Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving Slower on Thursday

Moving Slower on Thursday and also my internet or computer ..which ever you want to believe ...according to the TECH...I've unplugged, rebooted, recharged, scanned and finally kicked it a few times (the wires) and now I'm on this gonna be another added surprise..????

Last night was just so lost in translation..meaning nothing I said made any no X factor..That sucked..!!!  but hubby and I just leaned back and kind of went into our own mode of suspended animation..with a little flotation...hahaha.. Did have a nice chat with Betsy and had a good dinner which Diane had made for us when we landed with that extra treat of her good cookies..(holiday cookies )

Fell in bed and didn't move until 5am..yes, I'm in that routine regardless..but one thing was really good Joe seems to have perked up a bit..gots to be the Florida atmosphere..but what ever it is that made me feel good..

Oh and I got a really good treat one of my craft friends made me a turtle for my birthday and I have to give Pat a call and thank her.. I will most likely start back with the craft group once I get settled in..

Oh, oh one more nice treat.. I have humming birds coming to the feeder..Diane had put it up for me as she saw one of the neighbors and they were telling her those darlings were around...whoopee I had 6 at the feeder this morning..

Had my coffee and we found my coffee container.. I thought I was gonna fall off my chair when hubby thought we left it home... He would have had to get me coffee..cause I can't function with out that in the morning plus ya don't want to talk with me till I do !!! 

Tonight we watched the X factor..YEAH.. and it will be on again Sunday night because of the Baseball games..but no big deal...but sure is some really good talented folks.. this is gonna be a good seeing the variety of ages too...Young and Older...they deserve a break matter what..

Now it's time for bed and I've struggled  off and on trying to get this to work..more or less seems like I'm due for a new laptop..was hoping not as I've had  not one problem but this is up there in age...we'll see..we'll see..

So with that I'll say...NITE NITE and catch ya another day...

God Bless

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