Saturday, October 1, 2011

Skip A long into Saturday

Skip a long into Saturday...the big day to venture out into the mass of shopping for a Freezer AGAIN...I'm so looking forward to this.. I've scanned the Internet and I know what I want.. I thought I had what I wanted but it wasn't gonna be so ok my next plan..another Store ..and positive thoughts going in..Hey, it's an outing besides a Doctor or a Grocery Store..Whoopee !

My yesterday was a little bit of a "helping hand" something we all need to par take in every once in awhile and it was just mainly taking someone to a store as they weren't able to get out.. No biggy but it always feels good to me if I am able..

Hubby and I just leaned back talking about all we had to get done before the Big Move to load up the Rig..(when she gets home) and went over the list of all that had to come on we won't be on the Attack mode..cause I'm sure some have had those moments.. Nerves are on edge and thinking of the drive down through Philly then Baltimore Belt Way and then DC.. and those tall asp bridges to go over.. and me not liking bridges..LOL.. However, I am able to deal with it.. I've done it for ages..just one time I'd like to watch HA !.

We then watched some shows we recorded as the show schedule is so conflicting..put Netflix on hold till we get to Florida ..turned on the phone and Directv too for the other house..making sure I have enough containers for the Critters water so I can do the switch gradually without having major problems with Zeke's issues.. Order all the meds for Joe, and Zeke and myself..Yes, it's like a pharmacy here..

Morning comes so quickly and I'm doing up a batch of Critter food so I won't have to do too much when we get in me somewhat of a break at least..  Put that on right after I got up.. of course my coffee pot is going is quiet for the moment.. just me and Zeke laying down at my feet while I type.. 

I'm getting the Anxious mode going .. I'll make several things up in three of my crock pots for hubby and put them in the freezer so that will give him a break too when he comes back..that's the bummer .. I surely will miss him..but it will get me off my duff too cause I'm gonna have to do it all...YIKES..but I need the exercise. So I'll complain..hey that's alright cause no one will listen Ha!

Ok, I need to get a move on and let the show begin..or should I say, "Adventure"... Feets don't fall me now ! 

What's on for tonight is "Stromboli"  it's made with Pizza dough that you flatten and then stuff inside  Provolone and Pepperoni (the large size) roll up  and bake it in the oven and serve with pizza sauce for dipping.. Easy stuff but delish !

Psst Tip.. you can use the Pillsbury Pizza dough also..

God Bless....

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