Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday ! Happy Halloweenie To All !!!!

Monday !  Happy Halloweenie To All !!!!!....

My favorite time of the year...YES !  I love Halloween and all that goes with it..and I miss seeing those little kiddies dressed up and saying, "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Eat" !!! hahahaha..

Spoke with hubby tonight and he said, "The bus dropped off loads of kids".. We always get close to 100 kids and I do think they come from around town cause they show up at our door...Just adorable...truly that is the one thing I miss about coming down in Oct...

Morning was rain and soon after cleared up..I was up again before even the bugs...however I did manage to get a few things done and Critter Dry Food put up. Now tomorrow I have to head out early (another sneak out) and pick up Chicken Broth for the Critter Food..Again it's that time to make Reba and Joe's din dins..:).. I enjoy it cause they eat it all up and iff'n I get hungry I can sit down and join them  hahahha..trick or treat :)

My list is going for all the projects I've got to work on for Christmas.. I need to make some dish rags up for my Niece and an afghan for my my hands will be busy and my brain can't get into trouble...Mama always said, "time on your hands gets you in trouble " hahahha...amazing how her clever sayings fall into place..

Watched Dancing with the stars tonight..not bad they are all getting better and the Halloween sets were great..of course I didn't catch any old my favorite..Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein...Yeah that's a good one..

It's time for me to hit that bed and I can't wait...been lugging heavy bags of DAWG food around...and these old bones sure do feel it now...

Good night all...and Sweet Dreams..of bats :)

God Bless

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