Monday, October 24, 2011

A busy Monday

A busy Monday...and why not ?...I mean I had lots of catch up (ketchup lol ) went to the Rice Fields and even picked up lots of veggies to chop as well..Filled all the (dawg food) bins and crumbled up the cookies...Oh yeah it was a busy, busy morning and even had a load of wash (dawg beds) going too...all before my that wasn't a good thing...but had to get done..

Watched the feeder come under siege by the many birds and of course the Squirrels..some flying too but still not gotten into..and there was Clancy's cat on the job..them Squirrels high tailed it..Woo hoo..

Nope, still haven't found the camera..but I'll hunt tomorrow...cause I is dawg arse kidding...ah but a good thing..Everyone had a good day no messy surprises..

Called my infamous Doc down here to reschedule the crappy appointment time ..not the one I originally booked ...of course that was changed when I called and here ya go I decided I'm gonna reschedule and guess what... I get a 10:30am appointment...and for Dec 23rd..WHAT???? so I had to ask..."Is the Doc gonna dress like Santa"?  it didn't go over to great me thinks it's time to find another that has back up for when you need ...and one that has a office staff that's not so Bitchy ..only way I can put it....The hunt will be on..

Have to make appointment for Abby and Zeke...Abby's back legs are getting bad...she's gonna be 10 and I've had her on she needs blood work to check her liver...and Zeke of course will be do for his EKG...So I'll call that nice vet in town..

Joe is doing much better and so is Reba...put their PJ's on tonight again cause it's just too chilly in the morning...and they love it..nice and I look over Joe is snuggled in bed and Reba is in her chair..You know the "I want to be alone"..hahaha should have named her Ta Loo la..:)

So I'm off to slumber land after I check my email and then pray that we'll have a good day tomorrow too...Oh by the way..did ya hear about the "Hurricane Rina"...pray for it to head out to sea..

God Bless

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