Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blissful Sunday

Blissful Sunday..thank goodness . It's is the last day of the week or first day which ever you like..for me because it's having a great beginning I'd like to say.."Hey, it's the first day of my week with a Blessing " !

Yesterday went really well .. went to Lowe's and unfortunately we couldn't buy the Freezer there as it seems they do not have the system set up to transfer the sales ..Such a shame because the salesman was really great and very helpful.. would have loved for him to get the commission.. So we had to come home with all the data and call the store in Florida.. 

So it's set now for delivery for Tuesday.. I called Diane and Bob to let them know.."here we go again".. we both laughed but this time being the 3rd time it's got to be good .. I mean I'm really getting good vibes about this...Hahaha.. hey, I have positive thoughts cause my day was so darn good !

In the evening we got a lot done with what was coming with me.. and even did  a few meals vacuum sealed for the freezer here.. Yeah we were busy and finally took a time out.. Got a Rita's water ice..which is very we had a big lunch out. Watched a few movies and then just fell out from all the running we did.. 

Here it is Sunday morning and yes, quiet as I'm the only one up besides Zeke he and I have that special bond time.. all the others including hubby are still sleeping.. Yes, it is my quiet time.. although I've unloaded the dishwasher and put the bowls of water down and my coffee pot is started.. 

Not too much planned for today other than doing Critter veggies and then my time in the rice field again.. LOL  I'll also do up Reba and Joe's food and get that out of the way.. Hubby will go off to church and I'll be busy putting away everything I've cooked up for the freezer. 

Later this afternoon we'll take the Critters up for their vaccines.. My vet and friend has hours on Sunday being that he is Orthodox and his services are on Saturday.. which by the way really is better for us too.. This way hubby comes with me and we bring everyone up.. I get to visit with my friend too. We do the catch up on the year thing.. and of course we'll go over issues with Joe and Zeke and all the meds.. 

Time is getting closer and my anxiety level is climbing higher .. I'm so anxious to see my house and all that's been done and yes, put up the new bird feeder and can't wait to see the surprises of the birds coming back.. Oh and Clancy now has a big cat and kitten from what Diane tells me so that will help with the squirrels.... I think the birds that come will be ok as the type of feeder that  I bought  the cats won't be able to climb either.. (please, please please)  I may have to do something special for the hummers though.. might put them up on a higher hook.. We'll work it out..other than that.. I'm just now hoping the next thing will be the rig coming home.

What's on for dinner today .. Roast Chicken.. and of course the veggies in the same skillet.. remember I flatten my chicken and put veggies around.. one pot deal.. I'd do it in the crock pot but I want crisp chicken and my cast iron skillet does a fine job.. and it don't take long at all.. so I'm ready already :)...

Have a great day and above all an interesting Adventure..

God Bless

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