Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crash Course for Tuesday

Crash Course for Tuesday...oh?  your wondering why that title..well, would you believe that my Monday ended with a final show down with Sears ...if not, Surprise  !...and let me tell ya ..

Yesterday morning while I was sitting on my throne (literally) reading my morning paper the phone rang (yes, I have a phone in the laboratory ) HA !  So I had no choice but to answer it... (Can you ever get any peace when doing this important business) . Surprise..it's Sear's calling..HUH????  Now why would Sears call me this early in the morning..(ready) The voice on the other end could hardly speak English and I was definitely trying to understand..so I popped the phone on speaker...with a little echo of course being in a small room :).. again I ask to repeat..and here is comes.."Madam, your Freeze is set to be delivered, we'll be there between 8 and Noon"...hahahaha... I had to bust out laughing then asked.."What Freezer is that..the one that fell off the truck or the one that got damaged in shipping ".. The lady on the phone wasn't too happy about that one.. her comment and the best to my recollection was>." I don't no nuttin' about dat, I'm just gonna deliver this here Freezer".. 

Ok, so I had to say, "Stop, right there".. I am not getting any freezer from Sears that was cancelled on Sept 28th..and I already bought one from elsewhere so don't bother ..I will not accept this .."... Hello, Madam, the lady says again.. this time she is a little ticked off and then says, "This is your Freezer and we is doing our job and delivering this" !  With a strong determination I might add..Again I tell this woman..who doesn't speak English well at all and has a very heavy accent...."I'm not accepting"...she replies.."you paid for it you have too "...hahahaha... It was a no I'm not ..she, " Yes, you are"... I then said.."What part of what I said do you not understand".??   her reply..."What cha mean, madam"?   Ok, now I get really pissy and say.."Do I have to press a number for you to understand me " ?   it gets quiet and then comes the golden answer... "We'll be there tomorrow".. and hangs up on me LOL

Now you know I was one ticked off ole gal here if I could have I probably would have reached out and touched..but unfortunately I was seated on a throne and then started laughing... I just did a quick flash.. Hey, I have bought 3 freezers and none showed up.. I went on to a 4th and it's gonna be delivered Tuesday..can I believe what I just went through.. Oh no this ain't setting well with me.. let me call that friggin store....so I dialed..and got put on hold then had to have them call me back....HELLO.....

The call comes in it's the assistant mgr..guess the mgr was passing the buck or should I say, Freezer....well I explain all again for the umpteen time..and she then says.."let me check" comes back and says, "I can't find it on the computer" hahahaha...." It has to be there .. I called the store originally and ordered it.. I have a conformation number..would you like that", I ask her .. a few minutes go by and she comes back on the phone and says, "Did you order this on the Internet"..????????? "Ms....please listen .. I called the store direct and ordered it the Salesman took the order and that was it"... well this was awhile we went through this then finally she contacts the salesman who wrote up the order... Wonder how she knew that one ????  ok, so now she says, "Ok, I know what happened the salesman put it as an Internet order and it goes through a different department"...Ok, now I'm like feeling the burn in my stomach and my head is throbbing.

I then say to the asst mgr, "That's all well and good, you now figured the order out but when I called about the damaged goods I then proceeded to cancel the order at that time, I was speaking to a mgr Cindy...what happened at that point.. why wasn't it cancelled and where is my conformation of cancellation  and the $ amount taken off my credit card which by the way Sears charged.."...? I was running out of breath cause this seemed to be one long arse sentence...Maybe I should take deeper breaths ????

She didn't have an answer as it didn't show cancellation and Cindy unfortunately was off for today... My feeling is Cindy could be off permanently for how she did her job... Now this assistant mgr was calling the "Special warehouse" to make sure this would be cancelled again... All and all this whole episode lasted several hours...like I had nothing better to do..

Didn't I tell you that my week was gonna be a rat race ..didn't I also say.. "Things happen to me out of the blue"  nothing in my life as far as I can remember ever went without a hitch...even when I got married..(you'll love this one ) .

The day of my wedding.. my sister was my Maid of Honor, she was so nervous  that while I was getting dressed she was in the bathroom heaving..yes, sick as a dawg..and I had to get in there...well, she done did it...she got sick all in side my shoes..gawd it was awful.. I  was late getting to the church and I refused to wear my shoes..so I walked down the isle barefoot...you got it.. naked on my feet but my wedding dress was long and no one ever realized it till hubby stepped on my foot as he went to give me the "kiss".. holy chitski"... yes, everyone laughed... hahaha...so see that's the way it goes with me.. I have many stories to tell and all is the blinkin' truth !!!

So the rest of the day just fell into place..hubby got in a little late and we did watch Dancin with the Stars as I told him all about my joyful day..we laughed but I can assure you it's not over...in no shape..cause I still have more days to go...:)

Here we are now on the Crashing Tuesday...and I do mean that.. got up this morning and reached in the cabinet for a dish and the thing shot out at me and Crashed to the floor...Already and it's wee hours in the morning.. I have to pull out the shop vac cause it went all over...thousands of pieces..all before my coffee too...OH NO.... but wait it's early give me more time.. I'm sure I'll be able to spice up this menu...and speaking of menu ....:)

Tonight Pork Chops !!  love that sound ... I saw a recipe I'd like to try..(help me please don't let this go south only me).. it's stuffed with sausage and apples..so I have to search for it.. either way it will be good...

On with the next Adventure... stay tuned ..

God Bless

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