Monday, October 3, 2011

Starting the count down on Monday !

Starting the count down on Monday !  I'm getting into gear but my rig still ain't here LOL  My new country song..:)  Any way I've got my big bags being packed with dawg meds, my meds, cell phone cords and puter cords. Camera and plug ins...yes it's beginning to come together . Anticipation is always setting in..but soon as the days get closer don't even know if I'll be able to type straight .

Yesterday was busy for me I got up very early and got things going.. Already had the rice fields cooking. veggies done up and packed for the next group. Joe and Reba's food  veggies are chopped and tomorrow morning first thing that pot will be on.. chicken shredded was thawing..(yes, I cook chicken and shred it then freeze for when I'm ready to throw in the pot).. So another busy day will be scheduled.

Brought the critters up for their vaccines and blood work..Joe didn't go as with him he is just checked periodically with his meds. Reba had blood work done seems she went down almost 2 lbs from last year so we'll wait for results of test then go back and get her vaccine.. Abby was up in weight, but she's not active as her hips have been bothering her..I have her on Cosquin DS and she seems to be doing ok.. lost a tooth and she got an antibiotic just being safe but she did get her vaccines.. Zeke well he's doing really great ..heart rate was 76 and his EKG was looking good ..A Fib under control.. he got his vaccines..

They weren't happy campers there at Saul's didn't even want the treats offered..LOL  I don't blame them they were poked and prodded and we all know what that's like.. but when they got home.. they wanted their dinner.. Tough going up on their dinner schedule. They behaved very good and  I was happy, ya just never know..

Hubby and I just chilled out and again grabbed stuff to pick as we had our big dinner earlier.. and pickin's can some times be really good :)  Dessert even better .Baked apple via microwave..does wonders when you want it NOW.

So now we're into Monday morning and the race is on for the count down..a little set back to go back up with Reba but that's no big deal..just want to make sure no more it's upward and onward..

I'll be also cleaning out the frig and seeing what needs to be made up for hubby and make sure he has his recipes..LOL yes, he is a good cook and he does fix meals that he can eat and reheat..thank goodness and the man makes a mean pan of cornbread...He was taught well by his Mom .

It's a little brisk but it feels good..better than that muggy nasty thick air to breath and I don't mind putting on sweat fact Joe and Reba have their pj's packed and will most likely wear a few home..

Tonight for dinner is Eggplant parm yeah that's a good tasty meatless meal and serve a little pasta on the side with garlic bread ..I'm tasting it already and of course greens..gots to have them greens... good for ya !

On to the next Adventure in the making...

God Bless

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