Sunday, October 23, 2011

It was a nice Sunday

It was a nice Sunday...kinda, sorta...I mean Joe was doing better and that made me feel a lot better but..did ya think I was gonna get off easy ???? Not in this lifetime...most of the morning went well with a few upsets...Abby was off kilter and Reba was right behind her...Zeke and Joe were good and I'll leave it at's got to be the water here and the combination of the change of weather ...I mean cold morning and hot afternoon...but we'll deal with I need to remember my Critters ain't young!..

This morning my wake up time was 4am..looks like that's what it's gonna be for a bit..but morning was's Keeping Alive Day..I mean I sort my pills that keep me alive for the week..also did Joe's, Abby's and Zeke's...Reba lucks out she only gets "fake ones"...empty pill pocket ..well a piece of one any way..

Then I watched the birds as I had my coffee and those blasted Squirrels attempting to break in..but so far so good..but I'll tell ya them blastard..(my word) got up into my flower pots..(the hanging ones) and then climbed up my trellis and went for the Gourd I had hanging..which by the way was here when I bought the house... and down to the ground crashing was a Squirrel and a Gourd...and ran away I'm sure cursing me...

I'm prepared for them suckers as they are the "Get Even" ones.. I was glad to see Clancy's cats come out.. cause I guess they heard me call for it was busy morning.. I mean I leaned back in the chair holding Joe and Reba stuffed down on my side and we watched and laughed and then jumped cause them Squirrels were going bonkers ...and still no entry to the bird feeder..

Tomorrow I'm gonna have to get that camera and take a few between my other madness...and hope to get out of this gloom feeling..when things go a muck...they go all the way...

Watched QVC and didn't buy anything...I'm proud of me... I mean a day with David in the Kitchen for me is..dial up and order..omg...but I guess my gloom over came that one...and there was some goodies on too..but I made it though...

Chatted with hubby off and on most of the day as he was doing some work in the house and I'd get the call..."Do you really need this"..oh no !!!!  So it was dump stuff we didn't use in ages.... I had him make up a box so it could go to Good Will..someone could use it.. I'm sure..

Other than that I just tried to keep my thoughts from going to the gloom side of the track..When my Critters are not well...I'm not. I keep forgetting they ain't getting younger and chit is gonna happen.. I get to feeling down in the dumps because my stamina is not there.

So it's now get in and go to sleep and start another day with a new look...:) Yeah a new T them long ones...I wear them around the house and boy they just feel great...even got one that has Cats on I'll wear that tomorrow come out water my plants and hope the Squirrels are looking :)

Good night all and Sweet Dreams

God Bless....on to the next Adventure !

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