Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is it Tuesday, Already ???????

Is it Tuesday, Already ????? My goodness this week feels like it's flying by me again...but that's ok cause I've got to start getting my house ready for when we leave to head back to Pa.. Yes, I know some of you are thinking.."Well, it's only the beginning of May and I don't leave till the 1st week of July..."

But if you knew all that I've got going and collected you'd understand I've got to start not clearing out cause I've got so much stuff and my freezer could feed an army and I only have so much room in my freezer in the rig.. the portable one holds 100lbs plus what the frig freezer holds like almost nothing LOL

So I've got to cook up some fiddles and then start making my stash that's gonna head back with me..and I do believe I will have plenty going back...Why is it I can hear hubby talking loud..hahahaha...well, I'm always prepared for storms you know ..people that go to stores to stock up because they may not be able to get out...the looks of mine I may not be able to get IN ! LOL

Today I basically did squat !..YES, you read that right .. oh I mean I did my morning chores those are things I have to do can't get away from that..but the rest of the day I learned a new crocheting stitch.. like I really needed to do this..but again, I did ..I mean I have to do another baby blanket and although I didn't have the colors I wanted this will make due..

It will be a cream orange and a light green and it's a (I call) gator stitch other wise known as a Crockadile Stitch or better yet could even be called a Fish Stitch or Scale..take you choice  LOL

Watched the Voice tonight and it was excellent I'd say this bunch really has some great talent and I'm not sure who will win this..but they are all good !
Now I'm ready for bed not much more to say ...so while I'm anxious to call it a night .. I'll say ..Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All !

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