Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday afternoon..

It's Monday afternoon...but I'm posting..a little late for all my followers..but better late than not at all ...right ???? :) I'll get down to the chase here...We finally left the house on Sunday at I didn't make my 5am call but how could I..we had that mess at CVS and finally got straightened out and we hit the open road...

Got through Philly with  no big was beautiful..Down through Delaware..Pop, snap and Crackle..then on into Maryland..(I'm giving you a tour just in case you don't know your geography)..went over the Key Bridge..(nose bleed height) and then onto 95 south to 495 Silver Springs Md..gorgeous area and of course got to see as I was bumper to bumper in traffic (everyone and their mother was out on the road) looking at the Mormon Tabernacle Church..that is a sight to see !!

Then on to the construction which took about 1 1/2 hour ..(forever and a day) to my destination for the night...Carmel Church Va..Flying J... that is my stop..always has been for umpteen years I've been traveling down that road..

All went well ..even got my favorite parking spot for the night..The Critters handled the drive and even slept through it all..amazing..of course once my rig stopped all heads popped up and it was "let me out"..

Went to start making their dinner..UH OH..where's the food bin ???  Oh Hubby.... where did you put it ?????  now this bus is loaded and I do mean loaded..there food (big bags) are laying across the bed and all tubs are under the bed..but no feed bin..well, he done left the feed bin on the counter..oh well we can manage with all the bags on board..LOL Yes, we laughed about it..

Left this morning at got to Lotta, SC and have parked for the again wasn't bad..cloudy but ok..and my next Flying J no longer has a restaurant..WAAA!.....but we have food on board..but sure was looking for a cooked meal I didn't have to the microwave so it's reheat..nothing to drastic..oh but I did go over those high bridges..eeek.. and I didn't have any nightmares LOL  My Angels are working overtime..woo hoo..

So I'll close for now and just wanted to let you all know.. Yes, I'm excited and can't wait to be in Florida..and driving the rig..well ya know I'm a trucker at it..but can only go about 6 hours ..then I have to stop..I get wiped out..

Hubby and I will play cards and just let the critters enjoy laying around.. and speaking of laying's now feed time in this geddyup !  (my word sounds like ..get er done ) 

God Bless..I'm still with ya all..

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