Friday, October 21, 2011

My Friday started on a nightmare

My Friday started on a nightmare !.. Woke up at 4am and Joe was not doing well.. my fears over came me... Zeke, Abby and Reba were a little iffy too.. "Lordy, what is happening to us"?... I let every one out and had to turn on the outside light..I always hate doing that as I try to just use a flash light but this time I had to think of my Critters and not worry what any one else thought.. I mean my light in the back is the yellow bug light and it's one of those energy bulbs so it doesn't get that bright and being yellow isn't too eye opening to bother..but it's just me I try to think of others...but again like I said, "not this time".

Joe has been having issues with the water change and the cold mornings and it's been not getting better and this morning it was at it's worst...Yes, it was like a mess..don't even want to describe it..but it now was hitting Reba and Zeke, and Abby..uh oh is this a virus >????  My morning was hectic cause no matter where I turned there was a mess in the works.. I had my bucket and mop and Clorox and name it and me I was just whimpering the whole time..

It had just got me so down and the thought came that maybe this was the time I had to let Joe go...omg..I weeped most the day and prayed...Joe slept as best he could and even with that when he was like bombs away...I had that washing machine going constantly...and I just kept praying... hubby called and boy the water flowed down my face...

After I felt bad for him as he couldn't help me through the phone but knowing him..he worried that maybe I would become ill..Then he called and talked to me again and I knew in the back of his mind he was planning on flying down to help me... and the biggest help was just the thought that he would drop everything and come to help me..

The mind tends to play those tricks and at one point I had the phone in my hand making the call to Dr Porter regarding Joe..and I sure prayed that if this was the time...I had to do it. The phone rang and it was Diane..and she was so helpful ..told me that she would go with me and not to worry.. a little later Carol called..(Carol and Larry) and she said about the same fact she assured me that Doc Porter would be really wonderful with me...

Now I know Doc Porter and since I've used him for Joe and Zeke I felt very comfortable as he was a very soft spoken and caring Vet.. I prayed long and hard as any of you that have animals know that this is the most difficult time and just holding your Critter in your arms and they cross that bridge is really hard because we don't want to let them go..

Towards the later afternoon Joe started to get a little better and then by evening he seemed to improve more... I know these days are gonna be up and down and I'm gonna watch Joe.  He was so alert as I sat next to him on the couch.. He has his special bed there and with pads and cuddle pads... he leaned his head on my lap.. as I patted him and talked to I realized is Reba was on the other side of me and Zeke and Abby were down at my feet...We were a team again..and we all fell asleep..

Woke up and let everyone out and Joe was a little better..then gave everyone their meds and now we are in the bed room and ready for bed.. Joe is watching me as I type..

All I can say is "Thank you Lord for another day with Joe" and again I'm at that cross road of taking it day by day...

The weekend is here and I just want it to pass quickly...

God Bless

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