Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twisted Findings on Tuesday

Twisted Findings on Tuesday...Chit happens as it goes along for me..and this day makes no difference... Woke up with Joe spinning and then flipping out of bed...Holy Cow Jumped over the Moon... I mean it was 1:30am and the boy was spinning like a top.. I could barely see but then all of a sudden he vanished...right on top of Abby...Now the story of Abby is simple..when she is sleeping don't walk by her cause a sudden move and she's gotcha!!!

Well, Joe lucked out cause I didn't hear that awful sound coming from her..she probably was shocked herself as I was...I jumped out of bed..(this ain't no Saint Nick story either) and as quick as I could get to the other side to see Joe dazed and Abby just looking up at me..."Thank heavens" that's all I can say..

So that was the start of my Morning..and could I go back to sleep..hell no..I had to deal with my brain in fog land..Seems lately that's all it's been..better get some fog lamps :)..that's a funny but some how I ain't a laughing..not yet anyway...

Now you think the worst was over..HA !...the story continues..I was putting things away and next thing I knew my back was gnawing at me.. Must be the dang ole mattress I have on my bed.. I need to get a new one..but for some reason I keep dealing with the lumps and bumps.. So I proceeded on and pretty much got things in order..I then figure well I best vacuum...HELLO DOLLY... as I went to slide out the couch...bingo...my back again..Now what is the matter...best sit a spell..

Worst mistake cause I couldn't move to get up...NOT THIS TOO ?????...Oh yeah my back was smokin' and it wasn't from a CAMEL..(walk a mile for a Camel cig..remember ole commercial )..I'm doomed again..Took a Tylenol PM and leaned back..and that was the last of my day and looks like a little more than a day..

Got the Critters done ..had no choice and Joe was a little bit off kilter...Wonder why????  Abby was just being a little testy...ok, give me a break crew I need a little of ME action here.. so I called hubby and BOOM again I get another surprise..Hubby done hurt his KNEE...and can't hardly walk...OK, OK, I give the $#@*# up !

Now I have to wait the outcome of what's happening to HUBBY..and I'm here and he's there...good thing is the only thing he has to take care of is Medusa and she's not that bad...but for him...OMG...I need to send him positive thoughts...and pray that he'll be ok..I can't head home I'm stuck..can't even pick up anything at this point till my back calms down...

See how the Twisted findings fall into place and you think this is stuff I make up...I'm good but not that good...Chit just happens to me..it comes in waves of mucho, mucho surprises...but this too shall pass...like gas...:)

Again, I'm just thankful we can get through this maze...anyone want to throw down some bread..so I can find my way...???

ON to tomorrow, Lord willing...remember it's my Wishful Wednesday :)

God Bless and Sweet Dreams..my nightmares are daytime experiences with a little bit of night time visions...

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