Thursday, October 6, 2011

OH NO ! It's Thursday

Oh NO ! It's Thursday and I'm sinkin' fast.. No motor home and as of yesterday I got the phone call.. "Oh NO"..yeah those words..they were going to get the tires mounted and the tire center only had 4, yes, 4 of my size tires...did you hear me fall on the floor..soooooooo I was told my RV will be delivered Friday afternoon at 2pm and that was the best they could do ...

I'm peeling myself off the floor wanting to jump but know I'll break a bone if I attempt (my luck) want to scream..(what good would it do) and I'm running out of steam..maybe cause it's coming from my nose and ears...?????

Nothing I can do..and like some have said, "Time for a new one"..sure that sounds great.. but my rig only has 22K miles and really is in great shape..just being serviced.. Lines cleaned, AC/ Heat pump serviced..Oil and Filters changed in motor and genny..all vents corked ..windshield replaced as they crack it installing side window ..The seal had popped in those wonderful insulated windows.. Yes, I take care of it..and  always after every trip back from Florida get an overhaul.. Have done this ever since I've owned a rig..when I turn mine in for a new's still in great shape ..

What happens to me with this service center is I bring it back and I don't need it till I'm ready to head south.. as I don't go out at all like I use too. My traveling is just now back and forth to Florida..that part saddens me as I use to go out every weekend to dog shows and then traveled alot.. Crossed the USA 12 times and loved every minute of it...but being now I'm no longer able to do this rig that's what it did..sit in the dealers yard and they got busy and forgot about me..LUCKY ME !

Now here I am to the count down and it's gonna be a mad dash to get everything cleaned inside . Get the Freezers and Frig cleaned and turned on then loaded up.. Everything to be loaded is ready that part won't be bad..but I can't do it by myself any more..that's also the part that ticks me off.. but again I am not complaining as I'm still able to drive . 

Guess it's another one of those..Chit deals and lessons that we go through and like no one really gives a hoot..So be it.. I've had worse case scenario..I have to leave a little later on Sunday... Hubby's got his return ticket and everything is together ..We'll manage..

Last night I told hubby after dinner didn't want to spoil I could barely choke it I made me a milk shake..easier to deal with. His feelings were the same as mine..we can get er done..So we'll work late Friday night as long as the freezers get going we'll be fine..vacuum and dust and as we go along and stop for the night a little more cleaning will be done..we'll take our showers and scrub LOL..hey been there done that.. 

Watched the X factor and recorded Survivor... and I fell asleep in the recliner..good thing I recorded shows.. in fact I watched the last part wee hours this morning..Those kids are great..and Survivor..well it's falling into scheming and back dooring very quickly.

Yes, it is Thursday, and I'm just doing nothing ...plain and simple ..nothing..I'm brain tired from stressing out..oh and yes, I got another call from Sears..They still want to reschedule delivery...but I did get a conformation in my email for cancellation...Thank you Lord. !

Have to make my coffee I am in dire need and maybe I'll make an extra strong pot for Friday...LOL  gotta laugh cause it still ain't over...Perhaps some day I'll write a book..

Ok, now I need to just chill out and think happy critters are doing ok, I'm doing ok...hubby is gonna be ok...and the rest will be another saga ...

Queen of Adventures without leaving her domain...

God Bless Us All....

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