Friday, October 28, 2011

A Flatus Friday

A Flatus Friday...(a stinker of a day ) surely was..started off with a little rain but then as the day progressed it was just gloomy...The critters never like their feet wet..well not my crew it was tip toe in and tip toe out in which my Reba did a flip down the stairs...ok, what's with the stairs again..????

Woke up with good thoughts intended but it never went that way...however, I did manage to get in a big was do or fall down...and I chose to lean back and take the day in.

Have lots of projects to get finished so I said to myself, "Self, get your arse in gear and make that list and put it right in front of your nose..this way you won't forget to move"...sounds good..and I have to .

You kind of get yourself caught up in the slug routine and it's difficult to get out of....and like everything else your plans get made in jello and any excuse to let it pass (like gas) you's human nature.

My coffee was good and I took the time to just enjoy my moments of meditation...Gawd I'm sounding like I'm belonging to a cult...the cult of pure laziness hahaha.. ok I'll get down off my horse (as hubby says) and straighten up and fly right...(could go left too)...LOL

I did tell ya I'm a light (sensitivity) other words gloom does me in but sunshine has me buzzing..So I'm praying for sun tomorrow cause I've got to get a jump start and get my projects done.

Also get out my trust worthy crock pot and have her humming ...that will bring me back to my senses....and perhaps I need to pick up my crocheting too.. have lots to get done.

Junk was on TV tonight...I've been watching that Gifted program and tonight it was a repeat..Already ????? see that's how my day began and how it's I need to catch up on some Email and then high tail it in bed and pray my motivation picks up a notch or two :)

God Bless Us All....

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