Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a Wonderful Wednesday

What a Wonderful Wednesday and without a Wishing :).. I slept in a little this morning fact I watched the X Factor till 10:30pm and by the time I got the Critters done it was almost 11:30pm..soooooooo yes I slept till 6am.. I mean ya know I had to post before I plopped in bed and took my Tylenol PM to relieve that dragging back ache....and it did !

Got up and ran like the dickens..(what, who the heck is Dickens?)  had my coffee and then fed the critters and watched the two humming birds I have do the dance of "This is mine"...a few chick a dees and titmouse (or is it titmice?) and..(you'll love this) proceeded to sneak out and go to ..ta daaaaaaaaaa!  Winne Dixie and see"People, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world..Yeah.

Picked up some bargains and tomorrow I'm gonna attempt to head to Wally World cause I'm running out of "Stuff"  ..and pick up some batteries for the (you know what)  Camera..Yes, I found it and batteries are not in there goes the  pictures..

Looked gloomy today but I was in High C cause I actually got out of the house since I pulled in from the Long, Long trip felt wonderful and I looked around the area and the Villages are busy building...Gawd that is a crew ..empty lot today and tomorrow booked and full...

Now I'm ready to fall out of the land of the Woken to the land of the Sleeping..Watched Survivor tonight and all I can say is..."Ozzy, you is one strange bird...good luck"...

Also saying.."Good night all and God Bless"

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