Thursday, October 27, 2011

Threading Thriftily Through Thursday

Threading Thriftily Through Thursday !...Now ain't that a mouth full..try and say that several times...cause my brain was blinkin' high in over ride...but it was a great Thursday..for sure.

Got up bright and early...4am and my day just kept coming at me..Made my pot of coffee ah that perking sound is like music to my ears..and got the Critters done . Had a plan in my brain going into over drive and slowly I began to make my descend...yeah I had to sneak out..but not before 9:30am..cause I knew Joe would go into his sleep mode and Abby and Zeke would have a good breakfast..but my Reba..well she's just a southern soul sistah...I mean she began to sing as soon as I was putting on my undies...:)

I got out the door and into the car and low and behold there was Reba up on top of the couch looking out the window...didn't I tell ya she'd be singing..and soon after I heard the Choir...and it wasn't Christmas Carols either...

Picked Diane up and she and I went on to Wally World...omg two (2) days in a row I was out in the outside world...even the air smelled different and ya know what I got a front parking space too..right to the main doors...It was my destiny...I was to be out this day..

I whizzed through the store and without my list too..(yep, I left it on the counter) Picked up some vacuum sealer bags and even bought a cheapo bed spread...Diane said it looked "Christmaseee".. but I'll save that for the holidays..yeah I'm getting in the spirit and speaking of spirit mine seems to be in a much better frame..

Joe has been more active..coming alive again..guess he's over that bad bought that had me ready to say.."Bye" glad I didn't..anyway he's been really getting more active...and of course tonight...had to fall down the steps..what can I say..."it's just chit is happening and I'm following the flow".

Starting to get in the mood to put things more together so that means I'm now getting over the blues of my hubby not being here...and getting a little more active myself..although the drag arse tries to sneak in..

Will be working on my list of motivation...getting projects done in the house and that makes me feel better.. I'm one of these that has to write things down and when I get them done and cross them off...I get like a feeling of..."Hey, Got that Chit done"...yeah works for me..

So now it's on to the next Adventure and that will be charging the batteries to the camera...for PICTURES...yeah ...ok, my brain say.."Good Night" and my Critters are now settled in.. Even gave Zeke his meds a little early so we all could get some sleep...

Till then... God Bless...

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  1. So glad to hear things are perking up for you down there! Ya had me worried for a bit. Enjoy yourself!