Friday, September 30, 2011

Fading my way into Friday

Fading my way into it seems. My week has been filled with surprises... some great, some fantastic and some that shouldn't even have happened..but isn't that always the way..We run smoothly for awhile then we hit them bumps..Mine seem to be creators but this too shall gas !

Last night when hubby got home we sat down had dinner and then later as we leaned back in the recliners I told him the "News".. He took it better than there is really nothing that can be done..his reply was, "When we get it back we'll just get through it"..Now that's wonderful but from past experiences the mad rush happens and we are like walking on a few will crack this time for sure...and this has nothing to do with being an's a fact from past experiences ...!

When I called the RV dealer it was like, "Sorry but we've had so much work and we're doing the best we can to get yours done".. that's fine if I just brought it in but they've had it since July... Do I need to go into the.. "What the hell have you been doing".. Nah, that's only gonna make me go bonkers and get really ticked off and it is what it is...

Watched X factor and boy this is gonna get really interesting.. a lot of good talent and that is so great to see...lots of golden opportunities for these youngsters too.. My stars they've got so much ahead of them... I really enjoy these talent shows..

Here it is morning and my coffee is perking ..I've got plans for Saturday to head out to Lowes to buy a Freezer...(trying again) and then start getting all of my things packed up and in line to be loaded into the Rig once we get her home and cleaned up... Don't know if I'll even be able to think past the..UH.. sounds..but ya gotta do what ya gotta do....and the rest is another Adventurer.

Today is Friday so it's "Fish" day..Yeppers gonna pick up some Flounder and that's   gonna be on our plate..(better than the crappola news)..Will pop some baking potatoes in the Crock pot so I have some for tomorrow's brunch..yeah multi tasking is a big issue with me..and lots of broccoli with lemon mmm good:) ...You ask?  Dessert is Bread Puddin'..via micro wave help ..gots to love modern technology !!!!

Here's to another weekend...!!!

God Bless

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