Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Birds Fly in on Thursday !

The Birds Fly in on Thursday !  Woo hoo ! The birds were flying in to the "new" bird house...Bob and Diane came over early this morning and the project began and became a reality... and it looks's a double sided feeder lots of action..

Woke up this morning at 4:30am and it was brrrrrrrr for was 48 and to think last night was in the 80's..HUH ..yeah that will freeze your butt I made sure Reba and Joe had their PJ's on..and I had my flannel shirt...I was prepared...and so were they.

Joe has been having a few issues and I've been worried but later on today he started to turn it around.. I was the face of Gloom as I didn't want any more sad news for a while...and Zeke also was having a little problem with the Water all and all I've been cleaning up and moping up and spraying down and the trusty washing machine has been going full the end of the day I'm wiped out and my legs just won't move...So I go for the slide on down the trail...with my trusty walker on wheels..some how it just doesn't do stairs well and speaking of stairs my Abby is having hip issues...Yeah it starts all over again ..but we are all making it though.

Coffee was really good this morning and had my peanut butter toast that's a jaw opener :)  if I ain't complaining I'm chewing..LOL  Got a pot of chicken breast on to make broth and cook up chicken for me and the Critters..
Then Bob and Diane called and said they'd be over around 10am..and sure enough...

After the birdhouse got put up and filled up...they left and said, "We'll expect a call when the crowd comes"...sure enough at 1pm.. it was the Chic a dees and the Titmouse (meese) that flew in fact two flew up on my window and pecked and chirped..guess they were thanking me..cause it was a full house.. I saw a few Cardinals fly by and check it out but I expect them to start tomorrow as it was so busy..even a Squirrel peeked but didn't stop...cause Clancy's Cats were out...Way to go kitties...

I leaned back in my chair and watched next thing I knew it was dinner time for the Critters..gosh I get wrapped up in watching those daring birds..they have a neat pattern of how the feed feeds while the other watches above then the change of the guards...

Now it's night time and I'm ready to hit the everything done and now I'm gonna dig in a few boxes to find the camera pictures will be flying in next..

Good night all and here in Florida it's bundle up !

God Bless

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