Sunday, October 30, 2011

It was a somber Sunday

It was a somber I thought of my Sistah Lizzie and her dog Roe...she did such a beautiful tribute to her best friend and companion..they were like two peas (ooops and her cat bandit) who were the traveling is with a heavy heart as I know how difficult a decision it is to say Good bye .

I glanced at Joe and my emotions just got the best of me.. He has good days and bad days and I too have made my decision that when the bad days out number those good ones I must let him go also.

All of you that have critters whether it be fur ones or feathered ones or ones the gulp's never easy..We become one and they are family.. I always looked at it as a Gift from God to come into our lives and bring some happiness, fill an empty place in ones heart or just be our best buddy..The ones you can talk too and that never judge us..Who love us unconditionally...

I prayed for Lizzie and Roe and even Bandit.. to help Lizzie get through these hard days ahead...and for all of you reading my blog that have hard times ..

It was a quiet day for me and I just hugged on Joe and he even gave me a few growls...and now as I get ready for bed, my Joe is in his space and I'll be right by his side.. Reba is between the pillows and Zeke at my feet and Abby...she has her space and donut bed too...just don't move to close or she'll let you know you made a big mistake...Zap !..she got you understand why Abby has her own space :)

Roe run with all your might over that rainbow and catch all those stars...Play in the Heavens with God's Blessing.

God Bless You Lizzie

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  1. Thank you, Zeee. God bless you and your beloved furkids too.