Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What A Wham for Wednesday :)

What a Wham for Wednesday :).. and here I always liked Wednesday.. I mean it was always my Wishing Wednesday...but for now's getting closer to my "Leavin' on a RV" (if it shows up). My anxiety is reaching another level..I can hear my heart beating as I type.. Wanting to just make sure all the pieces of the puzzle know like a Glove...

My yesterday was another whacky event or Adventuer.  The Freezer from Lowe's was delivered and all went well cept for another "Surprise".. yes, Sears called again to try and deliver and even another step up...They were gonna be at my home in Florida in a half hour...HOLY MACARONI this can not be  or can it ????

I had to get on the phone and call the store AGAIN... How do I get these people to believe I am not accepting the Freezer ???? Why is this happening, have I been delusional, am I speaking in tongues and not understood.. I had to get evil and use the old.." You will be hearing from my Lawyer"... now that always does the trick .. who wants to be sued...and thinking about it I've never sued anyone in my life..don't think I really know how to go about it.. ok then lets put on the Gloves and go for it !!!!!  hahahaha..

So that was my morning episode and afternoon too..but one thing good when Diane called me..of course she was still laughing as she said, "  one time got a refrigerator from Sears and tried to pay for it and they said I didn't owe anything..and no matter how hard I tried they just kept telling me I didn't owe anything "  So she was smart enough to have them put it in black and white.. and wound up getting the Frig of nothing.."  Hey, Diane you are one Up on Sears...! .

It is funny now, however  I hope this is a dream cause if I get another call for a delivery I don't know what I'll do...LOL... Diane says, "if it's free, take it "  guess I could go in the Freezer business...:) 

Diane did tell me my flowers are lookin' good and everything is blooming..and I'm so anxious to see and get that bird feeder up and ready for the swarm of finches and I did have a mess of them.. so cute and boy they loved the bird bath.. like little kids they went in and took their baths.. I watched and couldn't believe how smart they were.. little tiny ones..and very pretty color..yellowish green..

Spoke with Zeke's Cardio Doc and she said  " Zeke is coming along really good and we're gonna cut back on Enalapril dosage."  I was happy to hear that so it will be for this week now 1 tab 2xs daily and then going into next week if no coughing or heavy panting it will then be 1/2 tab 2xs daily ..then the following week he won't have to take that one pill..However, he still will be taking his Digoxin and Diltiazem for the rest of his life... plus I have to get another EKG in a couple of months and fax back .. I'm just pleased he's doing ok..

Abby she's handling her meds for her hips..Yes, she needed it as it seems she was having a little more difficulty getting up and down.. Lord, I'm telling ya my Critters are getting up there .. She'll be 10 and for a Rottie she's been in good health..but she took a lot of pounding on that body with Zeke..he loved playing and so did she.. but he surely out weighs her..

Put their drops of Advantix 11 for heading south..don't want to pick up more than I'm bringing...and no my list is getting more crossed off..and I also got my scripts renewed ahead of time know those vacation advances from the insurance company..That surprisingly went smoothly.

Now it's morning and quiet time and I have a few more things to cook up and freeze..then it will be just checking the list and get my laundry done for packing..Did I tell you I'm getting more and more anxious ?

Tonight is X Factor and Survivor..but hey, I feel like I'm on Survivor...try to relax and enjoy the evening.. Tonight we'll have a Frittata..making it simple... Ok where's my coffee I'm in need and I can smell that aroma.. I think I'm gonna make a batch of blueberry muffins to take with us..The flat kind that I can pop in the toaster..have to look and see where my muffin tin is..uh oh that means digging in  LOL...

Alrighty I'm getting stir crazy here so I'm gonna meander into the kitchen and see what I have ..Later all.. 

God Bless

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