Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday came and it's almost over

Monday came and it's almost over..This morning was not like any other morning as this was the day my hubby was heading back home...yes, a little sadness in my heart.  I watched as the Village van came and picked him up to take him to the airport... Of course Zeke and Abby went ballistic..yeah they'll miss him too.. Joe and Reba, well they are kind of mine alone..they are my shadows..where ever I am they are..

Most of the morning was making sure hubby didn't forget anything..but then he wasn't bringing much back other than his he was carrying light and I wanted to make sure he was gonna have some cookies..but that didn't pan out. So I'm now gonna ship him his goodies. :)  He'll like that..a care package with surprises.

The afternoon was gloomy as I have been listening to the weather report..YIKES...I arrive and the Storms are you all know how much I love this weather...I mean one loud boom and I'm lookin' where to duck too...

Tonight dinner was lonely.. I go through this for a few nights then I fall into the swing of things..and of course the Critters are looking for him yeah it was solemn ....and we got through it .

Hubby arrived home safely and Medusa was happy to see him..She so adores him..waits for that rub on the head and if it was me..she'd bite..big time. What can I say, "That mean ole bird love her man"..:)

Watched Dancin' with the Stars and I think I fell out in part of it cause I woke up and it was the last dance...good thing I record tomorrow I'll do a quick flash back..

So now I'm ready to hit the hay and tuck in with the TV on and the Weather Radio on too...Gawd  I sure hope this passes with no one getting hurt...

Got a lot of things to place back in the closet and go through some I don't need...that will keep me busy while this storm is in action...but oh those poor Critters are not going to be happy.. Have a Golf Umbrella ready cause I know Ms Twinkle Toes (Abby) hates to have her feet wet ...

Until tomorrow and we meet again I'm gonna go for the count down.. Good Night and Sweet Dreams

God Bless

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