and busted open his shoulder ...oh yeah it couldn't go down I had to pack his shoulder as he has a mass there and I knew surgery could be done..again it's the guessing game..but thank goodness I got it to stop bleeding..and then cleaned that up.. and he was fine..but all night I kept wondering..Do I or Don't I..yeah again with making the decision..and wait till morning to see how things go..

So here it is morning and first off.. Joe is doing great.. his shoulder is fine no more bleeding and I made a shoulder pad for he won't keep bumping it open...He was just happy to be with me.. and by my side he is...Thank you God for a little more time with Joe..

Got my coffee pot on and gonna start doing a double check on my list..We are planning to leave Sunday morning early.. but if by some chance..(as we all know how that can go ) we'll leave apparently it's a not much traffic will be around the Beltways...but really I'm wanting to be on the road Sunday.. Hubby will have his lap top so I can maybe still log into posting on  here..

Well, now it's what's for dinner and most is gonna be reheat things I've done up ...and maybe we'll buy a pizza..not a bad idea cause it's Friday..  The start of the Weekend...wooo hooo..

Praying this day will be a good one and no injuries or mishaps..and my phone will ring with good news....Thanks all for your kind words..

God Bless...another Adventure in the happening :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

OH NO ! It's Thursday

Oh NO ! It's Thursday and I'm sinkin' fast.. No motor home and as of yesterday I got the phone call.. "Oh NO"..yeah those words..they were going to get the tires mounted and the tire center only had 4, yes, 4 of my size tires...did you hear me fall on the floor..soooooooo I was told my RV will be delivered Friday afternoon at 2pm and that was the best they could do ...

I'm peeling myself off the floor wanting to jump but know I'll break a bone if I attempt (my luck) want to scream..(what good would it do) and I'm running out of steam..maybe cause it's coming from my nose and ears...?????

Nothing I can do..and like some have said, "Time for a new one"..sure that sounds great.. but my rig only has 22K miles and really is in great shape..just being serviced.. Lines cleaned, AC/ Heat pump serviced..Oil and Filters changed in motor and genny..all vents corked ..windshield replaced as they crack it installing side window ..The seal had popped in those wonderful insulated windows.. Yes, I take care of it..and  always after every trip back from Florida get an overhaul.. Have done this ever since I've owned a rig..when I turn mine in for a new's still in great shape ..

What happens to me with this service center is I bring it back and I don't need it till I'm ready to head south.. as I don't go out at all like I use too. My traveling is just now back and forth to Florida..that part saddens me as I use to go out every weekend to dog shows and then traveled alot.. Crossed the USA 12 times and loved every minute of it...but being now I'm no longer able to do this rig that's what it did..sit in the dealers yard and they got busy and forgot about me..LUCKY ME !

Now here I am to the count down and it's gonna be a mad dash to get everything cleaned inside . Get the Freezers and Frig cleaned and turned on then loaded up.. Everything to be loaded is ready that part won't be bad..but I can't do it by myself any more..that's also the part that ticks me off.. but again I am not complaining as I'm still able to drive . 

Guess it's another one of those..Chit deals and lessons that we go through and like no one really gives a hoot..So be it.. I've had worse case scenario..I have to leave a little later on Sunday... Hubby's got his return ticket and everything is together ..We'll manage..

Last night I told hubby after dinner didn't want to spoil I could barely choke it I made me a milk shake..easier to deal with. His feelings were the same as mine..we can get er done..So we'll work late Friday night as long as the freezers get going we'll be fine..vacuum and dust and as we go along and stop for the night a little more cleaning will be done..we'll take our showers and scrub LOL..hey been there done that.. 

Watched the X factor and recorded Survivor... and I fell asleep in the recliner..good thing I recorded shows.. in fact I watched the last part wee hours this morning..Those kids are great..and Survivor..well it's falling into scheming and back dooring very quickly.

Yes, it is Thursday, and I'm just doing nothing ...plain and simple ..nothing..I'm brain tired from stressing out..oh and yes, I got another call from Sears..They still want to reschedule delivery...but I did get a conformation in my email for cancellation...Thank you Lord. !

Have to make my coffee I am in dire need and maybe I'll make an extra strong pot for Friday...LOL  gotta laugh cause it still ain't over...Perhaps some day I'll write a book..

Ok, now I need to just chill out and think happy critters are doing ok, I'm doing ok...hubby is gonna be ok...and the rest will be another saga ...

Queen of Adventures without leaving her domain...

God Bless Us All....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What A Wham for Wednesday :)

What a Wham for Wednesday :).. and here I always liked Wednesday.. I mean it was always my Wishing Wednesday...but for now's getting closer to my "Leavin' on a RV" (if it shows up). My anxiety is reaching another level..I can hear my heart beating as I type.. Wanting to just make sure all the pieces of the puzzle know like a Glove...

My yesterday was another whacky event or Adventuer.  The Freezer from Lowe's was delivered and all went well cept for another "Surprise".. yes, Sears called again to try and deliver and even another step up...They were gonna be at my home in Florida in a half hour...HOLY MACARONI this can not be  or can it ????

I had to get on the phone and call the store AGAIN... How do I get these people to believe I am not accepting the Freezer ???? Why is this happening, have I been delusional, am I speaking in tongues and not understood.. I had to get evil and use the old.." You will be hearing from my Lawyer"... now that always does the trick .. who wants to be sued...and thinking about it I've never sued anyone in my life..don't think I really know how to go about it.. ok then lets put on the Gloves and go for it !!!!!  hahahaha..

So that was my morning episode and afternoon too..but one thing good when Diane called me..of course she was still laughing as she said, "  one time got a refrigerator from Sears and tried to pay for it and they said I didn't owe anything..and no matter how hard I tried they just kept telling me I didn't owe anything "  So she was smart enough to have them put it in black and white.. and wound up getting the Frig of nothing.."  Hey, Diane you are one Up on Sears...! .

It is funny now, however  I hope this is a dream cause if I get another call for a delivery I don't know what I'll do...LOL... Diane says, "if it's free, take it "  guess I could go in the Freezer business...:) 

Diane did tell me my flowers are lookin' good and everything is blooming..and I'm so anxious to see and get that bird feeder up and ready for the swarm of finches and I did have a mess of them.. so cute and boy they loved the bird bath.. like little kids they went in and took their baths.. I watched and couldn't believe how smart they were.. little tiny ones..and very pretty color..yellowish green..

Spoke with Zeke's Cardio Doc and she said  " Zeke is coming along really good and we're gonna cut back on Enalapril dosage."  I was happy to hear that so it will be for this week now 1 tab 2xs daily and then going into next week if no coughing or heavy panting it will then be 1/2 tab 2xs daily ..then the following week he won't have to take that one pill..However, he still will be taking his Digoxin and Diltiazem for the rest of his life... plus I have to get another EKG in a couple of months and fax back .. I'm just pleased he's doing ok..

Abby she's handling her meds for her hips..Yes, she needed it as it seems she was having a little more difficulty getting up and down.. Lord, I'm telling ya my Critters are getting up there .. She'll be 10 and for a Rottie she's been in good health..but she took a lot of pounding on that body with Zeke..he loved playing and so did she.. but he surely out weighs her..

Put their drops of Advantix 11 for heading south..don't want to pick up more than I'm bringing...and no my list is getting more crossed off..and I also got my scripts renewed ahead of time know those vacation advances from the insurance company..That surprisingly went smoothly.

Now it's morning and quiet time and I have a few more things to cook up and freeze..then it will be just checking the list and get my laundry done for packing..Did I tell you I'm getting more and more anxious ?

Tonight is X Factor and Survivor..but hey, I feel like I'm on Survivor...try to relax and enjoy the evening.. Tonight we'll have a Frittata..making it simple... Ok where's my coffee I'm in need and I can smell that aroma.. I think I'm gonna make a batch of blueberry muffins to take with us..The flat kind that I can pop in the toaster..have to look and see where my muffin tin is..uh oh that means digging in  LOL...

Alrighty I'm getting stir crazy here so I'm gonna meander into the kitchen and see what I have ..Later all.. 

God Bless

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crash Course for Tuesday

Crash Course for Tuesday...oh?  your wondering why that title..well, would you believe that my Monday ended with a final show down with Sears ...if not, Surprise  !...and let me tell ya ..

Yesterday morning while I was sitting on my throne (literally) reading my morning paper the phone rang (yes, I have a phone in the laboratory ) HA !  So I had no choice but to answer it... (Can you ever get any peace when doing this important business) .'s Sear's calling..HUH????  Now why would Sears call me this early in the morning..(ready) The voice on the other end could hardly speak English and I was definitely trying to I popped the phone on speaker...with a little echo of course being in a small room :).. again I ask to repeat..and here is comes.."Madam, your Freeze is set to be delivered, we'll be there between 8 and Noon"...hahahaha... I had to bust out laughing then asked.."What Freezer is that..the one that fell off the truck or the one that got damaged in shipping ".. The lady on the phone wasn't too happy about that one.. her comment and the best to my recollection was>." I don't no nuttin' about dat, I'm just gonna deliver this here Freezer".. 

Ok, so I had to say, "Stop, right there".. I am not getting any freezer from Sears that was cancelled on Sept 28th..and I already bought one from elsewhere so don't bother ..I will not accept this .."... Hello, Madam, the lady says again.. this time she is a little ticked off and then says, "This is your Freezer and we is doing our job and delivering this" !  With a strong determination I might add..Again I tell this woman..who doesn't speak English well at all and has a very heavy accent...."I'm not accepting"...she replies.."you paid for it you have too "...hahahaha... It was a no I'm not ..she, " Yes, you are"... I then said.."What part of what I said do you not understand".??   her reply..."What cha mean, madam"?   Ok, now I get really pissy and say.."Do I have to press a number for you to understand me " ?   it gets quiet and then comes the golden answer... "We'll be there tomorrow".. and hangs up on me LOL

Now you know I was one ticked off ole gal here if I could have I probably would have reached out and touched..but unfortunately I was seated on a throne and then started laughing... I just did a quick flash.. Hey, I have bought 3 freezers and none showed up.. I went on to a 4th and it's gonna be delivered Tuesday..can I believe what I just went through.. Oh no this ain't setting well with me.. let me call that friggin I dialed..and got put on hold then had to have them call me back....HELLO.....

The call comes in it's the assistant mgr..guess the mgr was passing the buck or should I say, Freezer....well I explain all again for the umpteen time..and she then says.."let me check" comes back and says, "I can't find it on the computer" hahahaha...." It has to be there .. I called the store originally and ordered it.. I have a conformation number..would you like that", I ask her .. a few minutes go by and she comes back on the phone and says, "Did you order this on the Internet"..????????? "Ms....please listen .. I called the store direct and ordered it the Salesman took the order and that was it"... well this was awhile we went through this then finally she contacts the salesman who wrote up the order... Wonder how she knew that one ????  ok, so now she says, "Ok, I know what happened the salesman put it as an Internet order and it goes through a different department"...Ok, now I'm like feeling the burn in my stomach and my head is throbbing.

I then say to the asst mgr, "That's all well and good, you now figured the order out but when I called about the damaged goods I then proceeded to cancel the order at that time, I was speaking to a mgr Cindy...what happened at that point.. why wasn't it cancelled and where is my conformation of cancellation  and the $ amount taken off my credit card which by the way Sears charged.."...? I was running out of breath cause this seemed to be one long arse sentence...Maybe I should take deeper breaths ????

She didn't have an answer as it didn't show cancellation and Cindy unfortunately was off for today... My feeling is Cindy could be off permanently for how she did her job... Now this assistant mgr was calling the "Special warehouse" to make sure this would be cancelled again... All and all this whole episode lasted several I had nothing better to do..

Didn't I tell you that my week was gonna be a rat race ..didn't I also say.. "Things happen to me out of the blue"  nothing in my life as far as I can remember ever went without a hitch...even when I got married..(you'll love this one ) .

The day of my wedding.. my sister was my Maid of Honor, she was so nervous  that while I was getting dressed she was in the bathroom heaving..yes, sick as a dawg..and I had to get in there...well, she done did it...she got sick all in side my shoes..gawd it was awful.. I  was late getting to the church and I refused to wear my I walked down the isle got it.. naked on my feet but my wedding dress was long and no one ever realized it till hubby stepped on my foot as he went to give me the "kiss".. holy chitski"... yes, everyone laughed... see that's the way it goes with me.. I have many stories to tell and all is the blinkin' truth !!!

So the rest of the day just fell into place..hubby got in a little late and we did watch Dancin with the Stars as I told him all about my joyful day..we laughed but I can assure you it's not no shape..cause I still have more days to go...:)

Here we are now on the Crashing Tuesday...and I do mean that.. got up this morning and reached in the cabinet for a dish and the thing shot out at me and Crashed to the floor...Already and it's wee hours in the morning.. I have to pull out the shop vac cause it went all over...thousands of pieces..all before my coffee too...OH NO.... but wait it's early give me more time.. I'm sure I'll be able to spice up this menu...and speaking of menu ....:)

Tonight Pork Chops !!  love that sound ... I saw a recipe I'd like to try..(help me please don't let this go south only me).. it's stuffed with sausage and I have to search for it.. either way it will be good...

On with the next Adventure... stay tuned ..

God Bless

Monday, October 3, 2011

Starting the count down on Monday !

Starting the count down on Monday !  I'm getting into gear but my rig still ain't here LOL  My new country song..:)  Any way I've got my big bags being packed with dawg meds, my meds, cell phone cords and puter cords. Camera and plug ins...yes it's beginning to come together . Anticipation is always setting in..but soon as the days get closer don't even know if I'll be able to type straight .

Yesterday was busy for me I got up very early and got things going.. Already had the rice fields cooking. veggies done up and packed for the next group. Joe and Reba's food  veggies are chopped and tomorrow morning first thing that pot will be on.. chicken shredded was thawing..(yes, I cook chicken and shred it then freeze for when I'm ready to throw in the pot).. So another busy day will be scheduled.

Brought the critters up for their vaccines and blood work..Joe didn't go as with him he is just checked periodically with his meds. Reba had blood work done seems she went down almost 2 lbs from last year so we'll wait for results of test then go back and get her vaccine.. Abby was up in weight, but she's not active as her hips have been bothering her..I have her on Cosquin DS and she seems to be doing ok.. lost a tooth and she got an antibiotic just being safe but she did get her vaccines.. Zeke well he's doing really great ..heart rate was 76 and his EKG was looking good ..A Fib under control.. he got his vaccines..

They weren't happy campers there at Saul's didn't even want the treats offered..LOL  I don't blame them they were poked and prodded and we all know what that's like.. but when they got home.. they wanted their dinner.. Tough going up on their dinner schedule. They behaved very good and  I was happy, ya just never know..

Hubby and I just chilled out and again grabbed stuff to pick as we had our big dinner earlier.. and pickin's can some times be really good :)  Dessert even better .Baked apple via microwave..does wonders when you want it NOW.

So now we're into Monday morning and the race is on for the count down..a little set back to go back up with Reba but that's no big deal..just want to make sure no more it's upward and onward..

I'll be also cleaning out the frig and seeing what needs to be made up for hubby and make sure he has his recipes..LOL yes, he is a good cook and he does fix meals that he can eat and reheat..thank goodness and the man makes a mean pan of cornbread...He was taught well by his Mom .

It's a little brisk but it feels good..better than that muggy nasty thick air to breath and I don't mind putting on sweat fact Joe and Reba have their pj's packed and will most likely wear a few home..

Tonight for dinner is Eggplant parm yeah that's a good tasty meatless meal and serve a little pasta on the side with garlic bread ..I'm tasting it already and of course greens..gots to have them greens... good for ya !

On to the next Adventure in the making...

God Bless