Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What a Wednesday

What a Wednesday..can't even say it was fact it was just plain ole wipe out Wednesday...Didn't sleep much night before.. I mean I was glued to the Weather..and hearing the Weather radio sound off..and watching for where it was..or what it was...finally I fell some what out or off into some kind of sleep mode..but wow I was back up at 3:30am..and then thought about hubby leaving for Boston..

So I tried to call him at 4am..and guess what..NO PHONE>.that's correct my blinkin' Bright house (why do they call it Bright house ???) Digital phone service was not in working order nor was my " Internet" by Bright house..(again why do they even think it's Bright House????) so I attempted to call via cell phone and hubby wasn't answering..OH my was he deep sleep or was he already up and in the shower... I mean he had a wee hour flight to Boston"

Again I try to call that so called Bright house and got into the loop of Never Never land..and then the message in Spanish.. and then Press 1 for OH NO !!!
It took forever and I never got the Tech..guess they were without service too or maybe they just didn't show up for work ??????

Yes, it was a long, long morning and I was rag tired..and Joe, he wasn't doing well..still having issues with the water change and OMG..what a mess..don't even want to remember how many times I scrubbed and washed him...Then I just felt so bad as I was losing my patience..and it's not his fact he was doing so well..all of a sudden we're on the downward swing...

My day has been a chitty one and that also is the only words I can explain it to be..Evening is some what better ..heard from hubby his trip up and back to Boston went well and we watched Survivor...

Now I'm mentally and physically tired and I'm ready to crash..put the PJ's on Reba and Joe and everyone is tucking in..Please, please let tomorrow be a better day..

God Bless Us All...

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