Friday, October 7, 2011

Weak Kneed on Friday

Weak Kneed on Friday..sure am.. I'm still waiting, hoping and praying that I'll hear the phone ring and I'll hear.."Come and get it"...but like I've said before, "I'll believe it when I see it" !.  Optimistic I usually am but these last few weeks have been a "Ride to Hell and Back" like I said again.."I'll believe it when I see it " !!!!

Last night hubby and I just chilled out.. Watched the X factor and really am pleased to see such good talent..and anxiously awaiting the "Get it on" show to go.. That's when ya start picking out your favorite..and I do have one already even though it was a short looksie.. but I ain't tellin yet  LOL

Got the last of my "stuff" put up and boy I was in such a crappy mood..had no music on and did only what I had to get done..can't get the momentum but it will come..Just like Christmas...:) and it's really because I've had so many crazy ups and downs..

Last night Joe fell off the couch and busted open his shoulder ...oh yeah it couldn't go down I had to pack his shoulder as he has a mass there and I knew surgery could be done..again it's the guessing game..but thank goodness I got it to stop bleeding..and then cleaned that up.. and he was fine..but all night I kept wondering..Do I or Don't I..yeah again with making the decision..and wait till morning to see how things go..

So here it is morning and first off.. Joe is doing great.. his shoulder is fine no more bleeding and I made a shoulder pad for he won't keep bumping it open...He was just happy to be with me.. and by my side he is...Thank you God for a little more time with Joe..

Got my coffee pot on and gonna start doing a double check on my list..We are planning to leave Sunday morning early.. but if by some chance..(as we all know how that can go ) we'll leave apparently it's a not much traffic will be around the Beltways...but really I'm wanting to be on the road Sunday.. Hubby will have his lap top so I can maybe still log into posting on  here..

Well, now it's what's for dinner and most is gonna be reheat things I've done up ...and maybe we'll buy a pizza..not a bad idea cause it's Friday..  The start of the Weekend...wooo hooo..

Praying this day will be a good one and no injuries or mishaps..and my phone will ring with good news....Thanks all for your kind words..

God Bless...another Adventure in the happening :)

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