Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a long Wednesday

What a long Wednesday..this for me was an extremely long trip.. I've tired out easily..and that's now kind of a shocker for me. Yes, I know I also take a lot of meds however I thought this last day was never going to end.. I completely drained myself.

I'm coming to a realization point.. not sure how many long trips like this I can continue to do.. more or less an eye opener. Hate that I even have to admit it but I struggled these last few days.. Hubby was working his butt off ..doing all the in and out with the critters while I did all the driving and cleaning up..

My legs were like tree stumps not being able to take my lasix..was not a good I worked it out that I would take it as soon as we parked for the night which I did..but still all and all it was a hard chore ..

I think how I drove all over and never batted an I drive to Florida..and it took me 4 days..yes, 4 days. The most I could drive was 5 to 6 hours and I was completely exhausted..and now we've arrived at our final destination.. and I was hoping it was over..

Excited to see the house and talk with Betsy, Diane and Bob  and Clancy..Yes, I felt like I was home..The house looks dynamite and even the Critters were happy as the set up here is so easy for them too..Hubby and I just sat in the rig looking at the house and looking around. I think we were both road tired.

Let me tell ya it's also hard for me to I look over and see my crew in bed snoring..I'm gonna be there soon..yes indeedy !  Tomorrow will be a mad day as  Hubby is gonna take the rugs from the rig up to the laundromat..They have those big machines and get it all done quicker..

Have to hop over to Wally World to pick up a few things and unload and oh yeah ..Spray for Ants..another winner we picked up some where...those little tiny asp suckers were aboard and got in to that delicious Apple pie that hubby's secretary did for us...How we knew.. well.. went to eat another piece and saw these tiny specs and here I thought it was the Bryer's Vanilla bean ice cream..oh was little bitty ants..and to think we ate a piece already..omg..HELP...yes we done ate ants..they were all over..Needless to say I haven't been feeling well...EEEK !

Never fails always something happens to brighten up my day...So we'll pick up spray and traps and empty all the cabinets and go for it..Gonna be busy day for the next few days...

Ok, I'm beat and I want to get this this will be a continuation..for sure...

Good Nite and catch you tomorrow...God Bless

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  1. Those ants are on the sorry you have that to deal with after your hard trip. Glad you made it safely though. I'll be in FL Sunday. Hope to see you after you've had time to recover.