Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So it's Tuesday and I'm still on the Road ?

So it's Tuesday and I'm still on the Road ?  Still in the motor home with 4 Critters and a  Hubby...and nobody is complaining ?  FABULOUS !...Hey, it's been one heck of a ride and it's getting better cause we is getting closer..

Left Lotta this morning or should I say later in the day..cause we planned morning but the rains came..and boy did they come down..The heavens opened up...uh oh somebody flushing ?????

Any way my Joe wasn't too up to snuff..the weather wasn't great for him and it seemed he just had a difficult time sleeping..so did I .. I slept on the couch and the couch in this rig is less to be desired..More like lumpy, bumpy and were the couch separates is this awful indentation..you feel it in your back..Normally I'd put up the air mattress to sleep on top..but this gal was just too tired to give a hoot..but in the morning I was hooting but not happily !

I stayed up front as Joe just wasn't liking being in the crate and I don't blame him but with the way things have been going I just didn't want to take any chances of him falling out of bed...so toss and turn and him whine..(yes, whine) it was a long, long night..

We got up early with good intentions but it didn't last..Rains were heavy through the night and during the morning..so we stayed put and just planned what our next move  was gonna be...No signal with the weather not even my cell phone was working...SUCKS...!

Afterward around 1pm we took off and drove straight through to Brunswick, Ga another Flying J..which this one has a restaurant..Denny's..but it's not bad..and of course this one has no DUMP station..they took it out...Now that is El Crappo..cause you have to hunt for a place to dump.. some of the RV places (campground) won't let you dump unless you stay there and some charge (get this) 50 smackeronies..yeah HELLO THERE... so I'm gonna stop by my girlfriends and I can take care of that...

Seems a lot of the Flying J's are closing their Dump stations..shame cause people just are not cleaning up.. personally I think they should charge and get the info who they are and if they leave a mess send them a bill...but hey, who am I but another person getting the cold shoulder because of some blinkin idiot that's a slob !!!

Well enough I've bent my fingers on hubby's laptop that was made for tiny fingers...and mine are cramping..OMG..I'm complaining..hahaha..okie dokie..I need to say...NITE NITE...

Angels are on overtime...psst..who  said something about AUNTS...well we've got em.. I'll have to tell you that story..it's another one of Zeee's finest trust me...

God Bless

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