Friday, October 14, 2011

Flipping over Friday

Flipping over onto Friday...and so it began..stayed up way to long last night trying to get the computer to even work was dragging and snagging and not leaving any traces of where it had gone..couldn't even shut down..DUH.. then Windows decided I had to upgrade and so did McAfee all together now let's get this going...and so it did..on all night and into the wee hours of the morning....and this ole gal was not a happy fact I was chopping at the bit !

So I said to myself, "Self, just go to bed if the thing works so be it, if not it's to Walmart for a Laptop...and worry about the rest later on.. then I Flipped into Friday morning....

Woke up and still the computer was updating..OMG..the thing is gonna crash..and it was making all kinds of tunes...possible "Help me make it through the nite."... so I left the room and just made my mind up was either gonna work or quite..

Put my coffee pot on and the Critters strolled into the kitchen one by one..they looked like they were on a weekend binge..guess my light kept them awake or possible they were ready to make a mad dash if they saw sparks coming ...

Hubby got up waiting for that ride to Walmart but that didn't take place..however I had another ride planned for him.. the Rugs which by the way didn't get done yesterday...but they did today !!  So he also bopped over to my favorite Winn Dixie and picked up a few things..Gawd I'm gonna miss that hubby of mine..he sure loves these trips...

The motor home is now empty and everything is done cept for the "Spraying of Ants be gone "...that will be tomorrow morning after we fill up with gas and park her over at the "Motor Home parking"..we have our special spot and then she'll be rested till time to go home again..which looks like July again..but that's alright cause I've got some more major projects to get done..

Diane called and she and Bob will be over tomorrow to mark and measure the area for the "Bird House"..yeah I even have the food to fill..cause my birds have been zooming by my window even landing on my planters and chirping..and when I come out they are still I guess they are giving me their menu  LOL...Ya never know I have strange things that do happen.

This evening went pretty good and hubby and I just watched a few programs and listed all we need to get done before he heads back on Monday...Of course I know if we can't finish I can call Diane..cause she loves to keep busy and I'll have some projects for her as well...

Now I logged in to my computer and a little rough but it's working..So I'm gonna be kind to her too and just finish up and say, "God Bless "  and thank you for another good day..and great friends..and above all.. a great hubby !

God Bless

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