Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sheer Madness for Saturday

Sheer Madness is on for Saturday..and how it is.. Last night finally got the motor home back at 6pm ..yes, 6pm..had to wait for hubby to get in and that was close to 7:30pm. Of course went out to start my car and "HELLO"  battery would hardly crank..WTF is happening.Yes, I used abbreviations cause my Trucker mouth just shot off... I'm trying to figure where I went wrong.. Now my car which was just serviced and done.. the battery is going to give me a headache.. Ok,  ok  so it's been 6 years and never had a problem with this battery..Time for a new one..

Of course why not everyone else has hit my piggy bank..can ya hear the Cha Ching or Ding A Ling...Gawd this is getting old really quick..mmm let's see perhaps I'm in time for a new car too????? HA.. My car only had 17K miles on her..yeah I'm one of those people who really don't go any where much any more.. Sucks but I'll call the garage and off we'll go and get a new battery...

I had to do a double check inside the rig and the last time we had the rig ..on the drop off to the RV dealer we went through it and cleaned all I have to do is do a quickie.. thank gawd something is going in my favor..Maybe ??? 

See it's been so long since I seen the inside of her I can't even remember what I did last...So that's one major issue but I'll still do a Wham Bam Thank ya  and get on with it.. Plugged her in and little freezer is on level..before I run out of steam.. have everything in a row in the hall way so it will be a Forward Roll in the morning...while hubby takes my car for her  fix up .

We again went over our.."Check List"  now you have to understand.. this is getting old, like me .. only so much going over then you start to do the .."I don't give a chit " routine.. and ready to bite each others head off...Yeah you can tell I'm at my limit.. and to make it more understandable.. 

Rig comes in the windshield hasn't been changed..I mean after all they broke it the last time it was in changing the side window...Well short of the long story was..New windshield was not ordered as they had the Hershey RV show while my rig was suppose to get done...and then.. my tires were changed alright but they are missing the "Tire Pros.. you know those little knobs that go on the stems that cost a few bucks... Like 50 each tire..yeah they'll gonna check the tire place in the morning if they're there they'll come and put them on.. if not...well HELLO they have to be ordered...

Well service mgr.. you can put them in the mail to me cause I'm leaving Sunday with or without them. I've  had my fill of fact I don't want any more up  !!!

So my night was not great my head hurt like hell and my attitude was a disaster  and to top that off.. the new neighbor across the way come be bopping over and don't say.."hello or how are you "  just comes over and says, "We're going away for the weekend would you mind watching my house " ?   Now normally I wouldn't mind..but "HELLO THERE DOLLY"  or is it better "SORRY CHARLIE"  I'm going out of town.. and by the way... "Who are you"...LOL yeah I was one of those nice Yuppie Snobs...not meaning it but I just can't deal with that kind of  manner...and then they leave and here it is dark and not a light one on... OH yeah .. welcome to the neighborhood of Brotherly Kiss my Arse Goodbye... 

So I figure while I'm in this mood best for me to just grab the pillow and push my face into it...cause I ain't good for nobody !!!  not in this crappy mood..Mama would say.. "Ya better take a fizzick (yeah it's one of those words sounds like but what she meant was enema )...hahaha.. now that made me laugh..

So here it is morning and my body feels like I've been through a ringer..but I've got lots to do and list is with me.. I'll have my coffee get the critters done and while hubby does his thing I'll start moving things out the door..and the race will be on full force..don't know one get in my way and what ever don't go giving advice..cause I've had about all there is.. I just wanna get on the road in one piece and smile as I leave...

Oh and I have to fill the gas tank seems somewhere along the way I lost about 60 gallons..I don't even want to go if I can't log on.. keep me in your prayers..cause if somethin happens I'm going straight ..not a detour  but straight to ever lovin HELL.

God Bless..

Psst and just to top matter off.. woke up with ulcers in my mouth ..that will teach me to have a "potty" mouth...YIKES !!!!

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