Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's my Party Day and it's Sunday !

It's my Party Day and it's Sunday !  I was born on this day and by the way in the back of a taxicab..You got it..Mama was on her way to visit someone and I interrupted..figures I've been interrupting for ages ...besides that my motor is always going..or here's another one I say.."My feet don't touch the grown".

Today was my "Special Day" and hubby did the cookin' ..which was pretty darn good cause he does a great job...I didn't even have to clean a dish..(we used paper plates hahahaha) no, I'm teasing...We had real dinner plates and was a treat.. He made Steak, Bake Potato and Salad..cause I wanted to make room for that Strawberry Shortcake !!!

It also was the last day hubby and I would be together till Dec when he comes back for Christmas..and it's always difficult . I try not to pay attention to him packing..and we don't say "Good bye"..just "I'll be seeing ya"..of course we talk on the phone.. just like when we had to do a lot of traveling for our work...but it is sad.

Diane and Bob stopped by to bring me another plant..Yes, I have a spot for them or should say " a pot to put them in"..and we chatted a bit.. Bob is putting up the bird feeder this week so I am going to be busy..chasing those fact Clancy told me his Cats will do a great job.. I sure hope so !

Weather was really nice and I got a big surprise on Face Book ..all my wonderful friends wished me a Happy Birthday..and ya know it felt good.. I enjoy those Sistahs and their cute sayings and listen the stories as well.. amazing how the Internet can make you feel good..

Tonight we watched the X factor..and I'm telling ya there is some might fine talent..I'd hate to have to pick out who's to go home...they are all trying so hard to just get ahead...really some hardship stories...but there are 4, yes 4, that I think could win...It's gonna get better as it goes along..

So now I'm gonna lay my head down and thank the Good Lord for his Blessings I've made it this far......and also above all thank the Lord for my Hubby and wonderful caring friends that took the time out to think of me...

God Bless All

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